The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 15, 1938
Page 6
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F1UDAV, Ai'llil, ID, 11)38 J ULYl'UKVUAM '(AKK.)'. COUKlttU C&Mti&edJitom BUYER AND CLASSIFIED • ADVERTISING INFORMATION Uully rale i>ci' lino for consecutive inscrlibns: One lime per line IDe Two times per Uric per day ...08c Three limes |Mjr line iier day ..Oiic Six limes'iier line |ier day 05c Monlli nito per lino UOe Cards of Thanks SUo & 75c Minimum cliai'ec IJOc Atts ordered for llirce or s I s limes mill slopped Wore expiration will be charged /or the mun- ber of limes the add appeared ;uxl k adjustment of bill made. . All Classinecl AilvcrlLsint; copy litbiniUecl by persons residing oiit- | 'side of 111 ceity must be accompanied by cash, nule.s may be easily compuled from above table. Advertising ordered for irrcgnlnr insertions takes (lie one time rale. No responsibility will be liikeii for more than one iueorrcel insertion of tiny classified ud. I'iatios tuned uiul repaired. c Ford ill Wade Co. Plionc 105. CAMO SKI; SOVHUAN'rf Business Directory Harrv Ha i ley's CURVE IN CAFE Good Food n{ Gnixl I'liKSH REK1 Crappic Garage operated 'by I'Joycl jiarjjeU Cigarettes 2 fur 25c HARRY BAILEY'S COW t'UAS, SKlil) COIdV. Wholes lie ,v Retail W. 0. REEVES l( . H. SI. Ulythevilli 1'Iiuii-;.-; 555 .V SCO Holland, Mo. rlioucs 5-1'-I & K73 ^riTworiT" for $826.28 to be paid 57.90 per iiKMilh. $C5(i yivcs deed, you assume 16:111. Rent on wnall house will pay loan, insurance and Prolil 812,50 per inoiilh on invesUnentot S050.00. See II. 0. Cninpbell. Adtnr. B. At. Bee!; 'Oiricu 103 S. 2nd. ll-ck-19 SNYDER'S TIN SHOP ftlctnl Work fcr ZOYears Valves, Blowpiiies. Soed Kins •• "ALL WORK GUARANTEED Money Hack Guaranteed STOP-A-LEAK Roof Continjr Also I'laslic; Cement .122 Ko. Bill Phone 48G:J You Waul ;i Iloine Why Not I!uy 'I'liis? No. 112:) West Ash. 5 robin, bath, servant house, (jarngc, lot &u by I8, r ) fl, no paving (axes, no i-civci lax. Will .sell as is for SIS50 ca.-ih, or will refiDisli. repair, Uvo coi\U paitit inside & oiil. new paper nl. rooms, build solid brick foiimlii- lioij. make {jood as iiew for onlj' SiB25. No belter buy in BJvlhevillt today. W. M. Burns, Agency, Thorn; 243. Coal My Coal Is But I Treat You While. LOCAL HAULING John Buchanan Ark. Phone 107 Radio Service J i liynert ICiilio Serv 1J PARTS, TUBES. BA'r Ilardawaj Appliance Co. Henry Werner ? lliiln & 5th Plione 233 Batteries BATTER'* SKRViCE J. Ben Clune PJiOJie 8 «t Tom Jackson's Sporting 'Goods Complete aloch Goltlsnnlli':; Baseball Goods Just Arrived! SHOUSK-HENRY ti; co. Collon Seed D. P. LNo. 11 COTTON SEED urination Tcsl 88 per coil $60 Per 'Ion ut Vcc'an Toinl, Ark. 