The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 7, 1939
Page 3
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MONDAY, AUGUST 7, 1039 Mother Is Model Trails Candidate Backed j By A.F. OfL. In Ken- lucky Race 1.0UISVILUO, Ky,, Aug. 7. (DP) —iJcui. Oov. Keen Johnson, MIJJ- Jiortcd by Hie American Ftdoralion ol Labor for Die DtmseraUc gubernatorial nomination, lield u lead of nearly 12,000 votes over John Young Brcivn, Congress of Industrial Or- ganl?atiotu candidate, as tabulation of ballots from Saturday's prl- iniiiips was resumed today. 'Die outcome of their contest will decide another test of the political strength of John U Lewis. Clo president. He endorsed Brown, an attorney for Ills United Mine Workers affiliate In Kentucky, to defeat Jcliiuon, who, in addition to his API. support, was backed by Gov A. B... (Happy) Chandler and the state Democratic organization. The contest, overshadowed others in bath Democratic and Republican primaries. Under Kentucky luv.' counting or votes ceased at midnight Saturday until today. The Insl unofficial returns from 1 no of the state's '1.320 precincts gave Johnson 81,156, and Broun G96C? Charles D. Arnott, Louisville iscc retary of state, and .Ulysses G Poster other Democratic gubernatorial candidates, were out of tho running. In the Republican gubernatorial contest, Circuit Judge King Swopc Lexington, held a 8,000 vote lead over his closest rival, John S. Cooper, somerset".' L. o. (jmith, mayor of Harian, and o. Tom Hawkins, Praise, had dropped far behind. Returns frcm 818 precincts gave Swope, 22,854, and Cooper, 14,793. The election was one of the quietest in Kentucky in years and it was estimated that less than 500,000 ballols were cast despite a lengthy list of candidates for seven state offices, ICO seats in the state house of representatives, half the senate and various local offices. Jefferson comity (Louisville) authorities arrested six persons on charges filed by Brown's campaign organization that they had voted several times. James Howard, n farmer, was shot and killed at Baxter in "bloody" Harian county after the polls had closed Saturday night, j Police said they had a suspect in ! custody and that the shooting had ! no connection with (lie election. jKrraJSVlLLE. '(ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Moody Brothers Form Down Aflcr 343 Hoiir.s Aloft In Light P Man Who Wrote 'Carry Me. Back' Lies Forgotten BALA-CYNWYi?, Pa. JUp)'_Tlie iimnarkei^and-'.weed-covered 'grave of Jamcs'-'Ar-Bland, luiowii as the Negro Stephen Poster, has been found In a cemetery in this Philadelphia suburb. Bland, composer of "Carry Me Back to CSV Virginny," "O Dem Golden Slipped," and fin the Evening by the Moonlight.' died in 1911. Diirit!£ his li/e, lie was star of Calender's English minstrel company, and appeared on the London stage .for mere thnn 20 years He was a favorite of King- Edward VII. When he died he left no will Ten-year-old Leilali MaeRobert is coached by her mother, who as Elheklra Bleibtr'ey was an Olympic champion in 1S20 and held every women's world teur swimming vecorc) from DO yards lo five miles. Kittle Miss MaeRobert is a prospect for 19M Olympic team. This picture was token at pool ot MontauU, L. I., Surf Club. or account or n:s rr y—rs ot work. Stillicns of copies of his 700 songs have been sold. Dr. James Francis Cookc. editor of Etude, uncovered some of (lie facts of the composer's