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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 41

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Sunday, January 25, 1942
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yi' jf THE PITTSBURGH PRESS, SUNDAY, 'JANUARY 25, 1942 THIRD SECTION THStTGH All Your Fishing Dope For 1942 Pennsylvania's Trout Season Is April 15 Jo Jw 52; Bass Season Is July 1-Nov. 30 NATURE'S CURIO SHOP! i : , , , - J tt-ie Glass Snake is t7?7 wor A S MA.KE AT ALU. " 4 7y7y 1 ,n'lffe A The "slass snake" actually Is a lizard, native to the Southern and Mid-western states. It is readily distinguished from true snakes by its well-developed eyelids and ear-openings. This serpentine lizard averages about two feet in length and is about an inch in thickness. It has no legs and makes its progress by a lateral undulated motion. It has a smooth belly which handicaps it in getting about, while the true snake has understates which provide traction and permit It to move much more easily . A number of lizards lose their The Sportsmen's Corner: "All Outdoors" Amateur Trap-shooting League holds its second shoot today at the North Park Skeet and Trap Range. All members of the participating clubs are urged to attend. Unattached shooters are invited to make use of the range, open to the public at all times. To those interested in learning the. rudiments of trap or skeet shooting, the cost is $1.25 for a round of 25 targets. The fee includes shells and use of the trap and puller boys. Guns are1 usually available through the generosity of the shooters present. A warm clubhouse is available to those who make use of the range. The State Centre Game, Fish and Forestry Association holds its annual banquet Monday, Feb. 2, at Philipsburg. Collier Sportsmen's Association monthly meeting will be held today at the clubhouse. Walker's Mill, at 2 p. m. All members please attend. Midland Sportsmen's Club holds its annual January rally Tuesday, 8 p. m.. at the American Legion Rooms, Boro Bldg.. Midland. There will be speakers, TWA sound movie, "Winged Horizons." Refreshments will be served. Trafford Sportsmen's Club's annual Sportsmen's Night is Friday, at the clubhouse in TrafTord. All sportsmen welcome. Warren (Ohio) , Gun Club sponsors a grocery shoot- today at its range one-quarter mile west of Warren, on Route 422. This match is for muzzle-loading rifles only, any caliber, any metallic sights. Entry open. Secretaries of Millvale Sportsmen's Club and Beaver Falls Sportsmen's Association are urged to send in their meeting notices in time for inclusion on the Sunday prior to their meeting dates. The Deer Hunters Association of Harrisville elected Gleen Sweet-apple as president; William Jack, vice president; E. A. Hutcheson, secretary; P. C. Cathcart, treasurer. Tho annual banquet, one of the largest in Western Pennsylvania, will be held Friday, Feb. 20, 6:30 p. m., at the Harrisville high school. Fifty per cent of the proceeds will be contributed to the Red Cross. Alex Pearson, Burgess of Rochester and Beaver Valley conservation leader, urges all outdoor lovers to put forth all possible effort toward winter feeding. "Now is the time to do your bit," urges Alex. The League of Ohio Sportsmen's rinual convention will be held Saturday an Sunday, Feb. 7 and 8, j Columbu?, Ohio. Western Pennsylvania Junior Rifle League's mall bore tournament is listed Saturday, at the American Legion lall, Oakmont. The event is registered as a Class C junior tournament with the National Rifle Association. Any organization may enter as many teams as desired, providing that a senior coach or in structor be provided for each team, which is to consist of not more than nine competitors. Matches begin at 9 a. m. Individual classification, based on ages. Class A, 15 to 18 YOU'LL ENJOY THE FINE AT 7 SPRINGS SKI LODGE " Tss f Ptssiyhisla" . meals ro critkir hand in hand 5MINB 'h winter .port SKATING RnomJ mnPhru,or TOBOGGANING Without hafhi Call H Em lock S909 t for Sno Conditio. i. sim urn