The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 27, 1936
Page 7
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SATURDAY, JUNK 27, 193(5 5%« Classified CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate ixr line lor con.'iecu- Uve Insertions: One time pel Jino ............ 10c Two limes per line per day .. 08c Month rate per line ... ..... «oc Minimum crmrge iJOo Tnrcc times per line j;ci day . We Bl.t times per line per tin: .. 05c Act:* oriU-rco. iar inrce or alx Hints and slopped before expiration will be charged for the num- bsr ol t Inn's the nd appeared and -<IJ\is(menl o! bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of (tie city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may hr eaclly computed from above table Aavcrunng ordered lor irregulai Insertions take Uie our; lime rate no irapanMUliHr will oc token (o,- more than nne in<;orreet lu- icrliaii of any classified ad. l T or Sale Business Directory We Make All Sizes of Airplane Type Fans A few used desk fans for sale cheap Barksdale Mfg, Co, PHONE 19 Investigate ou.|- budget plan for Home Improvements. See E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Store ami residence for sale or trade, together or separately, 1020 West Main. Phone 147. 27pk4 TDK SALE—WesIlngJionso Electric Range, sofa, bullet and bed ; flat lop office desk, will sell cheap BJytheville Gin Co. Phone 1H4. CAFE—Good locution, on division between Main and Ash. Walter Lvwis. 25-p-k-2 Paying coal ami wood yard. Cheap rent. 113 S. Railroad. '.a-ck-18 My home for sale Cheap — 818 Chickasawba, 7 rooms nnd bath, garage, servant house, garden. 1 Week from school house. W. B. Cade, 818 Chickasawba. 22p Vt2D Or trade for portable mill, sawmill and planing mill at Huffman. Stanton Pepper, Huffman. 20-p-k-'i7 FOR SALE—5 Room House, bash largo let. Cheap taxes. Wonderful location. Cheap for cash. 805 Cliicknsawliii. dh t. FOK BALE—Used Ice Boxes and Electric refrigerators. Broadway Sales Co., Ill K. Broadway. 30-c-k-G-3d Good Used Trucks •:...-^ ...:-l 93-1— Hi- Ton ,Folll ,,^', 1B35— '/• Ton Forri rick-ll[i 1934—1;« Ton Chevrolet 1331—Hi Ton Inlcrnadonal All luu-o Good Slake Hollies TlillMS Delia Imnicnienl Co Shoe Ecpairing QUALITY SIIOB SHOP Men's Halt Soles GOc, 75c, $1 Men's Rubber Heels 25c, 35c, 60s Men's Full Soles and Heels $2 Ladles' and Children's Half Soles 5l)c and 65 c Quality Materials Laces any color. Free delivery service. 3 FREE Shines with half sole. For iient Micely Furnisiicd J room house, 1413 W. Main. Cheap. Call after •! P.M. 27-ck-l Modern Five Room House. Furnished. To Responsible person. See J. E. Hardln, South Highway 61. 25-p-k-20 COOL BEDROOM adjoininj l>a(h. Mrs. Fay Mclianey. Cnll 49!. c If i room modern house, S15 pel- month. Phone 9:i6. 24-ck-tf ?, and 3 room Furnished Apartments. Che:i)J. K. M. Eaton. 713 Chicfcasawba. 23|> Mf Thirr Ror>m Unfurnished Apail- inrut. Rcar,onul)te. Call 5. Fur. Anarlmctit in Shane. Duplex fit 11H West rt'ii. Call 197 or 511. 23-ck-tf 2 bcrfiooms or R two room fur- nlslicd apartment. Reasonable. Mrs. .1. T. Collins. 