The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 18, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 18, 1930
Page 5
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18, 1930 HIATHKVILLE. (AUK.) COUIUKR NEWS Coast Footballers Shilling in the Sands First Round of Annual Men's Tournament to Start Sunday; 3 Flights. Approximately ISO members of the Blythovllle Country club are scheduled to compete In the annual men's tournament which will gel underway Sunday with t h c IJlsjTis divided Into tliree flights. Sixteen players arc Included in the championship flight. 32 will play i:i "A" night and OS In "I3", the las', flight. All starting matches in each flight are slated to IK played between Sunday and Saturday evening. Sept. 27, with each flight tr advance through z match every \veek with the time limit on the playing of matches expiring Saturday nielli In the ivesk scheduled. In this manner the championship IIHil will play out its elimination with the champion of the flight determined by Oct. 18th. Flif-ht "A" will ue completed oy Oct. 25th ann Ilight "B" winner will be determined early in November. .loe D. Haibach. 1920 club champion, will rule an overwhelming lavorite to retain his title in 1030. However, rumors have been circulating to the effect that due to the stress of business the brilliant club champion will not defend his title this season. If Halbach does not defend Ills laurels a hot. fight for honors in the •championship flight is forecast. All matches will be played according to winter rules with the local ground rules of the club prevailing. Each match will bs played over the 18 hole route with the exception of the final match in rach flight which will be played over the longer route of 36 holes. The tournament will be strictly an open aflair with no handicaps allowed and each winner will be determined by match play. W. J.'l'ol- lard. C. L. Lintzenich and J. Graham Sudbury comprise the tournament committee. Pairings for the first matcher ffollow: Championship Flight Clifford Cavitt vs. J. F. Lenti. W. J. Pollard vs. Paul Roscnthal. R. L. Bannister vs. Eric Boilaro, Izzy Thomas vs. Scott- Harris, P P. Kirshner vs. Major F. P. Jacobs, C. M. Baxter vs. H. T. Gulp, W. B. Tanner vs. 13. A. Lynch. Joe D. Halbach vs. Byron Morse. "A" Flight R. N. Ware vs. R. J. Dodson, E. C. Pattern vs. C. R. Babcock, Ernest Roe vs. Russell Phillips. Sam Norris vs. O. "M. Buck, John Waterman vs. U. S. Branson. Godfrey White vs. G. G. Hnbbard, J. L. Guard vs. Francis Carpenter. Marsh M. Callaway vs. Whit Goodman, C. L. Lintzenich vs. Waller Cox, Rosccc Crafton vs. G. E. Keck, J. A. Leech vs. Graham Sudbury, Virgil Greene vs. Bernard Gooch, Sam Grimes vs. nr. H. S. Davis, C. W. Altlick vs. A. E. Scott, A. B. Holland vs. G. G. Caurtill, Chas. Coleman vs. Otto Kochtitzky. "B" Flight It. N. Nunn vs. W. J. Shcddon. A. G. Little vs. E. L. Jones, Dr. Masscy vs. Bruce Ivy, E. B. Lyman vs. Nathan Woinberg, V. G. Holland vs. C. S. Lemons. D. C. MrLuiu vs. T. G. Seal, Hale Jackson vs. W W. Shaver. W. M. ;.!c- Kenzic vs. L. L. Ward, O. P. Moss vs. V. A. Sisson, Jack Robinson vs. E. F. Welch. George Henry vs. Dr. Nics, Dr. McDanicl vs. J. L. Van Aiisdalc. D. S. Laney vs. Gco M., O. W. McCutchcon vs. U R Hubbard, Sharon Pate vs. W. D. Chamblin jr., Wilson Henry vs. Lloyd Stickir.on. E. M. Terry vs. D. K. Helm. Chas. Lowrnnce vs. Adolph Meyers, W. J. Peck vs. May Meyers, E. R. Mason vs. W. J. Wunderlich, Fred nvi On the beach at Sanla Monica, Calif., the University af Southern California grlttders shifted with the shifting sands. At the left Is "a striking action picture of Quarterback Marshall Outfield. Linemen are doing their stuff at the right. IM[> YOU KNOW THAT— Walter Berger of the Bnives is barely hitting .300, but has 34 homers according to