The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1947 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1947
Page 16
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SIXTEEN BLYTIIEV1LLE (ARK.) COUKIEU NEWS Arkansas Crops Two Weeks Late ';, Mild Weather of Last *" Week Induced Growth; * Planting Is Underwdy LITTLE RCOK, -Ark./,•,'April 1 10. <W>>—Tlie Arkansas Weekly W'ca- iher «nd Crcpi Bulletin said yes- .tenfiy that miW weather bt last s.cik induced ripid development bfr 'early crops, pastures and fruits. 1 It pointed out, however, that prepress of crops .,l s about two »eeks lat« throughout Arkansas. I • Soil moisture lias hot. been adequate for tlie best growth over most of the state except In the southern counties .where, the soil. has-been too wet for .Held work. [ J ln 'general, the' report said, the relatively dry s oil lias 'permitted farmers to break lawr and prepare. seetfjeds almost-as'.they" wished. •'• I Planting is getting underway, and It Is expected'to make rapid strides' in the coming weeks. | Fall-seeded oats.are growing fn-J pldly after being retarded by de- late arrival of mild weather. The dry winter a as favorable for'fall-' Secrecy Shrouds War's Cast-off Ships in Fleet Which Tries to Beat Palestine Coast Blockade By,S. BUItTO.V IIFATjl i NBA Sl.itf Corrcspomlcnl NEW YORK, April 10.-— Last ; v.,=,, ui J usual amount was drown- 4 0m j, N vnrk isvi i ,\ atotpe^owVM; %%£ '*»*% -*-<'<" tho'oS &£ U»n i£ mdicatid earlier! C' S^Scf' '' " ^ ^^°^^^^ ^^^ r ««• He, although tliqro arl numerous re-' 1 Cr ° W " u: », bc , rc ? 2 , a sl * "a" »£*,. Doits thit they 'could not 4tatu [f°"^><= «1 lo turn every possl- enouirh to meet their Weds Wo ctbic fo ° l itll ° Passenger space. enougn io meet tiielr-needs. She-carried stores for liuntircds of Some Corn Planted \ persons. But she had no passen- Corn planting was getting un- liers and no cargo. Her only pay derway throughout the .state by load was 1000 army-type mess kits lAforli 5, and a few-Jields In the and 15C» standard life patkets... Southern half of the .'state were up/ Two . months- later Hie 1803-ton to good stands by that time. Somcifofmer Chesapeake Hay liner growers planted cotton during the \OPresldcr.t Warricld stole mystcr- week, but planting is not expected iously out of Baltimore, under the to be in full swing until about .Panamanian ting. Though she Imd (April 21. . .(cleared for China she had no i A small acre'a'ge of rice has been charts of China waters. Her cre\v seccFed, but the main activities so, numtorcd 40, she was amply pro- far have been disking, floating, vlsloncd, she hud no passengers, and building levees. Seeding of i' e ' she carried 35 tons of life rice is expected to tecoinc gene- Jackets and army-type mess fell- 1 ;, ral by April IS. 'On Mafch 6 the President War- Lespedezi is coming up to good f' c 'd limped hack into Hampton stands over the Southern eoun- Head's, lier scums sprung by heavy ties but Is slightly late elsewhere. seas lr > "• severe Atlantic suirm. Peach, pcai and other early fruit trees are blossoming profusely, giving promise of,a good set of fruit. Strawberries are tdout two to three weeks lute, but prospects are lor a fair to good crop. • Beef cattle are in ipoorcr condir tjon than usual due to the severe' tjnlfa, Palestine, 'sho was the winter- and late 'spring. Feed has former Cytherca. Her c row then mostlybcen used up, is scarce and numbered 24, Including Uvo Amcr- JSwh rirlced Grazing has been poor ican and one French nowspapcr- Hcr captain sukl lie didn't know where she really had been bound. His orders were to take her to Fftlestine and turn her over lo another skipper—or somebody. Qn Miu^h 9 the EOD-ton yneht •Abril was seized by the British at Haifa, Palestine. " until -Just recently when pastures responded'to" mild weather. Ual * Lone &rtan« * aton«« •*• 1801 FEUX A. CARNEY •" Dominion Automatic ~ - Elcclric Irons ^ ( 1 ".'.Guarantee t fL Complete Line - "of Electrical and Battery Radios • Expert Radio .Repairs • We Pick Up and ! Deliver SM E. Mala - Phone ZM7 -' Night SSW men. Two others were Norwegians! with first U. S. citizenship papers. 