The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 9, 1934
Page 3
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MONDAY, APRIL 9, 1934 Laugh and the'World Lauhs With You lLE. (ABK.V COUR^R NEWS '"U i\Uke<l DISTRICT P.-T. 1 HEW NorlliiNist Arkansas Mcet- Welfare muga/lne subsorlwlons, will lx> awarded. One will go 10 lhe iissocliitton (lint registers llic BiNHest mileage, the other to (he county Unit registers tlip greatest mtfenge. With Hie llierne, "Educntlon, the Foundation of Enduring Recovery," n program hus been mapped oiii re Kc Held \V«I. „ i i-oinplpu-il fur -IVIII-II.-I- iis-nc'iutluns „( ,, 0 |- Mkunsus. i,, I*, luill | , u Tire. Wecliw-Klay. U lms itiiiint,need bv Mis T (.' "l Ai-inurcl. diM,i,.(' ,.| m n-- i<>-|>lVM'iitiit|vi'S of lis;.orl:illulis 111 J-Yjiiirls, Crass. I'oliisi-il Cill- wlilcli will lira 111011 '!lv us a bo liMnl by >jm ilio fiitortiihilnij of the .... ,..,„.„.„ will )» vlvon ni a imicliron ct- B-lili-i'i nicinlx'is of Hie Premised Und Club Meets in New Kitchen Tl» Home Demonstration club of Promlttd Und met in (h« com- mnnliv kltclwn Thursday with Mr- i. g. Godwin and Mrs. Joe N. Hill hostesses. Ktuili Jcailcr gave a l>rM report. Mr». Dud Moort led llic ilLscus- filon on conning. Mrs. Hill gnvc a ri'iiort on Hardens; Mis. Jerry Wlilt »«•• ni.u ni n "• *«i » fv(m: J**;a i lu^i'u [I'll L, JVJIs l.lmis unil Rotary clulK will jdcxlwln oil Jxniltry mid the foocis 1 At Him time fir. J. n. ami foods cotili-sts will |« dlrccloil Ixmell of Niishvllle. 'I'cmi.. n iiicm- collogf faculty. bcr of IVnlxxty sptuk. l>y Mrs. A. I,. Crawford. 'ai- mi nil i tin- place , UK | Mis. While, president of „„. emu, preslitcil during the business Mrs. Hcotl Wood of Hot Springs, • wssl( >» nml cspn-sst'il nji|m>diitloii .uti' lUTshlrnt uf the Arkansas ' or ""•' "shower" of Uoiii'irss of I'lirciu-'IViiclti'i- as- ~~~—~~ .'•uclaUmuH, Eil McCiilsliun ol l.lillo finch, of the state ili'piirlmrai DI riliiciillon. Miss Winnie; Virgil 'I'lirliCi', siipcrvUior of ML-iStaippI county schools, anil Mrs. Tulo. will aku siWRk. Tin- McliVrs 1 diuriis of Oils city will slug, wit], M rs . J-'. B. Joyi,«r ut Ihe pluno. PAGE THREE ~——~_ _ slls and equipment placed in tii» kitchen. Sheddan's Salve^ Kills Neuralgia Pain a»-IH dartlns;, nerve exciting, pain stubbing neuralgia can be niwd mid Hie congestion broken with Shcddiin's Salve, u contains nn mmizlnijly powerful, M ion:csiioi, nghlto« drug'wot found' In ra-dlimry .salves. To cn se inuscu- patn, jolnl and to k ilirp clic-al coliH, c rau p or i-oiijilis. Von cun Una nothing that nets so swift, or brings such mnaz- »>e mulls. Two klmls: MILD for inlklreii; STRONG lor ndnlta. —Adv. a You'll flappylf You urficK:' in Cin:unis!:inci;s Hai ipfnrss—ihe Inner (nnlcnl- menl that murks 111.: truly rich human IHMIIE—is often <.Hisidm-d the srcali-st of life's g«uls. . . . ll's an url, one lli:tl anj-limly can pnicliie, :uid it's (i-t-hiiic,ue isn't as ditricull to acquire as sometimes- you may think. This is mad* clear by Mary Marearel Mi- Bride, noted author, newspaper woman and staff correspondent inr Courier Ntws, and NKA Service, in a serifs of six artici-s uhirli r^lje lias written fur tills nev.spii|ier. Here K llir first. BY MAKV MAlHiAltF.T 3 XEA Service SlafT CurresjHmilL'nt 1.1M4.NEA Service, Inc.) the .story goes, mice advised a groat. ):lng to borrow nnd wear Hie Eliiil of .1 really happy man is order to Rain happiness. The king, dctipilv money, ixnver and fame, had been nilKorauh! for a long lime nnd L'>ed engcrly at thr now hone. Investigation quickly revealed, however. Hint there was not a single happy man at court, anil .so nil alone, the king set oui. In find such a one. Frotii the first, obstacles and delays harrassed him. Iiuiecd, false rumor.s lured him hither and yon for so long that his fulihful subjects, for all lie could have done to prevent, might have risen hi his absence and tinned 1m kingdom into a republic or a dic- The kinB didn't worry about his throne, though. He didn't, worry about anything except about how . he wus to locate Urn manic start. |lielp tliinkiii'4. ini-'ht Im'c imm- iisul to be happy even If he had .I* CM l:1nx! The weici. which nn- !l}:rr plnte nor circmiift.icice coul-.! .alter. w:is within himself. ll:i|i|iini'ss /UIICIIIL: |[t[.]i anil Pour j U is ciisv eiinu;;h to sny lhat j money or licnlti; nr the kick ol the mmake- tnr or a«ainst liajipi- r.t-!is. bi:i the (ruth is thai there i are certain rich men ivlio, .<« far us an outsider onn jurl?C'. are happier 1)1:111 f-nnie poor men. and vice And (here are invalids who ap- pr;ii- to know ninr.: alwiit the i:<xxl life than many who rndlale health; phvsleally Tit spcL-imcnfi ivli«) f-nem alivnys cheery and nil- Mvidenuy thfsc clni-siftFations have littic to do with the case. N'or. so far ns the psychologies and phllnsophcrs hnve been able lo disenvcr. docs much of anvthin- else lhat is.ont.side ourselves 'me decree of hanpiness ]»iw,..'i?od by anv individual is thus In ctirrct proportioji to tlw e.vtent of his in ne:- resources. Taliin- l'liilmn,ililcnl AtlidnV I'his is not (o say that even • ue iraxt resourceful person can l)r> rndiantlv hanny everv moment from the time he eels up in the iisorninjj until he toes (o hrti nt iiL'hl. Wouldn't he lie in«nircr- nb!e jr he were! Wliat does niijx-ar is that any Imin.iii If-iiiB who cmcs lo lake- Ihe trouble cnn stop iK-in- .sotra«- r-iople who ean overcome a depression that nilKht olhenvLse KO on fo:- days simply by IrnvhiK Ilii'li- priiblt'in.s iK-liind nnd tukiii'j :i IHIIB. brisk walk in tlif ojiciinlr. I Oiliers cet the srnnc resiih by j I Soiiu; away tor :i while from their : , workaday world into that oilier' hvorlil nf hobbies -fislitini. reiidini;, i j'.lcctiin:, taiioMry-innkLiig, crirjjcntry, whatever it Is Ihia have fun doint;. The (wiiil Is that If you can , once get your mind compk-lvly oil ; .a fijecific trouble, It never after- I livnrds seems so dreadful.. And 11 ' .once you form ihe hnbil of not j flowing yonrwir to be tossed about bv destiny as if yon were u sliiu- llcccck. you have come a gooil pan of Ihe way toward aehiovlni; thai will o' (fie wl.sp. hap]>lness. SI. Junies were nuests reccnlly of Mr. and Mrs. M. U. Rowland. IliiiIon a|id Ills Whistle of Ar- inori'l weic ijtiesUs lust week end ' of their .sister, Mrs. A. C. Ulnnk- i ensldp. I-lllli.' Vlr,;lnin 'Mi-Nally Is * riuusly ill. IU.VTIIEVIM.E 10 YEARS AGO from itir Him .if Ihr Hl l>»ll, Coorlrr 'lOMOllHOW: Vunr \Viirk. lie Happy in \VedllRiday, April it, l(t<!4. 1'rice Caincnlcr met with n .serious ni'fidenl TuoKday at Ills farm oil the Dell mud when n siimip puller fell upon his lest, crushing both of them. pine since pier than the . rich one, anyway , But if yon will ihlnk lor a minute. you will sec that what the slory prove.*; j. s (}, al j ler( , Wils n man who was able to adjust harmoniously to the situation in which he fount! himself and. to nation" gC ' ' nd justnwnl - tie of the poslm, , eve y ri n » oj .he telephone, even' inrn o fate To to .sure, everybody has i i"v ' bae of trie!-:.s to use wlien the ex- i-'-clcd salary raise fails to tna- lori.ili/o or .•iomr-lwily el.