The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1931
Page 5
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TlIUKSDAy, JANUARY S, 1931 niA'TIlEVlLLB, (ARK.) COU1UER NEWS PACK FrVE CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for first insertion and one cent a word for cadi subsequent Inscitlon. No advci'llsemonl tiiitii for less than OOc. Count (he words and scud the cash. I'honu 300 ANNK AtSTIN G DUCK PIGEON' 111 e AVENGING MKX>1* MURDER BACKSTAiPti OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern 1'OK SALE FOR SALE—Small rooming house or its conU'iiw. Call (J'Ji>. DP-K9 i Don't Depend On 1 Your Friends For A Ride H will 'surprise you lo know thr.t a car Jus', cs good as the cars your Irlcnds drive may IK bought al about half what you expect- (he price '.o b.'. You can buy a mi^hly nice car from us for a little money ai:d you ecn be assured that Uie car you get from us Is always exactly as represented. '23 DODGE 6 EEIIAX S2S5 78 CHEVROLET COACH .... 125 MO CAliTEK 4-TOX TRAILER 285 '28 FOItD AA l!i TO* TI1K. 150 '23 ESSEX C SPOUT COUPE 195 '39 FOKI) TUDOR SEDAN .. 405 '27 FORD PICK; UP DELIVERY 03 '29 CHEVROLET 6 COACH .. 2fli '29 CHRVSLEIt -75" HDSTER 495 '28 WHIPPETT COACH .... 103 '30 CIlEVItC-LF.T G COACH .. 475 '£9 LATE ES3HX C COACH 115 '29 I'OUD riiAETON 233 '2S CHRYSLUK SEDAN .... 125 •30 FORD SI'OKT UOADSTER 33S '26 CHEVROLET SEDAN .... 5j '29 FOitD TOWN' SEDAN" .... =30 See these cars on display. Very desirable terms to fit your income. If you have an Open Car, trade it in on a nice Closed Model. ['hone 811 PHILLIPS MOTOR . COMPANY Authorized Ford Dealers. lli:UN IIEIII-: TODAY I SI'IVIAI. JM'IISTIUATOII l>l!X[II.i: lirllrix 'hnl JUAN) I'A \\rrr nujriirrC't !•> " bliirktiuill ili-llm. Mill t Ihr iMilk-r llicnrjr I* lu:il MK-) llvrr Ulllul In iivrnEr II ia?k.-l.-rr uliom Mln IK iLnuicM ll> li:ni- liilrNvci). Ot lluiiJfr'ji klx |in*>lhU- niuliivlii — JUIXiE MAU- Sll Al.L, u»Hrr rtl IN« dpalh wrn- t«.>'ii rni.i.v iu-:ti,i- nnu CMYK [I \M>]UM>, »li<> IHIirrlrd BUdilt-ulT iifn-r Siiracilr'n drnlln JOHN [>IIAI<i:. J.»\KT IIAV.MOM). In l,j\<> Mlth Siiriipue. noj KLOUA MII.MS—hl» rniL- Ift • lrunsr«t "ll<- ililnU. Vl iiomllile »hf klllfd MCI [n ilfxiii'rMlun, nnd llint '|-U\ri-:V MM.i:s klllrd Sprtijcue (ii liroU'i-t t'lnr:i frnm n charicc of litnrtvumll. In Nt" Yurtc, Dundr* U':IMI» Ihru Ihr-rf at* vnnue rimmr* nt • oandnln turolvtnir Klnrn null Jnnr I. " fetch Mln liifurht Ij.-itr knnmi. From Sl'.HIOXA NVIIT. .inKr «lnr nnd Brmluntr ft the l-'.iraylf Si'honl, wMcli ilivae Klrlx iillmdtrt and iThrfe Xlrn. on Si-mm'a rfciiMllurndutJon, tliriTled tli* Kn«ter piny, he Irnriiji lime Mln WM married r.irlv In IUIS. nnd Iknt tht drt«» In uhlrh tlic "'.in crentntfa \vn> L?r tvrililli'R UrriiH. n« he HIU- liDtVfvcr' ljut nnl dlvurrnl. .Serenn ^ii)« llint n i.U-lurc of Mln >vn. primed urrldrnlnlly )• a Blorj nlji.itt ANITA I.KB. Dundrr I" nhout In lenve, vrl\en firrc-nrt n*k»i him tl hr Unoiv* IM^\\V rllAIN. «nslnp Ihnl iilic mi-l hrr nnd llllfjr.ll (;1IAI\. «!.n Inter railed tn liuklneR* and dl<inp. I'enred. nt llir Fornyfe Sehonl. Dundee ItLiliulRlvrlr tell* Kere llm* I'fnny nnd her ninther would like- 10 hnvi* Crnln bnek nfcnln. After nlrlriR Tenny, Dunrtce h-iirim ffcnl <m the nlnlh of K«T»- runrj. ulirn \lta trted lo kill h«r- ne 1 !, Krirn!:!:* trni rnniiirerl en- Kii[r*'d, Imt Ihnl n dealnl wn» rrlnled (ITO day« Inter. He re- reEveH nn nn»^ier Co •(• ^Tlre lo JVnny. SOW CO O|» WITH THK CHAPTER XL1V ^lT!l-n sliarp exclamation of excitement and trlumnh, Dundee finished reading