The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, April 9, 1934
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by tAt United Preat BLYT VOL. XXXI-NO. 19 A "* ™? News Blythertlle Courier •"""' Valley Leader Biytlievlile Herald TH« DOMINANT NEVV6PAPKR NEWS HOME EDITION JURY SELECTED, Hll IF COD T MR ; Silver Nationalization Proposal Wins Support WASHINGTON, Apr. B (UP) — i Senator Slmer Thomas tOem, jOHa.i said today that four or five members of ' the silver 'sub-com- mluei; of the senale agriculture ommitlee have indicated satis- lactlon with his plan for national- uatlcn of domestic silver. Testimony Opens With Ju- , a w™ a i * c ? n h8S , not y:t tee " r i i . r I,, '?* en ' however, and reports to fy. Completed Alter i>lOW e fu " committee mill not be «•» — • ready tefore Tuesday. Under the Thomas plan the eovernineni would take over all Progress Early in Day. .silver at the market Wirh acceptance by both state .. .^, A <: OIK! defense counsel of J. J. Dalyj raln I-revalem on the day uuor of tills city this afternoon as the tthe opration. This silver wouli a- a reserve lor silver twelfth member of'i'-jury to try -- - -™... , u , = ,, V u. S. P. Boling of Manila on a Mc -| certlficaUE Issued at Die rale 01 ond degree murder charge, test!-1' 1 " 1 * P er ounce, mony was to be offered starting about three o'clock.V:'- Boling is accused 1'n tlie slaying' of Paul Cody on the streets of Manila in December. The entire morning session was spent in preliminary 'matters -and qualifying the first 11 members of the jury, with progress slow. It appeared this afternoon that Spiking That Anti-Blond Idea FLEET SIS EBB HTUNTIC COUST ™ Los Angeles Bids Farewell of witnesses to be called by both the state and defense. Some 20 persons responded lo the state's call of witnesses this morning and as many or more retired to the witness rooms when the defense list was read. Questioning of prospective Jurors was delayed about 45 minutes while court attaches sought the to Officers and Crews of 104 .Vessels. LOS ANOELES, Apr. 9 (UP)A night long round of farewells that brought thousands to tlie navy docks in scenes ferolniscem of war time days ended this ... ™ „„„,„. 1UI . morning when the United State true bill indicting Boling, which I ? eet hoisted anchor and left Cal had been misplaced. After a """"'° —'— ' ' - -' iornewhat sharp exchange between the circuit clerk and a member ol defense rounsel over responsibility for disappearance of the indictment It was finally found In the clerk's; "office. Oscar Fendler of defense counsel had agreed not to ask for the indictment to be produced when it appeared that he might inadvertently have .had some pan In mis. Plartw.the bill, diiude P. Codlp. Ifornia waters for a" MheduTe'd eight-month stay along the At lantic seaboard Nine-thirty A'. M. was,the zero hour tor 104 ships, carrying approximately 45.000 men. to l<=ave their anchorages at San 'Pedro and San Diego to make a rendezvous off San Diego by evening and proceed southward to the Canal Zone. .peading the armada'o,ut of San '"rf*" «a» Admiral D*vtd F. t y • —.-•-. . "•.•Mm. f f v^VUp* •. ri'-- • -- ' — • * -"' ~*** K " «3€J~ if, seruOi defense counsel rn'^ea |.-."'