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Arkansas Democrat from Little Rock, Arkansas · Page 2

Little Rock, Arkansas
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Saturday, November 13, 1909
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1 a.- THE DAILY ABKAN3A5 DEMOCRAT. SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 13, 1909. How Arkansas and Louisiana Elevens ' Stack Up in Today's Game at Red Elm WISIANA. Name Hall ...... rhiuipt ... Pollocy ... Hllfniun .. L. Mlovoll Ilrew .... Age Wt. 10 lfi" 155 22 180 24 175 22 140 20 17.". 24 175 21 1.15 22 ISO 21 1:15 22 1H5 2:1 lt 21 1X0 11) lttu , hi liio 22 va (C). Thomas U. L. .Htov.ill Selp Albright .... IiraunuD Ryan . Howell (Jill Tilly Average 21 105 j 11SI Sports and Athletics OVER LOUISIANA Memphis Experts Expect to Bee Arkansas Oet Even for Defeat at Hands of Tigers in Little Bock Last Thanksgiving Day Great Contest Assured. Memphis, Nov. 13. Arkansas University Slid I.uulsinuu Htute University meet here thli afternoon in what 1 expeted to he sue of the moat Important college football . game of the Kouth this season. Arkansas' squud arrived bore yeaterdny ud the l,uliuiia team reached here this rooming, both In splendid ondltlon for the tiuiucle. Practice by the University of Arkansas eleven, wnicn arriveu in uie city yesiegmy niornlug caaperuued by Couch Hugo Besdek, took place at the Ken Kliu grid yeiterduy afternoon. It was the last lliulierlng up of Hie Fayettevuie crew una they luipreesea a select body of Almnnl udmlrei's and football critics .as a snappy bnncb. There are no gauts among them, the men being of stocky rather than of massive . build. Tbpy run oft their plays at top peed and topped off the afternoon's workout with a s'liu at' the new V. M. 0. A. pool. Louisiana reached the rlty this morning. It Is doubtful If they will eveu do . mure than walk about for a lliulierlng up, for. Just about now It Is said that they . are approaching their best physical condition of Hie yeur. "; A glance ut the averages shows that .Arkansas has In on Louisiana from that angle by a derisive marglu. Whether they . ran jise it to ndvuntuge remains to be seen. In Little Hock lust Thanksgiving Day L. H. r. stood tn! show In the -avoirdupois Hue with possibly a slight', . very slight advantage and what they did with It 'is a matter of tfrurfiil history. The game this afternoon will in a mess-tire denionstrafirif there Is nnvthlmr skin to the "come back" theory in football m applied to the prise ring for L. 8. U. has la nen one Dealing tins yeur.- As on offset to tills Is the fact that Arkansas has liurdly beaten teams of the eollber of those defeated by ,. 8. U. tills season, Willi tie possible exception of Uklu hums. Muu to man ,the struggle should be an interesting one, rnr among the linemen vn noiii siues ae oiu acquaintances, rump. ; Klllngt Wright, lluullev, Mllford and Creekmore have clashed with the L. 8. V. linemen. Thomas, Pollock, Htovall and his brother. Selp Is no stranger either, for It was he who made monkeys of the . Arkansan attack Inst year when that big Worthy was at eud. Tbo Red Kim gild. Is In perfect ahupe. lined off, and spectators will be kept from coming on the held by wire fences which now encircle the playing enclosure. This, together with the fact That the officials i have been selected beforehand, should go a ' long way toward making the game a suc-' ' cess. When Louisiana Tigers buck tip against ' the Arkansas football team tomorrow afternoon they wll Hud one foreman who bids . , fnlr to stiiud out above all other Itnsor-liacks. It Is the Arkansas Indian, captain ., of the team, who looms P as the biggest . obstacle In the path of t'lie Tigers. Htiiiiley Phillip Is the name of thls'red-' 0klu who knows how to kick. Not onTy will lie do ll the punting for. the Arkuu-sna hoys, but he will also be called on : for place kicks. He has been doing this V successfully fwim the 45-ynrd