The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 15, 1938
Page 5
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i''iUDAv, AWuL i&, ism FIIB1 PfinCTl HI Back On The Farm Manager Bobo and Squajj Arrives From Fort Smith Thursday Nighl UY J. I'. I itli;N!) With less lliiu) two weeks re- malniiiK before the opening of the Northeast Arkansas League. April 'J8, Manager Hcrsehell Bobo announced hist night that the lily-j Iliei-ille Oiniils would lose no time from tlicir trip from Fort, Snitt and would K0 back lo work till nllernooi). Only one setaion a da will be hold, beginning at 1 |t a and lasting until 5. Hobo nrrived ivilli sevciilec youngsters late yesterday, tired bti liappy lo uct, in alter twelve- Jioui on the road and anxious to gc started here, in eninp with mor thau three score youngsters nl th New York Giant's minor leagii delegation, tlicy appeared ready |i .•eltle down lo training by them .-.clve.s »-jll;iHil iiilerfeienco. included in the group iverc llirci catcher:;, four iiitlBldors. three out fielders and eight pitchers as lo] lows: Catchers — Joe Mareseo, Ton Marcel and Ed GumbcrU Inlielcters — Jimmy Libcrlo, Ed miguskus. Hank Dvorak, and Bobo Outfielders-Joe cm-run, "Jav' Kirk, and Tom O.vly. Pitchers -Julia „ Harrington Clyde "Spot" Reed. Hurry Feldman Eh I'etei-lich, William Von Alicnc Lefty Trauback, Tommy Gorman and Lewis Mcyran. Locals .loin Team 11 em-ISC Pratt came us far as Memphis and slopped off lo spend tv.o night with his parents wlio live there. Hs is expected lo drive oown today. William V. "Lefty" Alexander, southpaw pitcher, did iiot participate in ll le drills al I'orl Smith, but remained here lo work out and attend to Ills gas station al (lie Stale Line. Ben Lhigle, big right haiider, arrived Wednesday from iiis home In Cbarlollc. N. C. Ben was stricken with mumps a few days before, scheduled to leave for camp and did not, Kcl lo so. Walter "Bud" Lutes, Blythevillc boy who Imrjb'd for the osccola- Indians in 1935 awl part of last season, has indicated he will b3 a candidate for the pitching staff. Manager Bobo has issued an invitation lo aspiring players in this territory wlio have a trial with the Giants, There were almost a dozen last year. "Spot" Reed being (he only one tendered :i contract. Reed went on lo compile a remarkable record and was rated (is one of the leading /lingers in the loop. Fitnilliiir F.iiTS Ther? are .several. familiar faces i" the Giant group. Jimmy Liberlo, a Foil Smith boy and a contender for an infield berth, hit .yu r or Osceola ami Pnr'agouUi iwo years ago. i n 89 games he drove in C1 runs and collected 14 Home rims among Iiis 01 hi(,s. Harrington, Pratt, Reed. Alexander and Bolio were members of the championship outfit last year. Harrington won i> while losing 7 but, showed improvement as the season close;!. Prali opened at left field, was shifted lo third tor a few Barnes and limilly was sent to lirsl base in an effort, to plug that glaring weakness. He baited .262, and was jusl 2 points under the best (iral sacker in lidding. Heed was loiirllt ranklii" in earned runs willi 2.82, winning M and losiiig 8. His record for (he last hall was 10 victories and but two losses. His on bulls record was among Hie lowest. Lefty Alexander came cat of his two year retirement lain in the SKISOJI lo join (he team, fie drew nis release from Mobile and began Pitching without , mltM condition- ins. He worked in three game,-; using credited will) | OS6PS j,, „(,' bill averaged belter llian 8 strikeouts and less than 3 earned ruiis Bubo expects him lo help no mile HOT WKATHER AHEAD BE SAFE HA VIS YOUR COOJJNG SYS TIC HI CLKANED & FI.USHEt) NOW. (I ALL 8/6HT, BUT •\AOMWG LIKE HOM£ \ COO/</A/6. when he gets in shape. Ho has been working almost daily at the high school with Lutes and hopes for a strong comeback. Bobo experienced perhaps the worst season of hi: years of professional baseball ast year. Uis .260 hatting mark w.-is the second lime lie had failed o crash into Ihc .300 circle. He lad his appendix removed during Jic summer and is looking forward o a great year. He led the third lasenien In fielding, was first in louhlc plays and second in assists. In- Comeback 19:11 Lutes appeared In 19:11 Lutes appeared in 12 games for the Indians and received redil for 8 wins and but one loss. fis earned run average was 4.45. le walked ii'J and fanned ;s7 | n 07 linings. He tinned his ankle short- y' before Ihc league opened last, ear and was never able to regain '-is. form. After failing in several ' tarts 'Waller was released Manager' Elmer. KirchofI ami by tried . vilh ;Mayflelri. He worked In but a cw innings ,and drew his pink slip. le remained out for the rcniaih- ler of the campaign bill could not csist the name lure this spring'. The Giants open their ofliciiil xhibition series Sunday, going to Carulhersvillc for a uanic with vlanaeer Bunny. Simpson's Pilots. :he Pilots, under Harrison Wickcl von Ihc" NBA flag in "M, and fiii- shed second (o the Giants iii '31, , Vickel has been transferred by tlib Cmvlln.ils lo the New lucria, La.. farm of the Eviingclinc League. Tlib fans are -cordially invited to watch the Giants lake part in the training maneuvers at, Walitci- Park. IS'OTICK Notice is liereby given thai the Gi-rylipiiiid Line:: has filed an application fpr a permit, lo erect a one story brick, tile and iteel building of commercial type on Lois 1 and '.