The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on July 15, 1923 · Page 72
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 72

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 15, 1923
Page 72
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FOUR-ADDITIONAL NfiWS . SECTION THE PITTSBURGH PKES3 tJBKB ETNA GIRL I FINALLY LOCATED ; Whil a nation-wide search was be te -made for Clara' Brick, a red 1 Hi 170 Vlata t. Etna, who dliiap 2 petted from her home July 5. it was I Jearjied yesterday that the girl ha ! JtH at the Juvenile court detention f Sooms In Forbes st' since the day j jgftej.the had left home. i " f jtl . I -.1. ..A ..m U U . ' 111 was fii kfu tip in , urn ' slowartown-district and. after refusing tp 6"H11re her name or where she ro mafQi sne was commiiiea 10 ine ue-tptTtlon rooms by Morals court. f'Oi&tt Robert H. Braun of the coun- -r ty drteeUves. after learning that a drl'twiwerinir the description of th J J Htna' child was at the Juvenile horn, I succeeded with the aid of the at-, tendants at the home In having- hei tell Tier correct n:im. The child hao rM the mithnrttfer at the home tnal mr ;nam wan v i m n mrun. " " v " lived near Cabbage hill. The child's parents were notified. It was kU first believed that she was the girl ; fptind In a box car near Philadelphia ' fV few days ago. ;4;r; 'i Biblical Exhortation. The bootlefTfrcr finds In the. Bible BflStlfl'eatlon of shls business because Troverbs 11:28 says: "He that -with-ltoldeth corn the people shall curse Slim,, but blessing shall be upon the bead of film that selleth It" New (Orleans States. s - SUNDAY MORNING, ' JULY A FEW SHOTS OF SCOPOLAIN By WILL ROGERS W ELL, as I write this, between breaths In a Comedy Chase Scene away out herd in the Broad Spaces, where an Actor Is no better than his double. I am rearilna- about the Dnmnsar and Gib- v bona fight. In no business in a man entitled to mora than ha can draw, and every man Is entitled to a fair share of every cent he can draw. One of the boys in the Picture just remarked that they should shut both ofjnese fighters np in a room alone and then open the door and see what bud happened. Why, they would find Dempsey had sold Gibbons something and that Kearns was waiting outside to get 60 per cent. Say, we had a discoverer out here in California, a Dr. House, of Texas, who has invented a Serum called Scopolamine a thing; that when injected into you will make you tell the truth, at least for a while, anyway. Now, I don't know that the stuff is any good, but he certainly come to the right State to get material to try It on. If lie ran make us fellows in California tell the truth his experiment will be a total success. He don't have to look for subjects just jab his needle into the first guy out here and await results. He only has to ask one question if he has a Calh'ornlan under his spell. AH he has to do is ask him if he don't think it is a very hot day? If the Patient says 'yes," why his experiment is an assured success,- But if the Patient says, "Well, It is warm today, but that is very unusual for this time of the year," why, then he might Just as well throw his Serum in the Creek. It is a fallum , They started in by trying it on some Convicts in various Prisons out here. I don't know on what grounds they reasqn that a man in Jail is a bigger Liar than one out of Jail. The chances are that telling the truth, is what got' him in there. Anyway, it has worked wonders; every1 man they tried it on said he didn't commit the crime. The chances are he would have said the same thing if the injection had been Hydrant water instead of Scopolamin. But it has done wonders outside the Jail and has proven that it really has Aladdin qualities They tried it on a Male Movie Star in Hollywood and he told his right Salary and his Press Agent quit him. They then trfed It on a Female Movie Starora aad she recalled things oaca as far as her first husband's name, and remembered her real maiden name. , They tried it on a Movie Magnet from New York who Manufactures moving picture, and when he come out from under the influence of it, and found they had had an Interpreter there and took hla J July Clearance Sale Men's Oxfords BEGINS MONDAY, JULY 16th 7,000 Pairs Stetson Models and Holbrook & Petty Models offered at substantial reductions to sell them out in record time. Full range of styles, all taken from our regular Summer stock. This sale is a well-known mid-year event and thousands of men participate to take advantage of the savings. Come early a's possible in the week for best style selections. . Holbrook & Petty Smart Style Model Regular Price $7.50 . 