The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 7, 1934
Page 4
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PASBFOU1 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TH* COURIER NEWS CO, PUBUSEJ-KB O. B. BABCOCK, Editor B. W. HAUOC8, Adrertelns Huueer Sole National Advertising Representatives: , Arkansas DiUics, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detrcll. St. Louis, DiUas, Kr.'sns City, Memphis. Fubfohed Every Afu'riinon Excipt Sunday. Entered :is second ch;ss matter nt Uic jjost ulllce at B:j'tlicvl]lc, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 9, 1317. Served uy tnc United Prc.w SUBSCRIPTION liATES By canter In tlie City of Hlvll'.cville, 15c per week or W50 i»r year In ndvajir-c. By mall within n radius of 50 n>llcs, $3.00 per year, SI.Si) for six months, fc5c for (l.rcc iiioiilhs; uy moll In postal zone. 1 ; two to fix, Inclusive, 16.55 per year. In zones seven nn<i eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. Whisky and Gambling I'rc.s.-.-111-e is Ijoiiiir limu^'lit, apparently with little ell'eei, to iwrsuaik' Governor Fillrell to supplement his call for the special legislative session which will open .Monday to permit consideration of legislation for tlic legalization of whisky and of race track tfimbliii);. The governor, for reasons I hat are understandable, is a little bit standoffish toward )x>lh of Hiesc propositions, lie is pcivonally inisynipathctic toward them, lie knows they are loaded with political dynamite, and, perlisips worst of all, their injection would make a long and expensive session out of a meeting of ihe legislature thai without (hem may-be expected (o last only a few days. The Courier News believe.-; [hat the liquor iiiicstion should be submitted to a •referendum vote. If the legislature can agree on n sound and non-iwliticnl proposal there is no good reason why it should not he adopted al the approaching special session for submission to the electorate next November. Kace track gambling appeals lo us as a not very attractive form of racket. But if the authorities are going to permit it to be carried on illegally ul Hot Springs anyway we might as well have a law that would permit the. state treasury to cut in on the prolits. If that i.s done it should be on a local option ba^is, however. Jf Hoi Springs wants it, that seems to us to bo mainly the. business of Hot Springs, but il certainly should not be forced upon any county or community thai dues nof want it. COURIKR NEWS Worse Than War The people of England are beginning to grow alarmed about automobile traffic fatalities. Last year aulos killed 7202 people and injured 210,32!) more in the United Kingdom; and someone has discovered I hat this i s a casualty list definitely greater than that rolled up in any single year of the Boer War—which was, us wars go, a pretty bloody and expensive affair,' _ Figures like thai show how alarming the traffic toll really is under mode™ conditions. Like the United States, England has been complacent iimkr a drain on life and health that would cau^e an overwhelming outcry if il OUT OUR WAY wuro due (o anylhiiiK on cnrlli hut the automobile. England's situ.'ilioji |);iwille)i our own. In butli CIISCH, it is becoming in- csciipiibly clcui 1 thai' .some drastic new method of handling iiulomoLilu traffic must lie uvolvixl. Communists Object! If you're worried iiboul the su-called "CuiiiiniiiiiHtj'c" iwlidus of ULO niilion- «I iulmini.