The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 9, 1931
Page 4
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r"AGE FOUR BLYTIIEV1I.I.K. (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TJJE BLYTHEYILLK COURIER NEWS lliE'.COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLlSHtUUJ . ' . " ' C. IV BADCOCK, Editor' H. W. UAINE8, AavettLslug Manager Soie National Advertising Representatives: The TSiomas F. Olark' Oo. Inc., New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Kan Antonio, Bon Francisco. Chicago. St. Louis. Published Every />;*ernoon Except Sunday. Entered as second class ."natter nt tlie post ofllce at HlyiheyUici Arkansas, under acl ol Congrc£s October B, 1917. Eerved by the Drilled Press . . SUBSCRIPTION KATES By carrier In Hie rlly ol ISIvlhevlllo. ibo per ireek or tttSfi per year In advance. By -mnil within a radius or 6C. r:illes, $3.00 per yesi, $160 for six mniith:, 65c tor lhre« months; oy mall In postal 'zones two to six, Inclusive, 5S.5D per yuar, In zones seven t-3 eight, 110,00 'pur ycai, payable" in v*7aet<.. A^Beller ami Cheaper Living Xpt Ips than .G.OOO persons in {.'119,... _ Ciiickasawba district of ' Missiaxippi.-V; " ciit'rity arc now'in .s'dinc measure .dc-.« " pcruknt iipon t-iic Hcd Cross for. tlie * VP.ocossitu-;! of lif.n. THs" mimbiT will'-:'get larger before it gets smaller. -The situation is Die result in part of drouth, in part of business drpi'e.-- sion, hut-most of all it "is the result .of an jiii! oitiid system of agriculture,' a system that, is jvrong under all condi- tioii's but which requires drouth, and depression to bring to lijrhl tlie -.full extent of its weakness. It;is not l_ik;)y thnt'iasi will be - ahoth-a- drbutli y'e'ar. But with tlie price " ot cotton whcvcV'il is no drouth will be iieeiicd to thraw thousands of farm families back'i'S'h the Red Gross next winter unless: a -program is ntloptid this-spring >thab.-ljas for its lirst purpose Ihe production of adequate foot! and feed supplies. Mississippi county cannot feed herself with six cent cotton or with ten cent cotton. -Evrry farmer in this county had better foi-Rct about make any money this yenr and consider himself lucky that he doesn't have to. The city man out of • a job or with his business on the I'ocks is in difficult straits. Th: farmer who loses a profitable market for his cash crop can at least grow what he needs to live on, and that above all is what he must do this yenr. Between §D and ?10 will provide all tlis seed that is necessary to provide ^'IJV^supply : .of vegetables 'f or'"of .sis.'"- A small additional investment in need com and soy beans will provide feed for a cow, pigs anil chickens enough to complete the family food budget. A better living, a cheaper living, and a degree of independence and security impossible under the one crop system, is available liere for all who will lake it. A'iCommistiOTi for Nicaragua .The killing of a group of marines in Nicaragua has led to new demands in thc United otates Senate that American occupation of that country he ended forthwith; and thc whole subject doubtless will come in for extensive discussion this winter. In this connection, we are reminded that one of President Hoover's Most notable accomplishm:nls to date was the study he had :: commission make of conditions in Hnili, another nation where the American marines have found lota of employment. As a result of thai study, tin- Haitian situation nt last bid-, fair to lie ironul out in a marmot- satisfactory l<> all concerned. Could not something dmilui- be attempted in NIcaiMKtiaV In our relations: with that nation wrj have been drifting 1 , nt the mercy of evniU, fo: 1 years, Would not a repetition of the he valuable? FHHUY J _J_ANUAR 9, l Stari> There., was somi'thins very heartwarming ami i'.ppcalintf in Major C. Court Tn'iiUV. amum! of hou- a yoinur .Arab girl movie iinr was cured oj' an 'attack "of '.temperament by gc-Uhifc c. severe whipping. Major Treat!, j-osi recall.