The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 16, 1938
Page 3
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SATURDAY, APRIL 10, 11KS8 (AUK,)' COURIER PAGE ; WHERE BUYER AND CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate |wr line for coiiseeu- ti™ insertions: One lime per line lOc Two times per line ncr day ,,.08c ilircc times per line per day ..Otic Hlx times per lino per day ....ODc Month rate per line (JOc Cards of Thanks 50c fi 7Gc. Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for Hi ice of si Nines nnd flopped before expiration .will be charged fur the lUiin- licr of lime.s Ihe add appeared anil adjustment of hill made. AIL Classified Advertising cop> submitted by persons resxlltif: outside of Hi ecily must be accompanied by cash. Rates may bi caslly computed from above table Advertising ordered for irrcgulai insertions takes (lie one lime rale No responsibility will be lakei for more than one incorrect Inser lion of any classified ad. Business Directory Harry Hailoy's CURVE IN CAFE Good Kootl at Good Prices KKliSIf RKKLE-'OOT Crappie KXl'ERT AUTO REl'Allfc Oarage operaled hy Floyd llargc Piano Tuning Jaiios lunrd anil repaired. Call CJcorgc V'onl at Wade Furniture Poultry o. Phone 155. Hatchery WE BUY POULTRY HixlirU Market Piters Paid. .1. \V. MOOKK 324 K. Main SI. Co-Eds Learn Lesson About Buggy Harness liuul. geologists iiiie.irllK'd a new seam ul mill, (wo intlos In urea. mid cstiniiilcil lo «mlaiu IM.OOO,- Baby Chicks 'UHUC HATCH! NO. Marilyn H-.Uchcry, Dlylhcvlllc, Avk., ll.W. 1 North,'rhouc t\1. Repairing LAWN MOWERS KliiiriiiMiod & Kcpaiml Bly. Machine Shop So. 2ml. COW :o. K. 1'lioiic 8U8 I'lOAS, CANK KICK]) i CORN'. SOYDBANS WholiMilR .^ Retail W. 0. REEVES It. ot. Jjlytliei-illi. 1 , Aik. ____ _ Bleed Tested lieils. Hocks, etc. 100— SO.OO. Heavy "ortcd $5.00, Prciiald live delivery, Central Iliilclicry, Jefferson City, Mo. HKNO. Nev. (Ul'1-Co-iMl.s nl Hie Untvei-Blly of Nevndn lillclicd n liors'e (o (ui old-dine Ini^uy atut __ | started to drive lo their classes. 1-eiHOn (he way, they wen; unable lo nf-nscertaln why Ilic buggy itlwnys kept ruiiiilni! Into the iiorsu, as Notice 1'recinan Brothers, rntntcrs und raiierhiingcrs. I'honc 321. Tlic Miner Slipper Shop sells Paris Fashion Shoes, by Wahl Slice Co. Room and Board Doom and Ivanl. phone 151. VVcsl. Ash ia-ck-r,-i3 automobiles lisul never Acted Uwl way. Old-timers Inlom'iicd, explained thai (lie breeching was not .on rlishl, rotuljiislKl it., und tlw coeds scratched Up u no\v mark on (hell' university credits. Willie for fcsMls In linn- For Sale Nicely furnished rooiiw. Hoard it desired. Pliona COa, 112 E. Cher- Female Help Wtd. \ Cigarettes 2 for 2!3c HARRY BAILEY'S Hnllanil, Mo. riioncs 5-F-l & 873 Tin Work '1'svo uitr houses one live rooms and lialli, oilier four rooms. Rent lor $22.50 per month. Both in loan for S82l!,28 lo l:c paid S7.90 yrr mciilh. $C50 isives deed, you assume loan. lient on small house will i>:iy loan, insurance and taxes. Profit $12.50 per month on investment of $000.00. See H. C. Campbell. Admr. R. M. I3cck Ofliee 103 S. 2nd. ll-ck-10 r>0e YAK!) DIRT Sand & Gravel 'hone 7(1(1 SCREEN WORK AT A SAVlNCi lli'iulrlng * New SiTci'iis MADE TOR ALL PUKl'OSKS Barksdale Mfg. Co. COTTON SUM) D. /». & L. - 11 A ('iircfu)ly Seledfil Ucimilci! (;<>riiiliitill«n 'IVsls 'J! tn I l)l)C!'. I iiroihiccil over :ui Acre oil pnoi" Uils .srnl a-s the best oblahuilile. SEED We linvo on liniid lor .siilo oi 1 trade, tor oilier products, Heuns —Laredo, nulslu, Mammoth Hro\vn, Wilson ami Virginia Drown. 1'cns—Wlitps nml Nuw Km. l,es|)c(lc!!;t~ Korean. Col Ion Seen—D. 1>. 11. 11-A RU<1 Sloiicvllle '1-A. Will sell for eusli or I rude with yon for olla'i' kinds ot bonus or collon KC«cl. L R. Matthews Gin Co. Elizabethan Courtier AMWft U mfttw r«Kie Ti'l, ll-r-:i, Yarliro, Ciiltmi, Cotton 8«tl Arkansas HORIZONTAL 1 Man who brought the colonists to Virginia. tilxiwest jiotnt. 13 Rowing too). 14 Pigmentary spots on skin. 16 Dry. 17 Qunklng. 19 tidy. 20 Veteran. 21 Ringlets. 23 Epoch. 24 Kxisls, 2DJewel, 2« Like. 28 Street. 20Bu!U. 30 FUissiim vlllattc. 32 Mature luiinan. 33 Baby 42 To steal. 44 Cnptivalcs. 49 Writing tool. 50 Quantity. 52 Roofing material, 53 Ulslunt. 54 Verses. 56 Three. 57 Water wheel. 59 He introduced VERTICAL 1 Merchandise. 2 Entrance. 3 Cover. 4 Trnns|iosed. 5 Red flower. 0 Knocks. 1 God of War. 8Type standard 51 Beverage. ft Electrified 53 Because. particle. 54 Hight. Beheaded ; after his , qiieen's death: 17 Weapons." 18 Northeast. aiHavinglelta will. 22 Specimens, 25 Helmet- shaped part, ' 27 Singing vampire, 29 Mongrel. 31 Rodent. 35 Optical glass. 38 Leaf of a book. 41 Hazard. 43 Explosive shell. 45 Singing voice 46 Blemish. 47 AUdilory, 48 Musical note. 49 Portion. 1( ( 10 Mirth. KtiKlnnd. llHnrkcns. DO Ho was famed 12 lie was an for his — — export - . manners. 15 This - was 55 South Carolina. . r >7 Chaos, 5li Afltnnalive vole. Dance liall and beer parlor on Highway 61. Doini: food business, is. u. Chitwood. 12-pk-s-ia SNYDER'S TIN SHOP Metal Work f&r 20 Years Valves, Bloii'pipc.'i, Eocd Bins ALL WORK GUARANTEED Money Hack Guaranteed STOP-A-LEAK Roof Coating Also Plastic Cement 323 No. Gill Phone 4 C room white stucco house. 512 Mo. 1st. Call Quality' Dlioc Shop, 120, II. B. Campbell. 