Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on July 31, 1962 · Page 32
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 32

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 31, 1962
Page 32
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PAGE 32 TUCSON DAILY CITIZEN TUESDAY EVENING, JULY 31, 1962 ' 1US SEKV1CE TUCSON - NOGALES LMV* TUCSON tor MORALES .. 1:13 P. M. NO4ALH Hr TUCSON 7:MA.M. 11 tit A.M. CM p. M. *tUA,M. 1:1JP. M. SMS P. M. M! M A. M. J;t» *. M. 1IM5 P. M. 4:** P M. Terminal MA M538 .. 1*11$ P.M. »JW A. M. 1:11 P M. UIKA.M. I:MP M. ..*•'; IMP. M. THE FARM SHOP Homade Ice Cream S8S^&®M&?£3$^ SPECIAL THIS WEEK JUMBO SIZfc Roof Beer Floats We Serve All Pure Beef Vt POUND ORc HAMBURGERS .... WM The Best in Tucson Call EA &-56Z7 and we will have your order ready 3*52 N. Campbell Ave. Demolition Team Explodes Drum ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.— UPI—A drum of highly explosive sodium . which had washed up on a beach was exploded by an Air Force demolition team near here. A spokesman said the drum was part of the cargo of a ship that sank in the Gulf of Mexico several months ago. AJR 1630 N. Park MA 3-4851 Open 7:15—Feature 7:J«, 9:M "A SIDE-SPLITTER!" —BnsleyCrowtfier, N.Y. TIMES SEIXJERS MM ZETTERUNG VIRGINIA MASKELL ifty two can play TO ISBfflBEH LAST NIGHT AT BOTH THEATRES MTBWAY RODEO 4500 E. Speedway Nogales Hwy. • CARY GRANT • DORIS DAY • GIG YOUNG "THAT TOUCH OF MINK" GLEN FORD • LEE REMICK "EXPERIMENT IN TERROR" 22nd ST. 22nd & Belvedere See Dlspley Ad This Page CACTUS 22nd &. Alvernon See Display Ad This Pigt PRINCE Campbell & Prince LAST NIGHT PAUL NEWMAN • GERALDINE PAGE "SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH" EVA MARIE SAINT • WARREN BEATTY "ALL FALL DOWN" FIESTA S. Park Ave. LUIS AGUILAR • LUZ MARIA AGUILAR "LA DILIGENCIA DE LA MUERTE" CLAV1LLAZO — ANA BERTHA LEPE "ALADINO Y LA LAMPARA MARAVILLOSA" IN COLOR WEDNESDAY NIGHT IN THE GAS LIGHT ROOM The Arthur Murray TWISTERS 9 TO 10 P.M. FUN • PRIZES DANCE CONTEST ---- T Dance to the wonderful music of the ERNIE COLEMAN TRIO your all tlmt favarltei Tall CM! Pliisurt THE NEW SOMBRERO Cocktail "Drink the cKktall — Ktep <tii Sombrero" HiwayHouse V MnTOR HOTELS MOTOR HOTELS SlffP IS OUR BUSINESS 1*01 Miracle Mile Strip MA 4-5541 Ike Calls For Creation Of International University STOCKHOLM, Sweden — JPI—Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower called today for creation of an international university to "promote a universal attack on the enemies of truth." Eisenhower, who is to join Swedish Premier Tage Erlander on a Europe-to-America Telstar broadcast tonight, told the World Confederation of Organization of the Teaching Profession such a college should be free of "rigid doctrinaires, propagandists and proselyters." The search for truth, Eisenhower said in his sole reference to the cold war, would defeat those societies which insist upon regimentation and the closed society for their people." PALMISTRY READINGS — Adylct on lave, mirriisi and business. Read* Inss assured. Brim id far .-cdurttan. » «.m to 10 p.m. Downtown ator* 30) E. Congress Permt. Loc:tlon 4510 S. ilh Ave. }•••••••••••*••••••••£ SMOKED • BREAST OF TURKEY • SANDWICH : "As truth and understanding spread across the world, security reasons for secrecy will disappear," he said. "World enlightenment will speed the day when the burdens of armaments and the fear of others will be removed from the backs and hearts of men._ Then no slightest justification for the closed society wiil exist." An international school would be "a new and different kind of clearing house for world thinking ... an adjunct to machinery now existing for promoting a universal attack on the enemies of truth," he said. "On the campus," he said, ''would be gathered an international faculty of scholars whose concern would be objective truth, purged of national and regional bias, hatred and prejudices. "Its students — numbering possibly 2,000 or 3,000, say, in a two-year course—could learn about the things that separate nations and tend to