The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 9, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLVTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI mm EDITION Blytheville Courier, \ myuieviiM uourier, fM OR—11AXX "IOA mythevllle-Herald, Bljthevllle Dally Nes's. Mississippi Volley leader. ARKANSAS; KKIDAY, JANUARY 9, 1!WI SINGLE COPIES FIVE CBNT3 Lee as Teacher Arid as General Anxious |o Dispose-of Ancient Controversy Before j March 4. j 1!V HARKY W. FKANTZ | United 1'rcss Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, January 9 tUP)! . —rjlsp'osilicii - of the $140.000.000 I Miifclp- Shoals nitrate arid hydro-! electric power plants will be sub-1 jecls of extraordinary'effort by the] present Congress prior to adjourn- nvn'. March 4. The peace-lime inilizallon of these great plants, originally built during the World War to provide nitrates for military puiiHJses. has successfully baffled"- the .Hardin? and Ccolidgo administrations, and has been a political stumbling block In the early stages of the Hoover regime. After a decade-of debate in Con-' RIT?SS, "Muscle Shoals" has become in the public mind a symbol of.the greal political slruggle between (hose who favnr governmental ownership and operation of public utilities and those who-favor pfi- vnti> operations. Questions Involved If the Muscle Shoals properties involved only a question of hydro- Fatal Crash Mars Miami Air Races '. MIAMI, Oklai, Jan. 9 (UP) i- Throc men were killed and a fourilil I Miffei.?d critical injuries here lo-i day as a plane -crashed nt the 1 third annual Miami All-American air. meet, Hie firb't tragedy of the two days of aerial activity. The wrecked ship was a monoplane which became tangled In u telephone' line" as it circled lo\v before landing. It fell from a height of . approximately 50 feet 4-itll four people 'aboard. The dead: James W. Riddle,. pilot; Bob C. Suitillcy. Dr. Harry A. Ware. The Injured passenger, who suffered two broken legs, has not been identified. The plane, a SUnson demon- .slrator from Chicago, was not : entered in the meet and its pllol = did not have authority to fly at the time.- It required twenty minutes to ex- iricate the pilot, who was still i alive when brought out. Riddle 11 v! ed at Chicago. Smnllcy and Dr i Ware '.- here. * Pour events of the second day of the meet had been run off prior to ! the crash. There were 171 planss | at the; field which, according to ! Carl Shorey, official tinier, was i record number for any" meet in I aviation lilstor. I Governor's Da 11 gh tcr Weds Receiver to : v' i ** i "& M™>p |iis • ... ... Woman Administer — Fair Stores electric power a compromise mlBlu j ^ obert E _ Le e. Confederate lender, have been effected some years ago... whose mih blr(hdny ann | ver!ar) : but the question of nitrate produc- , ^ sou[h p^,,,,^,,,,. .,„„„.,„ 19 ' tion complicated the solution as it, ls shown , |( , re )n an | nlere3(In _: presented a second issue between. an(] m^^mar'contrast, In the public versus private operation ad- un | (orms of a Unlon - 6M , u herenls. The latter question be-• conlederate general. The pic ure came politically acute because of, at t sh h , , ' fnrnmrE 1 <9CHl-iM<i» fnr f*nPI\r\ I&r- ., --_- . .. : - *"*"- *" |ln short , y LITTLE 11OCIC,' Jan. D. tUI 1 ) — t. H. Armlslead,;lJUlc Hock ul- orney, lias been appointed recelv- -for llu> Fair StoiM compnny vhich uprrntcs BO stores In live tutcs. ' : The company wa* placed In re -olveishlp yesterday In district 0111L on iK'llllou of Davis, Bradord inul Corson, Nashville, •Tiii'n. i creditor. . ;',' The company's inability to clls- KISC o! Us merchandise; as rapidly is had limi anticipated w'us gl as the cause of Ihc ' rccciverslili action. 