The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 27, 1936
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS THK DOMINANT NiPTOftniuu-o <^« t.*.-.nm»A «™ . VOL. XXXIII—NO. Blythertllt Courier DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND BOUTHEASY MISSOURI __»M'THKV»M,R. ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JUNK 27, 193G N«w* SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS WILL HEAR ROOSEVELT, GARNER in This Section, 'ool Mecls Strictest Health Requirements Tho big swimming jjooi at Blytheville'.s new municipal park will bo opened for use' at 8 o'clock next Tuesday night, it W n.s announced today by Fred Salirja, lessee, following a conference with' U S. Branson, architect, and others in charge' of construction activities ot the' park. For the first few days Ihe pool will be closed during tlie mornings to give opportunity for the finishing of some minor work, as yet uncompleted. After that It will be open from 3 a. in. to 9 p. in. daily. Either Carney Laslle, manager, or J. A. Puckett,• assistant manage!-, will be in personal cnarge at nil times. • Boys and girls ]fi years old or younger will be admitted to the pool free of charge on Tuesday mid Saturday .mornings, Mr. Saliba announced. At all other times (tie fee will be 10 cenis for children of 12 years or less and 25 cents for all over !2 years, aicflii Highest Health Standards The pool is one of the largest In the entire state and is one .of Ihe most modern, as far as health protecting facilities and equipment are concerned, in the entire country, according to U. S. Branson, architect, who designed The pool is equipped to meet all United Slates "public health service and stale ^health board •' requirements.. It'. is 'estimated ' that !3,M>0 bathers caii ; -be accommo- . tinted In.;tlit, pool over ; a - 10-hoiir Mrs. Zionchech Must Defend Assault Charge WASHINGTON, .June 21 iur>)-- rastrict cf Columbia authorities decided toiliiy to press assault <l;ar?es r.-ialnst Mrs. -Rubvc Hi* Wrnchcck, wife of Hep. Marion A. iBIIr-Mc-Up-a-Ztpper) JJloncbeck, Charges uf assault against both Zlonchcck and his wife were preferred by their landlady. Mrs. Bcnjrjnln Scott Young. Zloiv MoVCS check avoided the charges when Jin was (Kmsferred to a smiKar- 'r.'n in Man-land. outeldu jurisdiction of District of Columbia cuilhorlllrs. Mrs. Young asked today that 'Rrtosevijll Demonstration Sets Record the charges against Mrs. Zlon- check be pressed Dist. Atty. Leslie anyway Gnniclt piled that an immediate attempt will be made rant. to serve the Shios ancl Troops to Crush Anti-Jap Rebellion of Cantonese HONGKONG. June 27 (UI'V—. Generalissimo Chiang Kal-sck.' dictator of the Nanking central, •jcvcrnment, today ordered two squadrons of warships to proceed lo Kwaiigtun"! province, ccnier of the rebellious southwestern movement aiising from Nanking's. failure lo resist Japan by force. General Chiang placed Admiral Clmnk Chuk In ccmmand of the fleet, which it is understood will i Include cruisers, destroyers and' lijhl gi'iiboats. At least 300,000 crack Nankins 'j oops were co'vpi*'!^ 1 .-^ n*--- tlie borders Vof Kwnnglung and lY n Kwangsi. autonomous suuliu 1 ..,, KeilCWS Protests at Geneva I P f tvlnces under the Canton gov-1 .1 • T, i , ,-. , . eminent, which Is thrc.itenlng In- /ir,^,ncl !(„[., , I, ,1 dependent nctlcn against Japan In Nni-ih China. The Kwnn'tung-Kwangsl army was on the march to meet, livs threatened Invasion of its territory by Chiang's forces. Several Against Italy's Conquest r- i • hthiop- GENEVA, June 27 (UP)— Nicar- wx resianed. from me umti • of Nations todiiy and Emperor Selassie, fighting to and still meet inents. I'Tor . actual swimming bathing room it is estimated that the pool can accommodotc about liOO persons lit one time. The pcol is ICO feet wide and 200 skii n lilies have been reported. Nanking troops reportedly have c n I e r e d Kwan^tuiig province, sweeping across the bcrder from Puklen. Advance units' of the Kwangsi army penetrated Hunan province as far as llcngchow. C-.intcnese Advance CHANGSKA. Hunan Province, China, June 27 (UP)—Two divisions of Kwangsi province troops, ca-.r.paigning to. overthrow Gen. Chiang Kai-shek and unify China for war with Japan, advanced today to Tuyon, 100 miles cast of Kwelyang, capital of Kwelchow province. : -. • person/!