-' C0 * nl 5^ n '??t:1nrshlef woo was the question, however, resulting in • ard hb ? eet "agship Pennsyi- the s^arph nrVitnl^ «__n-. ' . Vania. r>rAOffnan»k». i. cruisers some 300 the search ' whicii"flnalI vU nravert , vin!a ' D«"Jn»ughts/ successful, w. A. Jackson fiery • 8 ^ cra " carrle ? s . With _^ m Walnut Ridge attorney, 13 asso-'? bnes ' and : h « base force trated ciateri with " ~ - '" " ' *~ in the case. The line of questioning taken by the defense in examining ve- niremen indicated tl t'nie will rest entirely on a nlea •„• -:--•-• of sell-defense. Ill feeling had ex , Rp0sevelt ' Jited between Coday and Boinr ,>, -"^ ma Peiivers will, start as lor_wme^lime before the fatal'illl,? eet . ?PI»oachis' the -Panama mage attorney, 13 asso- . ' u l "5 case force trj with Cooper and Fendler • m ~ Penussrlvania's wake, case ;• The .fleet will proceed leisurely stlonlng taken ,J, „ ^'"rmlng problem IS in e ^^ ^IFp^icv 1 ^ ^Chadt^ i ^ l - revie ^^ by " dSlaent >y and Boinr -,v -"^ ma Peiivers will, start as •«. wure nme Before the fatal';, , a PP ro «hes the-Panama Pooling. They engaged In a fight f, ana ' ^ *'" ««d May 12 ln ii'veral days before and there was j Carlb fa ea "- Cody, 22-year-old husky, In the ISl^dT'ihe 0 7- bU " y> WaS ^ ttempt to from Frisco Cash Drawer *>v»»- « . - — -,..«„ i.., av WIittl . Robert. "Junkyard"" Wilson M =.£c^i'%irsnjn^-sf lt . • - ---•— j vii«iictiYes ' 1( ^^ siinounc^(j "today ~ Tu.^™?,*<« ** '^ "^ ™ taken into ous- -••""* icm;w> t had used three of its nges. had also aurt ei Pective juror ciisrd by the of these exu i tody after 'P° rls 'hat „. „,.„ iaround the station, and he most f'ssed soon received re- seen ln th . e °.?.? part of . hls "»t was stolen Actual Work Expected to Start Tomorrow; Sewer Project Also Scheduled. No work was underway today on work relief projects in Dlytlieville but L. E. Tull returned from Litlle Rock over the week end with final approval lor the airport. I.e- Slon hut and storm wjwer, and B N Wibon, county administrator, said this morning lhat he saw no reason why work on the airport and hut should not be started Tiiesday. About 150 local men had been certified Saturday by the case work section of the local P. E. R A organization as eligible for work relief. AS soon as a sufficient number of these have been certified by- the county reemploymenl office as fitted for the particular Jobs available, work can start, and Mr. Wilson expects to have 60 men on the job at the airport and 2-t at the Legion hut tomorrow. He expects to start work on the storm sewer project n day or two later Mr. Wilson emphasized that neither he nor any of the foremen on the jobs have authority to hire men who have not first been certified by the case work section as to their need and by tlie re- Employment office as to their fitness. He estimates that the'max- imum daily employment under the work program In this city will not exceed 150 men. but that jabs will be rotated to provide ; work for about 400 men per month. The projects already authorized the' airport, hut and storm sewer will provide employment'for the city's quota of men for a few weeks. Numerous other projects are in mind and will be submitted for approval before, long, but'be- fore anj actual work can be **e arrangements must bc made "for i necessary materials. The present- n | mroats slashed hope is that purchase or such ma-i Payment Was the Lareest here s " ild '»'- tSHals can be financed by a scriD » I i i i , .„„ . gCi>l om «« believed that Warren -dercd his ' 10- two infant chll- •Itli a razor anj then pom- suicide. He wns last seen ;School Act of 1933 .... Become Effective Without Referendum. LITI'LK HOCK, Apr. 0 iUI'l~ Tin- ballot title under which AOI ™ of tin. Al :is nf |,,3j have bw-ii Mibnilllrd [„ tt !,.(,.,,.