The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1947
Page 14
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-r <AKK.) COURIER NEWS Labor Official's Nicy Defended Schwellenbach Raps House Committee Tor. 'Invasions' April 10. (UP) Edgar i*. Warren, director of Hie TJ. S. cjfceiHatioii service, today denied cpnijressuMal charges that lip was] disloyal cud had bungled Itis administration. Testifying before a Senate Appropriations Committee, Warren also fiatiTtd House diaries Umt he believed in the right of gov- ctnnient employes to strike. Warren's cW^f, Secretary of Libor L^'.vis E. £. 1 ir»vellcnbach, accused -the House of unconstitutional invasion of executive functions in seeking ' t to force the dismissal of WnrreiV and other conciliation sev- vicc officials by .withholding appropriations. Schwellcnbacb, together with Warren, asked t!ie Senate Appropriation's Sufsommlttcc to restore Lcbor Department funds cut by the house. Tiie house cut $538,41)0 from the Conciliation Service request of $2,<ri8.J(».. Recalling that he had- experience in all tiiree branches of government as ,a senator, judge and cabinet member, Sc'hvvellenbach said the executive branch had sole responsibility for hiring and firing olficijds, except those subject to . Senate confirmation. "I believe the House, by attempting to direct, \vhoni I shall hire and fire in the execution of my duties of conciliation and mediation, is attempting to .exercise nn Idle Dinner Pails E. J. Boles. « mule driver, examines dinner pails which belonged to men who died ' in the Ccnlvaiia mine explosion, Mines are now being examined caret tilly to assure miners that Mich explosions will not occur in the rutuie. The eovcrnmcnl Has ordered the closing of 518 soft conl mines "believed dan-erons " (NBA Telcphoto.) THURSDAY,. APJ?IL 10, 1,0.17 •/-/o _ COPR. 19<1 By NFA SERUCr, 1KC. T. M. SEP. U. S, PAT. OFF. executive function," lie told committee. "Tliis action of the House \vo)ild seem to be an unconstitutional exercise of executive functions by the the Congress contrary lo our basic concept of the separation of powers." Read Courier Ne«'s Want Ads. jliirtli jlJolsler It is said that during severe and 'liKilonucc! periods oi war or depression, Dm proportionate num- 'bcr of bay births nearly always increases. : XXXI W^ELL, s!ie was liappy now at last Nothing could ever change these past few months of perfect joy. She hail found life now, and life wns' Tony. As soon as Joyce got ihe divorce they would be married. Sherry was living in New York lo be near Tony, mennwliUft. • Now. lie. .was i at .(he studio, and there Vvas still pnrt oi the morning aud a long afternoon'to be gotten 1 through by herself. Sherry crossed lo a window and looked out. You could see a long distance from the top floor o£ the important hotel where she was staying, end-the park spread before you like a wonderland in white.; There were skaters on the. lake, '{their bright-colored caps making cheerful splotches amidst oil the: whiteness, f. . ; Shea-y thought it mfght : b,e fun to go-down and pracUce."'To.ny was leachinc her to ice slcntc niid it woifld be nice- to surprise him by her improvement, but then nothing was really -fun \vithout Tony. ;it w&s rijjer to stay Indoors and dsMrSfitv^aboulfwhat their life wi-lld fiVlifco'Vffbr they were marrieiR and then too, Kris might come any day jioiv. Marcia.had \\ritlon that ho was in Hollywood, a flyini; visit on a bjg pifturo deal, and that she was in a spot, "Wrfat should I tell him?" she had wanted to