*, Block 1 of Hie Davis Addition lo Blytheville, Arkan- £»f> for the purpose of using a portion thereof as wafting; room ami bus depot. Permit Jor Die ercclloii of said building will be issued after lliirly days from the . hereof unless protest, is lilcd pi'C-.idcd by law. Dated this April is, 1938. JOE CARNEV. City Engineer. 13-10-20-22-27-20 : May '1-6 Blind Bowler Uses Systeta, Averages 150 FAN KRANCifiCO (Uf'l— Aliu- leur bovvltivi usually fin:! u rc game difficult even with unimpaired eye- right, but !>. E. Hughes, a husky, 52-ycnr-old Sair Franciscan who bus been Wind since IMS. lias learned lo bb'.vl '"cy feel" and can beat most of the local novices. Hughes liasii't seen a bowling alley for 30 years, but he can liowt consistently nrotnu) ISO aiid 160. "I developed my own bliiidnraii's system," Hughes said. "I have to have a friend near me lo tell mo which .pins arc left slaiulinj after I throw Hie lirst of my two balls. Then I try to make the combination." _y measuring the distance wild his feet. Hughes finds his .starling place behind the icul line. Using- hi:; own spcilal ball wilh large linger holes, lie takes three rapid steps forward and swings. Many times he gets a strike. Hjit when some of the pins arc left, standing, he tries for difficult combination.-; and frctiiicnlij' makes them. He made 11 combination of the No. (j and 10 pins. These two pins arc farther apart tlian the width of the ball, making it, necessary lo cti]) one pin so thai il will fly off diagonally and knock down the oilier one. Finding his position to (he inch. Hughc.s shot a fust hooked hall dcw-n the alley. 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H • •Cardinal bulle-rn swung ngalnst Rcclblrd pitchers hore this lUtcr- iKnn as l-'ranklc Kifeh's St. Louis Nullonnl t.easuers came into their licme slat? lo win from (lip Class U CiiriilJiersdllc club of the Northeast Arkansas ),eiis«e. 16 to 4. n«> llnnell pitciicil Hie full nine hinln-,s for the Cardinals, and after yicldinj tour runs in the lirsl tlnve iiuilnes, brcewd hcme wllhont per- mlltlng unolhcr lully. Alto?cth'er the cpposllion collected clshl hits off his delivery. l-'riscii loaned some of his pllvh- •vs to C'aniltici-svllle. and white Ccnsi) ivii.soii Itie fill! for the home team In the lirst two Inning.-; the Rcdbirds stored It) rims, Inchidlns a licmer by Uanell. Miu-im ami L-inier (cltowcil IK-njc. in Uiru. for the class 1) miner league team am (AUK.) COflUtth NJ3W8 • Koopinaii weal lo Ilic mound lit (lie ninth. I'cppci- Martin dcnrcd the ceiilor flcW wall for n homer In the lomth. Altogether the Cardinals uwile ie lilts nnd wcro aldtxl to sbiiic extent by f(ve CartllhorsvlUo ervwit. Kifjichy Boidnsiuay, subbing for mo liijut-eil Joe Mcdwlck. ilid Pep- )iei Murlii) cn-jti Imd j|i|-cc sufcllcs iu (our Irips to Iho plate. i livemor illd Ihc catching for C'aiiithei'EvlUc aii:l Owen wus be- lima the plale for the Uardlnuls. I he atlcndiuive was estimated nl Abiuliuin Lincoln culled Ills cub- jlncl moinbers Inlo session on 8cpl. 2'J. 1802, for the purpose of rcnd- I UK the ImiKiitunt pmx-i' now Known ns the Kniailcipullou Pro- fliiiimiion. but first he read them !«'<> chupleis from (ho humorous writings of ArtemtB Wiiixl. 21 HOUR FRIG WAI RE SKKVICK Onl.v Aiithorl/.c'd Service In MIsslsJlpjil (,'ounly I'otmiicrclal or Kntdrtim J->l>s Phont 67 £. B. Gee Sales Co. E. B. C.rp, Msr. 109 K. Kec'inid .St. "~" I I 111 ••!•-•.,, .,!. 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Pltirigcr-typc valves provide proper placing of the liills. It is impossible lo gel the seed plates out of lime with trie receiving valves. Accumulation of the desired 2, 3, or 4 kernels to the hill before the valves open is always certain. 1 lie split-row fertilizer boot available for McCorrhick- Dcering checkrow plesritets deposits the fertilizer in the 301! on both sides of the hill — ;hc •ertilizer cannot come in contact with the, seed. These arc some of the features tliat rn.-vkc Mr.Cormick- Dcering' Corn Planters 33 accurate. They mean the m.ixjmum efficiency in planting. The McCormick-Dccring line includes check row planters J,H. drills for horse or f-'armall operation. The checkrow planters cm be used for checkrowing, drilling, or liill-drillihg. Ask us to show them to you. _ , . 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