5-ck-lf Coal EASY TERMS on used Frtgiii- aires, Maytag Washers, Delco Ilglil plants &. radios. E. B. Sales Co. House uptown, fl rooms and batJi. 4 room servants house on rear ol lot. Easy terms. Write Box "A 1 Courier News. , 21-ek-4-2I My Coal Is Jllack Bui I Treat You White, LOCAL HAULING Julin Buchanan Bljrthcvillc, Ark. I'honc 101 Kay—Soybeans—Date Seed Corn—Milch Cows And Tractor Work. See W. L,. Tate, Aruiorcl, Ark. c'ohiFlete 10 volume set of Slan- riard Reference Books _\vith loose lea! Wmlcr. Call 239 or 702. 15-fa-la Beans . Radio Service Expert Radio Service PARTS, TUBES, BAITERIE3 liardaivay Appliance Co. Henry Werner ilaln & 5th Phone 233 l.AUKDO DliLSTA IJKANS Plenty 10 -Suppiv Vour Necd Delta liiijilcmi'iils. Inf. Call 1102 Batteries llA'l'TERY SERVICE J. Ben Clune Phone 8 r.t Tom Jackson's lonin :>nd kitli luoilcrn, iinl'nni- islietl apt. With Supertax oil icnter. .sinuJes and hoi \valcr hcat- T. 222 E. Davis, call 468-J. 4-ck-tf Sporting Goods Complete Slock Goldsmilh's Baseball Goods .lust Arrived! SHOUSK-HENRY HAKmVAKE CO. \ Co lion Seed D. P. L. N^TTl COTTON SEED (jcnnination Test 88 per rent Sfil) I'cr Ton at 1'eean J'oint. Ark. JOHN E. U/.ZEI.r, 2]-ck-l-21 Several Hundred lln.shrls LAREDO SOYBEANS 100 Ilnslich DELSTA BEANS also a hit of D. P. L.NO. 11 COTTON SEED 'J'litAC roltou seed \rcre ^iuncd our own tiriralc p;iti. Not uf any other coilon fiinncd gin Iml lliis cue variety. C. P. TUCKER Used Furn.lure WK THJY & SKI,I. 11SKI) FUKMTUKK BUY NOW - - l'\Y NKXT KALI HUBBARD ?,nd Haml Fiirnilurn Next I" 1'iott Hold TaiJors Ul us molli-proof ymir r.lnthes closcls Kr, llvln.s room r.uitcs. Guaranteed protection 1 year. Moni(e urncess. Band Uox C Phone 171. M- If you necrt a Tailor. FCC Muir, "Blytlicvillc's Only Tailor." Main & 5. H. H. Shoe Repairing Quality Shoe Shop NEW SAMPLK SHOES Ecci-yllilng For Your Siloes Phone 120 Free Delivery 112 w. Main •M Wild dutk. 36 To permit. 37 Preposition* 39 Devoured. 40 Hall mi em •11 Parent. F. DlKTRlCn ik! 7CU o FOWLER DRUG CO YOUR KESCKII'TION DRUGGIST i;<)in|)>ut«! Line Of ELECTRICAL ix I lift's Wnu.I'll—Address and lislnii material lor Marl. Hox Milwaukee. Wisconsin. WELDING AT BES1' PRICES PROMPT BEHIVIOE Barksdale Mfg. Co. Hot I'll nnrbccuc IClcctrlc Cooked Steaks "'Ilii' (.'onipli'tc EU'clvlfiil Sturis" 110 So. 2nd t'liuiic :<M USED AUTO PARTS l-'or l''oi(l-Clicvr()let-t'lyiu(i\illi City Auto Parts Co. Next lu Hus Statiim Call SH All lauding Brands of Hcer, Whiskeys, Wllics & Cl In Now IXKateil at 101 Norlh Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITES SERVICE BUREAU RON EBWAKDS, rronrlet» Catcnlators—UcpailrlnR—1'arts—Ullihoiu All makn of Kcbiiill Typewriters, AtlilliiK Machlnd »n( Calculators— Cll!arottcs, 1'liilllps Gas & Oil 24 IIOUU SERVICE 01 Phone 17 Holland, Mo. Infliicnzii ami tire common cold ire responsible for nearly half Uie time lost to industry through illness. BY V. T. HAMLtN WHEM THERE WUZ MUTHIN', SCAREP OP SUMfMN- BUT MOW THAT TVtERF. IS SUMHM THERE'S NUTHIM'TD B& SCARED OF /BOSH'. WHEK1 WE LEARN | WHERE THAT "HELLO CAWE FROM, I BETCHA WE'LL FIND IT'S A TWO-LEGGED ECHO! OOP, I VUH THIS PLA.CE 15 QUEER.'