'JOHN H. UZZKLI, Several Hundred Bii.slids LAREDO SOYBEANS till) Bushels: DELSTA BEANS •|)SM ',\ lot (IT I), P. L.NO. 11 COTTON SEED 'Jlitsc i:olliin seed vrcrc simtcil nn «(ir uim jirivatc gin. Not a lialc of an.v other colloii giiincii on this gin tint (his cm- variety.' C, P. TUCKER Used JA'inriture f \VK | USt;il KUKMTIIUH I IlL'Y NOW - - I»AV NBXT I>A(J, HUBBARD 2nd ]{;trifl riirniduc Nexl la (roil Hold Tailors I-ct us i)iolli-|>ro;jl your dol.'ies closets iV, livini; room wiilcs. Guaranleed prolcclion I year. Mo- nitc Droccss. Hand Sox CleiiTicr. 1 ;. I'lionc HI. :ffl-cfc-l-30 If you need a Tailor, see George Mulr, "Mylhcvillc's Only Tailor." Main & S. R. K. Shoe Repairing Quality Shoe Shop NEW SAMPLE SHOliS ... .'Eycvy.l|)|ng .For. Vour^ 1'honc 120 Free Delivery Piano Tuning | \\ 7 anted To Buy Cull S'iOOO Worth of Hatchery All Make? Kiidtgs WAHK FUKN1TURK CO. I IK W. Main rhono 155 Baby Chicks PUrsUG' HATCHING. Marilyn Halchcry, IJlytlicvllle, Alk., H.W. . North, Phone 742. Repairing LAWN MOWERS" Bly. Machine Shop I'lionv 81)8 Notice I r rreinan Droll)cr.s. Painters iiud s. Phono 'fi\. ^l-ek-1-21 'J'lie Miner Slipper Slioj) sells Paris 1'aslilon Shoes, bj 1 Wahl Stioc Co. For Sale Vo nii-r liviiM<«i--<uic live rooms anil biilli, olhcr lour rooms, rient »r $22.50 nor month. Both In loan lion, hub no more love [or Ivuvrl. 1'eter \yiis w'jiled In a iiuiilbiii 1 , by nihUi'ke 'uii<! dlwuveivd inic'r wjin) Die'clerk slnrleil l» MII|, llu 1 mail on Ihc Initn, Minus slmn|>» or addiess, 1'etcv was uneereinonl- oiiMy (tumriNl oul al I lie ni'Nl Mutton and compelled (<> walk home. 'lie oil. jjol liotne. hut, could not. be, coaxed inly Hie [w.l ullk'e lor ci'al ilii.vs. 'l.v cannot dei-lroy Hie ulnnl Sciiiiolii lives. When an (used drills Into (iu> bin*, u (unniiiT»kc cliukt-s il. Hthoiil lias I'd Alligalur ONSKJ', Mass. iUI')--Ai(d ways ot tnakl»i{ school iiilvveMlns: A .vouni; ulllijiitoi 1 performs Hie'lit.'k |it Cenlrn) ."jeJioul. The llcely l-'lor- iitsi visitcr, now hulf siw. is i\x- peeled to [iul on wehjlit and Brow considerably under the care of the school children. SCREEN WORK AT A BAVlNCi Ki'iuirlti); \- NVtt 1 Si'i'fens .lAW; h'Olt AM. : PUKt'OaKS Barksdale Mfg. Co. SEED \Ve have on hum! for culo or Irade. lor oilier iiroducls, lieiiti.s •• -Ijil-cdo, Dvlslu, Alainlnotli Uiwn, Wilson mid Vn'SlnJii ISi-ovvn. I'cuij— Wlitps mid Now Kia. l/\spcde'i!il — Korcuu. Cotton BCCO--O. I'. 1,. n-A and Stoiuivlllo -I-A, will sell for cash iir I nulo ivllli you for otlior kinds of beans or collon neod. HORIZONTAL I I'icturtd tlert Crb'ss 'official. c hotel. AakwW to fr'revious Fuijij gK'csaldJn ' i ' i - ' ' ' ; r '»•;',-.