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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 91
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 91

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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The PiiTtburqh Pr, Wetjnesciey, March 21, I960 91 Bill Sharman Kiesling, Dudley Headed For 'Hall Bush Vows Hornets Will Hold Fort Against Barons Tonight Tom Trethevay 1 In NCAA Meet Named Coach 01 Warriors Pair Of Former Steelers Among Eight To Be Inducted At Canton This Summer AIR FORCE ACADEMY. March 23 (IPU The top college swimmers In the forward Hnea. Bush received bad news yesterday when he. learned that the east will not ha removed from Don McKenney's left hand until next week. Basketball HIGH SCHOOL PIAA PLAYOFFS Ciait I Entora CHnnitmO'O Dorb 4.oln Mantras at Clou Wtdtm CMmaiwrtia Mtrttr .1 Bxridock 4 CHADS SCHOOL flWLS St.

WarviLawrtnctv.l 11 M. Holy No. INDEPENDENT ARSENAL INDUSTRIAL LEtOUl B'll SI Local No Harmony 71 Tvton i2 SETHEL PARK" REC TOURNEY lt-ytari Clan Ellzobfth 4J WMtthall It-vtar-aitf Clou Bl' Dvll, 44 3 Crttkers 57 St. Morv ILow 1 S3 ll-vtorIS Clou FrtoWt A C. Crullla I 43 BOYS' CLUB TOURNAMENT St Wfnrti.n Celts It.lMilkHiteurt If Shalr IS Sorinoda't 71 PARKS RECREATION GIRLS TOURNEY (Q'wtr Finnlsl IntsrlMAjliMtA Hot Cltvtland Hopes To Bounco Wasps From Socond Plact In Tanglo At Anna BILL HEITELDEB Tht Hornets, fighting their own war on poverty, face -the prospect of losing a share of second place in the Western Division this week.

Pittsburgh and Cleveland are deadlocked with 67 points 4 By PAT LIVINGSTON Two former Steelen, Walt Kiesling and Bill Dudley, will top a panel of tight men who will be Inducted Into the National Professional Football Hall of Fame in ceremonies at Canton, this summer. In addition to Kiesling and Dudley, Indian Joe Guyon, United States, with one big exception, will converge on the Air Force Academy tomorrow for the 1966 National Collegiate Athletic Assn. championships. The meet will run through Outside Interests Given As Reason For Firing Hannum McKenney, a top scoring threat and former National Hockey League veteran, suf The two American HnrVav fered a cracked Index finger Amie Herber, George McAfee, Steve Owen, Hugh (Shorty) Ray and Clyde (Bulldog) League dubs will meet to- SAN FRANCISCO, March insurance executive In Lynch-1 MiMi fmm thm 1iM nt action recently with Memphis of the Central Professional League. on Feb.

26. night at the Civic Arena, then burg, and is a member of 311 swimmers will be Yale's Norm Beaudln win be re 23 (UPD-Alex Hannum, the nice guy, was out as coach will play at turning after missing two the Legislature. i four gold medal winner of last Cleveland on games because of the flu. Bush anticipates that his lead vear, Don Schollander. No Ivy sf.

Mnry iViarDKuroi I Mt. Alvtrnio 44 Avtlla Hi9h 21 League school will comtiete stmtr ing goal scorer will be too of the San ancisco Warriors and Bill Sharman, one of the National Basket- in the meet because of a dis- ST. MARY CYO TOURNEY pille With the NCAA. Ouorter-Finolt iMcKMMwrtSt Poul Defending champions In-, Most Hoiv Nom to hoiv Fomn elude Indiana University's! omens au tournament Saturday. "We have never relin-Jquished see- pnd place and We wont do it I tonight," said Hornet Coach Eddie Bush.

Afour-zame weak to take a regular turn. Cleveland is the hottest club in the AHL during the second half of the campaign and also owns one of the top lines. Bob Courcy, Joe Szura i Tom Tretheway of Mt. Leb- sroaov in. 44.Rans.

t. ju. coi. oa 1 1 Assn. Bob Champoux is handling the regular netminding duties for Pittsburgh.

