Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada on July 8, 1969 · Page 17
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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 17

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 8, 1969
Page 17
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Reno Evening Gazette 17 Pearls from Earl Wilson It's too hot for Landmark Advice from Ann. Landers Housewives and heroes St; Tuesday, July 8, 1969 fc3 l rorUSTAYAWAyi BUT, MAMA" You XT ft MWcf Y , , ZTN AND3lVTHE KNOW WHAT THEy FIDDLESTICKS: Mf XKMoW.. I SHOULD RETUPN BOyA WELL- SAy ABOUT MICE NO QIRL IN HER YA BUT CAN rr iuiik 11 till 1 rtrv I . . ' . - I ... i n it I I lir -r A or - g riwiWB)iWivi...wwr.5 inpNEPREST. WHEN THE CAT'S , KIOH I VIINU .mJU incaifw 2 5UiPANCEsysTMMAyr AWAy-A A l WOULD 1&M&t t5 . H NEED FINE Wf:W C83S& M BOTHER. ) 7 SHOCK : 3 TUNING. f$Mj$& 4jV-TPM H TEMPTING PPfSi4 IF HE Shrt--iK 7 p II LRP Sfl FINDS NEW YORK - Have you been minding the; heat? It was 110 degrees in Las Vegas for the long-delayed opening of the 31-story Landmark Hotel, and everybody was there in black tie, from Cary Grant and Tony Bennett to Phil Harris, Steve and Eydie, Jimmy Webb and Sammy Cahn and Wilt Chamberlain. Dean Martin, introducing Danny Thomas, the star of the show, kidded about Howard Hughes, who added the Landmark with its lofty tower to his chain. "1 could be as rich as he is, myself," Dean said. "All I got to do is return my empties." Bob Mayhew, head of the Hughes empire in Las Vegas, wished good luck to KerkKir-kourian, whose International, starring Barbra Streisand, was to open the next night. Danny Thomas acknowledged this with, "It's so touching to see money congratulating money." Something called "POOFF" was formed by starlet Juli Reding, Mrs. Hal March, Mrs. Edd Byrnes, Mrs. Harold Robbins, and Cheryl Reventlow it stands for "Preservation of Our Femininity and Finances" and will battle the high-priced de signers of clothes seemingly cre ated for flat-chested girls. Miss Reding, who is far from flat-chested, was here from Hoi lywood and speaking pretty aft grily, over at Chandler's, about designers who don't make girls look like girls. "Even the designer James Ga lanos is quoted as saying 'Prices are ridiculous!' " she said. Complete Gazette te evision log I-KTVN, Rano, (ABC J (c) KCRA. Sacramento 4 KCRL, Rano, (NBC) -c)-KTVU, Oakland-! -(c)-KUHL, Reno-Saarks, NBC (Ind) FM music 7 (c)-KOLO, Reno, (CBS) I KOLO, Reno, (CBS) -(c) KTVN, Rano, (ABC) la-(c) KXTV, Sacramento, (CBS) II (c) Music, News (24 hours) 12 (e) KCRL, Rano, (NBC) 13 (c)-KOVR, Sacramento, (ABC) (c) Community Antenna TUESDAY AFTERNOON 2:00 ? 13 Newlywed Same, color 3 4 You Don't Say , color 10 Secret Storm, color 2:34 2 Dating Game, color 3 "Assignment In Paris" 4 Match Game, color 8 10 Edge ot Night, color 13 Divorce Ciurt, color 2:55 4 News, color 1:00 2 13 General Hospital, color 4 Merv Griffin, color 5 10 Llnkletter Show, color 8 "Torpedo Bay" J:30 2-13 One Lite to Live, color 5 Popeve Cartoons, color 10 Password, coint 4:00 2 13 Dark Shadows, color 3 Flintstones, color 5 Timmy and Lassie 10 Mike Douglas, color 4:30 2 Pozo the Clown 3 TBA 4 Mike Douglas, color 5 -Leave It to Beaver 13 GilMgan's Islano. color 1:00 3 Traventure Theater, color 5 Dennis the Menace FM Music 0 Perry Mason 131 Love Lucv 1:30 2-McHale-s Navy 5 Patty Duke FM Music 10 13 News, color TUESDAY EVENING 6:00 2 Truth or