The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on March 15, 1946 · Page 28
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 28

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 15, 1946
Page 28
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THE PITTSBURGH PRESS, FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 194 28 r-4 how Shops Stranaler on In Spiral Staircase' ? Ethel Barrymore, Dorothy McGuire Menaced by Fiend in Stanley Film By KASPAR MONAHAN Back to the gas-lit horse-and-buggy days goes "The Spiral Staircase" for its blood-and-thunder melodrama about a spooky old mansion and its haunted inhabitants. However, done so well except that it tends to be tedious at times instead of tense, so leisurely is it paced that it works up considerable suspense. The time-honorea ciutcmng hand is working overtime but it has a refined touch. This modern ized c 1 utching hand belongs to a mysteri-ous fiend whose v 1 c-tims are always girls, usually poor creatures afflicted with some physical disability. They are found stran gled, and with Mr. Monahan never a clue to help the village constable solve the series of slayings. Although I'm usually pretty poor at guessing the identity of the assassin in a murder-mystery, this time I spotted the culprit practically at first glance. But I- won't give him away. You can probably spot him, too, if you see "Spiral Staircase" at the Stanley, long before the melodramatic expose. That, of course, is a weakness in the" film. Center of attention is the mute girl hired to attend to the wants of an old woman, helpless and bed-ridden. Matriarch of the gloomy household, the old woman fears for the safety of the speechless girl, urging her to pack up End leave before the slayer strikes again. Director Robert Siodmak employs all the old devices in engendering a mood of eerie terror-banging shutters, wind-swept cur-. tains and draperies, lurking shadows, glimpses of a dark figure, whose back only you see. And for extra impetus, occasional giant close-ups of an eye smouldering with menace. And the camera wanders up and down the spiral Shows to See THE GARDENS "Ice Follies" Starts at 8:30. Matinee Saturday at 2:30. PENN "The Bells of St. Mary's" Ingnd Etrgman and Blr.g Crosby. Fea'ure besins at i0:40. 12:50. 3.05. 5:20. 7.35. 9.50. FULTON "Scarlet Street" Jean Bennett. Edward G. Robinson and Dan Durvea. Fea'ure begins at 11:26. 1:34. 3:42. 5:50. 7:53. 10.06. J. P. HARRIS "Bandit of Sherwood Forest" Cornel Wilde and Anita Louise. Feature bezms at 10:45. 12:40. 2:35. 4:25. 6:20. 8:15. 10:10. STANLEY "The Spiral Staircase" Dorofhr McGuire. Ethel Barrymore and George Brent. Feature beeins at 11:00. 12:40. 2:35. 4:30. 6:25. 8:20. 