The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 7, 1939
Page 5
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MONDAY, AUGUST 1, 1939 PAGE F1V1 <AKK.) COUJUKU NKWS !: Native So.Ul, African CLASSIFIED ADVERTfSING INFORMATION Dnlly tftc per line for consccu- "re tnwrllons: One lime per line lOc Two times per line per dny 08o Vluce limps jjcr n»c per dny...860 £'x times per line per day—05j Monti; rait per line C0c Cards of Thanks 50u & 'I6c Minimum ehnrge 50c Ads ordered for three or six 'fines nnd slopped before expiration will be charged for the tiuin- ber of times the ndd appeared and adjustment of 1)1)1 made. All Classified Advertising copy luhnillled by persons residing oul- ilde of the city must, be accompanied by eash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions takes (he one (line rat«. No responsibility will be tukeii for inore than one Incorrect Insertion ol any classified ad. SAVE. JSX'IS. Weight 3SOO pounds. TERMS. City, box 4'J-l. 0-ck-9-!> Severn] varieties of grapes. H. O. Melliifl'ey, Hi miles west, of Lutes Store. 4-pk-a Cypress (imti Oak, Ash tlinlH'r~pTi '1HO (it-res of K-oodhind, K miles soiilhrn.'it Ulythcvlllc, U R. Ciar- ncr, Arinorel. 3-|>k-!>-3 Milk fed fryers, finitely raised. Mrs. Russell, N. W. Coiner Hol- For Rent 2 and .3 room furnished apartments. 103 W. Kentucky. Plnnc °83- 5-pk-12 •! room cottage, 513 LunrenUe. 620 month. E. D. Ferguson, phone 100; 4-cM •1 room modern tiirnishert apartment, 1 bedrooms, Private Imth. 112G W. Ash. 4-ck-tl 5 room house. 110 S. Franklin Mrs. S. E. Webb, 1011 1 learn. 3-pk-10 Nicely furnished room, connccUitg bath. Gninge. 715 Ash. Mrs. Brighani. 3-pk-3 4 room furnished house. Reasonable. 1413 W. Main 'St. l-ck-5 3 room furnished house. Close in. Utilities furnished. 1'JO Dugan St., Mi's. Belle Wood. 22-ck-lf Nice large bedroom oiienlnii </n sleeping porch. Mrs. Knima Nolen, 310 W. Walnut, 22-ck-tf . , ly fliid Division, ai-pk-8-21 320 acres Rood land. 1'i l-ale.-; of . cotton or 50 bushels corn, to ncn;. a good six room houses and four (cnsml houses, Cirnvcl road to faun. f-ocatetj 4 miles north of Cairon, Mo. $50 per acre. •MK acres, '2'(. miles north of Gray Ridoc, Mo,, SUuldaid Coimly. 150 iicres in cultivation, 00 acres c;it- ovcr. l'\vo 'l-room houses and hum. S30 per acre. 4CO acres. New Mndild County, one mile south Hlghivny fi2, on Utlli 1 River. Extra fine plee;; of cypress land. 3W acres in ciilliviilion. S)C.- 000. Several other good pieces of land running in price from SIS to SCO per acre. See me before buying. A, T. Riii-Is, Ltlliovirti, Mo. ['hone 22 5-1&-12 BARGAINS IN USED CARS AND TRUCKS I'flllslnrloiy nuullly NIK* foivli-u in Hatry products. Cattle free "I (Jnng's nisrow, lu host 0 ( iihysliinl rriiKllllmt. full Mrs Ornw Uwerv, DOa-J, lor llnlwll's tirade A Raw Milk. Cream, Cumilrv Duller, lint- U-rnillk, exlin or holiday orders Iiisiieelkm cni:mu;ij:eil ntiylliuc. lliilsrH's |);i|vy J5KSIJKK AND SKIC TMKSKJ - .