m X i n ii nil mm r tails and this is particularly true of the "glass snake." The severed portion does not grow back, as Is commonly believed. However, a new and somewhat smaller appendage does replace the severed portion. This occurs in a short time, and is responsible for the false belief that the "glass snake" if broken into small pieces will put itself together again. The movements of this lizard are slow and deliberate. It is easily the victim of Us enemies and its chief hope of escape lies in its tail which makes up nearly two-thirds of the body length. The struggles of the tail usually occupy the attention of its captor. and Class B under 15 years. Fee, 35c which includes NRA fee, registration, supper and evening's entertainment. The Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs holds its annual conclave at Harrisburg, Friday and Saturday, Feb. 13 and 14. Karl Hare of Somerst was reelected president of the Somerset County Sportsmen's League, with George Sura. Central City, vice president; Gene Bolden, Meyersdale, secretary; Emery Fulton. Stoyes-town, state delegate and George Sura, alternate. What? No treasurer? C. A. Reffner, Spangler. was elect ed president of the Cambria County Sportsmen's Association, and M. J. Farbaugh. Carrolltown, secretary- treasurer. Vice presidents included J. McFadden, Ebensbure: Josenh Shreve, Johnstown; Paul Lipka, Rev- loc: Charles Allen, Johnstown: Ira Krug, Emeigh Run; Earl Bearer, fatton, and Charles Glasser, Carrolltown. Joseph Shreve was elected state delegate: Rheon HasselL Johnstown, alternate. Kenneth Kness, Apollo, succeeds Foster Brantover as president of the Apollo Community Sportsmen's Association. W. F. Rosensteel was chosen vice president; W. F. Pauly, treasurer, and Frank Swast Jr., secretary. Directors included C. A. Heckman, George Rosensteel Sr., A. J. Belghley, E. A. Beck and N. B. Johnston. Lyle Clawson, Salina, was elected county league delegate; Clyde King, alternate. With the purchase of 43,052 acres of public huntine trrounds bv the Pennsylvania Game Commission, uie total approaches 700,000 acres of land purchased by the sportsmen throughout the $.75 earmarked . in the hunting license fee. Pennsylvania Sportsmen's Luncheon Club re-elected Kermit McFaxland as president and .Johnny Mock as secretary-treasurer. The remaining members were elected vice presidents with exception of George Ewing and Hank Barney, who retain their offices as sergeants-at-arms. As a penalty, the nominations committee was subjected to the same demotions. These include James Freeman, Dr. S. B. Ralston and Lou Schmertz. Chet Smith, the only buck private during the past year was restored to his former standing. Bill Phillips was appointed chairman of the program committee: Today, members of the Concordia Sportsmen's Assn. travel to Mar-wood to entertain the aged and orphans at Concordia Homes. Members who still desire to attend, but who have not made arrangements, can do so if they provide their own transportation. Washington County Coon Hunters' Assn. holds a field trial at the Charles Pethel Farm, five miles southwest of Washington, near Tay-lorstown, next Sunday. Entry open. Hazelwood Sportsmen hold their regular meeting 8 p. m.. Thursday at Fort Black Post, American Legion Hall, Hazelwood and Lytle. "Bring another sportsman." Lunch will follow. Arnold Sportsmens' Club elected F. Paul Shrum Dresident: Dan Nemet, vice president: Pete S ami ale treasurer, and J. C. Predebon, secretary. Trustees are Colbert, Benn, Sanders, White and Cherry. Lake and Stream fishing Club holds its annual banquet Friday, Feb. 6. Fayette Gun Club stages a "Patriotic Shoot" beginning at noon next Sunday. Three events 50-16 yard targets; 25 handicap targets, and 10-target. Milk Bottle top novelty event. Cash and"" merchandise By JOHN MOCK And VERNON LIND The king snake, which is one of its chief enemies, insists on swallowing its prey head first. For this it tries to maneuver the lizard into a suitable position. However, at the crucial moment the "glass