10:10. Variety to Honor Retiring Head The Variety Club of Pittsburgh will honor its retiring Chief Barker, M. J. "Mike" Gallagher, with a testimonial dinner on Monday in the Cardinal Room of the William Jlulcl- i Gallagher and his retiring crew i have just completed one of the:f most successful years the local club I - . , - ui eiiuwuiru ua c cvci. rAucin-vu. During his reign many improvements were made at Camp O'Con-nell. a vacation rendezvous for the underprivileged children of Pittsburgh. During the last 12 months the club's fund for charities was enhanced by several thousands of dollars. The dinner in honor of Gallagher and his crew will also serve to welcome the incoming officers who are headed by M. A. Silver, the new chief barker. Dinty Moore, manager of Warner Brothers Pictures Corp., is chairman for the testimonial. Soda Fiend HOLLYWOOD Robert Young, who stars with Sylvia Sidney and Ann Richards in the Hall Wallis production of "The Searching Wind" at Paramount, has a weakness for strawberry sodas. He used to make them as a soda counter clerk before he turned actor. ARAGON BALLROOM 628 Peim Ave, Downtown DANCE TOMORROW TOM CARE S&5 ROBERTI'S NEW HILL CREST INN Rt. S3 Bethel Rd. Dancing Every Friday and Saturday Music .by JOE FAPE Ff-C jut ri iid CABANA CLUB D.ncins Rt. 22.30. I Mila Wtt nf CraHnn , . ..... -. OPEN SfXDAY 1 :nn to 5:00 A. M. AL RITZ'S AIR-CONDITIONED CLUB PETITE tee ynup SATURDAY "SCAT" WednesdaT - klll VI iV niunii u TZ FUN S. BEATTY ST.. feB' PLAI"i GALA 2-WEEK RETURN ENGAGEMENT BARON ELLIOTT AD HIS STAR DUST 3IELODIES DICK MACK, PAT MeCAULEY and Lovely ALICE GERIIR HEW & NITELY TMfS. ?lo,tf' tmusion A; v staircase of the title, goes poking into crannies here and there and down into the dark depths of a cob-webbed cellar. And when the murders occur the elements go on a rampage, thunderings and lightnings and slashing rain and shrieking winds. This is overdone. Director Siodmak lays it on a bit too thick. He subscribes to the old melodramatic creed that when murderous human emotions are unleashed Nature must cook up outbursts as suitable accompaniment. Just as though murders are never committed on bright, sunlit days or on quiet, serene nights. But the camera work is superb and the performances are above-par. Ethel Barrymore, in one of these crochety old lady roles is, as always, letter-perfect. The rasp of the ancient beldame is in her voice, the palsied quiver in her hand and even her eyelids move and flutter as would those of an old, ill invalid. Playing woe -be gone unfortunates by now must be second nature for Dorothy McGuire and her mute girl is a pathetic creature. She is a picture of utter despair and frustration when she stands speechlessly at the old-fashioned telephone and can't call for aid just as another strangling is imminent. Best of the other characters are the tippling housekeeper and her husband, played by Elsa Lan-chester and Rhys Williams. A homely old bulldog steals every scene he's in. Others involved are George Brent, Gordon Oliver, Rhonda Fleming and Kent Smith. Opening today At the Senator, "Behind Green Lights," with William Gargan and Carole Landis, plus "Shock," with Vincent Price and Lynn Bari. and When BARRY "War of the Wildcats" John Wavne and Martha Scott. Also. "The Strange Mr Gregory." Edmund Lowe. Complete shows at 11:00. 