The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 7, 1946
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MAY 7, 1946 BIATHEVILLE (ARK.) COUB1ER NEWS GOP Senator Raps Tactics Solon Soys Pressure Being Used to Get Price Control Extended. WASHINGTON. Mnv 7 <UP> -F *n. Homer E. Capeliart. R., IncJ., has rhnreed members of (lie Son- ate Banklne Committee .staff witli inspiring "pressure"on him and other senators to vote for price control extension. He coitmlnliied to |li<- committee yesterday that staff members, whnm he did not itlpntlfv. wre saving he was opposed to the OPA bill. "I don't think anvono knows ho™, i am eolne to vole." lie satrl. addine that, such action bv staff rnrmbers was "unfair, unwarranted and undemocratic." Capehart said tip had received at least, a half-dozen trlephonn calls fi-rvm women who told him that staff members said he was opposed to nrice control extension and that they should brine pres- Mire on him and other somitors to Eain their snnnort fir OPA. Chairman Robert f. Wagner. T).. N. V.. whnse committee. 1 = rnn- Klrterine nrire control legislation, promised to loolc into the slliwtfnn. Canchart Iodee<J his comnlatnt You Con Look—That's All Pictured above is the first "car of the future" to become more than a designer's sketch is the "Stout Forty-Six." just unveiled at Dearborn, Mich. Among radical features ar« body of fiberglass plastic; rear engine; no chassis or axles and literal "e^hlons of air" for springs; extra long wheelbase and more interior room ' than any car of comparable outside dimension*. JOKER: it can- i not be mass-produced at low cost, therefore public won't be abl« I to buy the Stout Forty-Six for a loryt^ long time. ___, Truman Asks Seven Billions tor Army WASHINGTON, Mtoy 7 (UP) — President 'ifuiuun asked Con«ws3 to provide $7,24«,'J35.200 <B) tor the War Dopmtnu'tus military functions In the fiscal year beginning July i, Including »200.*00,000 for continuation of the Army's atomic operations. The recommended appropriation, Mr. Truman pointed out yesterday, wa.s b»se<j on a planned reduction in the si?c of the Army frotti 1.550.000 enlisted men nnci officers on June 30. 19415. lo l.OTO.OOC a >'(•»• Inter. In addition to funds for main tnlnlni: (his Mrrniitli. the President recommended an appropriation of $500.000.000 (M) for KOV- ernment and relief in oocui>le< areas and $200,000,000 <M> (01 "atomic service, heretofore kivovv us the Manhattan project." An appropriation of * (H) rt'iis recommended T OV tne Ai my Air Forces. Strikes Over Nation Keep 712,000 Idle By Striken nnd walkouts through- it the nnllon kept 71:1,000 work- Idle today. The major develoucnts: Conl—Clovernmonl official* hoi>I SO-diiy old soft coul strike would • scuivil this wetk. Transit—Transit workers In AU nntu, On., reached nn agreement iicl returned to work, ending slx- «}• strike. In Ixw Angeles, the ranslt workers' strike (|oe» Into lie fourth day with Mayor Pleteh- Dovvron vffecllug a resumption f negotiations. Walvrlront — Federal conclllalois Court Affirms Black Market Sentences II tmis rejected a drive by tlte Federal Trade Commission to ellm- natc all commercial use of the Red Cross symbol on grounds that he public tends to be deceived into believing the products thus advertised are endorsed by the relief agency. %XL.™& ™!?V--: C^SSSS^rt"^ -^ Islratnr John D. Small Xold the committee, ihnt, .strikes—nof. prit'e controls represent on p or the major causes delaying capacity production. CPA Chief Blames Strlkf-j "If It were not for strikes." Small said, "w would nn<v he nt or nenr capacity production in ni««t, fields." "But." h" said, "the demand is sn crreat. that even this Is not rnniiGh. Vff. nre limited bv our e*- i^tlne facilities and materials, and rsrwcmUv by nur manpower rc- ronrrps. o»r labor reserves are not flexible. They am now low. and they will enw lower as reconver- sion proceeds." An-swerinR advocates of price increases to bring out