life. • "I visited libraries from const to coast seeking some trace of him. I 'questioned musicians, educators ami histcritms. Ncne of'them had the faintest notion who he was," ho said. While lecturing at, Howard University, cooke met n professor who knew Biaud. The prcfrascr, Dr. Kelly Miller, joined the staff of Ihe university the year Bland led. as a student. "He had many surprises up his sleeve, but none quite so stunning Us. the ffict Bland was buried about •ii mile from-my home," Dr. Cool'e /said. ... mne SPKrNGPIELD, 111.. Alii?. 7 (UI'J —Hunter and Humphrey Moody, young brother pilots, were Iwck t« earth loduy after eliding continuously ovi'r Springfield airport for two weeks—a Jlight Dint lidded 125 hours and lliree minutes to the world emlmunco record for light planes. The brothers took on* July 23 at 4 !i. .in. ( Last Tuesday at 5: I), in. they equalled the old rccon of 21!) hours mid 43 mlnutc.s and remained nloft "to make It tough' lor anyone who jniglit :iU<>iiipt to break ihcir record. They had planned to try for Hie record for heavy plants but magneto trouble deprived liielr ship of reserve powei anil they landed last night during (in electrli'al .storm after 3-1:! hours and -id minutes in (hi: air—a little over 14 days and 7 hours. The brothers are from Daltnn City, 111., Hunter, 25, has beei Hying since hi; was H. Humphrey '20. received his pilot's license onlj a few days before lie started the (light.-About 5,000 persons greeted them when they landed liielr 55- horscpower monoplane "Mis! Springfield." "We could have gone on that much longer," llimler said. "The weather and a lot of other things forced us to discontinue the flight We're not even lived." Soufe statistics: They flew some 20,000 miles, a distance that would have taken them around the world had they followed the equator: the plant consumed nbout 1,372 gallons of gasoline; and they made 100 contacts, approximately, with a speeding truck from which they hnulcc up fuel and supplies with a rope. Sees Brother First , Time In 27 Year METLAKATLA, Alaska (UP)— The island of Annette, of which this city is the principal town, is believed to be the only territory in the United Slates where white men work for Indians. The island is occupied by .Indians wilii the exception of 11 white persons employed by them. The latter include a policeman, a doctor, a half dozen teachers, a cannery superintendent mid two ministers. Rend Courier News v^tnc nds. For the first time in 27 years Mrs. Julia Mae Ashby has seer her brother in El Dorado, Kuns. She and another brother, L. S Overtoil of T)iotnpa:n. Ga., wen to Kansas for a visit with him an. another sister, who was last see: just, before the Overtoil boys wen to war iu ton. The sister lives ii Rosalie, Kans. Before the Overtoil family wa separated, they resided at Armore Mrs. Asllby now; lives at Promlsei Land. Read Courier News want ails. Going to the Movies on a FREE TICKET! Trade here niul set,. free tickets, to. . , either Ritz '• '• cir. 7"» Rosy Theatres 'at ' our expense. ?"