The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 20, 1949
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY. APRIL 20, 194» BT/YTTTflVTT.LK (AKK.) COirRTKK NKWI PAGE KLEVEif- OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams THATS THE KIND OF A MACHINIST HE IS--HE MISSED TH'CHI&EL.H^ WHAT A MACHINIST.' CHIPPlW, AMD HITS HIMSELF ON TH' FOOT. 'STIP OF TH'HAND-- AIN'T THAT VERY UNUSUAL? 7HS WORRY WART Our Boarding House with Ma j. Hoople VJUV TtJiS OfcBK: GLASSES, OOrt'T TELL Me YOUR FAMSWS HftAD- LAMPS ARC 1 ~~ AREN'T VOU TU5 GUV WHO COULD see FOpTPSlkVVS Of A TIC* OS A SftrJOY. B6A.CH ? UfVvie A RAR& E\'C AILM£KiT CALL 60' TUB COLOR RED UPSETS TV46 . CAosiN&8nx)oiM& HEADACHES NAUSEA! -*- z aost HAD AN! ATTACH vlHILE A RU8V 11E- ItJ A.W ROOrA / KRKCK1.KS & HIS FKIKNDS By MKHRILL BLOSBEH (jruvsuriic (iriitip Elizabeth R. Roberts OGER THE LODGER ' IT GIIINttIG »K1II*UTI» IT MA SEKVICf. INC wcnk .ttURhter. "1 was just KM- iint; Wimletl (o M-C if you'd full for it." IIHEIFUS Mert nreifm . . . Wmr lliamand' IIUttlM MM '•!' irum w •!«««. MTMMU ILATS-D-WaiE IEDWQOB AWNMBS '^^ &<4t*m. %*& DEAL'S PAINT STORE 109 bust Main Plume 4469 XVI R OGER hud told m* to go at once to the bar where he would be guarding a row of highballs he'd have poured before the bar closed at 12 o'clock, and that we'd drink them as we danced, since the music would play lor a couple of hours longer. It was just midnight when Robbie and I reached the Club and I hustled inside while he parked the car. 1 was silting on a bar stool sipping my first drink when Robbie barged through the door. As usual he missed the step down from the entrance lo the ballroom and rolled across the floor. I saw waiters and the club manager rush to his assistance, and still feelinf piquecl at him, I pretended 1'c never met the man and rcmainet on the bar stool sipping a highball. It wasn't long until a waitei tapped me as 1 danced and said a gentleman in the checkroom wouli like to speak to me. I thanked the waiter and said I'd go soon. I was still lipping my highbal when the waiter returned. H wrung his hands and seemed lik a man torn between duly and de sire to stay out of the picture. H said the gentleman was gettin pretty mad and would like to se me immediately. 1 thanked th waiter and said I'd go soon. It was a lovely waltz I was en joying when the waiter returnet this time to beg that one of u either Roger or I, go at once I the cloakroom, Roger went. He returned to report that a Rob came out of his barrel ro th* club manager had observe that the dark-blue suit was not uxedo but a double-breasted ii-slripc, and that since these ncea were strictly, he d inviled Robbie to remain oul sight in the checkroom while a aiter went lo get me. Roger s»id at since Rob wax overhCiHcd, he ought a highball was in order. e turned to the shelf where his w had been. Had been i.s the irrect form of Ihe verb; the bar as closed and there was nothing be done about it- No one anted to carry the message lo arcia, sulking in his ten I. So oger thought up a .solution lo the rublem. "J'll tell you what we'll he said, "We'll invite a few ! the belter people down to the F was two o'clock in the morning. I guve him my a re-you- i rid ing look and he reproved me cnlly with, "RtMii ember. Lee iiese bo. s will soon be dying for ou." U was a punch below Ihe cit; he knew Dill was fighting Ins vay in a coc u le shell through hur- icanes nnd enemy action lo I tie 'acific front. Roger suggested we stop