snake" abandons its tail in its enemies' mouth. During the resultant confusion, the lizard attempts to burrow underground. The "glass snake" divides its time above and below the ground, feeding upon insects, worms, slugs and other subterranean life. On the surface It will feed upon birds' eggs, which it breaks with its strong jaws and laps up with its flat, forked tongue. prizes. All sportsmen welcome. Range located two miles north of Union-town, off Route 51. Warm clubhouse. Armstrong County Sportsmens' League hold their fourth annual banquet at 7 p. m. Thursday at the Lutheran Parish House, Kittanning. Ross L. Lefller, president, Pennsylvania Game Commission; Dr. Logan J. Bennett, State College; J. Allen Barrett, Fish Commission ' lecturer, and Dr. Marlin Heilman will be principal speakers. Rillton Sportsmens' Assn. elected Gilbert Webberking president: Edward Pioveson. vice Dresident: Frank Jones, secretary; Martin Hazuza, treasurer; Henry Bohacik, land manager; Martin Mudrak, game manager, and Joshua Yates, trap manager. A trapshoot will be held at 2 d. m. today at the club grounds, Sinis ter Farm, Rillton, three miles south of Irwin, on the Herminie-Rillton Road; 10-15-and 25 target events at 16 yards. All sportsmen invited. ' The Henry C. Phipps family of Pittsburgh has contributed 700 acres toward perpetuation of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore Park. Eventually, the park will comprise 10,000 acres as a national recreational park. The Board of Fish Commissioners ordered its hatcheries at Torresdale (Philadelphia) and Erie closed to visitors for the duration of the war "To better protect filtration plants of both cities." , State Centre Game, Fish and Forestry Association re-elected Russell Lucas, president; C. A. Gette Jr., first vice president; Barrett Merrell, second vice president; Geo. Hamer Jr., secretary; J. F. Kephart Sr., treasurer. Board of Managers consists of George Griest, W. C. Kephart, R. P. Dunsmore, Roy Schreffler and WUliam Fenton. All-Outdoors L. T. S., CITY Several years ago you printed a number of recommendations, the title of which was "How to Kill a Club." I'm wondering if you could devote the space again to present this to many readers who may like to have it. 1 Don't attend meetings; If you do, always come late. Z Always find fault with the officers and members. 3 Never accept .an office. It is easier to criticize than to do things. Be sure to get sore if you are not appointed to a committee; if you are, be sure to do nothing. 4 Heckle speakers and talk to those beside you during the meeting, telling them the speaker is talking through his hat. 5 If asked by the chairman for your opinion, tell him you have nothing to say. 6 Do only what is absolutely necessary. When others willingly and unselfishly help the club, be sure to howl that the club Is being run by a clique. 7 Belittle your club at every opportunity and apologize for activities. 8 Never bring guests to meetings or try for new members. Then yell about the club dying. 9 Insist that only what was done in the past is correct; , changes can only be made for the worse. 10 After the meetings, tell everyone how things ought to be done but refuse to New Restriction Is Stops for 12 Hours Before Trout Season Begins By JOHN G. MOCK " Here they are, you fishermen and women! 1 The rules by which you will be governed in the 1942 fishing season include . the following regulations : The trout season will open Wednesday, April 15, and close Friday, July 31. The "bass" or warm-water game fish season will become legal Wednesday, July 1, arid . close Nov. 30. Among the recently-enacted restrictions a radically new departure from the old-time standards -is that which applies to the time of the opening hour of the trout season. On April 14, at 5 p. m all pan-fishing must cease on streams stocked with trout. This closed period continues to 5 a. m. on the morning Mr. Mock treble or gang hook is considered one hook, but only as long as the treble or gang hook is an integral part of the