The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 12, 1964 · Page 20
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 20

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, September 12, 1964
Page 20
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20 The Pittsburgh Press, Saturday, September 12, 1964 Sunday Television Programs (Listings are upplied by stations and often there are last-minute change! without notice or erriving too late for correction.) Today's TV Programs Channel 2 KDKA.TV Pittsburgh (CBS) . 4 WTAE Pittsburgh (ABC) 6 WJAC-Johnstown (NBC, ABC) 7 WTRF Wheeling (NBC) 9 WSTV Steubenvilie (CBS, ABC) 10 WFBG Altoona (CBS, ABC) WitC Pittsburgh (NBC) 13 WQ ED Pittsburgh (Educational) 16 WQEX Pittsburgh (Educational) stfP t ,t f x HI f V rc I ) 1 1 i" w f- - tries' -' ' 4 MOVIE (Cont.) 6 SPORTS; MOVIE "Eddie Cantor Story," Kf - Brasselle, Marilyn Erskine. Good impersonation. (1954) 7 MOVIE "Oeopatra'l Daughter," Defers Paget, Robert Aida. 9 WEATHER; MOVIE "Night Holds Terror," Jack Kelly, Vine Edwards. Toull guys hold young engineer hos-taae in his own home. Old plot, (1955) 10 MOVIE (Color) "Tropic Zone," Ronald Reagan, , Rhonda Fleming. Political refugee helps upset plans of the villains. Overripe. (1953) I lMOVIE "The Haunted Strangler," Boris Karloff, Anthony Dawson, A novelist becomes enmeshd in a series of brutal killings. Fair thriller. (1958) Cotten Likes Old TV Movies HOLLYWOOD Joseph Cotten is loyal to the medium which brought him fame movies. When David Selznik reissued "Portrait of Jenny," in which Cotten appeared, he says there was no business at the theaters. But then the picture was sold to television and "made a big, big hit. It is because looking at that box constantly and comparing the movie to what has gone before and after makes it seem so good. Old movies, both good and bad, seem preferable to new television shows to a lot of viewers." 7:00 P. M. 2, 9, 10 LASSIE When Cully Wilson is taken to the hospital, hit little dog runs away. A FOOTBALL (Cont.) 6, 7, II BILL DANA SHOW Jos and house detective G lie t unwittingly solve a jewel robbery. (Repeat) 7:30 P. M. 2, 9, 10-MY FAVORITE MARTIAN To avoid explanations when Tim's cousin arrives in town for a visit, Uncle Martin agrees to remain invisible. (Repeat) 4-SUMMER OLYMPIC TRIALS Men's Track and Field Evnfs from Los Angeles Coliseum. 6, 7, II DISNEY'S WONDERFUL WORLD (Color) Davy Crockett and George Russell enlist the aid of their adversary Mike Fink in a fight to make th Ohio River safe for honest boatmen. 8:00 P. H. 2, 9, 10 ED SULLIVAN Acts of the American touring version of the Moscow State Circus, (Repeat) 4-OLYMPIC TRIALS (Cont.) 6, 7, 1 1 DISNEY (Cont.) 8:30 P. M. 2, 9, (0 SULLIVAN (Cont.) 4 OLYMPIC TRIALS (Cont.) 6, 7, I l-SRINDL Grindl decides to take a vacation and camp on her undeveloped Las Vegas property. ( Repeat) 9:00 P. M. 2, 9, 10 CELEBRITY GAME Panelists: Fred Gwynne, Yvonne DeCarlo, Paul Ford, Sterling Holloway, Cara Williams, John McGiver, Tina Louise, Julie Newmar and Jan Murray. 