The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on January 3, 1967 · Page 41
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 41

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1967
Page 41
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37 Long Absence HOLLYWOOD - Elsa Novak returns to the screen as Albert Finney's mother in "Charlie Bubbles" after an absence of 46 years. PIACI FOR STIAKS- 'PHONI 34' 7I5 ' 1 DIPLOMAT LOUNGE 'tifZW BETTY BRENT tZiW Tech Graduate Kathy Justice E-X-C-L-U-S-l-V-E LincbtoM Dally Iron 1 1:30 Dlnmrs S:3t to I AlffATS M ADULT Snurf " Mmsmm The Pittsburgh Press, Tuesday, January 3, 1967 'I JT itr r-rT New Film Star Here For The Holidays, She Praises Director And Cast I By KASPAR MONAHAN I It was this way. I learned from a Hollywood blurb that a -new, young face was going to appear in a top-budget upcoming movie, "The Way West," and that the newcomer was a Carnegie Tech grad, Katherine Justice by name. i The pleasant voice at Tech informed me that the girl's parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Justice, resided at 500 Edgewood Rd., and they might give me more in- . , formation about their screen star daughter. So I called-and, surprise, Katherine herself answered the phone. (I presumed she was in Hollywood.) She was spend ing the hou- ) ' i "i NOW LISTEN As Mat Helm, the fearless espionage agent, Dean Martin is adept at telling everybody off, as indicated in this scene of "Murderers' Row.V The gtrl on the receiving end of the lecture in the film at days with her e Gateway is Camilla Sporv. Another charming folks "my first vacation with them in years." She seemed a bit puzzled that I thought she and her ascending career were newswor- thy. Quickly she gave me a admirer of Helm's is Ann-Margret. Shows To See And When Starting times are the tame tomorrow, unless otherwise indicated, STANLEY - "Pnlopi." Natalie Wood, Ian Bannan, Fastura: 12, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. Wadnaidap "Arriva. d.rei. Batw." r U n d 0 wn on FULTON-"Sambit," Shlrlay Mae. her life: Laina, Michael Caina. Feature: 12, Rnr. 2M, 6, 8, 10. Mimm GATEWAY - "Murdarar' Row,- Mingo June- Deari Mart;ni Ann.Margret. F. huh, uuu- ture; 2, 2, 4, "that's KATHERINE JUSTICE Her career on the rise. "In Hollywood they call me that farm girl from Ohio. I don't mind, although 1 wouldn't know how to milk a cow or plant corn. Anyway, we moved when I was little and we lived in various places." near warner 'Th. S t e ubenville, ner, George C. Scott. Feature: 8:30. Wadnajday-2, 8:30. NIXON "Sound of Muiie," Julie Andrewi, Christopher Plummer. Feature: 8:30. Wadnaiday 2, 8:30. SHADYSIDE "Fahrenheit 4SI, Julie Christie, Osltar Werner. Feature: 6:15, 8:10, 10:10. GUILD "Gaorgy Girl,1 Jamei Mason, Lynn Redgrave. Feature: 6:20, 8:20, 10:20. you k n o w . I don't remember much about it but I believe at the time we were living on a small farm MANOR "The Endleu Summef," 2:15. 4:10, 6, 8, 10:05. HOLLYWOOD "The Endleu Summer," 2:15, 4:10, 6, 8, 10:05. ' KINGS COURT-"After the F," Peter Sellers Feature: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. SQUIRREL HILL - "Dr. Zhivao," Omar Sharif, Julie Christie. Feature; 8. Wadnetdau ? I) ' ' - CHATHAM CINEMA "Alfiei" Mi- Bible, Ave Gard- Cmm Ch.lUu Wlnt.r. ture: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. ART CINEMA "Caught In the Act," 12:15, 2:45, 5:15. 