artificial lure. Bait-Fish, Fish-Bait Regulations Under an amendment to the Sunday fishing law, bait-fish and fish-bait may be taken on Sunday with the same devices used on week days two rods and lines, with not more than three hooks attached to each line; a dip net or minnow seine not over four feet square or four feet in diameter; and a minnow trap with not more than one opening, which shall not exceed one inch in diameter. The rods, hooks and lines must be under the immediate control of the person using them. Possession limits on bait-fish and fish-bait remain unchanged. The fisherman is permitted 35 of one species and 50 of th com-' bined kinds. Under this regulation, a fisherman may have 25 minnows and 25 soft-shelled crawfish, or "crabs," as they are commonly called. Should he have 35 minnows, then he could legally have only 15 "crabs." Removal of fish-bait and bait-fish from streams for commercial purposes is forbidden. Unless in possession of a propogating license, no person may sell bait-fish or fish-bait. Minnow boxes anchored in a spring, stream, pond or lake, must have the owner's name, address and fishing license number attached. If maintained by more than one person, each section must have the owner's name, address and license number. Open seasons, size limits and daily possession limits are as follows: , Brook, brown and rainbow trout, April 15 to July 31; not less-than six inches in length; combined species. 10. Bass, small and largemouth; July 1 to Nov. 30; not less than nine inches in length; combined species, six. Pike-perch, called wall-eyed pike or Susquehanna salmon; July 1 to Nov. 30; not less than 12 inches in length; limit, six. Pickerel, July 1 to Nov. 30; not less than 12 inches in length; limit, six. Muskellunge and great northern pike, July 1 to Nov. 30; not less than 22 inches in length; limit, two. Any Time, And Any Size The following species may be taken at anytime of the year and without regard to size, the same daily possession limit applying in all instances, 15 : Yellow perch, rock bass, also known as goggle-eye; the lesser bass, also called white, croppie, strawberry and calico; bluegills and sunfish, catfish, suckers, carp, chubs and fallfish.' - The combined daily possession limit is 25. For example: If a fisherman took 10 trout and six black bass, he could take no more than nine of any other species. If he took the legal daily limit of 15 carp, he would be limited to the taking of 10 additional catfish. Either way, he would have his combined daily possession limit. Leaving the inland waters for Lake Erie, fishermen will find but six species listed as game fish. The season on all but two opens June 15 and closes Nov. 30. Exceptions are rock bass and sunfish, which may be taken anytime, along with the food or commercial fish. Bass, small and largemouth, must be nine inches or more In length and the combined daily possession limit is six. Grass pike, any species; 12 inches in length; combined species daily limit, eight. Muskellunge, western and great northern pike; not less than 22 inches in length; daily limit, two. Croppie, strawberry, or calico bass, no size restriction. The daily limit is 15. Sunfish and rock bass, open all year and without size limits, restricted to 15 daily. Frog, Tadpole Seasons Open July 2 The frog season opens July 2 and closes Oct. 31. The same applies to tadpoles. Fifteen is the daily limit on both. Fishermen are urged to note that neither the frog nor the tadpole may be taken on Sunday. ' Another set of regulations not yet presented are those applying to Pymatuning Reservoir. Before these become available a meeting of officials of ' Pennsylvania and Ohio, a Joint board with jurisdiction over the border water, must be held. As soon as they are established, we will note them here. The red, white and blue combination again constitutes the colors of the 1942 fishing license. Dont forget to sign It after you've purchased it. Questions take an active part in the club or accept any responsibilities. W. G., WASHINGTON