The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 18, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 18, 1930
Page 3
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rivate Classes in Dancing and is, liinn ___ city. She- has n sliidio for pupils of BNYTHMVII.LR, (ARK.) COURIER NRWS M usc Ml Wiiti olferiiiB llic Central schools for Euclbury. ami anollicr J. Smlili. Mrs, Alvin Wumlprlich lolt Mon- Hie opening of ihe school number of studios here arc .. Interesting courses as side lines to the regular public school work. Because the study of piano >s perhaps the most popular of these 'here are six Instructors who !m-p ! " larfic number of suidc-nts. Miss Margaret Mernti, of Merrill's .studio, will have dancing and violin in her studio this year. Miss °-:i Hob Harris has stance! her s lit all kinds of fancy and iniiblic dancing. She received training from well known hers in St. Louis and Denver later attended Itie Peny- i.^field .school. associated i this .studio fucully this year lor violin v.-ill be Mis. lovia Casey, member of the Memphis Con- Maiory of Mi:sic faculty. She i:. nn ussisiaiH leaehcr of Ju>e;>h Coi 1 - and before eolns to that city v.':-s inslructDr at a Hastings. Xeb.. The business courses offered by , day for Eureka Springs. Ark. Rite Mrs. L. M. Hurnelto Include Hie! wus accompanied by \vr sls'.cis teaching of Gre;;s's sliorthnnd. In-.ik j:Mb,os Kvelvn and Clinrlie Seoul keeping nnrt lyplnif. Her classes !nv I who will enter college there, tr-.e pnsi several years have been I Mr. and Mrs. K W. Tluiruii wr:v attended by students who. many! businc.^ visitors in O.sceola Mon- of them, now hold responsible po- j day. sillons in the city. Dili mini lift Wednesday for A kindergarten has been opened | L >. Angeles, Cal. While he is by Mrs. Lucile Thomas who. be- away Mrs Bum nnd daughter sides directing children from two liillie wi! | milke (llei |. hoinc wilh : and a hair to five years of age in Mr. an:l Mrs. John supervised play, is planning to teach . Mis , c .. M . iry , Jiml , , 1!)d Kvn M . 1B llic-in French songs and other phns- . womhuu nro maklm: their home cs of this work. She supplcincmod ' wil] , lL , lr alm , M| . s w M s . ow . her Central college ir:iuiing with!an in O.sceola and Dorothy Wood- sjwcial work at mile Uo* ihl<; soll ls lvull hpr ;l ,,, u in B | ;il ... o . ik 1 Alt. Mi 1 , and Mis. Gill Muslin and ! children, lletlye Sue am] Shir'.ey of Osccoln visitc:! in Luxora Tuesday. Mrs. J. K. I.iliicraii and .'on nf i Obceola were in Luxora Tne.-riay. Miss Billio linndolph is mailing chapters of Exodus, led by Mrs. S. Mrs. Lula Dowles visited Mr. ami Mrs. II. J, Fondren Sunday. Mri. W. W. .Simpson of llrink- Icy Farm silent last Sunday willi Mrs. J. IS. cook. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Wlilte. Mr. and Mrs. Hay White visited Mrs. J. C. ilcopc-r 0:1 I.lttlo HIv- i-r Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Fondren tirul Mrs. Lula Howies visited I Luxoia Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mi*. J. 1J. Cook attended the .singing at Dokwnixl Kid^e .Sunday. About 75 took lyphoid vaccine as tlu' schoolho'.rsc Monday. Huffman fiews PAGfl TIIRRr- children and Modlnr- Co<')ir:in sprti 1 Sinul.iN «lth Mrs. Mary i-'llf;:eral<l Mr. an.i Mrs. lldi'h' llay ir. spei'.t Sinulay with \!r. and Mr.; 1. A. ]l:n-,-bou. Mr. and Mr.s, Albeit Thonipvi:! nnd claiii-li'.r-r l.nln v<-\? Knndav guest-, ci: Mr. and M:'s. w. W. I'.p- per. Mrs. llnnfv Adki^on anil clnl- eiren spen; .Sunday wiih Mrs. M.;- ry AilkisM.n. JOi' !li::[ )i;.,MC Cil^rlV. K:it!'