* I V •» c ' 13 IB IWniilc IV To permit ifH.ndlim. 10 In llial , respect. 42 One thlil , Wishes. ?<> Jlojfie(o>iie|. 3,0 Small 31 laliiinillcs. 20Uour 21 UlslintUvc , Ilicpry. 23 Consumes.. 21 To tlr'ike wllli Uic hand. 27 Species. 28 OilierWiSc. 28 KliiK of boasis. 33 Sore Inrius'tiilkm.' Dance hull and beer parlor on Highway 01. Doing good business. E. B. Chilwood. 12-pk-5-12 One thoroughbred Poland brcod sow. 1'JOl \V. Ash. (i room H-liitc .slucto lionse. 512 No. lit. Call Quality Shoe Shop, 120, II. B. Campbell. 5-ck-lf EASY TEHAIS on nscfl Frigitl- .i.ufeesj^M.rv'tag Washers, Dclco Hglit plaula & radios, li. 13. Uee Sales Co. House npto'.ri). B rooms ami ImUi. i room servants house on real of lot. Easy terms. Write Box "A" Courier News. • Hay—Soybeans -Oals .Bccd Corn-Milch Cows And Trnclor Work. Sec \V. L. Tnle, Arinoi'cl, Ark. Complete ^0 voliinie set, of 'Slah- dard Relcrcncc Books with loosi leaf binder. Call 23D or 702. . . . Seed LAKIiDO DKI.STA l Plenty 10 Sii]>;>iv i)eila linjikiiii Call g; For Rent • i rnrnn mill ludi iiiiidern. iinliiin- i.'-hed «|il.. With Superfes nil liealer. shade* and hot ivaler lir«l- cr. 2'Ja K. Davis, call -loa-.l. 'l-ck-if iwiin i'ii East Apai-liiiciit hii:raii] u quire !';>,! khui. si. Co. 'J iir :i fuinislml rooms. 'J . f)M llriu-n. 2-pk-5-2' Modern :i room .-iparlnient. Newly drcornled. lliifiiini;;lic(l. Cimier Main ^ ami. l-\ Simon, plume 7G-I. Slove anil residence eoiubincd. Modern convcnicncci;. Near factory. lj. l-'owlc'r, Blyllie.-j v illc Motor Co. Call 888. 30-ck-tr' I''or licnt: Main. Bedroom at 3 room furnished apiirlincn!. newly dccoralcd. Phone 785-J after 15 P.M. Mrs. Belle Wood, I'H-ck-tr I'M acres lanrf, lour nouses and barn, in Half Moon community. 11 Acres ol alfalfa. Sec Earl Magcrs. Uell, Arkansas. 24-pk-4-21 Comforlnblc bcchoom, nut, Call 102. Personal Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers renl b!llnn>nH». tiMilllpM'.nn "•• c>if>. -Itllve I,Ivor Pilfj set »t Ihf oi»Ve ynti foci likn * now pnnon •ocr Bj-^lem or norplf!, t.niRont AcliTi- Llvrr Mils, llirfflcss. geall«. Sold «l »U Klrbj lime Blore«. Found I93S Ark. truck license. No. 770- 8C3. For Two Ton Truck. Owner may have same by paying cost of this ad. Courier News. 'Incastircs. 3(1 Motive. nines. 3-1 Mnlldous 7 To ))n>' one's par I. 8 Male bee. 8 Cicotjraplucal Room and Board L. R. Matthews Gin Co. SflSecjiliiv. •iOI'ei'tatnfni; (o DIRT Sand & Gravel ("hone . H7 Vvtm at "be," 3D Thick Mice. ' •11 Thriller lilslo os coil •15 'l'a I'Yire. •id Kt)by'i|Uri(-l. fill R, Ti'J 0|ierli mbUftl !