4-WORLD OF ENTERTAINMENT Bing Crosby is host to stars of ABC's fall season shows, 6, 7, ll-BONANZA (Color) An itinerant singer (Bruce Yar-nell) turns out to be a long lost cousin of the Cartwrights. (Repeat) 9:30 P. M. 2, 9, 10 BRENNER Stirred to action by a newspaper's headline, the police probe a New York precinct and come up with startling discoveries. (Repeat) 4 ENTERTAINMENT Cont.) 6, 7, 1 1 BONANZA Cont. 10:00 P. M. 2, 9, 10-CANDID CAMERA 4-SUNDAY MOVIE (Color) "Heaven Knows Mr. Allison," Robert Mitchum, Deborah Kerr. Marine and nun, marooned on ' South Pacific island, battle hostile surroundings, enemy troops DONNA LEE AXUM, left, the reigning Miss America, will be on hand, along with Bess Myerson and Bert Parks as commentator and on-stage master of ceremonies, respectively, when her successor is crowned Miss America 1965 at the 44th annual "Miss America Pageant," to be broadcast live tonight from Convention Hall in Atlantic City, 10 to midnight, on Channels 2, 9 and 10. TELEVISION SCOUT Many Girls-Miss America 50 States, As It's Time For BKST BETS 10 12 Midnight Fifty of flip prettiest gifts in the Union will compete in Atlantic City in the 41lh annual MISS AMERICA PA(iKANT to see who'll wear the Pitt Games Aired On WKPA Radio Radio WKPA will broadcast all the Saturday University of Pittsburgh football games this season. The play-by-play descriptions will be relayed directly from the field, starting with the first game of the season; Pitt versus UCLA at Pitt Stadium, today at 12:55. SLIPCOVERS SCOTCHGARD or (Voter Repellent Reg. sofa 4 chair ff 2-pc. let !59 50 Orig. 75.00 Choice of Plain, Figured and Stripes. Heavy Cotton Fabrics. Large Selections of Colors, MOORE'S 80S N. Homewood Ave., Pgh, S Open Mon., Fri. 6 Sat. Till t f. M. CH. 1-3225 SIIIREY'S VIC DISCOUNT STORE Now at 5143 Liberty Ave., Pgh, 24 MU. 3-6155 SAVE up to 50 on Name brand diamonds, walches, jewelry, lurniture, mattresses and box springs. 9-6 Daily; Mon.-Tues.-Thurs. 1-1 Open Sat. 'til 4 p. m. SUNDAY MORNING Channel 7:30 A. M. 2 RFD 2 1 1 -TV GOSPEL TIME 8:00 A. M. 2-CLOSE-UP 10 THIS IS THE LIFE 11- POPEYE 8:30 A. M. 2 SACRED HEART 4 ORAL ROBERTS 10 DAVEY AND GOLIATH 11- POPEYE (Cont.) 8:45 A. M. 2 LIVING WORD 9 TO KNOW THE TRUTH 10 SACRED HEART 9:00 A. M. 2-THIS IS THE LIFE 4, 10 FAITH FOR TODAY 7 PIONEERS 9-ORAL ROBERTS 11 SUNDAY SCHOOL St. John's Lutheran Church of the North Hills. 9:30 A. M. 2 FAITH TO FAITH 4 THE BIBLE ANSWERS 7 BROKEN ARROW 9 OUTDOORS CLUB 10 CHRISTOPHERS 1 1 FRONTIERS OF FAITH 10:00 A. M. 2, 9, 10 SONG AND THE PRAYtK Program of music for the Jewish High Holy Days featuring Jan Peerce, the CBS Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Alfiedo Antonini and the Men's Chorus of Congregation B'nai Jeshurun of New York City. 4 FOR TEENAGERS ONLY 6 HERALD OF TRUTH 7 WORD OF LIFE ll-THROUGH THESE MINDS 10:30 A. M. 2, 9, 0 SONG AND PRAYER (Cont.) 4 FAITH AND FREEDOM 6 CHRISTOPHERS "New Writers Needed." 7 BIG PICTURE II CHRISTOPHERS "Story of Two Men." 10:45 A. M. 6 AMERICANS AT WORK 1 1 :ro A. M. 2 ADAG: KING OF ALASKAN SEAS 4-LIVING WORD 6 HUMBARD FAMILY 7- CHRISTOPHERS 9 CATHEDRAL OF TOMORROW 10 CAMERA THREE 11 EYES OF' PITTSBURGH 11:15 A. M. 4-GOSPEL WORDS AND MUSIC 7 BRITISH CALENDAR 11:30 A. M. 2 AMATEUR HOUR 4 ETERNAL DIMENSION 6 HUMBARD (Cont,) 7- EN FRANCE 9 CATHEDRAL (Cont.) 10 LEGACY OF LIGHT 11 GOSPEL FAVORITES AFTERNOON 12:00 NOON 2-NEWS 4-BUSS BUNNY 6, 7 THIS IS THE LIFE 9 RURAL URBAN SCENE 10 BLAIR COUNTY ARTS 1 1 GOSPEL (Cont.) 12:15 P. M. 2-JOSIE'S WORLD 9-CLASSROOM CAMERA 12:30 P. M. FILM 4 BUGS BUNNY Cont. 6 REV. DON POWELL 7 FAITH TO FAITH 9 GREATEST OF THESE 10 LIFE OF TRIUMPH 1 1 RUFF 'N' REDDY 1:00 P. M. 2-WE BELIEVE 4 FAMILY MOVIE ALBUM (Color) "A Midiummer Night's Dream," narratpd by Richard Burton, 6, 1 1 ETERNAL LIGHT Rabbi Louis Finleistein, chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, will speak, 7-BRASS TACKS 9- SUNDAY MOVIE "Cripple Creek," George Mont-gompry. 