1020 Ifcarn. Six room inifuriiished house. 903 E. Cherry, phons 283. 10-ck-tf Cool front BEDROOM' Reasonable. Bess Hall. Call 280. GckU 3 room furnished apartment with bath. A'Cv.-Jy decorated. Telephone ft water free. Mrs. Belle Wood. 120 Uougnn. Call 785-J. 17-r,k-tf BLOOD TESTED Burred Rocks, White Rocks, Heds, Leghorns, etc,, 100-$6.00, Prepaid; live delivery. Ozark Hatchery, Wcslplinlin, Mo. Eggs, Poultry Cpnclaye. Queen Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 E. MAIN Mrs. J. J. fcaris — spencer Corsrtlcre Call 421-w for appointments TRANTHAM TRANSFER CO. Moving 50c room up. pianos $1 up PHONE 364 WANTED —AM, KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, $3 to $5 ton Aluminum, lOc lo. Brass, 2o to 4'/ic Ib. Copper ",Vire, 4c to 5o Ib. Radiators, 4',4c Ib. HIDES & FURS WOLF ARIAN PHONE 116 128 E. MAIN IJUV CLOTHES NOW! Pay out of your bonus. CEO. MUIIt, Tailor 201 N. 2nd FREE GASOLINE 1,000 Gallons In Be Given Away FREE To Our Customers! Kvery member of our Gasoline Dividend Club eau ivin from 1 lo 25 Gallons. When you buy sas at Bailey's ask for a membership card. H costs nothing. HARRY BAILEY'S At Missouri Stale Line 3 FURNISHED KoDlns. modern, Sink In kitchen. 9M llearn. 1NGUAM apartment,- Inquire at I'arkhiirst Co. 28-ck-tf ' I/oom Apartment, \ rooms furnished. J. If. Gmi.rl. Cail 805-J 3c Always in the Market for f SCRAP IRON , ' WOOL Rags, Metal, Hides & Bones lilythcvillc Iron & Metal Co 221 W. Cherry Call 418 Keep Kooi With Hunter Electric Fans Hubbard Hdw. Co, Pape AVall SALE 193G PATTERNS THEARKMO LUMBER CO. Phunc JO r STOVLB eTOHED FOB SUMMER Local Hauling My Coal Is Black But I treat You While JOIIK BUCHANAN—PHONE 507 GUARANTEED ELECT HI C A L WORK, reasonable. Frank Ga We, Phone 218, Osceola. Wanted EXPERIENCED STENOGRAPHS* and Bookkeeper wants position Good references. Eleanci Smi.U 1315 W. Main. Cail 335-W. lop k2 GOOD LIVE SALESMAN WIT}; CAH— Liberal commissions, ex elusive territory. Excellent proposl tlon, See Hubert Simmons at Cilcn coe Hotel before 9 A.M. Friday Real Estate Lost MR. VETERAN! Here is a chance to invest your bonus money wisely. GOOD 53-acre | larm near St. Louis. CHEAP TERMS. T. P. Elder, Care B-lj Cafo. Wfst Memp'nis, Ark, Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Eggs & Poultry E. Main •:• ill Baby Chicks OAY OLD & STARTED nuv day i. MARILYN'' Barber Shops HOLT'S BAUBEIl SHOP 101 South 2nd St. ' HAIRCUT 20c. SHAVE 15o Balls-Close 8 p.m.-^SIitno Batteries BETTER BATTERY SERVICE Call J. B. Chine 3 At Tom Jaclcson's Service Station Male Instruetibh AMBITIOUS MEN: No criminal record, 21-45; who wish lo'qual- ify at once for n $115 :i month Kovcrmnent job. Write Box "H" lonricr News. We win select Kircliunlctillv in ellnccl men with clinmcter reter- >nces, mils- oe cimcoyon, re:;,roie with fair education, who wish t( hetler themselves by training h their B]iarc lime for Electric He- friKcrallon and Air Conditioning industries. Write fully, utilities En--. Inst. "A" % Courier News. SUBSANTIAL UENVARD fo rretiirn ol 2 biy maro MULES. 