The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on December 3, 1923 · Page 14
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, December 3, 1923
Page 14
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MONDAY EVENING, . DECEMBER 3, 1923 FOURTEEN SIDELIGHTS ON CRAIG PROBE - 11 11 " . . Mayer Is Plaintiff, Prosecutor, Jury and Judge in. Case . 1 - Against Comptroller. THE PITTSBURGH PltES? Rv Lowell Mellett. i Hew York, Dec. X ' Sixty day. Call the next cast,'1 It waa this sentence pronounced fc Federal Judge Julius M. Mayer upon City Comptroller Charles L-CkmlC that Ural started New Yorkers im Inquiring seriously Into the power and- possible abuse of powers by tke federal courts. The sentence waa ' flven 15 months after the publication of a letter by Craig which Judge ' Mayer held to be in contempt of his ; eowt. The city had taken some In-teres In the matter during the 13 months, but not a great deal. It had rwd of the citation for contempt and ," had watched the procession of legal delaya that intervened before Judg-meaU waa pronounced and the aen- taace fixed. -' With the verdict of guflty and the rder committing Craig to a New . Jersey jail for two months, the city suddenly awoke to what had happened, It was this: A Judge i had charged a city official with an of-Tenae against himself, had directed ' his prosecution by the district attor-i ey, had heard the evidence, had ren. That llang-on . Cough Hust 6o lueae Made Conf h Mixture Best of ill lor the Congh that Micks Make It Yourself In Two Minutes tt mnrtilnr season Is on and tmrr home should have a supply of the beat eough remedy to be had, and aa you can make this supremely excellent eough mixture yourself why pay high prices for the common kind. Get from any druggist one ounce of Fannint (double strength) to this add a Bttle granulated sugar and enotlgh water to make one half pint that's all here is to it. ' Then when any member of the family starts coughing or' catches cold 'n cheat or head, or haa acute catarrh, yoar ar prepared as yon should be. And the children love to take It. With speed almost feeyond belief . thla home made cough mixture stops the toughest hang-on cough, and all because in It there is a substance (too costly for ordinary cough syrups) ' that Immediately covers the membrane like a soothing, healing poultice, and blessed relief comes at once. ad you should also bear in mind that any remedy that overcomes catarrh, partially or wholly. Is bound to he of benefit to those who are troubled with head noises and ca- tarrhal deafness. Get Parmlnt and get better. Adver- tlfiemenL .-.,. . A Stubborn Cough Loosens Right Vp nil maJ resadr Is a Waa ler fee ak-k rwalu. Easily , aad cheaply ) M IH H I'M H Here is a home-made syrup which knillions of people have found to be the most dependable means of break-insr up stubborn coughs. It is cheap and simple, but very prompt in action. Under its healing, soothing in-- lhienee, chest soreness goes, phlegm loosens, breathing becomes easier, tickling in throat stops and you eel a good night's restful sleep. The usual throat and chest colds are conquered by it in 2 hours or less. Nothing better for bronchitis, hoarseness, croup, throat tickle, bronchial asthma or winter coughs. To make this splendid cough syrup, oar 2Vi ounces of Pinex into a pint bottle and fill the bottle with pla;n granulated sugar syrup and shake thoroughly. If you prefer use clarified molasses, honey, or corn syrup, , instead of sugar syrup. Either way, ' sou get a full pint a family supply of much better cough syrup than you could buy ready-made for three times the money. Keeps perfectly mad children love its pleasant taste. ' ..Pinex is a special and highly con-eentrated compound of genuine Norway pine extract, known the world over for its prompt healing effect ppon the membranes. To avoid disappointment ask yonr . druggist for ."2 ounces of Pinex" with full directions, and don't accept, anything else. Guaranteed to give absolute satisfaction or money fromptly refunded. The Pinex Co., t Wayne, Ind - Advertisement. To Cure a Cold in One Day Take Bromo Quinine, Mlete BROMO QUININE Tablets begin Immediately to counteract the activity of Cold. Grip and Influenza Germs and bring to a sudden stop tho dangerous work of these dreaded disease germs in the human body. BROMO QUININE Tablets quick, ly render these germs powerless and complotcly destroy then organic existence. The) Tonic and Laxative Effect of Laxative BROMO QUININE Tablets Is very beneficial to the ytctn at all time. . The bos bears this signature dered the verdict and named the punishment. A series of