10 INTERNATIONAL ZONE 1:30 P. M. 2-SUNDAY DOUBLE FEATURE "Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell," Clifton Webb, Joanne Dru. Mr. Belvedere raises havoc in an old folks' home. A few laughs. (1951) Also. "A Hatful of Rain," Don Murray, Eva Marie S.-vnt. Man helps his brother qet drugs while keeping his addiction a secret from the family. Bitter but good. 1957) 9-MOVIE (Cont (Armstrong CEILINGS Q095. MO ROOM t?3 Complttly liifaiM 10 p.m. Sunday 4, 9-MOVIE (Cont.) 6 ORAL ROBERTS WW FREE ESTIMATES s-M 4 9 THE LUCY-DESI COMEDY HOUR and guess who they meet? None other than Bob Cum-rnings who has arrived first and has all the bargain buys tracked down. Repeat. Channels 2, !), 10. 8:30-11 "The Diary of Anne Frank," with Millie Perkins as the tragic, sensitive youngster who writes her memoirs of the horrors against the Jews in World War If is the SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES offering. The 1039 drama from Fox is not as icrceplive as you may have wished, but it. does have some slrong performances by a cast that also includes Joseph Schildkraut, Shelley Winters and Ed Wynn. Rcpeat. Channels 7, 11. 9:30-10 --Ray Walston, who is better known as a Martian in his regular TV stints, takes on another type of comedy role in SUMMER PLAYHOUSE. In "Satan's Wait-in' " he plays you know-who and interferes in the lives of a handsome opportunist and a lonely spinster, played admirably by Lee Philips and Jo Van Fleet. Channels 2, 9, 10. 9:30-10:30 THE U. S. OLYMPIC TRIALS continue in the Los Angeles Coliseum with K12 track anrl field athletes competing for berths to represent the IT. S. in the 18th Olym 19(i5 crown. Donna Axum, last year's winner, will be on hand to turn over the title to the lucky girl, who is expected to earn $100,000 during the next year because of the honor. Bert Parks, of course, is the master of ceremonies, anrl Bess Myerson (a 1915 Miss America) is the on-eamera TV hostess. There will ho plenty of songs and dances by the ladies-in-waiting, who will also he on display in swim gear. The pageant is also planning: a noisy salute to New Jersey in honor of its 300th birthday. Channels 2, !), .10. 45 NFL COUNTDOWN TO KICKOFF, a new full hour sport series which each week visits the sites of National Football League games and previews the teams, has Tom Harmon as commentator. This week, the former Michigan All-American takes a look at what is expected in the Saturday night battle between St. Louis and Dallas, and the six Sunday NFL matches, Channels 2, 10. H 1:.S0 6 Final rounds in the WOULD SFKILS OF COLF, with Arnold Palmer, Ken Venturi, Tony Letna and Bobby Nichols as the contestants. The hoys will also he back Sunday afternoon for more of the same. Live from Akron, Ohio. Channels ti, 7, II. (Color). 7::$0-8:30-"The Ricardos Co to Japan" on and their emotions. Holds your interest. (1957) 6, 7, J I THE ROGUES (Color) I Suspense drama series starring Charles Boyer, David Niven, Gig Young, Robert Coote and Gladys Cooper. Premiere epi- I sode, "The Personal Touch," ! with guests Walter Matthau, Dina Merrill and Alfred Ryder. 