„. :!iim vole at HID ,,p xl yrunnl fkcllou was In-Ill lmiini"I,>iu by lie slnle supreme- i-onrl ii-tv to- ilny anil as u result tin- ,, c i B o,-7 .iilo etlm lininrilluicly Th« net abolished tlic'slule bourn of education and uruvldeil Unit u new slnli- Loard of ciliiciilloii IK :i|)|X)ir.teil by the govenior. crejlecl In; cITicc of stute superintendent of public Instructfai, anil repealed certain sections of the scliool law slug the time of meeting fur the at? board of education. Fifteen days are allowed for fll- iE a mollon for rehearing n Ihls Is denied the ..chool deiwit- ment win |)e rrorgnnlrcd. Chi:f Justice o. K. Johnson wrote- Hie opinion. Tho^c illsseiulii" ere Justices Smith. MelmfTcy i.nti [cHaney. One week's time was granted >e appellants to lite a brief on fSS? .!2J?! CMe « """AM SI, Francis Mississippi Eureka Springs Family of Four Found Slain -.' Ark., Apr. i—Four members'-of a rural family were fnunVdead with their I inroats slashed at their horns near icnais can De hnanced by a scrip \* j n J ini-> » Dicers believed plan; now under consideration by ''lade Under 1933 Acre- Davis ' 4S - nrst mur< a committee. .<=jm e definite an- an ~ R Q J,, ,• n , year-old wife and tw, nouncement, Is expected following' " Deduction rrogram. 'dien wit; a meeting scheduled for tnnioht I • • • milled si Landslide Wrecks Cars, Claims Lives of Three WEST I'OIHT. N. Y., Ajir. II iin .Miiitrd r,n Invisllgiillaji todti'y '•In ilu* urlfcln o( 11 landslide hut lliiii,ili-i«[ dn,\n the slope ol -loini Klr,7 moni.lnin und crushtc Si-inst' ilir.e automobiles on tlie .ongrslcd Elorni Kin-j highway .llllns! three pcrains ,, m | i,,j,i r . i"8 lliroi 1 otheis. Tin- aj.imii'iii. niiiEcs of the iin- sunl acdi.Vi.t «-ir. ilia laic wlntei iroM^ iinJ ruins loostnliij l| u •••M.- (.'HiUU'il portion ol tin- ilici-i liicir ul iluj i, lL |,ntti)ji. fiii u g |, mi - .mis ol ft.t iiixw Hi, run!. , .i.roc-tiin section tun.- IOOLO yea- .fiitoy mid n.mliloi dow,i n Jt lopt to swiftly thin iion,. i-evee district, "from county. DEI FJICES TEST T, Observers Will Wa'tch - Votei Elect v in Illinois Primary a meeting scheduled for tonight. I THfiEJlDlfllS • ; .iuiuue. ne wns last seen largest payment under the at n community dance early Sun, • 1533 cotton acreage reduction da >' ! campaign was one ol $84000 to Lee Wilson and Co. of Wilson Ark., for the plowing under of more than 7,500 acres of cotton according to an official analysis of 1,032,000 government checks sent out by the Agricultural Adjustment Administration. The smallest check was for $1.70 •W; M 11- r. , , ""•"""»«>• cnecic was for $1.70 W e Never MlSS a Second ? a North Co «»l"a farmer, while T' » f*-. ii . i . aver !>se payment was $lln and tcjd. payment was }llo and .,- plow-up The second largest payment was >lso to an Arkansas concern, the Banks and Danner Co., which re- M • •'.,: d ' e ™se payment was tllo and »»• • r, i .. • ^ Manager s the average plow-up was 10 acres Missouri Republican De"' Brands Nomination Even KANSAS'cirTTApr. 9 ,op>_ S w.^&' d^'i'ct^ ' ^™& .h Means Defeat Police patroled the block contain- °f '.272 acres of cotton The D-i ng Cily Manager 51. F. McElroy's 'n and Phw Lantl Co. of Missis- JEFFEiiSON CITT. Mo., April lOmP Bnri IrpTV. o nlncn olctnVi n.N Slnnl rjknad.arl *>1 r<\n .... Q ftTPl II Q OliTtnln.. n nn f. . . lome and kept a close watch on sss • - — . ----- lslPPi received $«l,«o and the Mis 9 (UP1 — u - S. Senator Roscoc c. -.- r . _ ^. . n ».>... uii .. .„ T....WV H1JU IMC iVllS- - ..~". ^, ils office today after n telephone sissippi State penitentiary rccciv Pa «erson, the Springfield Rcpub- hreat received at the homp i«a ed S3fl.GOn Th« urn, !„.„...' Jl. lican •--'--•night. The call a rifle bullet which crashed . iwaj aiier H teiepnone "^«IKPI aiaie penitentiary rcceiv aiit-i.