Ihie, and . every time he gets away with It tomorrow If means three points for the Fa.vette-ville hoys. Louisiana forwards are strong - and fast, and It will be up to (Itrw to - . There Is but one way to cure an old sore or chronio ulcer, and that la to remove the cause that produces and keeps It open. No matter where located) any sore that remains until it becomes chronio does so because of Impure blood; the circulation constantly discharges' its polluted matter into the place and it is impossible for nature to heal the sore. S. S. 8. heals sores and ulcers by purifying the blood. It removes every trace of taint or Impurity fron the circulation, and thus completely does away with the cause. No local application reaches below the infected flesh at the spot, and for this reason can have no curative effect on a sore or ulcer; while inch treatment is being used alone, the germs and impurities are constantly Increasing in the blood and the sore is bound to grow worse. When B.8.S. has cleansed the blood and enriched and purified the . circulation the place begins to take on a more healthy appearance, the different symptoms show improvement, the flesh around the ulcer gets firm, new skin and tissues are formed, and aided by pure, rich blood, nature provides a perfect and lasting cure. Under the tonic and blood-purifying effects of S.S.S., the system Is built up, and those whose health has been impaired by the drain and worry of an old sore will be greatly benefited by its use. Book on Sores and Ulcers and any medical advice free to all who write. -, , THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA, GA. FOR PRICES ON THEIR FOOT OF rnsltioll. ) y ) ., Left End'.... . Left . Tackle . . I.cffc (iuurd . .... Canter . .. . IUkIU Gnard . . Illitlit Tackle . .. lllght Kud .. , Qunrterbec-k . Left Hulfliack ( Might Halfback : Fullback break through ond block- efforts at gouls from Odd. The left side of the Arkansas line Is composed of uien who have Indian blood lu their veins. Put Wright at left guieil won his A. before this season, and so dlfl ('apt. I'bllllp at tackle. Both are around llto-pound mark. Davis, left eud, also bus some Indian blood, und ran do the Km yards around 10 seconds. Estes. the big freshman right guard, Is playing like a veteran. Few men have ever reisirted for nructlce at Arkansas wno lave shown the aptness to learn the game that Kates has developed, ine nig iei-li w use hla head, and commands a uowtr of strength. Beside Estes is Ellington, a veteran at Arkansas. KUlugton, With Cant. Stanley Phillip, form two of the tnost reliable -tackles found In the South west. Ellington la now welshing 185, and covers 100 vards In 10 1-5 seconds. In football harness. He Is one of the swiftest big men ATkansns has ever produced Wltli Ellington uud Kstes holding the rlftkt snip of tne line, it win tone a miguiy I;nrd smash to gain over that wing, in the backfleld. Arkansas lias a quar tet of worrlors, every one of whom hos close to a in-second record. Alien anu Mllford. the' two halves, have won the favor of Arkansas sunnorters by their con slstent playing. These men work with un-olintvd seal from the kick-off until time Is up. PhllllpB, tue gtltty little fullback, wela-hs less than 1ll pounds, hut Is hard as s rock, and plays a heady game. He Is s tprri..c line nluniier for a man of bis weight. At nnarter.i Creekmore has developed Into a Held general, after Bes- dek's heart. rotsch Besdek places great reliance In Creekmore, In Ward, a Llllle Hock high school star, Besdek has an substitute for quarter. Ward Is the wl-est man on the team. For two years he Ims held the state championship for the 100-yard dash. - Another strong sun is Klakelv, who plays a brllllnnt game at' half and can replace an end with equal perfection. In all, the team is prouaniy the most formidable that baa ever ae. fended Arkansas' oal. The star of Louisiana State Is Quarter back Felton, the beBt in the