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Pampa Daily Newsi
Pampa, Texas
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THE PAMPA tJAILV NfiWS MONDAY ANADIAN GIRLS PLAY IN OPENING GAME OF CAGE MEET ITU HOT HEMPHILL SEXTET PLAY WICHITA TONIGHT TO CONDITION IS SQUAD'S AIM Harvesters Will Practice Hard For Triangle Fight Next Saturday. WICHITA, Kansas, March 20 the supremacy of the Durant, Cardinals, 21 girls basketball teams launch the annual national A. A. U. tournament here tonight.

The tournament brings to the Wichita forum outstanding sextets from nine states. In addition to the titleholders, representing the Oklahoma Presbyterian college for women, the sooner state has three other teams, bidding for the two- zone championship. Texas also is represented by four teams, including the Dallas Cyclones, former champions. Six first round games are scheduled for tonight. The pairings: Upper bracket: Durant Presbyterians Bye; Lenora, vs, Bye; Ashdown, vs Bye; Beno county all-stars, of Haven, Kansas, Kansas City Steubens; Port Worth vs.

Pittsburg, Shamrocks; Canadian, Texas, vs. Wichita Independents; Houston vs. Minneapolis; Crescents of Eureka, Ark. vs. Bye.

Lower bracket: Shreveport, vs. Topeka, Kansas; Jacksonville, vs. Bye; Cleveland, Tenn, vs. Chilocco, Indians; Wichita Thurstons vs. Bye; El Dorado, vs.

Bye; Tulsa vs. Bye; Chandler, vs. Bye; Dallas Cyclones, vs. Bye. The Canadian, Texas, team and the 'Wichita Independents open the tournament at 6:30 p.

m. following at one hour intervals are the Haven All-Stars and the Kansas City Steubens; Houston and Minneapolis; Shreveport and Topeka; Port Worth and Pittsburgh and Cleveland and the Chilocco Indians. SEARCHED 20., a result of rumors that arms and ammunition were hidden in Prof. Albert Coach Odus Mitchell of the high school track and field squad looked anything but pleased as he stuck his head out of the house this morning. The coach was hoping for a week of nice weather to spend in getting his thinclads in condition for the important meet in Amarillo Saturday when the Harvesters, Amarillo Sandies and Lubboclc Westerners tangle in an annual affair.

The Pampa boys lost a close meet to the Sandies here Saturday afternoon in one of the worst sandstorms of the year. The condition of the Sandies told as they won all the dash events which are usually the Harvester strength. Several newcomers to the Harvester team are expected to come to the fi-'int with a little more training and Coach Mitchell had intended working on some new dash material this week. In Trenary and Elkins the coach has two of the most promising sprinters on his team. Both have excellent form and only need starting experience and a little polishing.

A shot-put man is also INTER SQUAD BATTLE WILL START AT 4 O'CLOCK Pampa football fans will have a chance to see what kind of material will be on hand for this fall when the Harvester squad swings into action in an intra-squad game at 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon at Harvester park. Assistant Coach Argus Pox has divided his 70 boys and will put them throug-h a full game, using nearly every boy. He had not released his starting line-up this morning but expected to select the 22 boys to start the game after practice this afternoon, if practice is held. The cold weather is expected to abate before tomorrow afternoon. The lads are in good condition for this early in the season.

With the exception of the boys who have had no previous football experience, practice has been in progress only three weeks. "Greenies" have Ba in uniform for more than wen in uniiorm lor more tnan a fJcril uncovering I month and nave i earned rapidly one is slight unless there is an unknown in the school who has not been out for practice. Other de- Many important discoveries have GOOD FIGHTS ON CALENDAR Well-Known Boxers On Card At Pla-Mor For Wednesday Night Feature. Pampa fight fans are expecting to see a real class boxing exhibition at the American Legion's Athletic show in the Pla-Mor auditorium Wednesday night when such well known boxers as Pug Grubbs, Borger, Duff Stanley, Amarillo; Babe Lucero, Wichita; Floyd Guthrie, Woodward, and other boys will be seen In action. The show will start at 8:15 o'clock.

