The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 20, 1951 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 20, 1951
Page 5
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PAGE EIGHT BTATIIEVnXE, (ARK.) COURIER -NEWS MONDAY, AUGUST W, 1991 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Services ACE RADIO SKRVICF. Ph 2124, 1133 Ash, B20 pV; 21 Man to do yard work- Cull 6259. 1, 15 j>k Insertion " Minimum chArg« S*)c 1 iline per line , ISc 2 times pel line p.;r day He ] Unil5 per line pet d»jr , 9c 6 Units per Hue per riaj ,...,, 7c 12 times i>Pi line per- day 5c Monih pet line , 90c Count five uterus words to lh« line Ad ordered (or tlirer m KU nines ami etopprd hffnte expiration wlU he chaiw «<] for the nmnrje; ol Urncs the «'l • ppearrd mid adjustment of bill made All cla.utfi«d advert islnv; copj *ub- mltird by person* residing ouisida of the oil? must he nrrompanlfd by rush Rate* mav *.i^'? be computed frmn the above tnble Advmlslm; oitferrrt loi irnvsulai In •frttnns take. 1 trie one time iftblfr No r«pr>n-=lhJJi[5 will he taken tot more ihi.n one Incnrrrct tnsertlnn of »rtT c1n«Ktfiro act Ah ftd.< R"- rcstilcr^d to iheli prnpc-i classification sirlc and typo The Courier Nrnv:- rr c rrTE» ihe rlRht .to edit or rf-Jfct any art Watch and Jewelry Repair l-Dnj ^rvlrc on Jfwelry— ,1 rt-xjM nil waiclifA acid rl«rk« Otrararttrrd wnrk tlont- hj eijier* repair men', l/iwm ' : PAT O' BRYANT Main & Second in 3 rk II Prnznp., fi|if/t Srr»Lce on CurnrncrclM KKI-RICKKMION & AIR CONOrnoNING A-i for FRANK \VKSTAIJ, CJiwrfifi's Klet'tric Service Phone 2&B.1 - - - Residence 280S If, ck tl Apartment for Rent I \ 2 room Ut;ht hniisekeeplnq apartment Scree n»Tl in porch, private rn- trr.nce 5H W Walnut. a 16 P* ^ 3 rm iinlvir. Duplex «jit.. ptlvate bath Ph -1418. Mr«. Compton- 8 U pV 71 4 rooms and halt), iinfarnishcd *pt 3 rooms rvnd hnth. (urnlshed apt. hoth upstairs. lJirs!C rooms, bltf Fhady vard. In desirable locution Close to town. 719 West Ash, I'h. 632.S, R'M pk 'Jl 2 tin fur rooms. 315 Ttanklin. jno. 515 S. 8 17 pk 21 3 rm- nnd hatli turn, apt, Klrcitln Xltchon All nnwlv drcorfttetl Adults onlv. Ph. 3198. 6122. 8,18 pk R.22 Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Bedrooms up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf New unfur., 3 large rooms and halt", tile rloors Opi>n dnlly MOO W ttosc St Ph 6107-6023 fl.Jl pfc 9." One duplex apt. 4 rooms with bath, electric liot water heater. 132 E. Vine, call B2fil or 2223. 8-3 ck tf 4 room untur. modern apt. Heal rr-%1- dentlR] srcUc-.i. hard wood tloors. butane heat Private ^rrcrned In iwrch, f&rege 900 Walnut. Ph. 292! ft! 10 elc tf cAtl.-vn, r«- ut! 332* ^23 pX 823 j unfur. apt. Rood ( i for p«iin renter, RADIO & TV SERVICE Tou n the dllnk? fcti lust *er» e cfttt MaiinKpi carl ixinp »t 1U.VTHICVII.1.K Tcluvision £ Radio Service I Mli W MMn I'Knjif 31M llsll ck I TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO IIJ W Walnii* 7 Phone 33B2 Plenty of Parking Space Washing Machines rcpiiirctl, all niakes. BlyUieville Machine Shop. Phone 2828. 