The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on January 16, 1946 · Page 18
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 18

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 16, 1946
Page 18
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PAGE i a ! SHOW Acting Shortage l lavhoiisp rvt mcr By KASPAR directorial 8 'J0 i3 returninS to his former month SH -at he PittsburSh Playhouse late next Wanted r T S he PIanted an ad in our Help salarv " hT115- Ad Pinted out that there'd be no U WOrked! This at a time wen everybody andOUghJor the sli5htest see. He got m;Pr-,'TeeKmg more new acting material Some fx-ervice men have respond- i, among them sev-?r a 1 professionals who feel they've conp rusty nn their acting m the service and who hope to freshen up their technique before returning to the commercial stasre. v - 'i f . 1 a,-' ! y S A Mr. Monahan If interested, call Mr. Burleieh at the Playhouse, Mayflower 4445, and arrange for an appointment! The director is considering a number of plays for production, but his problem is to hav casts to suit, the plays. He has certain ' types ' in mind and is trying to find them. Martha Graham. frmr Puts-burgher, internationally famous under such hi-fa-lutm' tags as "Hich Priestess of the Modern Dance1 and "Enicma of the Dance" will open a two weeks' engagement with her troupe at New York's Plymouth, starting next, Sunday. This will he her most extensiw engagement so far on Broadway. The program 'ill include a premiere of a work for which Carlos Chavez. Mexican composer-conductor, has composed the score. Miss Graham, born in old Allegheny, breaks into print at intervals with her pronouncement's to astound the conventional folks as. for instance, her enthusiastic approval a few ypars ago of the frenned jitterbugs. Riy Mil'.and. who avoids interviewers and doesn't, want to be bothered by anybody, should find the perfect, role for himself in a forthcoming Paramount film that of the title character in "The Last Man in the World." Yarn by James Hilton pictures the earth devastated and depopulated by atomic energy. Maybe all the booze he guzzles in "The Lost Weekend'' makes Mil-land immune. That movie is bringing bigcer '5 A How tempting food con be? How refreshing a drink can be? How tntertaining music can be? How relaxing an attractive room can be? How satisfying smiling service can be? YOU'll FIND AMAZING ANSWERS IN THI A I R - C O N 0 I T I O N I 0 FIESTA ROOM ROOSEVELT HOTEL C. R. WIISON. MANAGER FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA FREE LECTURE ON ' CHRISTIAN SCIENCE FVT1TI.FD "CHRISTIAN SCIFVCE: Trie Healinn rowf nf Spiritual Vnderstandini" GEORGE CHANNING. C. S. B, of fk ri.rn. r.M !Fop! llcmhfr nf 'he Board nf lectureship of The !nhr Chnreh f ho Fl"' rtinrrh of Christ. ,r iPPt I -t . in Ronton. M l-safh t THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 17. 1946 AT 8:1$ O'CLOCK CHURCH EDIFICE 35 CLYDE STREET. PITTSBURGH (13). PA. THF FIRiIC I ritRDlU.I.V INVITED TO ATTF.NP Bnt iU he r".crerf for thne reanirine Hoeeial consideration Tafce Cor 73. 75 or 76 to Clyde Street I HI? T?T?S TO W h T Tf I SWING OUT FASTEST SHOW PITTSBURGH'S NEWEST SENSATIONS IT'S 47 WEEKS FOB JOHNHYGAIUS FGH-S FOFrXAR TENOR STARRING ir PENNSYLVANIA'S CHAMPION JITTERBUGS lYS and SALLY M SWTNGSATIOXAL THEY'LL CHALLENGE BLUE RIDGE BILL GOLDY m. e. SAW MILL RUM BLVD. bl X 11 " - l th Heart of MUSIC DANCING i yw h.imer sarin FAREWELL APPEARANCE TONIGHT NEENIE WATERS TRIO COR. 5th & LIBERTY f.