Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada on April 11, 1986 · Page 22
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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 22

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Friday, April 11, 1986
Page 22
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22A Reno Gazette-Journal Friday, April 11, 1986 Weather latest forecastsweather 786 61 f Road 793-13 13 Aviation 3WM8Q JSeatpc broadcast 162 55 mhz Nevada forecasts RENO-CARSON CITY AREA Today cloudy with highs 62 to 67 and winds 10 to 20 mph. Tonight: cloudy with chance ot ram by morning Low 33 to 38. Saturday: windy with a chance ot rain. Highs 48 to 53 Snow level near 6.000 teet LAKE TAHOE AREA Today: cloudy with highs 53 to 63 and west winds 10 to 20 mph Tonight: cloudy wiih a chance ot rain by morning Lows in the 20s Snow level near lake level. Saturday: windy with scattered snow showers Highs in the 40s. NORTHWEST NEVADA Today: cloudy with highs 58 to 68 and winds S to 15 mph. Tonight: cloudy with a chance ot rain. Saturday: windy with a Chance of rain. Highs 45 to 55. Snow level near valley Door. NORTHEAST NEVADA Today: cloudy with highs 55 to 65 and winds 5 to 15 mph. Tonight: cloudy with lows 30 to 40. Saturday windy with a Chance ot ram Highs 45 to 55. Snow level near valley floor. SOUTH CENTRAL NEVADA Today: cloudy with highs 62 to 72 and winds 10 to 20 mph. Tonight: cloudy with lows 28 to 38 Saturday: windy with a chance ot ram. Highs in the 50s Snow level near 6.5O0 teet EXTREME SOUTHERN NEVADA Today cloudy with highs 52 to 67 and winds 10 to 20 mph. Tonight: cloudy with a chance ot ram by morning Lows 33 to 38. Saturday: windy with a chance ot rain. Highs 48 to 53. Snow level near 6,000 teet California forecasts SAN FRANCISCO BAY REGION Today: low clouds and tog becoming mostly sunny inland Highs in the 60s and 70s and winds to IS mph. Tonight and Saturday: cloudy with scattered showers. Lows in the 40s and 50s and highs in the 50s and 60s. SACRAMENTO VALLEY Today mostly Sunny with highs in the 60s and 70s and winds to 15 mph. Tonight: cloudy with a chance ol ram in the north and tows in the 40s and 50s. Saturday: cloudy with scattered showers and highs In the 60s NORTHEAST CALIFORNIA Today partly cloudy with highs 55 to 65 and winds to IS mph. Tonight: cloudy with a chance ol ram and tows in the 30s. Snow level near 6.000 teet. Saturday cloudy with scattered showers Snow level near 5 000 teet NORTHERN SIERRA NEVADA Today: mostry sunny with increasing southwest winds Tonight and Saturday: cloudy with some showers. Snow level between 6,000 and 7,000 leet. SOUTHERN SIERRA NEVADA Today: mostry sunny. Tonight: fair. Saturday cloudy with a chance ot showers. Snow level near 7.000 leet. OWENS VALLEY Today and Tonight: cloudy with highs in the 70 and tows in the 30s. Winds to 30 mph Saturday partly cloudy with a chance of showers and highs in the 60s. Winds to 30 mph. Snow above 7.000 teet. Almanac Normal high this date J Normal low tfti Oat 28 Temperatures koto nign inurvur ot o--.iif.i Reno low TKurvJay M Precipitation M.on 1S ftii oar 72 Last J4 hour, (ending at 4 p.m.).. 0 00 Low mi rh.i datt 37 July 1 to oale 1 77 Record high tor date1848 M Lat year to oat 4 tS Record low for dale 1SJ II Normal 4 11 Full Last Otr. New frrst Otr. rs n r aa Aprfl 24 Apr! 30 ?May x& Apr 17 SunTomorrow Rie i ll a m. Set 14 p m. MoonTomorrow Rise 1 01 a m. Set 10 21 p m. JrOlillUOn IriaeX Air Index phone 785-5595 Thursday s lev....,. 42 Today s forecast Moderate 0 100 1200 1300 uood Modvjie unneaitniui Hazardous Very Hazardous Water storage Reservoir Present level Capacity Stamped 2JS.00O acre feet 203.495 acre leet Protver 30.000 acre feet 9.V32 acre feet Boc, 40.870 acre feet 30.232 acre feet Lake Tahoe elevat.on 4.22V 1 feet 4 221 33 feet YesterdayToday" .Eureka V (YWv48 'WV Wlnnemucea Elko tjlV4a ' V fYWOi "Redding Seville hM Au,,ln U Fallon S V Sacramento '(isv'JJ fnTtwa 1 k h)772 SoA.kaT.hoa. Toh Calfnta rs.n Francisco Bishop " . i sjSanJosa Fresno' ' (Ts V-M fl VTti M7749 tY)7V1 ' Vv"Y -TiSS iV I TV BaksrsfleW ' - rW vOK C745 Palm Springs y V )l Yesterdays "8 temperatures brTj fRS u.fl nfac iiur Ul!lrtvsi rrrrrm C-C4 SB 34 000 i "Ti I rpl il'1 M 36 00O rx(UM 40000 'l. I1 I feroo. 