3-6 ck tf For So/e, Misc. Flir. »pl., 4 roo trie refrlgcrntor. Tumiture^ Blmon. ' W- Da*U. Ph Auto Supplies and Services Don't endanger your fumllj faulty tJr,;8— HUT LKR TIRES. CHAPMAN SRflVICB STATION Main and Division Phone 31 12 13 c If wrecked or Highest prices puJd fo turned • automobiles, 1940 or inlrr mcxltli. Wade Auto Sftlvtige. Pli 37B5. SB ck 9;B DTD YOU KNOW 7 We have every number iransnils- Blon lor Forrt. Chevrolet, mid Plymouth 1936-1QA1 , models. \Vailr Auio SMrage, ph 3785 88 cK 9 R AUTO AND rURNlTtiRE LOANS Prompt pprxnnal Service Genoral Contrr.ct Purchase Corp ICC South Sth Phnnp 6803 VS ck It i B. F. GOODRICH SPECIAL Up to Sfi.OO trnde in for your old battery. B. F. Goodrich Co. '117 \V. Main I'lunie (>:!.') 1 8-20 ck 21 Fust nutbo. ood fonslr T* to 32 ho Cnlpinnn h.l.u. Used nhti nl. riv- finlti\hl<- [or mol- cpower. CftLI 14M 850 ]ik 2:1 Jloor fnrnrtre, M.non e yrar— *SO. 332R nirch. R [ft pk 2i Used Combines . AD Mnkrx A: ^(O(lrK Cash or Term* 61 Implement Co. N, Hlway 61 ' PlimiB 2H2 MO tf lukldern Supply Fill rtlri fnr *R! Wlrutnw* in « 5 ch it SALES CO, Raifioari A Ash Phone (5B Vour Kriondly Sludebaker Draler i SliuTchakrr ' _. Ton I'kk-l'p, Mulrir Overhauled N c w Paint . . . only 9 Champion 1- l>oor . has hern complctel> reconditioned . . . onlv . , 1916 StmlctukiT '-j Ton rirk-l'p . . , A good Uurk . . only LEM9 Stmlcbakcr \ Ton rirk-rp Truck . . a d.uuly bin .. $795 $1295 $595 $795 • Other Cars & Trucks $475 1941 rnrd V-R Super Drl.uxc, Klur 1'mhir, only ,, 1916 Font Tudor . . Surfr r>c luxe . , btacX. <:(ime in and see 1911 i)o<l£r, 2 llnor COVIC Special . . . only.. .p.5'1. 1919 Oocige 'i Ton PlcV-rp Get More For Vour Car— Trade at Chamhlin's If von want to sell or buv USRD FURNITURE see us Arnold & Gaines 40(> F.nst .Main Th. 6357 ?-26 rk tf hotter vrnrllnss wplitri n m ?^^ ib!s. J w. Btackv, Ph 243M. fl,n pk 25 <TC<\ corXrr mip|iLr!t. A kittens. Ph. 3101. Mrs S R16 pX ,10 Got the truck itch? ... Let Phillips scratch it, TODAY! 19IK Kurd I'ii-h-l'p Truck. . . 6 cylinder. . .H foij; liny »l ... 19-18 Chevrolet I'ick-l'p Truck... New jiainl. . . priced (it 1917 Chevrolet Pick-Up Truck... Can't he heat at 19 Hi Ford S Cylinder Pick-Up Truck. . . Ready for fall '..-. liMfi Ford S Cylinder Pick-Up Truck. . . A real (rucking bargain l!)ll> Clu'vnili't Panel Truck.. . An nil purpose truck. . .onty .. $635 $745 $650 $645 $345 $345 ompony Broadway & Chickasawba '' Phone 4453 We Will Guarantee $2.50 per hushel for your wiybeans this faH on grain bin purchase now from. ... Jack Robinson Implement Co. Osceolo, Dial 520 — BlythcvilU, Dial 2371 Notice DISTINCTIVK STONR "Arknn.sfts Apple Orchard" B'-aiitl/iii till n or tlilcX cut long .Mone lor Homi^. Patios. W»1I». Walks. Barbecue* PK5. P)atfS(oncs and Flre- p'arcs. Also lar^e chimney Caps, Hamlrmr per stjr delivered J^S.flO Custom: per sqr. delivers! 4SOO Flan- per s t) r delivered 15.00 Rurliorirr p*r s< ( r dHlverpd 22,50 f'hlmnry Cnf's. ppr f>qr foot ,60 THfplione 9H -R :< nalepvllle, Atk. or Write Stone Quarries S^Udo. Arfc. 3 ft pit B 9 WHAT rO DO IN CASK OF AN AC- JinKNT [i VIMII car Is dftmRBed tn n art-Idem heie'* something you rrr pa In I Inb nn any repfvl; work oJ ! t:-00 nr nior^ rhc whnlf CM La ptvlnt- rd- riot |u»v lh» damped parl5 Free *>^r1niHtPs Fni wrecker lertlre call fiOOJ tlajK - 1IOS nlKhia ESUnNETT HUDSON SAI.RS 315 ifwt Malrt ck WALKER INSURANCE Glencoe Hotel Building Phone 43fiO Kire—Auto—Casualty Protection at Low Cost J. 0. "Boh" Barnes W. L. "Bill" Walker 7-16" ck tf For Sale, Cars and Trucks HEfTKSHltn WF.STKND AUTO SM.Ri Ph 417« 21*t and Kenwood We- Finance "ChMpcrt <:<»nrl CUT* in Town" A-Mndd Cnuya - J70 fl.10 ck 8 ? ON 1 ."V t^K.Hl MONTHLY TWO BKL1KOOMS i-ly prthitrtl, pKtru c!c-nrk hon.