-' 10 "" sci1 U ""' lillmo a |,,t 0 he ff<«n siiull-.n- vi h :,pi1:ll \vu.s lh ( . Niw lie riniiu-s Tlu> o| CAKS. A KKAI, IHJV ON KVKKY ONK Kl, PASO, 'lex, ail'i Air ran- (lltioiiini! h; tin. |;itc:U iiiiiiravcnu'Ul n the "(i-iiller Irrpilal- nl |)r. J. . Love, tlic "IMU coitnu-y <licif>|." '38 CllCV. Coupe $465 '37 Ford Tudor , (tOOC wll ° ( ' L " jilu l '" 1 ' 1 ' 1 prirlu-i> In (ho. iPOyj) Ws ridin-j'hora'lmi-k to In; p ilh-nt^i, £l«i(c<l !<;,' :i linlihy fiillmviii" Ills '38 Chcv. Coach j',' $495;;, '37 Chcv. Coach Welding MCIUMiUCC'l 11) ACKTYLI-: WELDING Only Only Only $395 '36 Ford Tudor '35 Ford Fordor $325 $235 EXPHUT ELECTRIC AND ACKTYLENE '34 Chev. Coach Onlv 3 room modern, furnished, apart-1 incut. Mrs. Henley, 1315 W. Mnln. i 13-ck-lf| Comfortable bedroom. 1017 Walnut, Phone 102. 15-ck-tf Modern 3 room unfurnished apartment. Mali] aiitl Second. R Simon, phonn 7iM. ' 3-ck-tf Offlee room, 1 ;. Rudbury Bullrling. Sec Graham Suo'.ury. 27t[ Drug line and heavy \veldhiff a specially. Barksdale Mfg. Co. rhone 10 or Kcs. IOJ9 AVantcd Personal Driving to New York August SOln. Can accommodate one" of two passengers. Notify Richard Tyler, Wilson. Ark. Box 281. 1-pk-IO Arouse Slngcish Uvcr, work off the bile, to rid yourself of constipation, gas pants and that sour. punk feeling. Take ones box o> Mali capable ol handling office for cotton Bin. Must make bond. Give full details and rclercnces in writing Bos "II" Courier News. 8/4-ck-tf WANTED—Yoiinjr couple for restaurant work. Man for ehef iuid \voniiin for waitress. Write Simpson Oil Co., Charleston, Mo. Wot ice AOTivi; uvEii rn.i.s Me nt. all 'Kit-by Stores. Lost Upper Denial Pkiie. Reward for return to Lost Boy Grocery, Hioli- «'«}' 18. ' 5-uk-9 Minnows For Sale GOLDFISH MINNOWS •7nrl ilRmon. i^.r Rnllrond * iCy. CAN YOU You would not sla'rt an ocean voy- nge without lite preservers. Good brakes are .votir "life preservers" when you drive. Safety Service No. 1 FREE Brake Inspection It costs nothing to KNOW Ihe true condition of your brakes. Drive in for a FREE Inspection. Safety Service No. 2 BRAKE ADJUSTMENT A complete nnd Ihoroush Ford ABC lirafcc AdjustmcJit. tncUmini; adjustment, of Brake Rods i -i .35 or,Cable.'; & Hand Brake. 1 (Heplacenient parts not included) Safety Service No, 3 Complete Brake OVERHAUL and RELIN1NG JOB IOUI) PASKKNOErt CAKS nisiissemblc enllre brake .sy.sli:iti — Tree up all brake earns—INSTALL 8 NEW BRAKE SHOES-Adjll 5 i, cleaniiicc--Adjust, hand brake—Aii- Jtisl brake rods— LtibricnCc cro.vs shaft — Arijitsl pedal clearance — Hoad lesU-One additional mcnl. delivery COMPLETE INCIjUDING LAI3OR AND $Q.D5 8 NEW DRAKE SHOES... " PHILLIPS Fishing License VOK TOUlt rONVENIKNCK, \VI-'. A K E VRErAUEU TO ISSUE VOUft FISHING LICENSE AT Olifi STORE SHOUSE-HENRY FIARDWARIJ CO. I'hono 3S Laundering Washing niul Ironing doiie~ircTF. Called fo r tnul delivereil 327 Ui- clede. 