Penny's teleEiara: HAMILTON EVENING DATE OF MAY FIFTH THUS TWBNTY TWO W cnsou lo tlio most ropular dcbu- iiite, had married lovely llltlo <oren IMummcr. Suddenly i\ sen- cncc from Kalph Hammond's story t his engagement to Nlta Leigh, lollm popped up in Dundee's memiry: "And once I got cold sick xcoust) 1 thought she might etlll ic married, but slio said her hus- laivl had married agnln, and I vasn't to ask questions or worry. It UnlpU Hammond had reported Nila accurately slio had not said he was dkorccd. Slio had merely tald her Lusuaud waa married again! Wliy waa Ralph to ask no questions? Divorced wives wore not usually so reticent. Had Nita planned to commit the criino of bigamy? It not, when nut ivhoro and how had she secured a divorce? Serena Hart, years before, sho had denied any Intention getting a divorce, for two reasons— bccausa &ho did not know where her huBoand was, and because, be Ing married although hushandless was a protection against matrliuo nial tcmptnttona. To Gladys Earle, a year ago 1: April, Bho had confided that eh could not marry again, becauso Eh was not divorced and becauso' sh did not know the whereabouts o her husband. And BO Jar as New York reporter had heeu ablo to find, out, Mil Leigh had done nothing to alte her status as a married woman du ins the past year. Moreover, Nila had secured elllier & dlvorc nr a legal separation, her mai Lydia Carr, would certainly ha' known, of it. And Lydia had veil nieutly protested more than SUN I to Connie Dundee that she kne NINE- nothing of NiU's husband, althoug PtIB- she had worked for ttio music ;,IKIII-;D STORY. OK SUICSDE ANITA LEE AUT1STS MODEL. RUT PICTURE ACCOMPANYING WAS NITA LEIGH SBL1.MS STOP NO CORRECTION FOLLOWED STOP WHAT DOES IT MEAN *'\Vhnt does It mean?" Dundee re- comedy dancer for five yea Surely If Niln, loving and trust!: pealed exultantly to liimsclt. "It <VDcl !' ct ~ Lydia as sbo (lid, had entered into negotiations ol any kind with or concerning her husband during the last year, her maid would have been tho first to know ot them. tlio money, exactly lhati Hack alimony! And the prlco her bllonce heforo tho world and o wlfo who waa not really a wife? In ft new light, llouulo Dundee udted Ihe character ot iho woman ho had been murdered—possibly make her sllenco eternal. * * * OIS DUN1/AP had IIKed, even ' loved her. Tho oilier women nd girls ot that exclusive, Belt- entered clique ot Hamilton's most oclally prominent women mual avo liked her fairly well am! ound her congenial, In spllo ot lelr jealousy ot her popularity •1th tho men ot tho crowd, or thc> 'ould not have tolerated her, rc- ardless ot Lois Dunlap's champion hip ot her protege. Serena Hart, former member ot ew York's Junior League aud Btlll islco* In the Social Register, had ound Nlta the only congenial mcni- cr of the chorus uho had Invaded s tho llrst step toward stardom. Finally, Ralph Hammond had ovcd Nlta and wanted to many her. Wns It possible that Nlta Scllm's only crime, Inlo which she had been ed by her infatuation for Uoxlcr Sprngue, had been to demand, secretly, financial compensation from a husband who had married nnd deserted her, a husband who, believing her dead, had married ngnlu? But who waa tho man whose pic- lure—to spin a now theory—Nlta bad recognize! ns that of her bus band among the male members o tho cast ot Tho lieggar's Opera' when. Lots Dunlnp had proudly ex hlbited the pictures of that nmatcur perfortuaucet With excitement hammering a his pulses, Dundeo took tho huucl of photographs which Lots Dunla; had willingly given