'Hie Nashville cOmpnnyVi Klill'.'n I'sihuuteil liabilities u .OOO with assets Viilncd n .wlce Iliat sum. . . Failure to Obtain Action on Drouth BillLaid to Party • M«. P. Hurry Long, ... 'I Memphis wlely woman mid Jun Heads. i lor League leader, has mysteriously Rcuort.She Rode Bus From Hot Springs . Believed • Fslse by Police. LITTLE IIOCK, .Ian. 0. (UP)-^ Humors that Mrs. Divine Thonip- BUII Long, pretty Memphis society- leader who disappeared . Sunday night had been scon discredited today following mi. Inves- l IKII lion, , .- I.llllc Uock police said this morning they would 'continue Ihe search although a preliminary check had disproved reports llrat a wnmnn who came hero yoslorclny from Hot Springs bore a alrll:hw resemblance to Mrs; i.oiiif. ' . ' • Stanley Norton, driver 1 for n lax-. Icub company here, told United Press 'today of taklus ti.'woman from thV Missouri Paclnc' bus sta- tjon lp : ;lhi) New Capitol hotel'and from I hero lo thc Colonial -rcslau-' 'llls passenger later was^rcporC'd - hy John Parlnln. Muinplils busings J'lman who''accompanied Ihe woman It was the first wedding to lie held In Virginia's historic excculiv mansion at Richmond in more than a quarter of a century, whc: Miss Suzanne Pollard, 'daughter of Governor John Garland Pollard. and Herbert Let Boalwrlght. of Danville, Pa., were married the other day. Tills picture, taken Immediately after the ceremony shows, the lenders today by Democrats In an i kidnaped. bride culling .the wedding cake while the groom looks on. The' < l "J* r >' exchange on l.hc floor. ^ _ o. W. Th former Miss Pollard has been serving as her father's olTiclal hostess. _ , [ disappeared and police have been I from Hot Springs on'Ihe'bus, : lo WASHINGTON, Jan 9 (UI>) — |unable to find any Irate of her. Her I grcally 'resemble Ihe missing woman. - Norton when shown n plc- I?cs|>cns!l)lllty for continued di-lny In I abandon«l auto was foiuxl near Hie the house on drouth relief leglsla- 'Mississippi river, with her fur coal, lion which has- been -pending slno 1 ! gloves and purse- lying in It, but Monday v. us laid directly at the [police are working on HID theory door or the house Republican ubal this was a ruse nnd Bhc wan ture of Mi's. Long, denied hb'pai- senger wni the misslni! society matron. He said his fnre was much older and that the features of the Her lather was Ihe lale | two dllfercd In many respects. farmers'" agitalion for cheap vaiuabi, orj-^^"^ m mtary J Members Will Vote at Oncq! I CULL FOR 1831 Greatest and most „„.„„, al „„. fuml the physical properties involved In he is sllown ttrter he n ,, um(!d ^ r= 5 e 5 e ^^55,^ ^mand of the ^thern force, - cost of approximately S-17,000,000. •tro' c! this power-source is the prize sought by private companies. The olher most important properties are Nitrate Plants No. 1 andj No. 2. Number 1 was built at a| cost of approximately $13,000,000.- It has never actually produced nl-| trojen a? the war ended before it I was ready for' operation. Plant Number 2 is a cyanamid T| m I j • r - T [board, organizet plant, which is have . JIme Llmi t tXpireS 1 OlTlOr-1Thursday night, cost between $60,000.000 and $10.- row g u [ |yj av B ft ,p x |p:nfl- i Mt/.CCO It was intended originally to' -produce" -40,000 tons • of nitrogen as ammonium nitrate. Seek Compromise on 18 Names Chosen by Committee. A list of eighteen candidates from whom nine new direclors of Ihe Blylheville Chamber of Commerce will be chosen has been prepared by a nominating committee and ballots will be mailed to members at-once. Votes will be-counled nexl I Wednesday. night and the new I board, organized at a meeting n .. Governor." k ' - c nominees are C. W. Alfliclc, R E. Blaylo:t, U. ' ' S.-Branson, Chester" Ca'ldwcll, _ . • Icoe Craftori.'A. 