- was making pictures in ;m Arab tribe, mid lliu girl who played the Lading role got exaggerated idca.s of her importance. lie asked the tribal chief to rcmon- strate with her, and thu chi:f rlid— with a whip. And after that the girl way very docile and tnictnblc. Of coursn, no one would suggest that anything like this system be applied in Hollywood. Still, when on;, ponders over nil of these tales of the "temperament" shown by American stars, one is conscious of a. vague feeling that this Arab chieftain knew how to d;al with such cases better than tho moguls of Hollywood do. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark The Windmill Cuba 51. Higdon. What Is life? Life Is a garden in which everybody has a portion lo hoc. Not knowing any better I sowed my portion in wild oats, and, owing to the fact lhat you do ncl lice oats. I find myself out oi luck. Well, I never could make any headway at hoeing, anyway. •Y. •"• •';• Dangcd if Hits nln't a strange world. Will Rogers talked fifteen minutes over the radio the other day and wns paid $15.000 for It. I talked fifteen minutes over the telephone yesterday and they nude me pay seventy-live cents for It. I am a very small man but T wager it would be nmnzlng to see just how much prosprrity I could carry right no\v. One miist grace and dignity, says a "fashion expert, lo wear the new frocks ei- fcctlvc|y. Well, poise, will be poise. A California golf club gave it:; members tur- kcys for in a rcceiU/loiirmuncnl. So that they could truthfully say. perhaps, lhat they got birdies. When a gang leader'lias aii erratic employe on tho payroll It is customary to lay him out rather than off. • A man touring the \vo[ld to prove the earth is flat 1ms been sued -for back taxes. At least he now knows how : l{ feels to be lint. I same clothing IMiy he would suf- • p3gsrig?s-s~:T_-3S : fer greatly while Indoors, or havs '• j?jSjSjSSMSL--v-^C j to change Ills clolhes completely : S2Sf*™'" " ""^ i every tlmo he went from outdoors' ""--' into the house. Hence we -chance the cold of the outdoors in order to ' ccmfcrtablo v.-hfii ind=crs. NATURE'S CURIO SHOP " " H PRIMITIVE R£PT(1£S ,7 ABOOT (NSiPiT 7KHR. i THE Rias, BEING f.' BOMV f'LA'l'FS, H,W£/WAN4GEP T& SLIP OUJSlOB, To FORM ~MC BOX OR SHELL A PAIR of HDUSE'MICE AMD THE OFFSPRING PRODUCE IM A YEARl CW/.D, IN THAT V^AR., \ \'"i.<x£ '"&?••'* PRODUCE •SViVV":':!'.'^/*-. ABOUT "I think I'll get engaged again. That's the only way I can save any money." MISSISSIPPI SKfJEBES i On Jim. o, I8S1, Mhsis-l'Ji'l se:ed-: } cd frcin the Union. : ' Tho <p!esllc.n of secession had : been agitated for wine ti-nc but it i remained for the elect!- n of Lin- -~ coin to brinsr the increment to i> S 5 " head. ' j :;£ I The ordinance of recession was i ~, passed by a convention. 