-.vii, L nu aprmgneia HCPUD- !ceived at the home last ed S33.600. The Hftli largi'st nay- licnn ' ls <1: terniiiwd to go after ifient was to the Arkansas rwnl- l!le ° ° K """itimtlon In the ill followed by 24 -hours 'enliary, which received $25500 |l n ' ll " nr >' lhls summer despite con- bullet which crashed ^_ ' ' certed opposition within the ranks hrough a window of the McEJroy home .Saturday night. "We never miss a second time," a voice told Miss Mary McElroy »V,_ _!!__ . J . J stnrt of the trial. ticket PlpiS!s.iH~si I/SIT"; "..?„"»»:• ?• «;«•?„• .S.r,rS,*,J. of.the city manager's daughter, who jhad^answered the telephone. "Share Our Wealth" Society Meets Tonight meeting of the Blythevllle of his oiui parly. The Republicans aren't exactly split, but Ihe St. Louis clique has let It be knoivn Its members would be much happier with Patterson retired .mil n younger man seek- , . . pper, Dodsoii. R. A. Eades jr.. W L Smith, J C. Hooper, Leslie Moore; W. L. Thompson. Daly's acceot- ance completed the Jury. A T. and T 118 .4 Anaconda Copper 17 Bethlehem steel 43 . 4 Chrysler "" „ , T Cities Service '.'.'.'.' ? 3 ~.\ Coca Cola ' 115314 General American Tank « 3-*" General Electric . 31 7.g General Motors 33 International Harvester 42 Montgomery Ward 32 New York Central .." 3& Packard .. , 6 o Hhillips Petroleum"".'.' 19 7 -a Radio 7 3 ? Simmons Beds ........ 21 jl| St. Louls-San Francisco 4 3-4 Standard of N. J yr i « u- s. steel ...:.;;v.v S!-' Chicago^Vheat open high low close May 86 1-4 86 7-8 86 1-4 86 3-« July 86 M 86 7-8 M 1-4 863-8 Chicago Corn open. high low nlov May 48 3-4 49 1-8 48 3-4 M l-» July 51 1-4 51 6-8 51 1-4 51 3-81 _. ,i *"-• »-"»fc muTlcol rive home banks bid for the prlv ilege of making the loan. New York Cotton NEW YORK, April 9 (UP) _ Cotton closed barely steady. of a passenger train. ...^ i^.^,.«i.i. -»...., ui me uiyineviue 'v;m^u ami a yi "Two hours earlier a woman who >J , r f. Our Wealth" society will '"8 ''Is senatorial tosa. illed for Mi« M^piv-n.. «« »i 1Q : De held In the conrrhmic*. n> n-tni n n ,»~ „, _ . . called for Miss McElroy on the j !*. h ?- I[d |» "« courthouse at, 7:301 Patter.son svs telephone had said: l ™*™. '| Is announced by Zeph aside, perhaps Tco bad that, hiiiipi riiHn'f MI u orien, the secretary Afi*,. fK« ir rt «^n..^...^_ "Tco bad that bullet didn't hit McElroy minimized the shot and telephone threat and said he had (no Intention of moving from the tnome. rvD^io .1- —"•>"""•<:" uy f^pn asae, pern; b..slnS 0 f e .. SeCretar3 '' Aft * r the Vandeventer. attended to . *** has beeu recorU ns for the or- States step for William L. who made a good ;nibllcnn United In? attorney In has just borrowed all and held until her lather - "*~ T.'V.VW midiiu neia until her lather ruiri ' h r' one per cent interest. $40,000 for her release "ere Tl- hcme banks hirf tnr ih, r,.i,. .i_l ,_ ... . . l> wtre slt Texas Chick Latest Nature Freak May July ' Oct Oct Dec Jan March open high low close 1198 i:oi 11M 1194 1209 1212 1205 1205 1223 1225 1209 1223 1225 121» 1219 1230 1235 1229 1229 1237 1239 1235 i~^j 1245 1248 1240 1240 10 40 Spots closed steady at 1215, off Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Apr. t IUP1- Cotton closed steady. op«n high low close May July Oct Dec Jin 1200 1204 U97 1208 121! 1205 12«5 1»« 1224 1219 1219 '»« 1234 132» 12» 1237 1237 1233b March 1247 1248 1245 I241b Spots closed quiet at 1212, ofl n. ting In an adjoining room Saturday night when the bullet crashed through a window and drawn shade and glanced from s tabla. Osceolaw Urfed to Clean Up This Week OSCEOLA, Ark., April 9. -Mayor A. S. Rojers has Issued a proclamation declaring the week beginning today and continuing through -April 14, as Clean-Up Week in Osceola. D Home owners and business firms rrefliailire Poll Tax fnni7iHnM ~t , VJIULS.O |nu.