.l-i'- ine an! Jcv.i-i u-.Y.n ami Ciirrir.'- Tliorti-.' .r.'.i nil'',l ,i .• .11 ,",'o. ;: Saliirn.,y ,ui'!u Luxora , Society—Personal For several years Mis' Men-lit i - ,, , HL-S been in ihe c-iiy as a piano in- i "> H"^ Ark suiic-tor. She is a graduate of Stil- | '"' D;u '° RlrlKlm lins collcee. Bristol, V.i.. and ha;;' also studied at Bush convervaton 1 of Chicau:) and Chiiulauqua, N. y ")n ;i leave of absence o:ie year slu lus in.slriictor in the Fairest City .school. jher home with Mr and Mrs. ii. W. ;TI)weatt. Mrs. Elinabtlli Spann \eturned ! Mrs. Pletch Fish°r of niyiheville Friday nf:er spending seve'rul days : "' Js " v '»'toi' in Luxora Tuesday. with her sister's, Mrs. Uliss: Yancey. ' Irc i'i«nn Spicer was a business Mrs. J. Cecil lx>we, Miss Helen Lowe and Miss Marie Mocn have piano, vialiii. expression and tan dancing al the Lowe-Moon studio. Bo:l> Miss i.»wc and Mrs. Lowe have previously laiight here and Miss Moon, wlio graduated !hisyear Iran William Woods college at Pulton. Ma. is opening classes in tar, dancing and expression. Mrs. Lowe atlPiirieil HendersDn-Urovvn colteEc music department anil studied a' Washington University of St. Loun this summer. Her sislor-in-!aw iv a .stucicnt of nohlniiinn's School of Mu=ir a; Memphis and also studied aL Washington University. She tr.uslu at Millinstcn. Tenn.. Iwfore coming he-re. Mrs. Ramsey Duncan, pioneer piano teacher of the city, has opened classes al the Central Ward 'am 1 I.ange schools. She received train- h>i! at the Cincinnati conscrvnury and this summer attended oio liohhnann school of music at Memphis. She has taught here for 24 years. There arc two new piano teachers. Miss Leone Callicoti. of Rivc~ Tenn.. who assumed charge of Mrs Mayme Walker Mitchejl's class, ani Miss Minnie L<>c Jones. Miss Calli- coti. also pianist for t!ic First Presbyterian church, taught piano at her home town. Rives, Tenn.. four visited it 1 , Memphis Saturday. .Misr.r: Mabol Olis and Elizabeth Qnihnaly of Carlliersvllle. Mo., were week end juesis c( Misses Margaret nnd Mildred, Richards. Mr. and Mrs l-'rank Vollmer were 1 Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Ilenson an- uoi.iK-e tlie blith o( n son Sejjt. 12. lion mother and baby are dulir; • nicdy. i Mr. and Mrs. Tliomus Haslet; • rr.iertamed willi a dance Timrs- , day niulu. j Mrs. Dallas Stallions nnd ehil- ! du-ti returned the past week Irom I Jontsboro wltei'c .s'.ie hns been \-ls | ilhis her niotlK'r. ! i Mi.s. R. L. Adkisson and twoson^ viti'.or in Liale Reck lasl week. I J:u:l: and Perry spent Hnndny ^||•6. Herman L. Spicer nud litllc *'!"' Ml '^ Vlctcrla Ni-tly. io)i were tin- guests of Mrs. Hpi- Agnes McKay sjieni ihe ivcek- Cfi-'s brother in Walnut llidge llirce ' cntl lll;rc lvll!; lltr pureuls, Mr. days lasl week. ! "i-d Mi's- H. McKay. Ml.-.. 01 hi : j Joe 'Jewel niiilit Aci.i r-j-iiis was Si.mlay uurM ^i^:(.