-!—-JS 1 '" 11 " B l| ara commander' and] • Kwelchow; ' a province-.scmi-lh- • leader of the recent rebellion' v/.iich dependent of both V the --''•' , regain his lost throne, demanded that its members fulfill their obligations under the covenant and restore his Imperial crown. The negus' renewal of vigor- cus pretests against Italy's conquest oli Ethiopia ar.U Nicaragua's sudden action frustrated L?,igi:e efforts to fcuiy the Itiilo- Ethiopian conflict and devote its attention to pressing European problems. Wants American League UL...I-U I,[. V LIIC , piAn over u . m-nour - MANAGUA, Nicaragua, June 27 period,, on' /lie. basis- of ;an-hour's <DP) T Ge "- . An'aslasto - -Somoza Hurricane Threatens GuUCoast CORPUS OHRIST1, Tex., Juno 21 (Ul>)—Tlio government wealhei burenii reported lhal a tropical .disturbance which formed without [ warning in the Gulf of Mexico and •'made Us first appeal-Mice a short distance oif the Texas const nt mUl- muTiiIng wiis '-.nigiting" (he const northeast of Corpus Chrlstl tills allernoon, Kxnct |)osltlon of Ihe storm WHS unknown. , Poii'Aruusns, a lown on Mustang j Island, 30' miles from the main Texas coast, was struck by tlie storm shortly before noon toduy. The wind wax estimated nl QC lo 70 mites nn hour ami "gelling stronger" \\vicn telephone communication was Interrupted. The hur- rlcmio Is expected to reach the mainland east of Corpus Chrlstl In a few hours. Tho wind here was 65 miles an hour. 'Tree.? were uprooted in Corpus Ciirlstl and u few - telephone wires were down Citizens were warned to slay (lie . iiarlh bench. Mn,.°V he Tf C ."T? ° f pB "* rS W "° 5lllscd n demonstration, lasting'an hour and nine minutes, sanitary require-' Il - aljer of the recent rebellion' u'.iich mi swimming- or!'""^i tlle resignation of President 1 Juan sacasa, today proposed lishment of art'tfuiericah "lei nations." Commenting 'lengue of on Nicaragua'; me pcoi is i(iu rcet wide and 200 ^""""cnuiig , on Nicaragua's feet long, of oval construction. Its wit ''<lrawal from Geneva yesterday depth ranges from 2 feel around! Sf j n ' ozn ' salll: • llir> i-rliTo trt in r .-,.,*" !„ i\._ i_.. I "Wf* hfKnvp fh^ T nnm... -c ».•_ Ihc edge to 10 feet" in the center.'..' We believe the League of Na- Koom for COO Bathers '• olls is of no use or benefit to Nic- Thc pool is between 10 and 11' nra S ui <- We want to have nothing times us big as the old Chicago i ~ do «' ith Europe, r am in favor Kill swimming pool here and is i ° establishing some sort of league said to be exceeded in size byj r Americans or, in ol'her u'mri* only one pool in the state. It is a " Amc ™ a for Americans." larger than Clearpool at Memphis, Ihe Helena and Forrest City pools, and all other pools in this section. The deep water ares in tlie middle of the poo) is 30 feet wide and CO feet long. At either end of this area is a concrete island, each about 10 feet wide and 30 feet long, on which will be mounted (he diving boards. On each island is o reinforced concrete diving 200 Depositors Fail To Call For Dividend Checks About 200 'of Ihe 800 final dividend checks for Hrst National Bank depositors will be mailed to Washington, D. c. after today, R. I.. Bradley, federal receiver, who -•--" ~~..^.*.,^ u .71,15 closes out his trust of the defunct lower, built for the standard high institution here, said ihis after diving height.