What can I do to remove rust spots or pits from the barrel of my shotgun? There is nothing you can do to remove pit holes left by rust spots. When rust was removed, some of the metal went with it and this cannot be replaced. If not too badly pitted, the gun may be used. It will lead rapidly in 'such condition. Neither will it do the work it used to. It is the price of careless handling. The only remedy, when pitted badly, is a new barrel. P. R. M., CITY May a revolver be used in deer hunting? Could a deer be killed with a revolver? The answer to both Is yes, assuming that a single bullet or ball cartridge is being used. The Smith A Wesson .357 Magnum, with a 158 -grain bullet, having a muzzle velocity of 1510 feet per second, certainly could kill a deer over a rather surprising range if hit vitally. N. H-. CITY What is the mark of the five-man world's champion trapshooting team? We know that Joe Hiestand is one of the "members, but we Ye not sure of the others, nor the score which was made. As far as we know, the world's record five-man squad broke 498 in 500 at the Yorklyn Gun Club, Yorklyn, DeL, in 1935. The members and their marks were: Joe Hiestand, Hillsboro, lOOx 100; Hale Jones, Alton, 111., lOOx 100; Ned Ully. Stanton, Mich, 100x100; Art Cnscaden. Tampa, Fla 99x100; and BiU Eldred, Cincinnati, 99x100. On second That All -Pan-Fishing of the 15th. The regulation makes no exception and includes all species, thus no fishing of any kind is permitted during the- 12-hour period previous to the official opening of the trout season. ' Other regulations which might well be emphasized are those applying tp fishing while in a boat. J To cast from a moving motorboat is illegal. Trolling with a motorboat on inland "waters is a violation. It is unlawful to row for fishermen, unless the oarsman has a fishing license. To operate a motorboat more than eight miles per hour within 100 feet of shore, or within 10O feet of a buoyed fishing ground, anchored fishing boat or pleasure craft, channel or bathing beach, is unlawful. The "burr" regulation pertaining to casting or trolling plugs stands. Three points on a Answered By JOHN G. HOCK thought, it appears that we've seen Lela Hall wearing a chevron designating her as a member of the world's , champion squad which broke 499 out of 500. We will check this with Jimmy Robinson of Sports Afield, the nation's leading writer on trap and skeet. For the time being, the 498 of 500 is good enough to settle any argument. R. R. E., LATROBE I have heard it said that artificial lures came about when a disgusted fisherman threw an empty tobacco can onto the surface of the water where he was fishing. A fish struck it as it sunk. Can you verify this? It's the first time we heard it said of a tobacco can. On various occasions in the past, we've heard the same thing said of a cigaret box, such as were rather common a number of years ago. The color, or probably its action, was supposed to have induced the fish to strike. An old version of this belief is that a fisherman accidentally dropped a spoon overboard while he was having lunch. He saw a fish strike at the bright object as it made its way to the bottom. Later, he attached a hook and had success. Probably that's why spinners and wobblers are still called spoons. 4m J 1 MAKES DEBUT SOON Wembly Victorious, red pomeranian pup recently acquired by Mrs. H. L. Bethune of Edge wood from the famous Wembly Kennels in Toronto, Ont., will start his show career at the Morris and Essex event this spring. The pup is closely related to International Champion Wembly's Tom Tit. V The Dog World Dogs Play Big Part In Sportsmen's Show By JOSEPH D. O'CONNELL The Pennsylvania Sportsmen's Association exhibit and show at the Hunt Armory, February 12 to 23, also under the sponsorship of The Pittsburgh Press, will feature the dog as part of its program. Dave Irwin, of Milf ord, Pa., who has had many exciting and adventurous experiences, particularly in the Arctic region, will be in charge of the show. He will have with him