04 to 15 ! — 1 amended lo brin-,' It into confo'in-'i ~ : Ity with th} cci:.sti,tu(lon of the 1 Ccnfi:dcrate,'ithtes.,-' . ! Dilrlntr the .Civil War, the poo-! Pie of Mississippi suffered greatly ; nnd in 18C3' nnd IBCt a large part ! of the slate was devastated by the j c nt.nding arnros. I Tills day also commemorates the i anniversary of Connecticut's rati- ncalion cf Ins United States Constitution, the fifth s:aic lo do s^. Beg wiih Ph. D. Degree Mourned at University i CHAPEL HILL. N. C., (UP)— !"Dixie," ihn. only quadruped on wlicm "the University of North Carolina over conferred u Ph. D ' Commerce Department reports that! suit in a large Increase in Ameri- degrce Is dead. The female Icrrir-r; morlem roads aic being built to! can exports of this type. WASHINGTON LETTER G. O. P. Must Compromise to Avoid elude the proiKsal to reconsider •&xtra Sccsicn BY RODNEY UUTCHER NBA Service Writer confirmation of three Federal Power Commission members because they dismissed .Boliclicr Russell and Two Unofficial Chairs was thrown to the street from the 1 penetrate tte innermost parts ol i nmninET board of an atomobllc nnd the continent. lll ).^ r , l !> e wl>«ls ot miothcr car.i m sl ,ch rocslons as Dahcmey.! ,.,, TrN „.„„.„..,„. . Dixie 1 also was a member cfj Senegal, the Ivory Crust, Fez--! AUSTIN. TEXAS (UP) - The. he Carolina Piaymni-.ers, the Ac-! names nsualiv associated with tra-! Diversity of Texas has tvvo tors Equity Association of America vel nnd ndv'n'.ure—the advent of -unofllcial chairs. One might be nnd the Carolina Dramatic Assocra- : th- niot^r ear has increased the callecl thc cowfc °y cllair alul tne tbn. Thc dog had been fnmous at> dcmrmd for good roads In tunv o!ner !lle ranger chntr. Prof. Frank the university since she became a the road buildin" op-rations have,Dob:o of the English department member of Prof. F. H. Koch's fam-i created a greater "market for auto-j is an authority on cattle lore. He lly eight ^years ago. '" mnbll^s. is author of numerous books and WASHINGTON—The qneslicn oi Chief Accountant King, Ihe new u-licthcr this session of Congress is railroad consolidation • plan en- lo become principally im • iacubanr dorsed by President, Hoovar, the for an early special session ojt-tho Norrls-Lucas Incident, thc report ol 1M Congress with Us nlmcst eve::- the Wlckersham coininittec'on pro- ly divided House and Senate im- hibillon enicicemsnl (he proposal spcins to He largely with n coiiipi.'- to redeem adjusted service cartifl- .Ively small KTOIU ot progressive eales for war veterans in cash, Hie cpubllcnns and Democrats in flic propcsal for an investigation of the Federal Farm Board's V;oriv- p.nt! This session has nil the makln;:, ^e LnFcllc-tle resolution — na tearful jam, so high is the h;.v> Kirdcd as a slap at President'Hoo- controversial measures and mat- ,vcr—to favor ihe relief of human rs for argument. Only a deter-; suffering before considering Ihe in- Incd, ruthless effort by. nearly ; fill : 'ercsts ol wealthy income ta:;- niccriied can assure thc passage of , Payers. ie supply and appropriation bills j The proposal lo redeem Ihe ad- i in lilch Is necessary if n sp'ecbil s??-. s justed seivicc certificates, h'as re-' on M,,to be;.avoided. EscapS frgin | ceivcd such a large.nraqi;)it:of K special-session would seem.,to port, both in Congress'and 6vei Ihs e<|iiir3 active co-operation of the 'country, that it apparently will liivo roi.p which is mi-si ttiilin,; lo to L-u fuu^ln out. Already t':;ere has orre one. Members of that group,: been rome very bitter debate over t last accounts. Included such pro- '• (he advisability of thc scheme, rcjsivc Republican senatar.s as, which it is said would cost from iorah of Idaho, Morris of Nebraska, ] one lo Ihree billion dollars at .n llaine and La Follettc of V/iscoji- ;time when