>3 Sill I'cl. II-K-S, Vnrbro, Culliin, Ciidun Seed .b Coal Nicely furnlshcil rooms. Board If ileslrcd. Phoac; COS. 112 K. Cherry VKRTICAI, 1 Soft broom. of i ac «. , r , 12 V'lio lied Cross , Female Help Wld. filvts — — 4VJ><i'tti core to lliu « Gibbon. liijiircd. .)HSomc. 15 The lied Ci'os:; 01 Onngcr. ••Bxultanl. 5 Ulver nulll. lVun:cii — Address anil mall nilver- tnntcrial for n.s al liome. We supply everylhinK. Good vale f pay. No .'lelllng. No ex|)['ilente IICCC.S.VIU'.V. .Marl, Mihv;uil;ce. Wisconsin. YOUU PKKSCKll'TlON DRUGGIST C<iiU]Kctu ELECTRICAL s & Position W aiiled Crescent Cafe ELECTRIC * ACETl'LENk. WELDING I'ouiij; wliili! woiiia'n desires hoiise- work. \Vill cnrc for cliililren. lix- cellcia kcfei-ences. Call AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Hoi- I'll Hiirhcenu lileclile Cooked Slciiks Barksdale Mfg. Co, '•'l'h<- Cotnplcle lilcelrlcul Slore" mi SH. ami iMumc :tn WE BUY POULTRY Markel 1'iit-cs I'aiil. .1. \V. M001M-: K. Jllain St. All 'U'lHlhiK Brands of ikcr, WiiliikcyX Wliics ' Cllli Now Located at 101 NOrlti b'ccbnd ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BVREAU a j'mikigi'B 'i'liillllis 'tli\s & OH #1 ftbuft .s'l Cat Mixed In Mails Forced To Walk Home DON EDVVAKDS;" Proprlcl* Calcnlntors— ItcialrlnB— Vans— lilljlioin AU makes <it ilcbulH 'JypcHrUc«, Adding Atuclilnni «n( ors— Itciialrlni;— I'art.t— iti|j|,i)i >s TlljillVVlly (il I'lioiie Vl 'Jiolliinil, Mo, UI 1 )— I'ctcr. n to Poslmas- of Hudson Buy Junc- AKJ 'ECHO SOflN VOICE, WELL, IN SPITE OF Til' FACT WB? ALOME IN MOO y I'M HUNGRY FOR. BREAKFAST\ABOUT YOU? I STILL HAVE i'LL STIE A.PEELIN& I E^A DPI WE'RE NCT ALONE- .... ALOME! SOMEBODY HOLLEREP RI&HT BACK AT ME! BOOTS ATO HER BtJDRIES Tlic Time Ls (Jelling Shorl BY EDG'A'tt MARTIN h\\. W \-VfZ 11 fEEX. d' 'OF WASH Tl/JJBS Anil Not Tliro\ij;h. llis Hal BYIIOY CRANK C-EEt \ PLENTY. IT'S ONLV I HOPE \ YAKDS TO A PAVED ROAD CLUB. I'VE COME WE'LL 'BEGIN LAYING HA! OLD MAW nVKEE I'M A FAILURE, DOES^HE? FOLK 1 :, AiJOOND HOME 7HIWK A (JDITTER — A FOOL! JU5T Y<3U WA\TE/^y,' IlL ' EWOUGH TRACK- LOT ANP WGHT O' WAY, EVERYTHIUG'S SET. 6UNNA MAKE A ND IfJS FRIEMJS Lesson Number One BY MGRRILL 1U,OSSBIt O DO THIS MODERW WE'VE COT 7Q KEEP Tl-lt- DA.NCIM6 MODERN; THAT MEAMS THE BIG 'APPLE.' TitrM \v;'LL HAVE 'lO "fAKr LC-'j'jOM? AND LEARN . . - />Ht:n ALL, NO DO IT ] OME WAMTS' 'WE J PRCV, "10 ME' BIG APPLu IS EASY ( YOU CAM LEARN IT IN: i MINUTES ' ALL YA GOTTA DO is 10 CARRY FOUR BASKETS OF E66S AMD TWO STICKS OF THEM WIIEM START AC TRAFFIC. BUTTONS UGHr TlJl^NS (5ED,' IM THE MIDDLE OF COUPLE OF/ SUSPENDER. YOU DO FROM TMERE OM IS THE DYMAM1TE O^J C.USY STRELT Your Nted.s! -nti, Inc. slied ap,(r(mcnt. 717 . Mrs. J. S. Gc.scll. 12-ch-lf

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