The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 21, 1972 · Page 39
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 39

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1972
Page 39
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Voicing Views The Pitfsb'urgK Press, TKurs., Sep?. 2T, T972 jg Stanleys "Last House On The Left' Among The Year's Worst By EDWARD L. BLANK Press Drama Editor How can theaters lure their lost audience away from TV? ; By running pictures beneath the quality of made-for-TV films, perhaps? ' That hardly seems possible, and yet H's the case with "The Last House on the Left" at the Stanley. Here's a cheap-jack movie of no discernible merit - but considerable taste-lessnes3 that seemed to be doing a passable business at yesterday's opening on the strength of its campaign: "To avoid fainting, keep repeating: It's only a movie." No directions are provided on how to avoid falling asleep. Or how to convince yourself it's a regular picture (in a regular theater at regular prices) when it looks and sounds like someone's ill-conceived and horrendously produced home movie. On Toe Primitive Side It's lit, photographed, recorded, written, directed and acted as if more than 60 years of film technology had never occurred. "The Last House on the Left" concerns a gang (a junkie youth, two escaped convicts and a bisexual moll) who f , EIJI OKADA Starring in great "Dunes.", kidnap two teen-age girls and later invade the home of one. Their escapade is tawdry, vicious, wholly without purpose and finally stupid. As if any part of it were salvagable anyway, it's riddled with awkward, self-conscious performances. The actors, shall remain nameless, lest some day they choose to confiscate and burn all prints before casting agents catch the flick. One of the co-stars, standing in the Stanley lobby yesterday, said he'd seen the film seven times. If ever there were, a parallel to "the child only a mother could love . . ."' . A film of quite another feather is at The Playhouse Hamlet Street Theater through Saturday. It's Hiroshi Teshigahara's beautiful "Woman in the Dunes" (1964), one of the three or four best Oriental films of all-time. As Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Language Film and Best Director, it's a remarkable movie on the theme of perspective. Eiji Okada plays a man who stumbles into a deep sand dune from which he can't escape. He's doomed to stay there forever with a woman he doesn't know, but who is resigned to her fate. ?! k 4 VV .Vv?j DIANE KEATON Gal in gym suit. The focus is on what he does and how his point of view shifts. ..', Odds And Ends Next Wednesday's openings include "Alf 'n' Family" at the Forum and Encore, "ThunderbaU" and "You Only Live Twice" at the Fulton and "The Red Sun" at