l;no\v, and Sherry had written linck, "The truth!. He must stop and see us on his way- through New York." And Tony had agreed with her. ; . * t » pict'ur'p was progressing splendidly. Sherry-had rend .the script over and over arid thought up Jjiis of business and interesting shots, and changed Alines here and there. They said at the studio that Dietrich was showing uno.xnecloil genius. Now she just had nnother idea. She decided to read tile script again, and reached toward the blue-covered copy on Die low table. There wns n knock and Sherry called, "Conic," and turned lo the door. It opened slowly and a girl came in. Sherry knew who she was. She was very pale and wore a mink coat She closed.the door behind her and stood still. She said, "I'm Joyce. I fold them downstairs that you ex- peeled niu.' I'm sorry." Sherry said, "I know," and then, "It was better this way. Come in," bul she did not fiel up. Joyce walked over slowly. She held her handbag tightly and was trying to keep her teeth from chattering, you cnulrl see thin*. Sherry said, "You're cold. Sit by t»e fire." Jovcc tried (o Frolic. '"ISdon't think it's thai kind of cokl.f but she sat down on tlic other davenport and pushed hcv- self back twice until .she could lean 'ngainst it She kept her elbows tight at her sides, and her eyes; were blue. She said, "You look just like I thought." Sherry said, "You do too." They were quiet for a minute. Sherry. There wasn't .tnynno else o tell me -what lo do. You—you :now Tony hotter than 1 do •ou'll know what's right, and ind I can't seem to think arw lore." * * * fOYCK stopped suddenly and when Sherry looked nt her sha i r as leaning back with her eyes Joscd and her face wns like wax. Sherry bad never seen anyone ook so sick. "Joyce! .Are yon ill?" she vanted lo know, and got up and vent over to tier. Joyce said, "I—I shouldn't have come in the morning. I'm sick in he mornings." She' leaned forward and laid lor head on the arm of the dnvcn- oort and breathed deeply for a ninnlc with her mouth open. The room swirled around Sher•y and everything went dark. In hat moment she was as sick as foyce. Then she collected hor.iclf Jiul slipped ofT Joyce's coat end ook olT her lint, and laid one of icr cold hands ou the girl's damp forehead. She said, "You're prog- lant, aren't you?" very evenly. And Joyce said yes. 'I won't give him up," Sherry lold herself, "nol for anything— ever," and she went over to the ndow and looked down at tho white park and the skaters in their Then Sherry sucked her brcnth between clenched teeth and ninde her voice sound even. She said, "I suppose you \vanl Tony." Joyce tried .-mother smile and spoke dully. 'Yes—I want Tony, tl'd be silly to say I didn't—but he' yours. He told me that before we were married. H \vas because I u-ns like you that ho—" She swallowed hard atut looked at the fire lor n mitr.ite. Ther sho mired her chir. u I'.Ulo ant turned back. "I came about the divorce talking about the How she couldn't bright caps. Joyce was divorce now. _ _„ get it by miming Sherry as co- respondent, and drag them hovti through that. They were all important people with careers. Sherry thought. So Joyce hail been thinking of her—of her and Tony. Joyce toid nor about attorneys and the different laws in different stales, and how a quiet California divorec ou desertion would make it years be/ore Sherry tinci Tony could marry. They wouldn't like that, would they? "Then the baby," Joyce wna saying. "Should Tony know now and get used to it? Or would you rather tell him nfler he's born? You see it's up to you to decide . . . You're really Tony's wife—• I'm the 'other woman.' You'll know wha'.'s hcsl." (To lie Concluded) . For Limited Time 4% LOANS ON FARM LANDS On medium she aud large tracts. No extras. Full repayment privi- ll'RC. SKI! US FOU QUICK SKUVICE OX FHA LOANS Knr niiililine or Repairing. Also Auto Truck anil Tractor Loans. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Over Guard's Jewelry Store Wylhcville, Ark. EG Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY in8 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. B1TTNEU "She's a nice kid, but the trouble is she says she's going to be an opera singer—and they all look like wrestlers!" IS A PRODUCT OF X34Z/M TREES IN SOME. ScCnONSOF BURMA. NATIVES CUMB THE IOO-FOOT TREES AND BRIN&DOWNTHE SAP IN JARS SUSPENDED FKOM THEIR VVAI5TS. "YOU C4N BE fcOINS STRAIGHT AHEAD 60IN6 BACK HOME,".%* MRS. ANTOM tucxsi, T, M. REG. U. S. FAF. Off. xl BBE'-S AVERA&E LOAD OF NECTAR. WEIGHS ABOUT HALF AS MUCH AS THE BEE.' ..,„ ITSELF. FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy 61 at Stale Line I'hone Rlytheville 714 \Y. J. Pollard INSURANCE G/encoe Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 Lawnmowers ... Expertly sharpened and repaired. We pick up and deliver. Immediate service and all work guaranteed. Phone 2192 215 N. 2nd F. L Wicker Machine Shop Yes, We Hove New Cars* Arriving Every Week— * Poniiacs * Fords * Chevrofets * Plymouths and others Plnce your order Now for Immediate Delivery We Pay Top Dollar lor Clean Lute Morlc! Cars BUD mim AUTO SALES Phone 2087 Cor. Franklin and Main SI. N'EXT: Where docs^i rose get i(s perfume? Arkansas State Planting Seed CERTIFIED Grade W D. & P. L No. 14 Cleaned Treated — New Sacks Purity 59.5 Gerainaieon 85 LIMITED f4(JA SUPPLY ' ^Hlll TON Also Ogden and Royal Soy Beans S4.50 EARL MAGERS Phone 635 Dell, Arkansas 7o WASH TUBES Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople Out Our Way By J. R. Williams ^^r^^^^gsa^^^s^T^ |5^^^«g^^^^ffi s SoI xoi ^ -ffefw^M/X'S ^^.°^V^ P'^TOF A •"••"""'. VOHEHAeiED VIC FLINT HOW, MV ••«« FRIEND, HEM'S WHERE YOU AND 1 PART COMPANY. Escape Is Near VOL) WANT 3 SHOULD TAKE DEES STOFF OM DE STAPS DOsVMT PETTiFEe'S TlUKEEP HIM OCCUPIED VfHIlE IXJOK. \s I vou SUP B^J P.MD LOCK HIS : DOOC- We ML'STNT DISTURBED LATER. A3AR...AWD THE L1SHT CAN'T (SET PAST HIM IJS'SEEN Smoke Screen RED RYDER TOELIC STEPS L^lVOSiPE AND UNOBVRUSl'riV PUUS EASV'S DOOE.TO, AS SNEED CREEPS BY, UNSEEN. BY LBSL1E TUHNRK . y^i ^M'.^PW ™E WftS/ I KEEP VOICES. WOS- ^•feSrj! ' FI=S ' JS«»!it; *a^i I'VE GOT ^ r I./M-M |rx< GET AROUND Hl^-' , ... I R=.EP ISAf'XASJ WHO AWT 6dl HI6 PICTURE I., E.VERT SHERIFF'S OFFICE V. T. H AMU TV ^ <\i>i.h:Y ut>h BY iMICFrAKf, O'SIAUJCY muf TRAFFIC HERE. FIVE MINUTES WORE OF THIS ANO 111 BE OUT Of TOWN I,ANK NOW WE'VE GOT TO GIBRALTAR. HOW WE GONNA JOIN UP WITH U.S.KA.VV? WE'LL JUST HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL AN AMERICAN MAN-OF-WAR •SHOWS UP. Heavy, Heavy! FAR AS I Ks'O^, KoY WE'RE GOlrt' TO HERIFF'S GOT AT I L£T CuOvOD ROD f».M»it4WNILE WE'LL USE^ WHAT FRRNCHFRANCS W?:V.P SOT LEFT TO BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Incentive lARi.wOOO CftVS MV ABOUT PU&'. II'6 t«"iV TO -itfc tv\«T -i 1M HOMt . V\%« OWN '..-,_. _ if """''" • f-^n-, > . i r 11 ". t s-: M {^-\V <VT ;>t>N>V-<i<^ ' V?-'— z, ~i '"•-> "j'.^c. i I X C v S 1 e.S;"iLiR. *;{V/i ^Ni'o w.p,y_L\oi 'I *BUCH Uf>r^D- IX.M; PAT.orr.

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