The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1946 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 7, 1946
Page 4
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v y BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MAY 7, 1946 BETTER HOMES Planning _it is Fpremost Factor Whether Owner Is toying or Building. Wbea you sit down to decide *hM y*i win I in a home, whether V«u°*» fOJnt to build or buy, you'll Wot to assure your mostly cold- by iinUytUal frame of mind. As A to a sound, Intelligent *el- of » home plan. Better tt Gardens magazine has outlined these essentials. THE BTOOET is the first factor to be «»vii<ler*<l. Modern home Architect Urges Hdme Building Based on Habits of Family wQllliOli "Budget your family's living.ha- """"" blls as well as your pocketbook," Is the advice given to home-phiim- ers by Harold R. Sleeper, one of the architects giving n series of lectures «l Oolumhla University, New York City, on "How lo Plan and Build a Home." Emphasizing overall Mr. Sleeper points out that the living habits of the whole family over a period of yen re should be considered. "Let you. '«rr.lly .living habits determine the style ol architecture," he advises. ''Don't arbitrarily decide on n Colonial, Georgian, Gape Cori or ranch-style house. u liber*! and flexible, Consider • yjur- everyday • p-»Uc»n or obligate your credit to IKUm—«'ov example, ftlu-thcr you have young children, and whether you spend much lime outdoors on a'lawn or terrace. Then choose Ihe style of home which best conforms lo th : way >ou 11 c." Mr. SIceiH'i- believes IhtH homo- planners should think of "space" •ather Ihnn the confined area of •rooms" and plan each area to serve two or three functions. A nursery might be deslgiyd, he says, so that It can be turned Into extra lounging area later on. not how but If you tfc^ breaking point, you'll Jby your home,no matter u4eUv«">lt is r fcbeck >our. assets—snvings »nd unircd Income. Decide liow much of.Uui you can apply to the cost c^» b»u»e on monthly basis; one- fiftfe lo one-fourth Is a conseiva- Uw teds for figuring. Multiply that i^L by 100, a"l dlt to snvings avall- &.MI, gnd jou'll have .1 safe burt- an Inventory of furnishings __' equipment you'll hnvc to buy; altow (or extras," such ns arcli- i fees, cost of plaiis, and l»s- upward revisions of cost es- Me reminds prospective bullderii ihat the flat-roofed house tloes not provide overflow space lor extra rooms. An "expansionable" house, one with a conventional pitched room, does Include attic space Which can be converted into additional room* at any ' future date without the expense of a neu' foundation. The Voof Itself dominates the appearance of a house because It is the most expansive area and the to draw attention. Mr. Sleeper advises the selection of a colorful, fire-resistant roofing material. Modern asphuli shingles p.i'-'e a house essential protection from fire and also make it streamlined iinii attractive in a harmonizing color scheme. Another element of home-planning emphasl'm; by Mv. Sleeper IK that the living room should face away from the street with Itu noise and dirt. It Is usually the mini used area in the house and should command tho most pleasant view, he .says. The living'room should be on the south whenever possible, niul Ihe kitchen and work areas in the north where normal kitchen heal will help absorb cold winter winds Eagle Beauty Shop And School Remodeled Remodeling of the Ragle Beauty Shop and School is virtually finished. Thi) two businesses, localed at 12C North Second, are operated by Mr. and Mrs. Fllmoro Glpson. Kxterlor of the brick building has teen improved by a new green wnlng attractive against the bulld- ng, pnlnled grey and black. The Interior,has n color scheme if red and cream with new pai>cr, lalntlng, modern light fixtures, new luorlng. new plumbing and modern fixtures, equipment repainted and he building rcarrangc-il. More mlr- •ors also were added. The apartment ut the rear has 'wen converted into u class roon for students of the beauty school and a room for iwnnanent waving and hair dyeing. This unit ulso was redecorated In the same coloi scheme. In the front of the building, a portion of the shop was changed to accommodate an office space. 