-'li'alioii, it niiglil comforl yon lo rwiil ivliai (he roiil Cominuni.slti of the Uniled Sink's have to .say about them. The <;i«hlh iiiilioiiitl convention of the party in the United Stales was held ihe oilier day. And the assembled reds devoted a good .sliai'o of (heir time to deiiuundng lliu New Deal and all its works in no uncertain terms. I'nrly members were (.-silled on to lishl against the rise of Fascism, "as exemplified by Hit: National Recovery Administration," ;nul were warned thai the NUA is under the real control of the big industrialists. If llici'e are government officials at Washington who want to make this a Communist nation, I ho Uoinmum'sls Ihenisclvvrt don'I seem to have heard about them vet. Magician Dolierly SIDE GLANCES By George C U'l us l:iku iii'.o'.hci 1 look id Henry L. Doherly. tlii 1 (unions doorbell ijjigur, the chaj) who |K(I- clii-d CitUK Scivku Mock by Hie ulil-fashloneti lionsc-lo-housi! cimviiKs. who collected more llian uiie itlllian dollars fioin Mr. Sinllli and Mrs. Junes and AUDI Manilla, who, us fast us the money rolled In, Inirrk-d out lo the curb and boiielil the stock, mul thus kept the price m>. ntul when iho coii]i-de-coii|>—il such a nonce- word may be compounded—was completed, found lliul he, Henry L. Dohcrty In person, was liclK'r by $10,000,000 mid hud a bigger control of Cities Service than when he Itot slmlilcil Iho cards. An extraordinary performance, not to say .sljirlliiif,-. not to suy a ivliulu lot more. And now for a nucvslion or two. If a dealer In so- called securities can legally do tlmt sort of tliini!. should not something be clone to our .scairllU's law? Aenln, if a utility magnate, or a iienllioiire dweller, or a Kansas City journalist, or whatever Uolicrly's occupation may be —11 lie can pull » t,: c k like that in the stock miukcl, don't you lliluk siicli n market needs rcHiilalliiBV • ' SiKiiklng ctilcgorieally, we shall sa> ' : Yt ' 5 - —SI. Louis t'ost-Uispatch. Americans can'i talk like the English, and tliry :0iouldi\'l try. —not. William Cabell Greet, editor of the American Journal ol Speech. * * m The depression has demonstrated that jacks- of-all-lrsuics not only Imvc a plnce in Uic sun, but Mint ihey arc very lucky persons. —Prof. Mark A. May of Yale. » • * Children mean happiness to me. I don't can; whether they arp green, yellow, blnck. white, or pink I'm about them. —Mrac. Erncs- liiic Schumiinn-Hciuk. » » » Tlic world has never seen ;i more striking example of imn.ues:ionmg ndelity than my associates. — Chancellor Adolph Hitler. Bv Williams TH' GENcRAL MAWAGER'S NEPHEW ? WHY.HS'S ALL RiGHT. HC'LL WAWT TO jou,, "TH'OAME. HE'S A GOOD Guv. i KNOW, AIN'T QUITE TH'SAME WITH HIM AROUND. I DON'T EKIJOV IT AS WELL. NO RE LAT10N OFTH' \ BOSS KIM R6ALLS/EVER "START PROM TH' BOTTOM THEY WON'T LET HIM! HE JUST AIN'T ONE O' TH' BOYS.-WHEN 1M ROME, vou CAW DO AS TH' ROMANS — BETTER THAN SOME '' ROMrtMS— BUT VOIJ JUST AIM'T A ROMAN], IS ALL. ME SURE IS HAKJD1 CAPPED, ALL RIGHT; HE'S TH' BIGGEST LOAFER IN TH' •SHOP, BUT HE CAN'T F(MO ANYBODV TO LOAF WITH. The great delicacies In China ire crakcd bamboo shoo;:;, Ehnrks 1 fins, and beclic-rie-mer—:i species )f sea slug. "Now see here, Lawson, -this organization doesn't recognize artistic tcmperument." CHURCH EXCUSE I thank him tlmt enabled me, even Christ Jesus Our Lord, for that ho counted me faithful, appointing • me to his Service. —1 Timothy 1:12. ATTEND CHURCH SUNDAX Committee. Don't Let Wrong Ideas Take Away Your Joy in Eating