The 10-round main event will feature Grubbs and Stanley but another 10-round bout will call for Lucero and Guthrie. All four of the boys are well known in the fight game hi the southwest and Matchmaker Andy Andrews has had considerable work matching the boys. Rusty Cahill, "the maestro," will swing into action again in a four- round battle with Red McGinty of Borger. Everybody in ''this section of the country knows the Cahill boy and are glad to. see him back again.

Toughy Simons of Borger will Rosenbloom And Miller Defend Boxing Titles NEW YORK, March 20. title bouts lend dignity this week to the national schedule, one of the best dffered in many months. Maxie Rosenbloom of New York, part owner of the light heavyweight championship, and Freddie Miller of Cincinnati, national boxing association weatherweight king, will stage title defenses on opposite sides of the continent. Rosenbloom, recognized by the New York state athletic commission, stacks up against the coming southerner, Bob Godwin, in match in Madison Square Garden Friday night. Maxie successfully defended his laurels against the young German, Adolph Heuster, ten days ago, and will be heavily favored over Godwin.

Mailer, a fast and clever southpaw, facos Speedy Dada of the Philippines in a Ifl-rounder at Los Angeles tomorrow night in his second title defense within less than a month. The Cincinnati star whipped Baby Arizmendi of Mexico (in' a championship match February 28. Aside from these two attractions stand toe to toe with Ray Young of i the week's schedule is marked by an Perryton in what should be the important match at the Chicago sta- toughest battle of the night. Pampa Wednesday night between Bar- fans already know the fight Young puts up. style of I ney Ross of Chicago and Billy Pc- trolle, veteran Duluth puncher.

Ross made during the weeks oo i A i practice and already a team is beseem to be well taken tag Only three lettermen are in uniform, the others be- I ing out for track, and field. It is planned to have intra-mural games and also a game between the boys who are graduating and the 1933 prospects before the spring season is over. An opponent has not been named for Lefty Hawkins, local slugger but a real tough one will be found In time for the opening bout on the big card. (Continued from Page 1) of fine horses. For the present the bill would affect only Tarrant county, where W.

T. Waggoner, racing enthusiast, has constructed an extensive plant, Duvall said. racing Duvall pointed out that racing would be only in counties that wanted it. The bill provided that, before a racing meet could be held, a license would have to be obtained from the county commissioners' court. Duvall said he had been informed that if the bill was passed another Einstein's country home at Caputh, racing plant would be established near Berlin, police and a detachment' afc San Antonio, icf national socialists searched the house today but found nothing.

Prof. Einstein, who is -now on the way to Switzerland from the United States said just before he left New York that he would not go back to Germany so long as conditions there continue as they are. ERICKSON GIVEN OATH WASHINGTON, March 20. Ignoring a protest that his appointment involved a political trade, the senate today administered the oath to former Governor John E. Erickson to succeed the late Senator Thomas J.

Walsh of Montana. ERICKSON DEPENDED WASHINGTON, March 20. Senator Burton K. Wheeler today told the senate that Federal Judge George M. Bourquin of Helena and Butte had opposed the seating ofl Senator John E.

Erickson because "he intends to become a' candidate for the) senate himself." OKLAHOMA CHILLED OKLAHOMA CITY, March 20. (IP) winds and 20-degree temperatures chilled virtually all sections of Oklahoma today, with county agents expressing fear for fruit and garden crops. Light snowfall was reported.from the east side, imals. The bill was opposed by Representative J. H.

Fisher of Newcastle, a minister, who scoffed at the idea that it was sponsored to aid agricultural interests by increasing the quality of horses and. mules. "It would be legislative encouragement of gambling," Rev. Fisher said. "We might just as well turn loose all other forms." Duvall said that betting on horse races was no worse than gambling on cotton futures on the stock market and challenged statements that it would prove detrimental to the public morals.