'Mother' Church .WflXRK TO BUILD comes next. "nf *Kt will determine most of the dvUlled decisions you mnke nboul ttt»'house Itself. Consider how fai you »nnl to go for church, schools, ujkd ihopplhf.:check for transportation, Kmun restrictions, tax rates, trirtle hazards, and recreation. Choose a site that will permit the *tev«!cp»entof the oulrtoor lea- tune you want. Check utilities— cafelUir) sewer, water, gas, electricity, and paving. 'THE STYLE AND SHAPE OP YOUR HOME is not nearly so im- pi>rtjnl as whether or not. tha'^ hpuic provides the rooms you need. Ip the size and arrangement best ftUett to your ' family. .RECREATION. The way cncli member of your family likes lo spend his leisure time, the gnmes and hobbles each likes, and the amount of entertaining you do will determine how much "play room" jwu need V EATING. Decide where you like to eat. meal by meal, and don't target special occasions. Does your lainlry en]oy outdoor eating enough to' JiSttfv building a barbecue 1'ic- nic .area? .CbOKING. Pvcpavallon of meals and disposal of debris are major »ork*problems in any household. The home-maker spends mure \vork- ing hous in the kitchen than nny- where else, so much consideration should" be given to pleasant sur- r«nn*r>gs In this work centcv. «AtHING AND HYGIENE. Most families today want better anrt toot* flexible bathing conveniences. T>(*y want to avoid-the rush-hour )fm They, want showers as *vll tf'iutr, and stdrage sjwce for tow- iU and other bathing e(i«ipmc«\. Powder roolns and toilet rooms, in •unparlmenU of the main balh- rpom for use by more than one person arp growing in popularity. J SLEEPING, in planning bedrooms. -L consider how each member, of the ffijmlly can best use the 'space— for reading, study, music, or just «s . a sleeping room. Think about clothes space, too. How many varrt- rokw and clotets will be needed ani h,ow deep: should they be? HOUSEHOLD CLEANING is cll- Tided Ijrtween general maintenance aAd laundry. For. the firs'., you'll , MM itorigc space for vacuum axid carpet sweepers mops and liraoms Plan the handiest locations for jour utility closets. \l4undrie6 no longer need to be darX steamy cubby holes. Modern laundries are us smart as modern . «Ji«htn». Utility rooms are becom- iijj/increasingly popular. They can b« used for washing clothes, Iron- iijit,-•evinc, canning, and freezing, ai''.well as for storage. In a ohe- • t«**jr ; hou«* t the utility room can bouae the heating unit as well. BTOItAGE. Lack of storage space In, existing homes is the biggest complaint In housing surveys. To fcfCp r»ny semblance of order, stor- ••**'•>•£* should be carefully plnn- ne<S "for in - and - out - of - season clothes, sports equipment, ami household maintenance equipment. .-Vh*n you've checked thru the liat,.aild up, the rooms you've set fo«afa, u (tesirable. Find the plaf. Uiit-jnost- nearly fits your needd and have It checked by a compe- t*qt builder tor n cosl estimale. Unusual Alcove Doorway Early Repair of Roof Leaks Held Desirable ; You've learned your lesson to late If you don't know your roo caks until you see water dvlppln on the floor. Neglect In repairing or replacing the roof on your house will result In expensive repairing anil redecorating. Serious, undetected leaks will also start timbers rotting. After the next rain, look at the roof boards In your little. If they are even slightly wet, your roof .leaks. The small amount of water that comes through does not fall directly down but trickles down the underside of the roof and runs between the walls. Finally, as the leaks become larger, the roof boards become so saturated, they will absorb no mor c water. Then, nfter a heavy rain, water drops straight down to the ceiling of your rooms. Minor leaks, detected early, can be repaired. Large leaks necessitate re-roofing. In either case, nsphn'.i shingles, easily applied over an old ^roof, will give wealher and fire- resistance. Native Trees Serve. As Tips for Gardeners Native trees can give gardener; line of their most reliable imlicnl- on.s as to the ri^ht lime lo fitiiH gardens in various sections of the country. Prcvalllr;.