The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 20, 1949
Page 6
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PAGE BEX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ' WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20, 1949 Homage Is Paid Jewish Leader Dr. Stephen Wise, Defender of Liberal Causes, Dies at 75 NEW YORK, April 20. W)—The body of Dr. Stephen S. Wise, world- famed Jewish leader and militant defender of liberal causes, win lie in state today at the free synagogue-which he founded 42 years ago. The noted, 75-year-old rabbi, who spent a lifetime, preaching for peace, freedom nnd tolerance, died late yesterday at Lenox Hospital. He had undergone an operation early this month for what the hos- 1 pital called a "malignant stomacl ailment." His body will remain In stale through .tomorrow. Funeral services will be Friday In Carnegie Hall Death of the crusading rabbi *'ho was president of both Ihc American Jewish Congress and the World Jewish Congress, stirred sorrow around the world. Thousands—including those with whose opinions wise had sometimes clashed—messaged their grief and affections. A pioneer of many progressive movements, Wise was a central figure in the long battle for establishment of a Jewish homeland In Palestine. Prom rostrums here and abroad and in the hearing rooms of law' makers, the blunt, outspoken rabbi fought In behalf of civil rights, In- bor welfare legislation, racial equality and world unity. In recent days, lie had become deeply troubled by the trend of international nations. He said it appeared that this country's leadership was bent upon war rather than peace. "I am going to speak for pence," he said on his 75th birthday n month ago, "until my dying brealh." He was president of the schoo up to his death. Born In Budapest, Hungary. Wise was reared in New York City, lie was educated at the City College rf New York, Columbia University Syracuse University and the Unl versity of Oregon. His wife, Mrs. Ixmise Waterman •Wise, died Dec. 10. 1947. At his bedside al his death were his son, James Waterman Wise, •writer and publisher; his daughter. Mrs. Justine Wise Polier, justice of the Domestic Relations Court here, a sister, Mrs. Ella Fish, and their families. Famed Rabbi Dies Dr. Stephen S. Wise, 75, president of the Amc-lran Jewish Congress f.nd In.' World Jewish Congress, died lal< yesterday of complications that sel In after an operation for a stomach ailment In New York. President Urges Full Participation InBig Bond Drive WASHINGTON, April 20. lift— 'resident- Truman last night urged \nierlcans to put Iheir money Into 'the safest Investment in the world oday"—U. S. government bonds. He told a dinner lhat the bond drive starting May 16 will help keep the United States a land of opportunity. Therefore, he said, it hns been appropriately named the "Opportunity Bond Drive." ".Savings bonds mean more than freedom from financial worries," (lie President said, "They signify that Ihe owner is an active participant in the affairs of his government, as every cltl/.en should be. , "A savings bond is your certificate that you have a share In your country. And when a great many people own Ihosc certificates. It makes this nation a better country." Mr. Truman suld the people who buy bonds "all are buying security for themselves and for each other." The quota for Ihe drive is Sl.fMO.- 0(10,000. Secretary of the Treasury Snycier said seeing lhat goal attained "Is a Job tor everybody." Snyder was host at the bond drive dinner. U.S. Circuit Court To Pass on Utility Rate Refund Case WASHINGTON, April 20— «•)— The United Slates Circuit Court at New Orleans must decide who's going to gel $2,105,205 which accumulated during a utility rate case. Arkansas Power anil Light Company and Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company and their customers nrc nmniig those who nrc potential l>en- eflclnrlcs. The money lu-cmmilnlcd during prolonged litigation which came after the Federal Power Commission In 1913 ordered Interstate Natural Gas Compuny. Inc., which operates gas wells In the Monroe fields of Louisiana, to cut Its rales more than $1,000.000 a year. After Ihe commission luul inndc Its order stick In the courts, Iherr still wns the question of who's to