The house recessed at noon without having taken a vote on the bill or any of the amendments. Ray Charged the bill was "in- iquitious" said he would rather see the schools close than derive a portion of their revenue from "gambling dens." The bill would apportion part of the taxes levied on racing meets to the schools. Representative Conde Hoskins of Gonzales observed that "a person who did not get a kick out of seeing tlje horses come down the stretch ought to be bored for tfie hollow horn." Hoskins stated that there was a dearth of good farm animals in Texas because no inducement had been offered for breeding fine an- (Continued from Page 1) he were sitting down tor lunch, first striding over to Superintendent L. F. Chapman and handing him a sheaf of papers on which he had inscribed, "Here is that book I have been "I no afraid that chair, see?" he repea)(3Q as ha surveyed fche 30 witnesses and attendants in the room.

And then as the straps were adjusted about his hands and legs, "No camera- man here? No one here to take pictures?" Superintendent Chapman replied "No" just before the attendants placed the metal cap on Tiangara's head. Bob Gilliland of St. Louis is a Pampa visitor for a few days. has come along fast in the last year and now rates an outstanding challenger for Tony Canzoneri's lightweight championship, providing, of course, he can get past Petvolle. C.

C. Miller of LeFors was a Pampa visitor this morning. Classified Advertising Hates Information All Want Ads are strictly cash and are accepted over the phone with the positive understanding that the account is to be paid when our collector calls. PHONE YOtrn WANT AD TO 666 or 667 Our courteous ad-tafcer will receive your Want Ad, helping you word it. All Ads for "Situation Wanted," "Lost and Found" are cash with order and will not be accepted over telephone.

Out-of-town advertising, each with order. The Pampa Daily News reserv es right to classify all Want Ads under appropriate headings and to revise or withhold from publication any copy deemed ob- lectionable. Notice uf any error must be given in time for correction before second insertion. In case of any error or an omission in advertising of any Uature The Pampa Daily NEWS shall not be held liable for damages further than the amount received for such advertising. LOCAL RATE CARD EFFECTIVE NOV.

28, 1931 1 day 2c word, minimum 30. 2 days 4c word, minimum 60c. to'per word for each succeeding issue after the first 2 issues. The Pampa Daily NEWS Mr. and Mrs.

E. S. Welpler of Cleveland are Pampa visitors. Mr. and J.

E. Warren of Borger are Pampa visitors today. FOR apartment. Brunow Building. 3c-93 FOR for rent in new modern home, close in.

418 W. 3p-92 FOR or four room apartment. Furnished Or unfurnished. Near school. Phone 1287-W.

6c-90 for Sale or Trade FOR oil reclaiming machine and an old Dodge pickup. A good proposition for a light truck. 213 North Sumner St. lp-92 FOR acres, small house, chicken house, brooder house, well, windmill, gas, lights, and shade trees. 3 acres subirrigated.

200 Johnson strain White Leghorn hens. Buy this, a good home. $1,450.00. M. KEFLIN, Real Estate, corner Kingsmill Ballard.

Ip92 FOR 35-pound torn turkey for breeding. Colorado bronz stock. 114 mile northwest Kingsmill. B. M.

Denson, Box 1696, Pampa. 3p-93 Diplomatic Break May, Be Permanent LONDON, March 20. sumption of Angelo-Russlati ftego- tlans for a-hew trade agreement is not expected by officials here until Moscow sends a satisfactory explanation Of the arrest of a group of British engineers on charges sabotage. Russia's defiant refusal to give the British government information is formally requested about em- ployes of the Metropolltan Vickers Electrical company of Manchester was considered likely to' lead to a definite Anglo-Russian break. -ROOSEVELT (Continued from Page 1) FOR sudan, hei- gera and sorghum seeds.