'B. FalrTOld. W. L: LITTLE ROCK, Ark.—Issuance of ! Homer,' R. D. Hughes, Joe Isaacs, Technically, the Muscle Shr-alsi automobile liceni'e lags has been O- p - Moss,-E. B. Noble. Russell problem 13 now before a Senate-1 slower this year'than In any year i Phillips, Mix-B. Hleiti, Cecil Shane, House conference committee which j i n the history of the state, it was-J- Nick Thomas, R. N. Ware and Eeefts to' effect & compromise be- ( s a ,- d by __i g j lway department offi- ! Ray .Worthlngton. tween th.i Recce bill, passed byj C j a i s today. . . ! They were selecled by a commit- Ihe House, and the, Noms Bill,] Tlie time for obtaining tags with-i tee consisting of E. D. Ferguson, passed by the Senate out penalty will expire Saturday i president of the organization, J. "A. In general, the Senate plsn con-1 n ig h t, unies., al . extensioil jsgranl .! L^,.,; T j M p_ lim . an _i T.. M tCTip'.ates governmental operation -..-..- .... of both power and nitrate plants, although the nitrate production is described as intended "for experi- inrntal ourposcs." Tlie House bill proporcd to cre- r,'p a b-ard whos3 primary purpose . _____ ___ would be to lease the properties loj his office today or tomorrow. Scouts Will Canvas Homes for Clothing Dlythbvllle 'residents wlio have gaimenls for the Red Cross are asked to have them reidy tomorrow morning. A house to hcuse canvas'for the collection ot clothing will Be mnde by Boy Scouts, working under -the direction of- E. K. ; Latlm«*, starting .at 9' a. m. '.-- WIUi the clothing supply at local Red Cross headquarters •virtually exhausted, 1 and with continued requests" for garf. menls ,conih$g-- fr»m : - destll fnmlllrs. 'officers - of the . chapter hope that tcmorrow's ^campaign will rrieet with t a'.'literal response. Clothing p! ail kinds is needed, with children's underwear an item that "is particularly in demand. .. e d by the governor; Guy A. - Free-1 Taylor. man, secretary k> Governor' Par-! The nine to be elected-will serve nell, said yesterday, the :'ernor4 during 1931 with-nine holrt-ov'er was out of town and so far as he members of the old board, who are t.n. ml ,^ .-,.-.-, _..... knew had not indicated whether aa j. __\ extension wpulc! Ire granted: The Q a iy' governor is expected'to" return to P r private citizens and states without j Jesse Taylor, E. B. Lyimn. .Douglas, C. V. Seabaujh, J. A. Waterman and Dr. H. .S.-Davis. cddUIonil ^pense to. the govern-j Appllcatlons for . Etate ' car „. ^^^tVshLTrTaT w«h Cooperation in -pilling Re- flwt.11.nBdi ment. It would require the pro-| C ens;s are few tllis year compared I . me . mBersn 'Pf " r . I9J11 .'" "" • - • • r ' I ' At the mi iuction of fertilizer in commercial, to' previous vears at the offic? of f»VS h . ""P™?**, 1 " *»> tnE l " HUlSltlOnS - Exactlv " ••---' . .,.. . • ,,. •„,.,„. tai to oetueen i»u an LlM Mm Veterans' Organiz a t i o n Completed at Meeting Here Last Night. . Organization of a local post o! Veterans of Foreign Wars was completed at-the-city hall last night when the' 23 "members...present ejected — officers, hfadcd 1 by C. J. Little as commander. Charter for the local - organization, rchlch Is to be known as the Herman Davis Post Number 1981, Is expected to arrive soon; and formal Installation of officers-is scheduled to be held-at ;a-meeting tentatively scl for January 22, at-whlch time parry K. Kcltelt. of Memphis. Drama wa. 1 ; lent to the debate by the participation ot Speaker LOIIH- worlh, who had Just previously turned over tho clmlr to Represcn- tntlve 'nison, Republican, Connecticut. .' " Representative Bnnkhead, Democrat, Alabama, 'directly accused Representative Bnell, -Republican, New Yolk, of delaying the bill by his failure to devise a special rule for Its passage. The bill has been Intd in all week bv. obi'ctlons of Representative La Quardla, R«pub. Mean. New York, who Insists food loans to city dwellers be specifically Included. 