at a >ar and have a quickie in nrdcr 0 compensate Rob for the lack he lad suffered at the Club, an idea Robbie readily seconded. "We'll go to Tony's," Rob said He's an old tenant of mine. He'l fix us up even if it is closing time.' "Let's match for the first round,' Roger said. Kob lost. Roger ordered a second roum and the waiter said the drink were on the house. We* tossed off that round an Roger said, "How's to take you turn, Roberts?" "My turn?" Rob exploded. "Wh 1 bought the first round." "Sure," said Roger. "And 1 pro vided the second round." "You!" Rob shouted. "Tha round was on the house on R<_ count of me. I own this dum You can thank me for that div, dend." "Hen, hen," Roger chortled i I'UF, buys brought (heir appc- liU's. "They're used lo snjno- hing tn o;il uinmt ihis lime of lij'.ht." KOHOV t'Pl't-d me ofT. "Kooct lor Hits in oh!" 1 cull tiled i noses. ''Hero's a whole io;if of hi cnil id hiiIf of another," Ro^cr m- rmod me, having led oft lo Ihe it-hen, "and a couple chr/.en cnns. 'hal we need is .some hum ur icon." "Ham or bj.con," I echoed. "How limy pomu do you thin It we live','" As, 1 fell hu-kiiiK. I needn't *KIVC. Ilo^er i•etm-m- ered Ihe tin of Polish ham which id recently been sent 115 as ;i uift. i'hut'll be absolutely out of this oriel. 11 I wish it had been. He opened the ciui and I timed jl a most beautiful ham imbed- cd in a thick coi.ilL.ig of aspic. As ogcr, slicing industriiHisly, tossed .ice after slice from ttible lo fry- ng pan, much of Ihe aspic broke e and fell lo the floor, Smni ve had aspic coated linoleum, and s tne kitchen lillcil with In cople attracted by the delicious mell of liHin and coffee cooking, lie fooling became Ireacheiuus, Vanned and worked by ininiy ect, the a.spic (lowed like glue, inct 1 saw one strong man who lad stood too long in one spot ean aver and with butli hands ooscn first one [not nnd then Hie other from the tloor. It was , littEe salisfaclion next morning, as I scrubbed Ihe Moor, .he cupboard doors, and ffie sidewalls; and retrieved plates horn under the piano, behind the love seaU r balanced on lamp shades, piled on the hearth—pEales willi ham fat congealed on them and remnants of scrambled e^gs dried hard—lo remember i. was all my own fault. Roger's new colonel apparently enjoyed the parly at the Annex, as the hoys now called our house. Though the eggs had tarnished the silver tines of our forks lo a dull gold, by some strange alchemy they also turned the of Roger's bar* to silver. (To Be Continued) Prank Backfire* ST. LOUIS — Two St. Louis Boy Scouts who planned, separately, to frighten a hiking group, merely scared themselves. Each boy, without the other's knowledge, stole away from the group to get to » "haunted house" before the others arrived. When the two collided under & dark staircase, both fainted. Read Courier News Want Ads Constant growth of our business has nytde it nec«»sary lo increase our telephone facilities. This necessitated changing our number. Our telephone number is Think of An Apple ** ' ^ one too/ 812 / at* EFFECTIVE APRIL 12, 1949 UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY "The Friendly Insurance Service" First & Main — Ingrain Building We Insure Everything WE LOANS THE iMPtVAN PHEASANT. . THIS BEAUTIFUL B4RD M*Kt» ITS HOMt ON 1Vlt "ROOF Or THt WOftLryl -TUt HlMAiAVAN HOUrf TAINS. Dut-Tb-nHE KARO HUNTING, IN THESt MOUNWma-WE PHEASANT IS CON6IOW- CS OT OAMt BIRW, BV 6R3RT6MEN. ill DEAL'S PAINT STORE !