10:30 r. M. 2, 9, 10-WHAT'S MY LINE 4-MOVIE (Cont.) 6, 7, 1 1 THE ROGUES (Cont.) 11:00 P. M. 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, II NEWS 11:15 P. M. 2 WEATHER; MOVIE "Odds Against Tomorrow," Harry Belafonte, Ed Begley, Shelley Winters. An ex-cop plans the perfect crime. Unique crime story. (1959) 7 ALL AMERICA WANTS TO KNOW 10 FILM 1 1 SPORTS '64 2:00 P. M. 2, 4, 9-MOVIE (Cont.) 6, 7, II USLTA TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPS Men's 'finals from th West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills, N. Y. 10-SUNDAY MOVIE 2:30 P. M. 2, 10-MOVIE (Cont.) . 4-JUNGLE JIM 6, 7, II TENNIS (Cont.) 9 BEANY AND CECIL 3:00 P. M. 2, 10 MOVIE (Cont.) 4 JUNGLE JIM (Cont.) 6, 7, 1 1 TENNIS (Cont.) 9 CASPER CARTOONS 3:30 P. M. 2, 10-MOVIE (Cont.) 4 DISCOVERY '64 "The World of Mark Twain," an examination of the life and times of one of the world'i most celebrated writers, , 6, 7, II TENNIS (Cont.) 9 SUNDAY MOVIE "Prince of Pirates," John Derek, Barbara Rush. Dutch prince returns from fighting the Spanish to find his older brother has made an alliance with Spain. Lot of action. (I9S3) 4:00 P. M. 2, 9, 10-MOVIE (Cant.) 4-CONVERSATION WITH MRS. GOLDWATER Mrs. Goldwater talks about her family, her childhood and upbringing, her daily activities, and how she feels about a wife's role in a husband's political career. 4, 7, 1 1 TENNIS (Cont.) 4:30 P. M. 2, 9, 10-MOVIE (Cont.) AMERICAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE Boston vs. Oakland. 6, 7, II WORLD SERIES OF GOLF (Color) Final rounds of the second 18 holes from Firestone Country Club in Atron. 5:00 P. M. 2, 10-SPORTS SPECTACULAR Finals of the 35th National United States Open Volleyball Championships. FOOTBALL (Cont.) 6, 7, II GOLF (Cont.) LAWRENCE WELK 5:30 P. M 2 ASSIGNMENT PITTSBURGH 4 FOOTBALL (Cont.) 6, 7, II GOLF (Cont.) 9- WELK (Cont.) 10 AMATEUR HOUR ' EVENING 6:00 P. M. 2, 9, 10 TWENTIETH CENTURY Broadcast eplores the development of the vertical takeoff and landing system from its be-qinninq in the 1950s. (Repeat) 4 FOOTBALL (Cont.) 6, 7, 1 1 MEET THE PRESS (Color) Repre:,entative William E. Miller, the Republican Vice Presidential candidate, will be interviewed. 6:30 P. M. 2 THREE STAR NEWS 4 FOOTBALL (Cont.) 7MY THREE SONS Offered a job in Hawaii, Steve puts the Douglas home on the market. (Repeatl 9, 10, II MISTER ED Col. Kirkwood talks Wilbur info helping him with the party he is qoing to give in honor of his former commanding officer, (Repeat) SUNDAY 6:30 PM REP. WILLIAM MILLER, GOP Candidate for Vic President mm m w WJAS 1320 KC 99.7 NIC v sponsored by I ALCOA Alcoa also brings you America's finest news show ... The Huntley-Brinkley Report, on NBC-TV on NBC-TV! CHRISTIAN SCIENCE RADIO SERIES piad in Tokyo. Jim McKay, Bill Flemming 2 rviri1?1 v i 4:00 P. M. ,2, 10 NFL COUNTDOWN k4 SPORTS (Cent.) e TENNIS Conf.) 7 IRONMEN HIGHLIGHTS 9-TELESPORTS II GREAT MOMENTS IN MUSIC 4:30 P. M. 8, 10 NFL COUNTDOWN (Con.) 4SPORTS (Con).) t, 7, n-WORLD SERIES OF GOLF (Color) Final rounds of ths 18 holes from Firestons Country Club, Akron. Ohio, f THREE STOOGES 5:00 P. M. J EARLY SHOW "Street With No Name, " Rich- I end Widmart, Mark Stevens. f FBI man infiltrates a qanq. Good semi-documentary. ( 1948) 4 GREATER PITTSBURGH CHAMPIONSHIP BOWLING , 7, 1 1 GOLF (Cent.) 9 HOOTENANNY From University of Arizona. New Christy Minstrels, Mike Settle, Sfu Ramsey, Ray Tate, Joe and