1 As tho bill now stands It calls for 545,000,000 appropriation for stock Thompson. Tennessee Ihmu- cler. Another fact which le.ids to the belief that Hartain was mistaken Is lhat Norlon's pnssenser S|»kf) brokenly. and possessed a foreign accent... "Hadi to Incnilre as to .her destl-. nalion"twice before I':could understand her," hj said. "The womin dtd not,appear to be nervous or like she was running 'nway from 1 anyone,'" Norton said, ' State Awaits Move to! Negro Blocks Railroad Traific for Hours Force His Release as Clue _o Men Behind Him. ^^ OHIO AGO, Jan. 0. (UP)—Leo V. feed etc pIuTa"'»i5,OW_orio" amend- : Brothers will be tried Immediately merit passed by the senate" on,on charges of murdering Alfred J. Monday for human "food. • Llnglc, it was said today by sliitKi 'Simultaneously the' Issue came attorneys who held tjic'-.inspect In sharply .to We fore jrt 'the'senate seclusion and:d>rcd the underworld with pointed frlllclsiii of the ad- to make one move to obtain his r>- • d() '„ t j lep i 10 ,. c cnll ' ininls't ration's efforts both for lease on a writ of habeas'corpus. |j. | drouth relief and'rclbf of nnem-j ""' '•' •"-- •-- "--' •-•••— LITTLE ROOK, Jan. 0. IUP> — Nehemiah Ross, 20, negro, "gees down in ttic hall of Inrnc as one of the best "blotters" in the country. Ho was sitting In-a huge moving . van owned by. his lather here lato yesterday -waiting while George Oarter,'"Ti«ro:Tirlvw of ^ttei'Van,-: nuanlities for snle to the farmer at no' exceidin? 8 r- r cent P roHt Sheriff w. W. Shaver, Mississippi coimtv sheriff and collector. ether chemical products useful in During Ihe five days of 1931 national defense. . | "r.nroxiinaleiy $5,000 was received — I by the Mississippi county office as fnnfoscpe Slaving nf i c °mpared with about $45,000 or Confesses staying 01 | mm &ating ft sim! i ar period m County BOY I93 °- Sheriff Shaver slated. } \ Only Ihls morning did the ap- : JONESBORO. Ark.-0fficers -j ^how l^cidt^easf m, ; past years the services of four to rlerks ' bo 'here. ' t Date" for "regular meetings of the pojt thereafter has been set for tlie ay of'.each month. - 'eeting last night the 35 '• veterans voted in .favor of'a cash .>•••• payment of the government bonus :Much of thc South's future '. and other matters taken up", aside I on the cooperation would llke ,„ thBt ployment. i pen," s»ld States Attorney John A. I Swanson when informed a firm of i attorneys who specialize, In defending gangsters was prepared .to wet: turn Iho I Brothers' release on a writ. !' "Perhaps," he added, "it would give us an' Idea who is. behind Bro- | bi ., lkment . tliers. derstand the workings- of the trraic very well and It slatted rolling down hill. Panic stricken, ho pulled levers and turned the wheel of tlie giant machine. It rolled on ond /The whereabouts of Brothers became, as much of p mystery as the in- M reason why he was held after Bankers and Business men Swanson and Pal Roche, his chief nounce:! yeslecd: elan, age 26. of " °*"'• """"""I: «v e rlorts have been required In to Ihe s laying of Johnny G«VI t he sheriff's office here during tho Chadwick, 10. v.