The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1947
Page 13
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• jriJUBSDAY, APKIL 10, 19<17 Communist Hurls few Challenge Party Secretary Refuses to Appear . Before Committee WASHINGTON, Ami]. 1C (U!'l — Dennis. General sccvelui'y American Communist 1'arly, to apprar ye'iteiday IM-[W« the lions:- ini!i!iirrii-:in aeti\itier, cwrimtfci; ivliceh had su;r: Mv.'d liim to testify as lo his "Heal Nam?." Daniel L.-iimiiis, New York attorney milieu reel before the commiUcc to represent Dennis, i.npidiis prc- /•enlcd a formal slatcn'.cMH written by the cnnnmmtst official. neimls contended in the statement llwl (lie committee is not a lawful ctn!<:ross>oin! eoonoittee ami therefore could not siibpena WJ'tieS<;C'S, Committee counsel Robert F- BLYTHKV1LLE (ARK.) UOUR1KR WEWS Zephyr Derailed Near Chicago Fii'Jpliiiir coi was purity ,,f "cimspiriicy lo com- i>iil contempt." 1( crime? carry"''; a maximum penalty of iwo years im- piisojnni'jiv and $10,163 fine upon cf.nvletlon. Sli'lplinir said that represented a more rerious rl;ar«e th»n merely contempt of ihe committee. | Slriplhic controlled that Dennis has enlcretl itUo a conspiracy WK!I olhcr Communists u> ignore cor.i- mittee >m'>pi:nris." "r suggest the committee asl: "in alUn-ni'y t o chari>e hrr. \vi h ronM'ir;»c\- to c-ommit ' contempt." strinHn" sndl. Acting Committee Chairman Knrl E. Mimcll. it., S. D., agreed lo hear members of the commute'.-'* mvcstisatm'.; staff testify formally on Dennis' reco;- t t before Koiiiff into executive session lo decide on -.n contempt citation. ^ C'lKvlIciiKOs Committee ^nic committee met nt 10 AM. 1ST. and Stripling called Dennis lo the stand. Lapidus came forward instead. Lapidus liiuS appeared with ncMiiis on March 21) at a meetinf! from \vhich Dennis was ejected when he refused to give his "real name." Dennis, in his formal statement, cited four reasons (o support his claim that the existence of the cnnnnittce "is in direct violation of the constitution." They were: 1. The House has not clearly defined the scope of ihc committee's authority. 2, The committee hfls "usurped ]>oljcc authority" without any basis in law. 3- The committee has "interfered jtt elr-cfions, the ac-1 ivifics of trade unions," and "nullified civil liber- (ics." 4. Rep. .lohn E. Rankin, D.. Miss., a commit Ice member. "l s net duly S|iceclin B through the suburban city of Dovmci-i r "G:ovo':. enronte lo Chicago tlio i;iirilJi<;ton spmlii> s Twin City Zephyr was derailed when tlio engine struck u piece of fivl-hl wlik'h passiiiB train. Volunteer rescue workers remove one of the iujmvcl tlu-oH B h the wtmlow of the it crashed into the Downer's Grove railway sl.Uioii. <NEA Telcplioto.) Icallromt's [ell irom :i train alle.' Greek Army Opens Drive On Guerrillas A'1-HKNS. A'.lril 10. (UP)—' icek Army tnmoniKed Iliul KMwd a wiclr.'pread offensive dawn yesterday against KIU"" ^ in Nflvihrvn Tlirssuly ern Maeodoiiin, i' Civevk Air I-NHVC wfts In «<•-- iiuulnst tin' uiicrrllliis, taking I tlu- OKvilKlVV, VMlll cik fleet were wait- to j',0 into HCtlOll, t unuoimced. f •aided 1 PAGE THIRTEEN \ iiollce nniiotufccO ycslcrdny (Jhuilt's tLuekS 1 ) IjUclano will Liu tnki-n into etislddy when ihe B. 8. linklr iii'ilvi's hero Inter this week from Cviba, but, llv.vt "no itetinllc churl's have been plnccel miainat htm." Tlie Turkish steamer was duo in Genoa a'oolit M>v<H 11. Init poll anlliorltles sulil the cxnct arrival duly had not been confirmed. ami . of I he O ins their tur, the loos-h Dead Miners 1 Beneficiaries To Get $7000 WASHINGTON, April 10. (UP) — Trustees