Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada on March 14, 1968 · Page 1
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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 1

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 14, 1968
Page 1
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WEATHER Reno: Cloudy with scattered light showers today. Clearing tonight. P"air Friday. Warmer. Si-erra-Tahoe: Partly cloudy today. Scattered showers with clearing tonight. Colder. Weather table on Page 2(i. NINETY-SECOND YEAR, No. 303 o Evening Gaze A A' civs pa per for the Home . . Information and enjoyment for every member of tlie family NEVADA ROAD TOLL' 1968: 21 Last rar to date: 24 Published Weekdays by Reno Newt-papers, Inc. 401 West 2nd Street RENO, NEVADA, THURSDAY, MARCH It, 1968 Entpred A ff-"! po,( j Oftict a Second cias Mitftr " niOXE (702) 32M161 10 CENTS O O fin LTU fin in! m rv mm v , St . 1 t "IE o 1 Music Strike Negotiations Broken Otf Negotiations 4, it? S ,. i i 1 Waiting. . . Merle Snider, president of the Reno Musicians Union. (Gazette Photo) Action Deslc Action Little League Strikes Out A director for Reno's Littlejthey might eventually have to League today said some 360, move, but also said they would league ballplayers may have find another place for the struck out at the Washoe Coun- league to play, ty Fairgrounds. j "Now they say they have "After playing some 17 years;changed the master plan for at the fairgrounds," Sonny! the fairgrounds and they don't Burke told the Gazette's Action Desk, "we are now being evicted." Burke said he had been in formed by County Manager C. B. have another place for us to play," Burke said. "We have been informed the only thing we can do is to ap- plv to the commissioners in in Reno's two-week old musicians strike broke off shortly he-fore noon today, less than two hours after they started. Clinton Knoll, head of the Reno Employers Council representing the clubs, said the negotiations had been recessed "until further notice." Merle Snider, President of the Musicians' Union, said he did not know il negotiations would continue this afternoon. Knoll said the union "hasn't offered a proposal for ending the strike." "We were very disappointed they didn't give us a proposal to consider as a means to settle. Negotiations have been recessed until further notice by either party." NO COMMENT Snider said he had no com- ment "at this time. We are not going to say anything about this until we have come to some definite conclusion." The negotiations had opened in the Musicians' Hall on Tay lor street. The meeting followed by one day an affirmation by the National Labor Relations Board of a trial examiners decision last October that the clubs are the! employers of the union. The clubs had maintained the orchestra leaders wrere the actual employers of the musicians. The union maintained the clubs were the actual employers. LID CLAMPED Snider said today no details of the negotiations would be re Move to Halt Stardust Sale Flatly Denied the Tl ini we are on lionaiie's plans to .to See Him Clinton Knoll, head of Reno Employers Council (Gazette Photo) Democrats' Big Issue: Vietnam By NORMAN CARPOZA Vietnam might turn out lo be the biggest issue in the state Democratic comcn-tiou in Reno this weekend. Some Democrats sav an argument may develop between the hawks and duxes, as it did during the Washoe County convention. That issue is the one most likely to create a party split, sources sav. j (Full coverage of national decided to stop Hughes politics on Pages 18 and 20.) buying the hotel. And. it will be one that car- Managing editor Don Digilio ries far-reaching implications, of the Las Vegas Review-Jour-since it will reflect the extent nal, who, incidentally, is a Lax-of the state party's sunnort of alt-annointre to thp pvaHa Ath- the Johnson Administration and letic Commission, said today! A Group of airmen stationed of Sen. Alan Bible of Nevada.; three of Laxalt's "confidants " at 'Ma.v Air Force Base left On domestic policy, Nevada revealed that the Governor had Reno Wednesday for Mountain Democrats came up with a res-!decided to stop Hughes fromlllome' Iano, to train in photo olution seeking a halt in bomb- buying the Stardust. ing of North Vietnam to dete.v Di ijo said hps- rpprosen. mmp if thp Viol (Vino u-nnlH hp . , .... h " lauves are expected to make a (Turn to Page 2, Col. 4 1 Gazette-Journal Carson City Rureau lain and simple, we want to find out if ii ink ol inonopoK ." Kit's wliat Cov. Paul Laxalt said today almut gam-oilicials nlamiiiicr to nuestion representatives of Howard Hughes l ridax alxiut the bil add the Stardust Hotel tof o lis millions ol dollars worth j eras hotel and gambling holdings. Laxalt flatly denied he has from Reno Airmen Go to Idaho For Training with the Copper Unions Taken to Court oALi laku uty ( API itaitn witn tne company by m-The National Labor Relations sisting ... on an economic Board has petitioned U.S. Dis- package common to all bargain-; tnct Court for an injunction; ing units . . . and upon a com- sagainst the 26 striking copper mon expiration date for all the unions. 