The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 7, 1934
Page 6
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-MCE 8K Thoy'JI Kc(»p IJiics In National liallto BLYTHEnLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Piralc Manager Is Pessimistic Sort Bui Warms Up Over Charges I!V KltSICINi: JOHNSON NI..Y Krnire Stiff Corrcxp !i-n! LOS ANOKI.I-'S. A|)lli 7.--"Wi-Vc Ji*l as M.«I n-, hM J-MI-, hut no iiiaiisimir it'll in the iprlii". j«.'-t ti'iieri: his cluh will Ivj l»y the lime midsummer iol!s ;ircKimi. I.ii' n fnniik- ol pitchers liivU'. in U't a ! .'irn- Ijjitpi- I'D [ Mn :1 .IIUHJ,. ; ui,r 'the tX'St cf pivdk'.ions will vvlsi.l • up. in Ihe ash r:m. ljiircrta;:>iv- Hint's what niiik.-s u.vvl;;i!l ihi' treat name that 1C is." Poriilmlstic Ciroi.-i';. ni.,n-| iuc-krd on lii-; rv. 1 :-pn-som m.-n-: V.'riliky FK.],| li.-iv ju, l'b.-l,,^. t l'l<-! Hue* (famitil the C!iii:. TI ; Ctiljs. 'I-1 5, In a «;;iin:! n.iiuni- i'.\lijhitiu:i I Same. A -i-ilui-;. pititir,. ]». i, ... Sillied, in i:<,i::r:,..( u, j,i-. ycllin" Piiate civw. tush hum Illu" wild-: u! Pa:;o Kublcji. w!,< ic die \ ln ..; annually go diroivh u.'i-i,- ,.;„•'],• fp.-liiK ye:,:urcs. -'Yep." continued Mannst-i- (;u,- •-ou, clicking hi> lcr-ih with ihe sum of UK pip:, -i 1 ,,, || U ., rcaly satisfied, and W i- HiimM uivi> the Ixiys plenty of cvimiMiilon. 1 loul: lor New Yurk. Chicago. St. l.ouls, Uoitoti. ami Piiisijiirch to I*' iii>|ii in die ruimlitt for the p.nna'nl. Hut one never can till what will h:i|ipo IwlM-ei-n now i,n,l smnmrr. •.o:i>elhir^ n,;,y riiin OKJ- rJiana-.-i "lung tin; route. If f ,. ( ,,ii,i i> n .|[ : d ' iTfldie Returns For First Time Since Injury; .Ba- zellc Tackles Lawrence SATURDAY, APRIL 7, 1934 NEXT wttr at Blytheoille's Theatres THE ••Mundalay," which conies to the RIW Iher.tre on Sunday and Mont-ay ekctrlc biunslirnii lowed lii'lilnd :i IIIV1XT. a cast which Includes such stellar names cs Leila Hyams, playing Die feminine lend, awd stay I&at- ty, Una O'Connor, David Torronce Lucille Umd, Ethel Orinios Cornelius Kecle and Ferdinand Goa tchalk. Tlie locale moves from the du^i clouded readies of a Montana ranch Co die to/-<:iciiuhod sinec (.f London mid :m Eiwlhh taron ift C.Mate and di^kis die- careu t-f .'in Ain.rlcnii till, a Inns'. 1 an, lOVe-.SlllilU-ll lOW-COJ— ..II 1)1 nnd two Infielders hold the key ,to the success of the Pirates in ihe National'tea™ i' Inn ers nrp Di-ri«o inn - —.__., ,-- _. . . . """lunai league ! dili !:i-u-on. 'I'hc hurleis arc Ret! '.'ilr!:ofi:r. upper rfelic, who showed 'iifivl<!.-r.s lire Arkv Vau-jlinn, ii]ii>er cencer, the Lucas, left, nc.-|iiircd from Cincinnati ]nst of stuir lor year, and big Ralph Ihe Dues at [he fag .end of the'l933 season . sliorlstop who lias been pounding all sorts ol pitching .,... ....„ ,,.,,,, ,, v wulml V.UKI , , --,*'-• —w. ..,,. .".uiiaiv]; wiio 11,15 Detn nounalnu nil srvrio MiK"'" 1 * 5 """ ""-'" ^!^_^i: l1 ^_? lrll « Ua """«. »»•« »"»>• u™-^,,. wo... rookVe second L,rker. ° I ~ ' "" "" ' — ne isn't of Che uum- Tony Pitt the wlnte-. If Manager Gibson in v,-orry:n-- ' ••"Him whiii in do nl SI.I'OJHI IK,.,,,. I 'nvini: II al Hits siagu . Tlii- llnv buss nailed !o Ulni-iniiuii during! toil hi' has t)m'i.'l yuun^.sieiv. and vi-iciun Tommy . rhevcnow imiiln;: i,,, a sniriuil "Ml lor die rci-iilar call, Harry Lavasett.j. 2u->car-old Pacific Coast Leslie star. Is pbyin.- ni Ujcond no»-, ,, lu | jf j, L . coniimies "is liri-vm piitf. i,.