him, and &ln<! led tho picture that contolncd th entire cast—the picturo which hat first attracted Nila's attenllon. Am again despair overwhelmed bin: or every one of his possible nsal iQlcl. lie umiBht nl Iho nowssi.ind . Harder whoso lieiidllini Infornieil ilin Hint Scrgeaiil Turner wn». al hat moment, even inoro dUcour- nised ihan himself. For Hie lil^ lyuj old tho \voiltl: JOK SAVKI.I.l "OKTS" nHOTIl- Eli'S SLAYRU. And smaller heatlllnes lufori:ird Iho Ecnsailon-lovluK imblle: "SWALLOW-TAll. SAMMY" SA- VKI.I.l'S 111-: ATI I AVKNliKI) I1Y uttuTiiKi; \viio suuiti-:NUi.:i!s TO 1'OI.ICK: "Sl-ICK" T110.MI-- SON, AI,L1-:C,EI) MKMIiKIl OK SAMMY'S ClANti, SHOT TO DKATIl ON SIXTH AVENL'K. TWELVE HEAD of good mules for Sale. SEC Sam Thomas at i'irst Nations! Bank, Blythcvilie, Aik. 7P-K10 FOR KENT IN DELI,—FOR RF.NT—3 room house, 57.00; 4 room house, $11. L. Fowler, Phone 8S8 or 450-J. 18C-TP mesns. ray darling lilUe Penny, thnt anyone In Hamilton who had any inlerest in Ihe mailer believed Nita Leigh Selim was dead, and that Hie spelling o[ her name was wrong, not Ihe plclnre itselfl . . . The o.ucstion is. wlio read that story and gazed ou that picture with vast reU .''." Two hours before lie had dls- inisst.d as impossible or highly Impractical his impulse to Investigate the 11-year-old scandal on Flora Hackett, who waa now Flora Miles, -as loid lilpi by Gladys Earle of Ihe Forsyte School. Even more dlflicnil would it tie to 1ind out why Janet Hayniond's mother had taken her Ct course—lie himself—Nlta abroad for a year, hid ruefully (old FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, 710 CWckasmvba, Phone 205. 3P-KO FOR RENT—Four room apartment, 810 West Ash. Call 510. 5C-TF FOR RENT- 4 room stucco uunga- | low. Garage. Modern conveniences.. Apply 606 N. Fifth St. P-K-12 Leigh might have been lucky or unlucky enough to run across documentary iiroof of one of the scandals of which Gladys Earle Lad told her. or had dared to blackmail her victim by dark hints, as Miss Earlo had unconsciously siifsesiod. nut this new development could not be ignored. Eight years ago in June Hires weddings had occurred in Hamilton! The Uunlap, the .Miles, the Drake wedding. And within the last year aud a half Judse Mar- bhall. after nroposins season at:er Suddenly Dundee jumped to his t and began to pace the floor ol hotel bedroom. Ho wag remeuv hering Hie belated confidence that John C. Drake, banker, had made to him tho morning before—after the discovery of Dexter Spraeue's murder. lie recalled Drake's reluctant statement, almost word for word: "About that 510,000 which Nlta deposited witli our bank, Dundee - . . ^Yben she made the first de- rjosit ot 55000 on April 2S, she ex plained It with an embarrassct laugh as 'tack alimony.' an installment o£ which 5ho had Euccrcded In collocling from her former nha- band. And. naturallj', when she [made the second deposit on -May 5. I prcs'imed the saino explanation covered that sum. loo, though I confess 1 was puzzled by the fact susiiecls was in that group. But he could not keep hi .houghls from racing on. Men who stepped out of their clas and went on parlies wllh choru fclrls frcqucully did BO under a: suincd names, he reflected. Scren Hart was authority for tho inform tion that Nila's had been a sudde marriage. Was it not enllrely IK) sllilo that the man who mnrrle N'ila In 131S had done so half, drunk, liolli on liquor and lufatua- tlOD, and that ho had not troubled to explain lo Nita his motives for having used an assumed name or to write In his real name on the application