-ho:e bodj was * found Monday morning in a dense: "^ t^^ das of he^ew jca w^ w-ods near Olwell. in the vicinity^,.,, (( . cfflclycnt]y h(lnd]e the a[) . ns received. The sheriff's office stated this of planters, ' from" election of officers, included j bankers, business men and other Co-operation of retail groc°rs 'payment of dues for '1031 and Issn- I related agencle.i In Adjusting the throughout the county to keep the | Rtl n e O f "the organisation's official : .supply of cotton lo m_et i ihc de '/-, w t i r D Investigator, spirited him into so- lan Help rarm Program c ^, on after calling newspapermen William* TWlaves ' lnl ° tnelr offlc<; ' P»'»"«S 'i> the Williams UCCiaies. .tall, athlcllc Brothers, anil an~ 'riounclng dramatically, "There, "-"NE\V ORLEANS/Jan. G. (UP)- Uc men, Is the man who I Llngle." blocked traffic on the.Mlssaur) Pacific several hours. Thc youthful ne-' gro escaped with minor bruises and shattered nerves. - \ Red Cross relief program, functioning smoothly \tal asked in nn ' anr.cunccment from local headquarters today. Rrquisitions for food must be filled 1 by the merchant exactly ns they are made out.. This Is an ab- em b!em button to each memtcr. imand, Carl Williams.'co'.lon meni- lold Italian Flyers Will Resume Trip Tomorrow ly of men who served the United States army, .navy, marine corps or coast guard elgh sol! or in foreign South Arkansas C. of C. Meeting Today at Benton BENTON, Ark., Jan. 9. (UP) — JThe fourth South Arkansas chamber of commerce convention opsn- ed here today. Tho morning session was devot- i ed' to a, round table discussion of agricultural problems, proposed legislative' acts, eradication of ticks, J w-ods near O'.wen. in u.c ».u,,.i, , Rb ,, (o cfficlcntly ^ o! a mosnshiiic dUtill. , I plications received. Hoslan hart been Chad«IcK s. * _ hori ff^ nf T-- vi * • i- n m \~of\-\ * iiivy ure maue UUL. mis is an RU- • , ,, . First' -National Men Will; solute requirement'of the national l wnr f- c9 !" P ?i ?:1 T, 0 ,,L XP jH i "^ p . R, • A oigantolion. and discover.' of vi-lDucted by the United States. The ! rcbcnt .Reopening Ap- |claUcns _.._, rcsu i t i n ^^ ( he m , r . ;i:at'c:i in Person. „,„. ,,, n i Williams, with AlexnSidcr Lcgge. Oen. Halo B.ilbo and his ccmpjn- [ dcveloplnent and the permanent j „•' ,L; .chairman of the rarm : board, was Icms wl 'P " ew tm seaplanes across;site for the slate hospital for nerv- t°", inhere loday attending one of t h e ,the. south Atlantic prepared today O us diseases, ionsco^ i li^t conferences of-, cotton men to con hiue the r ourney to Bahia u , thcr E]u ^ Cam , cn| f Joe Isaacs, president, A. G. Utlb, I chant and the person receiving ; relief bcin-;' barred from further liclpalion in the program. ! present veteran's society was formed in 1913 by amalgamation of pio- - necr units in Fennsvlvanla and iOhlo and the Army of Ihe Phlllp- cver held In'New Orleans. More."'"! R'o <le Janeiro, than 200 rcpresenlalivcs from et--, -Balbo exacted lo leave Natal -• - - Saturday, deper.rtent u]»n the weather and the arrival here of the [ a!r ! second of two seaplanes forced cry state In "the cctlon belt nt tended. "If the south wants to get for IU cotton and remain eco- • do ™ at scn - Onc of l'>c machines | must make pr:-! was '"^d to the island of Fer-' . gen manager, of trc organization, presided. A luncheon will be given at Ihe community hall Et noon at which ti queen and her aides will be introduced;: . . — =,--- nnmicallv stable it must mare pr'- nji*(,w iw vin.- i^muu ui rur- Ls e ?n S s"lerM n to" !ductl °" *»* uml1 lhc acmimd'calch- "., nd " .. 0 ,, onha ** a », Itnllan ™' ts In several for-,^ $ mis ; mi sa , d . . :T lie prob-. 511 ^ *™ ««' lo Natal yesterday. , , 1cm of acreage reduction Is as im-1, T" 10 , Italians attended the unveii- to'thV average' trader'"^' ^ 1 ° r n nl <>nu"ii;nt here to Major the American Cotton Ci- Car!o del Prctc wno ^s killed at i operative association," ,ued. ". \ Einstein Deplores German Bar, on Film "All Quiet" HOLLYWOOD, Cal., Jan. 9. CUP) Willljins Rl ° de Janeiro after hc~"ha<l nWn :• —?. 3I ]; lu . 