-The one meter or 1 . low diving boards will be mounted on the islands at each side o[ the high dives. At each corner of the Islands will be a ladder for easy access and two life guard sta- The 200 depositors who failed .to call at the receiver's office in the First National bank building for their checks must write lo the comptroller of currency at Wash- lions arc localed on each island, ington to secure their checks nft- Enlirely around Ihe pool is a' er lociay. foot wide side walk or pool deck. The pool is completely en- c'Jased with a six foot high chain link fence which has a turnstile gate allowing exit to the wading pool area. Entrance to (lie pool is The final dividend was an interest dividend in the amount of 10.25 per cent, following 'payment of 100 cents on the dollar in earlier dividends. central government-and thuSsouth- vvest ccu'.ic.II of Canton, lias' been invaded by •Chiang-" Krfi^Ehek's trcops. " '•''.•. tt • or Ju, ohn F M , , »•« .a or Judge John E. Mack. With banners waving,' binds plaving an ceers hall, they iwung back and- forth thnovjh the ,» an unicsUalned burs, of : «™ »»•"<".-. and cheers O ' l 'y paiiutus v,ere ulleilj weary 1 "» vast l I e forth by his no,,,!- ckln* the mammoth Ubu^ l,~cd Thousands Cheer Fascist Leader and Clash With •Police Troops PARIS, June 27. ,UP)—Two thousand Nationalist demonstrators cheering Col. Robert de la Rocque, Fascist leader, clashed with police lonight on the champs Elysees. De la Rocque announced formation of a French socialist party to replace his Fascist Cross of Fire organization recently outlawed by the government. The nationalist demonstration |City Officials to; 'Work with County .femilaiy Official .f Tlie city board of bUlth at n meeting yesterday votoli to work iu co-operation with 'the county health unit and Gsorge Slinmlin county, sanitary officer, Iu an active campaign to Improve Waltli and sanitation conditions in Blythcvlllc. Shamlin in making inspection of cafes, drug stores, lunchsUinds and all types of food handling stores will make investigations for possi We violations of city ordinances as well as state health'regulations and will report his findings to cit} officials who will bs charged with enforcement of the city's ordinances covering sanitation. A recent survey by n federal bureau employe revealed a large number of hogs .and cows were being kept .within the city limits in me nationalist, demonstration "'8 ^KI-.WIUIIJI me city limits in followed de la Rocque's announce-1 ™ la »on of n city ordinance pro- mcnt. The nationalists carried bat- hibltln B' the keeping of such ant- tin flnrrc n^J r.V._..l 1 .. j- i- « ttlnl-4 11'lt Mil Hin nl»u Closing Stock ! NEW YOHK, June 27. (UP)- lurned up. Trading was dull A. T. and T. ... Anaconda Copper Beth. Steel, Chrysler Cities Service ... Coca. Cola Gen. Am. Tank _„ Gen. Electric .-.. 38 1-4 Cen. Motors 661-8 Int. Harvester 88 1-2 McKesson-Robblns ... 9 1-4 Montgomery ward ... 44 z-S N. Y. Central 367-8 164 3-4 3-1 3-8 52 3-8 109 4 1-2 99 48 1-2 through the bath housi only. The water supply for the pool is obtained from a 1,434 foot artesian well which ilows more than > «....- <.,. \u*-,- 100 gallons per minute and which j Tll<! stock " market siigged with Am- can pump, with the available erican Telephone in early dealings equipment, more than 400 gallons! totia 5 r but rallied when steel shares a minute turned nn TmHfiitr „•<,,- ^,.n Water Sterilized and Filtered The most important feature of the equipment of the pool is tlie rccirculating system. By means of this system Ihe water is removed from the pool, treated with chemicals,- chlorinaled, filtered and put back in the pool sparkling clear and pure at the rate of 42,(*0 gallons per hour. The well's capacity is 24,000 gallons l>er hour. The total pure water that can bo delivered to the pool in a 24-hour period is 1,584,000 gallons. .The )>ool holds almost SDO.OflO gallons. The water can be changed three times in 24 hours. In controlling and purifying