Eddie, Addiss and Crofut, Dian and the Green-briar Boys and comedian Pat Harrinqton Jr, (Repeat) ,10 BANDSTAND 5:30 P.M. 2-MOVIE (Cont.) 4 BOWLING (Cent.) Y 7, 1 1 GOLF (Cont.) 9 HOOTENANNY (Cont.) 110 BANDSTAND (Cont.) EVENING 6:00 P. M. 5- MOVIE (Cont.) 4-RUN TO DAYLIGHT Conch Vince Lombaidi and his Green Bay Packers squad in the haustive preparations of a championship pro football team. 4-CROSS SECTION; NEWS 7 BROKEN ARROW 9-NEWS; SCORES ,10 PETTICOAT JUNCTION 1 1 STUDIO WRESTLING 6:30 P. M. 2 RIFLEMAN The body of a notorious outlaw is brought in by a local boy whose reputation is anything but heroic. 1 DAYLIGHT (Cont.) 6 PATTY DUKE Ross enters sister Patty's photo in a beautiful teens contest. (Repeat) 7- ESPIONAGE When a British Secret Service aqent and a Russian spy marry, their governments interfeie. (Repeal ) -HOLLYWOOD PALACE Gene Barry is ho:,t to Jack Carter, Gloria Swanson, Buster Kenion, Juliet Prowse, the Swingle Singers, Andre Tahon and the Romano Brothers. 10 GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH t An escape artist is obsessed by the thought of death. (Re-peat) II WRESTLING (Cont.) 7:00 P. M. 2- WORLD TONIGHT 4-MOVIE SPECIAL (Color) "Caesar, The Conqueror," Cameron .Mitchell. o-FILM 7-ESPIONAGE (Cent.) 9 HOLLYWOOD PALACE (Cont.) 10 GREATEST SHOW (Cont,) 1 1 WRESTLING (Cont.) 7:30 P. M. 2, t 10 LUCY-DESI COMEDY HOUR Bob Cumminqs gupsts in "The Ricardos Go To Japan." (Repeat) 4-MOVIE (Cont.) 4, 7, II CAMPAIGN AND CANDIDATES 8:00 P. M. 2, 9, 10 LUCY-DESI (Cont.) 4 MOVIE (Cont.) 6, 7, ll-CAMPAIGN (Cont.) 8:30 P.M. 2, 9, 10 THE DEFENDERS Drama of a man unjustly convicted of murder. (Repeat) 4, 6 LAWRENCE WELK 7, 1 1 SATURDAY MOVIE "The Diary of Anna Fiank." Millie Perkins, Joseph Schild-kraut, Film version of the diary kept by a teenage Jewish qirl during two-year period she and her family hid from Naiis. (I9S9) 9:00 P. M. I 9, 10 DEFENDERS (Cont.) I, 6-WELK (Cont.) 1, 1 1 MOVIE (Cont.) 9:30 P. M. 2, 9, 10 SUMMER PLAYHOUSE Drama ot an unidentified man, perhaps Satan himself, who in-terfe'es in the lives of a .handsome opportunist and a lone!y spinster. 4 SUMMER OLYMPIC TRIALS Men's Track and Field events, Los Anqples Coliseum.. DEATH VALLEY DAYS 7, 1 1 MOVIE (Cont.) 10:00 P. M. 2, 9, 10 MISS AMERICA Bess Myeison does commentary, Bert Parks is master of cine- monies. 4 OLYMPIC TRIALS (Cont.) 6- MOVIE "Bernadlne" Pat Boone, Terry Moore. 7, 1 1 MOVIE (Cont.) 10:30 P. M. 2, 9, 10 MISS AMERICA (Cont.) 4 PETER GUNN Peter Gunn searches for a murderer who is riminarinq all the witnesses epected to testify at his trial. tY 7, 1 1 MOVIE (Cont.) 11:00 P. M. 2, 9, 10 MISS AMERICA (Cont.) 4, 6, 7, II NEWS 11:15 P. M. 4-MOVIE ' The Prisoner," Guinness, Jack Hawkins. P'ay baed on torment- of Cardinal Mindszenty. Powerful. (1955) tV-MOVIE (Cont.) 7- MOVIE "House on Te!egraph Hill," Richard Easehart, Valentine Cortesa. A concentration camp refugee is involved in intrigue. Good adven'ure yarn. (1951) lMOVIE "People Against O'Hara " Spencer Tracy, John Hodiak. Courtroom drama of lawyer who bribes a witness. Dramatic. (1951) 12:00 MIDNIGHT I-NEWS; WEATHER 4 ADVENTURES IN PARADISE f 10-NEWS h 12:15 A. M. I-MOVIE "Jndisn htr," Kirk Douglas, and Bob Mai bias (two-time Olympic gold medal winner) are the commentators. Channel 4. WPIT Sundays 9:45 am. WMCK 8:45 Sunday evenings KDKA Third Sunday each month at 7:45 pm. Radio Highlights On Radio Tonightll:00 P.M. "LIVES OF HARRY LIME" & "THEATRE ROYALE" Tomorrow Nighl 8:00 P.M. "THE BLACK MUSEUM" & "HORATIO HORNBLOWER" AM STATIONS KOV 1410 WJAS 1320 (ABC) (NBC) WEDO 810 KDKA 1020 (CBS) WRYT 1250 WZUM 1590 WWSW 970 WLOA 1550 WAMO 860 WPir 730 WEEP 1030 WMCK 1360 FM STATIONS KDKA 92.9 WEEP 107.9 WJAS 99.7 WRYT 96.1 WWSW 94.5 WYDD 100.7 WPIT 101.5 KQV 102.5 WDUO 91.5 WAMO 105.9 WLOA 96.9 WKJP 93.7 (Stereo) (Sterto) the three minstrels. WDUQ-FM.. 8:0." p. m.