- THE fUMrVlt wi- i -snruiAHDS MOST l9-1A 1 fL SHOPS Still Acute at ? i 1 -r iviiaweeK items 5IOVAHAN attendance to the Penn than any other since "'Going My Way" of more than a year ago topping even "Thrill of a Romance" and "Anchors Aweigh" . . . And "Leave Her to Heaven" rolling into its third week at the J. P. Harris continues its amazing record-smashing business the best for that house since its was inaugurated about. 11 years aeo. Daily "Heaven" is topping "Alex- anaers Kagtime Band" and "Tree Grows in Brooklyn." iV w Ui Stevenson's immortal verse, which ends with "Home is the sailor, home from the sea, and the hunter home fiom the hill" crops up in two current shows. John Wayne intones it with telling and poignant effect as he and his men bury a comrade in "They Were Expendable." In the Nixon's "You Touched Me," it is recited by Edmund Gwenn, as the old sea. captain in the midst Of a "crying jag." Somehow, in the sam stage show, young and pretty Phyllis Ryder reminds me of Martha Scott in "Our Town." I notice in The program notes that Miss .Ryder is a licensed pilot. She toured in "Dear Ruth" with the USO in Germany and France and was with the Training Command of the Wasps for more than a year until it was disbanded in December, 1944. John Carradine who shares the villainies of "Captain Kidd," starting tomorrow at the Stanley, with Charles Laughton, is probably Hollywood's most emaciated man. He's even skinnier than our local Rosey Rowswell. He's six foot four and weighs 120. Had luncheon with John once m Hollywood and he at twic as much as I did. and I'm no amateur trencherman. I was fascinated by his big Adam's apple which kept bouncing up and down his scrawny neck like a toy monkey on. a string. Universal is exploiting "Men in Her Diary," coming Saturday to the Fulton as "the blush of the year." In it. Peggy Ryan pla-s her first straight role no singing or hoofing as the sec- retary to Jon Hall, whose wife, Louise Allbntton. suspects ot vamping her man. I just can't wait, until Saturday when I'll have my very best blush ready as I amble into Mr. J. Walsh's Fulton . . . But maybe I'd better save it for "School for Brides." next week's offering at the Nixon, which, from all accounts is swarming with shapely dames who do not, hide their charms. Cast, changes after its pre-Broadway showing here evidently were little help to Behrman's "Dunnigan's Daughter." June Havoc replaced Virginia Gilmore; Luther Adler took over for Glenn Anders but the play is closing Jan. 2fi. If the boat leaks, a new crew won't keep it afloat . . . And "Rugged Path" is closing this Saturday night in a storm of controversy centering around Spencer Tracy, denounced bitterly by one Broadway critic who urges him to go on back to Hollywood and stay there. I think Tracy is being unjustly accused. His only error was in signing up for the play in the first place. WITH THE IN PITTSBURGH BEAUTY CHARM TALENT 9 LOVELY CCRVACEOtS LOIS DOHFI SHE" TOPS FN TAPS ALL COMPETITION NELSON ARMSTRONG'S ORCHESTRA CA. 9739 Downtown EHTEF1TAIHKENT " - . OPENING TOMORROW HARRY WALTON QUARTETTE AND BILL PROVOST AT THE PIANO SESSIONS CO. 9777 ' TOKHID TIASi mm w -rrr W t 1. ;ff6. :S ' J $ FRONT LINfcf Anytime Hollywood wants to present a collection of its beauties, pretty Mona Maris, now appearing with Bob Hope in the Paramount production, "Monsieur Beaucaire," can take a place in the front line. " - " - TM BKCON IMnrriT "t Beacon) B. Grah'e. Dick Haymes In 'Diamond Horseshoe" in Tet hmcolor. Plus Shorts. CAROL (Bronichton. Fa.) Judv Gar-tand, Robert Walker in "The Clock." Pins Selected Short Subjects. GERARD (West View) Burress Meredith. Robert M:chutn m "The Siory of G I. Joe." Plus Short Subjects. GRAM OlillTale) Bet'e Davii m " The Com is Green' Plus Robert Livingston in "Tell It To a, Star." Sews. HEIGHTS fCraiton Heitrht) Georre Sanaers and All-Star Ca?t tn "Cncle Harrr." Plus News and Shorts. METROPOLITAN (Bloomfleld) ln- aid Cnsn in "Son of Lassie." Plus Jakie M,oraa in "There Goes Kelly." OF WESTERN t "" j Independently Owned and Operated ARCADE dn. Side) Ginnr Simms. t l-.arie oburn in Shady Lady." Pius ' Appointment m Tokyo. BFLLEE IBelleTue) Clandette Col-bert in "Imitation of Life." Plus Bin? Crosby in "East Side of Heaven.'" BRIGHTON (No. Side) Ginnr Simms. ! Gorge Murphy. "Broadway Khythm." Plus "Escape in the Foe." BRCSHTON Brutaton Hedv Lamarr in "Her Hithnes the Bellbov." Plus Richard Dix in "Mark of the Wliistler." CAPITOL f Allento-K-n) Gineer Ropers. Lana Turner. Walter Pidgeon. Van Johnson. "Weekend at the Waldorf. " CHARTIERS tCrafton) Charlea Co- bi:rn. Girny Simms in "Shady Lady." Plus News and Sbort-s. COLONLAL 5o. Sid-) Fredrie Mar-h in ' Tomorrow, the World ' Piu Jean Parker in "Beyond Tomorrow." PIXFE FAMILY (Carnette) Joel M Crea. Betty Field in "The Great Moment." Also "March of the Whistler. " EMBASSY ( Aspiniraii) Alexsndr Knox. Graldir Fitzsrald in ' Wilson." Pius Mni al and Cartoon. GARDEN (No. Sid) Jennifer Jor S?iE.hi0D n ? . -?v" 1-eswr fttia x,,.. .1111, nyuuu-uu. HAZEI.wnoD Hzelond Ge"rre Kaft. Sirne Haso m 'Johnny Anei." Plus Cartoon and Shorts. HILLTOP (Allentown) Jack fakie. Lynn Ban in "Sweet and Lowdown." Flus It Happened Tomorrows" HIPPODROME (No. Sie) Phil Harrlf in "T Love a Band Leader " Pins. John Carroll in ' Bedside Manner." Shows to See And When NIXON "You Touched Me" Edmund Gwenn and Catherine WUlard. Curtain at 8:30. J. P. HARRIS "Leave Her to Heaven' One Tirn. Corrt"! Wilde and Jeanne C'-ai-i. Fea'ure berin t 11.05. 1. 20. S ,iO. 5 :10. 7 .50. 10 05. PENN "The Lost Weekend" Ra Milland and Jane Wrman Feature begins at 11:03. 1:17. 3.81. 5:45 ?.5a. 10:13. STANLEY "San Antonio" Errol Flmn and Alexia Smith Festrir tweiTiB at 11:02. 1:13. 3 24 6:35 7:46 9:59 FTJLTON " Th is Love of Ours" Mer' Oheron. Charlee Komn and Claude Rains. Feature benns at 11:37 1:44 3 51 6 6S 8 05 10:12 BARRY "The Crimson Canary" yn3h Beery Jr.. and Lots Collier. Also. W'andrer of th" Wastland ' Jarce WjiTpn. Complf'p fhois at 11.00. 1.17. 3 34. 5 51. S OS. 9.15. WAR NER, " They Were Expendable" F-ibrt Montfomerr arrj Donni Reed Feature bejnns at 11:2S. 2 02 4:36 7:10 9:44 PLAYHOUSE "Fashion" Oirtain at 8:30 ART CINEMA " Unholy Love" Jltrni Lot. Also. "Heckles Gir!." f:rrnplete shows at 10-30. 12:50. 2:53 4:54. 6.56. 8:58. 10:00. SENATOR "Hit the Hay" JudT Canova an1 Ross Ennter Also "Ten Cents a Dance." Jane Fra!ee Complete shotcs at 10:45. 12:52. 3:05. 6.17. 7:29. 9:41. RITZ "What Next, Corporal Hargrove?" Fobrt. Valkr arcl Keenan Wrnn Feature boznu at 10 15. 