. C'MOM, GUV, 1&, GIT OtJTA HERE 1 . BUT, OOP-MW GOSH IVS MAO ENOUGH ECHOES THAT TALK BACK AND STUFF - I'M GOIM AWAY PLACES UNKNOWN! WE'RE GONNA A60UT BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES I NO'. J I'M 11 R\ AOOQ. •bWc'U- "S. .IHC. T.M.HEO.U.57WT.OFF. mom furnished jipnvtmonl. newly decorated. Phono 7fl5-.l after C P.M. TUrn. Belle Wotxl. :ti-ck-lf WASH TUHBS TU6BS, VAS, Or>,AW>, JESL1SSEM 'TO OAT WHISTLE.' &AM6«,TERS ARE GUWJA GYP.MSE.! .. 6USIKIE5S. .HERE, LUCIFER, YOU'pl- TRAIM.RIOE TO EACH AND EVBR.Y COSTOWVER c:ro:; Intifi. four lioiuscs barn, in Hnlf Moon community. II acres of alfalfa, ace Earl iMagers, Dclt. Arkansas. M-pk-1-21 ComforlnWe hetlvoom. mil. Call 102. Will drive ft> Aui.iiilk). Texas, or virinity. for Iraiisporlation. licf- crcnces. Box -19, I5tov:ali. Ark. Kirhy's TnstcTcss Conlalns Mnrc Quininr -More Iron Ttflatineol r»t MM-AtUAl, CSill.tS and KF.VER SWAJtr riiVKR — AOUF. I-TiVEU Klrby I5Y MERRILL BLOSSBR I-'Il IX'.KLliS AND HIS &ur, SUE I THOUGHT 'W "HA YOU OIDM'T WANT TO v J3EFORE , BE ON me PROM COMMITTEE ; I^OTS — -TMAT FP.ECK, TMAT55 JUST A POETIC WAY O? TELLING YOU YOUR FACE WOULD STOP CLOCK ^AAYM'T I SIT NEAR YOU? I'VE APFONTED MYSELF ON THIS COMMITTEE J WE'RE GOING TO MAKE THIS PROM A RlNG- TA1LED JO POOLIM LISTEN, EVERYONE, IS SUE EMERSON-- A TRANSFER FROM BENtTOM HIGH , AMD YOU JUST LOOK AT ME , X-I- — \WELL, TIME ITS ETERNAL FLIGHT! AND THAT'S STRICTLY , STRICTLY.' Ark. liurl: lirensr. No. 170. For Two Ton Trur.k. Owner iray iiavp .'.ainc by paying cost of '.his atl. Courier News. BEFORE! THEM L GO'i I-IUS16 UP A PAIR OF GRAY EYES / Position Wanled while wninan desires housework. Will en re for children. Excellent Inferences. Call G37. 3 icxjui furnished apartment-. 717 Ctiickasawba. Mrs. J. S. Gesell. 12-ck-lf Apartment. ItiBram Duilding. Inquire Tarkliurst Co. 'l-ck-lf i cr :i furnished rooms. 2 upstairs. OH Hea.rn. 2-pk-5-2 Modern :! room aparlmcnl. Newly ilrcoralcO, Unliu'tiislied. Corner Main & 2ml. F. Simon, iilione 7(H. a-t-k-5-2 Slore and residence combined. Mrxlrrn ronteuienccs. Nfar f;ic- Inry. I. I'oicler, Blylltcvillc Motor Co. Call li»8. 3U-ck-lf on tills SMCO Worth of liSKI) FUUN'ITUHK All Mn«rs rtadins WADK .FUKN1TURB CO. monc 155

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