-Memory Theater (Stereo). Richard Hayman conducts Victor Young. WKJF-FM, 8:0fi p. 111.--Music of the Masters (Stcreof. Mozart's Einc Kleine Nachtmusik, Dorati conducting London Symphony. WLOA-FM. 8:15 p. 111. Encore. A live performance of Tony Bennett at Carnegie Hall. WYDD-FM. Premiere at Viewers Get New 'Uncle' HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 11 Video viewers are about to welcome a new "uncle" into the family. He's not the fat, jolly man who gives candy and pennies to the kids, but Actor Robert Vaughn, starring In the new cloak and dagger adventure series, "The Man From UN CLE"." The new full hodr series premieres on the NRC network Sept. 22. Vaughn, in his role as Napoleon Solo, plays a sophisticated enforcement agent for UNCLE, mysterious organization dedicated to lighting THRUSH, a world wide band of cutthroats. Vaughn weekly will he up In his neck In Intrigue, hut he'll prove he's more than capable of taking care of himself. When he's really In a pinch, there's tho specially designed U N C I. E "SPECIAL," a combination pistol, rille nud machine g-uii, equipped with nn infrared telescopic sin hi, which he turns on THRUSH nasties with devastating effect. Vaughn's cohorts and co-stars in his bizarre adventures are David MeCallum and veteran Leo G. Carroll. Since Solo is a dashing bachelor (as is Vaughn, obviously he'll find himself the object of special, and sometimes murderous, attention by voluptuous THRUSH agents as well as having two very pretty UNCLE playmates, May Heatherly and Formosa-born Grace Lee. Eisa Marime'ii. An !nd:in fiqht. er find'- danger and ronwx when he deaij wih a Siou chief. Above-averag western, (1 955) 9WEATHER; MOVIE "Phftt." Judy Holiday, Jacl Lemmon. A iaaio writing wite nd her lawyer husband qo i separate ways in search 01 romance. Phffunny. (1954) 10 MOVIE "Destination Unknown " WH'iam Garqan, Irene Hervey. One daring woman and :on pea9 mn r!lt tortun r des-? and jee!s. death fn fo-tun Poor. (I942 2:00 A. M. 2-NEWS; MOVIE "West Point Widow." Shiriey, Richard Carlson. JO MOVIE "The Mummy's Tomb," Chaney, Dick Foran, Anne Ion 4:. S3 p. 111. Learning. Invitation To A review of Carl Sandburg's poetry. WEDO. (i:,!!) p. m. -Contour. The Rev. Lewis Bigler begins a series on "The Changing Minis-i try," a study of the clergy,! their duties, educational requirements, etc. WJAS, AM- FM. 8 p. m. Tonight at 8. Selections include Third Man: Theme, Parchennin, If j There's Someone Lovelier Than You, Goodbye to Rome. WWSYV, AM-FM. ; 9 p. m, Concert Hall. Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto, Steinberg conducting Pitts- j burgh Symphony. Stravinsky's Petrouchka. Monteaux conducting Boston Svm-phony. YYRYT, AM-FM. " j 9:0.") p. 111. Golden Hour.! MacDowell's Piano Concerto No. 3, Van Cliburn, Chicago1 Svmphonv. Beethoven's Ro mance No. 2, Grumiaux, violinist. VVWSW, AM-FM. !):'25 p. 111. Baseball. Pirates vs. Houston at Colt Stadium. ! KDKA. 11 n. 111. -- Theater 14. The Lives of Harry Lime. Lime1 is offered $5000 to pass himself off as an Englishman. Orson Welles stars in title role. The Theater Royalej features Mr. and Mrs. Rob-' ert Donat in Robert Louis 1 Stevenson's. The Sire do! Malstroit's Door. KQV, AM-FM. FM HIGHLIGHTS 7:,Su p. in.