Bourn. His headwork could not he surpassed. He a marvel at running the team, Is a deadly tackier, itml can slilrt the strongest of ends. Self, at full, will tight It out with Metzger, of Vnnderbllt, and Pelton of Aubury for lock, rignt tackle. notice oe plays ngnt tackle. Well, ('apt. Phillip, of Arkansas, plays left tackle. That means something It means a bitter tight between Pollock and Phillip. Each Is considered, the strongest lineman of Ills respective team which Is the svongerl dipt. Ntovull plays rWht end for Loulslnna. and he s a bear. With Louisiana Is a Memphis boy, All-bright, a sub, hut good enough quarter for nnv team that has not a Kenton. The fight at center also promises to he wort n while. Huntley, or Arsansas, is a strapper, and so Is the oiler of the fa. nious Htovall .'brothers. Game called at-3 o'clock. It Is the only roilege game of the Memphis footb.tll season. Hetter turn out. Brndcnord H. E R. 8. Stovall . . . . Pollock KlHngtou ... Wright Huntley Ests Phillip (Cop.) Inivls Creekmore , . Allen Mllford Phillips It. T R. 0 C R. L. 0 T. L L. E Q. B K. H , ..... .L. 11 F. B ...Thomas L. Rtovall . . . Drooin ...Ulllmnn , Hall . . . . Fenton . .Brstinon .McCullum Selp OFFICIALS FOR GAME Decision Maije After Teams Beached There This Morning Tale Man Umpires. Memphis, Xov. 13. (Special.) Tin; managers and coaches of the two teams this morning agreed on the officials for the game between Arkansas and Louis inna, which will be played here thi afternoon. Brown, of Memphis umver sity, will act as referee; Scratchered of Yale will umpire; Cooley of Purtlue was selected as tield judge, and Stew THEBEI1EDY F0nS0RESULCf Whiskeys, MAIN STREET ARKAN8A8. Maine Age. 22 Wt. m Davis plukely '. 19 153 Huntley Philip (C.)... ID ..... 28 2a 22 22 21 .... 22 181 11(5 175 Huntley Estes ,. 198 210 175 170 l'arker . Ellington 1- radford Henry . , . 107 Creekmore- 20 Ward 4 20 Mllford 22 Allen j3 I hllllMi jo 147 1H5 104 158 158 Average 170 art of Sewaoee will be head lines man. Arkansas will leave here tomorrow morning, arriving in Little Hock at 1:20 in the afternoon. The afternoon and evening will be spent there and Mon day morning the team will ao to Ark adelphia for the game wtlh Hender son, which will be the last contest " the liuorbacks before tackling Wash ington University in Little Eock on Thanksgiving, AGEE SCORES 2. Fleetfooted Back Made Long Buns and Twice Crossed the Mississippi' Goal, Making a Tie of the Score Goals Kicked on All the Touchdowns. Arkndelphia, Nov. 13. Mississippi fame to Arkadelphia yesterday and for a time it appeared as though the vis itois were to wipe up with Henderson but Agee wag in the game to prevent this, and by two long runs he planted the ball behind the Mississippi goal line, securing 'the two touchdowns which permitted Henderson to tie the score, 12 to 12. The firjioucbdown was made by a straight battering at the lines, Mjssis. sippi sending McCall over for the touchdown. The' Miiliasippians then met with stronger opposition, and though they made long advances at times, the home team was able to keep the ball off the goal line until the close of the half, though it was within six inches when the whistle blew for the intermission. In the second half Mississippi start ed down then field ofor another --toudi down, but Agee intercepted a forward pass on the 20-yard line and ran the full length of the field to the Missis sippi goal, where be scored the first touchdown for Henderson, and tied the score; Mississippi then hammered through the Henderson line for another touch down, the forward pass being little used. - Just before the second half closed Agee caught . a punt and dodged through the entire Mississippi eleven to the goal, again tteing the score. The crowd was large and enthusiastic. Mississippi outweighed the local team about 8 pounds to the man, and Henderson was without the services of Brown, the star halfback, injured in the Ruston game. The