1:48, 4:36. 7:24. 9.06. PLAYHOUSE "Kiss and Tell" Curtain at 8:30. - WARNER " The Harvey Girls" Judv Garland and John Hodiak. Feature begins at 11:25. 1:31. 3:37. 5:52. 8:07. 10:22. ART CINEMA "The Last Chance" Feature mads In Switzerland. Starts at 10:30. 12:27. 224. 4:21, 6:18. 8:15, 10:12. SENATOR "Shock." Vincent Price- and Lynn Barl. Also, "Behind Green Lights." William Gargan and Carole Landis. Complete shows at 10 55, 12:05, 2:29, 4.53, 7:17. 9:41. CASINO Burlesque . . Shows at 12:30. 3:30,- 7:00. 9:30. RITZ "Dick Tracy" Morgan Conway and Anne Jeffreys. Also "Man Alive." Pat O'Brien and Ellen Drew. Complete shows at 10:15. 12:27. 2:43. 4:59. 7:13. 9:30. PLANETARITJM the Moon" "By Rocket to Daily at 3:00 and 8:30 p. to. Also Radar Demonstrations twice dally. '.MUIIIIIIIHIIlllliniIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllll1lllllllllllli;i TUP 4!AC RAD - iv.,rfto n t RAK!,E? L,ICEi 5,9 . f Between rfridgeville A Canoncburr ? - f II one IJ AIN . 9oOSJl frcsent Nightly JIMMY FOOTS & SPIGOT f 1 i!'t:l:t:'l!iililH.:'l!!'HnIH!llllttHlliHl,Ii!tiir I STEAKS o f i IAINT A PICTURE . . . or just tell u how 70a want' it ... RARE, MEDIUM or well done; ve'H alisfy that craving. Just the . v you order it alwaya Tender, Juicy Deyctooa . . . EXTRA Quality Meat prepared ;to match your fondest hope 1 CONTINUOUS ENTERTAINM ENT No caver no mln. no tax. At. 94398 Tfce New - -, ii V. 1' ' 122 BOW 6th St. N T O W X and Floor QJJS DOLFI nd his Loose ft! onows iiiteiy including Sunday Club Cabana OrcH. F-uU Course Dinner Niihtly 3:(MI to Closinc BRING TOt'R OWN PRIVATE STOCK dance to GX. Frldar '5 MUSIC Satordar Nitr HCJ I 6-L Mi No Cover No Minimum EAST LIBERTY MO. 5238 M. .Mi V-i' 'Hf'i, X t & f V f , ;" fay 4 J X I ? I - t I m ? , M . t ,. 7rp- ( Bone to Fan! HOLLYWOOD Lassie has compiled with her most unusual fan request to date. Via his trainer, the canine star has dispatched an old bone for a dog belonging to nine-year-old Billy Farren, of Rock Island, Illinois. The youngster recently penned a letter disclosing that he had a collie that was a great fan of Lassie's and could he please spare an old bone as a souvenir. "rv Dr.rirKT Tr tub uaali" t P's KADA IN ACTIOH J 4- Also Eltetric Power Show I l'A'u Shy ShotD Every Month r-k-k H I X 0 H MONDAY SEATS ON SALE NOW Broadway's Dramatic Smah Hit! Rf to Tha National Company of PrJcesr Eve., 3.00. 2.40. 1.80. 1.20 Wed. St. Mst.: 2.40. J.80 1.20 AIR-CONDITIONED MILLER'S CAFE 725 Liberty At. CO. 8291 NO C0VEI CHARGE TKT Continnou cntartaiSBMrt HOTEL HENRY DANCE HITELY HERMAN -k MIDDLEMAN a?sd ORCHESTRA fmturinr OTTILIA. Vocsltst S I L V K H GUILL Cor 4 rr . 