Hollis Richardson, who was in charge of 75 huskies during Admiral R. E. Byrd's famous trip to Little America a few years ago. Richardson is directing the dog section of the program. Several canine exhibitions have been planned. Training Exhibit Carded Miss Elinor Mann, head trainer of the Pittsburgh Dog Training Club, will put on an exhibition with obedience trained dogs. A mut and pet show, limited to boy and girl handlers 16 years of age and under, will be put on, the winners of which will receive prizes. A sled team of Malemutes (huskies) will be present at all shows. Don Tyrrell, of Ligonier, prominent trainer of dogs, will put on an exhibition with two black Labradors and a Chesapeake, retrieving live game. Hunting Dogs to Show Henry Bowman, of Sewickley, will give an exhibition with his pointers and setters in a simulated corn field. These and several other features of interest to the dog lover are being arranged. Bethunes Acquire Famous Pomeranians The war has closed a famous Canadian Kenner of Pomeranians and, as. result, Mrs. Howard L. Bethune," Edgewood, has acquired Ch. Wembly Centenial Boy a red sable, sire ofer outstanding Int. Ch. Wembly Tom Tit, sensational red Pom that has done much to put Pittsburgh on the dog map. Boy will head the stud list. A breed matron, Wembly's Sadie, full sister of Tom Tit just passed her puppyhood, was also bought, in whelp to an outstanding sire. Wembly Victorious, a nine-month-old red dog weighing 3 pounds concludes the purchase. As soon as he is acclimated and in full coat he will start his career among the fast eastern show dogs. He should make a name for himself as he is .undoubtedly championship material. Mrs. Christian Hager, Braddock, leading local authority on toy breeds who saw the pup soon after it arrived in Pittsburgh, waxed enthusiastic over him and predicted a brilliant show career. The Bethune Kennel has fortified its English bloodlines with these importations and, barring accidents, should continue as leader In the breed. Entries for th hi Westminster winter do" show classic in Madison Square Garden. w York. Feb. 11-12. c!oe this midnicht. This year s show will be a two-day affair and except me pupDies. will be limited to dogs that nave won at least a third-prize ribbon in regular American Kennel Club elaasea Many Pittsburgh kennels will be represented at this show and the specialty clubs affairs held in conjunction. Miss ' Elizabeth M. Braun. of More-wood Terrare. reports that her Int. Ch. Nifkolette of Crookshead is the proud mother of five little Cairn Terriers born early this week. At the annnal meetinc f the International Federation of Beaele Clubs in the Hotel Southern. Columbus. O.. last week, it was decided to hold the club's bi annual spring Derby and Futurity Winner Stake at Sew Philadelphia. O.. April 13-19. H. T. Shearer. Pittsburfli. is second i-e president and AI. J. Hathaway. McKees Bocks, secretary-treasurer. Both attended the meeting, with representatives from Ohio. West Vireinia. Michigan snd Pennylynia. The beaglers were of opinion that the sport should not be curtailed during the war. The club is to be incorporated tinder Ohio laws. Amateur Title Bouts Set for Huntington Amateur boxers throughout West Virginia and adjacent sections of Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky,' Ohio and Maryland will have a chance to compete in the Golden Gloves regional tournament at Huntington, W. Va., Feb. 16. Elimination tournaments will be conducted in Charleston. Logan, Williamson, Becklejr and Welch dur ing the first two weeks of Febru sry. -at, vyMJ - ? 4 4s V Si Dog Questions Q. I have a 3 -months-old rjarbs- hunde pup that tries to bite person's clothes ajid lingers. Is there any way of oreaKing mm ot the haoit. or do you think that he may have a mean, vicious streak in him? What is a good puppy diet .'