57 320 JO Sk-ana W J10J0 BmOvm Hwnm 71 42 0 00 VtgnaC 64 40 0 JO SmHMi rtn vfcaj 80 31 - OMm 64 3 000 UvCt, 71 34 000 rmoDit TO sggo Tum UMuk 60 44 CM - KOJO - S00O 62 20 J) Key (Yesterday)HiA.O(Pcp) (Today)Hin.O National temperatures Thumin Ciorenne V 11 coy InaKMOOiit 40 X cir PmoaOr MM n Ttmptrelurtt IndicaU Cno 40 J tir JxvM H 4 ce Pro-am il ,n preeul4y'si('4nooverniM Cincimli 44 V or Knuivll r) 41 CO .k 41 (U looleSpm PS I CvinO )1 33 cay Junuv IS JO ( ap-aCity 4) 12 coy HI La Odk CimMSC 4 M cir KmwnCity 41 IS clr tKMnond U 41 lr Albny NY 41 14 Hi ClmM.OA 41 it Clr lmiKx 4 coy Slteu 44 W cir Albuqu 71 40 cdy Cncra.N H SO 31 rn Louiloilw 41 31 cir TmpSiPt 7) SI ctfy Anurill 41 34 clr DH4t 44 S3 cdy Lux n t) Clr S4HtM 40 cdy Ancnorgt M 12 w Drnin S4 )l clr Mmon, n 4 Cdy UnAnwo 40 S3 cdy AVwviiw S clr Denver 41 40 cdy A.m, 71 SI cir Sii'r 17 31 cdy Aiuflte 44 37 cdy 0vMonn 4 11 cdy MdinoOdu tS 4S cdy Sn S3 M rn Atint,cOy 47 M cdy Oeirwl 41 14 clr ,iwMt S H cir Sxrrvtoort 71 SI cdy Austin 54 SI Cdy Ovium 41 14 cdy Men S'rul 43 14 cdy Svir-iit 47 M cdy iimere m 34 cir E'Pmo 13 44 cdy Ntfviie 44 W cir SoMn SS 34 rn Biinncjt 44 4S rn Emv.ll 3 31 clr NeOr)nt M SI cdy Sracue 37 31 m Brmnonm 70 14 cdy Firt4nu 14 n) clr hrayork 44 41 cat Toc 44 3S Cdy Bivnarck 47 U cdy F4rgo 44 33 cdy Norfolk v SI C clr Twwn I so cdy Boe 4S 41 rn Fiwitft 41 11 cdy NorWPKtit 43 14 cdy Tuna 44 4S cdy Boiion SI 41 m OmaRpdt SO 30 clr OtitCty M m cdy WtVongiori SO C cir InmnlK 14 41 Cdy G'Mtf4in 43 3S tn 0"tru 47 40 cdy n,n m cdy Buffalo 34 It rn Gmuo N C S 33 cir Orlando 7) S3 cdy Brr 40 33 Cdy Bnnom.VI 4) IS V Hrord 48 41 m Ptiidipna SI M cdy in"iO 41 34 coy C4ier 41 17 cdy Hewn 44 31 vi Pnornn H it coy Clr ctMr.cOy cloudy, rn rain. Cnrnun.SC 48 47 cir Honolulu 73 44 cir PimOurgn M Jl cay m mit'fl, tn no. hit Chrme.N C 44 17 clr Mom ton it cdy Prttnd.AAt S3 37 rn run Global temperatures Iwraday Temperaturt!andie!htr conditiomfrom midnignt to mid nigM on prevovt 04y HlUWttv AmittrtMm Bangkok BartuotH Beioadt Btrlin Bermuda Bogota Bruueit 43 37 cdy S II clr 14 75 cay 43 S3 cdy 37 14 m 73 44 cdy 41 44 cdy 44 31 Cdy B Aires C4iary C4races Copenhagen Dublin Havana Helsinki Hongkong Istanbul 30 burg Kiev Lima Lisbon 75 44 cdy 57 y cir 8 70 cdy SO 34 cdy 4) 37 cdy 80 71 cdy 34 74 Clr 74 71 Cdy 43 43 cdy 44 41 Clr 75 cdy 75 44 cir S7 17 cir London 43 V Cdy nadr.d 54 cir Manna 4S n clr MaiicoCify 81 S4 clr Montreal 45 17 cdy Mokow 37 14 cdy Nauau 18 30 clr NeoDeiht 44 48 clr Ncov4 78 41 cir OHO 44 17 cir ff 41 37 cdy 70 43 clr Bo 41 04 cdy Rome $4 SO rn San Juan Santiago SeoPeulO Saoul Singapore SnXknoim Sydney Ta pn Toaro Toronto Vancouver V enna iftaru 85 73 84 43 10 31 77 71 cdy 45 clr 48 cdy SO Clr 73 rn 34 cdy 41 cir 71 clr $7 cir 34 Cdy 41 cOy 45 Clr 44 clr The forecast tor todsy FirsiriPr W h 75 47ptcidy (V(rT ( ljr5rfl BcMiwsy 58 32 sunny V VTiVJj T--llXi5s:;i P" 37 snwrs V C vATITRT 5 KKtVjrfi 43 36 shvvrs 7C TJ-J r-i Cj ' L Xthtcago : 58 30 sunny SO Lf f 55 35 sunny aoVj J? DetloWFortWorth 75 2 II 31 Fronts: Warn m m Cold yvarmcow tronn I Siatonary Traveler's forecast Today Tomorrow 52 cloudy 5 ptcldy 40 sunny 39 ptcldy m lo m Lo Honolulu 78 68 windy Phoenix 84 61 cloudy 78 68 windy 83 6t cloudy Las Vegas 82 55 fair Portland, Ore. 57 37 ram 80 56 fair 55 43 rain Los Angevtee 71 55 ptcldy Salt Lake City 64 42 fair 68 56 ptcldy 58 45 cloudy Miami 79 57 ptcldy San Franctaco 72 52 sunny 81 63 fair 67 52 sunny MptsSLPaut 65 37 sunny Seattle 52 41 ram 59 39 ptcldy 51 41 shwrs New York 46 37 cloudy Washington 51 37 cloudy 49 36 