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East era standard time Daily except Sunday during the entire month of July, where information about prices, construction and special features will be cheerfully given. FREE BOOKLET Call or Write for Booklet L of 200 Home Plan Free Gordon-Van Tine Company 7 Ready-cut houses, garages, lumber, mill work and build ing accessories- special service) department for contractors PITTSBURGH OFFICE and SHOWROOMS, 420 Smithfield St. Court 3343 ss) M realT v. j J ' ESTATE Icate, Inc.) NAME COMMITTEES FOR PRESS CLUB PICNIC The tan, Jr., K. T. MoQough, John A. Prlco Oeorg Hkelly, I). U. Smith, A. C Horry, a. K. Thomas, J. B. Townler, & J. Vogol, P. R. Warwick. Tickets T. W. Morris, chairman; Shlrtoy P, Austin, A. D, Brandon, D. B. Borry, R. M. Chilton. I. K. Camp- bell.' Norman Dleby. O. B. Demm. annual plcnio oi mo William if. French, W. W. Forster, I t. .. U &t s4 at r I .. I rm a V I I . m tourah Frees cluo a" in. a. a. finny, a. v. v.nnvwood cark July 23 ana prom- oumbsrt. William Jacoby, dyds N. tvfimr, w. mmoau, r. Man an. lsei to be as enjoyaoia onea. The various coromi charge of the arrangements have bnen busy during the past few days perfecting their plans, and from . prea-ent Indications the Plcnio will be very largely attended. ' ... The picnic Is a night affair and one of the chief features is always a lils chicken dinner provided by the park management and served shortly after the arrival of the picnickers at the park. After dinner a program of novelty uces for men, women, boys and flrls will be carried out, with prises for each event The balance of the night will be spent In dancing and enjoy-Ing the park's many amusements, which are more attractive than ever this year. ' . Following are the committees in charge of the event: General commlttee-J. V. Wf chairman: J- E. McKlrdy, I C. Car. son, T. W. Morris, .11.. B. Uufman, William H. French, C. a HoweU. Shirley P. Au.tln. J. M. Costln, L. B. Slsson, A. O. Burgoyne, D. K- Davis, A. E. Braun, William Shore, Jr., James J. Long and H. K. Hambly. Reception commlttee-A. E. BrauA chairman; Col. O. 8. Hershman, J. K. Burnett, R. M., Chilton, J. T. Chides-tfr, W. U. Christman, L. C. Carson, C. W. Danilger, Tensard De Wolf, E. C. Jennlnga, David I. Jonae, , Lunt, C. U Lancaster, H. u land, Frank Merchant, William T. Martin, T. W. Morris, Walter MerrlU, J. K. McKlrdy, George B. Oliver, A. K. Oliver, Dr, Walter Riddle, T. R. Williams, V. M. Woods. W. B. Way. prises William Shore, Jr., ohalN mans A. E. Currnn. . C, lfox, W. A. Hamor, Oconre B. Horter, Dr. 8. M, Howell, Frank Kirkpatrlck, William J. Lewis, D. F. Lloy. 1 C, McPher- i George B McMurray, George R. Pear-ton, H. H. Robertson, Dr. Walter Sound Kidneys Save Suffering hustle and bustle of modern life often cause Veak kidneys. Overwork and worry invariably create poison faster than the weakened kidneys can filter it front the blood Pains In the back, nervousness, and lack of ambition are some of the warnings that the kidneys may not be functioning properly. Warner's. Safe Kidney and Liver Remedy hcAjld be tinea for beneficial action. For 80 rears this dependable remedy haa proved Its value in helping nature to restore these organs to a normal condition. Warner's Sale Remedies Warner's Baf Kidney and i Liver Itomedy Warner's Safe Diabetes Remedy Warner's Safe Rheumatic Remedy Warner's Safe Asthma Remedy Warner's Sato Nervine Warner's Rare Pills, (Constipation and Itillonsncss) r nUmbt Ftmily MtiMnn Sold by MoCullorh'i 10 Convenient Drug Wtnres and all leading drutirista, Bnmplo sent on receipt of tn cents. Warnr's Haf Remedies (X, Dept. 334. Rochester, N. Y i2 "The tly tailor was a Ln AmWm real rutmf Aeat. They broke 3 atedlm try ing t aalaletv Ike Sery an It ( alack the aaiante it toneked him." speech down in English and that be had told what his Pictures really cost, he commuted suicide.' ' - Their only failure to date has been a Los Angeles Real Estate Agent. They broke three needles trying to administer the stuff to him and it turned black" the minute it touched him. so they bad to give him up. He sold Dr. House three lots