The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 9, 1931
Page 2
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BLYTHEVMjLK (ARK.) COURIER Y^O^ 1931 t fe^-^. fs&sa&x***- therd was a bowl of r?e~—»d fruit surrounded with- pink- tapers, Mrs.-Harry W. Hftlnu .,jn Hie prlz*,. modernistic iwoK cnd£..(»:' honors • among the membere, • and the guest prize, a guest towel, went to Mrs. J. n. Hancock. U. D. C. Membttt Study tee, Jacksw j 'Lee and JncksOfV Uvp outstanding southern heroes, y mhde an in- I tercsting program 'ot'lho felllolt, Society.. Calendar There will'be a free 'story hour at trie Blylhtvllle • library at 10:30 A. M. for children from tix 10 ten -years of ages. The Children of the Confederacy Trill.jueet with Misses Helen end Jan?. Barnes - with Miss thclm i Wortlilrigtoji leader of the Le? and Jackson program. ' ' Sunday ! Fletcher clinptor meeting of the M/s. Max Barow5ky, of Manila, j United Daugntcrs pi the Conicdcr- wt!l' v hav6 ;il 'bperi House" frrm'"7j a cy' Thursday' after'njon at • tho until 10 o'clock comullmentltiK Miss' home of Mrs. J. R. McDanlel Jr. Pearl Sherman, W Tulsa, Okla.,.hpr ; Mrs- W- T - O! #rj5l,.wa.'; l c » (ler aml houaisuesl • !.•;' '• { ' { 'i shs. was assisted; by.i'Mrs. J. D. ' ! Barksdalo who paid a tribute: Jo .} 1 Lee's hone, and; by {Miss Thc-lma' •'••';i WoYlhinistbn,. wJio'jrcad her paper i(\ryi"\Vhy Preserve LWs;Hom? al Ar- Men Keep the Home ll^cs , P 13 urnine: Says Dawn Powell O J H f'M ..-..'Vi Lcgfon Aijisjjar.v Unt( Is forgtft «• llnlburl An American 1 ' liegt'n auxiliary!" 1 -- . ,. unltiof the Critlenden County post' lington." 71i!/> essay'Vcccjilly won No.<5,.'Vas.6vifahKCd at -Hiilburt, Ark,, Thursday evening by Mrs. (he.state prize of. $10. Mrs, .Bob Barnes, accompanied by Mw. Howard Prodlor, dl'.lrlcl president. Mcdli>i, sans a solo. Eurrou's NOTK: i)a«» row/i, • jtt 28, has become one of llir nuJl quoin! American authors. Horn I" hit. (iih='J, Olilo, ilic has liccn ;i ncuiiiaiH'r woman and pri'ss a^i-nl ; and ntr.r lias iccrcd a wide sui-ti'.^ with her iiovclt, plays and short , storlcr. Her bli'sl iiuvfl is "Dim- ' Might." In ihc f-jilowJnr lU-lM:, Hrlllcn exclusively fur Courier .N:ii-i .pail NEA Service, slio rayealu a ini- Bjwous Insight Info modern Mfr. '•; : BY DAWN I'OWELI. Written fc:r NK:V Service Statistic* on parlies in Men 1 Yc;k for Hie his: MX incjUhs prove vHi- | nllely that men are disaniieiuins l.y . district tlnce Mrs.. Proctor tecumcj effectively seen In llvn decorations president. ,- , v j of the .house ullli cnrnat'.oiis and (Of the '-}5 charier' m'eml>?fs'Vm v -j fiMzIna as t!if centcipiece tor liio rolled at. -the banquet meeting, j dining- (role covered with a lace This Is the third unit formed in this! -The colors c! the .chapter werej ttip_'ilioiisji!c!.s. I'rjjeutly all ilia 1 . will be U-H v.ill be u fev.' btirltono tulkiiif m.icnm-j records an-.l th-. acrby o: ihu Early stciifc.-n-. ville Man; nothing else lo iho.v : that cnue there were men, even: gentlemen. : tome lime ago many Ccnst.-int • Headers 'A'yre worried about the dh-; nppcaiancc 01 ilie ( "C3ontlenmn." As: a matter of fuel (here are more : these rJIloers wcai selecind: M. r ?Howard Qurlin,' prefidcnl; J.lfS. Paul Bcrnhardt, vice- pvesldenl; Mri O. 