prevent them from living peacefully and securely together," Eisenhower said. These subjects, he said, on Homemade Egg Bread Tomato Garnish Russian Dressing PH. 326-1818 Speedway & Campbell Family Style SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN All you $0 Children can eat ' * 1.25 Plus Other Chef Specialties PRIME STEAK BOB LINESCH AT THE PIANO BAR Call Ul for banquet a party facilities REDWOOD mm '.fttl-'A'A.I A would include world history, diplomacy, politics, international communication and teaching. Eisenhower said the U.N. General Assembly could gather the faculty and might call on organizations of the teaching profession for nominations. "Thereby," he said, "the college would be guarded against seizure by rigid doctrinaires, propagandists and proselyters." The school, he said, would teach ali aspects of the history of humanity—"but never any political dogma as a panacea for present or future." Eisenhower spoke to the meeting not as a former president of the United States but as a former president of Columbia University and as the head of the American People- to-People program. His subject was "education for international understanding." Eisenhower is scheduled to make a 10-minute appearance on the program to be beamed to the United States live by Telstar tonight. Death Train Crew Says Repaired Track Weaved HARRISBURG, Pa. — L?)— The crew of a Pennsylvania railroad baseball special which derailed and killed 19 persons has reported a section of track repaired a day earlier appeared to weave out of alignment just before the accident in nearby Steelton. Howard C. Kohout, manager of the PRR's Philadelphia region who made the announcement at a news conference yesterday, added that, "what THE MOVIE 1039 E. 6th St. HURRY ENDS SOON CONTINOUS FROM 12:30 The IMMORAL WEST and how it was LOST! The TOPANGA GULCH Players by Hi* frmJatm ml- Tlie Immoral Mr. TEAS You'll BLUSH Liujhlnil caused this misalignment we don't know." "Until we weigh all the facts, we cannot come to a conclusion," he said. Investigators planned to examine the three death cars which tumbled into the Susquehanna River. They were the last three on the nine-car coach carrying fans to a game in Philadelphia Saturday and were the only ones with passengers. Some 100 persons were injured. One car was recovered yesterday as salvage operations began. Officials hoped to have the others recovered by to night. The cars might shed some light on the accident. Among the factors Kohout cited as possible causes of the mis alignment were damage by faulty trains, temperature changes and a shift In the roadbed." LAST DAY AT BOTH THEATRES LYRIC A Fox West Coast Theatre 171 W. Congress MA. 2-07T1 Refrigerated—Open 12:30 22nd ST. Drive-In Theatre 22nd & Belvedere EA. <-?025 Edgar Allan Poe's "TALES OF TERROR" VINCENT PRICE — IN COLOR CO-HIT AT LYRIC "BURN WITCH, BURN" Starring JANET BLAIR CO-HIT AT 22ND ST. "The Magic Voyage of Sinbad" Featuring GREEN CORN TAMALES Catering L " V « Pm * S °™ * rnr lour breeser Open 7 Days a Week 11:30 A.M. to 10 P.M. 3602 E. Grant Roarl 4240 E. 22ml Slreel FIRST TUCSON SHOWING STARTS TOMORROW—BILTMORE AND MIDWAY Grand Opening Week Saddle & Sirloin NOW STARRING JACK TEAGARDEN SHOW 3 SHOWS NIGHTLY — S-10-12 RESERVATIONS MA 3-4361 added attraction Frl. and Sat. THE FOUR COINS JUBILEE RECORDING STARS NO COVER $2.00 DRINK MIN. ONLY Saddle and Sirloin 2130 MIRACLE MILE BOLDLY EXPLORES TMB < THE HEART! , GENAROWS PONY TAIL DOWT PAY YOUR LAUNDRV AND DRV-CLeAhJlf^G BlU-6 • Sheinwold On Bridge By ALFRED SHEINWOLD Many people have the mistaken notion that bridge is a game in which one side is flatly opposed to the other side. Actually, a good player sometimes helps his opponents. Call it brotherhood, sweet charity or what you like; it proves that bridge is a game for men and women of noble character. South dealer Neither side vulnerable NORTH A K 10 V K. J 7 5 3 O K J 10 9 * 8 5 WEST EAST * A 7 6 2 4.QJ954 <? 