proceedings Impossible to any citizen of the United States not a judge. Impossible even to the President of the United States. The one man had, been complainant, prosecutor, Jury and judge. New York began asking, "la this Justice?" It proposes to ask the question of congress at the coming session and to Insist upon an answer. The whole United States is vitally interested in the answer. This is particularly true since the U. S. Supreme court haa upheld Judge Mayer's course. . . ' The remedy for the present one-man plalntlff-prosecutor-jury-judge process seems to He in legislation to provide for jury trial of contempt cases. Another ' suggestion is that after one judge has cited a man for contempt another judge should try the case. This, however, does not find a great deal of favor. One judge is likely to be reluctant to decide against another judge in a matter of that kind. A judge trying a case which he himself had Instituted might be expected to resolve more doubts in favor of the accused man than would one of his fellow judges. But the jury trial Idea, as applied to contempt cases, meets with favor even among th judges themselves. Whfle the present issue remains to be disposed of, the federal Judges in this city are unwilling to express themselves. Privately," however, they are willing to talk. Some of them are agreed that it would be an excellent thing tf, when a Judge cites a man for contempt of court, the case were to be trieM before a Jury, with another judge on the bench. They express some doubt as to the con stitutionality of a law requiring this, however. Perhaps, they say, the courts could not waive the "inherent powers of the Judiciary" at the behest of an act of congress. Lawyers, off the bench, are less impressed with these "Inherent powers." The fed eral courts, aside from the U. S. Supreme court, are wholly creatures of congress, say these lawyers. One thing seems certain. With the present roar of wrath echoing through the canyons of .Manhattan because of the Craig sentence, Judge Mayer would be a lot happier if the verdict had been found by a Jury of 12 citizens and the sentence Imposed by some other judge. These ' contempt punishments really are embarrassments that fed eral judges would really be glad to escape," one federal judge told me. DISCOVERY OF BONES ENDS NINE-YEAR HUNT FOR MISSING CHILD New Totx, Dee. 1 Little Jimmy Glass was returned last night to his home in Jersey City dead. The, fa mous search, which began almost nine years ago in a remote village In Pike county, Pa, and the trails of which had traversed 48,000 miles into many lands, terminated yesterday where it began, in Greeley, Pa., only a mile and a half from where the 4-year-old boy last waa seen alive. Bones found Saturday in a thick ness of dark woodland were positively identified by the boy's father, Charles Glass, as those of the youngster, whom individuals and gypsy bands had been accused of kidnaping and quest of whom took searchers into South' America, Porto Rico and Europe. The peculiar formation of the dou ble-crowned skull was sufficient' to convince the father he had found his boy. But there was additional evi dence in the shoes, which still showed distinctly the name of the brand, and there were still the brass snaps of the tan overalls the child had worn and shreds of his hickory suspenders. Both Mr. and Mrs. Glass tonight expressed relief at knowing the fate of their son. Mrs. Glass recounted her thousands of miles of futile travels, her scrutiny of scores of boys and her constant hope and belief that her son might be found alive. HITS COCONUT WITH PISTOL: IS KILLED New Castle. Pa., Dee, 1 An attempt to crack a coconut with the butt end of a loaded revolver resitted In the death of William Kennedy, aged 20, of 31 Shaw st, yesterday. Kennedy, apparently thinking that the weapon was not loaded, grasped the barrel and began hammering on the thick shell. The revolver, a .22 cali bre, discharged a bullet which struck the man In the abdomen. He died an hour later In the Shenango Valley hospital. KAEDNEGE SOCIETY . ' MONTHLY MEETING. The monthly meeting of the Kaed-tege society will be held Thursday at the residence Of Mrs. J. W. Wil liams, 5332 Northumberland st Lunch eon will be served at 1 p. m. Mrs. Williams will be assisted by Mrs. C. A. Gels, Mrs. H. S. Holder, Mrs. A. S. Lawton, Mrs. W. R. McCommon, Mrs. Nuttal and Mrs. D. S. Kohler, as joint hostesses. The society sews for the Koednege room in the Zoar home and the chll dren's ward In the eye and ear hos pltal. Foley Pills Bring Relief. "FOLEY TILLS are the best I have tried. My kidneys work a lot better