for a marriage license? Had Nila's private detective journeyed out to Hamilton In a fruitless attempt lo locale "Matthew Selim 1 '? Bonnie Uundce lay awako for hours Friday night lurulng these anil a hundred other questions over and over in his too-active mind, nnd slept at last, only lo awake Saturday,with a plan ot procedure which ho was sensible enough to realize promised small ciianco ot success. • • • ANU lie was right. Not In Man ^ hatlan, or In any of the other husband who had dared marry i boroughs of New York City, did he again, believing Im deserted wife | find any record of a marriage license issued to Juanlta Leigh nnt Still mniiller lyno ncliiiowlcdficd that Joo Savelll, after elvlns him- sell it|i, with a revolver in Ilia linnil. •vd dlsclalincil any kuowledfie of connection \vllli Ibo miirilcis u( unnlta I.elsh Sclliu and Duilcr Prague. Two lionrs later, Dundee- received long lelcKram from District Aton:cy Sanderson: INfOHMIU) 11Y KVKNIXU SV1N \N1) CAPTAIN STItAWN THAT AVKl.LI ANfiM-i IS COMI'LKTK VASHOUT STOP 1IAV1-; VOU IADB ANY PIUKIRKSS ALONG JT11KK LINKS HTOI 1 1IAVU IN- •'OUMBD KEl'OKTl-IHS YOU VOHK1NG 1NDEPKN ft'lTH STRONG CHANCE (IP iOLVIKO ;iOTH CASKS STOl' VOULU LIKi: YOU 111-:UK FOIl ADJOUUNl!!) INQUESTS ON DOTH MUUUtOnS MONDAY STOP WOTHRU IMPROVED AM ON JOB AGAIN. Since Dundee felt that there wan Ittlo chance of following Uiroufcli eillier on Ihe sramlals which (ilml)i Earlo had hinted at. or on Nila's :lrangely secret marring of 12 years before, ho Immediately ills- ^nlclied a wlro lo Sanderson, np^nr- Ing lilm lluil vital prosress been mado nnd that he would |K;VC New York on Hie Tour o'clock train west, arriving In Hamilton Sunday morning at S:CO. Sanderson's wire, with Its confession ot an Interview on Dmnice'a trip lo New York, had upset him and left him willi 11 cohl tcclliiK of fear that, stumbling li.ilf In darkness, tho district ntlorney had uii- willingly warned the murderer of Nila Sellin nnd Dexter Sjiraiiuo that bis fineclul Invcsllgalor waa on Iho rislil track. An hour before he reachoil ills destination on Sunday moj-nliin he went Into the illnliit,' car and found copy of The llnmttlon Vcicj beside his i>lalc. And on tlio front paj;o was a photograuh of lead NHa. her bhck hair In n that mad both big In cash." cash I deposits had been Had Nila, by any chance, bcea Idling a near-lrtilh? Had she been blackmailing her own husband—a to Le dead—and justifying herself hy calling It "uack alimony 1 "; Bui—wasn't It, In reality, no mailer whai coercion Nila had used French roll, her slhn. rccunihem hoily clad In Iho royal blue velvet drees. Beneath tho picture was the caiillon: "What pr.rl doe^ the outniodel royal hlue velvet frock which Sellui chose as a shroud play In the solution of her muriicr? That is tho question which Special investigator Dundee, attached u tho district a;-- torney'a office, and line home this morniiiE from (rullful dcteetivo work in New Vork, IB undonhtcdly prepared lo answer." Dundee waa sllll Bccllitng wllli futile rage when he climlied Ihe stairs to his apartment. room flo:>r. living door, he funnd nn Matthew Sciim. When us save up his quest nt noon Saturday and returned to his; FOR RENT—Nice three (3) room apartment, \rilh private bath, Bara?e an dcntrancc. Call 72-W. 7P-K10 FOR RENT—Good 5 room house. located North 10th St., Call nt 910 Holly. Phone 200. GC-KO FOR RENT—5 room Bungalow. 605 Chickasav.