ptcldy 59 39 sunny Battle groups joining From paga 1A Its ambassador to Tripoli. In Madrid, a torw Ministry spokesman said that Ambassador Kieardo iVydro was being brought home for consultations about Kha-dafy'a reported threat to attack nations that are fast to U.S. military facilities. Several major bases in tpain support U S, operations and could play a role a an attack against Libya. By joining forces in the Tyrrhenian Sea northwe. of Sicily, the U.S. battle groups accompanying the aircraft carriers Coral Sea and America were ass.iv bling in a convenient staging area no more than o days' distance from the central Mediterranean aa north of Libya. However, even off Sicily, the fightts and bombers attached to the two 6th Fleet carriw would be within striking range of Libya if refueled t the air. In the military confrontation between the Uniht States and Libya two weeks ago. the two carriers, alori with the carrier Saratoga, edged toward the disputeo Gulf of Sidra before beginning previously announced' night operations. The Saratoga is now headed home ta May port, Fla. That exercise unfolded slowly and in a carefully cor structed set of steps to assert the United States' clairt that international maritime law allows it to navigaU freely in the gulf beyond 12 miles from the Libyat coast. Any new operation, however, would require even more precision but would most likely be conducted with considerably less warning, with surprise playing a key role. Until specific orders are received, the America was said by a Pentagon official to be "meandering" in the Tyrrhenian Sea while awaiting the Coral Sea to join it. The America had canceled a port visit to Cannes, on the French Riviera, and the Coral Sea was given orders to extend its deployment indefinitely, rather than begin a final exercise and then return to Norfolk, Va., after a six-month deployment. The Navy said that the America, carrying an 85-air-plane force made up of F-H Tomcat fighters and A-6 and A-7 attack aircraft, was the centerpiece of a 10-ship battle group that includes cruisers, destroyers and frigates. The Coral Sea, carrying 75 airplanes, most of them F-A-18 Hornet fighter-bombers, was escorted by seven other ships. In addition, five amphibious ships carrying approximately 2,000 Marines were on station in the Mediterranean, but one Pentagon officer said "they're not players" in any contemplated operation. A number of support ships, carrying fuel and supplies, were also arrayed in the region. The Navy said that it considered two carriers the minimum needed for an attack. "It gives you the ability to counter a multi-axis threat," one officer said. While inisisting that he knew of no specific plans, he said that the formation of the battle groups and the scathing criticism of Khadafy coming from administration officials led him to believe that "this one looks like we're going in and hitting," rather than probing the Gulf of Sidra as the aircraft and several vessels did on March 24 and 25. During that operation. Navy jets responded to missile attacks by Soviet -supplied SAM-5s by firing on a missile-guiding radar unit at Sirte. In addition, at least two Libyan missile boats were sunk by the Navy. The Sirte missile site was repaired, Pentagon officials said, and a second site at Benghazi to the east across the Gulf of Sidra was said by a Navy source Thursday to be so close to operational status that the Navy would consider it a threat. Two weeks ago, the Navy jets encountered little difficulty in dealing with the SAM-Ss, striking their radar with high-speed, anti-radiation missiles fired from a distance of 40 to 60 miles, the Navy said. As portrayed by military officials, a strike against an inland target would most likely begin with an attack on the missile sites, using missiles against the radar antennas and bombs against the missiles and launchers, to strip away the first line of Libyan air