-|i O . il . n lh( , «ason at i!iui piisitioii. ' The ncher civo .vomiKAie/s are Cil-urue •rrnpp. un f r ,, m ,| u . sen ,i. lira ranks, anil Hill u ru ba|-cr whom die Pirates ivnilltd Irora Toronlo nrur the tltxsc <if list season. I3riit)nker-s weak him,,.. However, mny return him u> tl"e ilieks. IL? inny ivnpp's lack of «'- perlencc. The otlu-r Infield posts will be the same ns ] a sl scawin '.Mil Uui S «lir at first, Arkv Vaiighan nt short, and Pie Tniv- nor ai third. Paul nnd Lloyd Wnncr awl J-redilip Lindslrorii again will be ;.oiiia heavy July i,, lhl . ol]lfi( , K| •Incv ivili be aided ),_,. •• Wo(K , yi - •'c-nscn, ami, if u Ky - s , icki Wnl , KocUtjcr. vet tly h ; ,wk olitnlm'.i from Cincinufiii in the J^jw aeal and Nick KlCi 1 ,!. n . 3a7 |, Hlc [ ' hmn Daveii|-nrt. K a Good Man Down Of die 11 ,jit c i 1(!rs wilh |hc I irales now. of wlioin nine will be i-i-pt, are seven regulars f roni ] !is t f™"' ' n!c >- "«• ""> very capabH- '-"•'? Drench, one of the best southpaws in the busin, M ; Hehvc Meine. Bill s.vifc. rial Srai ll,. Waitc Hoyi. Bill Harris, and Leon CUngnon. The outsinnding ^. '«» to the mound staff i s KfA •I'cas. best hlttiiiB piici icr ,„ , hc I) g leagues, who comes from cjiu- .cmnati R«,S and who h u) K, c <.. of tall Ec>m , s lor Ili5 . ll " TC I ' n " kic i jitcll(1 «. («0 Will be ship,,,,,, ' Birkofer, a soul!, , : , v il from Toronto bv th.- l«l year; Darrell DU won 21 nnn , 05l 7 w , , r er u-lio u'on ie Missions in lojj m^ 0 i\ likCS ' Cm n " nil(i •"••'-« »' : ' ''»•« .to pull straws to w «vho he will keep. In the catching department Art »cilman ccaies to die aid of Bob Jji.ico Hal riunoy nnd Tom Pad- nui rro:n ii 1( . Const u.-iuue O.iks leiim.-in. ,i siv-fooicr-wiiji an irn- mssivc .331 bailing mm ,. f ftioula stick. Hooks and Slides HE'S NEW UMP to popular opinion, "Rabbit" Marn.ivllle-Isn'f.a'gray-beard While rtTiiix-rnling from a broken leg innt hailed his' big league nreer nfier 22 vears of service, the Boston Braves 1 . Infie.dcr' ^ "hlske.-s to 8 r ow -n,,«l lo and belK>ld, they .were- black! The siious Marniivlll^ In a St. Petersburg, Pla.. hospital. Brcoktyns ability Feathers lacks;Alan "loosen up." luli^no,. is like many oilier foots who have Tried (he diamond •jamc. Including Ji m Thorpu, fclron;;. Orvllle Mohler. et nl. Ken nnd hos spent some time teaching the rest of die Bromiie? dial a ball bat Is not something to pick the Iceth - on on the " Bunts Detroit has a corner •'eul^h bill players . Pitcher Isadore Goldstein anrt First Basf-mnn Henry Grcenberg ... Isadore springs from an E-«i Side .family i n Ncw . York wjt]1 moderate means . . . Grcenbcrg'. parents are wealthy residents ol th.' Bronx. AII-Aincric.i Bpattle Feathers, Tennessee's All- America back. Is not quit? reads for major league baseball, thougl he looks good In the camp of the Clncl Reds ... if LarVy M ac - Phall hadn't signed Feathers the other day, Casey Stensel wns al K8dy lo knock him off for du sfi-ni!, to be the consensus of opiinou chat Dim H.'tiiu-r, uiilliunt '.•niiiii: Vaiikt'i- recruit from Baltl- iniirc. ii!-s-(is more weight . but. mn.vlx- not ... wilh his 1S5 rounds he did inanngr to smack IS homers last, year in thai league •• • Watch die Cnrdinals' box scores for the name of Edward C-rerr. ;ia. a rii-hl-hnnded pitcher .ron: the Houston farm . li- n y> s. imcs I,, ( | lc T exns Lcasuc j year, which is pretty fair toss- Chariry .Still Hopin s Tl-.pre ore halt a dozen short- slops in die camp of the ccirdl- '"!.» battling for poor Chnrlcy Gcl- •*»* job ... Gellx-rt, barely able lo w.ilk without a cane after an •n.mry more thnn a year ng 0 ca ,,' t jHivMbly play