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The Yakima Herald from Yakima, Washington · Page 1

Yakima, Washington
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Wednesday, May 1, 1912
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VOL. XXII. IS NO ELSE! HANOFSTit President Taft Says Any Man With Blood in His Veins Must Fight Misrepresentation HAS BEEN FORCED TO FIGHT ROOSEVELT Great Crowds Greet the President as He Closes a Whirlwind Campaign in Eastern Massachusetts at Close of Spirited Contest ROSTON. April 119. —President Taft ended in Boston tonight a twelve hours' campaign ttirough enslcrn Massachusetts. From the time lie began speaking in Attleboro until his last address' In Melrose the president was greeted by large crowds. At Lowell the crowd was so great that several members Of his own party could not get Into the hall until after he Started spo-aklng. Not in Taft's Vocabulary T>uring the Lowell address, when Taft alluded to Koosevelt's charges against him, «. mam In the- gallery persisted in shouting "He's a liar." Taft said he appreciated the support of his friend in the gallery, but was forced to decline-, to use his vocabulary The president, after expressing a regret that necessitated B president mingling in a. politleii.l struggle, said no man has a rig<ht to mlsrepreaamt another to get Into office. Man Of Straw No Longer "T was a man of straw." he declared, "but I have been a man of straw long enough. Kvery man who has blood in his body anil who has been misrepresented as 1 have been is forced to fight." In the first half-dozen speeches of the. day tlie president did not allude tx> Roosevelt by name, but as he came, nearer to the colonel's footsteps he warmed up to the subject and assailed Roosevelt time after time. Virtually every town the president Visited was a lna.nufiacturlng center and in many places the mills shut down fund theschools closed tn welcome him, ItOOSKYKI/T RETORTS TO T\IT liong-nislnne-e Debate (iuirt'ili-ri/.i-el tho last Day in Massachusetts PITTSFII-:i.ll. Mass., April 29. "If you vole for Taft you vote for these men." said Colonel Roosevelt hire today after referring t.n Senators Lorlmer. Penrose, Balllnger nnd Guggenheim, lie said the president virtually had nothing behind his campaign outside of two or three states except the support received from these men, "and their like- and the pie-11 Sinister special interests which st.itiil behind these busses." Roosevelt devoted a large part of his speech to a re-ply to the things President Taft hail been saying during th" day at Che other end of the state, aim! in the latter part of the day entered upon a long-distance debate by retorting to the president's utterances. Roosevelt said the president had a.-serted he was stirring up class hatred. This Roosevelt denied, declaring such talk was "arrant nonsense. In the same connection Roosevelt said if "Taft's policy of flabby indeclslon and helpless acquiescence In the wrong-cluing of crooked bqgBSS and crooked financiers continues there will grow up class hatred in this country." JUDGE LYONS DROPS THREE INDICTMENTS Part of Alleged Charges Against Monopoly in Alaska Failed to Impress Him JUNKAC April 29—Federal District Judge Lyons today dismissed three of the six Indictments returned February is charging several transportation and coal companies and their officers With a conspiracy iii rssiraint of trade In connection with the alleged wharfage monopoly at Bkagway, the alleged monopoly of the coal business anil an alleged monopoly of transportation between Skagway and White Hnrse. (if the three sustained, one is upheld in iis entirety and the other two in part. These refer to a monopoly of transportation between Seattle and Alaska and discrimination in the- matter of wharfage ami transportation business at Bkagway and an alleged conspiracy to control the wharf business at Bkagway. Those quaahed n - late.l to the alleged coal monopoly and alleged transportation monopoly at Bkagway and White Rorse and the exacting of unreasonable wharfage tolls at Bkagway, SO ARBITRATION I.IKKI.Y Conference of Railroad Managers see I'.ui Small Hope' NEW TORK, April SS- —After a conference lasting until midnight the conference committei of eastern railroad managers gave OUI a statement; decla-rioiig they