The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1931
Page 6
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'( J AC;F: six •:'ws Wliilncv Cwisins ai'c'iuri: liivab Famous Racing Families ; Likely to Renew Rivalry ; al Kentucky Derby. BY,WILLIAM >H!.U:ONWi NBA Service SjisKs Krlifor . The sons o( two fnnnus racing •families hnvc pitted a-jain-i CM ;another their tsst, lio:-es, ami i-.Kentucky Derby this year may \>: ( lhe battleground on \\liich ili-j '.:• .sue Is decided. The young men nre couslm :ui' •they are Cornelius V. Whitney. r*.-\ -,- ol the late Havry Payne Whltn?;-. ' and John Hay k jock" W.iiin.'j , whose father was Payne Wlil-.iitv. '•'• To look ahead and see Riiiipnl-: ' and twenty arand fle.htms il (.•.: In the home stretch !n America'' "best-loved Derby may L'3 drav/i:: •'the imagination finely, but that i• what the signs portend. Enulp-.;r • .is the star of the slaWe of C. V.. more familiarly known as "Sanviy •Whitney. Twenty Grand Is l!ic !>;--! •bet of Jock Whitney. ^ The young men aie enthusiastic • for the test. . Each horse Has beaten the olhrr 'Jn races as two-year-olds. In th:ir •first meeting:, Twenty Grand, in one ol the best juvenile rarrs ever •run, nosed out Eruilpatsp In Iho Kentucky Jockey Club Stakes. Twenty Grand had to set a nsw • 'two-year-old record for a inllc tci .'do. it. .; in their second meeting, the Pimlico Futurity, which was run ove .» sloppy course, Equipoise gaineSI revenge. Coining from far In the I « • > i-ear, sloshing on through the muck I T' IL ' sportsmanlike rivalry Ui,alter the chase seemed hoiisless. i cousins Sonny n:ul .leek arc carry- j (icing S-.culll , : r-j-.c-. i;oll;i>. lleht'rs. li-:ll -'.ny- !(rv lj;als r.irj dugs :irc c.n thi-j ] books lor the sports .wns-jn at Ml- I mini. Fla. The hor.ssi.will start ni.i- ; | mug there January' !(;. to ccnlin 1 .;'! 45 days. Greyhounds have foil. 1 i hacks en -which to pi.rsiie ra'jb:'.'. I for t!ie edification of the tired tour- ; lfts. The "big light" '.his sear, with ] W. li. S'.rluliiiK as one of the pro!)able participants, \vlll luve a char- I tly ancle. Ttiera nil! be- 12 KJU UM-- i naments in which i- known as "'..:; metropolitan Miami area." To war J the close of the reason. Ine Bis- I caync Hay rognttu will V= held. Th 11 1 Miami publicity people also arcj writing up a "little world series" | :;utwc'en the Cardinals and Athletics March 7 and 8. Even the I ler.s arc part of the program. Not j to mentiun Jai-nlai. it ap|)cars to be a piety ambitious prosrnm. Jill) YOU KNO-.V 'i:;.vr— f" IN •; :-TJ : .T: . The I3a?i-S'j.:auI aficrnnlh ftlil c;i!!!ni]c-s in N'JV; York . . . "Net bad a-tiii." v,':ii the con- c:nv..- cf'.ion en M;x. despite E-nh'r, vict:!-y . . . Jc^ Jacolj^, Schnieliji'i'; c'licr st-ina puHt-r. vut'j3 for Tin?:' Clhcrc wore Dx' liaslcy. Jo.irm 1 ; Hii'kl'.'y. To::) M-A-ilb .inJOn- V.'fen . . . EVIII Ec.iiB.iI sjvjl:: nice ivcrd?. 6'jy.n In? Ci!if:r- niiin's fii(nr<! . . . .Jam- 1 ; iji:y Uandi'J John 11 .";) de:t.tTC'.l.v.-'icp corncicd, liiat thev \vf-ro rushing filler to t'rc p^au^hur. .'