Consequences, color J 4- 8 10 13News, color 5 My Favorite Martian, color :30 2 4 News 3 8- 10-News, color 5 McHale's Navy 13 Perry Mason 7:00 2 Wanted-Dead or Alive 4 Skippy the Kangaroo, color 5 8 I Love Lucv 10 What's My Line?, color 7:25 13 The Outdoorsman, color 7:30 2 13 Mod Squad, color 3 4 Star Trek, color 5 Two for Travel, color 81 Spy, color 10Lancer, color 8:00 5 Password, color 8:30 213 it lakes a Thief, color 34- Julia, color 5 What's My Line?, color 8 'u- Red -kelton. coior :00 3 4 "The Vikings,' color 5 Delia Reese, color :30 2 13 N.Y.P.D., color 6 Film Feature 8- 10 Deis Day, color 10:00 2- 13 Dick Cavett, color 5 News, color e "Behind Green Lights" 810 News Special, color 10:30 8 10 News Special, color 1:00 2 4 News 3 8 10-13 News, color 5 Untouchables 11:15 6 "Rings on Her Fingers" 8 "Run Psycho, Run" 11:30 2 13 Joey Bishop, color 3 4 Johnny Carson, color 10 "Obective Burma" WEDNESDAY MORNING 1:55 3 Farm Report, color 6:00 3 Rhyme and Reason 10 Across the Fence, color 8:25 13News, color STAR -By CLAY ARIES HA. V M Your Doily AdivHy Guide HT According fo ffie Sfori. To develop message for Wednesday, read words corresponding to numbers of your Zodiac birth sign. A? KTV.37-38-70 TAURUS .AM. 20 t 1Tr 2 Keep 3 Clear 4 Of 5A 6 A 7 Day . 8 Harder 9 Ready 10 You 11 When 12 Show 13 Nothing 14 Take 15 The 16 Upsets 17 Best 18 Decisions 19 Concerning 20 With 21 A 22 Try 23 The 24 Sociol 25 Smile 26 Or 27 Smile 28 Financial 29 May 31 Ring 32 Side 33 Heavier 34 Pitfalls 35 A 36 Bell 37 Time) 38 When 39 Of 40 Yourself 41 WelU 42S.t 43 Tight 44 Be 45 Partners 46 Optimistic 47 Planned 48 Will 49 Changes 50 And 51 And 52 New 53 Unexpected 54 Systems 55 Quicker 56 Goes 57 As 58 Still 59Moy K30-33-50-53 M758-01-62 GEMINI MAY 2t SJJUNE 20 6- 7-11-13 56-57-66 CANCER (AJum 2! (fyrfr JULr 22 Of 9-27:29 331-36-80-34 LEO m JUL?V ySUAOG. 22 17 -5i-59-68 69-77-79-83 VIRGO AUG. 23 I ,0ser. 22 30 Expenses 60 ,18-19-45-48 )GooJ (Adverse Neutral We understand Galanos was asked what he thought of "POOFF" and he replied "Poof." When I interviewed Robert Mitchum in Dingle, Ireland, about whether he thought mari juana should be legalized, he kept saying, "I don't know . , I don't know." His opinion was so indefinite that, after returning to New York and writing the interview, I airmailed him a copy for his approval a rare procedure. Since he had been the first fam ous actor accused of marijuana- smoking, 20 years ago, I wanted to be sure I gave his accurate views. Three days later he was on the phone from Dingle. "Is it all right to print it?" I asked him, apprehensively. Oh, sure, his voice came back. "Except you've got a lot of 'I don t knows' in there. You must have me saying 'I. don't know about six times. "Would you like to be more definite?" "Yes, I would," he said. "Wonderful!" I said. "Now how do you feel about it?" I had a long yellow pad in front of me and an assistant of mine was listening on the extension to make sure I got it right. "I don't know," Mitchum said. I'D RATHER BE LIGHT TODAY'S BEST LAUGH: Fannie Flagg admits she hasn't much of a voice: "Once I sang the 'Star Spangled Banner' and was investigated by the House Un-American Activities Committee." 