proposed submitting their dispute with the engineers to, the interstate commerce commiaeion, but that body dec lined the proposition I ■and Chief Stone of the engineers iv accept it Every duty which ws emit pbscursi some (ruth which we should have known. —John Rusk!' The Yakima Herald. INVESTIGATION t NEARLY CLOSED Senate Committee About Through With Inquiry Into Causes of Titanic Disaster SOME RECOMMENDATIONS TO BE MADE ON WIRELESS Withholding News on the Part of the Operators Is Censured and Legislation Offered to Prevent Repetition WASHINGTON, April 29. —After a clay of discussion Intended to discover tlie needed reforms in l-he use of wirelines telegraphy ad soft, the Senate committee investigating the Titanic- illsaster entered today on the final stage of its incjuiry. Tomorrow the olnccrs and crew of the sunken whip will be released anil nt the Mime time .1. Hrnee Ismay will be quiszed as to his ideas of regulations to make the re-petition of tho disaster impossible, it Is clear tfhat committee will advocate legislation preventing wireless operators on shipboard holding back details of disasters. Mistake to Withhold News G-Uglielmo Marconi and Edward Saminis of Ihe Marconi company both acknowledged that a mistake was made in Instructing the operators on the ('urpathia not to give out anything until they saw Marconi. Ram mis. While em the stand. Utterly resented tlie Imputation that this was done for the- purpose of suppressing news from the' ('arpathia. lie asserted he told tho operators to hold personal stories for sale as a reward for them. He nidi "l thought it would brain them up." .Sammts said, however, that the Oarpathia's operators were not to blame for not sending out news in any event. If there was any blame to be attached to anyone, he said. It should be to the captain of the Oarpathia. who Is censor of all wireless messages from his ship, "operators," said Siunmls, "are there to send and receive. They sand nothing the captain does not pass on." After consultation with Ismay, Captain A. S. Frafiklin niacin a statement in the committee In hermjf of Ismay unci himself, absolving the wireless and cable companies from withholdii.T from the committee any message scut or received In connection with tin- disaster. Bride Made $11100 on Story During the hearing today Operator Harold Bride, the surviving operator ol tlie Titanic, was recalled- He testili 1 he received $1000 for his story from a New York newspaper. Rrlde was also further examined regarding the hour tlie California*] tried to get. hi n and regarding tbe alleged refusal uf the Titanic I" answer him. Bride said the message referred to iceberg warnings and the delay was about 20 minutes. When he got the message he- gave It to the officer in charge on the bridge. Bride also stated that if (he Titanic had given his position to the steamer Frankfurt "there might have been a different story today.'' Fourth OfTirer Poxhall was recalled fo testify about tlie distance a light can In- seen tit sea. He said he doubted that a. nickel could be seen 14 miles, the distance Chairman Smith said the- ('a liforniun was separated from the Titanic. PARLIAMENT IS AGITATED Tl Inks the United Stales Is Too Severe on Inquiry LONDON, April 29.—Francis Dyke Ada ml, parliamentary under-secretary nf state and foreign affairs, on behalf of the British foreign office rebuked the members of the house of communis whu have been prune to accept as gospel the garbled reports of questions asked by Senator Smith in the Titanic investigation. Steps, Acliuiil stated, had been taken to Secure an authoritative report, of the. United States senatorial committee's porceedlngs in ease it may be of use in the Kngiish Inquiry, AelaueJ said tin-re were Americans aboard the Titanic and the right of tlie- United State's (o investigate the sinking was clear. There was also no question of power or authority legally t'i summon British subjects while they Were on American territory. SENTENCES GIVEN TO THE M'GINNIS GANG The Queen Bee Is Held Until Judge Preble Decides What to Do With Her sheriff Day returned Sunday from Goldendale, whither he had gum. for Archie Mitchell and Ot«a| McGlothien- In Bupsrior court Monday Mitchell pie i.i.