of the United Mini) 'Workers Welfare and Retirement Fund voted yesterday to make immediate cash payments ol Sl.OCS to the dependents of each UMW member who lias died since last June 1. Chairman Thomas E. Murray told repavtcrs the fivst bn\efici;>.v- ies should receive their checks within 30 days. This will be llw first, distribution from the funri, which was set up last year. It now contains about $19.000,000. UMW chief John L." Lewis served notice, however, that he will not sign any contract with private mine owners unless it includes provision for continuing the welfare lund. OHO ton aircraft eat'riers .Snjin'^ri- f,a iird Anllctain, two. lljlit en::s- crs. >>:l.i|-tn and Duluth, elaht dc- .stroyers, and two' fleet- oilers. al 5 a.m. in the 10^)011 of Norlliera Oin^e where j>ueirllla bands have wi'ii most nctive, nccordhif lo ,-)f- flcliil reports. I'laws of the Creek Atr Porco showered leaflets on the battle •«»«', wiirnliiK the inhubitaids Dint, Wi: .sv.ile opemtlous uituliisl tlic tut'i hlliis were brelnnlnt;. The |>ec()lo were warned of ditn- Ki'r in tlie llijhtlnR, mul wevc mlvi.sed to stay Indoors. Genoa Police to Meat Luciano As Ship Docks CiKNOA. April 10. < UP) -Genoa RADIO REPAIR I AND a DAY SEltVlOlS ON ANV MAKK OR MOUKIj. Itli- PHONE 2642 We Cull for iiiul Deliver FREOCALLIHAN Appliance Co. WASHING MACHINES we have them for' IMMEDIATE DELIVERY BENDIX AUTOMATIC WASHERS The FINEST Automatic Washing Machine Phono 3450 HUBBARD & H(>KE ,: Your G.F. Store in' Blythovillo ''• Autliurlml Molucola tiulen imA Service IOC. South rirtl SI. Poor Judgment NASHVILLE, Tenn., April 10 (UPt —U was a brave threesome who drove Irom a local hotel last nli:ht in the car belonging to nil 1'liI agent. The autbmcfbile later' w;is found wrecked near Ashlan'ct City. The FBI still Is, IpoVlng tor ihc" three men, - •. •- • Pilot Accused In California Of Plane Theft was "clearly i;i contejnpt of Criifi;rcss" and tiiat Dennis a is fol- lowint; the Comiminist Party line by clwllcii'-iiiig the legality of the comuiittce." ATTENTION VETERANS! If yim si-rvcd overseas, you should jnin the V.r.W. »nw! itlrcliiiKs every Wednesday nisM, 7:30 at the Wclenknmp Cotton Of/ice. liring a veteran with you. VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS Farris iMcCalla, Commander LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. April 10— (UP) _ California officials arrived in Arkansas today to return Dcn- —, .., .... _, vr , r "ij\i~ky" Miner. 27-ycar-olel ex-( and lawfully sealed as a member of combat 1]ot ln (ace ' charges of ! te hon=e of representatives." 1 strril | n(f an n | rp i Bn[ ,. He based his contention on i M ji lcr is boil , K heM iu Garland grounds lhat Negroes in Mississippi q O unty Jail by ^hff iff L G Brawn- are prevenlert froiii voting. '' The sheriffs "office said today the nankm, who was present at lliis pilot would' waive extradition and sefsion, said tiiat Dennis' arconiimiy llic officers to Imperial 1 County, Cal. Tlie warrant showed that last F:t>, 15, Miner piloted a smaU plane celompng fo Wan-en Oaks of Imperial to Los Angeles. Tile warrant said also that Miner "fraucl- \ilently fuiled and ucElectccl to ro- tinvi the airplane to it s owner." 'Brown's office quoted Miner as saying lie was opcratiiiR the plane on charter and ficw it to Texas. He insisted that he left the craft there when Oaks failed to furnish money for blic return trip. Navy Plans Tour WASIUNTON, April in (UP! — Tnc KJVV today announced teiuu- live V'lan: ; to scud 12 v.w.sMps ta irydney. Australia, late n May. A Navy spokesman said it will bi: a "toodwill tour." The tc-rcc will inclU"!c two ! SAFETY-FIRST MO REGRETS/ Be Ready for State Police Checkup! Bring Your Car to Us This Week Only! Complete Brake Relining Job - only ....... HERE'S WHAT WE DO; 1. InsiM-d, clean anil rcp;ick wheel ftcarilVES. 