12:12. 2:09. 4:06. fl'f3. S 00. S 57. CASINO Burlesqu Shows at. 12:30 3:3". 7 00 and 9 30 PLANETARIUM " Winter Stars" Psily at 3 00 and 8:30 r ra Popular Kcien-e exhibits at 1 to 10:30 r m Set Designers Use hucite Scale Models HOLLYWOOD By the use of lucite, a transparent plastic, instead of the usual wood, time spent in building the scale models for the 47 sets used in Irving Berlin's "Blue Skies," was shaved by more than half. Introduced by Unit Art Director Hal Pereira, the plastic process now has been adopted universally by Hans Dreiier's art department. Directors favor it over the old method because the transparency enables them to see clearly and quickly all the details of the model. AIR-CONDITIONED MILLECrS CAFE 725 Liberty Ave. CO. 8291 NO Continwcm Entci tslnmtnt I - NEW ATLAS (No. Side) Wra. Evthe, Llovd Nolan. Sirne Hasso in "The Hou?e on 92nd St." Plus Shorts. OAKS (Oakmont) Tallulah Bankhad. ""m E.vihe in "A Eoyal Scandal." Plug March of Time and Shorts. PARK fool Greenfield Ave.) Bud Abbott. Lou I "'ostello. '"Naushtv Ninettes." Plus All-Star Caft in 'Fashion Model." SHEA'S ORFHEt'M (MrKeee Kock Bud Abbott. Lou Coeteilo in ' Abbott and Costello in "Hollywood." Shorts. STATE 33S Fifth Are.) Georr Murphr. Mayor of 44th St." Plug Basil Rathbone in "Woman in Green." STATE (Aliqnippa) Betty Grable. Joan Pavrte. June War,, in "Ti,, rnii. Sisters'' in Technicolor. PENNSYLVANIA MARYLAND (Blawnot) Ja'V, Powell tn il-lirriiiunv Dinrroiir r in buj Koeers in "Man From Oklahoma, vrw rmvrr.lE (rsrnpsSe) Joan Crawford. Jack Carson. Zv ha-v Scott in "Miltlred i'iep e ana ,-nons. NEW GRANADA lpton) CHcar Levant Hi"l sott. Kob"t Alda in -Rhapsody m Blue " Short Subjects. NEW GRAND tCarneete) Ed. Arnold. Frances Raffprty m ' Tb Hidden Eye. Bins News and Shorts. PARAMOrNT (No. Side) Fred Mac; Murray. Lvnn Ban. "Captain Eddie. Wm. Gar?an in "Midnight Manhunt. PARKW Y W. Park MrKees Rocks) Phil Hams in "I Love a Band Leader" "Come Out Fishtinf." RFGENT SQ. (Edewood) Gene Tier-nr, John Hodiak. wm Bfndix in ' A Bell for Adano." Plus News & Shorts. KI4LTO Mt. Oliyer) Irne trunr!. Alex Knox. Over 21 " Plus Thomaa Mitchell in "Within These Walls." ROOSEVELT (ISfi-J Center Ave.) Robt. ivinai jn Advent-ires of Tartu." Plu "Tarzon' Desert, Mystery." ROMAN t501 Chartiers Are.l B"n-aki Coiman. "Arrow smith." Plus Ail- ar Cast in Arson 5-cuad. SEWICKLEY (Sewirkley) G Roref. Wal,,. Prla-on I ana Turner an Johnson. 'Weekend at the Waldorf." STRAND (Sharthnr F. Ton in That NTht With Toil." Plus "Boston Blarkie Booked On Suspicion." TEMPLE (2845 Chartiers Ave.) Linda Darnell, Barbara Brit ton, in 'The Great John L." Plna Shorts. TRIANGLE fEaef Liberty) F-ed Vjo. Murray m ' Where Do We Go From Here?" Fins 'Tbree aCrewd." Comics and Dancers Casino Heaclliners Three of burlesque's biggest names this season. Binder & Rosen, veteran comedy team of stage and screen, and Dian Ross, the "Flame of New Orleans," spotlight "Mardi Gras Maids" at the Casino. Comedy of the slap-stick variety dominates the show with Binder & Rosen handling the scenes and sketches. Among the outstanding scenes in the show are "On the Boulevard" and the 'Hillbillies-featuring Binder Sc Rosen, and "Flirtation' and the "Brazillian Nuts" with Pat Daly the featured comedian. The production numbers In the show are snappy and