«c "• Kenwood Drlvr, with Pro pa m furimre aiitl tiink. Small down , ...... cnt. XJa.fil per inoiilh Inrlutips nil ! .""«'• Anrt Innurnnce. A noocl hiiy Bin! j " 1 - PI » Untur. 3 room hnth, ph, 2530. For Rent , hot water EDSON •JOYOUS' PHOTOCRAPHY- This photo of NEA-Acme Stail Photographer Jim Healy. covering Hie Kaesong truce talks, was made by Adm. C. Turner Joy. chief UN negotiator, during a lew moments of relaxation between oarleyi,- apt. «ood Inc Una 8jl6 cV It fin^oo DOWN i ri. fur. apt. One 2 rm E. M. TERRY Trrry Aburrict .V Resit? Co, 213 W. Wnlmit — Ph 2^81 Real Estate Farms—Cily Property 1,0 \NS tntere*trt) \n 01 \elllnK ^ Noble Gill Agency REAl TORS — Cod) Earls — Glcncnc KUlg. Ph. 68G8 North 11 St. 8 H nk 21 Apts. LoAt Boy 3 14 pk 9,H Continued from Page 8 about everybody but that man up there, who's .smart enough to know what he wunis.". He pointed io a picture at Darryl . V. Zrtinick in a mural of nyinR j cameras, curlicues of celluloid and i swaying microphones. "The front lattice told me to just be myself bought and and tnlk natural. That's what they •nm unfurnished in Call 3309 with bath 6.27 ck \t Save Money When You Rny — Soil — Trade Used Furniture GMX MAKRTSON <<t SOX Ki:UNITUKK CO. •M7 \V Ash I'll. 'J.V»2 R-*J ck tf Kttrn later S rnoin hf»j*r «nd hntn • n 2 lot* «l 22i> Lilly Thin prnprrty _ FIS tirt*n erupted recently inside nnd J -out. .l.fttsf ncrorn hark pnreh. 10 t 3 ° [ w '' •1. 12 x 24 stnrnae, A Kin i;<xv1 I ronin j «.«,<• And hfUh on mar tij lot. rcnttnc, (nr tai A nmntli Thin proprriy can j rnslly no LiJ flnnncrtl. Price. Jin.uiMl | — At 619 Lnkc St . tim class «,toi* ! nullrtinci 30 * 50 II nr 1-iOO *<* U Also I — In cnnnrcUon with milirtttiR Is a, lar^r j m vvHl-rtrrAiicrrt. mmlrtn home with I'JSO | «q Et ol JUvir sp^o« rhl-> property 1^ ; CATS nld niul In tlrU class cnmJl 7 . l Tnn rir iir."il (or M-vrral illITrrrni p t rs nl niis)nrs= I'rtce S12."XK). I.I.tKiO . rush, bnlance 10 yrnrs. Si'f or call JOHNNY MARR Office phone -111 I Uesidenco plitint 1 2f>*)G llr Soo Ihissoll K. Man- IMi. G8ir 7-lG ck tf Omt-frv stoic fttirl ni'iki-t. svMk ouv Hint's what they want, by heck. A lot of fellows around this town _ hcdr^nT PriT<itc hat'h are .six fccL tall find have gray -. Ph. 293S. 86 pk pfijeye.s autl dark hair. But Iln the 'only one that talks like me." Dale said he'd never thought of himself as a movie actor and wasn't too sure about Jt now. Not that hi* actinR career had heeii handtd lo him on a silver platler. Tile first notion he hnd that anybody •would even consider patting j down the shine on his nose with 'a powder puff 'was when he had ' *"""ja photograph tnkei) fit his nnny 8 an pk 26 I uniform by Hollywood leusman | Amos Carr. h and PH- j ..^ e ni ,] S t hsve bad the thing blown up and put it in his window or something." Dsils shrugged. "Anyhow I started getting letters s 2R from movie agents. When the Army 1 decided thai I was to get my discharge, I came back (o Hollywood. It was four years before anything happened." A test that, he marie fit Fox—"I dirt n .scene from 'Duel in (he Sun' — turned out to be what Dale term. 5 ; 'pathetic.' "J wanted lo do if in a western outfit and they Insisted on modern '. drew. Look, when T put on a suit 3 Ipe. nnliir. rooms end hath, light A water turn Pli 8353. 