1 C cf l * K matir.n picture . from Rome to Natal with Mijo; ' Arturo Ferrnrin. Willie Chares Bound _ f iv^u u.u-u. ! ^JiUlLlll-t, ..^.i-.Cl. liUJlil-I II* . tit 11 iVU- , _ ] Craig, city clerk. Time for pur- board., ; , | rjelalls of the Mississippi county i i an d. quariermnster: Virgil Gr?-ne,i lenneSSCC | chase of city tags .a so exp.ires to- They are making Ihe ~lrip by au- ; program WBro discl isscd nnd plans I j udt;c ad voca!e: William A. Wall, j v . C'_,_,: a l P, n k« morrow and Mr. Craig has n't_ m- -.toinobile and. expect 10 reach Ihe fr . r sm ,ln« the territorv west of Irfmnlnln- nr Max Usrev. siir«pon- ' VOtCS Financial rrODC ."All Q'llet on thc Western Front 1 ifrom Germany means a jiploinitlc i defeat for that country i:i the eyes ' of the world. Dr. Albert Einstein and. expect to reach the fcr serving the territory west of .chaplain: Dr. Max Usrev. sur<?eon: ; Bi. Lake were completed at a|Lo S t C r ( „. - —- with the federal .officials Monday. ; .reeling here lale. yfslerday aflor-lj. rjaiy, patriotic Instructor: John i NASHVILLE. Temv. Jan. 9.'(UP) Ovnr to Grand Jury; d ! ca ' e ^ that ft " cx - tonslon/wnl ta n?. 1 , 10 "? 1 c . a P lul . ^j 1 ™ 6 .! 0 , 1 ,';^'-;^;. Lake" were completed at a,Leste. Cra i g . of i he day; J. j --. i.i i i n • m ""-• wuriu, LIT. rtio: tT- V/ash bum Keappomted noted German scientist, said today ' friea'-th 0" : """ artor vie ' rins a G " mK " " rsion ot Willie Chance war. bound over to await the action of thz gra jury on a charge of burglary ty • Justice C.^car Alexander this| morning. I Chance made bail bond set at S250. FLASHES ' : The action ot certain groups In . ' \ "No announcement was made of.' ntm ctWrtcd by R.'H. Zteh'm. rep- I smith"'sergeant major;"Hiib-rtVot- '—A senate resolution asking Ihdr- : TT 1 '" ROCK ' Ark -— Dr - A ' M-.tairinj this picture disclosed n "?, Hfnrv SinperVs House =..;, the reason for.the trip other thin: rc scntatlve of mid-west headquar-1 ter quartermaster sergeant, and ough Investigation of Tennessee's ^.v",!^ .*JJ..J.!" 6 ...?'.?!.^; C0 " n -"d3 n 5erous weakness on the part pi .lajlltmy Ji"SC'7-» Y" uac . , that a telegram from Washington j .,„ a . st . Louis, and Haders in Cedl S | ialw historian. ' " " • • ~ • » n«i«n """-or im Mi^ IS Damaged by Blaze indicated that it would b; dss'.ro '. -,-.e relief work at Manila and j . ' • . ' able for officers .of the bank to ap-i Leachville. Thc Manila and Leach- i Fire damaged the'.'residence of j^...j...,,?*" 011 ln bcn( " 1 Ol theSr ivli'-c mfn returned to their^ con-1 County Has Few CaSCS I tion blanks and v,ill handle thej of Spinal Meningitis ; fwirtlno nt ^ocMtnto fQmlhp; \VC5l I Henry Singery early last night, nne origin of the. blaze was not- : application. debate. •frrn'nert. Sinrery's home Is'on T D I D LI. j feeding of destitute families KCS] street near the Central' . asper Bank KODDery ' of Bis Lake as part : Hearn j Ward school. FORD PUTS 50,000 TO WORK . nF.TROIT, Jan. 9 (UP)—Ap- jrovimafslv 53.000 employes of (lir Ford Mclor company will re- '' 'Suspect Under Arrest 7c!wjii Pr«lal Worker LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 9. <UP>—' •i aernn ro-tai noTKer AIbert E oalthrlght ^ was , aken Ends 175.0UU-Mlle'Walk Into custody by Little Rock police. today and L? held for Invesllgatlon LOWELL, Mass. (UP)—David P. ! " connection with thc robbery of Cross relief program of the In thc Service? Held otrvlces "A 21 " That spinal meningitis Is on a fast decline in Mississippi county Is shown In comparative reports compiled by the cqunty.rjeallh unit. Since November I ' there have lor Gordon Ellis. Cooler been four cases of Ihe disease, one at Gosnell and one at Butler In COOTER Mo-Funeral services .November, a third »t Lejchvillelast vere held here yesterday for Gor- ,»wnth and another there this week rd toilay. COMO DANK ROBBED MEMPHIS. Jan. S IUPI—Bank Kbbrrs uho Intimidated Ihe cashier and a customer of the crs Rink at Como, Miss., a'-oat 45 miles seulh of here, and look about 51,500, apparently made K^"d their escape by Jump- Inr inlo » waltlnic aulomobil:. UV^ITLJU^I, A.