-jcv:uiuis aiiorney in laborer" win £, "!) "', C0mm0n WCStr ™ Mlsj ° llrl >ma " Prcslrtcn: aoorers uill be discussed. i Hoover. Vandevenler comes from |the Ozarks and would have a wld: appeal to cut-state voters. The senator was told that 111 henlth of his wife would make n good excuse for his not running MIDLAND. Tex. (UP)—Hatched l;llt |IC is l" 01 ^ as saying: J™ 1 " n 'y one 1«S. a Rhode Island "I don't think I have a chance Ked baby chick owned by S. J. 1° win. bill I'm going to have Ihe tason is one of the ncivesl freaks licpubllcan nominalton to succeed 0fT ? latl1 "- myself If It's Ihe last thing t do. inr- chick w as | ft j, en (rom a|1 I'd like to quit pohlks fUhliiiB" incubator batch of 84 it j ]a s a ' J^'fect right leg, but on the left .. x is c,Tck si ^, f Ve^'is wT rAa ! Ion$ !r pu . nting - uncanny sense of balance and Well Advanced at Cooter on. . CHICAOO, Apr. 9 (UP)voters will ballot tomorrow primary election Widow of Confederate Veteran Succumbs at Home of Mrs. Butt. Mrs. Fannie Hay, 88, died early lodny at the home ol her niece, Mrs. A. M. Dull, following an In- valldlsm of three years. Funeral services will be held from the Bull residence tomorrow morning, 10:30 o'clock, ami burls! will be at Ms- ple Grove cemetery. Tlie Rev. W. V. Womuck, pastor of the Kirsl Mclhodist church, of which Mrs. Ray was a member, will be assisted by tlie Rev. George W. Pyles, pastor ot the First Methodist church of Paragouk) In conducting the riles. The pallbearers will be: Harold Sternberx. Clarence H. Wilson, John .Walkar, Ad Blchard* \V. H. Miny>rd.>hd.aohn'Hon»X.,' "Aijnt Pahnle,"'as she was known all her. friends, was the widow I c ol Dr. E. R. Ray. who served with " distinction m the War between Efforts to Broaden Scope of .Meeting Appear Certain. - ' ; ' MTTI.E ROCK, Ark., April' 9''(U >>—Aikmiras 1 third special sTssion f Ili« fortv-nlmli vcneral 9-s'm- 1'r oiwneil lisri! al Ihe catltol t noon today. Primarily assembled lo pass lircc tills which would p;rmit .he state lo borrow sonic $1,709,00 to comulete construction un Ih's iew .stnte hospital for nerrous Jiseascs at Benton, it is c;rt«!n hat solons will make an effort 0 pass legislation not contained n the governor's call. ' -:Gov. J. M. Futrcll addressed he str-sloii thbi afternoon Sltu.Uon Intokrable "Whether Ihe venture near Benon in behalf ol our Insane was 1 mistake need not now te d,s- :i:s£cd—that is walcr over the -BUI." he said. ;•••;• , 'The ItrndcQuutc liousjr.g facll> •tics fcr Uiose unfortunate peopfe .or many years has produced con- iltlons which' clvllitatlon should not tolerate. At night mow thin ..OCO patients are laying together Ike sweet potatoes in a plant <»<l. They sleep .on floors. MO'N oom is the mnedy. ' "The money to complete the- Ptogiam run te outained from' tip ..eacral government if we can comply with its terms. It cannot ce obtained .elsewhere. - .".Through Judge Hlli I requested he governijient to ix its terms. • s erms It has done so In the form of a ' • nlll. o The terms are ftir aii'd -> " '"" r.JiWRfAqrJiF^isIl askt^Vlso that .xnaltfe -6n tales due: /ftTrU ^B" ' remitted and that a bill to lh_(he' states u a post surgeon. WTSL &&*$£.& ^n^rcaVonZ.-?5£ _.i., -. ...... .. "™^«"onB at me | 0 this vicinity 50 years ago Since Dr. Rav's death " polls of how the public looks upon :he national recovery DroiTramTrt ^ RaVS deillh » ycars ^° she the DemocraMr y .5S?!!».*"? l!