«e gets tile coveted job. ' j fellow, Antitloles Fnr Hnha])i>iness Any in(elti«rnt person with adequate patience nnd cncrjjy can work out antidotes for nntiappi- ness to fit his own panicuinr sit- ThLs plan for roslorinE ))eace r.ced . we cannot be- complicated, either. I know Ncthcrland News I The Wn-iiiin's club met Thnrs- I ! «'av ;!ileni(x)n with Mrs. Uert; j N'.wnian in cha.-yc of Ihe- biisi-' 'iir-H mnrtiii". The Care of Win; du\v SlKiik-:, was ihe subject of ;the ]>rognnii, carried out by Mrs. ^Mmn .Ir.mes. Mi-s. M. R. Row. - land was sons' and fame leader.! : Mrs. B. NichoL'-nn won first priz; | land Mrs. J. R. Matins the Ixwby JMM in a contest. Mrs. \v. )!. |Jaine.s and Mrs. Alma James serv- ! t'd rcfresliments. .Johnnie Troulman vlsiteil re- fcntly with FJ. M. I)e Wtese. who i-: in St. Joseph's hnspilal Mem- Plus. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Rowland of! Kc|il T;ikiiiK- Cardui Until She (int Rid Of the Severe Pains When Mrs. Ida Ilcge, of Edinburg, ind.. was in a painful, rundown condition, tme took Cardui. with the results .she describes bellow: 'V had just been what one inurhl .say dragging around. feclhiK ; miserable and all out of .sorts. I I remembered how Cardui helped j my aunt. I -sent for sis bottles of j Cardui and when I had taken i ilrem, I w.-is much beuer and j stronger. I did not Millci m much I pain. I continued iakin;> Caniiii I until I had taken nine buttles. 1 I do not h:tvi- the severe |wius." ! ThontaiMls of women testify Car- j din' briif-ritecl them. !f it does not | l:cnc(H YOU. consult a physician. —Adv. 3CPG Mr. and Mis. Otto Knclilllnky an<l family liuve moved from ihulr home on Wnlmit sirect to ' the Hawkins home on West Ash. Uarrol McDearman and Oeorije Moore moloted from Illytlicvlllc to St. Louis in 12 hours and 40 minutes, stopping for both lunch nnd breakfast. HusRy Ace IttturniiiR BROWNSTOWH. llul (Ul>) - lieliiiii to f.'ivor of the'hoi-sc nnd buggy <ra in preftrcncu to the machine aye was indicated al a public MI!L- here. A bnuisy Hint re- liiilcd •>'< years HKO lor 505 commanded a bid of $17, while an automobile made in 192C lo sell for SSOI) brought only 512. Biliousness Sour Stomach Gas and Heactech* Constipation Just Arrived- BUKKE HARDWARE'CO. a solid Car Load of DINING SUITES Newest Styles In Oak, Walnut, Mahogany EARLY AMERICAN, DUNCAN-PI1YFE ami MISSION Figure With You - HUBBARD FURNITURE CO Blylheville, Arkansas April Shower of Bargains Ends Thursday But These Special Opportu «„ Do,,* Are Not Voi,r Only Chance to Save at Graber's Where "Everydau" Prices Are _. __ _ _ v \\c ni)»rci'ia(c the veKminsn in thn .ir,n,>i.n,.,,«,..«4 ,.i ....i _,..,-. . f\*v. SPECIAL! April Shower nf Unnjains. 1'rices Oootl 'I'hrniigli Thursday, LADIES uoi'sic DRESSIJS Guariinlctil 1'asl i-olni-s in Ijcanliftil new spring- prints, in ;, quality (Hat ordinal ily M'll.s I'or $1. Si^cs M to 52. - - - ' IMOAnCLOTH I'KJNCKSS Sl.WS I,acr-lo]), Ion,, dllinij in a dioico ol' pnpuliii- Khadcs, atui an iinnsiinllv low-prii-rtl OC M. value for Oii.s spncial pvcnl. 4b«3C " . ruu.-FAsiiioM.:]) SII.K IIOSK Special jjronp of odds and i-mls in cliilVon, -IS-giiajri', -I throat!, silk fn, nl top to M ft ' (no. Many cnlovs and all sixps. - Hp*J C KAYON TAFFCTA 1'RINCKSS Sf,II\S •IG-ineli l,ia< cut will, California ami l, ( ,,lin> lops, laco-tnnii,ii-:l lop :i,id Imtlmn. in deli- tale shades tor summer wear. Kxtra C/* :ipprei'iatc the ri-t-'|M)nsc to the announcement ••• our April Shower of Karelins, featuring the special prices which will he continued through April 12th. •Many people came to our stores for the first time •"idiisked for these items. In addition to these special values, (juolcd on each sirfe of this advertisement, we also call attention to the timely- values listed below, which {,'ivc you an idea nf the "KVERY DAY" prices which you ran always expect (o find at (iRAKERS. 