this season but the stnr of tiu 1931 world se»'s still looks forward hopefully " 1335 . . . Mramvhite. of the rtrd shorlfieldrrs in Brailcn- '«). Biiryi-S'; Whiicliead. a hi'avy lcr from die Columbus farm eems best. Many McManns. deposed »., •naiiager ol the Red Sox when Che •<-am was bought by Tom Yaw key, will serve as utility man tor the SlensjelHcrs this year . . Rog- Hornsby has shovn ' younir strange, from the Coast „ t ot nboul siiorLstopping, a tier nil. Of the unfortunates whose Injuries nipped [heir major league rmwr.s In the bud. Dusty Ctioke Red Sox outfielder, looks most : Impressive. . . . Another fellow expected (o do. a great cornebnck this year is Henry Johnson. Red Sox pitcher. . . . Dazzy Vance announced he expected to win 20 giimes for the Hcds this year and the very next day was unable to rc|»rt for practice because of a pain In that 41-year-old' back. When a plmtographer approached Sunny Jim Bottomky, first 'bn.w- man of the Reds, and asked: "How about a shot?" Jim replied, "Sure, got one?" Wellnml canal Lakes Erie and Ontario. There'll lie a now f;u:c ill l American Le.i£iie diis season. ;nul it liclonfis lo Charles U Donnelly, above, newly aiipoiil- eil umplru He tt 37. a natlvn of Ne«'|Mirl. Ky.. caught nine year* In dio minofa and worked last year as t» »«tiul in [!.,. liiteriiutional Freddie Knichel, favorite of lo- 'nl wrestling funs, who was In- incil in his lasi apiiearnnce here 1 -ev.rul weeks iifo, will return Mon-l •lay nlijlit lo tnc'el Ralph Smllli, 1 Inetaon, Tf-nn., teaelier, In tir. (i-atuiL 1 match of die evenliii;. In u preliminary match Paul 'in/rile will meet Spe.-dy Lawrence. Knichel sustained nn Injury to His neck when kicked olf the- luler kdge nl the ring by Johnny Stole, which rendered him unconscious for some lime, Bulling In liinhllciitlon of Stole. U w:is it llrsl. believed Kniehel'.s injury vonlil ke'.p him out ol the ring or Severn! months but lie surprised local funs when they heard that ie wrestled Stole al fariilliers-. -- - -— -. — « ^, .•lite two nights later and defeat- crctt Hovto » i»nd Edna May oil .d Johnny. •—• Stole lost to Smith in a recent natch here and Knichel will piob- ibly have a busy time when lie meets ihe school teacher, besides being outweighed by a number off pounds. It should be, however, one of die 1 cleanest matches ever (aged litre ^micli have central* o; rough stuff Bazelle won over Is enacted by ,,lavcr ft "m ^l^ ^ *™'>"" l ™ t • J<»"> I^M Tn7".S 1 x;.ici ; r Tracy player* in their stellar rolts. are rivals in luv- v id, "Pu 1 nla'^r, **?>!^ ^^ '"' lcatured F""- 1 '-™". tharnil.i" Kn 1 lish con'ie- 0 o.-t M/ «i«y.-i dlenne, In d«- ].ox roni:iiHk- com- 1 tnf i lss *' nl " c ' li as 'he man cdy. "lictloms Up," comiii" 10 Hie in «;iotn Mw (inally nnils romance.. K| l? . ihenter un Tlun.sday for cw-. Kicardo Coruz and Warner'days. Aiding mul aljeldng tin- Olanil are the iv.o other prlnci- 'comedy are Herbert Miindui. Sio mils, boch In the roles ol villains. (Silvers mul Harry Circen. And | The picture Is a talc of romance :''helma Tcdd makes die p!oi com- ' and tln-lllliiK adventure set in tin- • l:!ct<? IIS llu> vill« colorful backsround ol lieu-ma.' " Bc lio beuuliful Husslan lu i« a »cc. Bui vorted |.ivci]!:l:,ii'il niiu . an einiisine sliii:Uio Ix "Bctcoins U|j" Is eaenliaily i; lion of tlic drum.