since I received yeur generous offer," writes John W. Brogan, Adams, Mass. FOLEY TILLS are a dluretlo stimu lant for the KIDNEYS and while be Ing taken close attention should be paid to the diet Avoid sweets, pastry, starchy foods, aleoholle drinks, tea and coffee. Drink plenty of good fresh water, and keep the ' body warmly clothed. Refuse substitutes. Sold everywhere. -Advertisement. HOME FURNISHER S Oar Other Advertisement Elsewhere In Thu Paper Casseroles Handsomely fill treed holders of 8111111011 nickel with Insets of cooking class are priced from , 95.00 to 8.50. Bread 8ets of decorated board for cutting, and a good bread knife, are $3.00 the set. Fifth Floor Chafing Dishes Nickeled ware in nice styles priced f 18.50. New Moulds In Interesting shapes for making Christmas salads and desserts to be had In many sizes from the Individual ilset to very large ones. 10c to $5.50. Fifth Floor- Carving Set Made of .stainless ' steel that will not abow stains bat ' Is always found bright and shining. S5.50 to $8.00 a set. Household Tool Sets $0.50 to $27.50. Flash Lights 75c to 2.75. Card Tables $8.00 to $60.00. ' Fifth Floor ! Pyrex Cooking Sets Pyrex Cooking Seta and Individual pieces are always welcome gifts to the woman ho keeps house. Pyrea; Pie Plates. Pyret Baking Dishes, Fifth Floor . Electric Heaters l A handy little Heater to warm the bathroom, the bedroom or nursery. $7.00. Other Electric Heaters $5.00 and up. Improved Oas Heaters, suitable for fireplace use Include Radlantflre types $15.00 to $185.00. Ray-Glo Heaters '$15.00 to $83.50. Jteznor Heaters $3.50 to $27.50. Fifth Floor Fancy Baskets AH sorts of attractive Baskets for sewing, scrap Baskets, Sandwich Baskets and innumerable other purposes. Fancy Scrap Baskets In various Colors and shapes, some daintily decorated with polychrome and other touches of color, $1.00 to 7.00. .', Sewing Baskets of rarylng sizes and styles, some quite elaborately decorated. 05c to $10.00. Fifth Floor Kitchen Cabinets Kitchen Cabinets with the ' convenience of. a pantry lh their numerous shelves, drawers and compartments, come in white enameled and oak finishes. $33.50 to $85.00. Fifth Floor Percolators Several sizes to choose from $5.50 to $25.00. The Percolator Illustrated is priced $21.50. Toasters Electric Toasters in various types $1.25 to $10.50. Electric Waffle Irons $6.75 to $18.00. Electric Curling Irons $125 to $0.75. Electric Heating Pads $5.00, to $8.50. Irons and Ironers Electric Irons from $3.75 to $0.50. , The Ironrite, an electric Ironer that Is easy to operate $165.00. The Bilt-rlte Ironer with open end feature-1 $168.50. The Simplex Ironer In different sizes $110.50 to $160.00. Fifth Floor- Tamp' LENOX China, Beaux Arts of New York, Crest, Crucet and other famous Lamp maker are represented in our Lamp Boom, , The Bridge Lamp sketched is one of the newest types with parchment decorated shade and bronze finish. $45.00. Pretty Boudoir Lamps with brass or bronze finishes, and hand-decorated glass shades, S12.50. Pottery Table Lamp Bases of mirror black, mounted with metal bases. Without shades, $18.50. Junior Floor Lamp Bases in wide choice of styles and finishes, complete with shades, $18.95 to $250.00. Fifth Floor Floor of Ideas Here one finds beautiful, artistic Bookwood in the form of rases and decorative pieces. Vases in rare colors and shapes, $1450 to $25. Book-ends in novel forms, $10 up. Tcroft Wares include Vases, $20 op. Card Trays, $ Scrvice ys, $10.00 to $15.00. Ash Trays, $1.00 to $5.00. -'" - J i?c?Iative C&ndle Sticks k new attractive forms, $1.25 to $10.00. . 7 Boxcs of glass' &old banded and decorated, $2.75 to $6.50. ' Smoking Stands with all the conveniences smokers care for, $1.75 to $22.50. ; Fifth Floor Scarfs Brocade Scarfs, made in France and Belgium of heavy quality in beautiful combinations of rose, green, and gold with silver or gold tinsel. $3.00 to $7.50. Imported Swiss Curtains in the most ezaulslte lacv AnJL-n, patterns for the better AVUUiruns rooms of the home. $8050 to We are showing a most $15.00. complete line of heating Fourtrt Floor accessories, reasonably ' priced. Andirons fiJSO to $885.00. Fire Screens $5.00 to $46-00. Log Baskets $7.00 to $16JS0. Fuel Boxes $42JS0 to $05.00. Cora Poppers 25c to $10.00. Chestnut Roasters $7.50. j Toaster Forks $3.50. Hand Bellows $9.25 to $25.00. Hearth Brooms $1.00. Flemish Steel Coal Hods $9.75. Fifth Floor Book-Ends Book-ends in unique shapes and finished with polychrome in pretty soft colors, $2.25 and tip. Mahogany Book-ends, $5.00 up. Bronze and metal Book-ends, $4.50 up. Candlesticks of attractive shapes and finished