get the refunds. More intention followed. The U.S. Supreme Court said Monday the money shouldn't BO I pipeline companies which distribute Intel-state's gns. It left U|> to the district court to decide whether the money would K» I" 1[ »al companies to ultimate consumers of the local companies or both. A. P. and U and Arkiinsns I.oulsiina Gns lire among these companies. Rep. Harry Cotay to Head Educational Commission LITTLE ROCK. April 20 iit'i —ncp. Hurry Colay ot nt'Mnolta has been clccten chairman of the Arkansas Educational Survey Commission he sponsored In the 1049 legislature. Tne 21-mcmber commission was set up to make a comprehensive study of state colleges. It chose Harry Ashmorc. executive editor o! the Arkansas Gaelic-, as vice chairman. The commission also picked an executive committee which was directed to select an executive director. The executive committee Is composted of Dr. Lewis W. Jone.s, president ol Die University of Arkansas; Wythe Walker, Little Rock: Rep. Allen Lynch, Tyronzn, and Sen. Lee Reaves, Hermitage. Smog Test Goes On Despite Rain And Strong Winds DONORA, Pa., April 20-W — [xjw-lylng clouds and a steady rain yesterday failed to halt a four-day lest of poisonous fumes In the air over this mill town. Scientists arc seeking to recreate Industrial conditions reported last October when 22 persons died in a five-day fatal smog. On the test's first day Monday, a strong w I nd prevented formation of fog. The wind blew most of the smoke across the Monongahela River to the town of Webster. George Clayton, of t he U. S. Public Health Service, said Ihe rain wns not Interfering witli the test. lie added the test would be stopped at the first sign that atmospheric conditions of lasl October are be- liiK duplicated. The '/Inc works or the American Sleel & Wire Company, principal Industry In Donora. is in full operation for the test. Its tall chimneys spewed smoke Monday and white smoke rose from ovens, nut visibility was unlimited because of Ihe wind. Many people arc fearful. They dread a repetition of tile smog last hundreds of others became ill. How hundreds of other became 111. How ever, investigators say there is ni danger. They will stop the a Ihc first sign of harm. a-week offer In Ironl of Diana Lynn, who will accept if film schedules don't conflict. • • * Lucille Ball Is talking to Columbia about buying I.cland Laurence's satire, "The L'romo- ilon of Miss Priuule." Scotly Beckett, Jane Powell's i teen-age friend in "A Date With Judy," gels his first grown-up role In M-G-M's "Battleground," In which he'll play a GI. It's a Iwlst was considered "too Hollywood Continued from Page 4 should be In the restaurant business. She put up her cook books, they put up Ihe money. * • • Don't discount heredity. Francis X, Bushman's granddaughter. Bar- 1) ,ra, just made her acting debut on television. She's (he daughter because he of Director Lew banners ...The I old" for a role with Clark Gable New York lioxy is waving n $10,000- in "Any Number Can Play." Powerful Hydrogen Eye Magnifies 600,000 Times NEW YORK. April 20 f/I'i—A hydrogen eye, a new kind of microscope that sees with hydrogen rays instead of lisht. was reported i" yesterday's issue of Nucleonics, an atomic science journal. The eye can magnify 600.000 units That is far beyond anything ever attempted. Electron microscopes can magnify about 100.000 timc.s. Marriage Licenses The following couples obtained mariag* licenses at the office ot Miss Elizabeth BIythe, county clerk yesterday: W. T We.stmayer and Mrs. Frances J. Under, both of St. Louts, Mo. Thomas J. Slaylon of Blytheville and'Miss Hattie Mac Stanficld of Luxora, Insurance Firm Moves To Farmers Bank Building TUe Life Insurance Company ot Georgia branch office here is moving from it.s present locution in the Borum Building, 205 West Main, to new offices above the Farmers Bank and Trust Company at Broadway and Main Streets, George Hodges, manager, announced today. Tne insurance firm will occupy a portion of Ihe office space formerly occupied by the Arkansas- Missouri Power Co. general office. Mr. HixlRe.s said the new offices ol the insurance firm have been repainted and redecorated. TWO COMPLETE OVENS PHHNORNIS NOW CAN BE BOffiH! 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