. . "The kid doesn't belong [•• tliere with thai Si-heaf kind of a fishier." spake Jimmy . . . "He hasn't lcai'ti?d c'nuiish yet. : . . . fi he listrin. ILOX^. !?a:ns' am] worki hard he'll l>e n htavy- vveight menace Mlthtn tv. p o years.'" . . . Bat Battalluo's manager. Pete Reilly, fears Max can't lake/ 'em In Hie itthtry. . .; And numb' Uah Morgan (who's dumb like a lo.x) spoke highly. of Baer's natural talent Jack Sharkey voted him plenty good . .-. bi;t lacking In ring knowledge. C!- 1 - -'HIS liAi'IEjIM IHSTKIC'i CP ABKAKHAK IN THE MATiF.P. CP Ilulfl I.V.-JIC':'. 1 . IK BAM To I!:'.- rr-.:;- Lanki'in' the county cf . and nrstiic'. alu Notice Ls htr Jan. 3rd., 193! petitioner was bankrupt, and 1 !" ol liie j':cv if HP I evl-li; ii .-ei.ud, •_ taut! in..'! •!;y 'j-'.cn r'-i?.: t_: Ihe nbove namea -'-; 1 _' duly adjudged n l ? :!:: 'the firit raertirj; ! c " r "' c o! ;!v <.<,:•• auction ic ' or. :: croul 'olloivjii; d; Ix;.. K un l tu be : . srr.bcd land?. ;o-v.i': i 7. j:i:c^ ;,. »,l.:.i. . » :!ii- C-ty i-.f in - to 'i'he frlrnilly r.i<T-;r:iok ilv.ilry ticlv.rcn tin* Wliilnvy i-ciibln.s, ".Sunny" ami "Jerk," nuiy lu* aii.iln \Uien lluir honr. 1 , litiiiiiml.ic :mtl Tivrnly (irnnil, itucl lu'lhc Kentucky llrtby, Ki|iil|inl 5 L-, whlni (lifeateil Twi'lily {irunil la I'Snilrco 1'ulnrily, i* t-luiwn ll Insrt. Bflow. li-fl, is |>li<lurc:l C:r- nclliis- V. "Sonny" Whitney, son of Ihc lalo Ihirry IMyiic Whitney unil owner or hiiuiiinUc, \vlitle iij;j:?r riclil is I'aync \Vlillnr)' r K Mill, liny "Jcvk" Wlillury, whose Twrn- fy fli^nd tli'fi-iilctl irijniiiuE^e last yr.i'cn In Ihc Kcnliuky Jgchoy Chili stakes. Tin- stands a I l.'Jilisvillc ar- lilctiirfd alovc. Cornl Horses • — Since Jcc Widesier. Hie Philadol- J the fact that the stable's toplin phla millionaire MIOI tsinnti. became niavolo was out of it. cliKlnnun of tl:, V.wrd cf the Jock- j Jlm , r U)(!d] , he , |ol£es of R Phippa into $11,083 worth ey club last year, Miami raciny ha been on the upgrade. Al the track tills year will be 23 horses from Mrs. Payne Whitney's Greentree .'.table. Marshall Field. Robert L. Geiry and others will have entries. Mose Lowenstcin has 25 head of the Widener stable. Willie on •Filz Cops subject of horses, several bets al, G lo 1 in (lie wlntor i - Cir:md promise to talntglit, the Campbell girls laklnc of ihc tmdllioiml ri- I " )c niilinl game by a score of :M \ p alrv of the Whllneys. IL Is a lo 20 n "d 'he Clnrkton boys, led by wholesome tradition that adds col-1 tllc (nst stepping Larkln and Shan- and ' a reneu'ai ' or anil |track. .seems appropriate lo mention the man whose way with thoroughbreds during 1930 uon purses and stakes amoinithifj to S-J24.395. The man Is Trainer Jim l-'itzsimtnons. H was the {{reatosl year any train- lire lo the American race non ' cnpturlng the llnnl struuule by f , . , i a score of 31-28. Botli fames wc-r.' s c c "'"'• Hayti Girls Will Meet Cooler Friday Night fast throughout, nnd were witnessed by a large- audience. Fit?, is cmii!oyE i ci several stables. His chief care durinf* ihe sea_ , , , -son In the north was'ttie Bclalr In the girls contest, it was a race- Hlm , 0[ wi , 1Lilm wowlward. Horser Iher one hits lost a county contest. i 13olh are considered the stron-jesl teams In the county. A crowded 1,. • gymnasium is anticipated, the Grc.'nlreo Stable. I ^ under the colors o! i taiupbeli and Clarkton . Sonny's Equipoise just got up in the !'"E on Is In ki-cpln;; v/illi the tra- eloslng strides to even