|' M]-s. l-'aniuc Mcnve. C';i-siily jr. cilitii on Ml-i, Maker u! Tntn:ilr> '1'u: 1 da< !ii Itnlinc^ 01 New Ma:ln:: :hi' urek-end IU-H-. Slock Prices years. Her musical education war received al Louisville. Ky.. conssr- vatnry. and Washington Universitv nf St. Louis. business visitors in Memphis Saturday. Metdanies William Wunderlich and Clarence Vollmer spent Sunday in Luxora. Olis and children. Clvo and j Junior, and Mildred Lawry from Manila visited in Luxora' Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Nicholson and Mrs. H S. Ashmore of Osceola visited in Luxora Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Kitchins of Liu' • Reek are business visitors in Luxora this week. While here they are the guests ol Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lewis. Mrs. Barlie Bonds was a business visitor in Blythcvilb Tuesday. Tile wcman's missionary society of the Baptist church met in the chinch Monday afternoon for a study of the fourth and fifth Piles Go Quick Piles are caused by bad circulation of the blcou in the lower bowel and a weakening ,of the parts. Only an internal liiedicinc can remove the caur.?. That's why external remedies and cutting fail. Dr. Leonhardi's HEM-ROTD, succeeds, because It, relieves this con- gr.s:kn and strengthens the affected parts. Ur. Leonhardt's prescrip- L'd Turner of Osceola was a busi- ' ness visitor in Luxora Wednesday. ! Mis McCright and daugliit-r i Francis of El t'aso, Tex., left Tluirs- | day afier spending several days her? wilh friends. | i Hightower News Mr. and Mrs. John Harkey anc lannlv visited Sunday in Hughes. Ark. j Sidney Miller Ralpli Simpson was n Higluow- Sunday er vinior Sunday. •'• |"—'Mr. and Mrs. Roy Haiucy and Mil-ses Jcv,e! and Katheriue Bake;- and Conine Thorne of Tomato .spr-nt the \\rck-eiui as gue.sts o! Hcs.-iie Cnssidy. lilan II. Williamson, who ha-; h~'cn in Blythevilli- hospital, was icmovcd lo n Memphis hospital Sun^iy-. Ills cun:lilion is unchanged. Mildred Ray \y-i'L-k \vil !l lU'r A. T. and T. .. Aviatinn CliryM'r Cilic, Kcrvin- .. C'0(-a L'ol.i Fox CUM.c Ml Klrclnr C;e:ifi:il MOIOIS Ori;;sljy (irimfiw T. T. and T. ... MOI^!i:::-.[-| V \V New York Cotton NK\V YORK. Sr-pl IH. (HI'i. " ., . Open llli;h !,(>»• On. 1,1.1 111:17 1107 inn!! 10:1-1 Di-l. n.M- 1(I!IL! HOo 10K) ICW D.i-. ulil 1117 11-JH llli 11 Hi Dt. 1 . new ll:>. 11M llllrt 1110 Jan. nid 1126 IIM I1W Illii Jr.n IH-V. 11H1 mi 1110 Ill-l Mnr. .. . IUO llfi'J 1135 • 1H7 Mav . . ll.V. lliill lisa .luly . . 117:! !in:t I If.!) 1UJ ;;p'H•; c lov'i] >:;;uly and tin rh-ii-,"«d al lion. New Orleans Cntl on I N'I:W OHIJ:ANS, Repi, in aii'i • --Ciittou jloM'd siendj". ! Open Iliuh 'l.ow Clo-e I Ort Kid.i lion HIM l»"- r i j !).•(• 1! 17 11^ Illl 111'.! Jan HIM nun 1120 naib ... IU'1 1151 1111S Hill .May ... II.M Ilti7 1)5:1 ll r >S .inly .... !I7:> 11S4 1172 llVl! Sjiols [•!["(•:! steady lit I0"i. r ) uj! Cotlon Heed Market Y \f W*^. v^ * vv • - • v - - *, • nave you passe< the noonday of Life nntl;i< iJin ilnicii mad happy li\ Itrrplng your stri'iigtli ami health. An inijiiiliiin learning oj n ruiulinvit cantlitinii is Itir, iliiiiiitisliing nf the ri'il-liinoil-cells. by |.hyv-ic:il i-xliam.ijun, loss of iipjic-litc, t, JKTVIUIS- iU, i Raiia: Slew an Warner Uniud Oas U. K Hteel .... 2U 3-H !;, Kept. Id. iOP)-CM- I'm ir'.'ii i-!i:... i| r;v.y lodivy. Pept '11 ti> :w; o-: TI.M IB lit); Nov. ?t.".:• in iw. :>»!>: Jun. 2«b; Fo>> 2'jb; Mnr. :iOli: April HOb. No sale- Cottcn sfi-d meal ilosc-d llrm l:;- tlay. K:pi. 2ii..ili 10 Hi: Oc:. 'J!).70 Hal: Nov. :in Hat: Dec. JO.'J'i Hal: J:in. 