government finances are In. Nyc of North Dakota and :by no means in the best comlitlaii. Jrcckhart of lowo, with such l)?m- - Garner Hacks V'lan ciats as Wheeler and Walsh of; The veterans have n strong hold Uor.uina, Caraway of Arkansas, on Congress arid although thc Dill of Washington nnd McKcllnr i American Legion has failed to en- leniicfsce., - , \i \ [dorse the plrih a greal number of In 1920, after she had attended 1 i a <;t year Ihe United Strlos ex- : magazine articles ot thci plains, .any examinations of candidates po, lcd CBrs to Afrira vn i up< i a t : Prof. W. P. Webb of thc history """-IT for Ph. D.'s Dr. Edwin Gresnlaw, slightly less than $11,000000. It Is : department holds the "ranger then dean of the University Gradu-. believed Ihe advances being made I choir." He is an authority on the ate schcol, moved to confer upon on road building in Africa will re- Texas Ranger. "Dixie" the honorary degree of iDcctor of Philosophy. The motion ; was passed. OUXOUR,WAY By William , Lonir.nnrlh Oiitimistic s 'actively \vorklng for 11. Jack Garner, . Speaker .Lorvgivorth 1ms promised i Even Ccngrcssmin ha', the Houss will gel Ihrouahtin Damocrntic leader in the House, ha:; ime lo make a special session uii- | joined the clamor, agreeing tlintth: lecessary.. even 'indieatUig Uiat payments would both aid rtlstfossai here will be .1 vote on tlie Nr>rrls | vclciaiu an:l .stimulate business by si-lc Shoals bill and the Morris ', p::Ui:v; a lot of new money into or Clifford, lame-duck amendment. 1 circulation. But the situation is such that if i Tr.c railroad consolidation plan Ihe session is to be avoided . for a four-trunk line merger fea- rlrlunlly every man in the Senate jtiirir.g the Pennsylvania, N'ewYcrk will l:avc lo keep quiet about the [Central, lialtimore •& Ohio an:! things he is mcst snxious lo talk | Nickel Plate offers larjr . poss -ibcut. It was easy enough to real- j biliiius for debate which were ize the special session passitilities quickly apparent when Senatcr .PaulF.Mcdytchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Autos and Good Roads African Camels ! WASHINGTON, (UP) — Camsls will s'on be loc-V.lus lor new Phone 85 Africa. Tile Automobile. Dhlsicn of the 1 F IT SAVES YOU when Congress met in December, but linlf n'dozDn issues have Intely become so prominent In such r> large way thnt Iho chances have hiatcrially increased. The necessity of a great deal of camprcmising hsf.vcn the iidministiation forces the extra session group lus in- in proportion. Mnny New Kiclorr. now Uneatening factr>:o in- OUT- AFTER US, FiMD OOP? GUARD noose— C'MOM Mfe^mr^ 'y iLzyrt^^^.^rt^iX Cnmrns attacked President HOD- ver for Ills "unethical" interest in it ar.rt Senator Fcss, shrcujh the miir.ecgraphs ot his national committee, Couzer-.s. Hepublican replied ta .There Is ?c:y.e sentiment to give Ccngresi a hiv^e voice in t'r.e merger plan along with the Interstate Commerce Commission, the rnll- rcads and tile president. Plenty of Moisture Secret of Heating House in Winter o *- Uy IJ«. 1UOKK1S FISHilKIX | incdern hrmcs Ihr crlinr is tec, :lry. I-Milcr. Jeitrn?.! of tli? Am-rica:i i If cue adopts the fii^^cstions cf A;.<.»l.iti<in, nnil r< ]jy- i Health Oiflccr Dr. George \V. Gobr a. tlie Health )bi;s?in.- fof Rochester. N. Y.. ho will \vc'. inventions cf civili/,:! nmi i down the cellar floor, thc ccal p.r.1 :'.: ;i help nnd a hr.?ir:l. the cellar wnils or.:l k^ep lh;m wet i- modern homes wore t'.illt. and warm with frcr. 10 lo 15 B31- v.cic constructed of !; ; s cr lens of water a day. As, c. result of b-.i:ds. scmetimes mad? t:":it by I the cvapnrallon o! '.'nis water from ll-.v H.