-! with thrills. t '"' < "' ts of three m.rry . a yirl will! movie ambitions lo die eoldcn Biitc-s of liolly- die eoldcn ginc-s of Holly- Two ol the nation's most cana- wc<xl - Ar 'd when they succeed, the We gloom. dispclhTS. Edward Ev-' " irl l! " ds .herself actually Tallin-; (frlps alone. ns toth Kniehel and :ho\vn a liking lo con- and let the David Dooley here last week in his n r st ap- licarance In a local show. He Is a rough and ready performer. Lawrence is an unknown amount as far as local fans are concerned. He Is reported to have made a good showing on the circuit which Includes the local show. U. S. Fl«*i At Osreola Will Have Ball Cluh team arc counting on to make the aggregation n winning one in:lude: Clifford Tarver, Osceola Indians; Edwin H. Riley, Osceola Indians; Otto Merz, American, Southern Associations; Charles M. Harlan, Western League; Brownie Holder: Southern League; William Pappenheimer, Miss. Stale college; Paul S. Baur; Sprint-Held Teachers college; Willis I,. Ward. Carbondale ami Cairo teams; M B Easlerling. Millsaps college: lien-" ry S. Pickctt. semi-pro; Bob Ken- drlx college and navy player; Charles E. Bowels. Miss state college; John Hult, Memphis semipro; Joe Thompson, Southern 111 League; Tom Lambert Memphis semi-pro; Al T. Owens. Kentucky State Teachers college. Grade School Track Meet at Cooler April 13 COOTER, Mo.—An InvUnllnnal track mecl for grade schools will be held at Cooler Central school Fiiiiay. April 13. Schools to participate In the mi>ct are: Tyler. Number Right. Oak liidge, Lake nnd Crockett. B:\nners will-be awarded to Ihe lumiing schools. Mfaslrs Clubs EL PASO, Tex. IUP) clubs have been organized in two El Paso schools. At die club meetings the members cooperate in connects making u pback classwork after tcing absent due to measles. WRESTLING K KNK'HKI, «AU>H S 'SMITH I'M 'I- BAXKU,E SI'EBDY UWKKJVCK ARMORY, MONDAY - NIGHT. THE ANSWER TO A FARMER'S PRAYER A ton of prime meal for a ton of prime cottonseed. Or we will pay you $24 a ton for seed Blythrviile Cotton Company The U. s. Government fleet sta 7 tioned near Osceola has organized a baseball club cbnslsttn? of nonsensical roui ol casl including . ver, call the third strike on Old • 'Man Depression in "The Pool- Rich," one of the laugh sensations of the season, opening at the Rim theater on Tuesday for two <l:iy 3 . Asslstluj; Che slurs in their diverting and hard times „ .. _. ,.,,, uull , 8 f.uch well known names as Andy Devlne. Leila Hymns. Tliehna Toild. Una O'Connor. John .Iflljan, E E Olive and Grant Mitchell. The slory opens with Albert Stuyvesam Epottisivood (Horton) and Harriet Winthrop Spottlswood "Miss Oliver),' helphss and |>cnni- less aristocrats, arriving at long-deserted Old Haven, _ _„., muclt completing the journey in a rat- de-lrap car and Harriet in a 19tB w ... their family citale near Connecticul, Albert in love with tin., hetu of hi-r movie. The resulting complications lead to un unusual climax. Steppins oul of his conventional hlbtrionie role, to show his vtr- :atillty, as, a mcmbrr o[ uncle Sam's battle fleet, Rtx Bell, Mon- CBram western star, iviil .-ipjwar or, die screen of th2 me/, theater ne>:i E«ti;rtlay in "Rainbow' Ranch." his new v.-sstem character Bell appears ns Tex Randall' welterweight champion of Ihe Pa-' .scenes . him in his ship-board life us a boxer. Uim- ninx afoul of shore police duriiv a braid in a sailors' dance hall Bell is thrown in the bri» to be relcared only when an urgent svirr calls him tack to his ranch near Gruniie Oily. cific fleel, and die earlier of the plclurc show THE lured "Myrt with and Myrt and Marge Mar«je." Bryan Foy- UnlvcrsRl production which comes Sunday and Monday to Ihe Hoxy theater. professional this |i - •—<*«--—• '**i mi | x^uiiic ruv, J[" fn wccptioimlly strong team are comedy star of "The irfeht. :iMordln s to backers of the Fiddle" and other Bnnd'vav hits aggregation. Several stars of Ihe contributes his individual stvle of old Osceola club are available with comedy """"""lai style or several c.xtierienceil men who have I T(v . ,. j had much experience In profes- h nu ».Hlfji ""5 s '°oses. who slonnl. wml-profcMlonal and col- ^P?"