- France Applauds. Presents Robert Braun, and 'Love of Life' Starts 14th Year NEW YORK "Love of j Life," second oldest daytime j serial on television, starts its ' 14th season on the CBS Tele-' vision Network Sept. 24. j The series, which bowed on 1 Sept. 24, 1951, is topped in: longevity only by "Search for: Tomorrow" which made its : debut on the Network Sept. 3, 1951. Pan-Am Actor HOLLYWOOD E d vv a r d Binns, Dr. Kile y on "The Nurses," spent a year in Mexico as actor-director of the Engfrsh speaking Pan-American Theater. SPONSORED BY ALCOA Proposals ALLEGHENY COUNTY. PENNA. PITTSBURGH, PA. September 4, 1 064 Separate and sealed prnposals will be received at the Office of the County Controller of Allegheny County, Room 104.' Court House, Pittsbut'Rh, Pa., until 9:30 o'clock A.M. Eastern Standard Time, 10:30 o'clock A.M. Daylight Savin Time, Tuesday, September 22. 1964 and will be opened and read by the County Commissioner! in the Gold Room, Room 410, Court House, Pittsbursh, Pa., one-half hour later, 10:00 o'clock A.M. Eastern Standard Time. 11:00 o'clock A.M. Daylight Saving Time for the follow-in c: REGIONAL PARKS DEPARTMENT . SITE NO. 3 -PLUM BOROUGH PROJECT NO. P-3-W-2 WATER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM PARKS DEPARTMENT NEW ROOKS FOR PARK SHELTERS AND BUILDINGS IN NORTH AND SOUTH PARKS The minimum wape rates permissible on the Project shall be In accordance with the Schedule of Minimum Rates let up in the Contract Documems. No Bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of Sixty (601 days after the scheduled closing time for receipt of Bids. Proposals must be made on the County's form and In accordance with the "Supplemental Specifications", the "Standard Contract for Construction", the "Form of Contract", the "Instructions to Bidders", and the Letllne Plans, all of which may be viewed at the Office of the Commissioners of Allegheny County. Copies of the above data for use of Bidders will be furnished upon app'ication to the Contract Super-viMir in the County Department of Works of Allegheny County, Room f02. County Office Building, Pittsburgh. Pa. A charge of $3,00 will be made for each set of Supplemental Specifications ami Plans for Water Distribution Svstem, and No Charge for New Roofs. Etc. An addilional chaise of $2,00 will be made for each set of "The Standard Contract tor Construction," There will be no refund on tht Standard Contract for Construction or Supplemetnal Specifications and Plans. Check or Money Order In the amount to cover charges for one or both Documents to be made out to the "County of Allegheny." Proposals must be accompanied by a Certified Check or Surety Company Bond (on County's formi to the order of or running to the County of Allegheny, for the amount fixed In the Instructions to Ridders as evidence that the Bidder will accept and carry out the conditions of the Contract in case of Award. The County Commissioners resent the right to reject any and all Bids. JAMES W. KNOX Controller COUNTY OF ALLEGHENY THE GENERAL STATE