He allowed only one goal in two games earlier this month when Gardner was out with a bronchial infection. Bush said the young goalie also did a good job in Rochester's 4-3 overtime triumph over the Hornets on Sunday. While Detroit has thfcuied Pittsburgh's defense corps, an Injury and esse of the flu has weakened the all-time atars, anon. In the 200-yard SiS' bieaststroke. Indiana Is fa- o.

Po. 44 vored to win the team title. i Turner will be honored as men who helped carve out the colorful history of professional football. Three of the eight Kiesling, Owen and Ray are dead. The others will be Installed, their bronze busts enshrined alongside 31 previous nominees, in ceremonies tentatively scheduled for Aug.

27. Although both Kiesling and Owen, former coach of the New York Giants, devoted their entire adult Uvea to pro football, only one of the others Is still connected with the game. McAfee, who starred as a halfback with the Chicago Bears, is an NFL game official. and Bob Ellett have produced was in. annum i' was fired af-I ter rebuilding Kiesling, who played and coached with the Steelers from 1938 until his death In 1962, was a graduate of St.

Thomas College In Minnesota. During his earlier career, he played with a half dozen pro clubs, including the Bears, Chicago Cardinals, Duluth Eskimos, Pottsville Maroons and Green Bay Packers before joining the Steelers. Guyon, who now lives In Louisville, Ky played in the 1920s, chiefly as a blocking back for the immortal Jim Thorpe. Turner, an ironman center from Hardin-Slmmons College who played with the Bears, Is a rancher in Gates a total of 90 goals. Szura leads the unit with 11 Willi 40 goals.

Courcy Is the top polntmaker with 80, Including the team this Stuuman past season into a colorful squad that missed by a whisk 54 assists. er of gaming tha Western Hockey AMERICAN LEAGUE 7 Penn State Wrestlers Vie Special To The Press ASTERN DIVISION Mi Aa 0ube 43 it yh Tw 30 26 5r 17 Soringfield 36 I 56 214 UNIVERSITY PARK, Mills, Tex. Berber, the NFL's top passer in the 80s and 40. teamed with Don Hutson. a previous nominee, to revo March 23 Penn State will Bammort 24 31 2 50 17 220 Previdtnc II 41 3 39 141 J5I WISTIRN DIVISION Division playoffs.

Owner Franklin Mleuli said he was forced to let Hannum go because Alex could not devote 12 months of the year to the job. Mieuli said he expected Sharman, a star for 10 years with the Boston Celtics, to locate in the San Francisco Bay area and be available to work with the team yearlong. Hannum, who led the Warriors to the NBA title game against the Celtics two years ago In his first season at the helm, has off season business W. L. T.

pi. 95 RochMtW 41 17 4 16 252 T4 have seven wrestlers in the National Collegiate Athletic Assn. championships tomor losing streak Bush for the Hornets and Cleve-J land's four straight victories have pulled the Barons into a ts for the second time In the month. -Rochester has already flinched Its second eonsecu-itive division title. Despite Bush's confidence, JERe Hornets face an uphill struggle.

The club has given until it hurts lately. The parent Detroit Red Wings, hit tfard by a string of ailments among their already recalled Pet Goegan nd Bob Wall i la addition, the Red Wings Jolted Pittsburgh by falling up Goalie George 'Gardner, a top contender Jfor the rookie of the year' ward. Gardner is substituting for Soger Crosier Who being given a rest. kjThe Hornets have added a fourth defenseman for tonight He is Jim Eagle, a University of Denver hockey pjayer who has seen some itttbwch I 17 in Cltvtland 33 30 1 67 20f 194 Buffalo 27 33 3 57 1M 201 -Cllncht4 division titlt. YESTERDAY SorlntfMd 4 Saltimir 1 row through Saturday at Iowa State University.