^ lo the gaiety of »Cra zy leglatc circles. Qmlt Players backers of the Osceola The brat deep red rubies come rom Burma. and and "A nfght in Spain" are seen for the first time in a feature production. J. Farrell MacDonald and Tom .'ackson. screen favorites, are prominently cast in "Myrt and ijarge •• • Tnxie Frlganza, grand old lady of the stage and screen, offers a Mew -Little Bag of Tricks" in the leading comedienne role. Orace Hayes, whose soprano voice has been heard in ma ny big Broadway hits, and on phonograph records, ha sanother big part. Ray Hedge, the "Clarence" ol Myrt and Marge, joins his teammates In making a first film What is prr-labelcd as the sca- ion's most uproarious comedy is Echfuuled for the Roxy theater Tuesday. Wednesday and "Thursday. The c&meily Is "Horse Play" Univcrsal's Intcsl lau-jh-provoki'r co-starring Slim Snmmcrvillc ami Andy Uevlne. teamed tosi'lher for Che first time, and supported by ROXY Last Time Today ADM.—MATINEE and NIGHT—IOc - 20C KEN MAYNARD in 'GUN JUSTICE' FaKy Arlmckle Comedy Novelty "Last Straw" "Murder in Trinidad" \vi! own (it Ih;. rto.xy l-rld.-.y •tuiday. st.irrhi" UoailiL-r Anoe nnd Victor Jory. Texas Flier Earns High Wages Coyote Hunting TOUT STOCKTON. Tex. IUP)- Hundng coyotes by airplane K lucrative spoil of l(uy liaiiin- _ luer. who works for Texas ranchmen bothered by the peu.s. li!nne usually is u«-d lion with a ground drive . coyotes, the avmii;r ]!nr- . 'he animals and sliooling them with n shot gun alter they li'H-ii Jumijcd by hunters on IJKSIJ ijrlcc U charged by liaiimsiirdiier n-licllier co>i nn additional itni.m, ikiili'd. atom, $10 10 . with ap- Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance Phone 797 New and Complele Une of House Paints ' New and Complete Line of fishing Tackle. Genuine Aladden Lamp Parts 30c BURKE HARDWARE'CO. Sunday - Monday MAT. & NITE—lOc - 25c We Buy Government Loan COTTON Also will give cash settlement in full at time of sale 'Let us see your samples before you sell 0.0. Hardaway & Co. S. Second St. 'i' not, will amoiml for cncl: The price average S15 per coyote. HauMEardr.ur has conlvacLs iiicluiien that do not l:ogln until several months in the fiitur,- ;ecan«! ol the demand fcr his scivicis. remains of the aarci-vark Have been found in Che state of Wyoming. BIT Saturday Only MAT. and Nile—lOc - 25c TOME ON MARINES!' with RICHARD ARISEN IDA I.UI'INO UOSCOE KARNS (JKACE HRADLEY MONTE JJLUE ami TOKY WING Cartoon "Ole King Cole" Serial "Pirate Treasure" Sunday - Monday MATINEE & NITE—10c-35c the radio favorites of millions, Wilk ltd H«ttf, Eddit For, Jr., }. Ftrrcll MtcDontU, Rjy H«d 9 «, Thomii Jackson. Gr«c< HaYts, Triiic Frijanta. Dir<cl«d by Al BoaiWrj. Produced by foy Pro. duclient, Lid. Prtttntcd by Carl LMmmU.AUNIVERSALPlCTURE. Comedy "<7ohs of Ktin" With George Givot and Charles .ludels. Travelogue "Paris on Par.iile" Paramount News Hroadway Hrcvities "Arniinrf the dork" >>ilh Norma Terris And .( [.;t on —Coming To The Rilz— April HI - 20 Al .lolson in "The Wonder jar with Ricardo Corlez Dciorcs DC] Rio, n'ick Powell and Kay Francis

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