AUTHORITY lfTH AND HERR STREETS KARRISBURd, PENNSYLVANIA NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Bid Date Thursday, October 22, 1964 Time of Ooenlng--2:00 o'clock P. M. --Eastern DaylisM Time SPECIAL NOTE ML THE GENERAL STATER.U .THO- RITY WILL RECEIVE I.'S AT m RADIO iS U An ABC-owned Radio Station Proposals THE OFFICE OF MR. HARRY T. FILSON. SUPERINTENDENT. ROOM 1 204. STATE OFFICE BUILDING, 300 LIBERTY AVENUE. PITTSBURGH 22, PENSSYLVANIA. THE BID OPENING WILL BE IN ROOM 1212 OF THE PITTSBURGH STATE OFFICE BUILDING. 300 LIBERTY AVENUE, PITTSBURGH 22, PENNSYLVANIA, AT THE ABOVE STATED TIME. Water Storage Tank and Softener and Boiler Plant Addition. CLARION STATE COLLEGE. CLARION. CLARION COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA, L. Robert Kimball, Consulting Engineers, 615 West Hishland Avenue, Ebens-bure. Pennsylvania. PHASE II -Contract No. 404-12.. -Gen. Const. Guaranty $6,2S0.00-Contract No. 404-12. 22-Heattng Const. Guaranty $4.00.00-Contract No. 404-12.3 Plhf. Const. Guaranty $800.00-Contract No. 404-12.33 Exterior Utilities. Guaranty $10.-000.00-Contract No. 404-12. 4-Elec-trlcal Const. Guaranty $1,600.00-Deposlt Per Ret $25.00. Each proposal must be accompanied by a certified check, cashiers check or bid bond, on the form furnished by The General State Authority, as a bid guaranty payable to The General State Authority In th amount designated. Plans. Specifications Prevailing Minimum Wage Predetermination, Document Forms and Proposal Forma may be secured by prospective bid- dens by applying to The Authority and depositing the amount per set stated for each contract. Plans and specifications may be reviewed free of charge at the offices of The General State Authority. A J. CARUSO, Executive Director ISSUE DATE: September 4. 1964 PORT AUTHORITY OP ALLEGHENY COUNTY TRANSIT DIVISION Sealed proposals will be received at the Office of the Director of Purchasing and Stores of the Port Authority of Allegheny County. Transit Division, 121 Seventh Street, Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania, until 3:30 p. m. DST. September 14. 1964, and will be publicly opened and read at 4:00 p. m. the same day in Room 408. same address, for the following: Western Red Cedar Poles Transferring Truck Bodies New Truck Bodies New Water Line Installation Acceptance or rejection of the bids will be publicly announced it a meeting of the Board of the Authority at 3:30 p. m. DST, on September 16, 1964, at Room 408, 121 Seventh Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, No bidder may withdraw his Proposal for a period of sixty (601 days after the scheduled time for opening of the sealed bids. Contract documents may be obtained w:thout charge at the Office of the Director of Purchasing and Stores. Transit Division. 121 Seventh Street. Pittsburgh. Pa, Each proposal must be accompanied by a Certified or Cashier's Check or Surety Company Bond to the order of or running to Port Authority of Allegheny County In the amount of ten per cent HO1) of the total amount of the bid. The Board of the Authority reserves tha right to reject any stall bids. JOHN W. DAMES&V Eiecutive Director attd General Manages. lie usiies enen Immediately after "Bonanza", see one of the best new showsofjhe year.. David Niven, Charles Boyerv Gig Young star, as con-men ouuo.sepa

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