tho \valer supply the precautions taken to Insure against infection of those who enjoy the pool are shown to best advantage. There are 24 inlets around the walls of the pool, located six inches above the floor. The water is fed into the pool through these Inlets. There are four large outlets In the center of the deep area of the pool. The water Is removed through these outlets by means ol a huge electrically driven pump. TM the "pump house are located the cblorlnalor, Ihe coagulate feeder and the alkalinity feeder. There also Is the hair and lliit (Continued on page thrpe) ' tie flags and shouted "de la Rocque to power!" The march down champs Elysees followed a ceremony at the tomb of the unkonwn soldier. Police charged tlie marchers broke up the procession and drove tile demonstrators riC.\Vh side streets. Commission Authorizes Reduction in Btis Fare LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-The Arkansas Corporation Commission yesterday authorized the Malhis Bus Line lo reduce passenger rates from two and a ha]f cents to two cents per mile between Blytheville, Leachville. Monette, Jonesboro, Grubbs, Newport and 6thcr points in eastern Arkansas. The new rates will become effective Wednesday Packard .............. Phillips Pet .......... Radio ........ .. ....... Simmons Beds ....... Standard of N. j ..... Texas Co ........... '." U. S. Smelting ..... . U. S. Steel Warner Bros 10 7.3 42 1-2 n 5-8 30 1-8 84 si i.-, 10 1-4 mals within the city. An effort Is to be made, it Is Understood, to jyovJtlc residents of the old Lumerate bayou area on North Fourth and Fifth streets With an extension of a present sewer line Into that section. Cotton New NEW YORK, June 27. (UP>Cotton closed steady.' July ..... Oct ; Dec. Jan ; Mar. ... May open high 1238 ' 1243 1167 1173 1104 11'iO 1169 1170 1165 ' 1170 1169 1174 low close 1238 1239 1167 1163 1164 1165 1169 1112 1112 1168 1170 1114 Tcrral and Ashley to Open Campaigns Today I-ITTLE RCCK, June 27 (UP)— Former governor Tom Terral 'and Stale Senator John Ashley today j open iheir campaigns for the i Democratic nomination for gov- •nor. Ashley will speak at Searcy this afternoon and Tcrral will sjjeak at El Dorado tonight. Chicago Wheat open nigh low close ». ,.""7^ f. TT July 911-8 941-2 931-2 93 1-8 itlUSSOllllI S UaUgnter Ken. 94 1-2 OR 1-R Q7 I.A m i , ' *. . . ivr*_« •• • Sep. 94 1-2 95 1-8 93 3-4 93 3-4 Chicago Corn July open 66 high low close Stricken With Meningitis ROME. June 27. (UP)—P.remtci Benito Mussolini t6day hurried to Ricconc niierc his youngest dnugh- Spots closed steady at 12-19. up 6. Spot Average' Is 12.33 The average price ot 1-8 inch middling cotton on Ihe 10 lead- jing-spot markets today was 12.38. according to the Blythcville Board of Trade. Producers arc entitled lo no subsidy when the spot av- erajc Is above 12 cents a pound. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, June 27. (UP) —The cotton market was strong throughout the day's short session and prices closed wllh gains rans- mg to 7.points. strengW was attributed to better foreign markets, the .unfavorable condition of the crop In portions ol the belt, and tne scarcity of contracts. Joe Ejijoys Jlis Rest " = »x ,T fr.# .'W£< FV'i,*^ oil liilnnil NEW.OHLEANS, June 27 (UP) — A hurricane advisory tssml by U. S. weather bureau here tit 10:30 : o'clock this mornliic warned, of a tropical disturbance oil the; coast of Texas between Corpus Ciirlstl and Mntu Clorila Bay nml, staled (hat the storm will more , Inland wltbln u few hours. . Tho : advisory srild tlie storm was developing rapidly n short distance cast of corpus Chrlstl and mat It will move Inlnnd nenr the town. President ; May Ask New York Governor to Rc- Convention'Adjourns After Tired Delegates Re- nominate Garner 11Y I.YLK (,'. WILSON < United Press Staff Correspondent CONVENTION IIALI,, Philadelphia. June 27 (UP)—The Demo- crallc national convention hd- lourned sine dl« at 2;'JO P. • M. lotlny, formally presenting to tlio voters Its 183d election ticket— President Franklin D. Roosevelt •ind Vice-president John N. Garner. , Tonight both will accept the nomination In ceremonies scheduled In vast . 