'collective bargaining agree- U.S. District Judge Willis W.'ments." Ritter ordered a hearing for The petition, filed by a Wash-April 2 on the NLRB request ington, D.C., NLRB attorney that the unions be ordered to! and signed by Clyde F. Waters, L drop their demands for com-jDenver, regional board director, Kinnison this week there would writing and they will determine no longer be a place lor the if there is some place for us.' contends the unions' demands violate bargaining conditions of Little League to play at the fairgrounds. Burke said the original mas ter plan drawn for the fair- The director said the county grounds some six years ago in- commissioners had informed the eluded two Little League play- league for the last five years' (Turn to Page 2, Col. 5) ' j 7 I '-p? !: Set- S S k - -1 f4 " 4 M panywide bargaining with Ken necott Copper Corp. The petition asks for an in- the NLRB act. junction to block the unions i The unions, led bv the United iveaiea unm an agreement nad:fr0m "failing and refusing to Steelworkers of America, AFL oeen reached. bargain collectively in good! (Turn to Page 2, Col. 1) We are negotiating for a col lective bargaining agreement," he said, "which will involve changes in wage scale and working conditions." Knoll, representing the clubs, concurred with Snider that no details would be released until an agreement had been reached.; MCCARTHY RALLY IN RENO? A news source told the Reno Evening Gazette Wednesday afternoon several busloads of university students are coming to Reno from California and Idaho to rally presklental campaign support for Sen. Eugene McCarthy, D-Minn., at the Nevada Democratic convention this weekend. Susan Redstone, a staff member of the Daily Califor-nian at Berkeley, was contacted about the source's information. "I have heard the rumors, but I haven't heard of any definite plans," she said. reconnaissance work Army. Pilots are also traveling to counterproposal to Laxalt, Sav-;tlomeslea(1 Air Kase Florida ing that the Stardust will be the! for training in water survival last hotel Hughes plans to buytechniques. The Associated Press reported.! TWO WEEKS "This report is totally un- Sgt. Jack Cafferty, public in- U.S. Tanks, Gunships Splinter Enemy Ambush true, Laxalt said about Digi-j formation officer, said those lio's newspaper story. "It is sent to Idaho were aircraft pi-grossly unfair to everyone in-1 lots, maintenance and photo volved. j crews. They will be at the base, "The very purpose of the 60 m''es from Boise, for two meeting Friday is to develop-weeks- the facts so that an intelligent) When they return, another determination may be made as; group will leave to undergo the to whether to allow at this time: same training, and a third further extension of Mr. Hughes'! group will follow, gaming interests." j PUots sent to Florida will The Nevada Gaming Control! also go in three separate groups Board and the Nevada Gam ing J and will train in a course in-Commission will start gatheringicluding everything from how to facts and will listen to testi-j signal search craft to the use mony of the Hughes represen-iof shark repellent. tativcs- Cafferty said the two-week Laxalt said, in an interview, training periods will take rough-that he has not made up his ly six weeks. mind and will listen to all sides. Laxalt said the Hughes ques- ' DON'T KNOW' "This doesn't necessarily Im- Steen Property Auction Slated Property belonging to rancher-miner Charles Steen has been he is a member, will have to make the decision. No Nevada casino operator has ever been stopped from expanding on the basis of monop-olv. but the entry of Hughes into SAIGON (AP) Enemy'the vehicles, a commandiB32s also flew missions against Nevada, and his rapid expansion troops raked a U.S. Army sup- spokesman said. This indicated. enemy concentrations northwest in Las Vegas has brought up ply convoy from ambush along as many as a third of the trucksjof Dak To, in the central high-the question, winding Route 14 in the central might have been damaged orjlands, and in the A Shau Valley.! ejthcr the Governor nor the ion win noil down to a ques- , the entire unjt wi rpmain tion of judgment and that the, in Reno for that u becaJse gaming policy board of which. wp rinn.f knnu, The groups going to Idaho tanks splin- destroyed. highlands but American and helicopter gunships tered the attackers. The U.S. Command said 48 North Vietnamese regulars and convoy to Viet Cong guerrillas were killed site, after in the short, middav fight nine 11:15 a.m., and at 11:25 helicop- put under foreclosure and will; miles north of Pleiku City ter gunship; ai me eastern ena oi me cie-;state s gaming control chiefs ia"ihave set down any hard and tneifast rules for deciding when a 1 monopoly exists. ; Laxalt said todav arrived u j u- i miles north of Dong Ha. The LU"3 uc' "' mo at Marines, who had killed 35 ene-inoPol-v lotion ' Sad Little Leaguers Tht baseball season might be over before it starts for little leaguers Tommy, 10, left, and Bobby Baldwin, 8. The broth, rs ars members of the Astros in the National League. (Gazette Photo) vov began clearing the narrow erneck was killed and 33 werejHughes might be gaining a mo-1 road, which links the 4th Divi-i wounded. nopoly on the Las Vegas Strip.! The enemy sprayed the 4th In-!sj0n's headquarters near Pleiku; tantry Division convoy with ba-iwith its units operating around zooka-type rockets and heavy1 Kontum and Dak To. automatic weapons fire and flicted "moderate" damage Good News FIRST TREE FOR GARDEN IN RENO Out-of-iown Friends, Too! Tanks and armored personnel militarized zone, fighting carriers of the 3rd Vietnamese ipered off around Dong Ha Armored Cavalry raced past the; U.S. Marine base near the attack the ambush'coast. The onlv action reported "b"v " j - ..