-.i guilt) to liming uttered a forged paper and was sentenced to from I s- months tq SO years in the Mumue reformatory. McGlothlen was allowed t" go. Joe Me (iiimis, who had previously ),;,.id.ii guilt) to the charge of grand larceny, appeared before Judge Preble | and was I. Bt« .ol to frum J t,, | | years In the reformatory at Monroe. Ro) Woolsey, of the McGinn Is gang, was also given from ii to lj years in the reformatory at Monroe Lucy Am. McGinnis, the guwi bee of the McGinnis gang, was not scr,- I fenced as Judge Preble announced in- Imd not made Up his mind i cc heil to do M ith her. FOUR TEAMS IN TRACK MEET Ellensburg, Prosser, Sunnyside, North Yakima, at State Fair Grounds May 4 GILBERT SILVER CUP EMBLEM OF CHAMPIONSHIP Local Team Being Coached by A. C. Palmer, Who Thinks North Yakima's Chances Better This Year Than for Past Three Years Klicnsburg, Prosser, Sunnyside and North Yakima high schools will hold their annual oratorical contest and track and lie-1.l meet in this City next Friday and Saturday, Mac ?, and -I. Tin- lirst named v.lll occur in the high school auditorium Friday evening at s o'clock, in the oratorical contest North Yakima win be represented by Robert Cowan, who will give the "Appeal of chief Joseph tor .lustice." i v dramatics, Clara Davis, as representative of this city, will give "A Life tat* son." Tlie truck and Held meet will b, held at the state fair grounds Saturday afternoon, May 4. commencing at 1180. A special service, with cars at frequent Intervals, to accommodate the large crowd that is expected to be present, will be furnished by the street car company. This annual track anil field meet is for the championship of the Yakima valley. The prospects of Ninth Yakima are belter tills year (ban they have been for the past three years. The team has been ably coached by C. A. Palmer, who has been out every night with the boys, and he: is optimistic about the meet. The trophy being competed for is one offered by H. M. Gilbert, a silver cup emblematic of the- championship, which will become the permanent property of the team winning it three times, not necessarily In succession. The team winning the cup each year (Continued on page eight) ROOSEVELT liKTS TWO MORE Clallam and Island Counties Are lor Theodore 'I.—as * SEATTi.rc, April 2!». —Returns from Clallam ami Island counties where preferential presidential primaries were held Saturday show Roosevelt controls the county conventions In both, giving him It nmri delegates to the state convention, in Pacific county the outcome Is still in doubt. ANOTHER STEP UP ON TRAIN SERVICE Buffet-Observation Car Is to Be Added to the Equipment of the Day Local on N. P. Another step forward is to be taken this month in connection with the Orandvlew-Seattle train, making a still further betterment nf the service over that portion of the Northern Pacific line where- betterments have been numerous in the past two or three years. The latest plan is to add a. buffet-observation car to the equipment. This will till in a weakness which has been most pronounced from tlie point of vi.-w uf travelers to and from this station, Opportunity has been presented, going ami coming, for a luncheon at Ellensburg, which was a great convenience, hut the buffet-observation car will make the train complete in itself ami travel much mure- comfortable. Tim first car will leave Seattle Saturday, April 21, and the second Will lease on April SO. Thereafter each train each wax- will have the car as a pari of the regular equipment. i'iglitilig Dick the It.-I SALT LAKE, April :•;..- "Fighting Dick Hylaiid of Salt Lake got the decision over Matty Baldwin at the end of the tenth round hare tonight, Champ (lark <;cts Colorado COLORADO SPRINGS, April 28. — The state democratic convention today Instructed the Colorado delegation to th.