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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 26
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 26

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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VDDMJdET)oTi elli IS esi As Stealer GoacK gins iMU 1H1 Steve Hurls Strikes By Bergerlftuif Quits When Layden Refuses m0 i Bowser Experiment Fails Pitt Reverts To Standard Single Wing Note To The Butcher: Ed Franco's Coming: By CHESTER L. SMITH, Sports Editor t1fammjL Aai Panthers' Pickup On Him Permission To Go To Coast For Duke Game By EDDIE BEACHLER After a one-month whirl at pro football coaching, Aldo T. (Buff) Donelli today handed in his resignation as head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National League and planned to fly immediately to the Pacific Coast to rejoin his first-love, Duquesne University football team. Failure to get Commissioner Elmer Layden's permission to make the trip to the Coast for Duquesne's key game Sunday with St. Mary's prompted Donelli to resign as Steelers boss.

Layden ruled that The Buffer would be required to be in Philadelphia Sunday to coach the Steelers in theif game Offense Credited To Shift Although Pitt hardly hopes to do much more than make it close against a Fordham eleven that is touted "the best in Ram The Press Sports THURSDAY. NOVEMBER 6, 1941KjT 17 ''-'If- S'V CStcpAxTS i it j. Vmv mift, sr BOYS-tFYA I frm" ft' NEED AMY. i I $33 Qt ONE OP THB OUTSTANDING SOPMOMORES yJT3S of thb nation last yhar. almost i '8fX" CERTAIN TO CRASH THe ALL-AMERICA A3 I -2'SSS: H'GHTS BEFORE HE HANGS OP HIS TOGS'" with the Philadelphia Eagles or history," a continued improve ment in play of the winless Notes copied from a reporter's cuff-Memo to Mrs.

Smith: If you're buying a roast of beef for Saturday night, make it a big one. Ed Franco, the Fordham scout, is coming to town. You remember, Ed, don't you? I think it was three years ago that Mr. Franco, who will be remembered as the rampaging left tackle of the "Seven Blocks of Granite," blew into Pittsburgh one Saturday morning with his coach, Sir. Jeems Crowley.

The Rams had an open date and were to play Pitt the following week, so Franco, who had been trailing the Panthers all fall, and Crowley decided to have a last look. The phone rang here in the office about 10 o'clock that morning. It was Mr. Crowley, announcing the ar-' rival of himself and Mr. Franco.

Would the two gentlemen like to x-ome to the house after the game for a spot of dinner There would be plenty of time, for their train didn't leave until 11. And we would have a jolly time; there were guests coming in from Ohio and there would be roast beef. Mr. Crowley pronounced it a capital idea. Mr.

Franco agreed to come along. But the Ohioans sent belated regrets, so that night the Messrs. Crowley and Franco were the sole visitors. And while the beef was mammoth in size, this proved one of the best breaks I have ever had. Later, I was told that Mr.

Franco is the holder of the all-time eating championship at Fordham, but Mr. Crow- else resign. Although still technically deposed as head of Duquesne football, since he reportedly resigned from the college post in late September to Panthers Is expected Saturday when they close out their thrill-packed grid rivalry with the New York school here at Pitt Stadium. Much of the credit for the pick enter the pro-game, the Buffer up in Pitt's play the past two weeks can be attributed to the decision to has been on the bench for every Duquesne game this season and has been recognized right along as "top sergeant" by the squad. return to the old standard Pitt of fense.

In earlier games. Coach My Duty to Stick With Dukes After filing his resignation with Charley Bowser had been expert menting with some new backfield alignments, calling for the fullback Steeler Co-owner Art Rooney, Do nelli commented: to play several feet deeper than he Although I found it difficult to normally does under the familiar Pitt single wing alignment. However, when the Pitts failed to get a single touchdown in its first break off relations with Art Rooney, whom I consider a fine gentleman and good friend, consider it my duty to stick it out with the players at Duquesne who have done so much for me the past three four games and hardly, in fact, VEP I'LL penetrated the 50-yard line save for an opening drive in the Purdue game that petered out Just short of TAKE ANOTHER The Duquesne squad one of the goal, the Panthers reverted to HELPING, PLEASE? their old formations, and there came an almost immediate pick-up. Those 21 points scored in the past two games with Duke and Ohio State are the best indication that Pitt, at lass may be beginning to six unbeaten, untied major teams in the nation and a prominent contender for a bowl bid before leaving for San Francisco Tuesday, circulated a petition demanding that the University guarantee that Coach Donelli make the trip to the Coast for the important game with the Galloping Gaels. On learning of the Donelli promptly suppressed circulation of roll at top speed.