line-up: Henderson. Position. MiBsieeippi Evans Left End Hathora Cohn, F. Williams... Left Tackle .... .iW.C. Adams. Hobbs. ..Left Guard Carter A Williams, G. Brown ,' .Center. .. .J. C. Adams Rogers Right Guard Causey W.Rogers Right Tackle.. Kinnebrew Gillman Right End McDonald Agee. .. Quarterback . ...Haxton . ,Left Halfback. TrotteP (C) Right Halfback.... McCall Lee, Gattling. . . .iPullbat k Shields Score Touhcdowns Agee 2, McCall 1, Shields 1. Goals From Touchdowns Trotter 2, Moulding 2. Referee flood loe. Umpire Johnson of Mississippi. Field Judge iHarnson. Head Lines manCarpenter. Time of Halves 35 minutes. - PIRATES WEEDING OUT. Pittsburg, Nov. 13. The Pittsburg Baseball Club has begun weeding out surplus players. The first step toward reducing the squad is the deal by which Second Baseman Ous Soffel and Pitcher Roy Golden are sold to Louisville. Soffel was drafted last fall from Meridian and went on thespring training trip, but later was Bold to Wheeling and was drafted back this fall. Golden waB drafted this' fall from Richmond. MALARIA MAKES PALE BLOOD. The old standard Grove 's Tasteless 'Chill Tonic drives opt malaria and builds up the system., lor grown people and children.; 50c. L A Homo on Broadway Splendid "". 8-room- two-story modern residence. House built tot . a home, conveniently arranged and beautifully finished inside. Booms large and have grates and mantels. Cheap at 5,500; $500 cash, balance to suit. Number is 1305. 4 ON SAVINGS. THE CITIZENS COMPANY 210 W. Second St., Little Rock, Ark. fticonirs VITAL hi RESTORATIVE Restores Meu't VrUiUy. Fries II. At all druggists. Always on hand at Snodgrass Bracy's, Gibson Drag 3tore, and Holman Drug Co, Little lock. Mall orders socilltet GIVEN PENNANT Augusta Protest I" Not Considered With Favor by Board in Memphis Yesterday Two Players Are Awarded to Newport in Closing Session, j Memphis, Nov. 13. From the center of attraction in the baseball world for the past f'.vo days, Memptfis now pre t ' a scene of a deserted) viliuge, as far as lneball habitation is com . rne.l Tl:.; 1!Hi3 mteting of the National A" sicnlion of ' Professional Hnstbmli L' agues formally closed Inst night. when, after an ' entire day s session, four members of the national board cleared the docket of all cases, with the exception of some referred to Secretary Farrell for bis decision, The get-away session was devoted entirely to the decision of minor claims, on stituing claims of various clubs, for players and hose of players against clubs. The appearance of the flag of truce between organized basebnll and the "outlaws," when the California State League was admitted int the fold cf organized ranks, after a day and a hlf discussion, is regarded ,.s thh mni. mist important caa. decided ot the meeting. Another important feature was the adoption of a resolution for ro-c.lii'---if ication of all ebbs befire thi liilO drafting season comes in. This will be done tome tfm in July, as soon as Secretary Farrell is furnished the 1910 census. Secretary Farrell, who will issue the call for the July session' of the board, stated that the meeting would in nil probability be held in New York. Ha stated that in addition to reclassifying all leagues, several other important matters referred to the board at the present meeting" would be fully discussed. Chattanooga Gets Pennant. The most important decision render ed yesterday was the awarding 0f the 1H09 South Atlantic pennant to Chnt tanooga. . Chattanooga put In a claim that iifl xirst two games between Chat tanooga nnd Augusta in the nost sn son- bo allowed to count. The claim was allowed. The Suith Atlantic season was di vided in halves. Chattanooga won the first pennant and Augusta the second half. In the post season series, tfter Chattanooga had won the first two games, Augusta asked that the games lie thrown out and alleged that Chat tanooga used' borrowed players. - The sfoutn Atlantic League threw the gamer