- national convention for Champ Clark. SHIPMENT OF GUNS SEIZED BY MEXICANS Rifles Sent for Protection Have Fallen Into Hands of Police and May Cause Trouble MEXICO CITY, April 29 —Thirty thousand rifles shipped to the American ambassador tor the usi of the America n olonj In ti vent of trouble In the capital, were seised by the police today .is the) were boil | distributed. More than fOO had disposed ol among Americana when the Ordel Was ISSUSd to allow no m I:,j go out The ■mb oxu i took steps tv leu m th* • •rnha i go. « liii n is believed tv v inisundel slaiielliig NORTH YAKIMA, WASH.. WEDNESDAY, WAY l. 1912. Chairman W, A. Smith of the Senate Titanic Committee—Sailors Who Are in Washington Waiting to Testify WASHINdTOJt, April 29—William Allien Smith ok Michigan, who is chairman of tlt Senate 'I'itanic com* mlt tee, announces that he. is holding a large number of persons In the city under subpoena to testlfj at tin- Investigation, Among these are several sailors from flu- Titanic Senator Smith announces that tin- committee win hold dalle sessions until ail nave testified, ami In- lias refused .1. Bruce RIOTERS BREAK OP PRAYER MEETING Use Clubs on Zionist Men and Women Praying to Have Employes Stop Smoking ZION CITY. 111.. April 20.- --Hinting slatted here lliis afternoon when the employes of the Independent manufacturing concerns attacked a group of -'in Zionists, men and women, wbn were holding a prayer meeting against. the use vi tobacco by (in- employes of manufacturing concerns. Both men and wonieen were clubbed and a number seriously Injured. The light, Which Is tin- climax nf a week nf trouble, occurred when the employes uf (in- Independent concerns leaped the barriers erected around the prayer meeting and drove- tin- Zionists in i ither pari of town. Immediately after the light WJlheT (Hen Voliva ordered the alarm hell rung and mure than liniii no,n assembled at. the auditorium m discuss plaits resisting further attacks of the Independents, who tilled tin- streets tonight ami threatened to clean nut the town. Another clash is predicted, STARTLING Mils I'ltOM sw\lk Editor Tells of the Wonderful Transformation Expected There Under the genial Influence of warm spring .sunshine the Swank bills are fast becoming bared of winter's snow .nol iii the course of a few weeks the entire ares of the basin will be accessible to the miner and prospector, sacs the Echo uf e'ie Blum. Viewed in the light of ths man j wonderful results ol the cyanide tests made of its ledges and formation last .\e-ar, no , ion in the pasl history of the camp has ever been looked forward to with greater Interest than the present ison. A light i.s breaking nver the Sleepy old camp and in a short time tin re is liable to in- sin ii a bustle among the old Swauk bills that all the countryma) Sl< UP a nil la ke- notice. Tloi , Core keep your eye <m the old dead hoi c, for -nine day in the nol distant innre he Is going to unfold from thi present chrysalis in the Form ot a magnificent modern electric line thai will carry great loads of tbe precious yellow metal in the valley below, returning laden with the burden of ni ressll ies to one of the richest well as i h,. I.i ,i est mining camps m i he golden w i st. Itrings Bach Ulalia Alfalfa iusi about toady to bloom was brought i., North Yakima Frills j night ii on. w int.- Bluffs b) C. 1: Da) pi mi Cll . why made trie trip He reports 'ihai ihe potatoes '■ • :te hen high ..'id that in ge-n---• , auditions are all that , for Ismay, p. A. s, Franklin ami other Important witnesses permission to leave tb- cite even temporarily until in- has finished with them. Tin- chairman's tine ..I questioning indicate." thai in- has been furnished with much Information and data which have nol been made public ami which mac throw considerable light on tin- disoster. PROHIBITIONISTS HOLD BIG MEET Keynote Speech of Campaign Was Delivered by Rev. Dunlap of Seattle A largel) attended mass meeting of prohibitionists was held Monday evening in superior court room No, ... presided over by p. 1,. Miller, with .1. V. Mnhr, secretary and i-. p. Harris, treasurer, in attendance. There were .sumo enthusiastic spec, ins made. The following committees were uppointed : To nominate delegates to attend the state- convention to be held at Bveretl l Mac- 14— W. E. North.-. .J. M. Richardson, s p. Dodds. Campaign committee M, 1,. Mathersun, D. E. Bherlff, Mis. P. L. Miller William Horteskey. Rev, P. i-:. Duniiip uf Seattle, national committeeman from the state of Washington, delivered a full of fire kcyiint a ; po,, h DANGER HARK IT si. l.oi is Itapiille Ki-ing River Is Manning |<> Residents Hong Ml-,»l—-ippi ST 1,, iris. April SS.- R*lood conditions here are ilarmlug again when the gauge registered 29.S feet, a rlsi uf 2. J fret ill the post .' | limit | Tim present -tag.