^U^.I. ,^-» , U.IT.U . . . . - - vjuyvjicjrv, niu.—ruucioi cv U was learn- Martin, who entered tho employ of lh e Newton County bank at Jasper,. wcre held here yesterday for —- . .., ._ thc Federal governmenl during the ^ k - Wednesday. don ^^ ^ son o[ . Mrs jjatry 1 jrhjch. resulted In the death of first odmlnlslratlon of President Three unmasked bandits 1c-Dt?d Armstrong, who died Tuesday ot, °akes Coleman Lacey. Grover Cleveland, has retired from the bank and escaped with $6.100. pneumonia'. ' * n the same period a year aso the Lowell post office where he had They were reported In i-nv: c—\i The Rev. E. O. Stepheson. pasr there were 19 cases up to January 8. seryed as a mall carrier for the to Little Hock alter eluding a pos- tor of the Baptist church, coudii::-; ' since the unit w»s organl7:d past 43 years. se. Galthright was discovered -,:• t. e d the services. Interment wss in three *nd a half vears aso its m«m- The veteran postal employe es- house In the east section of the Mt. Zton cemetery, timated that he had walked up- city. Mr. El!ls Is survived by hla mo:h> proxlmately 175,000 miles deliver' ing mall in various sections of th: city. bers have be«n launching & com plete program of immnnlzallon for It was learned a warrant had er and b ythree brothers. Harry meningitis. Dr. A. M. Washburn. : been Issued for Oaston Reoves, alsa nils, of Cooler, and Fred and Sim director, believes that the peak was , wanted for questioning. . Ellis of Dallas, Tex, reached here In lh<- winter of 1929. Knife Proves Where Amos.V Andy Live EAST ST. LOUIS. Ill, Jan. 0. IUP)—Caston Ellis. 19, negro, recovering in a hospital here Irom knife wounds, today conceded to his assailant that Amos and Andy of radio famo live In East St. Louis. The negro was stabbed by another when they engaged In an argument over tlie residence of the radio pair. Ellis chimed they lived In Brooklyn, 111., an East St. Louis suburb. Tr.*? V er negro vigorously maintained they lived In Fast St. Louis and produced a knlie to uphold his contention. iiTQuy. ur. U. J.M. Harwell ni us- n; . • T • ,].. c,col.i and,. Dr. V. R. Fox of Manila ; ^SCClnC 1 ram Hits were immsd as assist ante Aufnmnriilp- T Dr. \V.;p. Parks of Hot Springs' AUfOmODJie, ! was elected president of tha state' - " • board succeeding Dr. L- D. Dun- CHICAGO, Jan 9 (UP)— Thre< can of Waldron. .persons were killed and two oth County health officers were np- ers Injured today when an Auron polnled In 54 counties, present of- and Elgin electric train crashed tn> fleers being reappolnted In all ex- lo an automobile at e crossing an; sept eight of those counties. New hurled it sixty fest officials were named in Cralghead, Cdttenden. Clebourne, Jackson. Searcy, Sevier, Columbia and Hempstead counties. • WFATHPP iriL,^ ,. M-H,,.,: 1 r, McDaniC! Reserve Corps Officer ARKANSAS — Mostly cloudy to llleht nn(l Saturday, somewha warmer in eastern portion. According to the cmclal weathe observer, Charles Phillips, the rain WASHINGTON, D, C— Dr. John imum temperature her; yestjrda Rllcy McDanlel, Jr., Blytheville, has was 32 degrees and t:n murmur been appointed a first lieutenant 44 degrees; cloudy, On the sair.cdi of the army reserve corps and as- a year ago ;:;e minimum temp2ra signed to tha medical corps, ths turq was 32 degress and -the ma:;l war department has announced. .mum 42 degrees; .78 inches o! ralr

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