7:50, 10:20. "The Shameless Sex," II, 1:40, 4:10, 6:40, 9:10. PLANETARIUM "The Christmai Story." Showiat2:IS, 8:15. PLAYHOUSE-"Midsummer Night'i Dream," Craft Avenue at 8:30. "The Entertainer," Hamlet Street at 8:30. Wednesday Both shows et 2, 8:30. f As to schooling: "I attended so many schools I can't re-jnember half of them." But she vividly remembers when she won the all-state beauty contest and was crowned Miss Ohio when she was not quite 18. In the ensuing Miss Universe .contest at Miami Beach she was disqualified because of her age. Way Back In I960 Undismayed she returned to Ohio, wrote to Tech, was audi' tioned and accepted as a student. That was in 1960 and four years of intense study, and training followed as she learned the basics of her craft ' V. . It wasn't easy, she- admits, but she worked hard, appeared in a number of campus productions. Couldn't take time off for the Pittsburgh Playhouse. "Tech kept me busy, always on the go, but I appreciate what it did for me." '' Next step from Tech, on graduation in 1964, to the Front Street Theater in Memphis, then to Washington's Arena stage where, among other theatricals she starred as Lola in "Damn Yankees," the part created on Broadway by Gwen Verdon, Later, a tour with a company doing "Nobody Loves an Albatross." . . 6f Volley' Opened Gates , Ultimately, Hollywood to try out in a couple of pilot films which never got off the ground. "Big Valley" was a smash hit and opened up the gates of Hollywood for her. , Harold Hecht, who makes a habit of "discovering" new talent, happened to spot Miss Justice in a segment of "Big Valley." Before she could leave the TV studio ne was taiKing to her on the phone. ' Result: A big role in "The Way West" and with three leading men, some very well-known guys named "" Kirk Douglas, Robert Mitchum and Richard Wtdmorfc. Her director in "The Way West" was the son oi the late Victor McLaglen, Andrew, whom I met here a year ago when he came to Pittsburgh in behalf of his film, "Shenandoah," starring James Stewart and Rosemary Forsyth. - Tney Were II Nice Men "He's the sweetest man," said Katherine of Mr. McLaglen. "And those wonderful men, Douglas, Widmark and Mitchum, were just grand to me while we were making the movie and needing help." u Another "sweetest man" is Vale Robertson with whom she made an episode in "The Iron Horse." She'll let me know, she said, when this episode will be shown in 'about a month. ' I'll see it, for I like to watch those dinky little locomotives, the kind I used to help repair during school vacations in summer in the High Rockies. And a pretty face such as that of Katherine is easy on the eyes, too. United Artists will release "The Way West," based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by A. B. Gutherie Jr., next summer. Originally it was planned to release it for the holidays, but the ballyhoo boys of U. A. wanted more time in building a thumping publicity campaign for the film. . Katherine told me she was about to fly to New York to audition for two shows, a comedy and a drama. ; Which does she prefer? "Makes no difference just so it's a good play and the part is right for me." After the auditions she'll return to the West Coast for TV shows and, in time, another movie. And, maybe next Christmas, another nice vacation with mother and dad, who's vice president of American Bridge, subsidiary of U. S. Steel. Here And There "Murderers' Row" is doing such whopping business at the Gateway that it will remain there indefinitely . . . Through the nation in key spots it's piling up tremendous grosses. And one .time