The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1947 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1947
Page 15
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THURSDAY, APRIL 10, 1S47 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWI CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION itJy rat* par Uu« for couiecatlr* IB* _______ „_ ____ 4 time! par Uac p«r &»y , _______ Vic a tJuea per JJn» p»r d*j ____ ____ tto U times pet Hi* p« day ________ 7C li um»» per lln* p*t flay ________ Be alouth jier Jio» ---------------- 0Qtf Count five avails* word* to the line- Ad ordered It-r three or six LIuies and itoiiped before tijjJjatJoii will be charged for the a umber of t(m«ti the ad »y- and adjustment of bill iu&de. ied Advertising copy tub- iioiLs resldlu* outside of the accompanied by caslj. Rates *iny be easily computed frota Ibe abov* Ul-lo. AdsertlsluR otder for IrretfuUr Insertions takes the cue time /ate No responsibility will be Uk«& lot more tliao one Incurred Insertion of »uy classified ad, For Sole iitme 440 KecomJ. ^120 ! » lujiiiKi—rail 290S, koine H. O- ay.'JO OfHc* For Fine Portraits It's O'STKEN'S STUDIO KAKY CHICKS Quiiilru[ila A tlii.TS per hundred. Jim Jlrown Kt.iry. 3!. r »-ck-lf tul fii for For Sob good Dud WAi t-r UlfCbevilte i iijktlilnt and Iron- clilna Sliop. 4122-cHt Baby Chicks—Custom hatching. High grade Pullorum Controlled Chicks that are hatched her.e Started Custom hatching $3.50 per hundred eggs set. Blaylock Hatchery, North 61, phone 3172. 3-4-ck-tt flcct>[»l!nj( orders lor 020- Koil%ka, aranteed 10-day delivery. O'STEBN'S STUDIO Weslhrmik Slu,,.. (i room house on Ash St. $-1500.00. Terms !> room house wilh bath in good condition, located on corner lot <>n Davis, Nine room house with Inith and gampc, located on !{ a<ro lot near city limits. Fireplace in master l>wl-1 room, small orchard, garden, lien house unit n 2 room servant's quarters. I'rict-d to sell at $73(10.00. 5 room house on South Clark. Newly decorated inside and out. Sale price ou,,,. of ,,,m !,,,>,„,,. S2S50.000. Terms. Burl I'niw. Manila. ^ Ark. t |(j f Small hotlSB On IflVclv lot. ' '""' ' ' Fruit trees, garden spot, all for SltiOO.OO. [ have a 2 operator beauty shop. New equipment. Uea- sonable. SO acre farm of choice land on gravel, five miles from Stcclc, Mo. Highly improved. New four room house and large barn. Lights in house and liarn. This farm must be sold soon in order to get this year's crop. Let us show you this farm today. Immediate possession. 240 acres of land located Northwest of Terrell on highway. Seven houses and two barns. §150.00 per acre and terms can he arranged. New 5, room house wilh bath. attic fun, hardwood floors. corner lot. One of the choice homes in lilythe- ville, located on Walnut St. Immediate possession. Owner leaving town. DAVID HEAL ESTATE & M*vc fioini'tliini; you .lon't need I Trailu or RI.|| it nt Swap (ihon. Jill K. Main. f-.i.Mie £r,9. :li2fj-ck-ll_'> MEKrlTANTK fan give you hiLMifiliato delivery on ilftiiMo <lnly meal c'asr'j* in nny lenjMlis. AUo have bcvcr.liCn •.-ncilem. walk-in refrigerators, sod lU'i-L' In p e7" i-adinuts HiilrlK-r supplies. Also .Mill* comi.ri'SEitrs. I'liono Di-Il Ki-nll. 2'J:jO. PUYEUS.51. Haised in brood er. Abraham's Poultry House, rear Abraham's next to American Field on S. Hwy. 61 3-28-ck-tf nrul chnln liurrovs Henry ICrly l>nu Stout unifr Int. l.ij- tinusi-. Hollv Biiil DM SHIM Kt.. tileal Inculion. Sovrrnl «U' ^lr:ilil<> lintiu 1 ^ oil wi'St ami niirlli siilt 1 riniiie Ficlil 2:i9l. -ll.'