7 """CE ta ici-'5" op -" ClalVrl fsr3rrs mm I Ml 1 30 The QuaZSttu H lOSALWO IVAM SAMUCL S. HINDS 1 a ,y.f ' "4 - II JESS BARKEK MARGAtfT IH10SAT " HOLD-OVERS Joan Bennett and Dan Duryea appear with Edward G. Robinson in "Scarlet Street" at the Fulton. Below Cornel Wilde in "Bandit of Sherwood Forest." at the J. P. Harris. Both films begin second weeks tomorrow. Frank Morgan Bit By Airplane Bug HOLLYWOOD Frank Morgan is about to realize a lifetime ambition, and all because he' mustered enough courage to go on the record-breaking flight of the Constellation to New York. When the Metro-G oldwyn-Mayer actor returns to Hollywood, he will give up his house in the city and take up permanent residence on the desert near Palm Springs. PLAYHOUSE TONIGHT 8:30 "KISS AND TELL" Hit Comedy Reservations: MA. 4445 A Stage Play Don't Miss It Every Sunday Evening S:15 RasarvarioBt' HE.T5550 ' HE. T)7I2 CEiHAi 11. J N, , M 4 A 1 l A it m, Little Man Has Big Ideas Midget Owner of Apartment Houses HOLLYWOOD. March 15 (Spe cial) Three-foot, six inches tall Jerry Austin may be the smallest actor in town but he is a very big guy in his own way. Austin, who scores notably in "Saratoga Trunk" as Cupidon, is the owner of an eight-unit apartment house on Hollywood Blvd. and Is building another, larger, one when materials are available. . Austin built his present dwelling on the old Wallace Reid premises as a sort of sentimental gesture. He and Wally not only played together in many films, but were close friends. Austin also starts construction soon on a miniature golf course. ATUntlo 9300 J.P.HARRIS CORNEL Sixth U Dmtm WILDE AS "SON OF ROIIN HOOD- 'BANDIT OF SHERWOOD FORES? IN TECHNICOLOR 3Se Plo Tax Till l:SO Res Special Ad oa This Paie cruiTnn i TWO BI raT8! otnmun vincent price LIBERTT AVE, LYNN BARI "SHOCK" "IIHIND GREEN LIGHTS WITH CAROLE LAMB IS. WM. CAKGAI 3Se Pins Tax Till 12:SO , Y. De CrIo-B. Cjmeroo LIBERTY "FKONTIEK GAL" In Technicolor Eaat liberty ,' ETTRAt March ef Tim 'OtlltBH U HMywod' .UI. w ) Pamtli Blaxe-S. Leooird FAMILT I "WHy Girlt luii Hem" Ku ',' S St!-Jean Woe4bur Mgerry "NORTHWEST TRAIL" Y i KAY MILLAND PtRni...aA 1 Academy Award PerrrfTtn At. Winner In BEECHVIIW... "L0SJrMn!fEE,C BeediTiew END S RoMlind Bussell-L.Bowraia DENIS.. .-w. 1 "SHE WOULDN'T Mt. tebaao. SAY YES" I Kohu Wker-Jin Porter NORTHSIDE. J 'What mxt r.l. Hrre.i' , . K Curtls-ChttTl Wtlktr Federal St. "Rhytaia Rond-" 2WEEK CORNEL WILDE tk& iota Hmi: BANDITo SHEBW00D FOREST Ma m tanr 10WS BUM IKttMM in TccMMieOLO J. P. HARRIS He feels the "pitch and putt" sport is headed into rogue again. Having broken her 18 year retirement from the theater with a role in -The Verdict," Janet Murdoch, housekeeper to Warner Bros, star Sydney Greenstreet, has been cast again in his starring comedy, "A Very Rich Man." The production started with scenes between Miss Murdock and Greenstreet. Frederick de Cordova is directing the film with Charles Hoffman producing for the Bur-bank studjo. Oscar Levant, currently working in "Humoresque," has a busy sched ule ahead of him when he finishes the picture. He plans to play several concerts in the East