in polychrome, $2.50 each. Polychrome Serving Trays with tapestry insets $5.00 and up. Fourth Floor Lenox China Rare Lenox China Is the gift supreme. A dozen -plates of this dainty ware in Ming pattern are $32.50 and these would be an Incentive to start an entire set Other pieces such. as Comports may be bought singly at $4-00 and up. Fifth Floor Records Pictures Wallace Nutting and Sawyer Pictures in mahogany and antique frames. Size 13x16 inches, $5.00. - Soulen's Madonna, a new picture with the Madonna and Interesting details of the Ufa of Christ In attractive frames $4.50, Water Color, framed, $2.50 to $155.00. Mezzotints $12.50 said vp. Fourth Floor Grills The entire breakfast may be cooked at the table with one of these handy electrical appliances. Various sizes from $8.00 to $19.50. 1 Hoover Sweepers Records of the popular dance music make excellent gifts for those who care a great deal about dancing. All new ones, double-faced, 75c - Red Seal Records by favorite vocal artists, the most talented violinists and pianists and orchestras are here at $1.00 up. Junior Operettas of favorite fairy stories told In song, $2.50 set. Phonographs Four standard Phonographs are here to choose , from, the Viotrola, Cheney, Pooley and Sonora all with their own merits making It simply a matter of opinion as to which one prefers. All In Upright ' and Consols styles, and all are to be bought on convenient payment plan if desired. Prices on Console styles begin at fl 00,09 for the FlctraU, THE happiest Gift is that which makes Home a better, a more pleasant place to' live. We illustrate here for your convenient selection a number of useful and beautiful things for the home each one an ideal Christmas gift. They will be the more appreciated because of Home' Quality and the prices are moderate. Comforts and Bed Sets Wool-filled C o m f o r ts, ' with Jacquard silk covers, scroll stitched. Rose, Copenhagen," lavender, green, gold $18.50. Hand-made Candlewick Bed Sets tufted in rose, blue, gold, lavender and green. $8.25 to $0.00. White satin-finished Bed , Spreads finished with cut-; corners and scalloped edges. Full site $0.05 to $12JH. . Hand-embroldere Wam-sutta percale Pillow Cases, and hand-drawn hemstitched Cases, $2.50 to $6.50 a pair. Fourth Floor Xedar Chests Made from sweet scented redar, with rounded corners iad all equipped with locks . f nd casters. 4 8 inrViPK long, SO Inches high $21.50. 54 lnche long, 22 Inches high $40.00. 48 Inches long, 27 Inches high-742.50. 46 inches long, 21 inches high $58.50. Cretonne Hangings Imported and domestic ' Cretonnes , for hangings, scarfs, table covers, fancy bags and numerous other purposes. These ' come In splendidly handsome pat-sterns and in the most refreshing colors. 75c to $1.50 a yard. Blankets Fluffy wool Blankets, pure white ' with border stripes of blue, pink, lavender and yellow. Full sis $9.00 to $18.00 a pair. . Five-pound all-wool country woven plaid Blankets la tan, gray, brown and bins plaids, bound to mate plaids. $10.00 ft pair. Fourth Floor- Linens Decorative Cushions Silk and Velours Cushions in colors for boudoir or liv- tng room. These Cushions take on all sorts of attractive, fanciful shapes. $4.05. Drapery a . i materials Sunfast Fabrics are useful for making your own home attractive for the holidays and for making Into gifts for yonr friends' homes. They come in so many weaves, from those heavy enough for' hangings and upholstering to ganse-llke sheerness. Colors are absolutely fast $2.50 to $6.50 ft yard. " Fourth Floor Luncheon Sets, pure linen $2.00. . Lingerie Pillow Covers $1.75. Venlae lace Dollies 0c Bread Tray Cloths 50c T Linen Cloth, $6.25. - Napkins to match, $6.00 ft dozen. Turkish Towel Sets $1.50. Mam Floor Table Covers Imported from' Belgium. In brocade materials in well covered designs on ecru, in combination of rich rose, green and mulberry colors. Also black scarfs with artistic combinations In rose, gold and blue. Prices from $1.50 to $4.00, according to slxe. Fourth Floor I CHINESE BUGS in room sizes, having the characteristic soft blues, rose and tans, $200.00 to $350.00. Small Chinese Rugs in similar designs and colors, $28.50. Hearth-size Persian Bugs in rare patterns and colors begin at $28.50, : Hooked Bugs, hand-made in exquisite patterns that provide a cheerful spot on bare floor or over plain floor covering, come in various sizes and shapes. ' Braided Oval Bugs come in small mat sizes at $4.75 to room sizes at $12.50, , Sixth Flo File Me, Dont f ill te take a rtie la ttie new &4f a BrethAM earA.verttsisiisaV

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