up inatl?rs! riltlo » f |f their f:H':eis. Between .vi-ith Jock's i— .. •• Those Marj'land getting made Twenty had the advantage'of a lead In the 'of huisemen whcrfvci 1 h)s sllits were i ailre when they rounded the turn j entered. He was an Influence for coming home. Equipoise hnd le' the yoo-.l of tr.e sport, with the. come In the hard way, on the out-; highest motives, side, to collar the leaders. As ihc! Payne Whitney helped game colt advanced, bounding thru j building of mud and water, drawing closer ah-J, which rims _ closer with each tremendous stride, j Mrs. Payne Whitney. Jcck Whitney i the crowded stands gave vpnt tc:has taken up where hl.i fathsv left j one of the finest tributes of (jveat- i off. Besides the American honor ] _ "I 5 Li?™ ^ r f cU ' c( |- I j!xik "inpntuns a strhis in E.n-'i CAMPnra.L, Mo., Jan. 8.-Camn- 1 holdTh'i 180 dcsccmlniitsVTncVudm? ! (Probably on the strength.ol tint land, mcst cf tliem cro^-caumry' Dell and Clarklon Ugh Scliolois• lu 08 graridchilrcn, 105 great. Brand-' courageous victory. Equipoise al-i runners such as E.x^tcr Hern. i Dimklln county divided a double chilrcn. nnd 15 urcnt uvcat ready has been made the choice o!. The battles between Equipoise lieader basketball contest hero last children mrses, and. other small stables. Jim closed up shop at Bowie, still with a doubt in Ids mind about Gallant Fox. "I don't 'really know how great that horse --fins." says' Jim, "1 never : >fls." irt all saw him girt all he bad. I do know this, though. Gallant Pox never should havf'tlost a face. In Ills first two stitts ak 1 a two-year-old, mind you, he was, left Hat at the p^st. Just, lookiiifl' around at. the world. "As for that Jim Dandy race. well— I Jdat don't kaow. That's one for the bpolcs, i guess. Those thlujs that's the only explana- of the creditors vill te I'.ilU al mv oftici? in the City of JcncTbovo. in said District on Jan. IDth., 1931 al '1 p. M., at v/lilcli time the said creditors may attend, provs their claims, appoint a trustee, e.vannno the bankrupt, and transact such • other business as may propsrly 1 come before said meeting. • At Jonesboro, Arkansas, Ihis -. '; -'. ..•:-F. C. MULUN'IX. > 'i -• Referee in Ranlrruptcy.! IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF' THE UNITED STATES FOR THE JOKESBORO DIVISION OP THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OP W. T. Coflts •IN BANKRUPTCY. To the creditors of the abov; named bankrupt of Manila in Lie comity of Mississippi,-Division and District aforesaid, a bankrupt. Notice is hereby S'ven that on Dec. 20th., 1930 the above named '. petitioner was duly adjudged a | j -, bankrupt, and the first meeting of the creditors will my office in the City of Jonesboro. in said District on • Jan. 19, 1931 at 10 A. M, at which time the said creditors may attend, prove their clalrrrs, appoint a trustee, e:;amin; the bankrupt, and transect such ot-her business as may properly come before said meeting. At Jonesboro,. Arkansas, this 1 ir-c-nty. Dalcd l!:i'; Thursday and Every Socnc"~A~ Every Climax &" 1-7-31. P. C. MOLLINIX, I'Sfifj Referee in Bankruptcy. ;"-.;>£; Brown Stare I'nimed ^ Sixteen batters, famind ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE OF SALE Notice is hereby given Divide Double Header ELDORADO, 