Andiejco lias Best Average It's a little late, to put it mildly, for the boys in the Skyscraper Schoolhouse to do much about pre the petition, and requested at the time that the story not be printed venting the current campaign from becoming the most disastrous in explaining that it was for the good of the team and school as well, that the story not be revealed publicly at that time. modern annals. But there would be a certain sense of satisfaction in holding Coach Jimmy Crowley's great Ram aggregation to a respectable score. Then, The Buffer attempted to strike an arrangement with Com FULLBACK HAILS FROM THE PENNSYLVANIA HARD COAL REGIONS STEVE IS SHORT AND STOCKY.BOT ONE OP- THB HARDEST KUNMING BACKS TO HIT ROSE HILL IN years also one of the sorest passers in thb east this season, mr. james crowleys boys come here Saturday to do battle with our panthers and.

good old'sleepy'senos along a warning that his bos are tough and boomo for one of the various bowl' GAMES- ALDO T. (BUFF) DONELLI Resigns As Steeler Coach run out on a senior team that nad lost only one game in three seasons and had already started what many believed would be the greatest season in Hilltop history, a double coaching plan was conceived whereby Duquesne University would loan Donelli's services to the Steelers in the time he was not needed on the Bluff. Arrangement With Steelers That arrangement, according to reports, was first sanctioned by Fordham has the greatest touch missioner Layden whereby Steeler Assistant Coach Walt Kiesling down-producing machine in Crowley's nine-year reign on Rose Hill. would take over the Steelers for The Rams already have ground out this one game with the Eagles Sun 115 points in spectacular fashion day, thus permitting Donelli to make the trip to the Coast. against five major foes, and have rolled up a yardage total of 1571 an average, of better than 300 per game.

Leading offensive guns Jimmy But, as Commissioner Layden put his foot down on Donelli's holding both the college and pro coach ing jobs at the same time (prompt Blumenstock Joe Andiejco and Steve Fillpowicz. Sophomore Andrejco has ley kept this to himself at first, although I noticed that he seemed happy when he saw the size of the cut on the platter. Mr. Franco's first serving disappeared like the pigskin in one of the Rams' hidden ball plays. "Mr.

Franco would like another helping, dear," remarked the hostess. No sooner said than done, and this, too, did a rapid fadeout. "Mr. Franco's plate is empty, sweetheart." purred Mrs. Smith.

Mr. Franco was served and there will be a brief pause while you picture what happened. "Mr. Franco began Mrs. Smith.

"Mr. Franco will damn well wait until Mr. Smith snatches one bite of food so I will not collapse on the floor from starvation," I exclaimed. But Coach Crowley raised a restraining hand. "Please feed Mr.

Franco immediately," he commanded, "else he is as apt as not to take a bite out of me, or you, or even Mrs. Smith. When he is hungry, Mr. Franco is no man to be tampered with Repeat memo: Tell the butcher to make it a double order. i One of the reasons Fordham's line has been no disappointment this year is one Tom Bennett, senior guard of Ansonia, Cpnn.

Tommy is a happy Irishman, a 21-year-old kid who likes to play football, and is never at a loss for the right word. On Rose Hill, the home of the Rams, they are still chuckling over the incident which took place between Bennett and John Kimbrough of Texas A. M. in the Cotton Bowl game in Dallas last New Year's Day. As you may remember, Kimbrough, the No.

1 fullback of 1940, had no field day against the Maroon the best average, some eight yards per rushing carry by banging out 322 yards on 39 attempts, and also leads in touchdowns with five. Blumenstock All-Round Back Blumenstock, is perhaps the best all-around back with an outstanding punting average of 45 yards on 45 kicks, for a yardage total of 2029. He's also romped for 355 yards on 73 attempts and completed two of four passes for 34 yards. Filipowicz is the No. 1 passer, completing 18 of 39 passes for 384 yards, which added to 352 yard3 on 64 rushing attempts gives him a Ace Back Regaining Confidence mg Donelli to be given a sort of sabbatical leave by University authorities although it was announced at the time as an outright resignation by Layden's office), so did the "Old Horseman" say "neigh" to this newest request.