1 The rest <werc full American clli- Eens. There were 599 passengers— 38S men. 194 women, £0 children, Jewish "refUBCes" seeking to estaljlish lioincj in Palestine. The JVbril, Informally known i\r. Hie iBen Hecht, Is the first Amer- ican-toolight refugee - smuggling cr'ift known lo have reaohcil the Mediterranean. The President Wnr- licUl prdjrftly was lo have Decil the second. The British had a tip tile Abril was being followed. . But the British weren't sure. The puiuhnsp, refitting and operation of these ships are carried on wltn so much secrecy that no outsider realty knows hbw ninny may actually be In use. Shipping 'circles do know tho refugee fleet is large and active. It mngOs from motoi'boats nnd yftcrtis up to goort-siz»d steamers. French somces estimated recently that there were us many as 70 off Marseilles and Sp;zin, Italy. The mall)' vessels shew up once in a while lo refuel, take on remarkably largo stores of provisions, and go about their biisincs. 'Now and then the British get one, but apparently many get through. Most of those in use were picked In general, the report, said," the supply of farm labor is more plen- I'iful than it was a year ngo aiul has bscn adequate in most urcns. up in Europe. A Stockho!i:i dispatch recently said the British were protesting the sale of old Swedish ships to the Panamiinian Shirking C-). for the Pulesline business. | fiill [i Greuk mm«l Elicrtl's, described iis owner of tlic Prrro- inndn N.trigHtlon Company, hoiiglit 1 five and gave them Saint's names.' One t'ol lo Haifa tivu went lo Marseille.; n ml .hail their crows replaced, ^,s•o were K'fiUcd at JSKxrJj- holm and Gseldberi; while tliny waited for Ihe ice lo krcnk up. Both the U. S. and the Swedish government!! say there is nothing illegal ivbnnt such sales under their laws. The ships arc bsutjnl honestly. They nre registered under Central American Hays. They obey national le.v.'s while in our ports. The Abril is owned In the name of the Tyre Shining C'.>., This is properly incoip.irr.tcd in N'ew York. One incorporate!- \v»s Alexander Wilf, descrftcd as vico-chuhmflnol the Ainericiin Lsaguc for 11 Free Palestine. Tlie League is headed by former U. S. Senator G'uy M. ailletle of lown. It l^as raised some saCO.OOWu for the Palestinian movement, ln- tlurt'lng praicccts of Ben HcshVa "A P»ng Is Born." This nil hn s bucn tnrnetl over to tlie Repatriation Commission of Hip. Hobrciv Committee of National .Liberation. Borne of it is used lo i, ( ,y ships to take refugees til Palestine. The merfianlcs of the smiiggling are handled b ythe s ame iinucri;r<>uivll "railroad" Hint, Uurinir the,! freed some 40,COo Jws from Oea- tupo clutches. The League itself claims in own THURSDAY, APRIL 10, 1947 Merchant Ships Collide in Fog Off Virginia Coast NORFOLK, Va.. April 10 (UP) — The K.UOO-ioii freighter American Farmcv collided -willi a heavily- Icnclctl collier In ]:ea-soup fog oft Cupe Henry, Vu., today "but WAS still nicking headway despite a nine-decree list. The C'oast Guard received an SOS from the merchant vessel and di;j>.i idled several rescue prad from the Hamilton Road;! area. A Coast CJunrd mariner seaplane look off from the Eitebstri City, N. C., air .station in ;i blinding rainstorm nn<l was reported near the scene less than Uvo hours Inter. There were no Immediate rc- j-.orts of casualties and the American F.irmer radioed s he was heading for ll.imptou Roads ur.dcr her OA'ii power. The Coast Guard sakl no reports had been received CMI dniiiapc to the collier SB PUtHburuh Seam. no ship. 1 :. The A'oril cost the movement JiC.lCO when she was bought from the government as surplus sitter scrvins; the Navy as the PY-31, iv convcitcd yacht on ijaliol duty The Bovci'iuncnt got $8.023 for the President Warflcld from the Polo.-ime Sliipwreckinc; Co., which soUi ner almost immediately to the Chiiicsc-iAnicricai. Industrial Co. Marine gossip says the'.c: price was $<0,C05. She was sold iUfaln to the Wcslon Trading Co. The Alcoa Steamship Co. is said to be her ngcnt. Alcoa rolerrcd one reporter to Weston. lie found a man counting •money tiom a steel security box in n culby-hole olfice in an used dovaitown btilldlng. A^iothcv man was whispering into a wall-type coin foox leiepho'ne. There Is "no listed' number fo Hhe office. These •men referred the reporter back to Alcoa tor inlormatioti. A P.ilestlninn source saiil tlie 'Warflelti was owned by the underground orgimiziilion, Hn^nnnh, and gnvc an unlisted telephone nun*;r. "WarrtcUl? War-field? H(y,v c',o you s;:cll it?" asked the voice that answered. Marine ciwles have little doubt that many ya'shts and oilier Finall boats now being naught from the Maritime Commission's surplus, at stnall prices, nre, fcr (h c Mcditcr- raneun refugee-smuggling business. But to truce each one is"'s. mojir job o! sleuthing. • That's as Hagnnah wnnts it. To am the Palestine ,'olock~.>.