.-nk-l Colton sreii Dl'Ij 14 ono year frrtni !jrcp«l- "•r. $D [>i!r linnilrcil. lllyllievilUi Git) C'D. . ;!(20-tk-lf ile. Any nize or ll I'liniin 721, IIKlll. PlOOlt- Duolex located in high class neighborhood. Low tax and insurance rate. "Will net SS>. Small down payment will handle. Can finance balance at •!% interest. See or .call Max lagan, Realtor, phone 203!, Lynch Bldg. 4-5-ck-12 Phillips Out Front with that real FORD Service! Attention Please! We please your cur ami you wilh 1 plonty t>i'> attention where it :onn(s most! Your car is run- baby, loo. Drive in now for our siiper-diijiiH' spring UIIK.'-U|) ami PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER j Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark.—Tel. 453— 3715 1 (1. .'..In. JJeere (rnrlnr ivill, 2 row '•'ilHv:ili'r. _M .1. K.K'Mor Hell 1'tioncv 718. :i-7-nk-21 ;e lull nre Die nicest in loivii. Street 'ramp 'Mniilli'i../ Drive.' on"" N! Divini^i SI. O. S. linllinin. in.', Hrn^cl. way. .|!7-c!i-2l chs ini^llr. Al :ilit<> torn 4U-ck-l iuni,DKRS! PLANTERS: TRIICKURS! Here's yotir I!IG chance to SAVE on Tarpaulins! Size ^xS litue Tarns, 51.05 They're heavy, 18-ox. diick- f lame-proof, water-proof, and mildew-proof. The same rugged type of cover that protected Navy guns, hatches, during the war! Kay several NOW! MONTGOMERY -WAUD 402 Main, Itlytheville 4-8-ck-ll Goldfish bail, again availahl sft» Pluntcrs Hardware. \Vhen buying goldfish register at this store for (he Arkuirfllls fishing contest. $in00.0'0 in cash ami 100 I other viiluabic prizes. * '1-o-ck-tf I 111 NV. KyMinor.'. ,|-S-(,k-U _li.,.ilr,^ ffir sale in OKI ili-ir"-* ^2 r , ffflll l.,,vn. lialaore UTIU*. Vvarlv 7roR( 5 U*.- •T. (lll.S l£;ll.lliK r^l.. X,., v Ul- INVESTMENT CO. I'hone 3033 E. B. David, I'hone 2'19fi F. H. Joynev, l>hone 32«r, 'J-8-ck-ll Irnctor moilpl IJ, l:\te Juoil- ruljl.i.r. 1 Ciilliv:K,,r 1 I John l>ei two ^oUUiui 'li^e. n]l in KOIK! Khajie. I one Vnn Oliver |il.ln|iT, ijmlr drawn, J walk ins filllivnlivr. 1 llrinlcv mi.l.Ke bus ler, I M,,li,,e >,„»,„, 1,,,'tl, >•„ I'J (; It. (HIIilaiMl. Cootec. Mil. .l.ij.pli-K Wanted to Bur K. T. llulita frtmi $l!000 nl. Nlri'l. J!n. Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade Anto Salvage, North Ifiway <U _Plione 3785. 3-27-pk"-J-27 "B* of nny kiml ilrlivfired trt mil) on N. inili. Kt\ or X. division 01- off r, on (,'aoin Kniillrie Drive. O. K. Itnlli OM kodrtVB sncl c«raerai for port. '' O'Steen's Stuilio, 3|n-^»c J For Rent Bedroom. 314 N. 9tt> St. 1'h. Kf:\r M«l ma. ni>llu>vlll« Hold lUli n. I'liono 9,12. MM. Uniiunln*. . elosw in. 310 men only. fii:i rul. I'll. SCS7. ' ,l!S-i'k. I.' Mn.lrrn 2-ri>nm forni^lie<l npl. Coi only. rii. or 2r.ii:.. .i-n-rk-t , jti-r inslnlli.l I.ll XorlFk UUh \Vpvt t,( C.liiip Aronltri.- I'lion,' ,1:^00 I). S. Hivllifon. O-rV-2'.l T'vosli River Catfish. Phone 3S70. Hob CuniiinKhnm. •127 Lilly. lO-pk-17 ill C EUj llievilln. ?17o per let. Tall l,o. I'h. 2I1C3. . '.'ni R. lft-r.1:-14 ' mifTfpv eiT lini-r.r-r friitnlaire Mr=i Karl fllis>iin. IM. 1. Mnnila. 4-pV-l I Itellai^Rikrn. Connly .tail -l-x'-pk-l'i ,'p l.,'r««ene <tove. Mrs. Kully Kreon'ian. Ph. 771 Srik-ll 1.1 n( S lioinlifitl "Anp\^ Bln.tnm" ,^la.l l.lnfrv Swap Kho,,. 