- wealher, altitude, e x- pocurc. and soil types are vital influences. However, every gardener may easily determine the ap'- jiroxiinatc' starting date for his locality by keeping a close watch on native trees when they begin their yearly growth, Hardy seeds may be sown '-as soon as the frost is out of tho ground and Ihe soil is dry enough to linncly. without changing its physical condition. When apple trees ate in full bloom and maple leaves are expanding, the danger from night frosts is practically vcr. For safety's sake allow another veek before sowing tender annuals. : or plants native to semi-tropical ir warm climates, wait until the >aks send out their first leaves. Occasionally, even our native trees ire fooled, but this occurrence Is extremelv rare. Asbestos Cement To Play Building Role Asbestos cement building materials, iiH.'ludiiifj shingles, .skiing and board, are expected to piny an increasingly important part in ImlUV ln» construction, repair imd remodeling in tile postwar period, ill the ; opinion of lumber dealers and builders. These durable materials, popular p before the war for their combined I fireproof, weatherproof, rot-proot I and rodi'iH pruof i[iuiliiies, have i been widely used in construction I of many t>>:sctitial military and civilian sU'iictuves since Pearl Harbor. I number of physical rejections In I the nation during wartime i ing. I Closets, hallAiiys, stairways and book -shelves arc all souml-dead- c.'ner.s in tlie home. China closet.-; or pantries between ihn kitchen and dinint; room also lessen noises of food preparation says Practical Builder, Chicago. You won't have to fumble around in Ihe dark for the light iwitch in your home of tomorrow, says | I'rnclicnl milkier, Chicago. A plastic | Hi'rtiio lishl <!« itro rliiip ("rniinu'.'d will) a liny electric lamp that glows '\vnen the liyiu.s it conuol.s are out. hu.s recently been put on Ihe market. .* •• For Complete Insurance Service Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency •Glencoe Hotel Bldg. * FIRST FLOOR FIRST fLOOR Here is -.1 moderately priced home which is commodious and yet economical. There are three bedrooms and an ailing porch on the second floor and a large living .'room, dining room and kitchen 'ion the first. A first floor lavatory *md second floor bath are also 'eaturecl. The front doorway arrangement- is particularly charming. The »rch is built in the home like an nlcove. There it> a central stair- SECOND FLOOR — The world's first college for the systematic education of dentists was the BalUu'iOre College of Dental Surccrv. established in 1840. way arrangement which the growing family will appreciate. The two chimneys give the hum'; a balanced effect. The plan of the porch anrt garage give the home a secluded effect. Colonial architecture, which has served families in this country well for 150 years, is employed. A lot 50 feet wide is required. The main rooms have an excellent view to the garden in the rear. The cupola on top of the two-car garage is designed as a bird house. New York City 1ms made SB25,- 000 available on loan to the New York Housing Authority to prcpaie sites for the temporary war-housing that it is bringing into the city. According lo Col. R. L. Esmay, Wyoming state selective service director. 'Wyoming had the lowest •CMS NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will within the time fixed by law apply to the Commls- siontM 1 of Revomies of tlu> State of Arkansas for a permit to sell beer nl retail nt BIG Ho. First, Blythe- vtlle, Mississippi County. The undersigned states that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, thai he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undnr- ycars last past: and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the '.:>ws of this state, or .iny other state, relating to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Ford's Cafe James Fotd. , Subscribed untl sworn to before me this 7lh day of May, 1940. Samuel F. Morris (Se:ill Notary Public. My commission expires Sept 8, 194C. Woman Charged With Attempt to Kill Husband 0/.AIJK. Ark., May 6. IUP1-- Charges of assault with Intent to kill were filed in Franklin Counts Saturday against Mrs. Mary Collins She is charged by Deputy prosecuting Attorney G. "c. Carte 1 ;, in connection with the shooting of hei signed has been revoked within five estranged husband, A. B. Collin Considered tile "mother" church of Mother's Day is Ihe Andrews Methodist Church, -above, lit Crnflnn, W. Vn. Here Anna Jarvis, founder of the holiday, attended .Sunday school am! church during her childhood :>nd youth. Hern, ulso, upon her suggestions, iu\ May 10, I'JOU. wore held Ihe lirst public Mother's Day services, with simullnncuus ones. i,it Philadelphia, P:i. Increases Predicted in Use of Insulation Insulating board sheallng, which a pre-war survey showed was bein^ used in one out of every IFire? ]iomes which used any kind ot sheathing, will be even more widely employed In new construction in the postwar period, it is predicted by J. B. Blackburn, manager of Ih-j Insulation Board Institute. The material has proven its structural and insulating value in mlltnry construction and war housing, and builders In increasing numbers nrii advocating its use, said Mr. Blackburn. such as asphalt shingles, Is iccom- mendcd. 