recent averages. ... In the series between the Robins and Cute, there was considerable use of the bean ball . . . Charley Koot threw two swift dusters at Babe Herman . . . Bibe hit (he next one on a line for a couple of hassocks . . . Mr. Wrigley has been traveling with his Cubs since that Hntbush disaster . . . The Braves are the joker in the National League deck, putting on every ounce of steam against the leaders in the stretch drive . . . The Giants have brought in a right- handed pitcher from Shrcve- port named Bill Morrell . . . and a catcher from San Antonio named Frank Leveque . . . which solves the problem of bnt- ting practice. CITS COP FIRST OF DHI[ SERIES Texas League Champs Take: Advantage of Chicks' Miscues to Grab Decision American League W. L. Fleeman vs. T. J. Mahan. Homei Quinn vs. S. D. Hall, S. L. Gladish vs. J. J. Daley, C. B. Driver vs. Dr. Owen, E. B. Dickey vs. Harold Sternberg, M. A. Isaacs vs. W. J. Driver, John W. Snider vs. E. M. Hurley, James Driver vs. Dr. Harwell, John Van Ausdale vs. J. P. Holland, Clarence Volmer vs. R. D. Hughes,-Paul Schwartz vs. L. M. Chappcll. Floyd Acton vs. Crawford Greene. Rowland Wolfort vs. C. A. Cunningham, J. 11. Bell vs. W. J. Driverjr., Neill Gessell vs. Howard Proctor, Arthur Patton vs. Joe Clay Young, Lloyd Wise vs. F. E. Warren, J. B. Clark vs. Joe Trieschmann, W. P. Veasey vs. Chaarle= Rose. C. E. Atkinson vs. C. V. Sebaugh, Gordon Wright vs. E. P. Borum, C. E. Crigger jr., vs. Jas. Cams-right, Goah Barnes vs. W. M. Burns. A. O- Hudson vs. A. Comvay, Dudley Demon vs. Russell Blair, Carol Blakcmore vs. Sam Thomas, Nick Thomas vs. S. B. Noble, J. C. Buchanan vs. W. H. Minyard. MEMPHIS, Tenh.— The Port Worth Panthers, winners of lour Dixie series pennants, showed some 8,000 fans how to score three runs on no hits and won the first game of the series, 4 to 3, from the champion Chicks of the Southern As- Ecciation yesterday afternoon. Doc Prothro's Chicks got everything but runs while the Cats, in the eighth, scored three runs on two walks and two errors. The Chicks took a one-run lead iti the second, yielded a tie score in ihc fifth and went into the lead ill their half of the same inning, 3 to 2. Then came the eighth and gloom for Memphis. Beck walked Mcore and Malton, first two up. Beck threw Bono- wilz's bunt to third with no third baseman there, and Moore and Mallon scored. Then McDaniel, Memphis first sacker, dropped a throw and Bonowitz went to third and scored on a sacrifice fly. Philadelphia 08 Washington 90 .New York «2 Cleveland 77 Detroit 72 St. Louis Ul Chicago 57 Boston 47 Pel .071 .62! .502 .524 .43! .415 .390 .324 National Race Remains Ton-id Scrap; Hack Wilson and Aveiill Right. NEW YORK.—The 'Jlfi IjiU of a. little man again proved the deciding factor In the crucial series at liruoklvn and tlie St. Louis Cards i-hnlkc.-l up their rocond straight, win nt the expense of Hie lioblns The Cubs bent the Giants and the National league standing now rates t!'? Curds a game In the U'ad, the Dodders In second place and the IJrulm 11 half game behind the Rob- Ins. Andy High poked his bludgeon before one of Adolfe Lufuic's to.'-ses in the ninth inning with two mates aboard mid the ball swept far Into ".!• Robin oulflcld for a double and >e Cards won a ball game. 5 to 3, lie Dodgers got off lo a two run ad In the first two Inning: and rre leading 3 to 2 imtll the Cards '.mted once In the eighth mid • ke In the ninth. Sylvester Jchn- >n. who was relieved for someone i do his hilling after seven Itm- igs, pitched a nifty «tuuc and was cditotl with the victory. Old Lu urlcil a fine game himself with the i hit by pinch hitler High loving his downfall. Hack Boobls Cubs The Chicago Cubs bounced back P inlo the pennant race due to ome mighty slickwork by Hack Vilson and some u?al pitching bs t Malone. Wilson smacked om wo homers to score four of the ; ubs' runs. Malone limited Ihc Jianla 10 five lilts. The score, 5 to Xalioiuil League W. L. St. Louis 84 CO Brooklyn 84 02 Chicago 811 62 New York 13 G6 Pittsburgh 75 69 Boston 08 70 Cincinnati ! 