'MJ- Buck, second vice pres- ilrs. ; S, W. ^Bfr^y. A. C. Oliyer, sergean ' ing Mrs. Proctor's address members of the'O'ice club rendered scv-. oral selections. Club Entertained Mrs. Elton W. Kiruy was Ihe only gucsl.of Uie Thursday Lunch- clolh frho same shades of r,;rt s,m( while were used In tlio dell- eloiis refreshmenls qf.brlled custard and pound cake. . Hostesses ni this affair were Mesciames James H: Brooks, ' Seal, A. Wert, Raymond Schmuck and Miss Cora Lee Colemsn. II13 Given Shower , Ml!scs Mabel Hogon and Mary Outlaw - surprised Miss Era Wright with u" shower party Thursday evening al Ihe h:me of Miss Hogan. Miss WYlghl recently took an. apartment and Iho interesting nr- riiy of gifts wer.» for her new home. Dainty refreshments were served. • * • Attend: Party c"if•dub'fWswcElc'when Mrs; Ross JAl Slteslon n HuBlJes'was hosted i Mesdames Wnller P.oscnllial, J03 A deliclsus nineteen .menu vas Isaacs.'Anna Wclnbdg, «»«-i«»'i rcrved at s pnc o'clock and in the contract bfldee played Mrs. W. M. McKemle'/woh'the piiJc, a double deck ol.cajds. .. .. . . .... 1- . > t- ..'• • ^ * - V'l-., To Enltrlain Foci • ., . Mrs. Max ; -'Barowky, of MnniJa. ill entertain :dt:her home. _ S-jn- (Ylll Cil"-"***" • '— . . day: evening, [rc.rn 1 until 10 o clock, with "Open House" in special con- j plimenf-'fo tier iwuwgur--;. i-Ufc- Pearl Sherman, of Tulsa. OEia., v. Woitort, MIHon Bternbeig, 1. Miller, William Lang and Miss Pauline Lang, accompanied by Mrs. Rose Oolubere, Mrs. A'eiolph Welnbtrg of Osceola and • Mrs. Max Barowsky of Manila, attended ft bridge luncheon given -Tuesday tn Sikeslon, Mo. by Mrs. I. Becker In honor of Miss Pearl Sherman, of Tulsa. Okla. will-be there for a-week. Miss Sherman is Ihe ftancce of WilUMn'.eaVowsky, of Manila, who is 'also' Srell ' known hero and a number of friends plan .to, attend this? a! fair. rfo iiivitations wil^be-.tssiieriJ Pr«by'<rlan C. E, Transacts, Business, fne Iritermediate-Ecnlor Christian Endeavor, society of the First, Pre>bylerUn church held its monthly business' meeting at the church Wednesday 'evening ?'|Un a chili supper preceding the (ormal meeting. --•' . :' Plans' Kefe : ipade for a projres- sive- foreign!missionary parly, lo b? given Friday -evening, January, 10 and reports of comtnlttee chairmen showed that several Inter.estiriB a.c-. tivities aire "planned lor "the" "spring months. Several new members have recently been enrolld. * * •» Enltrtaln Seoul Band. %. and Mrs. G. O. Saliba en- tei(iined 25 of the Band and Bugle boy scouts last evening in Complimenting Iheir son, Gebber Saliba, •»hb celebrated his 15th birthday. Included • hi Ihose present were J. t,.'. Guard jind Floyd White, leaders'~of Ihe^tand.' •-'"•' Aller playing interesting games, delicious refreshment of a satad course,, sa.ndwiches"'and cold drinks -were seized. ';•; Assisting ahe hostess were: Mrs J.^A.VSili^i. Mrs. Z. B.-Saliba Misses"''Alary and^Badrra fills n Cako,.IJl. Bits of News Mostly Personal :-f;jj: W> FOR SATURDAY and MONDAY , Large Size, *™ |? *S«. If Very I'iincv . <•% 1 ^ Pound ^£2 Is CABBAGE' I'ouml • BANANAS Yellow l-'ruit I'ountl Lurge Heads Head j ,/» ;(H ; - •'•'•' 2,1s fa'-'- . ' : ''. .'CRANBERRIES & " st ;i,, MEN —As seen by Dawn 1'oiveli There are more gentlemen iu proportion to men than Ihtre ever were. » • * The gentleman Is right on in; joo lioitling tlbit sauies for liei- while SHL pays the cncck. Home is the safest place for men, since no woman wants to go home, even for a man. .Men arc keeping the home fires burning against U:e day when women win have their way mill move everybody into Hotels or steamships. 'i'he gentleman will remain long alter men in uie rougli nave vanished. AVomen gcinj cut In the, world has' MACKEREL Salmon 3 Gins For Pies Nb":"2~CiTiV APRSCOTS PEMHES Siinny Smile No. 2 Vi Can ;.KIDNEY BEANS Joan S'-^s al last made-Hie linnic safe foi nun," writes Dawn Powell, who is: shown above In « new jiortraii. particularly ' JUit before wecldln'i; uaya. You see ineni rusr.lns witn a iised.'urivvn IOJK,—-out 01 ooors in mat bnei mau mo- I ment between check and uouole- jcheCK.