The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1944
Page 3
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.. TUESDAY, DECRMRKK'B, ;v Officials Will Meeting Hill and Thomas To < Go To New York 'For '' NAM Conference' •• The-National Association of Manufacturers announced today that Jnmes HU1 Jr., prcsiilent, niul E. B, Thomas, nsslstnut to president, Arkansas-Missouri Power' Company, will be two of the nine .'Arkansas Industrialists attending the. War and Reconversion Congress, NAM's 49tli imnual meeting, this week/in New York City. ' Move than 3000 persons-from'43 states and Canada wifl be oil hand at tlie nation's outstanding meeting of industrial managers and business executives to hear major,addresses by lenders of Industry,' the 'firmed services, government and labor. Theme of Ihe Congress is "Producing for Victory—Preparing'- for Peace," with stress to be placed upon the production job American Industry still must do before•••'the war is won. • -...,,..• .'. Among speakers whom.the' liidus'i trlnlisls will hear arc; Limit. Gen. Brolion B. Somorvcji.. cdmintmdlng general of the Army Service-Forces,' who will talk on "Producing Foi-'Victory", in ttie aliening .address Wednesday, and Kent Cooper, executive director and general manager, of Associated Press, who wJU speak on "A Free Press in a Free ;WorId" in the Friday session. William Green; prtsiden't of^'the American Federation o[ Labor, will speak on "If I Were an.'.Industrial Manager" and H.. W. Prentis Jr., president of Armstrong .Cork Co.. Lancaster, Forma., will speak on "if I Were a Labor Leader" in a special feature of the three-day program! ' First hand account of tlie actual battle areas in Europe will be given by Frederick. C. Crawford, NAM biard chairman nnd president of Thompson Products, Inc.,' of Cleveland, O. Mr. Crawford apd S. W. Cramer Jr., NAM national vice • president and president of Cramerton - Mills Inc., Cramerton, N. C., who. also will speak, are returning today from a tour of the fighting fronts In time to tell of what they.saw. ' Other speakers include NAM president Robert Gnylord, .Charles E Wilson of Detroit, president of'Gen- eral Motors Corp.; -Dr. Donald B Trcsshlcr, president of' Stanford University; William p, Witherow. NAM executive committee" chairman and president of Bla'w-K'nox Co., Pittsburgh; bean Achesoh,- assistant, secretary of state, and other. Industrial and government spokesmen. : COURIM NKWS • IDSOH N WASHINGTON Hull's Influence Worldwide •BY-rETEit.cnspM 'Courier News H'ashliiyl«n ( .. j- . Correspondent . ' ' •It may, lake some .years to get the' real measure o! Corclcll Hull ns Secretary of'State. Perhaps, when thu Department of State" can reveal all the documents and background material of,the Issues, oil 'which'the conduct of U. S: foreign affairs hns yeeli most- severely criticized —the apparent lack of. a foreign .policy, the delay, of .recognizing DeQaulle, the compromise with Vichy, the appeasement of Franco, of Daritm,' ot King Victor..'Emmanuel. tuid' Marshal Badogllo, the; failure to win full- collaboration' with • Argentina, the betrayal by Jnpnn-pcrhaps full light on all-these matters'will -revise the . estimate of. Hull's statesmanship. But when President Roosevelt referred to pull as "The FatlU er of United Nations" he wasn't just passing: alone; a. p're'l'ty' compliment to 'his. retiring Secretary 'of Stair;. And: never '\vns' "•-' — '-•-'"-• " • Men Suffer . Domestic Qud'rrdl Is Blamed for Shooting : At BentonviUe ' BENTONVILLE, Ark., Dec. 5 (UP) —Fffty-ycar-oU David Golden "of Tnlsa, Okla., aiul his wife's adopted son, 18-ycnr-olrt Glenn Alcorn, are in a BentonviUe. hospital'suf- fering from gun shot woimcls received during a tiuarrel Sunday night which apparently nross from rtoincstic diffieiiltfcs. ." Gulden's condition is.said .to be serious. Officers say his wounds were self-inflicted. • . '" Benton County Sheriff w: "A Black says three shots were fired from a .30 caliber Luger pistol owned by. Golden. One pierced Alcorn's shoulder, coming out