production. Small said the law of supply and demand cannot bring about natural price adjuslmenU "in the short term of a few months.'' Severe shortages particularly In lumber, steel, lead, paper, buiidinn materials, "cannot be relieved overnight by the mere act of removing or altering price controls," he said. Meanwhile, Economic Stabilizer Chester Bowles told trfc House Pood Shortage Committee he hoped price controls and subsidies coulri be ended by July, 1947. He said he and Secretary of Agriculture Clinton p. Anderson once had worked out a program to remove them by July, 1946 but 'that they guessed wrong ! ln"''expectih'g greater unemployment and lower incomes in lower prices. In that case, he said, the government could h'ave started taking off controls and subsidies. ed prison sentences and fines Imposed on four railroad employes in Miami who sold tickets on the black market during the 1943 transportation crisis. The court held that railroad accommodations must not go on a favored basis to "those who will or can pay more because of greater need of longer purse." In a brief session, the court also upheld a 1910 law which gave the American Red Cross Exclusive right o the use of the words "Red Cross" •md the Red Cross symbol, but exempted firms which had been using either before 1905. Detroit city employees now work a .straight 40 ; hour week and get IS per cent more pay. Administrative and civil workers of Tacorna. Wash, also have been put on a five-day week. Rend Courier Newii Want Ad FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H Webb Ihvv. 51 at State Line Phone: Hlylhcville 714 report' n*voU*tton« In 1-iJ»y-o)(5 strike of CIO oargo ch«ck«rt al Portland, Ore., hare reached un- Farm Bqulpment — Seven CIO Unions Involved ID dispute with AlHs chalmfra Co. agr*« not lo end nlrlka until Iwuea at ill Mven plunls are aettled. Churches Participate In Family Week Here j Wynne Attorney Recommended For High Office Coalition Shaping for TOKYO, »t»y 1'(tm -i,Tet«a Katayuna, M-ytar-' o!4- cfevtetiaa leader of tb» flodal DH&oeratle UTTI* ROOK, Ark., May 7. (UP) 'JK^J" "P*** 1 U ^ T * "" —Jamei T. Gooch of Wynne, H »pe-1^ithuTtj cl«l awlstant U) the United States | AMI " »«&££•£=!~ «s '==-" ^ Htatei attorney o( the eastern district of Arkansas to succeed Sam' j"' Blythevllle churctie* «r e partlc- Hor«x. In the Nutlonul Family ' senators John McCl«llan nnd Wll- ,Wcek, emj>h»sl» oh the \\» m Fulbrlght niade Ihe recom- week as Ohrlillan Family Wnck. mendallon to President Truman, to In dltcuselng plant and IUMV>- Oil the vacancy created when Rorex tlons In which families may ob- resigned after filing as a candidate serve the week, Blythevllle paaloru : for attorney general of Arkansas, said Sunday would be observed "Family Sunday.'' Rend Courier Neve Want Adi. Ooocli, R World War II veteran, Is n gnidmite of Arkansas State College at Joiwwboro and the Arkansas Ijiw School In LIUie Rock. ment to be formed around a nue- ! leus of social democrat i Approximately 2.fX» touvenir weapons have been registered >y residents of Connecticut under a new plan for the voluntary retf*- I rat Ion ol fireamu, according to the Council of State OorernznenU. ftMtd Ixxuiei Ft*** Wiuit Ada./ JLOWATT KITCHEN The first white wonion (o cross over the Overland Trail through South Puss, Wyo., were the brides of two missionaries, Spalding 'and Whitman. 