they were saying that Dean Martin without his pal, Jerry, would mean nothing at the turnstiles. His Matt Helm character has caught on with such speed that no longer will they call him the poor man's James Bond. The late Montgomery Cliffs last movie, "The Dc-I fectors," a spy thriller, is opening tomorrow at the ft Manor and Hollywood. Mocha Meril, French beauty, co-stars with Clift and Germany's Hardy Kruger. "Arrivederci, Baby," with Tony Curtis and three beauties Bosanna Schiaffino, Nancy Kwan and Zsa Zsa Gabor opens tomorrow at the Stanley ... Next week this house gets "Any Wednesday," based on the stage hit of the same name, and starring Jane Fonda and Jason Robards. Tickets for "Hello, Dolly!" are selling faster-in many cases in blocks of four to 10-than for any show in Pittsburgh the last 30 years. The two-week gross will probably set an all-time record for our town. FORUM - 'After the Fox," Peter BEVERLY ' HILLS PLAYHOUSE Sellers. Feature: 6:15. 8, 10. "Pygmelion," curtain et 8:30. DENIS-ENCORE "After the Fox," CAM ERAPHONE Burlesque shows Peter Sellers. Feature: 6:15, 8, 10. et 2:30, 8:30, 10:30. Also movies. Reservatlonsi EL 1-1385 VA. 4-4000 NOW APPEARING M0NR0EVILLE Pinna. Route 22 CoeieeV iMtTMnentol Sifl;t uwrt. MIMFt ft DAD "SUPERIOR 0FMEAT, AND ORIGINAL!" ONE OF THE YEAR'S 10 IEST N. I. TIME! "IEST ACTRISS of the yAR" Ci-Wlintf T. File Critic ! TONIGHT at 8:30 ran QFIEEfEU! 20k wmtvmmm ovm ;e at took la Pratwrfb mgfa && TW leja ffrfi 1 . He I BVyM. ySheriei Hoist Ml-?1W -.n. 451" WAlNUtSt M TAKI THI INTIRI FAMILY TO SEE THI PERFECT SHOW seJVMJfV, nixon m CRAFT THEATER - FINAL WEEK MIDSUOER NIGHT S DREAM HAMLIT THIATIt , THE ENTERTAINER IpieUI Ob titn farty Tonlfht AUDIENCE INVITID Meet XhaAatortae Olreatot PerferaraMekt Tits thre Sat et 1:30 Sue et 7:30 MATINEE WED at 2:00 ENROLL NOW Pittsburgh 6rwnburo Ambrldae New crasiet legie January 30th Fer Free Irechwe er Infermatiee Phone 421-4441 f4, rJEiv Yomc r m I kiiicks Xr f Thurs., Jan. 5 18 Civic Arena I PTtllmlMrj 1:15 V Wiihlnjton ft Jifftrson J.V. H0W!mmsm$ NEW HOME OF- J ALL NEW GALS AND 0A6S 6ALQRII THIS IS THE CASINO'S BIGGEST AND MOST LAVISH, AND GREATEST AH-Star AlI-GIr! Revue WOW!... WOW!...! WOWeee'- nm I Jhours L m -ASeS. BIGHITS I SHOW! ! M i f . .f t f fi.; I JUST ACROSS THE I '6"STR!!! 7!PG!l PITTSBURGH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA WILLIAM STEINBERG MUSIC DIRECTOR: HENRY MAZER ASSOCIATE CONDUCTOR SYRIA MOSQUE Frl., Jan. I it 8:43 t, M.-Sun., Jan. 8 it Si 10 P. M. WILLIAM STEINBERG Conducting Schumann...... Symphony No. 2 in C Major, Opus 61 Haydn Symphonio Concertante for Violin, Cello, Oboe & Bassoon Fritz Siegal, Violin; Michael Grebanier, Cello; Elden Gatwood, Oboe; Arthur Kubey, Bassoon Carlos Surinach Concerto for Orchestra Slnsli Tlikiti: Thiridy, J2.00 t S3.00; Sinity. fl.30 tt $5.00: Symphony In tfflH Ktifninii'i, filnttli, Ngrnt's ant Unlnrilty f Plttiiirih Bmi Cintar. aaaHOSQUE 10X OFFICE IPENS !' HOURS IEF0IE EACH PERFORMANCE SEX Q HERETO SLAY! FROM PROPOSAL TO DISPOSAL HE'S A LADY KILLER TO RECKON WITH! FT ieMlll7e lsMsa2Z LUJ U U TJUUULLL7 m It I NOWI PHONC THEATER DIRECT FOR SHOWTIME tmiimim txn li T I L kaaitt Matiira Tomorrow SOc till t a.m. GATEWAY FULTON KINGS COURT it 2nd SUSPENSE FILLED-WEEK "SiipitiH la IC...kll Will K Yaa GlaMl SLJimt Ta Th. Edg. Of X"i ixingi synoicini Fiitim SHIRLEY MICHAEL MacLfllNE EfllNE 'GAMBIT" TECHNICOLOR A Universal Picture 111 I I : III it i in m v - la f IITlrVlTlTTl-TTTrlTtll PHONE A