that were part of a tour he canceled to do the film. He will then make a group of recordings for Columbia along with TtBorrow Aftarnaaii, at PITTSBURGH SYMPHONY Vladimir Bakaleinikoff, conducting TICKETS I 30e, 60c Ht, $124 at KACFMAXN'S. Tusday Evtniitg, Marek 19, at 8:30 Syria Matqa LOnill MAAZEL ! PATRICIA TR AVERS Gatst Candaetor J Violin Soloist UUi Trarara will play Bruch G Minor violin Concerto. Program includea Oberon" Ovartura, "Valaa Trlate." "Of Thea I Sing'" selection and Polovetiiaa Dancea' TICKETS: 60 TO S3 AT KAITMASN S, GIMBELS AND HORNTJ S inn & im Itgirtbew Preductiona, Inc. Present mOSBTBERGMM J!E0 JteCAREYS The Bells of StMiarys Um4 raali KO loda rem, 9J HENRY TRAVERS WILLIAM GARGAN froduced and Dueacd by LEO McCARY Screen PUj br Dudltj NichoU Story by Uo McOrey DOORS OPEN DAILY 10:50 A. M. OLAST DAY, "THE ZIPPT PARISIENNE MELANGE OF GORGEOUS GIRLS 'MAIDS OF MONTMARTE' STARRING THE "BLONDE FRENCH VENUS OF DISROBE" JUNE ST. CLAIRE 1 BEACOV (Murriy st Beacon) Chas.' Boyer, Lauren Bacall in "Confidential Agent." Also "'Molly and Me." CAROL (Broughton, Pa.) Wm. Boyd in 'Black Arrow." Also "Bewitched" and Lumbprlack." GERARD (West View) Joan Davis. Jack Haley in "Georee White's Scandals " Also "Old New Mexico." GRANT (Millvale) Abbott & Costello in Hollywood." Also "Code of the Lawless" and Cartoon. HEIGHTS (Crafton Heights) "Woman in Green." Also "I'm From Arkansas." METROPOLITAN1 (Bloomfleld) Jim Wakelv in "Riders of Dawn." Also Anne Nagla in "Yellow Canary. WESTERN ARCADE (Sooth Side) Merle Oberon Chas. Korvin in "This Love of Ours." "March of Time" and Selected Shorts. BELLE l"E (603 Lincoln Ave.) Merle Oberon. Cha. Korvin in "This Love of Ours " Also Selected Shorts. BRIGHTON (No. Side) John Wavne. Ann Dvorak in "Flame of Barbary Coast." Also "I Love a Bandleader." BRUSHTON (715 Brushton Ave.) John Wavne. Donna Reed in "Thev Were Bxoendable." Also Selected Shorts CAPITOL (Allen town ) .Dick Powell. Walter Slezak in "Cornered." Also Cartoon and News. CHARTIERS (Crafton) Betty Hutton. Barry Fitzgerald in "The Stork Club." Also Selected Shorts. COLONIAL (Sooth Side) Gary CooDer. Teresa Wright in "Casanova Brown." Also "39 8teos Out." DIXIE FAMILY (Carnegie) Joan Crawford. Jack Carson in "Mildred Pierce." Also "Fashion Model." EMBASSY ( Aspinwall Van Johnson. Lara Turner in "Week End at the Waldorf." Also Cartoon and News. GARDEN (North Side) Maria Monies. Jon Hall in "AH Baba and the 40 Thieves " Also "Song of the Prairie." HAZELWOOO (4921 Second Ave.) "Sahara." Also "Whv Girls Leave Home" and Selected Shorts. HILLTOP lAlirnlosnl Richard Powers. Tola Btrell tn "Girls of the Big Houe " Also "Behind City Lights." HIPPODROME (No. Side) Gene Tier-nev. Cornel Wilde in "Leave Her to Heaven" Also Selected Shorts. MARYLAND ( Blawnox Robert Walker in "What Next. Corporal Hargrove? Also Selected Shorts. OF a number of benefit appearances with the New York Philharmonic. All of this will be interspersed