7 & 8 years old. 1SOO Los. each; 1 blue hor.i? MULE. 1300 Ibs. lost by Clyde MScldlcton, stcole. Mo. 27-pk-l 2 BAGS this mornin? between hsre aha Wilson. "REWARDr'T. K. Webb, 1010 Holly. 37-pk-l For Sale or Trade—My home at, Sin W. Main. Bargain. Mrs S S. Stcrnberg. Call 084. FOB SALE CilinC—HOUSES al 700 W. Ash; 337 & 339 S. Division, with paying tenants. BARGAIN lor quick iaJe. Part-t'sh. Trtll handle.-Mildred--E.- Cox "R B. 1, Box 24-A. ' ' I'rison Maps Holms Rules SAN QUENTIN, Cal. (UP) — Warden Court Smith of San Qnciitm penitentiary lias been obliged Id formulate rules for the expenditure of veterans' bonuses. Half of the SCO inmales ol Iho prison are en tilled to n bonus. ALL10Y 'OOI 7 ""." As n rule, Democrats (rown on royally. Nevertheless, tlioso nsscpibled nl Philadelphia sc| Icctcd charmins Miss Marion Fore of Texas lo reign as quccu of Hie DcuiDcratic notional convention. She is plclurcri above nftor lict ^-ronallon. Darwin Theory Is Linked With Lore of Orient JlEHKliLEy, Cul. (UP)—The In- lluviK-c of ChliiOM! thought nnd I culture Is what really made possible (hi' Darwinian theory ot the I origin of man, accordim; to A. H. I itovvtiiithnin, assistant iiroles-sor of 1 l-'icncli nt the Univcisily of Cull- I Idi'iila. j Knn-botlium hns Just rcpublitih- |«l Ills on (he sub- jii'l, i-nti(led "China, nnd the Ago I "'. Knll^iileiiiiioiit In Kinopc," In ] which hu llrst advanced the tlic- I i-r.v and which at Hie thno was published only In Ihe Chinese 80- I'iiil and Political Review, Ar-ronllng to Uowbotham, up willl (he JOtli nnd I7(h centinles,' Hiiropeim belief In the oiiBln of I man was bnscd purely on tlio MMical cmicciillon of the OroaJ l-'lood. Tlic religious and even wk'iillllc thinkers up lo Unit time never dreamed of t'olnn beyond the accounts In (lie yjlble. H iviis In Hie llilli century, lie polnl.s out, that 1'orliigiiesc' explorers dlscovi-r-d China for the west Liiul produced a flood of literature coiiccrnini; the beauty I and worth of Chinese clvlllwillon. Jv was tlicn (hat 13tiropc Tor Ihc lust lime be(san to rcallxc llinl there might bu mnicUitug morn lo •say about the, origin of man than what Is cunlalncd In the Bible. The most comcrrntlve of Ihe dales relating lo Chinese civilization tailed lo hannonize with the (iiilc set for the Orciit FlocKt nnd which had been the only generally accepted dnlc In Christian chronology. The result, was, according lo Howbolliam, Ihe destruction ot the Flood theory imil a revision of Out of this, lie says, Men ot Uie Blow growlU of society lliroimli n vnsl period of time which Uie author Kills "thu greatest slc» In Ihe development of mniVs knowledge of his environment' niul liMory," A person sentcnnM ( 0 death i:i U(<ih Iws the clioice of being )i»nj. | ed or shot by a firing squad. puny. Dated this June 24. 1030 I'liANK WIHTWOHTH. Clerk. Ueld A Kvruid, 27-1-ll-ia WAIINfNG OUDKK S]icrry Candy Company, ot Milwaukee, Wiseonsln, is wmncd to appear in Ihc Municipal Court of Ilio City of Blylhcvllle. Ar- kunsfti, wllhln Ililrty dayi and answer Ihc complaint filed- Swimming Pool Formerly Chlrano Mill Wrecker Service • Gua OPEN AM, NIGHT IMIll.LII'S SKIIV1CK C1CNTBR Phones V7V - 810 WAYNES V1U.E. Undcnvcods N. C. (UP)of Ilnyivwd county urc railed polilirally Ihcy're all Democrats. Fitly of I hem registered til one precinct for the primaries. 