50 8fi Philadelphia -. 50 Read Courier News want ads. Capt, Armatrout and Brogdon Looking Good MARTIN, Tenn.— Capt. Fred Armatrout and B. F. Brogden of Bly- thoville. Ark. are two of the Junior Vcls strongest candidates for positions on what seems to be the fastest team in the history of lilUc U. T. Armntrout came to the Junior Vcls last season and proved his ability by landing a berth on the all-conference eleven and was then elected captain to the Juniors in what they ho]>e will be a championship s?ason this year. Every man that wears orange and white colors 35 Pel .SB; .57o .572 .54C .52 .463 .3!) .34 Tech Captains Appointed John Drcshar, Carnegie Tech' brilliant guard and twice raptaii of ihe eleven, is the first foolbal leader in Piaid history lo be np pointed. Howard llarpstcr, All America quarterback in 1928, wa the last elected captain. nilOTHER' 1'OST F1TCHBURG, Mass., (UP) — Among monitors of the local post American Lesion, arc 'K . brothers Post, officials believe this is th largest brother membership of an post in the country. offers Cap:. Armatroul congratula tions on his past record and feel that he will make a competent gen oral during the 1930 season. Brogdon, ho!d.;r of the world record for successive points afle touchdown in a single game vi dropkick, comes to little U. T. an is making a splendid showing fo a position on the '30. machine. H speed is something to make an football player jealous and to niak a coach smile. He is running at naif back post. tU-Put YOU IN VJDlTH OlOE Lilbourn and Hayti Fight Scorelew Tiei HAVTI, Mo.-Hn'ytl in her «r»l lootuall game of this Benson played 11 0-0 Biune. Hnytl suffered a r'V- ere detent iu Hie hands of Lilbourn ast season and Vi»? anxious to «v- n the tcore, but had to bo satU-.- Icd with a llo, H was R liixrd ought game and-both teams put, >ut tlielr best from the 6twl lo lie ilnlsli. Floyd, of Haytl, was injured sev rely. H Is believed Unit hK hip vas frncUued nnd It might koep ilm out of several games. >loyd, i llnshy halfback, will bo greatly iilfccd If lie Is unable to pluy In tile "lure Kiiines of Haytt, . Thr fiOFF HOTEL wlthn lo IIUIOIIIK.-C ii feu- vacancl« available to jwrmaneiit cncsU for full and winter occupancy. S|KT!a! rates have been ar. ruiifoil, win, (lie guidance of Ilic lincst accommodations anl Hrvlcc In the tlly. H'llli ilaycd at Detroit with the rs triumphing. 9 to 7. Karl While- illi was ciLMllta! wlih hlb stxteentl rhnnph. Hughes, Tiger rookie, go .hrcc lilts. NOTICE our recent partnership with Mr. Ceo. Carney, we now h:ivo Ihc best equipped Indc- KiiclfiiL »liop hi' town. CAHNEY-JENKINS OARAGE I'lckwlck Kullillnj "Wo know we know how" R«»d Courier *»nt ads. —Auto Parts—i We sell used, parti at oo«-h«l{ : price and less. JACKSON AUTO PARTS Hair, at ZUt CaD ; « Royal G. Mills Public Accountant ud - Auditor Bpedalirini in looonx Tu, Bookkwto* Bjttua* Fhwc B tajriun Bid*. BlytoeflUe, Ark V. B. WASHAM- Ttuulet Dtlly trips to HemphU. Will pick up and dellrer Irelght and packagu anywhere. SpedaJ rates on carload loU, Local Phone 191 Memphis Phone 3-931 WERT He Makes 'Em See The Pittsburgh Pirates cietontcrl .he Phillies 13 to 5 with two bli, linings, the seventh nnd eighth u which they scored all their runs, iccountlng for the victory. Brame vas tile winning hurlor. Waller Bcrger, the Braves' slug- ins outfielder, got three home runs in a double- header at ROi- loii which the Brnv.?s arid Cincln- lati Reds divided. Boston won the first C to 3 and the Reds, the nlghl cap. G to 4. Avcrill Tics Homer Record Urban Fnbcr limited, the Athletics to six bingics and the Chicago While Sox beat the champions of the American league and the world. 