o"ut. The series was suirtod over and Augusta won the pennant. ti." t.nt;ni i . . . . t. . a- ei;iir of the South Atlnnth L'agne. lie members of the board who re mained here to finish jp the eases 'eft lust night, with the exception of Sec rotary Farrell, who leaves this morn ing for Little Rock. From Little Rock Secretary. Farrell will go to New Orleans and from there he will go to jacxBonvuie and savannah, before re turning to his home, Auburn, N. Y. The other members of -' the board, who left last night wele T. H. Mur- name president New Eneland League; Dr. D. M. Shively, president Western Association; ur. j K. Carson, presi' H'.ni Central League, and J. H. O-'Rourke, president Connecticut League. , The following cases were . decided yesterday by the national board: The claim ot Bloomington and To- Itdo for $700 due on Player Steen was reported adjusted, and was ' stricken from the caleudnr. The claim -of Dallas, Tex., against St.. Paul for transportation furnished players was allowed. The claim of Springfield against Muskogee for 500 was referred ' to President Shively for adjustment and ,,,WRI TE , ,,M.eWSliairi1l- S IC E R BROS, collection. ... ' The petition of, Johnstown, Pa., to enforce the aalof Player Wilkes by Lowell, Mass., to Johnstown was el- lowed, -f . '.;'; Players Yale," Miller, 'Sherwood and Odell were fined 110 aaeh for invading protected territory and were, warned umt aecona oirense woum inerit S fine of $50 eaet). ','. 'Danville. Va.'. ma fine' 9S ' rnr playing pitcher Bussel, under susptn- i ' ii. Ti.ti! , . . .. aiuu uy me. XMuumore ciud, anj nu games were thrown -out. . j ' - . " 1 VANOOUVEB MUST PAY. The claim of Atlanta, Ga., against Vancouver., for $250 was allowed and Vancouver was given30 days in which to pay) the elaim. - .--' The claims of Wheeling, W. Va., and Lowell, Mass., relative to the sale of Player Venable for fl,000 were adjusted by each club being allowed $500 as it was shown both had en equity i the player. A reprimand was issued to both clubs for failing to file with Secretary Farrell the Bale of Tenable. The claim of Dow Van Dine against Winchester, Ky., was allowed. , Player Clarence Potts was awarded to Omaha, Neb. The claim of Player Servatius agausi Youngstown, 0., for half of the sale price, as agreed upon, wan allowed. A fine of $50 upon Servatius for insubordination and falling to report, imposed by the club, was sustained, leaving a balance of $50 due the player. The claim of Player Connie Welsh against Peoria, 111., was allowed upon presentation of the agreement betwecu club and player. The claim of Player J. Wagner against Galesburg, 111., was disallowed unless the written agreement is produced before the board. .. ' L. Mason was awarded to Lincoln, Neb,, and a, claim of $44.80 against the club was allowed. Players filapnicks and D. Lewis were awarded to Newport, Ark. The former was claimed by Hannibal, Mo., and the latter by Paragould, Ark.. Claim of Player Joe Schrall against Marion, v., was disallowed. Player H. Tracey was awarded to tne California State League. Player Ed Cormack, alias Ed Ward, was fined $50 for playing under an assumed name. ' Player B. F. McNeil was awarded to Letheridge in the Western Cauaua League. Rube Walters was awarded to Can ton. Claim of Clyde Hall against Omaha was disallowed. Player Wilhelm was awarded his release from Springfield, Mo. - - DESERTERS ABB FINED. " The five players who deserted Mc- Pherson, Kan., were fined $25 each, which will have to be paid before iney piay organized ball again. Tne players were: O. P. Depew, manager: F. Synek, W. H. Smith, B. H. Jones and rj. T. Clark. The claim of Sea Franoisco against Pueblo., Col., for $1,500 for Player uay Miller was allowed. The claim of J. O. Murray against St. Paul, amounting to $311 was allowed. Ed Williams was awarded to Marlon, Ohio. The claim of R. W. Gilbert against Peoria, 111., was allowed. The claim of A. A. Johnson against