> I" Trade -- AiliiH Ticket S= in Trade — Junior Ticket RITE PRICE STORES 111 E. Main 320 W. Main joooo Facts That Concent You HE'S WAS! AS HE IN 1932. HE WAS THIS BI6"» TODAY- CKOP BEFORE RE-LEGALIZATION.THE FARMER HAD A TWO MILLION DOLLAR YEARLY MARKET FOR, HIS BEER CROPS. TODAY, BEER PAYS ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS ANNUALLY FOR ITS CROPS. BEER. CROP-LANDS WOULD COVER ALMOST ALL THE FARM AREA OF FIVE NEW ENGLAND STATES-3,000,000 ACRES I ALSO-BEER PAYS A MILLION DOLLARS A DAY IN TAXES AND MAKES A MILLION JOBS AND my, TV KEEP BEER'S MANY BENEFITS, FOR. YOU AND FOR THEM, AMERICA'S BREWERS WANT TO HELP KEEP BEER RETAILING- AS WHOLESOME AS BEER ITSELF. THEIR PROGRAM WILL INTEREST LOCAL LAW AUTHORITIES... AND YOU MAY WE S£f/0 YOU THE FACTS?'' ForfrcebooUet,a,I<lre3s: United'BrewersIndits- trMFoundativh.l9Ea$tiOl!iSl.NewYorl- w v\ I I»,VA vi nftit i i t BEER.,.a beverage of moderation ••COURTS Nathan Tnnnblc, negro, will be given 11 lii'urliig tomorrow in municipal court en n ciiui^c of reckless driving following n collision of two nutombiles on Highway «i nwir the Missouri stale line Siilimlny night. The damage was slight. Clco Ollooly had stopped his car men officers reached him to arrest in n ilm on a clinrgi: of driving while 'mtcr (he Influence of liinnr so his • Herbert Husklns on n .similar charge mid wns ed $100 nil appeal to circuit coiirl. Appeal bond was set nl $200. Thomas Vmulergi Iff, eharged with a similar offense, was lined $100 and his appeal bond set at $200. Bnrrle Joiner. net'W, arresled on n charge of disturbing (lie peace by lighting, could not :oun loday because of » ' broken leg; so the ease of Joiner, Ix-on Augustus and Jesse Owens, negroes arrested on similar chaises were Continued. ' Dee Crlner's case of malicious nlselifef was continued. He is •hargcd with cutting up a pair of ihoe.s, which he denies. Twelve eases .of public drimken- one of which was u woman --e hcnrd Rahirdi III eacli were assessed. were heard Saturday and today! most cases fines of tun dollars Colitis Fatal To 11 Months Old Baby Nancy Wntktns died last tiljfht. 9:15 o'clock, at the Walls :iosj)ltnl foJloH'Ing a l>\-o weeks illness of colitis. The ll-moiillis- old baby wns the daughter of Mr. ind Mrs. Eugene .Wdtklns of rial Lake. Funeral services will be held at 'our oclock this afternoon at the Hnnnn Funeral Home with the licv. George W. Patterson, pastor of the First Christian church, officiating. Burial will be made at North Sawba cemetery. Besides her parents, she is survived by one brother, U'roy Wal- klns. Polar explorers arc able (o obtain fresh water by melting ice that has ben formed of salty sea water. Tills has been in Important factor in saving lives of numerous explorers stranded on ice Hoes. SUES-Ttt Stale Forced To Find Some Way To Keep Schools Open ATLANTA, (ill., All|f. V. <Ut>)— ' '«' mm iiiill-sii|i. s i,u f om , s lojk »l> I"''''- maumnu , llunv ,„,,„>, ,, r . r c.ov. K. i>. idvci-s uniioimceil the i'(.is!iitur(. would be railed Into special K»,slon when the schools OIOTI "in onlor lo keep Iheiu open," 1'ii'M (-('actions to (ln> governor's .bmiirilay ,,I B IU. announcement enim> ID ilin form of reports Htvers liud bi>c>n assured irglsliilliv sup- lion, ol soriu' broad revenue pro- Pa^!, Mich as lilt- Mllra IllX, U) curry on his "Uuie Nnv n ,, :ll ', | 1UHi make ii)i m, $11,500,000 (ielU'It It «as palmed out Dial Rivers had steadfastly refused to enll a special assembly session until lie was convinced n majority of legislators wi'jp renily lo vole n ni;w tax, !lc has lielil niiiniTuiis con- fcroiu'es \vkti Hdiiiliilslriulon Jeiid- i'vs lutely mid ivrlUen Idlers In other mcmbm of llu: iisscnihly— leiHltii 8 ci-edniH! lo lepoils the sales lux liud been upiiroved in u. "slnw vote." However, some leglslnlois \tre- tlleii'd u "do-iiiithliig session" like th(^ lust rriiiilnr se-ssloi), In wlilcli tliu Hivei-.s fortes weie bucked nt, every turn ami the scliojl. leaehi'is were loft, iinixild to the nine of niiproxiumlely $!