-'I h\vo witn-my own'. ey.i-j_' , seen ,'tjiem itiile 'as I was sayipg, '•ou,.l.tis an go uy lo me ciuu .-icoey iina. dien. go ' Harlem I'- n is'trut; Emu ' ! tunes CCIIK- one* al u-.e tea or cun- ] ner hour Just lo hauiu me the j uay, but anyone can till int-y •'"'" e I-T. Macaroni or Spaghetti E *=\ as pug. «$<b m—. , .J Fl'.n,l| B iqj lit! JlOlmlC US S11C , nlMTnVS .IP 8 *? nri^ "''v kS a ° wl15 ! alrs sln - i to know) should DD lui. compile-1 i pays. the dinner . Mrs. duo Kochtllzky 'check; lie Is right mere v.-lnsper- and Mas. Kocntilzky's nictncr, Mrs. | ing sutt nothings in her ear wnllc Hies un Hie cjr. Tilt ill remain long alter mtn In the rougn nave vanished. We don't need to worry about him wtv 1 , ol St. Loius, are tx- she cr.angcs I o roiurn lonighi from poinisj gentleman w: ' Louisiana where iney imve been er.^lng a week. Miss rtancls Fcndler and Mri.jSD long as he doesn't, over-train. .•--! But it Is this very "man in Keno.aH Bony, ol Manila, were visitors In the cily ttday. 1 Mrs- J. Louis Cherry Is expected - . lo return today Ircm a two weeks I eyes. Hmidreds vanish mgntly ai " " rough" thai is going. You can even goins before your very '. He' niuji. 'uiieV uii sbnVc place.;. : v >; ;..- .- The lnith"ls that''l«'i)Wc<. in ifi; | last pl.^ce any -nioderii woin^n would dream ot looking for liim. He goes home! It really »s.ine sat- est ulaue lor him slnco no woman wanib to yo lioine even lor n nun. 'ij-;eie ns is piiiinlly warming nim- seli belcra me nrcpUcei urinkny his simple Ingntalls, anil smoKuij ihs simple j)ipe. Keeping- the home hu. ; 'nnd Mrs. Uhar:es Crigger jr. spout, yesterday in Memphis. Mr. ami Mrs. Ed McCmstion. of- Little Reel;, are in (he city tor i>ev-! era! days as guests of Mrs. Me-1 Ciuslions sister', Miss Laura U:is-i sett, and Irienos. Mr. McCulslion' was formerly suiierinlendtiH of tl'.Cj Wilson schools. O&ceola Society—Personal Mrs. Herbert Shippen Sol SlciuuerE, of Cardwell, Mo., ess yesterday aflcriKxm Clfh Meets. Mem! Bridge Victor the usual In .the Mrs, Doyle prize. The"; _„ i« g : fruit .salad,; date ioa;f . •with whipped cream, olives and spcm'-yesterday In thu city'on business. Tr,? condition of.Ur. L. S. Bris- coc, who has been seriously ill for several weeks. Is no better. He has 'Do:n ri'mov?i from the Memphis itetr.ocfist hospital lo Ccmemlle, 'liisc-., for a- tonp rest- Mrs. Matt Monasnan jr.. \vlio has been 111, is now tuUer. I, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wacic and table bridge club lo which she uc- I longs, entertaining an extra in D l c ! . of guests which Included Mrs. W. J. j lac holnc ' Driver Jr., who was until her recent I '• ~ marriage, Miss Peggy Fox of Mem- ' iit-j Fini phis; Mrs. \V. E. Jonnsun of I.iuio | " u *J"J« Kock, who is vklt helativci here i -Mrs. Judson and Mis. JI. L Qumn bum of Osceola. ' | Delicious refreshments were serv- . Bikk Classes are Entertained. . •fhe merrfcrs of Ihe two' Bib!? classes.•"• oj'. the Second Bap'tist churcSwCTij guests of MeEdames'.AV. M.'.'McFaffVid. E. Z. Newaohi>nd W. 'MU Biaylcck Thursday'Jv'inln and -Mrs. J. H. Lovi-ncii in S '1"f "amlTrr^ck App.ebaum I f - fP^ Wednesday and inun.-. have returned from Yiv«x> City,. ua > "' Menipiiis. Miss. Ihey were accompanied by! - Mrs - W- *•• Johnson of L;t:ie. their ntccc. Wsj "Kstlier Cfclrov. i" oct ' w ™ ls vlsunig her pjrcnts. i v.ho will rema'lh here for a visit. l* lr -. a »" ™ s - H: L - Driver. i:i Os- H.