uniy torn icntauwa. SCORIND LEADERS A'' A 1 til In the field for Penn State are Dick Dewalt, Joe Eremus, Ellery Seltz, Wally Clark, Vince Fltz, Rich Lorenzo and :9 For Dudley, 44, the en-shrinement caps a long list of honors which saw the 170-pound halfback, a graduate of the University of Virginia, win every football award it has been possible in his lifetime to achieve. A 19-year-old All-America halfback with the Cavaliers, Dudley broke into the National Football League in 1941 and was proclaimed as rookie of the year. He is the only man In the history of pro football to lead the NFL In ground gaining and pass intercept Hons In the same year, 1946, and he did It In an era of two-platoon football Dudley, at present, is an So lutionize the us of the forward pass In football. To.

gether, Herber and Hutson, playing for Green Bay, developed passes and patterns that changed the concept of pro football's aerial game. Ray, who never played football, served the NFL as supervisor of officials and a technical adviser from 1938 until I Joo, Gambit. RodiaiHr MortMn Qutbtc Courcvi Clevtland Poooin. Roclwjttr Hicki, Qutbtc Labaultrt, Qutbtc Ehmon, Rochester 46 Jerry Seaman. commitments in Southern Cali V.

i U. 34 a ia 44 71 Mtlnyk, Buffalo I said, "Show me a filter cigarette that really delivers taste and I'll eat my hat!" Baseball Clinics Set Slock burn, autotc 31 30 S7Q LEAGUE i W. I T. rt. OF A NATIONAL LL The Penn Hills Baseball fornia.

Sharman, named as Han-num's successor only six hours after Alex was fired, was a collegiate star at California and broke into the pro ranks with the Washington Capitols. Assn. will hold clinics at 7:30 Msntrtal 36 20 I 216 U3 Chicooo 36 22 7 7 22 Toronto 31 23 71 p. m. Wednesday, April 6, and Detroit TV 26 n) 20 New York II 1 IB 46 1M Ml MT.

LEBANON DOWNTOWN MONROEVILLE Wednesday, April 13, In the Boston II 40 42 lit 259 TESTE Mo oomts icheduled. Penn Junior High School gym. 1i 'Mm- A "k- 'C. i ''i'if'i is SS1. -AAAA 'A A 4 A'AA A i 1 fi A i A'-x-'A-A- A "O-AA-lA vy.A''- rM JT' Wf A AAAAAi, iAXAiAAAiAA A A Am, 'f AiM.

A AAAAA A AAA i S-aa WV7lf I1 'I'l 1 irlJWIK viyifl'WaJr'i 'ft'Mrf A 'A AiA AAAymAmAj SA? lliiiiL-XKl 'r Ipllpsjpr iYmmmjJ fap Ksf t9 rr- 7 1 111 ''III tfc)iS5SKaiMMi I I liilllSiililli 4 $aW. la. A 45vouuwa Of Jvkliil's We learned something from the big boys. SEE MANY TROPICAL AND YEAR-AROUND FABRICS IN ALL WOOL OR LUXURY BLENDS i We're not obove borrowing good Meo when we see one. The engin in bock, out of nSe woy.

There all oround (21) in There's so much room Inside the VW, you'll think you're driving the real thing. But not when you park; the YW Wagon is only 9 inches longer than the YW Sedan. The idea of station wagon With th eluding the skylight kind on top. virtues of bus was too good to resist. The seats are chair-high; And you can 22 Regularly 27.50 to 39.50 Lately, we ve spotted a few other bus- Which is why the Yolkswogen Station even have an aisle to step to the rear.

The VW Station Wagon has a bit less type station wagons on the scene. Wagon has so much in common with other buses. The driver is way up frOnV $0 he can So maybe things have worked out evenly headroom thon a real bus, but it has more doors (5 in all) and a sunroof that slides offer all. The big boys learned something from us. bock for lots of air and lots of view.

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Sarry, bteiuit thl widi virlityt mill er phsni errJirt. No iltiritient. Pittsburgh 3475 Wm. Monroevill Beaver Beaver Valley Auto Sales, Inc. 294 State Street, Vanport Greensburg Chelsted Motors, Inc.

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