'INSURANCE „„, 2311 For Complete Protection • ACCIDENT &, HEALTH • H CAPITALIZATION • FIRE • AUTOMOBILE • LIABILITY • BURGLARY • PLATE GLASS •TORNADO • SURETY BONDS • AVIATION FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 N.2nd Chas. Bittuer—Irene Crouder FOR SALE! 16 Ga. Corrugated Steel Culverts in 16 Ft. Lengths with Connecting bands. They're Lighter than Concrete, Easier to Install and Will Last a Lifetime. CALL OR WRITE— LEE WILSON & CO. Phone 18 Wilson, Ark. NOTICE! RESIDENTS OF ARKANSAS! BOYETT DDT Spraying Co. IS NOW EQUIPPED TO SERVE YOU Due to th« fact it is twice as hard for a vt( of World War II to go into business as it is for any other -person, I am just opening for business and would appreciate your patronage. I have secured the best in DDT insecticide powder and liquid. II is the same tj pe we used in Ihe European (hralre of war and also being used in ihe Pacific theatre of operations by oar armed forces lo combat insects. This Irpc of DDT is now being used by the government on farms. I am equipped to spray or dust you wish lo be dusted or sprayed, especially homes, business places, gardens, barns, chicken coops, shrubbery, ditches and outhouses. I am also proud to announce that T have veterans working for me, who have j«sl been discharged from the Army, Why Pay More Than Necessary to Get Your Property Cleaned of Pesty Insects? 17aH 3662 today and I will come or send a representative lo see you and give yon an estimate on your property to be sprayed. G«>. (Buddy) Boyelt, Owner Office Temporarily Located at 111 E. Vine St. Phone 3602 BONDED AND INSURED 24-Hour TAXI SERVICE CALL 968 ..« "s vV ? -^ n^' Rallraad 8tfc«t Bill Wunderlich — R«ar BoWnson'i .•< Bt*f> ^ 0 HAYS IMPLEMENT CO. 2t» K. Main, Mylhevilte, Ark., Vhiint 2001 SALES AND SERVICE OF J. I. CASE EQUIPMENT Just Received a shipment of CASE HAMMER FEED MILLS ^ 8 Inch $105; TO inch $129.50 •*?" \r ^-7- — \*s 1 ^ a>-> T —£mz& r/' i-i Hi) ,<£ >J iIN \- '\ 'emm»w»Mtrt ROTARY HOES We are receiving a car load Shipment of 2 Row and 4 Row TOWERS ROTARY HOES. This is a well built hoe with replaceable steel teeth. Stanley Implement Company Phone 69 Hayti, Mo. Even though Electrical appliances May still be hard to find, ' It Isn't a bit too early to start planning For that "Matchless Kitchen OM94X." .'• ">.».• V-'^vW'V^:'/-'"''''--' ' : ••'•*<••"-• '•' " • i :•-..'.,••••• If carefully planned, from start to finish, Such a kitchen can save you many steps and much work, i Simply by the way It's arranged, and the fact that there are plenty of automatic, Labor-Saving Electric Appliances—ready to serve you, 24 hours a day, every day In the year. LIVE ELECTRICALLY AND ENJOY THE • Free"Wife-Saving" Kitchen Plan* Start Planning Now For : Tb»t "MATCHLESS KITCHEN of 149X" CLIP THIS COUPON 'Wi' AND MAU, IT TO: Why not start today, making those plans for a Modern, Efficient, Time-Saving, "All-Electric" Kltchen- —A "Wife-Saving" Kitchen That will save you hours of needless drudgery, Inconvenience, and useless toll— Qive you more extra hours for Carefree Pleasures and Relaxation, ' Let Reddy Kilowatt, your electrical servant, Help you with your plans For a "Kilowatt Kitchen" so that you too may "Live Electrically and Enjoy the Difference I" CAR BY EXPERT MECHANICS For All Makes of Cars Our complete service includes . .. Motor Tune-Up, Motor Overhauling, Urake Adjustment and re-lining. Electrical Repairing, Radiator Repairs, and. Oil Change. Don't Wait! We will pay you the top'cash price for your car. Drive in today. Get the cash. W« Are Approved Blylheville Dealers DESOTO — PLYMOUTH and PACKARD CARS •nd carry a complete stock of Genuine Chrysler and Packard Parts SEYMORE MOTOR SALES H. SEYMORE—Owner Corner Franklin & Walnut Phone 886 or 3534 Reddy Kilowatt Box 641 BlythevlUe, Arkansas Please mall to me without cost or obligation your kitchen planning folder entitled "Matchless Kitchen for 194X." NAME: _ _ — ST. NO.:...... ADDRESS: _.._ _ (Pleu* Print) Ark-Mo Power Co Reddy Kilow»U's wages amount to only a f«w cento a day. Although prices on most things have gone up, Ihe cost of electricity h»i continually gone down— until today, if you're an average user, you get just •bou» twice « much us you received 20 ycnrs ago (or th* same nmonnt ol money. WASH TUBES Dow is Breaks Down BY LESLIE TURNEK 50 VOU DEO ABOUT HWIU& WORKED FOR DOAK1...V0U WEiZE TCOUPW6 ON THE WEST COAST WSTEftO, EH RED RYDER Easy Work BYFRE_HARM-ftJ« "' GET V1HY. &0!«.S.' NOT STRONG ENOUGH

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