401 R. I-lirt. Pl.nne F.M>. Srk-11 >•- !Vrfrrl'-<n Mliln Inn lil.lov nitor.' 1 II. r onrli^-ir'l -n«:r '.'-r nl' IMlihnril Tt.iriln.ire. . Ilovvftr.l Rftvvon, I.nxftrs. Pl F.irni.liril lif.lmc.ri. kitrlion pri n^n or roiuilr 2IM Kasl n.iv Position Wanted E\i>r .ill nl<- ilnrls .TefiirfR M-orV in ln,lk T ,lan1 < n« Rtarion i*rirn.lant V--Lle -I M rHi'eair. 1.^.27 West Main HI.. Ill tlH'Ville lll-iiV-1 PAGE FIFTEEN,. Services ''Rt your property with us. *»'»<>«. \V« I n V lit you 10 U«», KllliMl . '""" , , ,>ur »rtvlco In f«rnu. i^ . Low Inlrn'il luii^ icnni ««•! I.I1TUK1! OIIAV. HKAI,rr UEHT luAS* S OHI« «uh w. 'i'v'Xvmu,, I'liono 27S1 MONKV TO LOAN' Do you need * loan to repair or remodel? No down payment, no mortfjaKt, no red t«f>e. KHA Approved rate 5%. Ask for detail*. Mai I,o K »ii, Ufaltor, phone 2034. Lynch »1<| K ., Ulytheritl*. 9-li3-ck-tt »^ iMiul.'t. '.-li,i-iriM rni\li» |i\ioiu>Kr:.|thR, rtnlit rft.ln..i ,,ifr *(.erlalty (Ino nlli[ uvo •I"! ."• >!.•>-. ]•>„,! l-nllil m n limit., Her vl«i. llli S.Hil), Vir.l. 1'liono BCIS.f See us for an estimate before you have your tractor overhauled. We specialize in steam cleaning and ]iainlin#. Kleclric and acetylene welding. Kussell l'hi!!i|iH Tractor Co. Uiwiiy 01 Simlh. I'hone 2171. Wanted Vo Farmall tractor and Iir ternationul Trnck mechanics. See Mr. MacAk-xamlcr, Delia Implements. 312 South Second, Tiionc S(i;). 4-8-ck-ll SALESMAN WANTED IAN WANTKl) TO S;[.H'CKi;j-» t 1 Kirk- maiL in sii|.|,l v rniisniiMii-N with I^u) IU»ii!iolioli| u.-^-.'.-.ilk^ i» llunlt- liu Count v, If.lti) fAiiiilio. r«»<liirr-» .^uld LIU yiMrs. Si nli- »«('. .-i-,-iij';>ii<iM. ¥i-Ivr^!H'i-s K'.iwlr'itili's, U^|it. AKtVJT- VS Mt'iujibU, Tc-iiu (ir M-,' \V l\ar- L.uir 010 Lily St.. illviliGvillo Ark. ' .^-in Famous Ncolitc heels by Goodyear Step cm it, frk'ml ... if ynu wjiiil rc;il mvr;tr i-innfi>il Irixn ihosi; ultl sli in-s. Krinj; Micin lo us ,\\\t\ siive thn pi'icr t>f ;i new jjnir :i HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. CAMERAS FOR RENT Free 5x7 Enlargement with each Hull nt film developed. Home of Bonnee Buttered Steak Sandwich — - 25c BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main St. Phone SMT 't us .sliiirncn and rc»atr your lawn mower, roKard- less of kind or si/e. (!el yours rendy now, and nvoid the rush. We pick up rind deliver. Hlytueville machine Shop, 211 S. 2nd Sl., phone 2R28. .l-:l-cl<-lf iirlniiK tviiihril nuil iMci'lchcil. '.Ml Koiilh 1-VanHiii. .(IS-nli-IO 'Well JS*rvl«rt Tn spending three days at modern " tut'lropolitan hotel, t? average guest is .served by nt least 60 persons, from baolblack lo ngcr. ; We Guarantee j RECAPPING I with I j Hawkinson Treads 1 Let Your Next Tires Be I GENERALS Cost More — Worth More . MODINGER TIRE CO. 416 E. Main Phone 2201 \A/E can actually glvs you magnificent new-Dutch engine performance right in your'37, '38, *39, '40, '41, or'42 Buick. We'll install a new foclory-buiH Butck engine "Power Package"—in one timpte operation. It's easier and cheaper In the long run than part-by- part replacement, and ii makes your Buick as good as new as far as engine performance is concerned. Ths cos* is a lot less lhan you mighl think—come on in and ask us about it. And if you like, we'll arrange for easy payments to suit your budget. LAN6STON-WROTEN Walnut & Broadway BUICK Dial 555 U. S. ROYAL House moving, foniidalion repairs. Kxiierieiict'd. Have all equipment. (.';ill .102 01 see 1'Yank Crockett, MHO IKIIi.'l-8-pk-5-S Help Wanted CoiiliU. l<, Uvo !,i my u«i,u) nii.l vnre {. llv " ''lulil llnil. Il t .