W. J'. Carruth. Phone 9056F4. 3p-93 MAGICIAN'S LADY ASSISTANT SHOWS AMAZING SKIll SUNDAY -ft Tomorrow Is The First Day of Spring And Are We Ready We never had so many charming dresses and hats one tiirie and prices will probably never be low again.

You can have a complete outfit Spring for just a few dollars. SILK DRESSES and CLEVER LITTLE SUITS $4.98 T0 $19.75 PRICED $1.00 T0 $4.95 MITCHELL'S I 'Apparel For Women BUS FARES CUT BUS LINE from to Chlldrcss, Wit Wichita falls, trips daily to Oklahoma a if arp on a ii round trips. p'klahoma Cfty one way; $9,75 round trip. 'ATIpN Waits For Shnck. "Lousy (capitalists!" Zangara shouted bitterly.

Then he repeated, "No pictures, capitalists! all capitalists, lousy Attendants started to complete preparations for the electrocution and Zangara said evenly, "Goodbye. Adios to all the world. Goodbye." With his feet not quite touching the floor and his head completely covered, he then leaned back in the chair and relaxed to await the shocks. One of the guards who fixed the elecjbrokie stepped 'back and said in a quiet voice, "all right, Joe." With that signal, Sheriff Dan Hardie of Dade county (Miami) walked behind the chair and threw the switch that sent 2,300 volts thru Zangara's body at 9:15. The little assassin's body stiffened at the first shock and his head gave a jerk upward.

Brain Declared Normal. His hands clenched the chair. The current was turned off after three minutes and Zangara's body relaxed, slumping forward. Guards hastily released the straps about his arms and physicians stepped forward to make their examination. Ke was officially pronounced dead at 9:27 a.

eastern standard time. An autopsy was ordered immediately after the electrocution. The physicians tvfho iperformed 1 the autopsy announced they found the assassin's brain "perfectly normal" on gross examination. There was no immediate announcement as to what would be done 'with Zangara's body. Several medical schools and clinics had asked that the body be given to them for scientific research but Governor Dave Sholtz did not say what would be done about these requests.

Zangara had no known relatives in the United States. He said his father lived near the town of Per- uzzano, Calabria, Italy. He gave his age as in the early thirties. He was a naturalized citizen of the United States. EXHIBITION BASEBALL By The Associated Press.

Yesterday's results: New York (a) Boston (N) 2. Brooklyn (N) Bufalfo (IL) 1. Detroit (A) Beaumont (TL) 5. 10; Chicago (N) 4, first game. Chicago (N) Pittsburgh (N) 4, second game.

St. Louis (A) House of David 0. PhJUadelpMia (N) St. ILouis CN) 2. PhUa'deJphia (A) Cincinnati Newark (IL) Boston (A) 0.

New York (N) 13, Chicago (A) 8, Today's Schedule, New York (A) vs. Newark (IL) flt Olearwftter. Philadelphia (A) vs, House of Pa, IV (N) Montreal Willard the Wizard, who is the sensational stage attraction at the La Nora theater, is drawing near the end of his stay but showing no lessening of his ability to amaze his audiences. Disappearing, tricks were featured Sunday in such profusion that many in the audience wished he would' slow up to give them time to think. He again used his magic bottle, from which he pours hard and soft drinks to taste on demand.

Yesterday he added the producing ol ribbons of any desired color from this bottle, 'in addition to pouring of the drinks. He continued the daily levitation demonstration raising his "leading laity" into the air without any visible means. This stunt is as puzzling as it was on the first night. The most astounding performance Sunday was not by the Wizard, however, but by his young lady assistant. After three local men.

had tied and nailed her to an upright board, she was placed, in a tent-like arrangement. Then she proceeded to show her hands, throw out pots and pans, and even to draw on a coat borrowed from one of, the men. The tent was removed, and there she sat still tied and nailed to the board. The trick was repeated, then Willard did a disappearing act in which he changed costumes, invisibly, without leaving the stage. On tonight and tomorrow he will show some of the hardest stunts he knows, reserved for his closing performances.