8:30 10 Black Heritage, color 13 Jack LaLanne, color :00 3 4-Today, coior 8 10 News, color 13 Aqricultur Today, color 7:15 13-News, color 7:20 13 Cartoonland, color 8:00 8 10 Captain Kangaroo, color 8:05 S News, color 8:15 5 Religion Today, color 8:20 13 Spider-Man, color 8:30 5 Jack LaLanne, color 8:50 13 Jack LaLanne, color 9:00 3 It Takes Two, color 5 Popeye, color 6 FM Music 8 Romper Room, color 10 Lucy Show 9:20 13 Lucille Rivers Sewing, color v:is i News, coior 9:30 3 4 Concentration, color 5-8-10 Beverly Hillbillies, color 6 cartoons 13 "Nightfall' 10:00 3 4-Personallty, color 5-8-10 Andy Griffith 10:30 3 4 Hollywood Squares, color 5 Burke's Law 8 10-Dick van Ovke, color 11:00 2 Hank Penny Show 3 4 Jeopardy, color 8 10 love ot Llt color 13 Truth or Consequences, color II :25 a 10- News color H:30 3 4-Eye Guess, color 6 Film Feature 8 10 Search tor Tomorrow, tOlot 11:45 5 Romper Room, color WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 2-13-Bewitched 3 10 News, color 4 You're Putting Me On, color 5 R mper Room, color 6 FM Music 8 Link letter Show, color 12:30 2-13-That Girl, color 3 4-Days ot Our Lives, color 5 Beat the Odds, color 810-As the World lurni, color 12:55 2-13 Children's Doctor, color 1:00 2 13 Dream House, color 3 4 Doctors, color 5 "Virgin Island" 6 "State Department File" 8 10-Love is a Many bpiendoreo" Thing, coin' 1:30 2 13 Let's Make a Deal, color 3 4 Another World, color 8 10 Guiding I ight, color 1:55 34 News, color 2:00 2 I3-Newlywed Game, color 3 4 You Don't Say!, color e Cartoons, 8 10 Secret Storm, color 2:30 2 Dating Game, color 3- "And Baby Makes Three" 4 Match Game, color 8 10 Edge ot Night, color 13 Divorce Court, color 2:55 4 News, color 3:00 2 13 General Hospital, color 4 Merv Griffin, color 5 10 Link-letter Show, color 4 Cartoons 8 "Dishonored Lady" 3:30 2 13 One Lrte lo Live, color 5- Popeye Cartoons, color 10 Password, color 4:00 213 Dark Shadows, color 3 Flintstones color 5 Timmy and Lassie 4- Film Feature 10-Mlke Douglas, color 4:30 t Bozo the Clown 3 TBA 4 Mike Douglas, color 5 Leave It to Beaver 13-Gilligan'i Island, color 5:00 2 13 Baseball Pregame, color , 3 Traventure Theater, color 5 Dennis the Menace 6 ?M Music 8 Perry vason 5:10 2 13 Dugout Show, color 5:30 2 13 Baseball, Oakland Athletics vs. Chicago White Sox, color 5-Patty Duke e-FM Music 10 News Color GAXE1R R - POLLAN- LIBRA SfrT. 21 OCT. 22 42-43-51 -64iTi 02-73-74 SCORPIO 61 With 62 You 63 Your 6-! Bear 65 Could 66 Expected 67 Bring 68 Be 69 Just 70 Nothing 71 Special 72 With 73 Unfair 74 Criticism 75 Need 76 Advantoges 77 What 78 Stop 79 You 80 Of 81 In 82 Public 83 Need 84 Success 85 Your 86 Mind 87 You'll OCT. li.&Z NOV. 21 h 2-1 5-17-32? 139:40-81 SAGITTARIUS NOV. 22 0EC.2I CSJ 14-16-20-21 iTI C5-44-46 TLA CAPRICORN CfC. 22 JAN. 2- 3- 4-24 C6-28-34 AQUARIUS JAN. 29 v. tutv.'ftn P3-55-87-89V2; PISCES 88 Expectations 89 Succeed 90 Today Occupy 79 Ul-47-49- 7-71-76 1 j v I v y ulj 1 1 y ' i- II I I I I T'XA fiCTTISJfi OUT ir I I X V X I If P -V THIS POINT I'M ll I w ; noipiot 1 nz ir y Kr( H rk?WA - I ll.. i . 1 u i-nM-r:, ... , s I HI, OOOLA.OOP.1 THOUGHT) FINE, NOUR HIGHNESS... J C I WEU..YE3, 1 SUPPOSE NEVER MINP, YEH.YOU KNOW... I I IP TRY A SAMPLE: OF WE'RE ALWAYS GLAD RWALL N I I SO...OM1Y I DON'T ; .IUSTfilrE lie; TW' TU1 DAY. MONTH I TWIST &$TDni rVSV S Tn Dcrcivye tutcc ujc ctaett I I n ict ikinn uajat S tiv rw-rrr -r I I Aki' vctad! L YDLTVE SOT.' rT WHO SEEK . WITH YOUR CONDITION IT'S IM 1 YOUR BIRTH. X Ln W ,r XLiaHTENMEMTV HOROSCOPE 1 AT TH' MOMENT -s- f"T U X 4TWv IT ' I I 7773.' A I lOW i -rff iflKuiMur ii w ii t r i i a e-j awr'A mrz ira r -c a ufflmy&nnn. k o?m3i wutA ax B COULDYOU PLEASE I A 5UAUbf,ANU