through his neck. Goictcn has two wounds in, his chest, one through a lung. Hospital attendants say the youth will recover unless complications set in Mrs, Golden came to Bontonvilie from Iowa City, la., in September to establish residence (or a divorce anil Golden allegedly came to Beri- tonyille to complete plans for the divorce suit. He arrived Saturday night, accompanied by K. G. Garriton of Tulsa, Okla. Officers sny neither of the wounded men can be Questioned and that Mrs. Golden is too hysterical to give any information. • . GoJcten, a lawyer, is a veteran of the first World War and served as a Marine gunnery sergeant in (he Southwest Pacific in this war. He recently received a medical- discharge. 11 Laiylnriants" WHEN CONSTIPATION makes you f«el punk as the dickens, brings on stonnch upset, sour taste, gassy discomfort, tike DC. Caldwcll's famous medicine to quickly pull the trigger on lazy "Innards", ftad help you feel bright and dripper again. DR. CALOWELt'S is the wonderful scant larative contained in good old Syrup Pepsin to roako it so easy to Uke. MANY DOCTORS uso pepsin preparations in prescriptions to make the medicine more palaiafclcjsml agreeable to lake. SobeEurV your laxative is contained in Sjrup Pepsin. INSIST ON DR. CALOWELL'S-th« Uvorite ot millions for 50ycus,md(e«ltiatwbole- some relief from consttpatioii.Eyenfiaiti» children lore It, CAUTION: Uso only as directed. DR. CAUMLTS SEMAiAXATlVE ™" 01N SYRUP PEFSW .**!.*: t iy rL, t mia yift.tftiierquiy uiat .'t he Pre. s tdei)C. makes; 't life,. fore I (j ri carries' it oiuy 1 —lessitruft than; Jn jftc caio ,of ( (jjqrdell'.Hull.' .••''• •.,,, ;; :'|. f •>. t Atlantic Neighbor ,'! the^'aa^pt! o ' , nding • recognition; to Soviet'. nu's- sla, 'nnd" the ; Kopspveit ;!'tlir<<at 'to quarantine; aggre.s;jor«li!itions' r ;niade In the . Preslderit's.speecli. at Chicago in 1937,' Hull . ina'y- have /played:; si minor "part. • Beyond that list; -'hw- ever, the;.range' <' tafluence has been almost •'. "beyond ; rheasiire ; FATHER-.OF-' ,' ' r ' " '•, ;"• ••••' \ • TIN ITED NATIONS '".'-:•-'•.- . » •'; ' ' ' The 'United /NStldris/ - drive which he put into this behind- the-scenes work was what really brought on the tiveiik In his health that Seil. to Ms retirement nnd resignation,, • SET STAND/MID KOll < PELATIONS H-,la another intangible which really epitomizes Hull's record as Secretary of State. -That Is his con- tlnu'oitf advocacy of decency In in- tornaliohal' relations —the keeping P r ft,nat(on's pledged word nnd the nppjfption of Iho Golden Rule In IBS between gpverhmerijs. ,«jt..was never fooled iutoHhe belief .thai the, U. S.» conldV remain nloof t^ Isolation. Early mid often he advoryteU tho Rrantlng of aid to nations '-Jftpislstlng nggi-esslon, even when tlft-*metint the vcerlnB nway (rom the Arms of decbi-ed neutrality. To Hi^ll this was merely Good national defense and u slop toward ' "" worldwide dcmocra- lon from Qernmny which he so de- the cy. lifter ., :« j • wuiun ne so devoutly;- hoped and so conslstenth •' •• ' « • •worked. Atlanja 1 : Augiisia' .''i:.••:,... -.'...'.',' Blrmlilghnm.'. ....-....'.' Charleston .',.' .ChnrlpUc .'..•....•;... -i Chatlanoot'a . •.'...;..'.. Chicago'.'-:..,.;...;./ Cincinnati .- • .' ; •.efhvap. •.,<.,-.,,.,..,.;; the represeiitnliyea of-26 natlons'in Jafiuary, 1 19'42, was drafted in the Dcpartrrieht'of State at Hull's.direction, altrioUgh' his' sigria- ture does not .appear • upbii j'lt..-Nlhii other nations Jiave'sliice sighed, tiie Declnrallbn, making it .t^c greatest military f alliance. In', hutory and shnrp : departure iri p'reosident for the United States-which, In the'first World War, Held'.aloof, ffoiri 'making any fornial alliance's :witlv v ahyone, Hull's greatesl'diplomatlc'RchleVe- rnent is. probably Tepreseritcdiln'the Moscow, Declaration 'of"lM3, ^hieli was drafted-1 hs ( Washington'before Hull 'wcn_t.;_^ j the .Soviet ica'pit'al;'-. If th6', -rCte"to*''«i't lnr»". - At «:Tiir^,l.^^._: -1. ^,_i soems UiirtOr. ^- U o.^_ fri i/iry^tl iq," -n,- SliULlJU. 