defense. That would be followed quickly by a second wave of airplanes targeting Libyan airfields with iron bombs to destroy runways or aircraft still on the grouni. The Libyan air force includes Soviet-built MiG-23 ani MiG-25 fighters, some of them fiown by Syrian pilots. "They're not flying clunkers," an Air Force officer said. Reno budget From paga 1A is running for a U.S. congressional seat. . Some council members welcomed the reprieve from making a decision. "We're not going to make a decision (on layoffs) until the last possible moment," Vice Mayor Dave Howard said. "There's not going to be a decision made until possibly Tuesday night," when the public hearing on the budget is scheduled. Later in the day, Fire Chief Richard Minor presented his department's budget-balancing recommendations, which include the layoffs of eight firefighters and dismantling of a ladder company. Minor said the loss could force the department to reduce the number of units that respond to a typical house fire. The Police and Fire departments make up more than half the proposed $39.5 million general fund budget. As a result, they have been forced to take the brunt of the cutbacks. Moreover, because most of their money goes to personnel, officials say layoffs are almost inevitable. Bradshaw said he may be able to avoid some layoffs because of attrition between now and July 1, when the fiscal year starts. But the council needs to make a number of tough decisions long before then. The city must submit a balanced budget to the state Department of Taxation no. later Bally takeover From page 1A Grand-Las Vegas has 137 table games and 1,017 slot machines in its 62,500-square-foot casino. The hotel names will chang? to Bally's Grand-Reno and Bally's Grand-Las Vegas. Board chairman Barton Jacka said the state is investigating and acting on the license application in sections because of pressure from the two giant corporations to meet certain deadlines. "This has been one of the most difficult applications I have participated in," Jacka said. "This has truly been a learning experience. In my years of public life people know that I am willing to experiment with new ideas. I have experimented with a bifurcated investigation and I will not do it again. But it has been a thorough investigation and no stones were unturned to my knowledge." The board imposed more than a dozen conditions on the Bally gambling license. One requires that Dorothy Attanasio must Jpke an immediate leave of absence than May 1, and city staff members have recommended deep personnel cuts to bring expenditures in line with projected revenues. The city's latest budget estimate predicts general fund revenues out of which most city services are funded of $39.5 million, compared to this year's $42 6 million. Recently imposed cutbacks, such as the closure of the Raleigh Heights fire station, have contributed to an expected surplus of $1.9 million for this fiscal year. But without layoffs in the police, fire and public works departments or some other alternative devised by the council the city faces a $1.1 million deficit next fiscal year, officials said. With layoffs, Acting City Manager Julie Betz and Acting Finance Director Bruce Brooks have projected a surplus next year of $147,000, barely enough to meet contingencies. Bradshaw said the situation in the Police Department worsened in the last few days because of two things: A possible contract settlement with the Reno Police Protective Association, the union that represents rank-and-file police officers, and loss of funding for the privately run Civil Protective Custody program, a detoxification center for people arrested for intoxication. He said the settlement with the RPPA could cost the city about $150,0C0 more than it budgeted. He would not say what that budgeted amount was. as executive vice president of Bally's Park Place casino in Atlantic City and file an