(r.i f,. .;n .l,v,i ! between U.S. Marines and "6 "u" 'u,"-a J'"uau y ailprt into the hat- North Vietnampsp units six 'B evciii ucp o be sold at a public auctionjWednesday. Twelve Americans tie. a-;i m 1; t:Jwere killed, eieht were wounded Fighter-bombers fF ' 6 and soldiers of the South Viet-ll :59 and within minutes the en-: my soldiers in the same areaj Several state legislators plus ot trustee sale. jnamese armored unit escorting emy troops fled. !the day before, reported killing ! Atty. Gen. Harvey Dickerson The land involved mcludes:the convov suffered lieht casual-! Arrnv pnoinPPr! with the ron-;30 more Wednesday. One Leath-lhave expressed fears that millionaire aieen s omce aftjeS) the command said. Reno Municipal Airport, his j CONVOY SPRAYED ranch in Washoe valley, and land he owns in Dayton. I Steen's house on the Washoe Valley ranch is not affected. Earlier this month a representative for Steen paid withholding taxes on Casair, Inc., and headed off the Internal Revenue Service's plans to sell it. The lien on the aircraft leasing firm was thus lifted. But a general tax lien on Steen properties continues in ef-i feet. In February it was announced that he owed the government $1.8 million on tax returns from 1958 to 1960. Deeds on the land scheduled for sale next month are held by American National Insurance Co. Property involved in the sale lies in Washoe and Lyon counties and in the City of Reno. Nine parcels are in Washoe County, and two each are in Lyon County and Reno. Steen was not available to comment on the foreclosures this, morning. will also go through some photo reconnaisance training with the Air Force Wing, parent unit for the men at May. Only a small number nf administrative personnel will be sent on the training mission, Cafferty said. But all maintenance personnel are going to repair anything that breaks down. Ind ex 2 Pages The first tree in Reno's bo-tanical garden will be planted Friday. Dr. Fritz Went, professor of botany at the University of Nevada, will plant the tree about 4 p.m. during a ground breaking ceremony at the garden site near the At-mospheriumPlanetarium on North Virginia Street. The ceremony will follow a 3:30 p.m. meeting of the Nevada Horticultural Society, also at the Atmospherium site. After the tree is planted, Dr. Nellie Stark will relate ed m'l Just 17 hours later guerrillas 2H ambushed a 30-vehicle convoy nine miles northeast of Saigon, on the highway to the big military base at Long Binh. The U.S. Command said one American soldier and one ene my soldier were killed, and damage to the trucks was light, but the ambush underlined the threat from roving guerrilla bands operating in Saigon's suburbs. At Khe Sanh, the 14th anniversary of the start of the siege of Dien Bien Phu passed with enemy gunners hitting the U.S. Ma rine combat base with a below-average barrage of 200 shells Wednesday. Casualties among the 7,000 Allied defenders of the base in northwestern South Vietnam were as usual described as light. U.S. bombers hit the estimat- 20,000 North Vietnamese experiences and research work in Peru last summer. troops surrounding Khe Sanh Wednesday with five raids. The SEND THE GAZETTE'S STORM COVERAGE TO YOUR RELATIVES The wind covered Reno and the Reno Evening Gazette covered the wind. There were 35 stories and fiht big pictures in Wednesday's edition, covering every angle of the destructive storm to pass along to your out-of-town friends and relatives. With this service in mind, extra Gazettes were published Wednesday. They are available at the Circulation Department counter in the Gazette-Journal Building at 401 West Second St. Or, vou may mail a list of names and addresses of persons to whom ou want the Gazette sent, enclosing 10 cents for each person, and we'll mail the newspapers to your out-of-town friends and relatives. Send the list to Circulation Department, Reno Evening Gazette, P.O. Box 2S0, Reno, Nevada 89304. Sections 32 SECTION ONE Ann Landers 9 Crossword Puzzle 4 Earl Wilson 7 Editorials 4 Sylvia Porter 13 The Doctor 8 Win at Bridge 12 Women's News 9-11 SECTION TWO Amusements 24 Classified Ads 26-31 Comics 25 Deaths 26 Legal Notices 26, 27 Local, Regional News 17 Markets 26 Sports 21-23 Television Log 19 Weather Table 26 RENO EVENING GAZETTS Soeidel Nespapr, Mmtor f Associated Prtsv SUBSCRIPTION RATES: Horn dlivry by earner salesman, 60 cents a week) bv motor route and carrier delivery out. js'de Reno, S3 a month; by mail in 1h State of Nevada and Moooc Lassen. Plumas, Sierra, Inyo. Alpine, Mono ard Nevada counties and the Lake Taho area m California. $22 a vear: by mail to all domestic Doints outside tw above areas, $36 a vear. Address P. O. Box TVs, Reno, Nevada. Otnex rates upon request. Chuckli Nowadays you cant tell whether a girl is wearing a high miniskirt or & low lobster bib. J

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