iOUl lOStl uirmi u.mi, rmnmr ISHOWUSHOvOTo close To TfcT PMoMC In CASE L WITH MAJOR HOOPLE LJ KS. sSfSJ&Jjrcrtr n I 1 1 , 1 1 , , MI T DOWT fMrllj I Q IWMTTra I M rW'samy X iLlVm'V -4fH MARTHA, PIP VOL! HEAF2 THE SKE SLEEKS, U WiM I rittf TERRIBLE MEvV57 60MEB0PV BUT THAT LIST W ' V '-t LlW ROBBEP MRS. SAAITH'S HOUSE.' OF ITEMS JEM !' M6TOLP THE MILKMAM THAT J SAVS SHE "TT V 's&6r i4 OLIC? SILVEC2 AND ROUE Pr?EAAA' rVVVf TsMAVayi amp the thiep pip it while ) iMkt- k ' JAMrm&K -SHE slept y uieoe not even safe k v. gm'' &.m o fJ!" J ! TJ. U.S. r 0Sj 7.a I , Jll tUV- I f FLEE BELLI I fUTONtof FOR. ( cWbT I -AS SOON AS I ) f-sHuDDRrf- ) EPOATiN6) ( THE LUXURIES I DON'T CUTOFF LA(- WHEN MIA J YES-7HERE S 4 V VCd GIVE MM- JZZX WORRY-IT1) THOSE WAURIES ,f V AUGS S 4 LOOKOFLWeS f NOT FOR YOU A V HZ.i iTuA ? A THAT, SHE ISN'T) g jy r StB?7HEV'V .-MP THAT sW , M, "V SUTUEK0P, COT TUB SAP &ATMBR- M WPSfr W , I WHO'S . Miff A, . ltVAWA OFF-" J WILL BE 1 X. Jk $ASl WHO PORHRtot SHOViSO0 m V PVLQUBl i ?'f K M SAVAlQf lTH' LA2Y FELINE'S SNOOZIM' ON J I ThmMmTI I ' I RJI? h'TW VOU i I TUMOR ASAIM T'M Cirv n' ilrA Ot -s J I fS I Uu m ... us. oif. 1 I I rifTu7 K'SS AUNT ANNE -OR I'LL"! I 1 I Som-J - U HENRY! SPANK YOU WITH A HAIR- r-v. 7-a , I I i S. I V 4 ULV L-v J U-HH L- TV-M r-T-i ' W. I i r 7 : 1 i,r V I . .-A.S SOON AS I --v r HOW TO get I J ....o .NJOKrvDLJ I SOLVE A PROBLEM..! 3 THIS STARFISH af-T ti i-r a n TATn tumtot? ra DEAR ANN LANDERS: I am 131 and have four children. My husband is a fine provider and that's the sum and substance of his good qualities. I've been feeling especially sorry for myself lately because my life is so unromantic. There were times when I thought I was cracking up. Now I'm sure I'm ! off my rocker. A few months ago, I saw a I certain Senator on TV,. He looked so handsome and spoke with such conviction that I wrote him a note of praise. He sent a personal letter of thanks and I've been plain goofy ever since. I've gone to the bookstore and am reading up on his state. 1 1 visit the library every day to check the Congressional Record to see if he said anything. I cut his pictures out of news papers and magazines and keep them in a special place. Yester day, I saw my hero on TV and nearly fainted from excite ment. I was never like this over any movie star. Is this a sign of insanity? What should I do? -FLIPPED OUT DEAR FLIPPED: You do sound a trifle batty, but so long as it doesn't interfere with your everyday life, don't worry about it. Should you reach the point, however, that you can't do your 'housework or, heaven forbid, if 1 you consider a trip to Washing- ton, then I'd suggest psychiatric help. DEAR ANN LANDERS: I jknow you have access to the best medical brains in the coun-; try. Please give me an answer. I am a married woman with three children. Before the babies came I had a good figure. Noth ing spectacular, but my mea surements were 34-24-34. Win at By Oswald & James Jacoby NORTH 8 AJ9752 V72 KQ104 AQ WEST EAST 4K10 A3 VKQJ1085 93 42 4A9863 AJ973 108652 SOUTH (D) AAQ864 VA64 J75 K4 Both vulnerable West North East South 14 2 V 4 A Pass Pass Pass Opening lead V K Most safety plays are confined to one suit. When other suits are involved, you have a combi nation play and must consider the entire hand. South wins the first heart with the ace. There is a safety play when you consider only the trump suit. It is to go over to dummy and lead the jack for a finesse. This