^ m '« le her home with Mrs .... „„„ . Since a stroke of paralysis three Violence and fraud colored the'ST,? ag ,V. he "^ ^** n » n >"- -' luiwea me valid and later a broken hip con- pre-elcctlon scene Joseph Tierno, precinct political worker, was found shot to death H was uncertain whether he was a victim nf political rivalry or of a quarrel over a woman, A. mall survey showing thousands of fraudulent registrations !ed lo announcement that election oiflclals tomorrow, will ' te furnished with challenge lists • I" s the presidential year up- i •—-"mti jcar uu- Naval when the normally itepuu- llcan slate sent 19 Democrsts to tie house, the Democrats showed their best strength in history It they can hold this showing tin'" ""? "'"' bc ' !oolced u t» n "s ""' "" f °r the present an endorsement administration fined her to her bed. Mrs. Ray is also survived by another niece. Mrs. W. J. Pollard and a iiephew. Cozlne Blockwell of this city, and a step-daughter Mrs. D. C. Reed, of Olendale, Cal. who formerly resided here. Cobb Undertaking company Is In chorge of arrangements. Drank SO KindToTwine But Left Table Sober PARIS (UP)-What may sound like a bedtime story to many Is a mere record of fact here, namely at. a banquet at which more than 50 different French wines were served. Ihe guests went away from the festal board us sober as when they sat down to (t several hours before. This trend shows toward conclusively temperance the evl- e n can move about with perfect ease. pet. r rcss h9s are urged to clean up all prem Ises and place rubbish In convcv: lent containers where city trucks will pick it up at the end of the week. >0,»tt Pieces ot wood In table HOUSTON, .Texas (UP) - Ten thousand pieces of'wood from distant lands were made Into an crnate card table by H. H. Wright, 37, Instructor hero In woodwork at John Reagan 'High school. The intricately inlaid SO-lnch top ol the table required * year's work. Bills Aroused Women Mo.—Gratifying prog- wen made throughout this section In the preparation of (a^m lands for planting. Virtual- all cotton and corn land is now ceola were represented. HAST C on, tun- An " ay crops is "op, includ- ceivcd coil fov wii u y , ,J les and com from UK govern- h«rt \Jr bl11s bsfors lhey n >«»t rented Innri it «,,ti'n,i~. had become of leral age, he Inserted an altlelc in a ne-«paper. which read, in part: " trust those Dial - ment rented land Is anticipated. Many day laborers, who have not previously done so. are preparing lo raise large flocks of chickens al, Osceola B. Y. P. U. Host at Quarterly Meeting | ..%,.>u ivTutu tcjii^JT-'i unt:c evi- ,... ,._ iue l ' n «d »' present In France. The ilfssisslppi county Intermediate and 50 wincs P resmt at the banquet ""'"- " " - -- were representative of the best vintages of the most famous vineyards of the country, and were brought to the feast, held In connection with the agricultural fair, by the vineyard proprietors. Four Mississippi County Students to Get Degrees Four Mississippi county residents University of Ark-.- who. barring last (minute failures, will receive their baclielor degrees at the sixtieth annual commencement exercises at . ~- «*e**ll**HVll5 I their regular quarterly meel- ng In Osceola at the First Bap- Isl church Sunday afternoon with i hundred members attending The meeting was presided over by John Cochran, president, of Luxora, and ihe afternoon's program was arranged by members of the l.uxora unions with Mrs John ' Tliwentt In charge. The general 1 llicme of the program was reallMtlon of a ' U and ' P ' '" e ! " n ° ng "* ., , - -.