The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 18, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 18, 1930
Page 7
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1030 Fascist! and White Band Arc New Advocates of Caucasian Supremacy. Hy MOKIHS DK HAVEN TKACV United ]>TPSS Stall Corrrsiiondeiit ATLANTA, Ga. (UP)-Time are :!l least three nngniily.ntions in oie ycullt today around which racial agitation is centered. They are [lie American Fascist! Order of niactahlrls, Hie wiiite Hand of Caucasian Crusaders and the Kit Klux Klan. For ihe moment, the American Fascist! appear the most, active. Tlie White Hand perhaps is next, ami Die KII KHix Klan t,ecms Inn a shadow nf its former self. :tlthou»h no one Is entirely certain as to its exnc' .•arc-net)) or the cldinile sunns of its piesent activity. . All three of these organi/nlion^ linve headquarleis in Atlanta invl the nrst two undoubtedly center llu'ir rr.ain strciifth. whaic-vcr it is in that city, -flic Ku Klux K! ;l 'n maintains ils organization In otti«r states foul seldom shows its hanil While Die other two organiratiou-- nnke rniher Indefinile claims as to their slrrit|;lli outsiilu of ihr- Georgia capital. Three weeks in tin.' South failed to reveal to this writer definite proof of ihelr activity elsewhere. niaeksliirts Are Active The American Fascist! is Ihc yr.mijjesl of (lie three. It si 111 is in the formative process and it', application for :i charter as an organization "to inculcate and los- ler in the minds of ils numbers nnil the public generally, white MI- premacy" is still pending -in the courts. It claims to have -15.000 applications tor membership "which are being acted upon as rapidly a 1 ; possible." Tis membeistiip. " like that of the old Klan, is largely secret; ils meetings are secret: and the only officer whose name is known to Hie public is H. J. oe- wimier. spokesman for the "adjutant-general's" office. II. A. Gordon, H. S. Giilledge and H. J. Gc- vlnner applied for the organizg- lion's charter. It issues Its public communications after the fashion of military orders. The membership is open to any male, white citizen over the a^e ol 18 "regardless of religion or creed." "All one needs." fiti organizer said, "is a white skin, a white bean and n black shirt." , When the organization make. 1 pi:blic appearances its members ""MSir'th'e black shirts of the Hal. Fascist!.. .. ; """" Seek Negroes Jobs The Association aimed its firs', blows against communism, bir. soon turned to ibe negro. Now ic is holding frefpient meetings in Atlanta, with crowds said to number 1.500 or more. Speakers'.harangue these gatherings denouncing the employment of negroes while while men are idle, make fiery statements on the race question and condemn communism at the same time. It has begun a campaign to "gc! jobs for white men" and claims io m,YTHEVILI,E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS JA Study in Good Footwork around Senator Thomas Hefllrt In Ills campaign for re-election. There are reports of minor activities In Mississippi, Gioruia and Tennessee, lint for Hie present it Is noi so vluili'iu in ils public manifestations as either the American PIIK- clsii ur the white band. Song Hrouglit Wide Fame lo the 'Lillle llrown in ihe'Valc SISTER. MARY'S KITCHEN «V SISTER MAIIV Nothing can excel sweet plekles for fiirbMiIni; up an nilierwist ordinary meal. 'Hie simplest jiK-m dish gains •/mi mill no relishUray ?ecms complete without Its ,cO(n- iiarlnu'nl of sivcet pickles. [ ' , Nearly all Ibe fruits and' pinny if l!ie i'tiit-tablr-s lead tliomiclvcs In (his itielhod of pre;ervini;. Carand cucumbers are most delicious of (lie vceelable.s.-Car- rut.': r.-.'tain llielr color und are dt'uiraeliv lo Mirve. 