2. Insiiccl liydniulic s.vslcm. 3. Turn drums if scored or out of round. (Extra Charge). I. Uclinc siloes with fiictory specification lining. H 5. Adjust Brake Shoes lo secure full pcrtal. C Give von a 33-ilay free brake adjustment service. I'HOXE 3170 FOB APPOINTMENT Young Motor Co. I/INCOLN SALES MERCURY AND SERVICE 'hone :mo 112 W. Walnut Phone 317i> Let IJ STOP 'Heiii' You— ' DRINKING There is no medical remedy lor drink .... but we cnn help you resist its influEnccl No cost to you — only co-opcrallon. JUST CONTACT Alcoholics Anonymous Box 873— Btj ihcvlllc. Ark. PASTURE FOR RENT Separate Pasture for t Cattle and Mules Plenty of Salt and Water PHONE 869 SEED SOYBEANS... CERTIFIED IMPROVED ARKSOY EARLY MATURING % . I'mimlutUm Stoi-U—Dirut-l Kr«m Urtcdw •" •• tl |w<jvi'(l yiolils :i to f, mbi-u bushels per CI-C uiul .situutH u|> l>uUor tliun Hulspy. ' ' ' Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1SDO \V. Phone 85C-S57 REFRIGERATION— 24 Hour-r-REFRI<3ERATION Sales . Service • Repairs AIR CONDITIONING ' \\l'. AKK AIII.K •!'« OVVV.I! YOU (JH,\l,inm> KNCINKEUINU Wulk-tn liovcs, Ih-rrriiKt) Conli-is, Dlsphiy (Jiises, Air Con- illll(inl»(! drills ami usvil Hitfrlxcrallou Kquliuucnt of v>lt kinds. 715 W. Ash— A. H. Johnson— Phone 2188 or Poolo Motor Co., Stcclc, Mo., Phone 49 I Telephone Service D u r i 11 g T h e S t r i lc e The telephone strike has not seriously affected local dial telephone service here. Long distance service, however, is seriously impaired. % n ' '' ? We are supplying as much emergency service as possible. $$j Your help and understanding of the present difficulties is a big factor in making this possible. EMERGENCY LONG DISTANCE CALLS » 1. Please do NOT call long distance except in case of a REAL emergency. An emergency call is one that may affect the safety of your family or property. 2. If possible, an attempt will be made to com.-, plete your call. 3. When delays occur, please be patient. SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY BlytheviSta Soybean CorbJ 1800 \V. Muin . ."...'. JOHNS LIQUOR STORE All Your Favorite Brands , vt:i,i,owsTONi; * or.i) • Ol.l) TiVVl.OH ANCIKNT AGIO « IIIINTKIl 1 IIOHKS • I'.Ul'l, .1ONKS I. W. ll/Vltl-IvU » CAl-VUUl'S Your ratruliaK ACltHHS V'l'.OM Kl'l /, Tl'd-IATKK Hardware Mutual and Hardware Indemnity ' Insurance Companies of Minnesota ••• ; • lt:t(cit A jilus cxffllciit Ijy Ic.ttUn-,' insiiriuicc uullioTltLcs. * StMiiid pro(f!C'ttnii het:;iusu of Iiu^i: ttiKLiiciul rc.scrvcs anil udciiaale .surplus funds, I'rcmliirn s;ivin^'s—more Until .'IK million drtllars liavc been returned in (lividriifl Hiivlnpi lo polIcylmWtrs* " Lower cost—bcc;iiisi' oT ;i careful >jdeclinn nf risks and economical , ujicntion, IjiirRc cltvUlctul suria^s ua auloinoblle ;xu<l lire titsuraiice equals low net cost. Box 431 FOR INSURANCE SERVICE W. L. TAMKE Phono 2487 RHEUMATISM KEPT ME IN TORTURING PAIN The letter says . .. "Hvciiis like the pain just won't let yo." Fur more tluin SO years doctors have.prescribed ttiis natural mineral wriUci: that tends to neutralize ixiin-caubiti^ uckl;;. \Vrito today lor free booklet, CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main anil Division Illl'llicvlUc, Ark. I Dr. Milton E. Webb Optometrist Announces the Opening of His Offices 138 East Ma in Street : Telephone 2297 ' Biytheville''

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