play won't do him any good if West holds the guarded king but it will give him all the tricks in the suit any time East holds the kine The normal finesse of the queen won't pickup king-10-three in the East hand. This is a real unsafety play with this hand. South is sure of his contract if he loses just one trump trick. If he makes this specialized play and dummy's jack loses to a singleton kins in the West hand. West will be able to play the queen and another heart and East will overruf dummy with the 10-spot. Therefore, the simple finesse DENNIS THE MENACE "Quit poundin' on the Now I'm as flat as an ironing board. When I say my bustline is zero, Ann, I mean 24-24-34. Padded bras are O.K., for filling out my form when I wear sweaters of knit dresses, but I want to feel like a woman again. Is there something that can be done surgically something really safe? Please let me know. -HOPEFUL DEAR HOPEFUL: See a plastic surgeon about silicone im plants. Note, I said implants, not injections. This operation is expensive, but it is legal and safe, and can produce excellent results. And now, to all you gals out there who envision yourselves as prospective Sophia Lorens don't WTite and ask for names of plastic surgeons. I cannot recommend specific doctors, but your family doctor can. DEAR ANN LANDERS: I am ten years old and going steady with a boy named Billy. Well, I guess you would call it going steady although we don't go anyplace. I know Billy likes me better than any other girl be cause he hits me a lot during recess. Yesterday Billy gave me a pretty lace handkerchief. He said it was a late Valentine's Day present. I showed the handkerchief to my mother and she said I should give it back be cause it has been washed and ironed and probably belongs to his mother. What should I do? Garden City Reader Age Ten DEAR READER: Give the handkerchief back to Billy and suggest that he buy you a Valentine next year if he is still hitting you during recess next February. bridge j in trumps is preferable to the specialized play this time but even it is an unsafety play. The correct play is for South to give up any thought of a trump finesse and just play his ace of trumps. He isn't giving up much here. The odds are that West held the king of spades for his vulnerable over-call. In any event, South wants to make four spades and he can afford the loss of one trump trick. This ace of trumps turns out to he a real combination safety play. It guards against the exact East-West holdings. If South takes the spade finesse, West will be in with the king. He will cash one heart and then, if he is really alert, he will shift to his singleton diamond. East will go up with the ace and give his partner a ruff. CARD SENSE Q The bidding has been: West North East South 1 Hrt. 2 Hrt. 4 Spd. Pass Pass Pass 1 Spd. 3 Dia. ? Pass Pass You, South, hold: S-AK 9 8 4 II-2 D AK 10 9 3 C-6 5 What do you do now? A Pass. Your partner only holds three spades. It will be too much to expect him to take care of your clubs and diamonds with only one loser altogether. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of bidding four spadei your partner bids three hearts over your three diamonds. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow France lost Alsace-Lorraine in 1871 when the German slates defeated her in the Franco-Prussian War. Captain's doorl Ya SWAB I" W-&JJ36-90

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