neighborhoods and drive-ins. Aside to R.J. C. of Marshall Road: Yes, the girl who wears a track suit and boasts about her all-day deodorant in that TV commercial is Diane Keaton, who played Kay (Michael's Anglo-Saxon girl friend) in "The Godfather." Diane also played Linda, the wife of Woody Allen's best friend, in "Play It Again, Sam." Instead of playing here for one week next month, "Godspell" is booked into the Nixon for almost a month. A new national company will begin its tour here Oct. 20 with a week of "previews," followed by three weeks of regular performances starting Oct. 27. Don't be misled by the word "preview." It's still the whole show. But like all Broadway shows and most touring editions, a few extra performances are attached to the beginning of the engagement to give the cast a chance to play before an audience and polish up the rough spots. Usually the prices are lower for these performances, as they will be at the Nixon. Watchinj Teit Match these Audrey Hepburn film with the roles she played: 1. "Roman Holiday" 2. "Sabrina" , 3. "Funny Face" 4. "Green Mansions" 5. "Breakfast at Tiffany's" 6. "Children's Hour" 7. "Charade" 8. "My Fair Lady" 9. "Two for the Road" 10. "Wait Until Dark" A. A widow pursuing her husband'i murderer B. A blind woman menaced by i murderer C. A princess D. A guttersnipe who learns elegance E. A school teacher accused of sodomy F. A creature of the South American forest G. A chauffeur's daughter H. A party girl named Holly Golightly I. A partner in a stormy marriage J. A model (Answers to Matching Test: 1-C, t-G, 3 J, 4 F, 5 H, 6 E, 7-A, 8-D, 91, 10 B). 11000-1 1 .Tk lfiiH llllflf I ML 'fill' 111 ' H ISt Indoor Parking1 Eieningi Allft 5 PM. St fv fil J &E11J9 HttElrfll f .(11,111 r"""" Sil , Sun-, ft Holirliyi Atler I 9 M. Indoor K -TJM I3HW llllilJI TONIGHT thru SUNDAY, SEPT. 24 CIVIC ARESMA 3 NIGHTS 4 MATINEES Tonight thru Sat. SAT. NOON & 4 P.M. 8 P.M. , Sun. 2 & 6 P.M. PRICES: $3.00, $4.00, $5.00 ALL SEATS RESERVED 51 SPECIAL YOUTH PRICES 18 yts. & Under 'i price Tonight 8 P.M. $1 Discount lii. 8 P.M. Sat. Noon & 4 P.M. and Sun. 2 & 6 P.M. TICKETS ON SALE AT: CIVIC ARENA (Gate No. I) HUGHES AND HATCHER (Downtown) HILTON HOTEL ALL TICKETR0N OUTLETS FOR GROUP AND TICKET INFO. CALL: 391-5074 GOOD SEATS STILL AVAILABLE . . . EVEN AS LATE AS SHOWTIME . . . COME DIRECT TO ARENA DON'T MISS THIS EXCITING SHOW "A 2$ "Fiddler" ... so powerful a musi 1 pal Blank. PreSS Perfomantes: I Ldf : - Tue$. Thru Sal. 8:40 P.M NUW rLATINu Thurs. Matinee 2:30 P.M THRU OCT. 1 5th Sun. Matinee 3:00 P.M. For Tickets, Call TiCKETRON 922.5300 Far CrounRatet Theater Partief. Call 621-4445 ijm iw.wii MumiML vmwx. m r rv.9 w.www.iw nv m iinTr i.iii.r.rfui.ltiHMMMMWiii ' i M SSowllm. iARi. -J SEVENTEEN, IS DYING. EVEN FOR HER THE WORST IS YET., TO C comeiVaV - J They're not cool slick heroes, j J They're worn, tough men j I and that's why they're so dangerous. 