4 to 'i. Rommell was, the losing liurler. The Washington Eonntors divided two games and gained slightly on the Macks but the icaturc of the Nats' conflict with the Indians was three homers In successive Irlps to ihe plate by Earl Averlll, Cleveland outfielder in the rtrst game of H double header. On his first time up In the second game he hit another homer. His accomplishment in tla first game tied a nmjor league record. The Indians won the firs: came, 13 to 7 while the Nats copped the second, C to 4 Despite a ser,:n run rally by the Yankees In the eighth Inning, the Browns managed to stave off the Hew Yorkers and win 0 to 8. Five pltchors, most of them wild, were used duriui; the game. The Red Sox and Detroit Tigers AND HKTUKN Leave niylheviilc 1:01 a. m. Sept. 2Ist. Returning, leave S!. Louis 11:40 P. AT., Sept. BASEBALL- Browns vs. ' Philadelphia ROUND TRIP FAKE Good tobaccos speak for themselves \ \ bett er taste ONE will always stand out! © 1930. l,icf.F.T7 J; MvrRs Tomrco Co. '"/Jnnouncinq. SlUDEBAKER'S new Dictator Eicfht lower prices •••plus ~fr ee M OTORDOM'S biggest surprise in 1930 is Studebaker's introduction of Free Wheeling with positive &ear control. Today's biggest surprise is the unexpected application of Free Wheeling to the one Studebaker Eight that seemed too low-priced to command it. Free Wheeling, with positive gear control . . . until now obtainable only in the President and Commander Eights ... is today offered in a new ' Dictator Eight at a new low price I Now, with greater power and exquisite new beauty, the Dictator Eight is more than ever first of all Eights at its price. And it tops the great records it has piled up for economy of operation with the super-economy of Free Wheeling. Free Wheeling means the harnessing of momentum and the consequent saving of 12% to 20% in gas and oil consumption. Free Wheeling delivers five miles and charges for four .. . your'en- gine has "worked"only 8,000 miles when it has travelled 10,000 miles. Chassis wear is reduced. Tire life is lengthened. You can shift from high to second,^ back and forth, at 40—50 miles an hour and never touch the clutch, Yet, with Free Wheeling, under positive gear control, the braking power of your engine is always available—so surely and instantaneously that Public Safety Commissioners have pronounced it a distinct contribution to safety. • • ' Sec this new Dictator Eight, showni today for the first time. Drive it, Experience the thrill of Freewheeling. Studcbaker considers this new. Eight with Free Wheeling a crowning triuinph of its 78 progressive years. FOUR DOOR SEDAN ' at ike factory Note the Features of this New Sttukbaker Eight with Free Wheeling Seasoned straight eight engine de- vtiopingSt horsepower. Nine boring crankshaft. Duplex carfcuretor withcarbureCorsuWer. Dual manifold. Aluminum alloy pistons. Full power muffler. Air cleaner. Lan- chmer vibration damper. Automatic thermostat on generator controU battery charging. Thermostatic control of engine cooling. Timten bearings. Duo-Servo improved four'whetl brakes. Adjustable steeringcolumn and front seat. Safety steel core, j-spoke stetring wheel. Double-drop frame, extra strong. Insulated toe board. Fender lights and all plating of tarnish- proof chromium. LcModem bumpers. Hydraulic shock absorbers. Fuel pump. Gasoline filter. Drive 40 miles per hour when NEW. Drain oil only every 2500 miles. New Low Prices Sedan for five, four-door $1150 Coupe for two . . . 1095 Coupe for four . . . 1150 Regil Sedan for five* . 1250 *(Six *TTC wSerli md Uig(*gv ffvG Studebaker Auto Sales Eric Fletcher Osceola, Ark.

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