SATURDAY, APRIL 7, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO fnm th* lit* *r the Bt D»Hr Cwrier Monday, April ;, 1&24 In eily court Saturday 'jnclKe Brogdon, Ih? concrete Judge, gave an alleged violator of ihe whisky law the limit, with costs, aim when Hie amount was prononni:- td \jy His court (he prisoner fainted. Some of ihe closest frijuds of R. K. Lee Wilson received word yesterday asking tlmt they take no further action toward esixiiis- frij; his candidacy for yovernor. lliat in no ense could lie consent to be a candidate. Citizens of the United States (to not need iiassports to tour Canada. The U, S. Naval Academy was founded in 1845. BV IIR. MURKIS FISIIBKIN Editor, Javrnal of, (he Amrrii-au Mrdkal AKorialldn, arrt of Hy- cria, the llMlth Maf.uinc Bo you believe that green :\]>- ples always cause a stomach adio; irmt the inixin? of ice cream and lobster is certain to result in food poisoning? Do you always |wur canned fruits ana vegetables out of the can Into a glass dish, for fear that retention in the tin vcssnl would give rise to poisoning? Have you heard that fried foods are indigestible? These are some of the common notions that prevail amoni; the miiiifornirri In relationship to health. More and more, doctors are learning that it is not safe lo accept an)- of these common ideas without chLTkinf Ihem through scientific study and experimentation. It is a common belief that the boy or the girl who indulges in athletics in high school and college is sure to develop an athlete's heart, and Hint the discontinuance of exercise nflcr leaving school is bound to result in fatly degeneration or some other breakdown of the system. • » * Dr. W. E. Forsythc of the University of Michigan has been unable to find any proof that the normal lienrt is damaged by well- controlled exercise. Indeed, there is little evidence that the heart becomes enlarged or otherwise dumaprrt by athletics, provided It s well when the exercise is stnrt- d. On (lie olhcr hand, a heart thai ins bmi injured will not stand the Irnin nf exercise and may MilTer i-llh .1 sudden dilalion or' a pcr- naneut injury. Them must b? thousands ol pco- ilc who believe that it is harmful to take milk with fruits or sour •VRCtablcs. ihis notwiihstnndtng he (act that strawberries and cream hns b=cn n favorite Arner- lf you like strawberries and cream or peachra and cream, do not let these ideas keep you from your enjoyment. Scientific evidence shoivs that the combination is ([iiite digestible and will not harm uny- oiHi, provided the fruiLs and Ihe milk are good to begin v/ith. * » • While doctors' recogniie and often emphasize the fact lliat no two human beings are exactly alike. Iherr are certain' fundamental rules that apply to all of IK. Some people contend that they simply cannot reduce; others that it is quite impossible for them to gain weight, because ihcir bodies arc different. The available, figures show that most of us arc poured out of fairly similar molds and that our holies function according to fairly well-establlsiied laws. If we cat too much for the amount of work we turn oul. we arc likely to get fat. If we eat too htlle or the wrong kind of food, wu are likely to 501 thin. In Ihe vast majority of cases, gain or loss of weight is h matter cl «-hat aplh; has been called-good physiologic bookkeeping." ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier Nc*s h^s been authorized lo announce tlie following a." candidates for p;,bllc office, subject to Hie Deiaocralic prlm»r? August: For County ,lud;r ZAt, B. HARRISON For M«ra»« or Conjrcsj CLINTON L. CALDWELL Tor Sheriff and rollcrlnr Cf,,VRENCE H. \VILSON For Re-election for Seccnd Ter« For Cwntj Trt»surrr JOE S. DILtAHONTY UOLAND GREEN" For Circolt Court flrrk HUGH CRAia ADDISON SMITH For O»Mj Conn CIrrk FRED FLEEMAN For Re-Election for 2nd Term for R- b. (BILLYH GALNE3 O. C. (IKE) HUDSON For Constable of Chlck«sa»b» ToKmihlt) JACK ROBERTSON Goats (o Have Beauty Conlest ROCK SPRINGS, Tex. tUPi A benuty contest, for goats will hr; held by the Board of Trade o! the Brewers of America ciurint; the Texns Angora Goat Rniscrs' Association meeting here July 3 to 5. Texas ranchmen were asked to cooperate in the contest to find the most beaulifnl goat. Read Courier Nc'.vs Want Ads. Vanishes After Crash; Innocent siprp be u-, ls injun^ in .111 nuio crash March 2S neat Troy. N Y . .lohn I' I.rland. 21. above, cf Mechanicvilte. N Y . stiideul .T. Syracuse iini- versity. is Hie nbjecl of a'na- fion-ivide searcii He is .believed to have been daze.d bj tli» accident nnd to be Ulioriug under ihe delusion b« was re- sucinsiDlo for the crash. A bandage over nts rljhl eir may. «vve lo Ideality him. Tod-ay's .tnattac* April 7^ ™%$®& established Toy act of , ' oriycrs to krjcw sqsiK 1 iving- THIS CURIOUS WORLD MOON TRAVELS AtONG OVER OUR KFADS A! A RATE f5oo B.C. THE- TWO 06EUSK5 OP QUEEN HATSHEPSOT WHICH WEIGHED 35O 7OA/S ^O^WeBB TRANSPORTED ITO AMLES DOWN TH?NU TO THEBES./ 96O OA&S/M^/V i-ORNISHSD THE POWER.. i . ..1&LLVPISH TMAT LIVED ON THE EARTH AWLLIONS OF YEARS AGO IEFT I '}l fos-s/t. fie * OF THEMSELVES, ALTHOUGH •" THEIR SKELETON* WERE 99 /VACf/Vr HMTSQ/ QUEEN HATSHEPSUT was one of tl,e first great woman lead, crs m liistory. It svas her engineers, under her direction, who cm- onl the great blocks uf. granite nl the First Cataract of Uic Nile and took them to the city of THrtes on a huge bar«e. Each obelisk was! made of one solid piece, and was nearly 100 feet long. ' NEXT: How have scirnlhts beer, able l u aUcovcr (he rainfall records nf milllnns of years :i;o. 1 Slamp H.-ilk-d Tlictls NEW -HAVEN, Conn, (UP.l- Sfnce the management of (lie 1'henix House begun slninuiiiij Hie hotel linen, not a sheet or towel lias teen taken by a guest. The stamp reads: "Stolen from the Phenix House." 1>"R (JiMrdcit Ihij-e Sfill ' FALL RIVER, Maw. (UI')— A^ Aus house, lo which a savage doi^ wns chained, concealed an under-:' ground room containing a huyc'j illegal sill! in ihe yard of Antonio Fcrnaiiiloi. IlKIJW IIKHE TOD.VT P.tllMTO. m >jnJ,o»,« J-C.H, !.<-,-, )!„<•» a [,i(;ili,c irht. be Cec. J,7-T., K " W "' '" """no wllfc llbAD KNd LO'lTIE. in. IhltTtl. I nbliio kn« bee* ucvtuca ot a »<«n(cr ft*. djil not commll. MAKCIA TKIJAUWAX, .nci.llj vronilni-nt. cuolu prove he 1> In- »it>fcnl hut fears krandat. I'.'lhllln in | M i av e Trltfc Ks- T, I i!-'.'.f«*' IE '' U ' ""aisklcr ot rl,k Jl.ll J;ll-.i,l>. |a Jlnvunn, antler ike nn»ie "Juan I to." he Ijeeoue* «-r)rlinitrd ns n ljn*er nnd ke and »lt-an open a Krmn.i>fuat. SIR AUHItl'.r. a thlcU i:n K li s li- iN.ii, and I>nlillte-< Inilitr. t-. KrurchlNf; tor hi* ion. emnlfirln^ «II.I.1.