>,0(KI.OUU. Possible Oil Shortage Feared in Australia SYDNEV. N. |S. W. (UP)—The possibility of using producer gasoline frciu charcoal lo operate mo- t<jr veiilcles in u wartime emergency is to be investigated by the Australian government. It is recognized Hint, one of the most vulnerable points In Australia's defense is the citltliiB off o! petrol supplies in lime of wiir. The federal ministry has nskoil Ihe coinmoiuvcallh fuel advisory board to conduct the Investigation, A leather lining for the ixit- holder will make It. liurn-pronf as lenllier is 11 non-conditctflr of heal. PAGE THREE Mind Your Manners Test, your knowli'<l|; ( . of correct fOC'Inl iisii«c by miswnfiij. lh t . f 0 |. ini! iinrslluns, (lien . clu'cklng alnsl lln> millioritiKivi' answers Iji'low; ' 1. If aspimiuiis is ,si)f|, shoulil It 111' eaten with tin- finism or n fork'/ a. Is bn-iikfusl bacon rurrrctly eaten with the lini'.i'rs? 3. Is it col reel m i^t, pivnrh' fried ixptafues wltli thv IlimeisV •I. How HIV nrtldiolu's eaten? 5. How .shunlil you iviuovc n (Ish- bone Irom your iiniiilh'r 1 What would you do If— Von are KOI veil a thin noun j n n cup. • ia) Drink It uu! n r Ihe rup haldliii! it by either one or both hnndles? ib) Sip It Irom a .s|iuonV Answers I. Wild' ii fork. a. No. Will) a fork. II. No. 4. In the flngors-ii leaf jit u time milled Irom the artichoke— until tlu> heail. Is readit'il. That is eaten with a lork. 5. Take If from Ihc mouth— lips us close tngcthi'i- as poMllili!- bi.-Iwi'on (h<- (inner iiml thumij "Wlml Would YOU Do" solution--flllipr in) or (|>). Negro Admits Forgery Of Compensation Check Walter shnfcr. n<'(r )a$ „.„., ) )r ),i (() circuit court In municipal court loduy after ho had admitted forging one uni'mpV.yment compensation check. Officers said that the neuro cush- ed ihren of the thi'cks, each signed by n different name, nt the Mcnl- KOinery Ward store In one week, which led to suspicion ef the negro It is believed lhal, his arrest may solve the mystery coni'ernlng iibaut live other checks'or this kind which have been stolen. Ofllcm said Slmfer called at tlie lilythevllle postage, for the checks, giving (lie names of nearces due In rcceliv them. The oldest Amerli'im-mnda clocks had wooden works heonuse lliey were nunti] by carpenters. In Europe, docks iiisl were made by Jewelers, locksmiths, blacksmiths, astronomers, and fillers. Village Officer Seixc; Accuse c! Of Payroll Holdup Al :s rail' CR. in.. AUK. 7 IUPI-A vlllnye conslubli- eaily today captured two escaped federal convluUi whose de.serlplions were said to tally with tliose of two bandits who escaped afler an abortive attempt to .slcal' n 150,000 U. S. army pnyroU from n mail (rain inst week. The constable nrrcsleil Hernlil Montni'iie, 21, and Waller Smith. nt u' lomlst camp when lie discovered thflr auUnnoblle wns on the "reported stolen" list, He said (lie men admitted they <wii|icd uunids oh u prison train I'liri-ylui; them from (he federal penitentiary ill Allnnla (« (lie 'wlsbintj. Pn. prison. July 20. Two of three men who trlw) to hold up an Illinois Central train July :il I'stnpi'il' and n Ihlnl was shot by mall clerks and captnieil. Garden Club Officers Take Flower Names WEirtTON 'HEIGHTS', W Va (UP)—"The