1 - Bit l-J'.'iW v r-'-r M "fte15' "fc.! II ST ! ff ;t L f I I ...ITS JUST ACROSS THE STREET FROM "JOE"! mmSM taw iftti u.t'i iff $ "1 A LEFT llll ': ,kWMW ' .tl rrrmi "W I' VV H lill ' )1I A I 4Hrntt 111 lliwgi I .(rt 1. Mil 1 I wu' iw. hvM h t '.urn. '.M I' tOrt Jl IS! HOT REICITimEnDED FOR PERSOHS OUER 301 I TODAY AT 1:00,2:30,4:00 6:00, 8:00, 10:00 TTTlilT GEOHGEC. SCOTT STIC IffiilCII A KMEHT CHAffTOfFWrtN WMOER PtWOUCTON ram imw cihtiiiiiohs. r5 TODAY AT 1:45,3:45,5:45 7:45,9:45 P.M. EiMfflmSira DIRECTED BY WRITTEN BY PRODUCED BY noHKKK i iv mn mil nn m said MUSIC COMPOSED AND CONDUCTED BYlTH ASIU'OHII A FILM GUARANTORS, INC. flpj 8Ta PRODUCTION uiiiioun. 1.010 NOW SHOWING S Hri. Fre Porkinq 1 Sua. Al 11 S.lctd ftoraqn Downtown IT)( nn.iH miuct Kiiu I Ki.. aiL j. PeterSellers n j ItllllWIUMUWU N, II Hurt?' III 0 t 4MI!l TODAY AT 6:00,8:00 and 10:00 P.M. DOCAIfrK I8BB Barbara Steisand, Ryan O'Neal "WHAT'S UP DOC?" coforto) plus "MAN IN THE WILDERNESS" cmpo) TODAYS ft IJ, HOO, IftOO Hi IODAV AT 6-30. 8 15, 10-00 today AT-i5..oo, iaoa Twn Steve McQueen Robert Preston, Ida Lupino "JUNIOR BONNER" Color I IONNEKAI 2 00,.0,.2 Tllii(iiH,ii''M Extra Added Af SHERIDAN SO. ONLY Walter Motthou in "KOTCH" "DUCK SOUP" & "HORSEFEATHERS" Adults $1 .50 Kids 75c )y Cwimi UWw II HttAimlUttt I A DOOZEY -Bob Salmaggi, Gtoup IV Radii 2nd. WEEK yg K 0 i Hot Adult Action BARBIE'S I HOSPITAL AFFAIR also OVERDOSE of DEGRADATION NOWI PHONi TMEATEt DIRECT FOR SHOWTIMf inmiimut1 t AIR CONDITION!!! " ' 3 Hours Free Porkinv Eves. I Sun. At 12 Selected Gararjei Downtown YOUR K!t:D OF BLACK FILM m W" WWW M 'W.'iWrMftf g METR0C0L0R mgm fer YOUR KIND OF BLACK FILM 3 HRS. FREE PARKING EVES. I, SUM. IN IUILDINU A KUMKOVICM PflOOUCTlON) . BUTTERFLIES mNCUNiJN "O- eHCKI: i its "'j!. n 281-4J56J V;r. ' 6oraqi Downtown He'sXrafed ' ana s animated! i Hrs. Free Parkin? Ev t Sun. at 12 Judith Crist N.Y. Maaaiin ........ ( "FritzTheCat H ia a uan iui inc open mind." rn r- h r7 M H i 1 (i. r't FEATURE TIMES TONIGHTI 6:00-8:00-10:00 P.M. sTi I J Ij nT.r.iTTX 1 FEATURE TIMES TONIGHT 6:15-8:00-10:00 P.M. Now he's just one ie more name in., r i THE lUrsfew JERUSALEM JERUSALEM FILE gsii i. 1 l! nirii Uilnrin Bruce Davison, Nicol Williamson. Donald Fleascr.ce. Doors Open 5:30 P. M. " ' Doort Open 5:30 P. M. IPG I Jacaueline Bisset TGI Barbra Streisand OPEN DAILY AT 4 P.M. JOHN PAPI'S LOUNGE DAILY 4 fa I p. m. Rout II IILHTT rn; e pv mm' "haunted' LAUUu UU UU S HniTKi?" (NIGHTLY! 