'I°tii>y are easier lo rnaki' than cucuniter on account of their n; lural dimness of texture. Unbss : 'cucumber:! are in Hie iluhl. slate of maturity, lliey art- upt, lo l><eomu •cilt and mushy. Heels, .small When it's a qncsgon of acrobatics, the backyard team composed of Julinitne and Helen Schmidt of Seattle can furnish thrills just like the regular stage acrobats. The sisters took up acrobatics as children, and are shown here demoaslrating one of their stunts. Julianne is the one who supplies ihe leg work in this exercise. have displaced 500 negroes in Al- i a false, unnatural and im"odly rc- 1 ""' 1 : '"""' "" '"• "•'"•- lisio-social. shallow sentimental- •sm most unwisely Indulged In toy so nianv unthinking white people. ... All of which rapidly tends to Irce, intin-.ale social contact, then a short step to s;xim! intermixing, blooti adulteration, mental and moral degeneracy, cultural disintegration, racial wreck and ruin, with nothing gained, but all lost withou: hep? of redemption—lost in the fathomless depths of the sea of the business houses with white help. • It Is maintained that threat of boycott is used to obtain thk end when persuasion does not work The "jobs for white men" campaign is popular wilh many white working men because unemployment among them is serious at present. In fact, in the absence of definite figures, responsible Allan- tans are of the opinion thai the percentage of unemployment is greater among whiles than nmoii'j j sin unpardonable." negroes. , T j le organization preaches tha* The White Band of Caucasian Crusaders is headed by William Joseph Simmons, organizer of the Ku Klux Klan. He began forming it soon after Dr. Hiram W. Evans I forced Simmons to relinquish 10 I him control of the Klan. It is dc- I scribed by Simmons as "osscntial- ij.yjinn fundamentally air ethnic.01- TTricial movement of the white man." ! Simmons Tells Prosi-am ! Again quoting Simmons the or- I ganization finds Ihe negro "ho.'| been given lull social, political, industrial and economic privileges along with the white man. by virtue of fanatical, farcial Hnd bastard legislation, political perfidy and sectional social sanction." "He is constantly urged and in- "the only hope remaining to the while man is for him to combine, unite, lo organise himself without political and sectarian considera- iions for self-protection of his blood, his interest and his breed." But bayund agitation by propaganda for the moment there is little sign oMhe-white band-inking concrete action in specific cases. It's M'ork seems largely by preachment. Those who sliare" none or the views of the extreme "ivhite supremacy" agitators and hope to keep the peace between the races feel thai the preachments, however, are a powerful factor in stirring antagonism. The Kn Klux Klan, it seems generally agreed, has done mile of louuUc?s uuil ripe small ! ellow lomiitocs tan be used U> mak '. ap- ixlni; and colorful sweet p ckles They nil arc excellent far Ishea for ivinlcr .salads. Fi^/h. canned or dried fruit be used. This makes II possl le lo make siveet pickles at any, time during the year and not only' when the fresh trulls are ava lablt. Melon rinds should be added 13 the list, and In a season. when fruits and vcselables are generally they should not be overlooked. Canned pineapple ts exlriortll- narily good when prepared In picklliiB syiup. Cut the sll< wedyes and pour boiling syru; Ihe fruit for three successive mornings, fruit and syrup are brought. lo the boiling point and put. into sterilized jars and i.?alcd. Fresh plums, pears. Caches, apples and Ihe seedless • grapes • ore good put up in a sweet pickling syrnp. Any fruit which is plckl?ri ivith the skin or rind on .•should be well pierced over the cnlirc surface. The time for cooking fruits In the syrup varies. The fruit can P.? cooked until tender in clear water and simmered In tho picking syrup until transparent or the whole cooking process can b? done-in the syrup The pickled material should be tender and clear but firm and unbroken. Pouring the syrup over Hie fruit or vegelab!.? for several mornings in succession insures an unbroken pickle but prolongs the lime of preparation. "' The same general rule for picking syrup con be used for almost any variety of fruit or vegetable. The spices can be varied but til? pro portions of sugar and vinegar re main the same. The spices are used whole and tied in a small clvjfsccloth bug is clear, unclouded