tuneful. Produced by Russel LaValle. the ballets, "Stardust" and ''Trees,", featuring Buddy Bryant, singer, and Joyce Palmej", dancer, are standouts. Among the vaudeville acts are a spectacular wire act, featuring Chris and Ray, and a novelty act by Vasco. Lady Film Editor Dons Greasepaint HOLLYWOOD Although "To Each His Own" is only in final stages of production. Alma Mac-rorie, one of the principal players supportini? Olivia de Havil-land. has received a prize for her performance. . Director Mitchell Leisen presented Miss Macrorie with a square cut amethyst ring. "That's for the good work you're doing," Leisen said. It was at the director's personal request that Miss Macrorie donned grease paint. Ordinarily she's Leisen's film editor, having; held that position for three years. But along came the role of Belle In?r-ham. Interviews with top character performers followed but to no avail. Then, one morning on the set. Leisen surprised Miss Macrorie with the statement that she was the type he wanted and would she care to turn actress. Miss Macrorie accepted. But she's continuing as Leisen's film editor on the picture. Opens Fifth Warehouse LOUISVILLE. Ky., Jan. 16 The TJ. S.-Mengel Plywoods, Inc., has opened the fifth in its Chain of plywood distributing warehouses in Houston, Tex. ART CINEMA 2,1 aayKTi fin iiiii iitiriiiiiiinniii iii 111 m J I Y ft N MAT. TODA1 2:30 ' w " TONIGHT - - 8:30 GUTMPIE McCllNTIC IN ASSOCIATION wrth LEE SHUBEITT rma EDMUND GWENN AtAj A RomenHt Comerfy 4) by TENNESSEE WILLIAMS V end DONALD WINDHAM i CATHERINE WILLARD I'rires Evea. 3.00. 2.40. 1.8t. 1.20. Mn. Werf & Sut. g ito. t.o. i.go. NIXON NEXT WK. S eats Tomorrow ttfffff mmit i COMtor t5f Min . Trires Eves. 2.40. 1 .SO. 1.C0. Oe. Ufa.. WeH. (et. 1 .80. 1 .. ! SHERIDAN SO.. Ginser ,.R";'";W Fidgwn Eaat I.loertr -We.nd at th WalilorC REGENT..... "TOO YOUNG TO KNOW East IJherre Lonerv-P. B'"ik "HIGH roWERED" cunieuT Bit Hv!rh-V. Mrflurt ENKIGHT. mV GAL SAL" CAMERAPHONE ShnaSc.eI - . -tn. Ef'hf-I.loril Scilaa eaet i.ioerr -hoim On 92nH Struct"' CUjinycinF KlrarH Ai-'n-.lan( f'fjf BIO BONANZA" Bhadylde "TOWN WENT WILD'' SCHENLtY..., 'WMktnd at th. WaKorf , , . Plus Oakland "Appnintmunt In Tya" Hpnrv Fonda-Joan BfnnTt STRAND , GEESE CALLING' Osklanil 'THE WW AHEAD' "" 1 Trjirv-Nanrv KIlr CENTRE "Btrayal From the East" NEW OAKLAND "RHAPSODY at Tmbm IN BLUE" Oakland ii Tail Ufnreid-M. 0 Han '.;. f.pA.VISH MALV U3 , M","S; ii'' In Technicolor Snuirrel fflll . Tvrnue Powpr-Mvrna Tor tB HILL 'THE RAINS CAM' Forward at MrnrtT "UNDER TWO FLAGS" Pqnlreel Hill Ginger Rogers-)'. Pison SUUIfl nilL. 'Wwlnna at tha WaldwT Dnrmont Bod Cman-MTna loy vu,,,, "ARROWSMITH" HOLLYWOOD. V. Brice-Vic. McUlt'eo n . 'Lava, Honar and 6 sod by' Dormont Robert Donat ..,,, 'THIRTY-NINE STEPS" BOULEVARD.. Aflvir Lika-Ua'e E'aas BrookHne "MG SHOWOFF" - Sanders-ElU Raines EELMAR "lNCLEuHABRY" Horr 'woofl "AoaoiTitwtnt In Totya" Bor"iv Ke!'