Bill To License Car Drivers Is Passed By House AUSTIN, Mar. 20. The Texas senate recently passed a bill by Senator W. Poage of Waco to provide for the licensing of all automobile drivers. All except two of the senators present voted for the bill.

It was approved after only a few minutes of discussion. The bill originally provided that no person under 15 years of age could be a licensed motorist. An amendment was adopted to lower the minimum age limit to 1(2 years. The licenses would not cost anything. They could be suspended or revoked for driving while' drunk, reckless driving, negligent homicide and similar offenses.

The senate committee on constitutional amendments reported favorably on a house resolution to restrict the legislative representation from the large cities. The vote in committee was 4 to 3. For Rent FOB model Ford truck, caliche bed. Trailer with gallon tank. Trade for light car.

Terms. W. E. Duncan. Phone 143-J.

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-3c-93 FOR paid, furnished 2 room semi-modern apartment, garage, radio, electric washer, from pavement. 212 N. Nelson Stroet. 3p-93 200 AT CONVENTION AMABILLO, TAarch 20. hundred Amarilloans boarded a special train today for Tucumcari, N.

to attend) the annual convention of the New Mexico Cattle Growers association. Mayor Boss D. Bogers headed the Texas delegation. FOB modern 3-room apartment. Furnished or unfurnished.

Call 41. 621 East Kingsmill. 3p-93 FOB 3-room furnished apartment, close in on pavement. Inquire 409 N. Frost.

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See Johnson at NEWS. tf-dh FOR model light car for house and lot. See "Bill" at New York Coney Island Shop. 6p-96 FOR plains wheat land. Bargain.

$16. All wheat goes with land. Will trade equity for city property. Four sections under caprock, running water. $5.50.

One-fourth cash. Write Box 1237, the president. A third ibeer expedtedj quifcktty 'at the White House. President Roosevelt interrupted his luncheon being served oh his office desk to sign the economy measure. At 1:32 p.

he picked up an old pen lying on the desk to afix his signature and directed -that the pen be given to Lewis Douglas, director of the budget, who will share the brunt of administering the hew act. Henry Morgenthau, chairman of the farm board, having luncheon with the president. In the room also was a committee representing the Gridiron club, an organization of Washington' newspapermen famed for its dinners, which was inviting the president to its next dinner. Stephen T. Early, a secretary'to he president, brought the bill the president shoTtly: after' it was received from Capital Hill and without further ado Mr.

Roosevelt igned it. CHANG'S HOME BOMBED SHANGHAI, China, March (Jf) -The home of Chang Hsaio-Liang, etired commander of the Chinese irmy,, damaged by a bomb-'to- lay but no ives in the French concession. Pampa. 3p-92 Wanted welded steel tanks, capacity 1500 to 3000 gallons. Must be in good condition.

R. F. Ewing, 423 North Somerville. 3p-92 '29 or '30 model Ford or Chevrolet truck. B.

F. Ewing, 423 North Somerville. 3p-92 you want to make $25 a week with the J. B. Watkins company, write W.

C. Barbour, care of this paper, who will be in Pampa shortly. Give address and telephone number. 3p-92 REALISTIC PERMANENTS, Croquenale, oil treatment, shampoo and set, 75c. OEve Stalcup.

Phone 955- W. 3p-92 Lost and Found LOST One pair gold-rimmed glasses in black case. Reward. CaU 9013F3. 3p-93 GUARANTEED House dresses, 35c, crepe dresses, $1.25, coat Mrs.

Kuykendall. R801 North Gray. Phone 619. 6p-90 TSrmTStn DOM TBUURAX DATurmn Mtsuei UTTER CAILK WERRD cuu urrrtR tax. END UTTER fwnw IMI UNION CASH OR CH CHECK TIME FILED .1.


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