1 DC "' remembered that ( wlthoiitOtHe 'MoB-1 cow irjfluerice, r fn wh°lcli"tiiVl6ur,ina- |or ppkersl.ot' th'e'"Unite r d--Na'tfotis agreedlqiponsiilf, with^ijrie ahoUier in p.lannlng^forj.a .posiiysjr drganl- ratlon;r,to'-.rhaln'tain', i pe_ace/,'nnil'':se- cuHtyj.^therev wpyld'J liave' .'rje'eri- 'no pumbaitph-Gaks. : ,' : tj."i ; ' ."i'.'-; '•"'•:'; * ^bl v airec^;lmp^t.Dnru;.S^d'orries^ tic ',nfrairs'. ffull'S? g'reafc|t'.:a'chieV.fe- ment w'iiriie.hls'-bet' reiilri rnh'& i' I ^»» .. ,.... Jacksonville . - Tallnhasiec ••. .. Kansas city . '. :Mncon " ' .*.':.!, Memphis .,'.. Mlainl •'.; .•.•..-.;. Mohtgotncry. 1 New Orleans New York !.' .. Fan. Antonio Sayaiuiah . 'T-ampa. . . .;'. .. Washington- . . . ...... Houston . ... Jackson-'. ••;.' Little Rock . Shreveport' .'. . HI Low 46 31. County Co/i't Divert Fund*, §ourt Declares BUTTLE 1(00^,' Oep. 5' (UP) 1 'Wic Arknii.siis Supreme Court,'do- clarlng miconstitutlonal por.ttons of •Me county salary ants of Clay and aidopcndence counties, yesterday held that uuexpenilqd •• balance In n;county fiitul appraprlat«l foi cue- puri'.ose cannot bo diverted to' another fund. ..The high courl uphel<i |hc' mines by (he chancery, courts 111 the two counties Hurt, p R rt ot tli« acts which provide mat-tho transfer of the unexponded balance each year various fund nnd comity, general fund "WHS a diversion of schoo inoney contrary to the conslltu lion.' . . ' •Tlie Supreme CoUH said that llu a.cts violated Article 16; secllon two which provides: "No moneys arising fiom a tax levied for one purpose ilinll Uo used for nny other nur- )ose." The county' Judges, treasurers und. sheriffs were :ip|)e:illimls In'the rants orlsiunlly brought by laxpny- ers and members of the county boards of cducnlion. Tlie snlitrlcs of these county officluls were paid from fees and commissions received In collect Ing school tux moneys — ljut |hi< yearly surpluses were passed (o lite geuernl fund instead of (lie school [mid. Tli lilsli court reversed (tint part, of the clmncery court decisions which nave judgment ngnhul the county olfli-lnts for sums transferred to the general funds for S'cnrs prior lo ID-H. Magnolia Has Big Fire Mi\ONOI,IA, Ark., Dec, 5 (UP) — Plre, believed to Itave been caused by defective wiring, destroyed the two-story brick' miisonto building nt Mnmmlln early Stmdrty. only the walls were left stnmlhig.. The- fire sl.ntal in die second story. The roof mid second floor fell, covering the center of the fire mnklng 11'difficult for firemen lo f!«hl tho blnuf. - ,. . . Tho loss'is parllnlly coveied by TltQ stn!k-cyed fly lins cjcs otii the ends;of long .extensions from thu sides, of lla head. 52 50 49 •19 •17 42 •10 38 40 50 55 3C 49 48 G6 51 • 58 36 66 63 64 43 63 65 5-) 45 57 . 27, .30' 2(! 27, 25, 30, 25; •22 34 The .-word-"sniper" Uat'cs back to (he fievol(iUonary. war .and. .-; declaration:--of ••Moscow : ntfw " • »\ B voiuuonary. war .and mennj ms', oyershadowea >j> .'thc'vrArri:};^•*™ %sl)0 ,°!s : 'rom cover as wheii; rtbnVOaks. |>r^^ ' " < embeired that without te '-t '• - •'•••: ~ ^ se|.retlprp.ei i agre.ements^ prpBVa'mV rin'rJ flils- de nlne''. .. V- S:.,fQreign;.afIairs riesifrpm^any taipt.of ; 'p611tlpa'r. r7artljansri'ip> 1 -thp ; Industrial Research -,'• nstitute / . o >. • p<;cr V' Vuiip" > i-;' The Arkansas ^cageniy'iof';- Sciericfi Is .'going 'to .pr([p6'seVthe'''estab!rsri- ment '.of , an industrial: research ' Iri- stHute V fpr/'Arfa rishsi ajid' a : definite program .-•for'.gr^ter'-inaiistriaiiza- '' prog .-.- .tion and .use of ,'Ark'artsas; : ;resources, . Dr. L7'B. : r|obe ; rt.s; aciide'in'y preslv dent-and pre'siaerit.'of.'Ar,kansa5' A, and M:,' Collfege •' at.' Mori ti cello, 'says the , academy -..'^\\.\ rneet'-".al Little Rock soomto 'decide: whether It shall create a sepriralc 'resenrch, Instltu'fe or whethtr'the academy shall pian a program : in -which it 'will .work with; agencies already created. ','•• • The \acadetny - presiden t .says : tentative plans for; the research •Institute call for employment 01 a.full- firrie director 'and staff.'