1 www. No. 1 en 51 Doors Open 5:30 P. M. IPG I Jacaueline Bisset i &iana up & tie uoumea i I Also TO FIND A MAN Doors Open 5 30 P. M. IPG I Steve McQueen JUNIOR BONNER Also KOTCH Doort Open 5:30 P. M. (S IG! Barbro ;treisond WHAT'S OP, DOC? Doors Open 5:30 P. M. IPG I Jacaueline Bisset Stand Up & Be Counted Also TO FIND A MAN WHAT'S UP, DOC? mm Drors Open 5:30 P. M, IPG I Woodv Allen PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM Also Alcw Arkin t ot of the Red Hot Lovers Doors Open 5:30 P. M. I o I Borbro Strenond WHAT'S UP, DOC? 14 I 1 ll.'.ra 4. In lllliTTTCTTmkl Doors Ooen 5:30 P. M. Jp IPG I Woody Allen M PUY IT AGAIN, SAM I AKn A Inn ArtrlM Lett d the Red Hot Lover Doors Open 5:30 P. M. ' GI Barbra Streisand WHAT'S UP, DOC? Door. Diwi P AA (PG1 Jnrnimlin Rictt ' e...J II. o n i.J M n 41. nu wb a oo iiounieu Also TO FIND A MAN 1 Doors Open 1:00 P. M. IPG I Godfrey Combridoe Conn Back Charleston Slut Also Monti Walsh I I 3 QliJXJD p.m. Tonight IX P.M. fP) Marlon Brondo THE GODFATHER : R The Secretary Alto Girl wtie Knew Teo Much n tucti PJ MOVIE RATING GUIDE FOR PARENTS AND YOUNG PEOPLE The objective of the ratings is to inform parents about th suitability of movie content for viewing by their children. All AOIS ADMITTIO G.n.ral PG PMINTAl OUIOANU SUOOtSTIO Some Malarial May Not Be Suilabl. for Pr-T.nagrs R' 1 IISIItlCTIO I , Pornter Adull Guardio v NeoNiusnnt(Mra. (AgtlimilmeyvonlncerlalneiM.) ABC Hidhway 65 st lade 869-2271 Back By Popular Demand! "AIRPORT", B. Lancaster, D. Martin 8 "ANDROMEDA STRAIN" G ARDMORE Yost Blvd. alt Ardmort Blvrt. 271-5010 "JUNIOR BONNER" C Ctrve McQueen, Robert Preston, Ida Loelne "KOTCH"-Walter Matthau PQ BLUE DELL t. 30. East, Irwin, Ft. 823-1828 "WHAT'S UP D0C7" G Barbra Streisand, Ryan O'Neal Man In Wilderness, Richard Harris POJ BROOKSIDE Oil Orange Belt midway W.xf.rs1 and Sewlckliy. 935-2401 "SEDUCTION OF INGA" X "SEDUCERS" X CAMP HORNE Btlwtm Rt. 19 and Otils Rleer Slid. 364-4127 "THE SECRETARY" R "GIRL WHO KNEW TOO MUCH" R Adam Went, Nancy Kwan COLONIAL Rt. 51. South 655-9707 "THE SECRETARY" R "GIRL WHO KNEW TOO MUCH" R Adam Weat, Nancy Kwan DEPENDABLE 5 Mln. from Grtr. pgb. Alreort 264-7011 "CLOCKWORK ORANGE" X Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Masee "TONIGHT FOR SURE" X ECHO Rt. 51 at larj. 384-7510 "COME BACK CHARLESTON BLUE" Pfi Godfrey Cambrldre. Raymond St. Jacnee "MONTE WALSH"-Le Marvin PO EL RANCHO Intersection 50 79 Bridgeillle 221-4790 "WHAT'S UP DOC?" 0 Barbra Htrel.and, Ryaa O'Neal "OMEGA MAN" Charlton Haston PC FAIR GROUND Brownsville Rd.. N.xt to Soatt Park Fairgroandt. 561-0552 "SEDUCTION OF INGA" X "SEDUCERS" X GATEWAY baam Ferry-Greens. Rd., Nee Kensington. 335-1111 "WHAT'S UP DOC?" GJ Barbra Streisand. Ryan O'Neal Man In Wilderneii, Richard Harris PO GREATER PGH. Rt. 30 Mill Eait ot Weit-Inghgas. Bridge. 824-5590 "THE SECRETARY" R "GIRL WHO KNEW TOO MUCH" R "The Swappers" IRI GREATER PGH. Rt. 30 ". Mil. East at West-inghouse Bridge. 