- is within half a fool "I' the .la tiger ma rk. "Twin" Sullivan Win, CINCINNATI, April j:i \i : , iTw in i 8u 111 vain ni Boston had tinletter of a 10-i I right with Hurr Wnest m this . u\ tonight. BADE'S GARDENERS MAY 4TH AND STH Manager J. V. Payne Receives a Telegram Insuring Two Good Games of Baseball a telegram wss received Moud >\ '<•■■} Ma n,igor .1 \ |-.i. „,. ,f ihe 'I Iho i B "I. - c; 11 demrs ol e\ I t \\ alls ,co .; .., here for two gat Sa.t uril iya ml Sunda; Vln t .mi :, Manager Bade has add. t- Strand, tbe famotis left hinded pitcher, tv in.- -i iff iml „.. i to. the >-- n,,. | j „. . ning two <£*<i>..--. '^iiig from th, per?e>tiiie-' uf the i - B ejulu- res sons bly go figure out hens it hap pi i • , "I AW, ARE YOU?" SLOGAN IN MEMBERSHIP CAMPAIGN MILWAUKEE FOR YAKIMA President Earling and Other Officials Expected to Visit Eastern Washington GREAT FREIGHT TONNAGE ATTRACTS THE COMPANY Outside Report Is That Line Is Heading for This Town and Will Come in by Way of the Reservation BRATTLE, April SS.—(Special to tin- Herald i -Some work with refer* ■ ii, o i.i construction In tin- Yakima. rountrj is planned ii\ tin- Milwaukee rniirn.hi. officiate of thai company, probablj Including Prestdenl ESarllng, who is now in i hi- west, vcill m.ik,- an Inspection "l Hi.- district ,il an early date, and It is altogether probable that freight and traffic representatives will accnmpanj tin- president into the terrltorj Mr ESarllng and a number uf tinanricrs from tin- i.isi who are intereeted in the Milwaukee have been looking aver the Pacific consl cities. learning something uf the valtts ami character of the products ami the Increased tpnnage which win in- conmimed anil produced in the yi-ars to come. The Yakima vallej with lis Immense tonnage uf fruit, which is high-priced freight, with its greater tonnsge of other products, naturally is attracting attention, ami a firs! hand study i.s to in- in.nil- by the. eiiiiciais uf its opportunities from the railroader's potm of \ lew. \<> Definite Plans it has in,en Impossible to learn here whether the railroad p.'opio have in nil- definite plaits si tliis time regarding Yakima or whether thej anmerelj preparing for the future, n is known thul there Is construction word in progress along the Columbia river which, it is expected, "ill lead to an entrance to the Yakima vallej by mi ans nf I In- line uf I in- . i \Y I!. & x it is the general expectation (hat tin- Milwaukee "ill insist, .is so,in as possible, in getting int.. that vallej mi its own us soon us possible, ami that it w ill arrive at North Jfo klma by «in uf tho resert atlon. Whatever is planned, tho Yakima vallej folk nine expeel in see Mr, Bui ling. Mr i 'alklns and nth, r offti i.i is in their vs llej »Ithln a .short time. Powers mi Watch Mexico WAHHINGTON, April 28. — The I lliled Stales w ill nol he the onjj gucernmni'i to send war vessels Into Mexican waiters, Information has reached the rtate department that a Brll Ish wll hip will he out t,, Mexico ami that the French government will iln Ilkew Ise. Hurl in Ruiiaw-S) Mrs .1 T. Maine,, „| sos Fourth avenue was the victim of a runawaj accident Monday evening when she wtaa run over at the corner uf Yakima a\ lllUe aml I'll st st reel bj II delr, or wagon of the Heigel meat market She was knocked down and .sustained iim ira, ture of a collarbone ami two ribs Th. injured woman was taken in the office of Dr. Weir, Yakima National Bank building, win, at i o'clock this morning reported thai the injiir.ei woman was getting ahmg nicely. Rose Carter Released Rose 'arter, who was taken Into i ustuih s.i im d.i.e bj (iffli .i Pel ry of 11. police depart in, in ami h,1,l t,, await a hearing as to In t sanity, was released from 'hi inty j iii on Hunday, tin- officer* having come to the conclusion thai she was sane and should nut be subjected to the pro I I eXS miiia I ion MILITARY BOYS TIE IN ANNUAL CONTEST Fight for the Steinweg Cup Ha* No Result But the Spectators Get Splendid Sport H i h sport us thi boys put | ! funds: 'i -urn., o p., ■ . n their third annual nilltar „i ,< ih. k .mi thai Ih iim but ll mii Ml." aid ll - the) lecompli nothing -. In .1 tie, 15 point ■■." ;i i "inpauy, w in. ii in,.ins that it-- i Ithei wen. Had i i- i have owned ecu it th irs This ■ , , i . .a .i. 