flowers that bloom In the garden club, tra-la-la," nre primrose, marguerite, jonquil and Executive olflcers of the Liberty Junior Garden club who hitherto have been designated by the prosaic titles of president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, henceforth will be known by the lloivtry terms, club •councillors are to be known as Aunt Larkspur, Aunt Pern, and Aunt Rosemary FOR SALE KEF-VINATOR 7-FOf>T DKJ.UX13 ICK A Real Rargain for Quick Hale I'hone 9(> .)011ANNI«litjnCi. South Africa (Ul'l—"Illack Kiinijiilers" are eaus- Ing nnxiiity to tile lloimtmo.sbiirn liollcc who hiive noticed that bands of criminal natives hiive stnrtcd currying nrms inn) using dlgd- poweral cars. Flies Wake Baby Up Too Early? llrra'awliiilloiln.lnllii-nltcrno ..... atlcr liliv 1 . iinii, rlc*i> uiiriiw wlnilw* «nj iloorn. (V * IM'0.1 HirnyiT uiul nil Hi., room wllli a rnlit o! I«. l™,,,l l,,, frt S,,ruy. l.«t tt,« ,wra,l 'il lor )5 triliiulH. ft,,,,, ) ja |, y „„,. tkelfiw ' l "' l> ' „ i'l'T/ ' C 7 'C"" ' "' iWllcMw. lMiMni>«<.iniimfll— only > c run Mj.rlrniirmncollwl .01,11 llt^o llranil ri'ully kllh Illfs inmiiullw* mul nlhcr llylnii lininli iinlck— >-rl Ificiiilii'ly fiif(>li>uiii>]ri llioliiinip. Din/i wnslo jnyiii'y tm i-lic;,[( w.-nl.- •ini'Hy mull, (in Ilm H ro ,u| n.i.l fl it.l <if liiv,. |,,,n ,.,, IJiu jciiiiln.'. qulck-lilllliii; lli'O liranil ln«rel Hpruy— In Itii' ml .(nil ycllnw rim. ll'n Kulil will] (i i;ii!irniili'i- .it v,tlt'i- f.irllwi uf your miiwy (.url. NOTEJ )•«„ ran «!.„ Ml t l! r , ,,,,,f t ,,,,,,,i. (am. ii.i rirll a, rnurli,-, „,„/ „„)», ,,.;,i ,, e "' ..... "»"«l I'amtrr. illrrtllinaantan. BUY NOW PAY THIS FALL! rimes, TU.BES, RADIOS, I'AKTS, REPAIRS, UODY & FKNDKR WORK, AND PAINTING. All On Fall Time NO DOWN PAYMENT BUY NOW - PAY ONE PAYMENT THIS FALL TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. I'hone 633 Open SAVE ON THE COST OF THE STATE CIGARETTE TAX! C AMEL'S longer-burning tobaccos .smoke mellower, MILDER— ' with appealing taste, deliglufn) fr;i- grancc. Camel's matchlt-M hlctul of finer, more expensive tobaccos presents you with the jienk of smoking pleasure in every cigarette, every '•'' pack! Camels insure you of smoking . ' pleasure —Pr.US economy!. ' CMJJiL— the quality cigarette every'. smoker can afford— is America's shrewdest cigarette bii)?-|j-miich more for your money in pleasure and puffs! Whatever price you pay per pack, It's important to remember this fact: By burning 25% slower than ihe average of the 15 other nfibe largest-selling Imniils tested—slower ibaii nny ofrfjem—CAMRLSgive ti smoking plus equal lo EXTRA SMOKES PER PACK! Camels Camel smokers know that Camels burn longer. The scientific proof of this fact comes from a prominent independent laboratory that made impartial tests on 1 6 of the largest-selling bnimls. Hero are the results: •f Camels were found to contain MORE TOBACCO BY WEIGHT * than the average fur the 15 other of the largest-selling brands. CAMELS BURNED SLOWER THAN ANY OTHER BRAND TESTED-25% SLOWfiR THAN THE AVERAGE TIME OF THli 15 OTHER OP THE LARGIiST-SHLLING BRANDS! By burning 25% slower, on the average, Camels give smokers the equivalent of 5 EXTRA SMOKES PER PACK! O I" the same tests, CAMELS HELD THEIR ASH TAR LONGER ** limn the average time for all the other brands. AMERICA'S SHREWDEST CIGARETTE BUY! .LONG-BURNING COSTLIER TOBACCOS

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