application for a finding of suitability in Nevada by April 17. Another requires that Richard Gillman, 54, chief executive officer of the Park Place, stay out of Nevada and exert no influence on the Bally Grands in Nevada until the state completes its investigation. Jacka refused to be specific on problems discovered by Nevada investigators relating to Attanasio and Gillman. Attorney Keith Lee, representing Attanasio, said it probably involved a New Jersey grand jury probe into alleged kickbacks. He said the grand jury probe was completed in 1982 and that Attanasio learned a year later that her name was mentioned during the proceedings. He said she was not a target. Lee said since then Attanasio has been granted a gambling license by New Jersey that was renewed and he is confident she can be approved in Nevada. But a Nevada gaming source indicates a state grand jury probe involving Attanasio still is under way in New Jersey and that Nevada agents found out about it 7 But he said union leaders have been told that the shortfall may have to be made up by laying off up to five officers, who eacn cost the city roughly $30,000 a year. Association President Ron Dreher could not be reached for comment. Association members are reportedly voting on the contract today. Bradshaw said the detox center, run by the Northern Area Substance Abuse Council, reduces the burden on the already overcrowded city jail, where drunks would otherwise have to be taken. The center this year received $50,000 from the city's general fund, something the city cannot afford next year, officials say. Instead, the department has asked for $75,000 in federal Community Development Block Grant funds. But this week the Citizens Policy Planning Advisory Commission, which reviews block grant applications, recommended cutting that allocation to $4,900, Bradshaw said. He said the money could be made up by laying off three additional officers. Commission chairwoman Martha Gold could not be reached for comment. The police chief said he considers the center essential. Without it, the city could be opening itself up to lawsuits because of jail overcrowding. "I really feel very strongly that that program has to continue if we're going to maintain some control over our liability," Bradshaw said. only through their investigative work rather than cooperation from Bally or officials in New Jersey. . James Rochford, vice president of corporate affairs and government regulations for Bally Manufacturing Corp., was criticized by board member Mike Rum-bolz for hiding a file in his desk drawer, which apparently related to the grand jury probe. Rochford, former Chicago chief of police, denied the allegation. "It was not a file but a memo to myself based on rumor and hearsay," said an angry Rochford. "Your investigators never asked me for anything specific. If they had asked they would have got it immediately." Board member Guy Hillyer said he would oppose the Bally application unless the conditions regarding Attanasio and Gillman were imposed. The control board recommended approval of applications Thursday for Bally Manufacturing Corp.; Bally Intermediate Sub. Inc., composed of six companies; Bally's Grand Inc.; Grand Resorts Inc. doing business as Bally's Grand-Las Vegas; and Reno Resorts Inc. doing business as Bally's Grand-Reno. i Nuclear test From page 1A U.S. arsenal and to develop warheads for new weapons. Thursday night, on Soviet television news, political observer Valentin Zorin repeated Gorbachev's remarks of March 29 when the Soviet leader said U.S. failure to halt its tests would end the moratorium, Bohlen reported. "We regret it, but we will be forced to do so, since we cannot forgo our own security and that of our allies," said Zorin, quoting Gorbachev. And a commentator on the nightly television news program, Vremya, said the U.S. test would force renewed Soviet nuclear testing. "The explosion in