. K. if... uormont. A. Don't worry abont the pup s dis position at this time. He is too young yet to form ban habits. If he persists in his biting, paddle him with a folded news paper, ah pups one In play and you must be sure that he is hitinsr in earnext before correcting bun. Feed him - four times and give him a teaspoon of cod liver oil every day w ith a half-teaspoon of Squibb Vinnate. Give him all the milk he will drink and mix in rahtum to make a gruel. Once a week feed him a poached rgc Also give a veal knuckle to chew on or Mime powdered ealium. Have a bowl of f reh water always available. Q. I have a aeven-months-old Collie bitch that marks all the time. I have whipped her with a rolled newspaper and used an anti-bark bridle and have even locked her up... but whim these methods do work for a little while, she continues to bark. Do you know of some trainer around .Pittsburgh who could break ner. u. a., verona. A. Bitches as a role are more noisy than dogs. Puppies are alo more prone to bark than grown dogs. The anti- bark bridle is a sure means of stopping the dog from barking hut it must be used for a long time. It takes lots of patience to cure the dog and you are using the only methods known to cure her. Give her more time and continue the use of the bridle. Take it off only at meal time, tvnen the dog realizes that yon don't want her to bark she will stop it. Obedience training is the best way to make a dog nnderstand. That is all a trainer can do for you. Take your dog to the Pittsburgh Dog Training Clnb at o83 Forbes Jt.. Wednesday, at H n. m.. where sua will be thoroughly obediem-e trained. Purdue Potent LAFAYETTE Purdue has aver aged more than a point a minute in Big Ten competition in five out of the last six seasons. Bowling- Hittin' the Headpin s . . District Bowlers Swing Into Hectic Tournament, Period Tenpin Singles Classic Under Way The" tournament season is fast rolling in for district bowlers. The Pittsburgh Tenpin Assn. is now in its second day's singles championship tournament at Iroquis Alleys, competitors from Pittsburgh, Brentwood, McKees Rocks and Greensburg are winging em down the alleys today in Petersen's mammoth Chicago classic and numerous other local events are slated in the near future. Among these is the annual singles and doubles tourney sponsored by Allegheny Elks Lodge No. 339, running week-ends from Feb. 7 to March 1 and the Penna.-Ohio Dnickpin title events, Teb. 14-21. OimmittM in rharce of the Elks toumev consists of Val Meyer, Charles R. Weber. Frank Keller, Art Ober, Ray Boff. Ray Miller and L. A. Stiles-. Entries close Feb. 6 . . . Monte Courage, the WU- kinsburg maestro, is the backbone of the duckpin P & O classic to be staged at the Elba Recreation center, 319 Fifth Ave, Downtown. Entries can be made through Courage at 1209 Sherman St, Wil-kinsburg, or by calling Penhurst 1978. - A special meeting of the North Pittsburgh Tenpin League will be held 8:30 p. m., Tuesday at 400 Cedar Ave., North Side, to discuss future plans affected by the current war. It is important that as many as possible attend.' . Tbs Post Offie Clerks' Bowling League is enjoying one of it best seasons in more than 20 Muni Race r Second Half To Be Tight . M. H. A. Entry, SsrEi Strengthened po Fast Sesion Municipal LeoiM STANDING Or TUB CUXS W. L. Pe. TlT. r.. f, o. p. 11 3 Lrhenrs ..10 4 Argone Club.,.. 8 S Miller-Xorris ... 8 Yoang Repnbs.. 7 7 .11 3 .?S lOrt f .714 41W .6 IS Bl .V -37 1 fllWi 3e ..NOO !4 .soti . 2"ri & .143 657 67 Serb rederation- 7 - T St. Joseph's . . .. II Pgh. Olympics.. 3. It - GAMES TOXJGHT At Warrington Center: Anrorma Joseph's Lyceum, : 1 5 o'clock! Xl'Wfs vs. X. M, H. A. texhibition. :30 O ctoea. With the exception of one game the Muny League first half aeaeon has been completed but anyone e pecting the second half to be a repe tition of the first Is mistaken. . In the first place, the league pea sonnel has been changed. Mule Norris, which finished in fonrth place, has been replaced by Y.M.H.A., a ball club that may no be any stronger than Norris but ean be counted on to make trouble. Too, more games will be played on the smaller Warrington 000. Double-headers on Tuesday evenings will be continued at West Penn