\<JS. Kew l.rk dclKtlv". „"'" "or. pn ,, ,, n d Ikr 3 lablllo .rr., K.lelle a K .iin. TheJ nilmll tkrlr lu.c i nr tnrk olkc , f . • n . d c , blt . si ' r Aublc ' r '" xtrat co o» WITH THR STOHV CIIAPTBH XXXIK 'ptlR eosslp alwm Juauito and Ustellc finally reached Lottie. Til spoil her face!" E!IQ promised shrilly as sLo stood, arms akimbo, looking down nl Dean wbo lounged in a deep wicker chair, "Aw. show a litllc sense!" "It means we'll be kicked oala licrc." f.oltio F.aid craflily. That •light reach neaii, slio thought. "A lot yo-j'rc, worryin' about that!" bo commented. "Kid." be said easily, "wo got our rake off. 1 know imw you feel aboat him. Lottie, but lie don't lean your way an 1 that's ali Micro Is to it. Vou might as well niako irp your mincl about it. u ain't you- fault an 1 it alii't his." "I'll kill that girl!" "Now don't talk crazy! You 501 enough lo keep you t!io rrat of your days— with wint y,m rnu pick up easy. Yon don'i waiua go knit- in' anyone — " "J)ou'l l?" "Aw. have Rt\mn souw!" ho at]- vised again, mucli tried and sliow- tiiB it. hia boats, but ho had no Intention | next time," ol mentioning the fact. He had won hc.iviry oa Jnauito. "Ted Je(Irio3 was no good anyway," Field thought as- ho rode homo through be irovkMfea, "but i'l neit time it will k, harrtnr, too! :| I'm going to hare you Uiulerstand? And—I won't hare '\ tbis! I have other plans lor you." || the darkness, tho scents and IIIOT- air that mako a moonless Cuban night. '. u . j JJE sat back. "Estclle," be said. No. lie would not! give I'aMilo! "i recognized Juanito tonight I away. But before llio 'naSsasb of iJuanilo!" Iiour be bail put a codicil to i this decision. Carlito wa^ in the | :;er in liis Inuul ,nr [• i Carlito showed ui.; • I made the im*iai:<: ni letter beJjitid fiim. "What have ymi U demanded. ball with a 'it'bl cmcrcd. ; 'ir|ni;o and snl by belle's bed. Tlio sirl li.v! suddenly become III when shn V.cnrrl Marcta planned to So to tlio light at la Miraflorcs. Ebo had asked Marcta to slay wilb her. Marcti bad Flayed, but slio had also do-.e sonic wondering. She knew lliat l^slc-lle was only prclcniling to bo sick. Eslcllc had recently sbown liltlo destre for Slarcia's company- Sho lir..-! hern an Irrcproachabtc hostess but Marda had sensed Iho fact liiat Ivilcite did not like her. Woll. in time she'll fin.! out what It mcaul. ilarcia decided. Mwa- time— "Shall I road lo you, dear?" she nskod. Kslcllo snid lhat would be very nice. As Mnrcla bnntcrt for the bo-ik Kslclle added. "I bate tolhink of your goim; Monday—il Is Monday, Isn't il?" M.trcfa Fnillcd. Qnllo obviously Iho child wanted her out of Iho way. "J might ?(<ip a bit longer," she (aid with hidden malice, "if some- ono begged me—very preltily!" She s»w Estello Bwailow hard at that. "Now what's up?" Marcls asked herEeli. "Whit In th« world—?'* • • • J IM FIELD recognized Juanito as P»bllto, tht boy *ho had ruu She lost even more color. "I'm going to turn him oT«r to tbe police if you ever see him -sain. That's all. Otherwise In is llic | cn " go tiia damned way wilhout j any interference from ma Is that ?" I'"k-Iil • clear?" "iJnt lie didn't do it. Fallier—f" . | He smiled and raised bis bushy - -voi-i '•ycbro-.vs. "t dua't care whether .- ! ui,- ho did or nut. I said 1 have other • I plans for yon. And 1 also said that ' v --^, ' ' r >'°u see hiin again I'll turn him :.:'!} -' ' >vor to "'» police who aro Mill ::nk jou i iool;ins for biru. Do you under- "I.el mo :<• ' " "It is—a li-.- •: !:.••• heart of on? o; [ii: .•_•; \ il lo him." "I said :c: ::i" :-», if Cnrlilo r^Lr-v^r.;-; u- : KieH. it is n loll'.T fro::; "Do you waiu UK; lo down?" Carlilo ft-It Ficlil'p f-;r-ui-i. lihiui fingers lit;!-' >:i mi II:E ^irn. .