Nevada is another demonstration of the (Reagan) administration's criminal contempt of the calls of the United States and world public to join in the Soviet Union's moratorium on all nuclear explosions," Tass stated. "The April explosion . . . can be seen as the United States crossing of the 'nuclear Rubicon,' which, unlike the historical precedent, attests not to the present administration's resolution but to its moral and political weakness and its unwillingness to take the first step to bridling the arms race in the past five years." Last month, after eight U.S. tests while the Soviet Union conducted none, Gorbachev announced that he would resume testing if the United States exploded another weapon after March 31. A Tass military expert said Thursday's Cocaine case From page 1A one person (with a) minimum of a kilo, then we're talking." A kilogram of cocaine, worth an estimated $50,000, amounts to about 2.2 pounds. Later in the conversation with the agent, Rueckl allegedly said, "If I'm going to get into trouble, it's going to be for something worth it." White also waived off allegations of agent misconduct, claiming if they hadn't caught Rueckl, the 36-year-old skin-cancer surgeon would have had an opportunity "to expand his drug-related, criminally disposed and rapacious propensities." White asked Reed to deny a pretrial hearing concerning the allegations of misconduct and entrapment. White also denied Rueckl's rights were violated because agents allegedly explosion does not mean that the Soviets will end efforts for a ban on all nuclear testing. Gorbachev has said that progress toward such an agreement is one of his goals for the next summit with Reagan. The U.S. test, planning for which began almost two years ago, had been scheduled Tuesday, the day that Reagan received Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin for his farewell visit and a discussion about the next summit. The shot was delayed because of technical problems reportedly in electrical circuits, according to sources. A delay Wednesday was attributed to weather, more technical problems and the presence of anti-nuclear protesters on the 1,300-square-mile test site. Thursday, DOE officials said 22 protesters were at the site's main entrance when the explosion occurred at 6:08 a.m. PST, two hours earlier than expected. Authorities reported more than 100 arrests during three days of protests at the site. Another underground test is scheduled next week, and one is planned for April 23-25, informed sources said. The latter is expected to test the reliability of a weapon under production and a new on-site monitoring system called Cortex, used to measure the yield of the explosion. Last month, Reagan invited Gorbachev to send scientists to the latter test to observe the monitoring device. Reagan said then that acceptance of his invitation could lead toward ratification of the 1974 threshold test ban treaty. In a recent speech, Gorbachev said he would not send observers. Washington Post dragged their feet in bringing the doctor before a federal magistrate after the Jan. 24 arrest. He said agents allowed Rueckl to call his doctor's office staff and send them home early to avoid embarrassment during a search. And under instructions from Reed, agents did not seize Rueckl's patient fiies, a dictate by the judge to avoid unnecessary publicity for those unrelated to the case. Also charged in the case are Delbert G. Loose, 37, Sun Valley, and Delbert Garri-gan, 34, Reno. Rueckl is charged with 13 counts in the indictment, while Loose and Garrigan are charged with five counts each. The trio are specifically charged with trying to sell 1.5 ounces of cocaine to a drug agent, although a pound of cocaine was found at Garrigan's Incline Village home when he was arrested. Rueckl's father, Dr. Frank Rueckl, is a prominent Reno gynecologist. 4 1

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