Uvigi osbsel Tononnova,'i TO C Ft r'RSE COrTOE COut$ if STANLEY STANLEY. MANOR 4 HOLLYWOOD TONITE AT 8:30 inn m llawaomelyj ifPtv j LJU absorbing 'fXR 3v 1 JTC film" M'V Sfik tRhCnrn-Fitfifviik THE DINO DE LAURENTIISavi. j DTDIO ...a7tf Muimt ' for Thfitrt ftrly mi Group Stla, Call Regit Bryon, ; ' J91-H49 WARNER $3tf-J& Art, f., Is. 15222 Phone 391-3447 gjgf-.MiM.i. "' 9 if riffr iitfTnnw WINNER 6 ACADEMY AWARDS with Academy Award Winner JULIE CHRISTIE "BEST ACTRESS" ' DOCTOR ZHiGO MEITOGaDWYNMAYW PRESENTS GtRAHSNE CHAPUN-JUIIE CHRtSTI TOMCOURTEfW-AIFCflUfFSS SOeHANMM-WLWROMJSON .l5rlAK-ZHFAS0'IUI6ltllir . m PANAVISI0N' AND METflOCOlOII RESERVED SEATS AT BOX-OFFICE OR BY MAIL I I. IVES. In. thra Thin .;. 12.73 A erMurf warn aw I .. ... . .... rn sai, a n.niayi J.wu MAT. Wtdaiifay $2.00 lit., Sin. i H.lldayt ,,..2.50 I t otdM Ipiai Dally Naia la Ml mnm LADIES DAY MATINEE TOM'W.-50c to 6 P SSc Indoer Porkine WEEK DAYS AFTER I P. M. SAT, SUN. I HOLS. After I P. M. (8katfta,7n, en Adult Picture I MMMWT nCTUK'TECtniCOlM 10th Smash Week! 835-7700 Fna ri ail 1 Frt. Pirtlaa r.M. , 882-3075 r firkin" ' 361-3715 ' p l t.n. 683-6992 lata 1 P.M. FIRST PITTSBURGH A Heort-Wormlej Story! Cemtdyl Adventurel Romqeeel PIED MoeMURRAy, VERA MILES in WALT DISNEY'S "FOLLOW ME BOYS" I Technicolor Lest Day! Jack Ltmmoa, Walttr MarHiaa "THI FORTUNE COOKIE" Yul Irynner "RETURN OF THI SEVEN" last Day I Seae Cannery (Jamet lend) In 2 Of Nil Ifaeesr HIM "COLDPINCER" "PR. NO" Color! TONITE ll f it II I . r... . , RaHHBH mm i mm 3i W Pv I SHOWING Art i IN I S I tt r 1 L- 2nd WEEK! ANN- MARGRET MAM V MARTIN 8 MATT HELM KARLfMALDEN I AOelDEQBaff "" rrr.rr A gOLWW PICTURES RELEASE j-'ffl;TECHNICOLOrT m mt- jar- A-...W m-ir a. . m g i 'v NOW SHOWING AT ALL THREE THEATERS" f You caught trie Pu$ycar. Now cram the Fox! vierotir.mTutw PAttA VISION COLOR by DeUw av. UNITEO ARTIST CLOSED Tanighf FOR FKIVATI SHOWING I Rto. rYearam Rtsamti Tomorraw DOORS OPEN 1:30 P.M. Teckeleelorl Fr.d MacMarray, Vara Mlltf WALT DISNEY'S FOLLOW ME BOYS vmt gaia iM r.e. Calar! I.rt lantattar . CiaaOle Cardlula The Professionals Omti tata 30 r.M. -.' Solar! lift Ltntutir ' Claalla Cardlnali The Professionals Oaan Oaa S:)0 r.M. Last r i i linior Nitil Rail Taylor THE LIQUIDATOR else What Did Voe De la The War, Daddy? Doari Oata 1:10 r.M. Last Payl 2 Calar Mitt! T. Cartla NOT WITH Mr WIFE YOU DON'T t KALEIDOSCOPE SIT (Be Daara laaa 10 r.M. lift Lamaitsr, Claida Cardinal ; The Professionals ! T.thnliolor aaai Dears 0an 4:30 r.M. LarlDayl 2 Color Hits! M Taylor THE LIQUIDATOR alia Wlllliia Hold ALVAREZ KELLY tq;jyg RooMiaceiiiKO Arrivederci, nmniu'fuunw'1 HiwHin nna starts TdfJORRorji LADIES DAY TOMORROW En TILL6P.M c v roe tolteo and Donuti Last Day! Natalia Wood "PENELOPE" IL-, -'V' F""IH . HI -. III IIUMM .11, "A DELICATE CAT-AND-MOUSE GAME! Fine production-strong and striking scenic detail ana excellent camera work!" -if or, n.y. n,. 'EXCITING, TENSE SPY DRAMA! Dramatic action... ?. mysterious contacts and undercover .goings-onl' i-Kiti Cimtron, 'EXCITEMENT, SUSPENSE,ACTIONr -AnhirWntttn, NX Post 1 Y A I ,r.aim I I A f XI Vi' W II UJ 111 trr- . :"... m.- l n r m an hi) dp ti - wmt ERY CUR HARDY KRUGER MACHA MER!L . injiiuwinivwiu l JJSggJfjr -III mmj Li! y tOUIMKMU aw S&1.10M. nrmnntiT BOKMONT STARTS TOMORROW LADIES DAY TOMORROW Erie TILL 6 P.M aaV W . ipt niui Tiit- rains ron niiiilirn IA.M IIA1I I Mr rNlllr.. .Mlmlrltn c.i.r 3 Phone 261-1001 nil

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