-r- c,I plnstrr. R3o:i-i u-cre i t!:e hcnted wal!? ni-.:i (l:or in th? lar.:. ' liiirh ccilii-.3=. IS:IT win- celinr Ih? entire hc;is2 will cicuble -noi::. warm, the fbsrs will st;p cracking. ? wcrj d:f!i'il: to the furniture v.lll st iv ;c3?'.;:er. the ••;.- had at !c;:s; t .c ad- : u—=e and lips will not cr.i;). supplyli:;; plE'.j'.'.tnl j There nre many ether ways cf . li-i'Eh nio:-t air. Til c ! getting moisture into the hcus?. A: .'.!• is tiMiaily an a;inrt- ', Eix-rcora reuse require;, the cvapD- v.i'.h br:ck wailr. wcath- < ratien cf 10 to 15 calhr.s o' watEi- ! I v,indov.s cna stsjm | R day if the cut side a'K i> frcn-. l r ; licnie \uth thick • to 15 dp«rffs F.irrci'.hsis. /\ V..V.OT j i" cililc. T..e larmcr ! pan In (h; furnace r.iul tvca p:inr ! l.-,a.-r pai! cl Ihcjtt walir on tho rr.cii.itcr hardly g:' | i 1; . buy a 1 . c'oor • 13 cr 16 gallcn- cf svat^r iulD th: : :? wns.icw?. Tl.c citv , r.tiv.c-p'.:fr^ in th.' Irme . pKriy i^:i.~;i\;ctcd i Dr. Gclor n:;:;ri:s n'.so thr.t i: i- j iiiic;nitortab'.c ;o i;. t iO too miny i hcr.iy blanki-io. The lighter i':i- ', ted c'lOthlnrj C3;r,>t?i:'. with v.arivu!: | the belter. ' l3'-:e t"> ;-.:c.1e:-n motor tr^.ns;>orta- . f- i tlo'.i nnd Improved slrcr! cars ana : t'.ie trains thD average liumin b.'inj ! :s'i- fai'j to dress properly fcr outd:3r ' f.'?l 'renditions. :;IAH 2o yoivj -3.1' tj in sv.Hivr.r ta:t fir.; v;o \VK KNOW a seed 'louse that proves each season's crop of seeds in their own (rial gardens licfore they offer them to (he public. Flowers and vegetables grown from these seeds must measure up lo definite standards, or else Ihe entire mips from which thc samples were taUen.arc burned. We know a manufacturer of dry batteries who tested a new product two years before he sold a single battery tu i\ single dealer. We know a manufacturer of an anti-freezc soiution for automobile radiators \\;ho spent Uvo years testing his product under all conditions before he said a word in advertising about Ihe merits of his goods. We know a manufacturer of household pharmaceutical products whose .self-imposed standards of purity and efficacy is even higher than that laid (town by the United Slates I'harmacojiasia and thc National Formulary. if we mentioned their names you would recognize them immediately. You probably would say, "I plant those seeds:," "I use Uial battery," "I use thai anli-frcexe," "My medicine cabinet contains those products.'' The four instances cited arc typical of every reliable manufacturer in America. .Millions of dollars are spent annually to develop, lo improve, to standardize, and lo take thc yuesswnrk out of merchandise. Oilier millions of dollars are spent in advertising to lell you about (hem. All of which is io say thai in putting your trust in advertised merchandise you save .vonrstli' the bother, (he expense, the disappointment—yes the danger—of evjieii men ting and «Kscovcrini,' for yourself uhich make of soap, breakfast food, radio tubes, lingerie, gasoline, tea, electrical device, htiilioncry—or what-not—gives you Ihu service for your money. The news columns oi this pautr keep you informed of the latest international, national ;ind !oca! happenings. Thc advertisements keep you informed of the newest, most advantageous, most reliable merchandise thai America's most progressive maker.-; are producing. i «r-mus"' ym u;?irT.^:

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