10 & 20c (includm* tax) $4 private parties Open 9 "I'll 3 MONDAY—"1'AI, DAY" 1'Tcsh Wulcr continuously Ojwnlcil by Mr. nncl Mrs. Odls Fowler RADIO REPAIRING A Complclo r.lnt of Tibnt mid Putt MUBBARD TIRE A MATTICY CO. PUONK ft Now Located »t 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER • SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor All make* 01 rebuilt Typewriters, Adding Macnlue* nrtd C»l- col» ton—Bcpalrlnc—Fu1»—itl blio ni FOK QUICK SRUVICK ON M'ASHHI) SAND 1111(1 GRAVEL I'HONK 7IKI jK'rior Coal & Alining Co. And in- Iniiullc. nil Leading Hrands of Illcli Grade foal— Sumlll, fireul .u.-ail, Brllliniit, MonllccHo, clr. Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Btort "WE MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone HO ONE STOP SERVICE STATION TOIl YOUR CONVENIENCE 1 SINCLAIR GAS AND LUBRICATION 1VVSK I'KKRV fn chnrgu of Service Depaiimcut. • -. H. JOHNSON in chin-Re of Hotly Deuarlmcnt —BATTERY RKItVICE —UADIATOIt KKPAIR —11OI»Y WO1IK —I'HNHKU WORK —fil-ASS INSTALLED —AUTO P AIM'S W, T. BARNETT AUTO SALES Dodjo & I'ljmoulu Dealer I'HONE 8R8 . HEAR! HEAR! If you linvu n hiiria! association certificate of ftny. kinij on your loved onw when they pirns- »wny, we will accept it lit full value on the funeral, provided-you buy ns much its $50 or HMO in rncrctimullso. COBB FUNERAL HOME I'HONB 20 RIGHT ON THE HU'lTON! OOOLA FUES INTO A RAGE \VHEU Sfc)&. LEARWS THAT;'RE.-" SARDLESS OF HER UMGS IM THE , MATTER, WUR, THE SAWALLIAM KIMG HAS SELECTED HER K3R HIS 'QUEEKJ // WELL, 1 kkJOW SOMEOME WMol WILL HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT ME BECOMING QUEEW / YOU DO? ALLEY OOP, THE BIG FELLOW WHO ACCOM PAMI ED ME HERE ' SO, ITS FUMNY, 15 IT.' WELLr/-*TRUE, I DOM'T KNOW , Hr Ham tin BOOTS AND HER RUDDIES WASH TUHI5S -I'LL'SOOWBE' KIRS. ALLEY COR/ IT'S APPARENT 7HAT YOU DOKl'T KMOW HIM VERY WELL - OR YOU WOULD HAVE MORE RESPECT FOR HIM - HIM A5 WELL AS I WILL, BUT I HAVE PLEMTYOP . RESPECT FOR HIM BECAUSE. MV DEAR WELL, WHO' COULD THAT BE? NO ^w^s^^yv ^ o -._— fc-V, -ST WASH IS SUSPICIOUS! ,\.r* t ^>*si,-i*js\ u'l-^^ujt WULIfr ZARAT HA£j A .... t WITH LlLA PICKET TH' WIGHT JEFF PICKET W, J IN THE BOM TON MURDERED, 'AT POESN'T PROVE ZARATS ,J^lCE CREAM RftRLOR SURE, BUT LlLA PICKET 5WEAR5 TMAT^ZARAT DIDM'T LEAVED THE TABLE. THEV WERE THERE FOR TWO HOUR'S. DOZENS OF PEOPLE SAW 'EM. THAT BLASTEP ZARAT'S ALIBI IS PERFECT. MO, BUT THEY WERE TH' BOM TON? ,.... LISSEN, WHY/THAT PLACE HAS A BACK; POOR OPENiN ONTO TH' VERV AaEV WHERE PICKET WAS KILLER LOOK AT THAT HEAD....rr LOOKS MORE LIKE A • Dip StxJ ^.rr SOUWDED I SHOOT ) HIM ALIVE IF V/E CA(J ' / HE MAY BE HEAR SOt-IE- LIKE SOME- THINS IMSIDE THIWG DGVE "1HAT ) THRU THE ROOM ? J WINDOW ,?/-/ R • S rr WAS THE WORTH PLEWTY!. HOLDIMG HIM ' RIGHT THERE, OXJLD.HE BE IW PLACES AT THE SAME TIME?

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