-J. Klcban. of Starkville, Mi.w.I«ola, spent Wednesday niglu „,.,«. /TsS^r^M™^! M",^, m Mrr s i. ^ >,: Golden Medical Discovery at the hcmc of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. -, t lls i ir , s visitor In U-.e city Thurs- • 0[ Oiceola were in Blyt:.cviu-> vis- " " .. .. — McFarland-fcr a sjciabinerting. dav ' .. . . • jlerdiy lo atlend the [imcril oi'.Mr. ! Moore's father. Judge C. L. MODIC. Groundhog Club Ready • BiythevHip "was a busiu'c^ "\-'ili°»- .The Rev. E. Z .News;m,.\>i3tor. read and ccmmEntcd upsivihe 24th Psalm for the devaticnal fo'.!o-,v33 •R-ith a prayer by Mrs. W. M^ Blaylock. Mrs; Hattie.Smtddy and JJrs. Ruby Holt -sang a duet, "I Knot.- the;Blble I* True." Mrs. Hattie Smidiiy and -iii=s Ella'-.Morris were In . char;;,- cf th; entertainment, ot games ar.d contest?. Later, an appe'.izin; silad coarse was served svilh cake and coffee. - Hi! Club Parly. Mesdames J. R. Hancock. Jac'x Horhn: and A. .C:- Ward wcrj gu>ts_ct,Mrs. 6. P. -MI-.SS when £hi,alio\enterlaiiied the Mid-Week B . r '<!*? cltfaimeniVcrs''for lii-.c'i:;;] I ai.j is prepared lo listen :o .i- a t Dublin anfbrlde^,. .,--/•... - i sp^ker of national p.'ominenroi The otter member cf ihr- Hi-in For tte centerpiece cf the onj|wh3 uill exy'.jin why the iv.-n-.-l Km»sfcrd Smilh. a'..) K ,s mair.cri tau.e used for the delicious menu. I bers are lionoring the occnti:n. I rrcently. {or ItS Annual Banquet' 111 Osceola Thursday atten-.po;,. ALEXANDIUA, ind. iupi-ce^-', flier, of Southern Cross biRlion ot GroundiiOi; day—one ofj ^ . the blgsci-t r.-. Alesaiidru—' 1*3106, tO DC lias been arraiii;c-a for and the f nlv . thir.g iicceMaiy now Is ilic gi:-:M u- BERLIN', ;IUPJ—On thv -inri. 1 honor and Ihe date, Feb. 2. un- • versary ol the Southern Cross" nonnced members ol the Monrcc, irans-Atlantic night, ciw ol tii" 'Township Grj-jndhog Clnb. , r.artlcipanls is to I,-- m-uried n-.c club, which nnmially pp.-«-. He is Captain J. P. Saul who nc-' soi'3 all.ceremonies connected with! companled Coinmanwr Charles Ihe occasion, elected !Jciibc-n F.-«c-| Kinjsford-Smllh, as navi^ato" m ley president; chose an official lisg- • the night. His bride is Mi-s Y}UA- callcr M'lio will aid ihe committ« j fcelh Prindhani, of Daltlmc'c'and commissioned to yet the grourdhoj 1 K C , V York. The dr.te Jimr ''4 1031 CHERRIES STRING BEANS "".S. 2Sc Pride of Illinoisi. No. 2 Can 2 Cans MATCHES iteorP&G TOMATOES MUSTARD CALUMET lialung I'o\vder lfi-0z. Can '•PEACHES • .-^^^d lie 25 Pound Sack Uncle Ned 25 Pound Sack Fern Leaf SUGAR BEANS PINTO BEANS CRACKERS Compound 8 Pound Bucket Pound Bucket «SVRUP"'- '••'"-'t.i^ 39c Shoulder Ib. Thick Rib IU7-C SAUSAfiE SPARE RIBS PIG FEET ECK BONES Kettle Rendered Pure. Pound 1 ' t i soris oi goc^cfi»s i woiiiuii xlurgc I nbmit t::c city r\ncl charge, ani! I charge. Wniic trail inoacrn v,'o- ninn dances >( niu) ha-cha-clms ami buop-a-cloops, your modem man is saving t:^o-home;*wnlle slie joins hands with her emancipated I ters in n hey nonny no und a mor- I ris dance, ne is listening to the. * ??..! 1 ra£ l |0 and ail V niorrls dancing he morris Men are tiltapjwaring fasij into riclus tho blood—clear; awav pimnlea and annnyii:^ crnpliona aiul tonds (o keep th.- c»mp!csinn frefh and clear.-. Tlii! niedicincconica in both HnUl ainl tablets. Ask yo'.ir druggist for Dr. Pierce's NOTICE TO MY aSTOMEKS AM) FRIE.\DS 1 luiv: opoih'tl up I lie Harlier Shop locntotl on Kailvojid Ptix-ft l>i'l\vfi;ii iliiin nil.! A.-,li Strorts, a ml will i;i- jrh M to you c;ill iuul see ino at my nc\v Hair Cut - - - 2 Shav i

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