6 V 8 O8652 0 Q 3 * A K 6 3 * J 10 9 4 2 SOUTH A 8 3 V A Q .10 9 4 2 O A 7 A * Q 7 South West North East 1 <y Double Redouble 1 4k 2 V 24 4 V All Pass Opening lead — «|» K When this deal was played East had a rather poor hand but a very noble character. One thing made up for the other. West began by taking two high clubs and the ace of spades. Then he led the deuce of spades to dummy's king, putting it up to declarer to win the rest of the tricks. South drew trumps in one round, after which it was clear to everybody at the table that South could not lave a problem except in the play of the diamonds. Ob- GEOFFREY KEEN viously South had the ace of diamonds, since otherwise he would have no opening bid and no chance to make the contract. Just as obviously, South did not have the queen of' diamonds for then he would take the rest of the tricks without a struggle. South didn't want to toss a coin to decide the location of the queen of diamonds. Instead, he tried to find out how many diamonds each opponent held. If they were divided unequally, the queen would probably be in the land that held most of the missing diamonds. When South started to leac out extra rounds of trumps both defenders knew that he s trying to count the hand out. East, a noble soul, threw away three clubs as quickly as possible to show that he lad started with five clubs. This told South just what wanted to know. East hac started with five clubs, five spades, one trump, and there•ore only two diamonds lence West held four diamonds. Having discovered this South cashed the ace of dia monds and took a finesse hrough West. This lost to :he doubleton queen, anc South was down one. Everybody was happy South felt he had played the land scientifically. East thought it was better to have a score of 50 points than to .et the opponents win a game And your reporter, kibitzing the game, had a good proof o: how bridge builds sweet tern pers and noble character. Question—As dealer you hold: Spades, king, 10; Hearts ng, jack, 7, 5, 3; diamonds <ing, jack, 10 9; clubs, 8, 5 What do you say? Answer: Pass. Avoid open ing a borderline hand that contains no ace. Copyright 1962 VcftAGE! Also! "LAD: A DOG" TOMORROW! True story! incredible story! IJEFFCHANDLER-HAWiH *CTfr» WM. »WD*IW CL»unC BROWH-1WTCHINS-OUGGHJ-AKIHS 2nd ROARING HIT! ESS ; f"~ . ••EAttS-no: Catalina 2320 N.Campbell AVe. Opc.i 6:45 P.M. FROMTHE BRIDGE VALLONE; CAROL . 3 Injured En Two-Car Collision Three persons were injured, one seriously enough to require hospitalization, in a wo-car collision on the Casa Grande Highway, 10 miles north of Tucson, late yesterday afternoon. The Arizona Highway atrol said Miss Rose Braun, 75, of Box 541, Tucson, suffered a broken right arm and possible pelvis fracture. She was reported in satisfactory condition today at St. Mary's Hospital. The patrol said her car was struck at Cortaro Road an auto driven by Michael Bradford, 24, of 1900 Paseo Reforma, as Miss Braun pulled onto the highway. Bradford and a passenger, Troy Garret, 36, also of 1900 Paseo Reforma, received minor injuries and were not admitted to the hospital, according to the patrol. Now At Both Theatres FOX CACTUS Refrigerated 22nd at Alvernon MA. 3-9X91 EA. S-2J23 Open 1:15 p.m. Starts at Dusk CHAM HESTON SOPffiA LORE., Co-Hit at Cactus "Serengetl" Filmed in Green Hell of Africa A Fox West Coast Theatre STARTING TOMORROW BRAVE RUNAWAYS'* TECHNICOLOR* Sabino Area Naturalist Appointed David R. Park has been appointed forest naturalist for the Sabino area, according to Clyde W. Doran, superintendent of the Coronado National Forest. Park, who has been assistant ranger of the Santa Catalina district for the past year, will assume his new duties next Monday. Eventually he will work out of the planned information center at the entrance to the canyon. The center, originally scheduled for this year, will go into operation next year. Allan L. Hinds, former assistant ranger of the Coyote district of the Santa Fe Nation Forest will succeed Park as Santa Catalina assistant ranger. A graduate of Oklahoma State University, he is married and has three sons. SHOW SCHEDULE (Times Furnished by Theaters) *APACHE: Dondl—8:15; Rayme—10:00. *BtLTMORE: Boys' NiahJ Out — 8:07, 12:13 (second showlns, first half only); Malaga—10:39. •CACTUS: El CId — 7:52, 12:51 (second showing, first half only); Seveshetl Shall Not Die—11:25. •FIESTA: La DMIsencia tit la Muarte— 7:52, 11:11; Aladlno and La Lampara Marsvlllosa—9:29. FOX-TUCSON: El CId—1:45, 5:05, 8:25. LYRIC: Tales of Terror — 12:<5, 4:02, 7:19, 10:31; Burn Witch, Burn—2:20, 5:37. 