wemngton, nan., was allowed. The claimv of Fort ' Wayne, Ind., against Trenton, N. J., was allowed. The claim of P. H. Larue against Columbus, O., was disallowed. Player C. J. Holloman's draft price of $300 wa3 allowed to Fayetteville, The claim of J. R. Crozier against Raleigh,' N; C, was allowed. -r Kansas City Lost Bapp. The draft of Player Rapp from Oklahoma City by Portland. Ort.. was allowed, the eounter elaim of. Kansas City for Player ,; Rapp, being disallowed, i : The claim of Bridgeport, Conn., agaiust uoiusnoro, N. c., was allowed. The application of Player "Buck" Freeman to have his case against Minneapolis reopened was tabled. - ' The application of the Caetus League of Texas, with headquarters at El Paso, Tex., was favorably acted npon. Secretary Farrell will later take up the work or arranging the schedule. The claim of Spokane against St. Paul relative to Player Loughlin was allowed. The contest between Charlotte,- N. C, and Waco, Tex., relative to the draft price of Player German amounting to $300 was decided in favor of the Char, lotte club. ... ! , . . COLLEGE CHAMPIONSHIP. , Madison, Wis., Nov. 13. Minnesota and Wisconsin are prepared to meet on the gridiron of Camp Randall today In a game that will probably decide the lootbaii championship of the conference, colleges. GAME WILL BE CLOSE. New Orleans, Not. 18.r-Though each of the opposing learns in today's gridiron struggle between- Tulane University, and the University of Texas has expressed confidence in the outcome, at the Same time there Is an evident belief that . the game will be a close one, ; - r. , ; - . ; MICHIGAN AND THE QUAKERS. Philadelphia, Nov. 13. Followers of football will have a chance to see the quality ot football played in the West this year when the University of Michigan team'meets ' the University of Pennsylvania eleven this afternoon. ' STANLEY GETS THE DOUGH. Los -Angeles, Nov. 13. Articles have been signed by . Stanley Ketchel and AYFRS HAIR VIGOR' Ingredients t J! lI.yi.,l&lt' Show this to yow doeror, Ayers Hat View pronKhr Mroys the smra .. fcUL. Xlr Ik. bulbs, rMtorM tta to bolth. Tha hair stops trace nTdsodruff JUtlt and KMpt the scalp foiling eat, stows atom rapidly, v -' ;. cleaa and la a hHny condttloru Does not Color the Hair THE BEST IS EUPION "THE FAMILY IT IS CRYSTAL WHITE. WATERS-PIERCE IN, J : After a Hard Day's Work - how often have yon come home tired and worn out, too latigosd even to enjoy your evening meal f That's the time when a little , .. SunnyBrod!i neWJREfOOD Whiskeys will work a magical change in your entire system: Its rick, nutritious propertSae stimulate every organ ot the body, and renewed vigor and energy result almost instantly. 8UNNY BROOK The PTJRB FOOD Whlakay la wdlcUMU per. Its proper as Is. therefore, absolutely safe and free from, harmful effects. It la distilled, Me4 and fettled under the direct MrrWeej ot U. S. Goreriiieot Inspectors, and each bottle bears the . - Green Government Stamp" which shows the exact at. - tllNNY BROOK DISTILLERY CO., Fifth District of KENTUCKY. There is No Othn "Just at Good," BLOCH-LYON CO., . , GENERAL DISTRIBUTORS. . ' Jim Flynn for a 10-round contest in this city at a- date to be chosen later. Ketcbel is guaranteed $5,000 by the Pacific Athletic Club. KID MM TO HELP Gives Up Fight Promotion to Help Jeffries in Hli Training for Big ' "Match. . New York, Nov. 13. Norman Sel- by, known as 'Kid" McCoy, who arrived here a few days ago with an of fer of $39,000 for the Jettnes-jonn-son, fight if it is held in Paris, is now considering a proposition to help put Jeffries ' in condition for the battle. McCoy, who is knwon as one' of the fleetest-footed and most scientific boxers of his ' time, has received an offer from Jeffries to remain with him as a boxing instructor, and it is considered probable that h will aecept, - - NOTES OF SPORTS. Slats Davis haa signed a -contract to umpire la the New York State League. Charier Gibson