before he got out of the operating room. It really is a wondertol thing and if it could be brought into general use it would no doubt be a big aid to Humanity, ' Put it will never 1 be, for already the Politicians are up in arms agalnjt it. It would ruin the very foundation' on which our Political Ooverumcrt is run. If you ever injected truth into Politics you'd hare no politics. Everybody in Jails are for it for they want to prove their innocence, but everybody out of Jails are against it for f ar they will get ,'n themselves under its influence. Ben Ministers are denouncing It now. So the chances are that this learned Texan will return to obscurity the same as his illustrious nameeake of the same state,-Col. House, who also had great plans of an Ideal existence among Nations of the world without conflict. Humanity is not yet ready for either Real Truth or -real Harmony. So I look fdr thesa two Hoiiso Roys to finish back on their original Lots. Come to think of It, what a big aid to the cause of Anti-ProhiblUor-that truth Scrum would be. Just before a voter goes ln to vote, give him a shot, and then have a committee ask hhn it he drinks and, if so, to vote that way. This Country would be Serumed right away from the Bootleggers. I wonder if Bryan would volunteer to undergo a siege of it and then be asked if he hadn't had Just a little Nip at some time or" another. ' Well, guess what Hollywood discovered in grading the side of a mountain to fU lots, right in her own town! Why, It is a Road up the Mountain where, if you stop youf car, take off the brakes and put your gear in neutral, your car will start rolling up the Hill instead of down. That's a fart. Now you know its always been hard for a man to go uphill in this world. But you come to Hollywood and roll uphill without an effort. So now we have a new slogan: "Why is Hollywood the Cradle of High Rollers? Because we possess the only Hill in the World you can roll up in Neutral." Well as I pen the6e nevor to-be-remembered lines, Pres. Harding is wending his way westward, th advance Guard of the 1924 Election. He canvassed Denver on "The Enforcement of the Law." The Bootleggers all agreed with blm that the stricter the law is enforced the better it will make prices. Why, ln some places, it was getting terrible' the prices had dropped to almost what they were before the law went in. If there is one thing that will starve out Bootlegging it is ChThatP-iaa8 auite a compliment to Denver to be picked out for the only law enforcement speech of his tour. Shows you what an enviable nosltlon they have gained .in America's principal Commodity. Next Mh Harding went to Salt Lake City. He spoke in the Mormon Tabernacle on "Thou shall have no other Wives before thee." Mr. Senatof Elder Reed Smoot introduced Mr. Harding by telling what the Kly passed Tariff bill had done for Utah and the Sugar Beet, and What It had Done TO the Housewives. Than he went into Idaho, Just to prove to people that Borah does come from somewhere. A hundred people haye heard of Borah that heard of Idaho. It was a wise move on the President's part for. nn ?o then tto People of Idaho thought Borah was President. But Mr Borah waM good sport and went right with him and admitted th I'aonle that Mr. Harding was. president. eve?'sadSer wor TZVnll hi. 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Reynolds, Ray Bprlegle, L. B. glison. Johnstown Flood Correspondents' association C. S. Howell, chairman; LTred J. Heine, a P. Austin, Charles Houston, Veterans' association Shirley P. Austin, chairman; C. L. Danxlger, T. R. Williams, C. S. Howell, T. W. Mor. Ha. Frank MerofeMit, David T. Jonas. MAN SENTENCED FOR DRY LAW VIOLATION Special to THK FRRp. Morgantown, W. Vn., July 14.- Chargod with operating an automobile In which, liquor was biting trans. ported, Mack Pearls of Unlontown ! In the county Jail here under sen tence to serve three, months and Ms automobile is In the custody at the county authorities, following the arrest of the tnan by the local detachment of the state police, Tho local state troopers average aboutono cor each weok end under the state law the vehicles are sold at public salo and the funds derived therefrom aro applied to school pur-poses In tho county. Rattlesnakes produce from 25 to 43 young ln a UUar and they attain .maturity In one year. 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