\ r,n,. mont and l:-- leucr wa:i in iliosp same fingers. "A letter from one ot the fcr Field sneered as da slit die em-cl- op. He ilrow forth tlie folded slice-: beginning, "My own dcarcsl," and ending, "Juanito." Field laughed. "God!" lie ex-: . •- •••"claimed, "this is a find! And | j Cl>nt -J' vc '' im "I 1 1 can inform the thought Elic was mild as mill;!" anl1ir..iiio<s nr,,l IM ,-,.,,!„„ ..,., :._ "Yes." ' "Do you agrco?" "Xn." j Me slnited, leaning forward ! "1 love him so!" • . -' ! "Is Hint all?" i "V.'hnt else?" she questioner! with ;a Mule surprise. He relaicd, smil- ] i"S onco nioro. "Well." he said slowly, "if you The letter still in hia hand pounded 'up the stairs and in:ui? his way, without knocking, lti;.ij and let justice take its course. Tbal will mean thai your Juanito will K0 to prison for life — if bo's lucky. Olhcrufec he'll •sleep a few nights i n iho Death bis ilaiiRhtcr's room. She was in !,,,,_ , .. " her night tbiugs and a ncuflBto. ! 11? , , Illcl> Ilc 1>! " lsert to ! " aTd ' " s " ockt3 r « a «™<* ' »tn.i.lln; by a window. Field case, find ii on lier with Hint smilo bo al«-av« .,- , ,^_ ,..,,.. ,. .. 1J - Ivo always gsvo thoso wholly wlihin his power. light wnnderpd. a cignret. i ho . on. "whether the method they ,, r , , ,, . i""* »ii«;iiiui inu mciuon they i.v=V I ha o a Icticr that is directed is n , lUo mord f,,|. u Bai , lcli ~ J lo 50.1 he fa >,\ and hi, sense of l lakes ihrco turn, nl Uic swllch atrenslli was increased b? her sud-. bniton-whalever it i 3 -lo kill den palor. "How long hag this lieen s<ilnn on—and.lust how far has it gone?'' be continued. Kslcllo did nil protend to ml?understand. FleM's keen. Fly CJ P -, followed tier. Ho heard |,=r say" in tbe dry, talleriu^ way of ibosis ivho man. Have a cigarct, child" "Xo." "The youn;; man's life in In your bands. Kslelle. He hasn't a ' ulianre il I turn fiiin over to tho ' police. And ho couldn't hldo i.imin. I shall have biro watched until you tell me 1 do not aro badly frightened. "[ love him ' nectl l0 ' ll ' s tor 5 ' 011 lo liecide." as I never thought I could lovn • , Sll ° ll= San lo Enoak as he had anyone—" ' | known she would, to bcs his mercy. "Ah!" Ho murmured. "Sit dow-i : , !0 ,, WaS , sti " , am;lzlll Sly yonns. Wo must Have a little tilt- ' \ • lh< ?" s ' u - as »° ll «= a " i "«• "<> r T- rnmh ,,, , , voi « blurred, shook, broka as els Trembling, s ,= settled in a !„«- - renewed her petitions, chair and he dropped to one that j "All this is Interesting." ne taccd it. She wished, shrinking' commented as sbo panjert. brc-ath- that ho was not EO Then he. In:; hard and shakinr;. •TDtoresl- lusbcd suddenly, elated hy ihe Ins tint not convincing. If you feeling thai she was, after all, his sc.r. him n-ain I'll SC nd him lo Ufa daughter. Ho himself had not been | imprisoninenl or death Have you too particular In his gnycst years. « v cr known mu lo break my Hero vsas iho pixmo streak In l:cr; word?" Iho streak that could let her love She rnailc no answer. a pri^e fighter, a nmrderer and i \ Field took out his w.itch. "I tbU;t shall give you." be snld. lootlns "Yon little devil!" hocomn-.cnlc-d , ( lllc w; >ich. "five minutes In "Well, I understand all this but l'} wlllch lo "ieclilc." won't have It! How far has It' _ Hs whl slli!rt a waltz tune tlist gono? \Vher» hive you been meeting him? 1 ' Ha gufliw6i. Tou'll e, ^ being played at the cafe The girl eat before him. hsr stflckcn tret on his, her tenst frlpplag the arms ot thi I (To Bt

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