• considered the beat pilal store in this vicinity. Everyone knows that we cirrj line Benjamin Moore pilntn . . . the fllaU th»t Hre ea^r to u^e, dry quickly and are economical. Tarn the unused space In your home Into extra Hvlnt quarten. A quick »»at *f our paint Trill make rooms bright and cheerful. DEAL'S fa** St*u COTTON FARMERS Chemically tlelinted cotton seed scrmhiale iinirkcr, plant and plow the same week. Reduce chopping c\|iRii?<e and produce more cotton per acre. STATE CKKTIFIEII VARIETIES AVAILABLE I). It f. I.. No. II, per 51) l.b. Bag J1U.1HI U. it P. L. No. 15, 1'er 50 l.b. Hag 10.UO Slonetille 'L B, I'er 50 Lb. Bat I"- 01 ' Stonetille 'I V. Per 50 Lb Ba( 10.00 Kowden 4I-B. Per..5« Lb. Has 10.00 Halt & Half iHitiirdl. Per 50 Lb. Ha* 10.01) Cokrr's 100 Will Re.sisl.inl, Per 50 Lb. Baj 10.00 Paula, Per f>0 Lb. Baf 10.00 Empire, Per 50 Lb. Baj 1000 Come in am* place four order or j-ct TOUT supnlT today. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone 836 Bljlhevillc. Ark. Phone 857 Branches: Leachyille, Ark.. Horncrsvillr, Mo. and Senath. Mo. IO9 CAST MAIN STKlfT YTHF^IiLf , APKAMSAS TUDEBAKER, CARS and TRUCKS You'll Be Proud to Own 1917 SUidchakcr F.and Cruiser . . . beautiful bhie, an ideal family car. v» 1912 Buick •S-(ioor . . . drive (his car for a bargain _4 price c liMO Plymouth -1-dnor . . . K (l <>d Urcs. new paint . . . and offered at a real price. ^ 1039 Chevrolet 2-iioor . . equipped with radio Sr O m heater. m " 1917 Sludebaker !'/j-Ton Truck with new paint and oa > a good body. > K 1917 Studebaker l'/j-Ton Cah and Chassis . . . Rood ^ m tires and healer . . low .nilcajie. _ 1012 Dodge I'/i-Tou . . . vxew paint, new muliir, and a good Army body. ^ Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash I'hone 2195 •STUDEBAKER ''STOP GAwwwo •' Yuecx.ins is IWLF^ ~fais is IT; Toiswo.' i HIE FUN OF ITING 7W6 city/ TALENT SHOW XYZ-NETWORK This display must be the losiilt of Junior's becoming interested in advertising—evidently he's milking a survey of mode!*!". lly AL VKUMEER ' COME, NOW, PR ISC ILL A .' 1'HAT DOESN'T SOUND <E MOTHER/ ME TO PUT \WAY MY TOYS HAHG UP MV COAT AMD TIDY MY ROOM. TOLD YOU.' NOTHING." Helping lint's to Tall Hi' NIC-HAUL (VMA 1.1,ICY mill RALPH LANE WE MAY RUN INTO IROU31E WHEN WE GET TO THE HOUSE, PEEBLES THERE WERE RUMORS ABOUT YOU AND JIGGER JACKSON AND JAK6 DOll... WHEN JAKE 001 BUMPED OFF HOW ABOUT IT, BUGS? VOU READY IOTEU ME WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW OR SMAU I55USE7E SOME MOR{ '^\. LEI GO. FOG... 1... I'LL 1ALK I 5IIOUID WELCOME TROiJUlf WIMI MP.GIANNEL SIR. I DON'T UKC IO BE WADE A DUPE .' WASH TURKS Not Yet, Cut In l!y I.KS1.IE TURNER , Y Eul;N IF 1 COUIP TAKE HER. I V.SSV, 1 CAWT EISK CL)IHIUi> / ALL PACKED V HER lire; SHE MUSTN'T FINPl ftNOCEMW oui HIE icurn— vAioaowiTH , -r-p-^^- \ VO U 1 ft WONDERFUL TIME'. DIDN'T WE. DAODVf HtK-WET, GlCl &HE'U N6UEE FOKGE-T THIS DM! HI US BUNNY I!y niEl) HARM AN Down lo hnrlli, Due! FIRST WUB IT GENTLN \ ON BOTH SIDE'S WITH J A BIT OF , <^ GARLIC... / MUM..A , "^\ HMMM ' I WITH WHAT JOICV MORSEL ONST 1 TEMPT A STE/MO..\YER. PALACTE COO<ED TO T^ T'O,\V, DOC? MV SPECIFIC INSTWUCTIONS: THEN SPWEiVD IT WITH MUSTARD, IT IN TvV r - &WOILER... J CAN I JUST ONE TEENSV VJEENSV QUESTION, DVA WANT VER. HAMBURGER.... VJITH OR WITHOUT ]/7 KING ETTIN Kh\'(3P<5M A\V. you KNOW H0\v THAT'LL TUUN OUT. THERE GOES ) ZEE? SHE HAD HEE !A / E\E ON TH' Hy EDGAR MARTIN \ HOOTS AND HKK HDDDIKS

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