-... w. of the Second Baptist church of Blythe- vllle wnn both tlie attendance and the efficiency banners for the Juniors and the Intermediate efficiency banner went lo the Armorel union with the intermediate attendance banner going to tlie Lux- Unions from June 4. Tlie Mississippi county candidates for degrees are: John D. HJghtOH-er. Luxora bachelor of arts; Anna Margaret Wood. Luxora, bachelor of science —....... U .,. UIO ,, um in education; Elstner D Beall Dell, Luxora aim QS. Wil50n bacnelor f , ^ " ea ". renr,™, M r , cu , lure . Jamta /, «g» '» M Burdetle. bachelor of science in agriculture. Hold Services Today for Mr*. Fred Boyd Funeral services were held today at Salem. Ky., for Mrs Fred Boyd, 62. sister ot Mrs. L. L. Ward nnd J. w. Shouse, who died early Saturday morning at a Nashville Tenn.. hospital. Mrs. Ward and Mr. Sliouse went to Salem yesterday and will return tomorrow. Mrs. Boyd, who had frequently visited here, Is also survived by WEATHER ARKANSAS — Generally fair, somewhat warmer In central and northeast portions tonight. Tuesday generally fair. Memphis ard Vlclnlty-shlr tonight and Tuesday. Somewhat warmer tonight. The maximum temperature here yssterday was 71, minimum 61, ckar, with .01 of an Inch rain iui ~ • ilmt a ol " W nh effect be ' passed.. He said this was nettled"u thousands' of applications from Arkansas iaftri: 1 " eis and home owners aw.on-rui with the ' home ' loan corporation and federal. land banks and iKat" these loans cannot b3 obtalftSl unless the penalties are .waived and' the farmer and home owner is ' given a chance to pay his ta»j and redeem his land. Will OBtr Levee BUI • Maj. Curtis Little, representative ficni Mississippi county, told' the United Press this afternoon that i till which will ,. llao , e i evt . e . ais . iricts to boirow from the u f- o" has the approval of Qoreinor-Fii'- irell and will te inlroduced'^aV this special session. . . - " 7" An' effort, will be made to have the session extended.for the por-' of considering '-general'' le/- islallon," United Press learned today. Kepresentatlve C. A. Stanfield of' aarland county told United Press:. "f will introduce a resolotion after the completion of business included In the'governors call' to t-xtend the session for a period-of Mine not exceeding 15 aays"ibr consideration of E eneral leg'^li- Race Mtn Want No Law Althoueh the racing association at Hot Springs has announced it will not seek passage ol a bill tt> Icsallze pari-mi.tuel bettlna on horse races, some repre.euta- tives and senators will ask lhat .egislation of this sort be con- Hdered. As racing £|and5 In Arkansas,' >nd m view of the recent su.c.-ss- rul meet held at Hot Springs last month, it is to the ^dvantase a operators of the track that bet- ling on horses not be legalized— as long as raoj meets can be run mmolested. Should racing te legalized then n ^,. state »°uld gel a per cent or the money that passes throuen teltinj window in addition to » Per cent of the admission price lo the track. Many are ol the opinion that he I'ot Springs Busing Men's facing Association Is walling until this legislature is adjourned bef.r- ttniKHinclnj the (all m:ot tclmitely. They can te certain hen that another spsclal will lot te called and lhat a bill Cannot be passed beiore the ift.eth je-slon In January, 1935 Liquor legislation -probably will have to wait, another year for this Is election year in Arkansas' and polltlclans-if they can help it-are not likely to take a stand on any controversial question which would cause a loss of votes In any camp. ' Stwey In --™ EUGENE. Ore. (UP)-More than 34,000 head of sheep will oe pas- lured this summer In the WL : la- melte National Ft>rest, Superin- the fort st service {or U* «n*fc«.

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