110,000-capaclty Franklin Field . and the New Deal's drive for another' fcliir year's stewardship . will: be officially underway. A sparse representation of dele- fates and spectators oiferal .1 lived 15-mimile demonstration for Guvnor after : bis nomination i bj Cluv. James ADred of Tcvai The'convent] an then quickly approved Hip nomination by ac- -litnmtlon rind'adjourned, lls oncc- In-foi'r-yoar.s business . completed Uy .Hie time adjournment earn!! hardly COO persons, delegates spectators and nil,' were In the hall. Enthusiasm was low nftei Hie crashing demonstrations t li fi t marked yesterday's nomination of President Roosevelt. Many w ere resting • In preparation for tho uiial event—Mr. Huoscvclt''> ac - fepliincc speech,- scheduled at Franklin Field tonight, , The nomination of darner was delayed more than an lioin- after the convention met to allow time,for arrival of moie dele- gales, rn .Uie.Jntcr.Ini the ne>v Democratic national 'committee revived formal- approval -and reso- lullons of- thanks and appreciation were adopted. . Though worn by a week's hilarity and ' ' •• - ,,,,.,»• I... 1C n ' ' ity ntlcl P'" 10 ^ " sulid day of LOnsiCICl his Decision one demonstration after niiothci, the delegates did , not adjouni WASHINGTON, June 27 <UP)_ wilhciil throwing their caps In Personal presidential Intervention I "w ^' for "Cactus Jack" Garner In the attempt to persuade Gov Herbert II. Lehman to seek reelection in New York state was forecast today as President Roosevelt prepared lo accept ids party's presidential nomination tonight. Announcement thnt Governor Lehman ami his family would be guests cf tho President and Mrs. Rocsevclt on (he trip to New York following the gifaiitlc notification rally In Philadelphia was made while Mr. Roosevelt secluded himself in the White (louse sti'dy In preparation- for Ills dramatic appearance before Ihe Democrnlic convention. White House attaches declined attach particular sljnificancc to Mr. Hooseveit's meeting with Lehman but It was known Hie president was personally hopeful Ihat Hie New York governor could be persuaded to seek re-election, til ere by bolstering Democratic chances In the Empire state In Ihe forthcoming election. Mrs. Leathie Hill, 93, Dies at Home of Son Mrs. Lcathie Hill. 93, died at 5 o'clock Friday morning at the Tlie lusty-lunged Texas delegation led the show in honor of their native son. bom, as Allred pointed out. In "a rude log cabin." and rising to become President Roosevelt's right bntJd. Haln Threatens Possibility of transfer of Prcsl- ' dent Roosevelt's nomination acceptance ceremony from Franklin field to the convention hall arose today when, the weather bureau forecast showers tonight. It was planned to hold the ceremony nt the open air field where n throng of 110,000 persons is expected. In case of heavy rain, however, tlie proceedings arc to be held In tlie convention hall, which can nccomodate only a fraction of the huge crowd which IS exacted. Three Planes Crash On . Good Will Flight Today' ALBANY, N. Y.. June 27 (UI 1 )— Three, cf more than a score of airplanes maklnj n good will flight from New York (o Montreal, crashed nlong Ihe today, Relaxation time came to ^niminr ~ *« LJI.IJUIUI .. v .i>.j»> ». ,n/ujiiauii uj ArKansas — :"'L ren "T ° ( *»»«'" °- "—e,t completed and 0 ,her "TJ", 1 '^ .