-ua St. Apply Mrs. Walter Knscnthal. Phone 14Q. GC-KU WANTED — Family Washings. Washed anrt ironed by competent white woman. .Mrs. Brown, 70S S. Lake St. 17CK-TF UIQ touching UK> envelope —unstamped ar.d bearing bis nnino writ- lea oil a typewrite:. (To ItVj C'urillniird) dc la Salle, Turkey Slay Play Host • m?.ke such a visit was Etnt to;crt Cavelicr dc la Salle, Frcuc SOFIA, iUP> — It is tho opln- . Boris by Kernel during th? autumn, j trail-blazer and explorer of tlie ion licre tliat, in January or; Boris, however, was compelled to Mississippi valley, Is to be erected early in February King Boris and'decline it for tlio moment duo lo in Rouen, where he was born In WANTED - - To buy poultry, any i Queer> uiovanna will pay a per- j the preparations for Ills marriage. • NH3. The s'.alue will be placed on amount, market prices. J. Fisher at C. L. Bennett Co. Feed Store, 210 ft. n. a. 6C-K20 weu. ~"Siwce 1UU .^ *> POriY KBSI-fAlfe IrJ AlRWG }< PgRMI-T Me >4 T?l£Mt^P VoU OF Pf5AL ITS M SilUFFue ToT?6E-r -niAf ABoin' -rM'stock" S'ou VoU VARP5 1 RlBBoM, puck AMP o'R EACH 5HARI5 WAS 1 L50LTJ > OT ELASTIC V-BV; ^X BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES NOT SO FUNNY! By Martin TOI.VI& 'WON'T VET Mt WANTED—Nice clean, soft rags, free of buttons. Courier News. _i FOR RENT — Bedroom in skam heated house. Men preferred. Phone No. 1, Mrs. J. G. Suilbiiry. 7P-KH - ~\VANTEI) POULTRY WANTED—^rc>rl^et prices, anv quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 3. Fourth St. OC-TP 1 Cash Paid For Late iUoilel Usud Cars \V. T. HARN'ETT 117-119 East Main St. Phone 888 or 887 GET STEADY GOVERNMENT JOB. S105-S225 month. (Mon-womr-n). Particular:! Free. Write. Instruction Bnrrau. 27-T. St. Louis. Mo. Today. LOST AND FOUND Local and long distance hauling. Special rales on carload lols. Team for loral liaulinj. V. Ii- WASIIAM TKAXSVER 1400 Chickasawlvi Phone 851 WANTED—To biiy chickens, any amount. Fisher's Place, 213 South First Si. 23C-TF TAKEN UP — Fcnr horse mules, thrrp black. 1 cay. white noses, weight about 1100 each, a^c about 12 years. Koulc 3, Box CIA. Frank Bircholt. • GP-K9 New York Cotton NEW YORK. Jan. 8 IUP>— Gotten closed barely steady. Open High Low Close (old) ,lan mcwi 1012 Jan Mar May Jill Oct Dr 1027 Ittti 1C55 1077 10ST) 1104 1012 1030 1028 1055 1077 1033 110-1 irr>0 1027 1018 1045 IOCS 1085 1G94 1005 1030 1021 1041 1C70 1078 1096 We can Save you money on Aulo Glass JACKSON AUTO PARTS 2020 Main Phone CO HAY Or.e iia'.e nr a (rain load. EAIt CORN, shuck on, 8Sc b:i. Shuck ti!T. 8Cc per bu., in car lets. <'otlon Stiles Pairs Co., Inc. Jjlylhcville. A.'r;. Pi'.oi.c 174 or LD 1806. Spots closed steady at 1030, up 5. Mines Adopt Safety Helmets for Workers j SHEN'AKDOAH. IM. <UP)—Salc- I iy helmets have br.?n Introduced In| to the mining industry as a means I j' f protecting workrrs from objects ' failinR from the to[> of U'.c gatis-' . \vays and breasts. ', The l~;lmcls «erc In use In Phil- j adclpliin and Heading Coal and Iron Company operations, with 2.- ;5f.O cf them us?d in the first con- i siginiicr.t, distributed among several collieries. | tyr:*' of "hard boiled I'hnts 1 \vcre r<'i)v~rlcd praclical and the company offered them to worX- eis al cost. ROUEN. (UP)— A slaliie to Ro!>-, banks of the Seine. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS HELI'ING MOTHER! I AVH S.1VKL""33S> cooj SI,SI. I SO, EET &a DEPEND ON HEES IAEP.RT. HE Hf\F HAB ME.R' HEY! BI& IDEA SOUP1ER? NOT RESIST, I ORDERS FOR.VOUR ARREST, GOT IF jitoppy BHIPS VEH. it's UWOTRIEP To BUMP us OFF. WHAT ^ CLOSE we HAD, A 1 -MCE NEXT TIME t VJOMT ee so LUCK/. BOUND TO-—vJeu., MOT TnlN< ABOUT IT,

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