This is what prompted Donelli's outright resignation today, and now that he is returning to college coaching it completely stamps out the rumor that Duquesne, like Tech and Pitt, is heading for deflation. On the contrary, it suggests that the Dukes are going in the opposite direction bound to become a full-fledged major power. Rooney accepted Donelli's resignation with regret. "There's little I can do or say," Rooney commented. "I don't like to see Donelli leave us Walter Kiesling will handle the team the rest of the season.

I can't say now what our future plans will be." Dukes May- See Real Compagno Commissioner Layden, and then after two days under that setup, Layden ruled that Donelli could not hold both jobs. Following that there came an announcement from Layden's office that Donelli had resigned his college job, although Duquesne officials considered it as a leave of absence with Donelli having the option to return any time he elected before next March 1, when his current year's contract expires. The Steelers agreed to meet payments on his current Duquesne contract, plus something more as a bonus for his work with the pros. Commissioner Layden furthermore gave Donelli permission to clean up his unfinished business as athletic director on the Bluff, since the season had already started when. Buff was signed by the Pittsburgh pro club.

'At Duquesne, Assistant Coach Steve Sinko then was installed as "acting -coach," but he professed no ambition to take over the top spot and, in fact, maintained right along that he wanted no part of head coaching headaches, but preferred to stick as Buff's first assist- (Continued On Page 28) In Action For Galloping Gaels pace-setting total of 726 yards. For some 16 members of the Ram Special to The Pittsburgh Press squad, Saturday's game here will SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 6 One be a sort of Homecoming. There are more than twice as many boys runner who has hurdled opposition lines for good gains and has blocked with authority. But, best of all, he has taken the pressure year ago Tony compagno, ruggea, 19-year-old 190-pound speedster.

To review the history of the case. from the Keystone state than from native New York on the Rose Hill squad. off Tony Compagno. scored the open Against Loyola, he and then kicked the ball around. Something had to be done to take the responsibility off the emotional kid's shoulders, and what wa3 done was accomplished by a cool, blond sophomore, Douglas Ray Ahlstrom, 19-year-old, 6-foot, 185-pound former high school hurdler.

Ray Ahlstrom is a knee-action There will also be somewhat of a ing touchdown in each of St. Since Ahlstrom has made good at right halfback, Compagno again has shown flashes of his 1940 form not much yet, but a gradual im- high school reunion, as Fordham's Early this season the Steelers sought out the services of Donelli, who is recognized as one of the smartest young coaches in the business. However, since Buff felt he was morally obligated to not a first star sophomore halfbacks, George Cheverko and Andrejco, along three victories, and went on to Continued on Page 28) BENNETT I 3 establish himself as the Pacific Coast's most sensatio nai tikih mm dm ran OTKEEirs -pis with Pitt Tackle Jack Durishan, played on the same high school team at Hazleton. Pitt Starters Granted Respite Pitt's first team has been granted generous doses of rest from heavy scrimmage drills this weeki as Coach Bowser concentrates his attention sophomore half back. on scrimmaging the second team Today, Tony is the forgo tten man of 'a fickle fandom, yet at the same time th silent hone Mm lonywompapw or- coaches, who know that what he once has done he can do again, to explode the undefeated, untied.

Duquesne Dukes right out of their perfect fin- E.E C3 CI record in Kezar Stadium here Sunday afternoon. During spring and early fall practice, Galloping Gael followers against the freshman "milk squad." Both rival squads appear to be in good physical condition. The lone Pitt casualty is Guard George Mitchell, Ellsworth senior, suffering a leg injury in the Ohio State game. Bill Dillon, sophomore, who has been battling Mitchell neck-and-neck for first call, is slated to start, with Jim Broudy, sophomore from Peabody High, slated to move up to the second-string assignment. Ed Shedlosky, Fordham junior halfback from Nanticoke, and brother of former Pitt star Leon Shedlosky, is expected to make his first start of the season for the Rams.