„ . . .. , ' •*••*• ^"»H*t;";u HUH Older Fun^ril c.iru(cf« an'd en, 1, ,, De r ratlC nat '°" a ' » n ™""°": -tiled. Perspiring RipS Tenn. ^ .0 o'clock thU ciijojiug me last half of his cijar, the senate leader-of his morning with the MOM Funeral party and permanent chairman of the convention is shown •• hero Scrvlce ln Char 8< ; of funeral nr- ........,» , . , v ,..j iijutiiui£ ui. me \.i»^tittt itiuug inu tuuu home of her son, Ben Hill, here, injuring several persons. Her death resulted from compll- One of the planes, carrying cations following a full she aus' | Phillip Droller of Glendale, N. tnlned about a week ago a'ndlY.. and pilot R. R. Blythe of New York city, crashed while ere held alj attempting to land at the Westr taking his ease after a strenuous week. Courier Will Issue CciUeimial Edition JuJyJ; Extra Copies iVIny ]'j e Reserved ncxl from July .. Oct. ... Dec.- ... Jan. ... Mar. ... ...p.. .„,. *. JLA ,L- reittwjlf nJ't-n- uii ^uuu^tvri. u«i;gzi- iviai 1161 66 5-8 65 3-4 65 5-8 ' ter, Anna Maria, Is seriously ill of May H67 open high low close 1232 1232 1232 1232 1164 1168. 1T64 1166 1159 1164 1159 1163 1159 1163 1159 1163 '161 1165 1161 1165b Scp: 64 5-8 65 3-4 64 5-8 65 meningitis, 1167 1167 - -*vt 1W| 11DJ 1IDUU Spots closed steady at 1255, up 5. pages, filled with interesting material about the past and present of Blylheville and ' Mlsslssboi county. It will contain a history of Mississippi county, stories aboiit the pioneers who settled r nere in the first half ot the lost century and about the leaders w!lo have carried on Hie development ot the county since then, and much descriptive matter concerning the Mississippi county o! toSay and tile opportunities and advantages which .fff?i al . *\1 a ?« sec «. on s will be bj^a _Conten-'lions ago, will show lenders in the progress from pioneer times until Industry. This special edition will be delivered without extra charge to oil regular subscribers, in the belief ho-,vevcr, that many readers will want additional copies to keep for themselves or to send to former residents or friends elsewhere, tl)c Courier News wii: have available several hundred extra copies. As long as they, last they will be sold at 10 cents per copy. There will be an extra charge of eight cents for mailing. Those who wisli to be sure of.ob- taining extra copies are invited to It Is illegal to tip Pullman car . _ * - it i-a tntgui iu \ Scores ot Illustrations, io mc o! porters in Australia, port airport. Both were slightly Injured. The plane was badly damaged. , rangcments. According lo reports received by I state police at Ellzabethtown. Commencement Sorwrrn l^ 011 COUI >ty, another plane fell ^iminiencemenE service h lUo mi^. champiain about 100 at First Baptist Church [ cct ofT l '' c snorc Srom «>c vii- page of Essex. Sunday morning fit the regular worship hour at the First Baptist churcVi a commencement service will be held In honor of 46 Sunday school workers who have completed the first four required books of the training course. The tlsv. Alfred Carpenter, pastor, will prcarti on the subject "Where Do We Go From Here?' The present need of extensive training in Christian service and the future policy ol the church regarding Christian education and the program for carrying out-this policy will b2 presented by the pastor In his sermon. Special music will be given by Miss Anne Tompkins and Frank Huffman. Dr. George A. Bowdlerj secretary of mission work In Argentina, South America, with headquarters in Buenos Alrw, will preach a missionary sermon and give some of Ms experiences In the work in South America. Fire Destroys Lumher Company At Little Rock LITTLE ROCK, June 27 (UP! — Fire of unknown origin loday destroyed the Enterprise Lumber company here with an estimated loss of $2S,OCO. THREE PLANES—14 WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight .ind Sunday. Unsettled in north portion. Memphis and vicinity—Generally fair tonight and Sunday, possibly becoming unsettled Sunday. Not much cJianje in temperature. The maximum temperature hero yesterday was 97, minimum 58, clear, according ' to ..Samuel P. Norrls, official weather observer.

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