- Funds for the project-; wou'lil'be, obtained from academy members, -augrn,e.ntc<3 : by contributions from •industries which would' benefit from .the research.'. CARLO '-. . '., • i i • • . Symphony 1 Orchestra • & corps - ' >v : ' : PEOPLE .; . ' J 25 'A National Jnitltution nKC., 13-14 NIGHTS '• 'MATINEE, DEC. 14 3-Gregt- Qperas-3 ; Dcc> 13 .!_' Cavalleria '.Ri^ficana- •:'•'•''' . . • . Pagllaccl Dec, H—(Mat.)—Faust • ' Dec. .14—(Eve,)—n Trovntore •'••; Complcic Orchestra .Chorus _ Ballet MAIL ORDERS No,v Taken Prlces.-Eves..,— $1.20, $1.80, $2.40 • S3. Mat.—S1.20 to $240 •(Tax Included) Make Checks Order '• AUDITORIUM, Memphis Now end <fiff«rent peifums —a tiny fouch lalli all Joy.* 01 oil powder bollltd in perfume — kecpi /ou fie th and dainty. Hoi a wonderful woy of lingering for hogrs-a Iruly aiR«r«nt cologne. "ie« foicmaflng body nfec/icom. in irtlf pacfogej. •or* MISS WHITSITT'S SHOP "S«« Whoft'» New at Whit$it»'»" Means ASI of This Here Af Hudson's: RUSH SERVICES t t f ' \ K Hcrvitc , Iln Ollr Plnnt may take from three to four days ... However, we offer »• jspectnl 24 hour-service to « m - customers who «rc in n rush Garments handled on this rush hiisis receive the same qquality cleaning: thai distinguishes all our work WORKMANSHIP S\ hen you send us your garments for dry dninlnL' you may be sure that they get the finest attention •modern eurnpmonl ami cxner! clcancra can give them. In spite of the increased demiintl.s on our service these dav-H, the , quntity o) our work tms not suffered. Truly, here at Hudson's "Iktler Clcnninjr Costs No More." EXPERT ALTERATIONS ./^ A- force of two skilled seamstresses and one tailor is at ', in our shop at all times. Repairs, alterations' and 11 ^ ! 'rc offered our customers al reasonable prices, guarantee satisfaction. AND REPAIR Serjd your fine?.?, furs to Hudson's for cleaning, alterations and repairs . . . Am] rest assured that they will receive , »nc most careful handling. Prices on fur work on request. BERLOU MOTHPROOFING e is guaraiilecd mnfhproofing for .ciothlng, drapes, furniture, blankets, rugs, etc., that has received U. S Government endorsement. Articles that have been Berlou Mothproofed are guaranteed against moth damage for 10 years. Ask for prices. QUALITY DYEING Expert dyeing rounds out our complete dry cleaning service. Bring us (he garments you want dyed—if we ac- ccpt them you may rest assured that the job wl!l be salts- .factory. HAT CLEANING We are very fortunate in being able lo offer our customers the services of an expert hat man. Quality felt hats may be cleaned, rcblockcd and returned to you looking almost as good as the day you bought (hem. Call 2612 For Service C/eaner-rai7or-C/otfcf'er Don't bo laic for tlmt special daiej*Be{ter''buVi battery now, before colcj \yeather sets, in vi.--,; surc-BtnrllriB Goodyear Ail-Wcather,'reiidyVi ovcv cranky motors evcvytinle. V^v •''•A^JxCiiltfr'.-:'. Better, built, stronger 'All-Wci\thers;ikopt'in- coijdiUph by lh(i; famous Goodyear Trickle Chnr^er^are sWd'to ; . you .'fully [ charged anil faclqjy'" frwjhj to'igiy^^youSa pjjwei- 'pln'nt with more starting ppwer/'ni6J:e;;stayin^' power. . . -'•.' ;. .;. •':•• •: ';•••: ''" ,'•'' totliiy and give your \var-~ • ; V;"'C'T wcftry^wiv ^'now heart" "vvitlr. a '.'$'., j ;V ! iB-"'- : Gopdybay 1 All-Wenthcr battery. ./ , v '."'.-.'"'' ::; " f ' ; €HOOSE RECAPPING ' """' AS CAREFULLY AS A NEW TIRE Why settle for less when you pay no'more for the'extra safety, extra service, extra mileage built intciyour old jtirea by famous Goodyear Extra-Mileage Recapping? [This fast, Io\y^cost recapping method puts your car on 'dependable, sound tires for thousands of "extra, safe miles ... may mean the difference be-' *' ' ^ ~, tween riding and walking. Don't'.tielay, : if your tires are wearing thin. Drive in today for recapping that looks so good, costs so little, wears so well. No certificate needed. (goo x ic) GOOD/^EAR 410 W. Main ,. A' Phom 2492 ' -, - i f U ^ »

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