2f>c VALUE CURTAIN SCKIM Clipped-dol styles in colorful designs, at prices that sets a low < C*» in alnil slrans an,I oxfords: tan and ,.lk snorl"' >!;ick oxford*. Sixes fvom infants 2 W*\ ' loci-nwn g ii-| s 2. Rev. Si jo, va i „,, / 5f C II01>K Bf,K,\{'IlMrsi,lN ' (1 ' •' special fun' of a lnr^ f . Mtrintitv yo'''y^ms fe,! 08 ! 1 "."'. U . ;a Sl-gg 17x35 TUHKIfill TOWK1S Good woiBhl. JTiglily absorhonl "M\ m 5 for 44 C 15c & me V A 1,1110 ANKI,ETS f'liilihvn's Anklets iirall color coui- liinatiuns and solitl colors. <t t\~ IVr pair . - . 1UC EAST COLOR PIQUES ISOc values in printed piques, the most all,-active dc- si'.'-iis. Yard - . - - . me VAI.UK SKKItSUCKERS This popular suinniRr cloth in colorful stripes, plaids, and small checks. Yard - - SH.K-STRII'KI) KKASSFERES Rvlvia Rnndeaux. of lioavv salin- strii'fii clofli,. with elastic 4 rt-» liawl. Special - - - XI/C LADIES' BLACK KID SLU'I'ERS Onu-sd-.ip.s am! Tics, with Culian, rubber-tipped heels, dressy styles. "1.75 vttlue.s ' i'or - - DUOSETTKS OK CORSE'ITES Coiiibiiiiiij,' i-oivel or girdle witii lirassien;. In two styles, each an outstanding OQ/% - (T 4 value at ^OC & 1 m TENNIS SHOES I-'OR KVERYONK Yes, the kind yon see advertised in Ihe catalogues for 7!)c plus noslaito. Buy Iliom here at the CCk*» low 'price nf - - - - - 9«9C New 1'rint I.oungin}; Pajamas Just the thing for doing your housework in. and jioat enough to receive informal callers. Fa-t color prints. 79c 98c $1.39 rniirj- P.tllrrns in Men'8 Socks You can't mulch the value on today's mar- J;o( nt lOc PEPT. STORES ON T1IK 01. :(ti-INCH BROWN MUSLIN Kegulnr "LL" Domestic that is worth 12!/oc a yard on today's market. Featured special for thin occasion. 10 YDS. FOR 2 WAY STRETCH GIRDLES A (lopular new garment, of elastic knit, will, 4 hose support- CO** ur.s. Q8c value. Special J%7C ELASTIC REDUCING GIRDLES New stock clastic that does its duty, and in a style that lias proven most popular. SATIN-FACED GIRDLES Pink satin, in a form-retaining style, with 4 hose supporters. All .sixes. 7!)c value - 5-PIECE RUFFLED CURTAINS •Iflc values in colore<l border ?ets, i't a price you have seldom roon. .19c v.-.lucs - - - 1, 111 SI/.U* 44 c Two Group* Silk Dresses Scores of styles In ever-- fprln° color. V«lufs up to 16.95. D GRAND LEADER"('ORNER, m^THEvTl.LE, ARK. $2.98'$3.98 SPECIAL! April Shower of bargains, f'riees {.'IKM! Through Thursday MEN'S DRESS SHIRTS Slightly irregulars in values made to sell fur 7i)c and higher. In whites, solids /Ji'f ^ and patterns. - . . *f j f Q MEN'S AND HOYS' WORK SHIRTS Full cut in lilne and gray in sizes from M'/, fo 17, as well a* youth ard juvenile M M ~ sizi-s. Sells most places at Me & G9c *fr*T C MTTI.K IWVS I'l.AY SUITS The populm- hickory striped suits, in sizes 3 to 8 in a well made garment. Regular 5flc values. - - - - . . SPLIT LEATHER WORK SHOES Aniioi-fred Cord-Wear Solos with rubber heels Ke-mforced at points of strain. ^ <t S1.79 to $1.98 value most places.^ A a .MEN'S SI VALUE DRFSS PH'RTS Fast color liroadcloths in >soi"l •>•>.' "--•;«:, in sizes 14 to 18. An exceptionally- f* A ^ I'<KK\ value at - - . %|JS2- : 5J MEN'S GENUINE CAI.K SKIN OXK'" 1 ^ 1 -! Many attractive styles in tlie famous "Walk- About" shoe with oak leather wtc equal of many $4 ami $5 shoes. - . . OVERALL IN BOYS' SIZEsT Choice of solid blue or blue and white striped denim, made for the boy who gives ~ ~ them h»rd wear. R«nl bnrjfain at IT S'*"'S I ll * v $2.65

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