5-pk-ia $135 '33 Ford Fordor Only $lti5 TRUCKS '38 Dodge Pick-up Only $465 '37 Ford Stk. Pick-tip Only $360 '37 Ford 15 Ton *,,v $395 PHILLIPS 5th & Walnut I ce ICE-ICE Phone 10? JOHN mmm ICE COM) WATliUlVlELONS Asparagus fern ( s no (, n f,,,-, ;ind allig.-ilor pears have no n'flii ii.v >vilh cither pears or alligators. HORIZONTAL 1 Pic-lured is tiie map of , South America. S Pig. 8 This republic once belonged to . 13 To tear. H To wed. 16 Poker stake. 17 Boy. JBTo saturate. J 9 Falsehood. 20 Soulli Africa. 21 Cotton ^2 Sonic, machine;. 43 To move 23 Security l?i- onward. n prisoner. 45 To 25 Mother. countersink, 27 Festival. 47 Amidic, 28 To cut grass. 43 Bushel 30 Closer. ' (ahbr.). HZ First. 49 Liquid part 34 To pull of fal. 35 Sun deity. 51 Poisonous 36 Convent snake, dweller. 53 Frenzy. 37 Small hotels. 55 Tree, genus 39 Norse Ulmus. mythology. 50 Candid. 40 Bashful. 58 Males. MAP PUZZLE **• Ansiver to Previous Pnsifc paragraph. 12 New KiiRl.-ind. M Us land is rich in s . 15 Yes. 20 Its capital. 22 Passage. 24Lillle demons 26 The highest peak in the Americas, |Nm 27 Cringes." °' Doctor Oulfils Modern Office In Big Trailer Injury in :ui aiit-.ciioljih .. lv , three .rail's ngt. Dr. 1,'ii'rV; nenesl liiiilcr haspilii), his Ihinl. is npiip- :ed with !ilr condilionin•;, u ))i>rl- iblc A-my, OX.VKOII lintks mid nil •upplies tor nneriji'iH'y \vurk ill the scene ol iiccldenlK. 11 lins Its \vn I'lectrli; power Kcucrat'r. He has been invilixl ID .spoilt before Hie National Congress D! oij- Clei-eliind next .September <m j|j s wcrk ivilli Iho trailer linspiltil, PRESGRiPTIOHS Kri'shtsl Stock Guaranteed Hcnl ['rieen Kirby Drug Stores J. L. GUARD OptomeJrist Only Grailnale O|itnme- trisl In Jlljthpvlllc. Gla.ssM Hllcil Correctly wwcl:. With ht.s enii'i'si'iu-y cunlp- ini:nt. )„. ,, clh x-rny, -,!•( bones, iruif;rii'i|ciis nnd per- Hut 111;, w.rl; h ),„( )l m l|,x| |o i'dinil hciitiiienf on the hlsh- h ( . pracllces. Inins- fer.s cxpcrUm inollu'is lo tin- ho:;|illa| mill dollvei.s llielr Will Rewrite Ilislory CAM-; TOWN ,m> , :M l , Ihlnlw (lint fviiiii Alitem ) lts[ , ri . as presented la iiiojmliivd In fnvnr nt Kiiroponns, II. \v. viliikMl, u Iluuln ttlio is l:inj;iin.