pickles arc wanted. Ground or powdered spices darken the syrup and discolor the fruit. j spired to take full advantage ol t late. In Alabama it was a factor i nil these ill-accorded privileges," j most observers agreed, in the re- i according to Simmons, "by educa tional methods and activities anil cent primary campaign and probably will rally some strength You can read between the lines mild (not strong or harsh) better taste (good tobaccos . .. skilful blending) ONE will always stand out! © I < MO,Lrccr.rr& MVFBS TOBACCO Co. the diiiidi annually and H lias become <if Cupid's favorites, some sot) couples behiK marrle:! tlieie cMt-li year. Mnrrlusjc fee 1 ; r,i to pay lor tl:n upkeep of the I'lUMTll. claims lo be 110 years old and'Ij a former slave. Smoking one of the pleasures. Sl'IIIXfi UISAl'I'KAHS ' S/U.ZKIllKi. Aii.slrln, (UP) — Hmall c.inii ircmoi.s In Western Ausiua. 11 hlch occurred shortly al'.'T ilif disastrous July carlh- i[iNik.'.s :u Iiiiiy, muted tlie natural .•.prii»! iilnrli [r,r years lias fiiip- plu'd M:i- w.itrv at OH. Sanatorium fliali-iiliiif n.MI St. Veil to disappear U'.U.K* ON la.. (UI'J—"If trouble s lo you just put. It lair [ili'i yn'ir f,-oi und walk on it." Mania ' Hal Mi-, sH]., OIIIM- who wl'ili to If-arn Hie n-cn-t of luniicvlty. She 11 •<&] u plp«' U'>j negro woman's chief "\ porlanl Austrian railway lines'"the train conductors arc' administrative decree lo act (is tel- cjjrnph clerks sliould any nassen- ter core to send a message nolj exceeding H words lir length. This decree went into force nil Sepl first. . •'•» 666 itellrvrs a ilrAilache or, NemlrU In 30 miiiu'lfs, rhecks a Cold the lirsl day, and checks Mafirla In Mine ilajrs. , • •»',, • <><>li ;i!sfl in Tahlefa - •'; Alxivp, "'Mn' I.lllli- llnm-ii CMmrc h-In Mil- Vali-'": In-low, an Inli-ib* vlfw .showing (lit iilil-fa-Jilnnril box -JICHS ami lirnisrnc lamps Installnl 'There's a church in the valli-y by ! Ihe wlldwood. No lovelier spot in the dale— No place Is so dear to my childhood As the Little Brown Church in ihe Vule." Thus goes the sweet, old song that has made "The Little Drown Church in the Vale," located in northeastern Iowa 111 the beautiful -filar river valle.v. one of the mosi famous places of worship In the "oild. ' A small, wealhcr-beaieii structure, palmed a dull brown, wilh Us stubby, squnre belfry half hidden by a cluster of oaks and pines, the church still looks as it did when 11 was dedicated In 18G4 by Ihe itii.ggllng congregation of pioneers who had contributed the lumber, logs and slonc. But today the church Is a shrine, visited yearly by thousands who are lined by the song which I he liny church Inspired Ur. William R Pills, a physician, lo willc mmv Ilinn a half ci'nlury :\KII. The words were first sun" by Dr Pills hiHorc his weekly singing class in IBC-I. The Hireling house. -M by 32 feel In stye, was then known as Ihe "Congregational Chinch of Bradford." but thcnamo was changed lo "The LIKSe Urtnvn Church In the Vale. 1 ' ns the tune became popular. The first paslor was Ilcv. John K. Nulling, ivhos? salary was paid in funn products. Bradford, then n thriving ri'iile- mem, hiss since passed n\vny airl the nearest town Is NaOvm. a few miles distant. Moved by the song's reaction on Ibe llltlr group al Bradford. Dr. Pills look It to r, Chicago publisher, who promptly bought It. Bonn it was being smig nt Ihe endr, of the earth, it lias been translated into several foreign lanjuaqcsanil oftrn is, broadcast ,by radio. Upwards ol SO.Ofld persons visil Miss Seeing THIS YEAR'S Mid-South Fair MEMPHIS •SEPTEMBER 20-27 Hnlf-Fnre Railway Rates on AH Railroads Entering Memphis September 23-24-25 Reduced Rates On All Other Days SEK THE BOOTH'S GREATEST ANNUAL EXHIBITION Featuring This Year The Great' Outdoor Production "The Fiesta of 1930" The Most SluptntlnuH and Spectacular Entertainment Ever SliiRed in the South. ASK YOUU lUHJIOAt) AGENT FOH PROGRAM ANli-PAUTJCUUHS OH WHITE THE FAIR. new GOODYEAR HEAVY OUT Regular GOODYEAR ALL WEATHER : NOW the time to get yours! 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