Center and on Thursdays, at Warrington, but the Sunday West Penn games have been eliminated. Twin-bills will be staged afternoons and evenings at Warrington, instead, which should benefit the ta&ex, slower clubs like Serb Federation. " Serbs May Be Hard to Beat Serbs, even though they finished in a sixth-place . tie with Young Republicans, gave every indication late in the first half that they will be the club to beat from now on. For at least two weeks they expect to have the services of Pres Mara- vich, high-scoring Davis-EHkins ace who has been playing with the Detroit Eagles. F. O. P. Rates Favorite Fraternal Order of Police, of course, rates the favorite's role because of its first-half success, but the first-half winner failed to repeat tha first two years the league was organized and chances are the Police won't be able to do it either. Lehenys should be up there all the way and Argonne could be very much in the title chase, but St. Joseph's Lyceum appears to have, a one-way ticket to the loop's cellar. Saints and Argonne wind up the league's unfinished business at 8:15 o'clock tonight on the Warrington floor, while Lehenys oppose tha Y.M.HA. at 9:30 in an exhibition.. - t Stephans Leads Loop Scoring Johnny Stephans of F. O. P. barely nosed out teammate Roger Jorg-ensen for the first-half individual scoring championship of the Municipal League. Stephans finished with 65 field goals, 25 free throws for 155 points, while Jorgensen bagged 58 field goals and 38 fouls for 154 points. Third place went to another F.O.P. man, Whitey Fowle, who netted 125 points in 13 games. Fourth was Ed Milkovich of the Serbs, but Milkovich's 121 points were tallied in nine contests to give him the best game average. 13.4. Today's Argonne-St. Josep hi' game will change the standings only slightly with only Carl Schrecker and Len Miller of Argonne having much of a chance to go over the 100 mark. The first 24 scorers follow: G FG- FT TP Ay. Stephans. F O P 14 5 25 3.55 11.1 .Torirensen. F.O.P. it dfl an lot ll.U 13 56 13 125. 9 Fowle. F.O.P. . . . MilkniHch Serbs 44 .ii. 14. Rrth.WftT OlTmD'l -.14 47 lO 113 8.1 9 4 1:1 e.7 Ptacek. Olympics ....13 47 1 113 Urso. Lehenys 13 43 1 lua r. . Schrecker. Argon .13 37 20 4 Miller. Argonne .....13 38 16 Yesesky. Miller-Nor's .11 36 14 Matthews. St. Jos. ...13 33 19 Rariakyich. Millr-Nrs.ll 3 17 Mutich. Serbs J4 30 23 Hystt. Rerrabs 14 33 15 Johnson. Repubs 13 2 22 Snelsire. Lehen.vs 31 14 Schneider. St. Jos. 12 31 10 Kocheran. Miller-Xors. 1" 29 18 A. Schrcker. Argonne .12 29 12 Kallery. Miller-Xoris. .11 32 g C. SchuetJ!. Lehenys ..12 29 12 Berth. St. Joseph's ..11 29 17 87 fit 85 S3 f3 81 80 7 72 71 70 70 70 9 T.3 8.5 n 6.2 7.9 h 64 ! 5 2 - Abraham. Araronne ..13 i,-' 10 Jamcki. Republicans. . 1Z 88 11 67 7 6fl years' existence . . . Art Gildernew recently scored the highest three- game total ever recorded in league history. 200-234-216650, and created a sensation by nosing out 1 toieve i-ecnosito ior nrst,-naii leadersnip in averages . . . recn-osko had led the loop for many years . . . Fechosko, however, has a grip on the second half with a 171 average, besides rolling a 253 single high. St. George's anchor man, Lauterbach recently uncorked a 700 series, including a 276 single, which took second high place in Greater Pittsburgh loop competition . . . The single was just two pins short of Eddie Renk's high and the series was eight pins lower than Hensler Jr.'s . ... North Pittsburgh scores were way below par, only three men hitting above 600 .. . Skeski. 611; Brose. 6Q3 and Gaugler, 601 Auth Beal's 529 was Steel Ciry Women's league tops and marked the fourth time the half -century mark has been topped this season . . . Margaret Lyle turned in a 539 Oct. 20 and a 537 Nov. 17 and Captain Sinnhuber, of the William Penns, a 538 on Jan. 12 . Philadelphia High school bowlers yesterday opened a week's tourney, prize for the winning team being a shot at the American Bowling Congress tourney at Columbus, X

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