8:54. •MIDWAY: Touch of Mink—8:00, 12:30; Experiment In Terror—10:1J. PARAMOUNT: Lad: A DOB—11:45, 3:45, 7:45; Bon Voyage—1:30, 5:35, 9:30. PARK: Only Two Can Play—7:15, 8:15. PLAZA: Sed de Amor—1:00, 4:04, 7:08, 10:09; Los PIstolocas—2:35, 5:39, 8:4J. •PRINCE: All Fall Down — 7:50, 12:15 (second show, first half only); Sweet Bird of Youth—10:05. •RODEO: Touch of Mink — 8:15, 12:25 (second showing, first half only); Experiment In Terror—10:17. THE MOVIE: Isle of Levant and Immoral West—continuously from 12:30. *22ND STREET: Tales of Terror—8:07, 11:35; Magic Voyaae of Slnbatf—10:11. *—Drive-In theaters. Motorscooter Rider Killed PHOENIX — (K}— A 15- year-old motorscooter rider was killed yesterday when the scooter crashed into the side of a car driven by another teenager. Dead is Clark Edward Hess, only son of Mr. and Mrs. Forrest N. Hess and a sophomore at West Phoenix High School. Doug Discenza, 14, a passenger on the scooter suffered head injuries and was reported in fair condition at a hospital. Bruce Fonstad, 16, driver of the car, said he had stopped at an intersection and was proceeding at about 5 miles an hour when the scooter hit his car. MYRON McCORMICK Noted Actor McCormick Dies At 54 NEW YORK— UP)— Myron McCormick, 54, who portrayed Sgt. King in the stags and screen versions of "No Time for Sergeants" and who played the role of Paul Newman's poolhall manager in ths movie "The Hustler," died yesterday of cancer. McCormick also won acclaim for his portrayal of Seabee Luther Billis who, in Broadway's "South Pacific," controlled the laundry and th« grass skirt concession, manufactured "shrunken heads" and led his companions in the musical observation that "There Is Nothin' Like a Dame." In "South Pacific," which ran for five years, he had a drawing of a ship on his abdomen, and when he went into his nightly bellydance, making the ship move up and down, he stopped the show. For that role, he won the 1949 Donaldson award of Billboard, theatrical trade publication, for the best male supporting performance of the Broadway season. McCormick, a native of Albany, Ind., and a 1931 Princeton graduate, made his broad way debut in 1932 in "Carrie Nation." He appeared in many Broadway hits since then, among them "Winterset" in 1936 and "State of the Union" in 1945. He made his first movie appearance in the screen version of "Winterset." Other films in which he appeared, beside "The Hustler," included "The Man Who Understood Women," "Jigsaw," "Jolson Sings Again," "The Fight for Life" and "Haircut," the latter not yet released. In recent years he devoted much of his time to television drama, winning praise for the role of Larry Slade in the 1960 TV version of "The Iceman Cometh." McCormick also was in many radio shows, appearing in such series as "Gang Busters," "Inner Sanctum, "Mr. District Attorney" and opposite Helen Hayes in the radio version of "A Farewell to Arms." He became ill earlier this month while appearing at Hyannis, Mass., in a summer production of "No Time for Sergeants." McCormick married twice. His first marriage, to actress Martha Hodge, ended in divorce. His second wife, Barbara Mackenzie McCormick, survives him, with * daughter, son and a sister. HURRY!—LAST DAY "SED DE AMOR" PEDRO ARMENTJARIZ "LOS PISTOLOCOS" MANNY'S HOOF AND HORN SUPPER CLUB Regretfully Announces that the HARMONICATS Scheduled for appearance Tues., July 31 and Wed., Aug. I will not be presented due to the disestablishment of the music corporation of America Booking Agency by the Federal Government. Attempts to present the HAR- MONICATS at a later date will be made. We're Lighting The Sua Saturday Night...

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