He suffered a fractured leg in pre-season drills. Coach Crowley will bring 35 grld-ders and three assistants Judge Carberry. Ed Franco and Nat Pierce here for the game, arriving early tomorrow morning. The squad will be quartered at Shady Side breathed enthusiasm. The reason Compagno.

The swarthy St. Mary's halfback started the opening game against California as the hope of jerseys. Bennett was one of the causes of the Texan's discomfiture, time and again meeting the terrific charges of the Ace Aggie with a dive and tackle that were entirely adequate. And on one occasion, Bennett had a wide open shot at his man. He met him with everything he had arms, shoulders, hips and head.

Kimbrough shivered, went down in a heap and took a long time getting up. His eyes were fiery as he looked at Bennett. "Young man," he said, "there are some things that just don't go on a football field." Tom grinned. "That's right, John," he answered. "and you're one of 'em." Unhappily, this same Bennett has been getting very little attention from the reporters this year." No wonder, for the Rams have so many backs who are constantly crashing the headlines, plus Jim Lansing, one of the great ends of the season, and others who have more chance to project themselves into the picture.

This comparative anonymity seems to have irked our hero no little, for not long ago he walked into the'office of Publicity Director Tom Deegan, doffed his hat, extended his hand and with a smile said: "My name's Bennett Tom Bennett and I play on this team, And with that he strode out. all Moraga men. Backslappers reminded him, "We're counting on you," and the players themselves believed their destiny was wrapped up In Tony's performance. Tony Goes to Pieces "But Tony fumbled on his first play, and then fumbled again. As he went to pieces, so did the Gaels if HAIR WORRY YOU I've fried 'em all, but for me it's.

that mellower whiskey W1ELLW00D. SEE ME TODAY! hi Tommy Harmon Enlists As Army Aviation Cadet KT Mr fl 4 Bu The United Press DETROIT, Nov. 6 Halfback Tommy Harmon, the Michigan All-American who has taken a whirl 1 Mr. F. J.

Steinie 104 VT. Horth Pittsburgh, Pa. EACH Thomas office is in charge of a man fully experienced in The Thomas technique of modern scalp treatment. When you call on a Thomas expert for free advice and consultation, ne will show you exactly what. Thomas treatment is and how it works.

He'll show you how it removes dandruff scales, and how it soothes scalp itch caused hy exu via. He'll also 6how you why Thomas treatment is considered "tops" by the 1600 persons who come to Thomas offices each day. Quit worrying about your hair! Come in today for free advice and consultation and learn more about this reliable, 20-year proved treatment. Consultation is always in private. at radio announcing, movie acting and one game of professional football, finally was signed to a long term contract today with the U.

S. Army Air Asked if he would play football in the army, Harmon replied: "I'm joining the army to learn to fly, not to play football!" Capt. Richard Gillespie said the former football star would be assigned to an air school for the 30-week training course within, four to six weeks, providing the chief of Army Air Corps approves his ap-4 plication. Harmon was examined at Self ridge Field by Flight Surgeon Capt. Byron Gifford who pronounced him "physically and mentally sound." Assured by Gifford that he had passed "the best physical of any man I've ever had," Harmon boarded a plane for a "combination business and pleasure' frip" to Hollywood, Cal.

He said he planned to visit "his girl," Screen Starlet Elyce Knox, and check with two film companies about the possibility of another movie role. He said he hoped to finish his schedule of broadcasting Michigan's Big Ten football games. ffis raft JT number up, Harmon enlisted as an aviation cadet yesterday, three days before the dead SINCE the appearance of famous whiskey qualities have been utilized Mellwood whiskey a short time in making Mellwood but more ago, its tremendous popularity with probably, because a single drink of the man in the street has been nothing Mellwood has taught him that it's short of sensational! Why? Perhaps, the mellowest, mildest whiskey he because he knows that only the finest ever had. 45 QUART 717 LIBERTY AVE. (815 Clark Building) Id A.

51. to 8:30 P. M. SAT. to 7 P.

M. line set by his Tom Harmon Gary, selective service board. He was to have been, inducted Nov. 19. "I want to be a pursuit pilot," he explained.

"I only need two more hours instruction to solo." INCLUDES TAX g3 Proof 72M grain neutral spirits National Distillers Products'Corpo ration. New York City, Copyright 194 1.

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