111.. (UP)—Mrs. Sn-; san Moarc Is now 01 and has lived on Ihe same farm for 80 years, ami] until the original log cabin burne;! | to the ground in 1911, had lived in' it for 5U years. j The ag?d woman, still .active! assisting In duties of Iho house-j More Opportunities to Save on' White Goods and Bedding st Lowess Fs-ifiss ia Years' Offering Our Regular High Qualify W omens Shoes at Savings of One-Third to One-Half must clear stocks before spring merchandise arrives. That's why we have taken radical reductions to insure complete disposal of ounpresent stock. And in these groups you'll find super quality Footwear. ' Broken Lots Ladies' Quility Slippers We 1 have taken thesa short lots of quality shoes and cut the i>rics to the bone in order to move; 'them. All Si/.es, 1'altcrns and Heels Our Finest Quality Novelty Slippers This group affords the economical shopper substantial savings. iPumps—Straps—Ties High and Low Hefls Ladies Galoshes Grey and Brown Tweed Qur Regular $5 and $6 Ladies' Shoes At this price \vo are offering tbe finest slines in our stock. It will pay you to Iniy several pair. Black and Hrown Kid. Suede, Calf anil Untile. Ladies' Shoes Values to $4.85 Here aro some mighty fine shoes at a reJicu- lously low price. You must sec them to appreciate thorn. Newest Winter Patterns, in all .Materials and Heels $ a Oft f ,39 -^ Children's Shoes Sample Numbers, — Black Tan and Klk. Sizes Q1 ftr up to 8. $3.nO v(ilucsvl«Ue Part Wool Blankets $2.98 Pair H4. 4>< lb. wci«bl. Attractive* liUx'k [ilaid designs DQ a*- >orii*il ItctlrooEU ^olnri. Satccji Leaectetb Finish "Honor "Muslin 34 Incite* Wide so yards for 98c Large Size Double Thread Terry Bath Towels 70 x SO Colton 1'laid Blankets, cut single. You liavc m.iiiy u-us fur t'uii lypt oi lOaiiku'.. Ail colors. Ble«ch«d Honor M Mtulin Jfc loekM Wlda 10 yardi Iw "BeUeIrte" Muslin 36 Inch— >' o yards fcr "Penco" Pillow Tubing 4Z Inch J yard Grinkied Bedspread 80x105 Epic drama of Pioneers, Scouts and Indians. The conquest of the western empire thrilling!}'depicted. with El Bremlle Marguerict Churchill John Wynne. Raoiil Walsh, director of "Cock - Eyed World" and "What Price Glory". .Matinee—2-and 3:30—10-30c. Night—CMS Hiid 8:45— 15 and 40c. Coming —• Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday—"HELL'S ANGELS". HOffi THEATRE Last Time Today "Natlon-Wida" Cases Size before hemming, Extra Lcngtb 81 z 94* Sheets Now j-ou may h«« stn-iccjble shtets in > good. Urge double bed si« at a price thai sumps them ouiit.\nd:nij values. Sistt Btfort Htinm\ng. ' Ask £or "Wizard" 81X99 "Pence 1 * Sheets Ust year »n 81 x M'/J "Penco" Sheet cost $1.33. This jcir year you get an 81 x 99 theet (\y, inches longer) at the urn* pticu Such a low price has not been known for y«»r». Btfo'i lltmtning. 81 X 99 "Nation Wide" 87* Las! year, 8i x 9-SVi "Naliot Wide" Sheets were 9Sc—ttm year, yon gfl 81 x 99, 4'/i inches more in Icngit" and pay m\t "Sic Thi« is Ihc lowest price smre l^rfort llu «-ar. Sicts B<lore Hfmmfny. J. C. Penne DEPARTMENT Inc. W. Main Street Rlythcville, Ark. ' LUBITSCII .. •U..V-. ..... .JACK HUCHANAN JEANETTE"MRCDONAU> Matinee— 2:30— iO ami .. . Xight— 6:45 and 8:-15__ 10 and 25c. Coming— "KING" OF J A 7. r . «_ ]

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