8,10 pk 35 1 room house with bath, r«ai 701 Walnut. CH.ll 2S'JO. 8.11 ck tf 2 rm fr. apt. 4 rm. house. Ph. •1267. 3665 813 pic 822 Good modern 4 room house, <?lrrt hedroor . Close son and can't be dragged to the big glitter affairs around EJollywood. He explained it' "I Imtc'lo dvcss up, I hale parties, 1 Imte society, so to speak. Take tockiail ptts'lies. They're tlie big waste of lime that m:ui has come up with yet." His best friends sire Chuck Robe- .son and Carroll Henry, movie .stun men, and Delman Blair, a studio grip. "This." grinned Dale, "is jny 400." A press pass to the While House, bearing the signature '• of a Secret Service official and a photograph of the owner, is similar lo the press passes handed out by inovic ~tn- riio.s. Washington reporters cherish thetn as vital fcr news gathering ,inri for one other reason. A newsman (here told me: "A Wh i U; H uuse p re.^.s pass is wonderful ^whfn v -i r ' "* t to get personal check cashed.'* ;n rms. llRht and wall 51W a wrpX. 1016 W, ' B20 i. A J Drmnrr. R,20 pk 2^ Private Rooms l*TZf: brdroom. 514 W Walnvil. 8 16 pk 23 tn my home Th. 3371 3 17 pic 21 fl* Men . C121. Insurance Call 4553 For Complflc Insurance Protection W 1 Pollard Aeciicy Plunnofl Pentortinn 121 W Ai«h Si C.I.?:N< -or HOTET HUII.DINO 4 8 ck Lost and found brat. I i\nd lie notiiing happens. Why. I •oupic i tie\'er wear a tie. I'd as soon wear ^L_!._ a noo-^e around my neck." | HITS RtO-Tl,MK j H was alter his click in Nat Holt's Fighting Man of the Plains" and ••Cfmbtm Trail" that Fox finally •tuned him up and began to groom !;i:n Jor the big time in "Two Flags West." "Call Me Mi.ster, Fake Cave of My Little Girl" and "C.oHI- en Girl." Xnw It's '^,yili» J*-illc,v. w+iicb may snnnd like » rtrrtwiup room rimniA hut isn'L "It's a Rood action nicvir," I>^lc suiil, "and I get tlir llailrs bout uiit of me." Dale's married to Jacqueline \Vfl~ •V*'lls Vh 3(-fiB 407 E Rnsp Spir-%frrlrc invmrlry. lot \riri pq<ilprntn t. with c<V"»tl 'i! of rull and wlntrr bust •ml St S 1 3 pip re rnlhroiim sultf $ i^"-d pipe Orsb\irn Supply 9 Vilrce DlnlnB Room Suite REPAIR SERVICE AIL appliances: refrigerators, fre^/ers, r»iiftes, and washers. Radios and small appliances. All nur work Is RuaraiUeed. Adams Appliance Co. What Don't You Need? d rickety furniture,' worn | clothts, fishing eriuipment. Anything nn earth that you I don't want 1* worlh monrj In and swaps at II A M Sales Co. Brine It rfi>wn— you'll find, somcthinid you DO H&MSalcsCo. I 111 E. Main Thone 6859 DfllRV QUEEN PRESCRIPTIONS on iti town T -ui-p* Sate I. , Strrlc Mo . r t> 814 p Wonted to Buy N " j female Help Wanted SF,^ FF!OM NK\V YORK . NY. (u tn <lrs1rrs \votn--n Ph rh 24 . ••V<K;IC." 'Maclfinoi-rllr . Tulf-^lon-i.. \VrUe Moilorn SK Fifth Are.. Sew Yor cullon oJl hui aoort rondltlo New, novor simp Ph nlnmJnum at a used. Also MABU- : Somrtlitnc new 1 Our $t r ps 2-i ' !<1 »rtv itnufrlc" Hosiery. A _ ' wn^tioii of party plnn n .v;Mn liMittll Frrr Ufrlliv KA-tlil !