(ic takes a daik night—niid a ship .io)x>cly talks i.bout. I Controls Relaxed i WASHINTON, April 10 ([(!';The OI'A today further relaxed Us rent controls over hotel.; aial motor courts nnd made lourlst licouc's i-.-.j'ble for ricco troJ Tl:c cl-jingos, effective tcmorrrnv, I w.->-» L\)Kctctl nuilcrluJ.'i' ( o reduce! t .c i I'inbcr of so-c?.l!r.l 'pci--' inr.nent" hole) rooms ti:-. wJifc ' r.'r.t c'Ji'nyj: still arc 'n-AinUiiiH Leading witness in (lie Senate Ueiu'ini'.s on the Navy's wartime purchases of Middle Kiist oil is James A. Mod'ctt. Former chairman of the bourd of the Bahrein Putrolcum Co., arid its distributor, California Texas Oil Co., Moffctt said Hie Navy paid SI.05 0 barrel fcr oil which the British got for 10 cents. A S;: at CERTIFIED pl s aencf r Grade'A'D. & P. L No. 14 Cleaned Treated New Sucks Purity 99.5 Germination 85% LIMITED $*)Aft PER SUPPLY /yy TON Jr ROSELAND GIN CO. Rosclcnd, Ark. - Twenty spices nre contained in curry powder, principal ingredient of'India's popular dish, curry. FARM LOANS RAY WORTHINGTON Tune In Prudential Frosraro Sonday at 4 p.m. over WHEC Serving This bcrllun lor HI Vcaw 115 So. 3rd Blythcviile, Ark. 'For Work Done Right' Cold Storage for Furs and Woolens NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Geologists read "the record of the rocks", reconstrucl the Hq-s!ory of a mountain. Consumers read "the rec- >rd" of products from their >rand names. The brand lame of a responsible man- ifacturer stands • lor good <juality and value, backed by experience and research. PLANTERS HARDWARE CO., Ino 12B W. Malu 1'tone 515 on the Job BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL. CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFlCE^ NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 NOT/CE TO THE PUBLIC I -*" -< '*! [4; AH debtors to (.ho estate of Dr. C. C. Stevens may >: pay llieir accounts at Ilubbard Furniture Company >• . . . books will be held open thare until all accounts j| arc cleared. Please pay promptly, as W e would Iik« | to settle estate as soon as possible. >i >i Mrs. C. C. Stevens I siMl»soH'sMTifiliiCi»i!Fi • Almost every hour io the <fa y you will find a Rood use for the "Jeep" as a truck, light tractor, runabout or mobile power unit. With its mighty Willys-Overland • Jeep Engine and powerful 4-whecl-Jriv*, you can RO most anywhere in a "Jeep,", on or off the road . . .la ia»r weather or ID CouU Get a ''Jeep" on the job. It will pul! plows, bark OW i*'J^ ,J Sj mn ° wcrv > '<?*' 5,500-lb. irailcd pay loads; haul 800 Ibs. The ''Jeep'! will carry men and sooh <"*oss town or to hard-to-get-at places in a. jiffy. Wherever it goes, its power take-off is ready to run your machinery right pa the job. Come and see v the amaanglj versatile 4-purpose ''jeep'! ca'a 101 you- - . **/ (•purpose ! 'jeep'! ca'a do «f IKf MIGHTY 'lltf AT MOTOR COMPANY Formerly HOLLY MOTOR CO. POOLE, Owner and Operator .. , Sfeelc, Mp. The new and even bigger-looking, better-looking Chevrolet lor 194> is the only car in its field with all these Big-Car advantages: Big-Car beauty, comfort and safely of Body by Fisher Big-Carriding-smoothness end road- steadiness of Unitized Knee-Action Moreover, in addition to being the only car that brings you all these enviable features of BIG- CAR QUALITY AT LOWEST COST, Chevrolet also stands out as the /owesf-pricea 1 line of cars in itt fieldi * nV iV . Place ond keep your order with us for a new Chevrolef— product of America's largest builder of motor cars. Meanwhile, let us give you skilled service on your present car now and at regular intervals. Big-Car performance and dependability of a Valve-in-Head Thrift-Master Engine Big-Car safety of Positive-Action Hydraulic Brakes 301 W. Walnut LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Phone 578 Under Management of t.l Stanley Keller 1 Curb Service — Open 24 Hours Fresh Seafood Steaks'— Chicken — Chops — Bar-b-quc Hot' Biscuits Truck Drivers Welcome HOT SHOWERS LOUNGING LET US FILL YOUR CAR WITH QUALITY GAS — WHILE YOU EAT! ftA^AAA ^>^:*:>:>~»:>:>:>:>::»:>:x>:>:>:>;>:>;; t: : > ;> : >; :t:>:>:>:> : >: . t:> ..,-...-..«,..«..,..»-. *. Ofl«r> maket it poitibU for on* man to load and unload whcrolwo would ise b« requirtd. . .-. ^ Arlual accidtnt «xperi«nce hat j P'avtd lh» iaf«lr leatvrct of then 1 ItaVprocf and iptflproot Tanlii. £x* ' We hove the l ypo o ( danger «Ignal| Ihol will hm , crve your opl!ro! ; on . Con be putctioied individually or in boxed t«u. DELTA IMPLEHEHTS Inc. 312 South 2nd Phone 863

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