824-5211 "COME BACK CHARLESTON BLUE" PO God (rev Cambrldre, Ravmend St. Jaeajles "THE DETECTIVE", Frank Sinatra R GREENTREE RoiHtewn Rd. let. bet and Carnegie. 921-2041 KANE ROAD Beaver Valley Eipreis Exit 151 378-1970 "STAND UP & BE COUNTED" PQ StflU Steveni, Jacqueline Bliiei 'To Find A Man' Phyllis Newman PO Br Pepular Demand! "DIRTY HARRY" Clint Eastwood R "Once You Klia A Ktramcr" 11 Carol I.ynlcy, Paul Burke KENMAWR Rt. 51. B'tweta McKee. Stack and Coriopolll. 771-0577 "What's Up Doe" B. Streisand-R. O'Neal "OMEGA MAN" Charlton Heston PQ "Valdes Is Comlnj" Burt Lancaster IPG MAPLE Rt. 30, 10 Mile fait at Wllilniivrg. 864-0344 "SEDUCTION OF INGA" X "SEDUCERS" X MIRACLE MILE East at Monrof,llle on Rt. 22. 327-5557 "THE SECRETARY" R "GIRL WHO KNEW TOO MUCH" R Adam Weat, Nancy Kwan MONROEVILLE Prey. E. 22 Exit 16. S. 48 Left t. northern Pike. 372-6668 "JUNIOR BONNER" S. McQueen PQ "KOTCH" Walter Matthau PG "Vampire Lovers" IRI MT. LEBANON HI. 19 Crossr.ndl 745-7543 "THE SECRETARY" R "GIRL WHO KNEW TOO MUCH" R Adam Weat, Nancy Kwan MT. LEBANON Rt. 19 DonaldiM Craiiroadi. 745-7543 NORTH SIDE lamer Rd Sever U. 322-1203 "JUNIOR BONNER" PO Itrve McQueen. Robert f reiten. Ida Lnobse "KOTCH"-Walter Matthau PG "COME BACK CHARLESTON BLUE" PQ Godfrey Camhrldfc, Raymend St. Jacajstes "MONTE WALSH" Lee Marvin PQ PENN LINCOLN Rt. 22-30 West at Imperial Exit. 695-7218 "EASY RIDER" R Petri- Fonda, Jack CISCO PIKE, G. Hackman, K. Black R RANALLI'S Rt. 8. Between Etna I Bakeritiws. 443-985 ROUTElF"" Host. 19, Seath 25-4820 "WHAT'S UP D0C1" G Rarbra Streisand, Ryan O'Neal Man In Wilderness, Richard Harris PQ "WICKEY i BOGGS" PQ Robert talp, Bill Cosby Magnificent 1 Rides, Lee Van Cteef PQ SOUTH HILLS Rt. 51 So. sixt t. Ankara. 466-7112 SOUTH PARK Rt. 88Btthtl Park 835-7737 SUNSET VIEW Rt. ?8-Natrono Helghti-295-9731 "JUNIOR BONNER" 0 Steve McQueen, Robert Pre.ten, Ida Laplne - Take Money & Run, Woody Allen PO "WHAT'S UP DOC." G Barbra Strelaand, Ryaa O'Neal Man In Wilderness, Richard Harris PQ "THE SECRETARY" R "GIRL WHO KNEW TOO MUCH" R Adam West, Nancy Kwan SUPER 71 Rt 51 St. te It. 01 1 929-7040 "BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE" PQ r.oldie Hawn. Eileen Heck art, Edward Albert "$" (DOLLARS) Warren Beatty R SUPER 71 It. 51 . ta It. SOI So. 929-7040 Thev Know All! "NIGHT CALL NURSES" R "PRIVATE DUTY NURSES" R TWIN HI-WAY t. CO, 2 Miles West of CratUa 923-2291 "THE SECRETARY" R "GIRL WHO KNEW TOO MUCH" R Adam Weil. Nancy Kwan Wexford Starlit, "stand up i be counted" PQ "TO FIND A MAN" Paul Newman R It. 19. Mile, frees t View. 935-2731 WOODLAND 8e.Hiteaa-0.iMia. d. liar IIS Airport 462-4)34 "WHAT'S UP DOM" 0 Barbra Streisand. Ryaa O'Neal "Man In Wildimiti" R. Harris PQ TBUB9DA7. lifTEMBER II. Ultmmmmmmtm

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