'JO.50 to 31: Ffb. M. JO t'j HO.25: Mar. HU.fiO '.u U2: April 3150 to 3>. Silks: 1.400 Ions. A HMKI01KXCV of reel-cells in bullil up nnd enrich your blood, ilii! bliwul i» usunlly followed (jive you new life and vitality! Your nnpetile will pick up—you will fctl like yourself again! Keep tlie down vontl bright by keeping nnd pimples your reJ-blootl-cclls fighting for niiil boils. When you. Get Uio Inrjje size-. At nil your reil-bluoil- drugstores. © fells nruonly Kfl'/u i you a re N OT £ yourself—CO^'o in Common sense sinjrcests that every possil.'y step b c taken to corru'l KiiL'h a ( lition. Tnko H.S.S, bifoie fath mcul. it will Builds Sturdy Health is siiending this aunt. Mrs. Elmer i of Cooler f/peir wilh his dauijIucT, Mr:.. Fannie Moore. Mr. and Mrs. 'I'.tfi Miiiwer nnd II tiou has such a wonderful record f:r quick, safe and lasting relief even in chronic and stubborn case, ... . I i' 131 Kirby Drug Co.. says try ; •• .\iias Jones, who taught al Moun: j HEM-RO1D ni. my expense. Your Pi-!as,:i. ill., live years. 1ms also hart Pile suffering must end or classes at Ripley. Tenn.. her horn-I bacl:.—\d>-—\'o i money yourself a good stiff drink — nnd make it hot. Nothing else like it. First of all malted milks. Inimitable! At better drug stores. Or send ten cents for sample and mixer to % H O II L I. C K' S// \\v •• A C I N C . V.' I S C O N f I "•> /£ ff Start them taking Music when they ?larl to school (SAs-- -fiwv---^ Music Lessons F n,,n Y, PIANO -FREE Favor- eacher ,. Since consolidating our Little Rock, Memphis. Rlytheville. Helena and Joncsboro stores in our one main store al PARAGOULD we have more stock than we have room for and for the ncx' 30 days we are offering bargains at a y;real saving to you. XAMPLE Says SAMUEL HARDEN CHURCH President of ihe Curncijic Institute r-lh;U ureat cnlcrprisi; founded by Andrc\v C.irnrijlc at Piitsliuruh for the promotion nt nrl, ^,-ii-nL-e .iiuniferatiirc. Known throcVhoiit tlu- wtirld as a skldcnl nf current problems.- Chairin.m of ilu: Diunl Ciirneijie Inslitutc of Fechnnlony, Director American National Theatre. Mcmhcr American Minion lo Morocco 1923. Oflicci nf Legion of Honor (France). "Pcrfi<i|js the most vital influence in the American"business world in recent years has been the tendency of industrial lead- erf, ID ;'oin hands with scioicc. No mort; significant example of this trend exists than your modern use of the .Ultra Violet Ray- in the 'Toasting' of the LUCKY STKiKE tobaccos. The great success of your 'experiments demonstrates the tuistiom of this itnioit between business and science." New Upright PIANO $275 New Grand PIANO As Low as $498 New Player PIANO S395 Sold Under Guarantee Very Easy Terms Practice Pianos As Low As $55 Write us about our FREE LESSON OFFER for next 30 days.Don't miss this Write BEARD'S TEMPLE OF MUSIC at PARAGOULD or phono our courteous representative . ; Mr. C. IT. Brogdeu 1324HoarnSl. Blytbeville Phone ]027 Beard Temple of Music LUCKY STRSKE — the finest cigarette you ever smoked, made of the finest tobaccos —the Cream of the Crop—THEN—-"IT'S TOASTED." Everyone knowstha? heat purifies and so TOASTING removes harmful irritants that cause throat irritation and coughing. No wonder 2O 7 679 physicians have stated LUCKiES to be less irritating S Everyone knows that sunshine mellows— that's why TOASTING includes the use of the Ultra Violet Ray. It's North Arkansas' Greatest Music Store Paragould Throat Protection - against irritation — against cough Consistent wilh its policy of hying ll-c f:ic(s before tho public, The Anicric-uii Tobacco Company has invileJ Mr. S:imuol Harden Church to review the reports of the distinguished men who have witnessed LUCKY STRIKE'S famous Toasting Process. The statement of Mr. Church appears on this page. jn Tol>Kco Co.. Mill.

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