(c nsslstiicil lit the WHivnln'sniiMl Unh-mll, Werl Optometrist "HK nIAKICS 'KM SKK" 0m Joi', IsiiiuV Slum riunie .Vlll —PRESCRIPTIONS— K;tfc - - Ai'aivitlc Your I'rescilptlon Drutijlsl. Fowler Drug Co. Main * I'irsl I'llunc 141 RECTAL DISORDERS Clinical uhf,ri ViitldiiH din- i-lcKe llnil n-i'tiil disorder.'; nre iTsniwslliln i,,r mmo «T<Vl;l'd MPI-Vlim .systems IIIIIM Jiiiy oilier ixttlmliiKlcul condition. Mnny c/ of neii- c in I m'rvfliiMM'fei, lii-nilm-ho.s, hnv-liiu-k iwhcK, loti-iu-hos, cousUpntlun mill liiKiimnlii niv due to rectnl inilliiilngy. "Our inodmi nlt| ( 'i> iiivlluids hnvn ninny Hijvmitiice..; uni] nplilU'iilili' In iilunit !K r >% of nil raws. Thi- rxcepllons V'- IIIK rani-i'i- inul Uilinvulur fistula. Very lltllo illscnm- foil and liieonvc'nlenci' Is >>x- perleiiced while IJC-IIIK treat- I'd. Itriiiilnr u-ork may he conlluiinl. No lio.spllii]l«illnii. no sencnil nm'stlietto. A very snfe anil uuu; Ireiitiiienl. Drs. Nies & Nies t!l)(tlrvl1lc, Ark. Ti-l. l)K M I iSlaln Kl. Ho minis lo (,'lve tiic fuels from Die unlives' point of view, Vltoknr.l believes (hat native ehUdreji, by learniiiK lilxlci-y frni (he present le.Mlxmks, (jrow up with a hatred of Ilii'lr imlltuinl lie- iin'.s, who aiv ic|)ic;,enlcd as vll- Iliins. he Is rolled Ins n)i u, e ohliiln "(he true fuels" o'l what happened during the c jrly days of Afi'lcn. nnd will rewrite South Africa's Ijlslorj- In the .fcnti of essays. Ho IMS jilready loured.Zululand and next will tour JSasiitoland and the Capi) lo complete his data. „ „ .,„ 1» KiiBlaml, 23,000,000 person:) imlivojiijiB.^iiiiil jioi-liy he 0111 ID ntlejul the movies every week. N»w l.drntrd at 101 Nnrlh Smiuil ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON MMVAHDS, I'nnirlrtnr All Mukcs ur ItrlmlU Tyiinwrllrrs, HAAing Muchlncji anil Cnh'iilalora—Ui'inilrlnj;—rarls—lillii - By Clyde Lewis in loiii'li willi (lie Nnliomil I.ttlioV Rc!n- lions Boiird." ilAIJMAN . 29 Sxvcpl by wind. 3J Age. 33 Mire. BBThwland', „.„,„,... chief senporl. 38 Smalt CO Us „„,! of cnisiaccan currency. 30 To form n VEnTICAL r.-mp. 1 Credit. 41 Japanese coin 2 Bean eves. 42 Jnfwilion 3 Herb. 44 Olive free. 4 Account book, « Wrongs 5 Third-vote 47 Common actors. honeybee. B Eye. 43 Coal boxes TWormlike 50 Measure, larva. 52 Monkey. OPiilcnoss. 51 Born. 10 Cuckoo. 55 Pair. 11 Newspaper 57 Negative. Slh & Walnut Phone SIO C7ALLOP1NG AWftV, & B HIS ^'M^M^S^^^^^'^- £ £ _^^%^UP:^^ E S?S^^^ 1 ^ Ooo.' (SCOD GOSH; A1LIST BE — WHERE .BRDMSOW rG.EWOSOSCM'Sl DID.' SOW HELMET V . "C\S\E BACK; A\LLGY COP EW7EREO THE TO GO TO 7HE RESCUE OF THE SCIEMTIS'T SOWBVHERE IM TIME ..... ci> FWU LOIJ5 VEAR5 FOR . VCD BOSS! THE TIME HAS COMlE FOG VOU TO 'iWim AHD QUEAL. IN THE / VIE flDH'T WEAM fWi^E OF \ TO 6EUP VOU TO HEAV6U, USTEN \ EtPW hv ^^iRU^iL RLOSSKK HAVE YOU ecrr A HAWK'S FE&THER OR A ' HAVE YOU GOT A WOOSE DEAD OR. ALMS / ME SHUDOER f ~'~-^ THEY Pa MOUSE" ON . THE LIST ? 1 RECKON! ITS OX'S O \ lliW«SS WITH HOW WHERE « TOPKET. !,,A MOOSE'?•• EVEIS. AMV O'THE LA.TG . PAPERS /

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