and Fred Clarke were E resented with gold watches bj Barney irevfusa. , " There wasn't a no-hlt game In either tha National or American Leagues last season. Gray worked In one one-hit game and Mamnlts and Brown In two. . ouuiv uua uue iiffmea mai oaaeumii eup-Dorta AO.000 men anil hnve John ' H. Farrell. secretary of the Ku tlonal Assoc ation, controls thirty-nine leagues ana snout seven thousand players. Among 'he American-bred horses raced In England this year are Snyder McGregor, 2 UTih Homer, Darius, 2:08; NathalU N, Lucky Buck, 2:12); Roy B, 2:0i; Sirdar, 2:10i; Wayne King, 2KWi; Bum R.vsd.vk, 2:0BJ; Cuprum, 2:12J; Miss Hlg- gin. iiiitti Mcuwen, Z:lBi; Baron Allrert, i:Ui; Berlba K, 2:lty; and Madeline P, 2:17 1-2. Of these only Wayne King, Baron Alfred and Bertha K. em .raced lu their correct names. Pitcher Adklns of the Baltimore tenm l soloist at the First Baptist Church of Baltimore. He keeps his voire In shape during the summer Mlklni sweetly to the umpires. . . Williams and Amherst will meet in their nnual fame today, Williams, as h . yeur, Is the favorite. Amherst won lu 1909, 4 to 0. OteOr "HOMO QUMNI," Hut Is juaShn BronQoiiiW Cores a Cold In One Day, CeVtaa Days LITTLE Aye's Hlr Visor Jurt at promptly una Hut OIU duukldL It IC destroys the every SAFETY OIL," rv' ' - i AS YOUR DEALER. ' OIL COHPAHY Yale' total score so far has been 184 points. Harvard has rolled up 01 points, Dartmouth 85, Princeton 101, Cornell 54, lvuuaylvaula 127, Brown 64 and Carlisle m .. Morrison has beea showing much, improvement lu Harvard's backfield. I hid Vhe line substitutes come along; as well Harvard would now be well off for second string forwards... ... , The Harvard freshmen are' due .toregnln their form by the time they imf Yulu 1(113. The game played by the Crlmum" youngsters has not leen up to poslliilltlt4. In the lobby of a Boston llotel yestenhi r, a ticket speculator offered four -Hck 'is for the Harvard-Yale game, toiietlier, fur 1100. He did not, however, give the exm-t location of thg seats., C-t! f Should Harvard need a fourth tnrkli In Its big games. L. Wltblngt'ou -would mi , shifted from left guard tu tackle, Vtt . and Blridgett being the men who would be called Into the game to play guard. The-tickets allotted Dartmouth for the Harvard game have ben oversubscribed, and the Hanover manaxement has asked for more. At last account's Harvard Itself had more applications than It cau fill. Corbett doubtless will lie In physical condition te play against Yale, but much will depend on whether he can do enough work -before the game to get hack hla speed n well as the form he was showing before ue ' was hurt. In the twelve games Harvard and Tale five played since 1807, Yale has won sevi and Harvard three. There have hern two 0 to O ties. ' In the twelve games Yale scored 103 pjoints, Harvard 4.1. Not In any game tn this series has the losing team scored a point, f - . - Since points, Instead of touchdowns,, (toals from touchdowns and goals from the field hare counted to reslgnate scores of games, .the bi?get score' in a game h&-tweeii two leading college teams has been that of Princeton vs. The tlnlversttv-nf -Pennsylvania in 1887,;95-0, In favor of the former. . - .- - The Tale team will make Its quarters at Aithurtidale again this full. Last week Athletic. Manager Everard Thompson spent an entire afternoon touring the N'ewtnns to find a place for the New Haven men - t Continued on Page Seven. PILES CUBED IN 6 TO 14 DAYS. PAZO OINMENT is guaranteed f cure any case of Itching, Blind, Bleed-. lug or Protruding Piles in 8 to 14 days or money refunded.. 50e. - P. J. 6 'Brien, merchant tailor, 203 West Markhtm ejreet, has received a complete line of fall and winter goods, stock of suitings, trousers, and overcoats, and will be pleased to have hi ' customers and friends call and examine same. , TJLJ en every a m rFTVTibox. tic ROCK 3m

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