with radio shows as a guest performer. " Teddy, an 11 -year-old burro that works with Errol Flynn and Ida Lupino in "Escape Me Never," lies down, sits up, laughs, grins, kicks gently, rolls over, never bites, but is not house-broken, gets $50 a day and overtime. I 'M if. (ft V 'ilHI'lil'iCSP ft 2i3& CarMgls Mailt Halt "A CONCERT FOR CHILDREN (STARTS TOMORROW) LAST CHANCE" Q NEW ATLAS (No. Side) Roy Rogers. Dale Evans In "Sunset in 1 Dorado." Also "Gay Senorita." PARK (Greenfield) Robert Walker in "What Next, Private Hargrove?" James Craig In "Dangerous Partner." OAKS (Oakmont) Paul Henreid In' "Spanish Main." Also Selected Short Subjects. SHEA'S ORPEIM (McKees Rorka) Ann Baxter. Walter Brennan In "Svamg Water." Also "Orchestra Wives " STATE (335 Fifth Ave.) Donald Crisp. Peter Lawford in "Son of Lassie." Also "Out of the Nieht." STATE (Aliquippa) Barbara Stanwyck, Geo. Brent. "My Reputation." Also Cartoon and News. riaa; a l II 1 1 f 'i ' I D II I af 3 -41 III Ifc I ai : J niirtij-g -i i -iimiita iiaaiiii 1 1 PENNSYLVANIA I and Operated MAIN (Sharpaborg) Errol Flynn. Alexis Smith in "San Antonio" ia Technicolor. Also Selected Shorts. NEW CARNEGIE (Carnegie) Betty Hutton, Don De Fore in "The Stork Club." Also Comedv and News. NEW GRANADA (Uptown) Richard Dix. Lvnn Merrick in "Voice of the Whistler." Also "Song of the Prairie." NEW GRAND Carnegie) Willard Parker. Anita Louise in "The Fighting Guardsman." Comedv and News. PARAMOUNT (No. Side) Fred Mae-Murray, Helen Wa.lter in "Murder. He Savs." Also "Santa Fe Saddlemates." PARKWAY (West Park. MrKeea Rocks) Rosalind Russell. Lee Bowman. "She Wouldn't Say Yes." "Crimson Canary. REGENT SQ. ( 1()33 S. Braddoek Ave.) Rosalind Russell. Lee Bowman. "She Wouldn't Say Yes." Selected Shorts. RIALTO (Mt. Oliver) Lloyd Nolan in "House on 92nd Street." Also -"Law of the Wolf " ROOSEVELT (18C2 Center Ave. Roy Rogers in "Along the Navajo Trail." Also "Dannv Bov." ROXIAN (501 Chartiera Ave.) "Girl of the Limberlost " Also The Mad Russian in "How Do You Do?" SEWICKI.EY (Sewickley) John Wavne. Vera Kruba Ralston in "Dakota." Also Selected Shorts. STRAND ( Shaj-psburr) Robert Stanton in "Blonde from Brookivn." Also Bill Elliott. "Vigilante of Dodge City." TEMPLE (IMS Chartiers Ave.) Anton Walbrooic in "Colonel Blimp." Also "Radio Stars on Parade " TRIANGLE (Eat Libertv) Irene Dunne. Alexander Knox in "Over 21." Also "Dangerous Intruder." If MS If I LI ROW WTBLY Si III MAT. SAT. Si III H OSGOOD at.' THE GARDENS NOW PLAYING GEORGE BRENT BUUtiMORE J 518 AVfUPt MvarroMM 2 SMASH HITS O'BRIEN -MENJOU ELLEN DREW that freeze your' y emotions! V that takes y x your O f Xbreath! Ji $mss m r3 zji r SHERIDAN SO.. 0" East Liberty "SPELLBOUND" Betty Hutton HebCHT. ..