.v-w B'"r!n nnuit Aun "IOM SAWTER" WIIHnhnrr - 'PIUSONEH OF ZENOA" b -r fhv and 2 Stars T1TIT 'DCFFV S IAMBS' a,",t inn s-.'idit-Ja! C?ne? TVIIkin.hnrr "TORRID ZOE" H Bneart-Ann S"r!dan REGAL "it aIl came true- gntton B'ackn Rniro WUMnbtmr "gomi FOR TROUBLE" MT. OLIVER.. Van Johnson It. Oliver 'Waaaan at trio WaldorT w Parker-Anna Lo-ne WHITEHALL 'fighting guardsman' CnMUa.. gri.rlnrk Holmes' BrentwfMMl "WOMAN IN 6 RE EN" A'jn La'id-Vpronica L'- MELROSE "TH,s c"" F0R H,RE" Cerrlrk ' BLONOE FEVER" - T F.t 2"aT.i W. H'Ktoi ETNA "Then Them Wfra Nona" n J"n-B tirant'!! Etna 'norita Fran tha Wtit' Pinl uij.s. Le-nard KENYON '"'" t rank Atrtertfon North Side "ARSON SQL AD" mmmmtam rhKtw M"ie-V'-a Fh ARS&nAL Boston Blackl' RanderfOH 4S.1 Bntler Bt. Leo Carnilo Lawrrrwevlne "Cfia. IimhotW rLAlA -Tina Taar War Nana" 4"f 5 V.r At. 4. .lns-5. Granule Bloomfleld 1Snorlt Fraai tha Wert nnri Buraresa Meredith UDEL .-o. I. joe" 4MS B'Bler St. V-l Otw r W' LawreneeTille -SOG T REMEMBER" Nanr? Kflly-J. Loder AMBRIDCE... "W-man WKa Can Pa'k" . ... Con. Moe-e-T. Gmzar Ambridte "MEX1CANA" nsiurr Alexander Kvi ."'NrtV. 'WILSOM" Amftr'dge Pnr l.mij!;r-.t-l HlU MANOS, "HrBRiCAOT" r e !rLai!en-V Bv'Ve Greenhnrc . ,L. H,9f ,ni 6w,tvv STRAND TFTET VTFRE Greenshnrr EXPENDABLE" VICTOR. ... "SPANISH MAIN" MeKeeanert In Techaicoior MEMORIAL. MeReesBort -I In Hollywood" Scotty Adds Fifth Star to Repertoire HOLLYWOOD By virtue of getting the part of Al Jolson as a boy, Scotty Beckett recently moved Into what he thinks is a Hollywood championship. No less than five leading screen actors have had the boyish counterpart of their roles portrayed on the screen by Beckett, aged 11. The pictures are his present one. "WINTER STARS" aV Also RADAR Tfle Ma-ie Eye T See it demonstrated ! New Shy Show Every Mortthjtlr 3rd Week MERLE miim CWTDE RAINS CHARLES KORVIN 'f :i i PGH. PLAYHOUSE TONIGHT AT 8:30 m iaiiaiawti m fCOMEDy WITH MUSIC) 222 Craft Ave. MAyflower 4445 (OBLPIIIOK ATlantic 9300 J.P.HARRIS Slxtti St. ninfma 3rd RECORD WEEK! Gene Tiernev Cornell Wilde Jeanne Craln "LEAVE KER TO HEAVEN" In Technicolor 3-Tc Plua Tax Till 12:30 SENATOR 2 B1G HITS: otnMiun S JUDY C A NOV A LIBERTY AVE. ROSS HUNTER "HIT THE HAY" "TEN CENTS A DANCE' WITH JANE FRAZEE-ROBT. SCOTT 33c FLUS TAX TILL 12:30 LIBERTY.... East Liberty B Fitj5.Tj!d-W. B' "AND THEN THERE WERE NONE" FAMILY East I-lbertr i Bal d Kith-J Ga!!andt "Manaattaa Shakedown' Mrr, l H3.r, "LAW OF THE WOLF" PERRY PprrtrsTllle Ave. rnri Kava-Vlf. Mfrft "WONDER MAN" In Technicolor DENIS JIt. Lebanon Ch Bovr-La'irn Bacall "CONFIDENTIAL AGFNT" BEECHVIEW. V C, KAh'o01-M. O Rrt.n OFR INES HAVE I EER GRATES" Mst-yTVth rT'iehe.s LADY CONFESSES' l.ecn Krrol "MAMA LOVES PAPA" ICE SKATING EVE. 8:30 NORTHSIDE. Federal St. The Gardens. f rale St. m I Si If. H - JKT y STARTS I THE PITTSBURGH PRESS- "The Jolson Story." In which Larry Parks plays the mature Jolson; and films in which he has played the DOORS OPEN 10:30 A. M. NATIONALLY ACCLAIMED YOUXL AGREE IT'S AN THE LOST RAY MILLAND EXTRA! WALT DISNEY a i' Xv WAKNCdj I JO "THEY WERE I Sf EXPENDABLE- I "THEY WERE EXPENDABLE" JOHN WAYNE Donni Reed i. ""' Z " 1 Romf-We rrk. C ,fcl Bensati, nriip... DCNtUIGT BORtluTo MM ffffrm. 'A, JaE We 3 TOMORROW AM ERROL WEDNESDAY. JANUARY b 9A I roles 'which Don Amech. Louis Hay ward. Robert Cummings and j Robert Young assumed as adults. "BUT PICTURE OF .J"!"! ACADEMY AWARD PERFORMANCI WEEKEND" JANE WYMAM CARTOON PETE SMITH iOSSbsL eMt!i STARTS 0M0IR0TI una ERROL FLYWM ALEXIS SMfffl STARTS TOMORROW KIT?: lift Di?f "WHAT NEXT, ) ROBERT MONTGOMERY CORPORAL . HARGROVE?" mam fav. and e. on! f "tau nrn. -Luir. PL Urt rimes Toda f I aVT7 "llt WW. IN TECHN! f LYNH -ALEXIS SMITH

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