|,i9. wilier In, >!„ «l>>,..-llun I,, i,,uv of i>wn. llTi L'laik Ml. H,k-l .T ril.ll|,|lrr. ' 111. I. 'llm '.Vill i':i* i'niii-i,,. Mi.. v|,k-U •Fumale Help Wanted SEEING IS BELIEVING! And you sure won't believe this unless you come see these w6nderful bargains to choose from. 75 late models to choose from. ft. , -*4 19-12 I'onlinc 8 Sedan Ciinpn. Two- tono color, mil good ruljhcr, rn- il'io mid lioator. 191! Chevrolet Town Sedan, l.iirgo hot wiitor houtor, finisli. A lionuy t 1011 DcSolo 'UDoor Swtiui. Two- tonu finish. Radio and flsulio and liontor. Bcaiilifu! Wuo finish. •<£ a rt.y l'M\ Chrysler Rroiigham, green finish, Ron! o.lcau, V«DS like now, ll.'idio and hculr.r. 19-11 riymonUi 2-door Sedan. Ra- tl'u> and liculcr. !i)uo finish ... a 1!»'12 Ford Tudor, radii) mid hciit- rr. A vwil nice, clean c:ir. Ii)'l2 Chrysler Koyal 1-door Sedan 19.11 Doilgo <l-door Sedan, Large hot, water hoalcr. Now paint job. A roul buy. EASY G.M.AC. TERMS CHEVROLET CO. We Never C/ose . . . Sales Department Open Until 8 p.m. 301 W. WALNUT ST. PHONE 578 nutiul: l.i.-eoMHl I'l^iin-lieliiii ^vlm i-rtti -«<-ll. ami inl.Ti^l.'il in t|,|i 1o nfti'vo ili.lluis ilailv <-»rnlne« 1" MT\|VV. !•»• l:J,ll.h,-.l 11,1,1,1,, lla'Mille I',,.n.,-11, -. 11,'Llliliinri- ILlil.. Mnnphis Trim. I- l-nl.-U Wonted to R«nt \'i-',,| in noil vvifi, ili^ire iiiilnri,|,.]i,,,l ri|inrllni,|it nr timiM'. In or )!)r- Ilii-vill.-. Nn I'lillilrvti. evri'lli'nl r.'l.-r- <iln-*,>:. J'lioni; ^07] ihllillL; liny. Al, Ifnsl tea vonnds nc Roi( n year urn pliiycil by nljout a,:iril,00(] lu^opto in Uic Ui^Ucii Stivlou. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed liest Tricea Kit by Drug Stores DON EDWARDS "The Man" ROYAL, SMITH, COUONA tn* KEMINOTON 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE 33112 (Every Transaction MUST BE SATISFACTORY) RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types K«cpt Cancer) DRS. NIES & NIES Clinic 5U Main, Blylbrvllle, Atk^ rhone ZW1 Flowers - - For Every Occasion Telephone 4ni nnO your onlcr will be on It's wny In record Hino. Our Plornl ArnitiBcments tell a coinpletc Btory, FLOWER SHOP F.T.I). Service We Drllw Anywhfre Ph. 491 Mrs. J. M. (Mac) Williams, owner tilcncoo Hldf, DITCH BANK LEVELING fcRIVATE RQADSl OR ; ANY- S^COHEN Contractoi- LYNCWBIDG. BLYTHEVILL^ARK,- • ! - - •- 1 •-\ ••»' T.I.SEAY MOTOR COMPANY Radios and Heaters Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts for oil Chrysler Products New Factory Motors Batteries Tires and Tubes Paint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT ,, 131 E. Main St. Phone 2122 GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-ltfo. Stale Line on Hie left at the Arch 'A ri. Ft Mh 7 Crown 1.35 2.65 4.15 Kinscy 1.35 2.65 <U5 Schenfey 1.35 2.65 4.15 Philadelphia 1.35 2.65 4.15 Three Feathers 1.35 2.65 4.15 Hill & Hill 1.40 2.75 4.40 Old Taylor 4.35 6.90 Four Roses 2.85 4.50 Beer per case $3.35 GAS, rcg 17.9; Ethyl 19.9 Cigarettes per carton $1.55 FRECKLES AND HIS FnjF.NPS (\ Mow. CO "CL- FV3L10E GiVIMG A . )THECOHSTirUTlOM ! ^<IY A HAIRCUT |i> LJSJCCNinTUriOWAL? /SAYS ---"N • Defense I'lea BY MERRn-L BLOSSE? I » . I (T,OT AW IDEA J T Be GOOD TO IT -I ITS AN ONLY CHILD '

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