-,. [ uas : I awronce. Chlcnco. III. r'< S 2fi Bedroom sviltr. sprlni- mattrrw SoJesmon Fresh Slock CiuarantecH I?est Prices Kirby Drug Stores \\V Miiy—Soil—TraHo ' •••••^•^•^•••^•^ Used FURNITURE Mnlsoll & Whit o Kuniituro Co. Main & Division St. Pli. (inilfi IUN DAI tijtj tmfn DIIRT 1'JtEH in COKES • SUMACS • VUTJ • SM »»»ms • fins . L DAJRY QUEEN ^ So. Highway 61 W>A N T E D MEN and WOMEN W/\NTKD \Vill Im.v or Io;i5p 3 or fi r.jDjii nusc, must lie in p>od i-i.n- ilinn anil (Irsiral'lc liK-atinn. For Sole, Reof Estotc j CAFE zood Lot At Inn. c.iotl h-;Mn | A-I cquiprnrnt trnpon tor ?-r!linc ulTh. B^rt;nln (< = for vou mid iuri«-li;\nt.^ I lb<-;*>^ hoo«;I «sl<-p PUlrlliir- o; fiiM tlni*- ^:, WORUVS PRODUCTS, I>1>1. T-l'i; t, Miscellaneous ion, Kennctl. Mo. JOK— SOT \Vrsi F, u pk 21 | For Ren* or Sale Tinnth ni\V>y ; .nnim rJt-An- • to follow kads on >[f>spllal InMirant (tr«al l>emanrl — Good Fay When In the Hospital friends send, Klower.s — We Send You Cash See United Insurance Agency * inti S. First St. Blythevillef "Kverything in Insurance" At Lower Rules A. F. BUY WIN CONFIDENCE USED CARS <•*/ TRUCKS lilJl Mercury Sedan, a good clean car, runs like new 19.19 Chevrolet, .Master 85, 2-Door Sedan.. .See if today! 1918 Ford V-8, 2-Door Sedan, A Meanly , 1917 Ford V-8 Super Deluxe, 2 Boor Sedan 19-16 Ford V-8 Deluxe 2 Door Sedan 1913 Chevrolet-- !/ 2 -Ton Pick-Up Truck.. .Only 1950 Chevrolet '/2-Ton Pickup Truck. . .Only 19 19 Dodfe 3/-l-Ton Truck, Stake Body...Only 1917 Dodge 14-Ton Pick-Up Truck in perfect condition . . 1917 Dodge '/.-Ton Pick-Up Truck , . . A real nice one 1950 Studebakcr 3/4-Ton Looks and runs like new . 'ick-Up... $445 $295 $895 $775 $695 $875 $945 $895 $695 $595 $975 Easy GMAC Paymenf Plan Hememher, You Can Always Get A Good Deal at i SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 361 West Walnut Phone 4578 Get The Best Car Service! AH Makes »nd Modeli! matter what kind ol car you drive, you'll save monej oj get- Jng the personal service at r I Seajr Motor Co We'll care for your car as you would voursel! T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 K. Mala Mth Deatef Ph«ne 2122 225 N. FIRST Phone 4161 • MACHINE WORK (All Types) • LAWN MOWERS All kind mowers ind diower engines repaired. • WELDING (Any Type) • Bicycle Repair (Complete line of parts) Authorized Servif* A- Parti for Clinton Engines. See as! ' WESTBROOK'S MACHINE SHOP '* or Judge Harrison. Robrr- TI- O -..., Mortfrn 5 room houie, 708 E fh^ny. I WADE rUKNITtj'RI CO Pf» 3m i S.20 pk 26 call 2536. ».9 ck 3J ' M cfc »34 ' TRUCKS-TRUCKS-TRUCKS AND MORE TRUCKS! Little Ones—Big Ones! 1919 CHEVROLET i/ 2 Ton I'ick-lJp. . .Deluxe Cab... Radio ami Healer. . .Make me a price on (his one! Two lo choose from. 1950 3/4-Ton CMC Pickup, very low mileage. Perfect (ruck. 1915 Dodge I.WB Truck. . .$115. 1917 FORD UVB Truck, good rubber, good motor... $195 !!)](•> U/2 Ton Chevrolet, LWB, with new motor. ..A real farm truck. 19Ifi CMC. T.WI!, perfect rubber, guaranteed conditIon. IMS International ...LWB, Good Bed, New Tires, Motor in 1'erfect Condition. ..$295 1919 2 Ton CMC, Extra LWB, new rubber, will glv« you a good trade! 19IG Ford Tudor, Riiilio & Heater, practically new tires, a real good one! 1950 Ponliac, -1 Door, 8 Cylinder, Radio, Heater, Hy- dramalic Drive, City Driven, Low Mileage. 1935 Ford Tudor, the nicest one in BIytheville. HORNER WILSON MOTOR CO Your Oldsmobile-GMC Truck Dealer V Used Car Lot - - '- 300 East Main Street

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