'ii , , ,i, ,i , ii in thi individual drill .low n in i , in the e'piip. mci ■ l : ■ ' i •■ ml in \ arious r con! lie In net It- The CI .. .1-1 pi v I - I .eee-.V WVSStlintf „ , i Thsrs a i.irg.- attendance if spectators ml Lhi re •• is go,,d music b} ilia band Commercial Club Boosted by Addition of a Total of 429 New Names THREE CAPTAINS STAND FORTH PROMINENTLY Ratification Meeting Held Monday Evening Presided Over By President Robert Rundstrom Greatest Ever Held in This City The Commercial club rooms on the fourth Hour of the afasenli temp ■ »ns th,. ,„,• itlng plan,. .Vl,,mine evening i.i the largest aggregation „t business ,„,„ thai has ever been held . """ '"v As n general pr isiti,,,.. 'his reporter » in nol sndoavor to dispute tit,, time-honored Bhakespertnii assertion thai "comparisons are odious, but in this particular case, .1 1 nil records vc.-r.. smashed .is tint „- „ flounder, th,- success of ths sffalr may only in- measured by comparison ii.i'-.- wei i.s s«o the Commercial .-inn omclals organised -.: campaign fur new members. This contLSl rom-1 inenced on Tuesday, April --..'. and was iroughl to 11 linisii Ht'ti-r sis days .•(' hard work on the evening of Monday, April Ji'. Thai 1 ontesl resulted in increasing Hi.' 11 il.crshii. of th,- North YaKima Commercial club h\ 4-1 names, segregated Into »he- following; Resident members, .to:,- nm,. resident members, 71; , imerrlal travelers SS. Tin- membership uf th„ 111111 i.s now awae SDOVe ths xnn marie. Ten Captains Appoiateel 1 in- campaign was org-anlsxd i.\ -„. lectlng t.-n captains, « ith a detail ot ten members. Bverj captain die. llilns,. f. resultl" Wlß * '" ""' '"1"1" *lu"K *• i, Nun- cam, I"1-""; Re* Res. Tray. i w ickerahs m s |„ >i Olbson ;,,! ,['j Outhrle n-i a » Hughes ; | ' Cornetl :i .J Irish _ni v ■> Klttlesen ju j ■ R'mei i I ll Lum x a ) Scrtiini.inu l ,- | () Loudon i i : independents i;! -, JT ota's SOB 71 SS i in- apparent discrepancy ... ,hs total of inn resident members obtained is accounted for bj tbe fact that si.\ members were secured too late to apportion them to their prop, r pi i „ Threw Captains From the foregoing table the names ol < '.ipt.iin it h Wlckeraham, . apuin W B. Outhrla and Captain v. I>. (Ilbson l.i.ini large. The mentloneel ami his team win first pi. i. , , a hlle the i sptaln, » itii „., new nami s to his Individual credit, wins a. life membership and the high honor of, the campaign, W it. Guthrie comes second on ths honor roll. He has an equivalent .if •VI mw members, which entitles hnu in a life membership, Captain ■> D. Gibson's team stood second in general results, but ths . apt.mi iiar.-h fell short of thi io\ el ed number to make him a life member, in order t" throw a. lit 11 * - ginger into the nldtime members ot the club it i- pi op, r to here state thai ' 'uptain \Vn Uersliam has bean a. resident n£ North Yakima, for two brlel years, (Continued on page three) YAKIMA MAN BECOMES EXPOSITION EXPERT Senior Member of Firm Weatherwax & Son Connected With Panama-Pacific Venture ii.n i> \\ .at hem i\. • eniiii member of Hi. iirm ni Weather wax .y Hon, architects, : i Yakima National Bank building, returned lasl evening from Ban i-' Isco whi re be was in - ference w ll h the din ctora of t lie Pan - aiii.i-i'.n it i, mii 111,11 lonal Exposii ion ompany, and lias accepted ihe posit loi ii slant dlrei tor of works "i th.- largi ' • nterprl v ns kind tin i litr' has , , r seen. All , unstrm i mil ol i .-( r de « i Ipi lon will •■■ directlj under the supervision of thi division of works Mr Weatherwax has been assoclati d v ith six oi the largi st expositions of the lasl {0 in a similar i apaclty. Grounds Bcautifull) Located Th,- grounds an beautiful! located slung the waterfronl overlooking Ssn Frani Isi v Baj l im lude the government presidio, .mil the possibilities of the sit, .a, unlimited. Work in prepare! lon for tin exposition h i imiii commenced, a large force of workmen being - (igaged in ihe sin. of b itlding i, set eral Immi use ■ v. liusc fill: itnd th ■ ■ -in and e\ erj thing pulnl i to s ii exposition The ... i in th. m Ighborhood of J- i, and Ih. lion -it.- will unq ■ iiii-n si spot vi the counti i next us. \ir \\ ■ atherwax, Si nlor, * 111 : lvi -ai (' r ■ within i?\ o •. ■ me tlie d miss at his p- i lii. • ■ ■ ug his , v l\i ;,:■,... NO. 18

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