-,a Barry Fiugerald aa Liberty "STORK CLUB" riiBipuT On. Tierney-Conwl Wild. fcRnlbHT. "Leaa Har ta Haa.a" ar... Lihertv Rirhard Dii-Lrnn Mfrrtrk ' Vatca af ta Whlrtlar" muiaieuaai 2arhtry Sfott-Bftty CAMERAPHONE "the southerner" aa Liberty Rn HnwH-l Roirman "Sha Waalda t Say Yw" SHADYS1DE..., r AaUlra-Lodll. Brei-..,. "Yalanda an tka Taitf 8bi5yai. 1 f'mV"-t""r1L,,j;f "Wandartr af Waittlaad" .... . Betty Hntton-B. Fitraid SCHENLETi. -stork clib" ft.v,.,,. Bioh. rmite-FT M.rlo a "THE SriUER" V Arcairc-LnefHa Brem STHAnU., "Yalanda and tka Taltf" )a.klmnd Koah Rrrry Jr.-I.Di Colliar "CIMS0K CAY" ,..., 0 Tierror-Cnrnel Wiida CENTRE Laata Her ta Hm" Cor. Cfntra at Craif Brt florilTO-H Von 7!1 Oakland "HOW DO YOC DO" - .. mutt D. n'Bnfn-Leii1e Stanlef NEW OAKLAND -sky bandits- Atwioil at Torbaa Ti Ri'tfr-ftTe 0 Bri"r Oakland 'MARKED fQa II U IDE ' umins In grid Bergman MAN4IH.-. Gregory Pack VirSTSm "SPELLBOUND" B HILL T Hilland-Juna Wta i""1 THE LOST WEEKEB" IZ., nui ' t Oeraer-Htrata Hall Bqnlrrel HJU 'Mr. Main Rlaw Aula' am i Mck Trm 1!-M CMeral SOUTH HILLS. -cornered" Dormont MiH. B nolfl-FTl Brad ""t Ma aw Brwy" uniivwnnn "Abbott costelu HOLLTWOUB. . m HOLLYWOOD" Dormont Barhtmne-Ni 1 Bni - 'PURimiT TO AL-IEBS' Bdlll (Vlin E,T (Acadamr Award) Brookllna "TSTE W)ST WEEKEND" -....- Di"- Powtll-M. Chifral BELMAR.... "CORNERED" -- Laurel Hardv MOiMwiwa 'FLYING DELCE8" . u James Craiz-Sicn Haa ROWLAND..- HAN6ER0US PARTNERS' Wllklnaba Canna-Bo RtinMr "HIT THE HAY" TBTf Noah Bwy.Jr.-Lots Collier ,M,t "CRIMSON CANARY" WIUrlnsbarK Ta O Brim-Tex Bittr "DEAD OB ALIVE" DK.K POWELL REGAL inrHKi.rvK theirel Wllldnab-re "CORNERED" " Betty Hutton MT. OLIVER.. Barry Fitagarald Mt.oiiT.r- "STORK CLUB" t. Artaire-Lucille BrBr WHITEHALL.. "Val.a.a a.4 tka TkW Elw. AmoM-F BaffTty Brentwood 'THE HIDDEN EYE" "" " - pjfi, p,ii-M Chld MELROSE...-, "CORNERED" , . Leon Errol Carrlek "MAMA LOVES PAPA" P. Sirt!"n-Arth'jr Ltita ETNA...,--. "LIFE WITH BLOND IE" Ja.. Warrra-Aud Lrff Etna. "Waadtrar at waitilaM " " ' ' I. WiTn-Vra Balnea KENY0M "DAKOTA" Kay F'anru-Bm'e CatMt Wortb Slda "DIVORCE" "- - " Djrk f-.i-M fhieral ARSENAL. .... "CORNERED" ' 4t0 Bmler St. ' Warran-Andrey Lot! Lawreneellla "Waadtrar af Wartalaad .. Gena Ti er-Bnire Cabot PLAZA "Sl'NDOWN" 4T5 Ml ty Aia. Bhlrley Tamp: Bloomfleld "MISS ANNIE ROONET . . "r. Sira(ra-3e. Muretiy MODEL -STEP LIVELY' M ! Butler Bt. X W.wt Iler-F IjwreneeTill. "TARZAN TRIUMPHS Rwl fiiron-T. lvrirla AMBRIDCE.... "FRONTIER GAL" TM PflnaldKm-rnn. a Ambrldn "Admataraa af Bitty" "" G!irla Potm-E fiida Kida DBIIirr "DOCKS OF NEW YORK" rninb-.... . wvr Ambrldaa "NORTHWEST T RAILS' -" " JamM Craif-r. G'lT'Wd yinnt "Ska Wtat ta tka Raaaa" B.U. Robert Doat GreenabarB Vaeatlaa Frai Marrtaaa Joan Lealia TBIMn Rohert Alda SlnAllu...... CINDERELLA Oreeti.bnrc JONES" Ingrid Bergman VICTOR.... - Gregory PecH MrKee.ooH "SPELLBOUND' Vf I.aVe-Fraflrte Mi-h MEMORIAL.,. MARRIEB A WITCH" . Geaa Ti-B-ire Case McKeeavort "SCNDOVTO" BaaaaaBaaaaaaajaafaaBaaaaaaaaaaaBaa- r r a f- t r r s f j m m i t m a v "V r . s . j M j A f .v 4 - - ar.-. ,". ' " . . .1 ." J. ... ft. ... I- e r -- - --.-. . - . -

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