4. Unshielded healing stoves. 5. Indiscriminate smoking buildings. 6. Careless use of blow-torches In-thawing frozen pippcs. In Survey Shows Poultry Hfuse Fires Avoidable *, combination of faulty cqxiip- arid careless operation causes tM'vnalorlty of; poultry farm fires, according' to a recent survey. Six ^peaific causes of fires in laying •JKXfrti and hatcheries are: t.A J Inadequate wiring. Proper in- aMOaUoc and frequent inspection aOt vnpUr will /.prevent fires from ttt»-c*u»e ,|,'9*ored fMoline, oil-soaked flMri and backfiring of gasoline roofs. Use of a roofing material, nuknlial >, PUmmmble Dn-)ra**r4*nt FARM LOANS Why is the Ocean Wafer Sally! Ozark last Wednesday. A similar charge was filed Fri- ay against Arch Smith, of Ozark. Collins is in an Ozark hospital . serious condition from an arm ound. FOR SALE 225 Gal. Fuel Barrels Complete With Sice! Racks for Oil HeiiterH We Stock iintl Install All Plumbing Fixtures |Jess W. Provence 127 Easl Vine Slreef 1'hone 2719 J'lionc 2731 109 N. Flrtt We Furnish Everything COMPLETE For the Hath room and Kitchen PLUMBING ELECTRIC PUMPS SEPTIC TANKS WATER HEATERS Now/From wartime research c?;nes evsn more quality! RAY WORTH1NGTON Serving Thb StcUm for II Yean US So. ,3r*. Mythtvllkr, Ark y«.dU.hiJUii»n L~ Jitim.>> Tb riiJinllil T ---• Ci HH H A~fe< Tone In Prudential Precram SmWIay mt 4 p-m. »vtT WRKC No. 15 of •f m Series Walch for them eiicH Tuesday. fLOORS REFJNISHED < • H«w Floon Laid and Finished. Tea; OU Floors Look New—Mockm Sanding •t Used. CaH 469 for Free Estimate '« Paint & Wallpaper Store .WaHpa»»f, Slate-O-WooJ Awnings Ocean water is salty because most all of the earth's water ultimately finds its way to the oceans (the oceans being lower and water always seeking its level), carrying with it millions of tons of earth in which there are volumes of various minerals. Salt is one of the earth's commonest minerals, so thousands of tons cf it are carried to the sea yearly. The fishes and other marine life of the sea make use of the other minerals (observe the beautiful pearls and shells of the sea, for example), but do not need the great excess of salt — and so we have salt water. It is estimated that 160,000,000 tons of minerals arc carried to the sea each year — there being enough i the sea to cover all of the earth's land to a depth of 400 feet. Fire is one of the most useful servants of man, but without the power, WATER, to control it, it would destroy him. Water creates a paradise on earth. It not only sutains life, but gives us our beautiful forests, gardens and flowers, while lack of it means bar- enncss, bleakness, dessert and death. Water means happiness and prosperity; no water means poverty and despair. Blytheville Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, "Water h Your Cheapest Commodityr Now better than ever—thanks to wartime research—Kern-Tone brings you greater hiding power, durability, room beauty. Applies like magic! Dries in 1 hour without "painty" odor. Covers most any interior surface, even wall- papor, with one coat. Washsble Lovsb'oess for Walls! Fresh colors and amazing washability make this satiny unUU ideal for kitchen, bath, woodwork! SMC* wm. Wriu AMI SEMI-LUSTRE bbM 'Beauty from A lustrous finish that resists scuffing, scratching, staining- Dries quickly! Gloss or Satin Finis!:! MAR-NOT VABNISH OvickDesth for Ugty Vktds! Kills weeds without harming gross, soil. Just sprny on. 8 02. package, SI.00, treats 1600 sq. ft. of lawnl SHFRWIW-WtlllAMS WEED-NO-MORE '1°° Gotgeovs Decorative Coknf All-purpose interior- exterior decorative enamel! Applies easily, dries rapidly, resists wear and weather. ENAMELCJD 1-57 TERS COVER THC EAftTH i i HARDWARE CO., Inc. Phone 515 126 West Main SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS

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