The Akron Beacon Journal from Akron, Ohio on April 19, 1953 · Page 49
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The Akron Beacon Journal from Akron, Ohio · Page 49

Akron, Ohio
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 19, 1953
Page 49
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SJT Akron Beacon Journal Sunday, April 19, 195S Dick Paige's Two Handicap Is Lowest In ADGA ODDS AND ENDS ALONG SPORTS BEAT ;) 'foil Are 3 Strokes 'Four Category Includes Caret By PIXDY WAGNER Dick Paige, district amateur match-play champion, will play to the lowest handicap in the Akron area during the 1953 season. The Portage Country Club golfer who won the Beacon Journal crown last year waa established as a two handicap golfer. It waa the lowest rating on tha handicap relcasM today by tha Akron District Golf Association (ADGA). Paige's two handicap was fig-tired on scores of 73 and 70 in the Invitational, 73 and 74 in th Beacon Journal qualifier and 74 in tha Champion of Champions tournament. SEVEN GOLFERS were right behind Paige with handiraps of three. Clarence Miliar of Canton, who aet a new fours record of 64 at Canton Highland Links last year, rated a three, David Wilson, medalist in tha Beacon Journal qualifier with a 143; Aldo Paolano, WAKR Class AA runnerup; Andy Hlas, Rod Cea, Dick Hearty and Tony Ondrus ara tha other three handicap div-otera. Miller Is a member of the May-fair Country Club, Wilson is a member of Portage CC, Hlas and Paolano play out of Rarhertnn Erookside, Cea is a Fl rest one CC member, Hearty belongs to Portage CC and Ondrus at present la In tha Army. GOLFERS WITH four handl-capa Included the present president of tha ADOA, Chirk Carat, and tha Immediate past president, Bob Hatton. Two other past presidents, John Cseh and Karl Schmidt, also rated in the "four" category. Othera with four handicaps are Don Albert, gob Benout, Jim Cas-pio, A. C. Donaldson, VVylla Doyle, Jamea Hackett, Pete Kaforey, Joe Lazor, Charles Marchand, Bill Palmer, Ray Reighart and Dr. D, J. Ulrich. Kaforey waa the winner of the WAKR Class AA championship. The ADGA listed 227 golfers with handiraps of seven or under In Class AA. l -1 ; t J . -A I "J J " Ss r g 5j DICK PAIGE district's brat . Bonus Deal With Page Cost MacPhail 20Gs By JOHN P. CARMICHAEL Beatea Journal-Chltafe Dally Hews err Ire CHICAGO Somewhere Joa Page, the ex-Yankee relief hurl-er, must have picked up a paper and read where Larry MacPhail, his old boss, was jugged by gendarmea for disorderly conduct. And maybe Joe got thinking of the deal he put over with Larry a few years ago. Page had turned down a 1947 pact. MacPhail refused to up it a dime. They wrangled to no purpose until Larry finally aaid: "Tell you what I'll do. You sign thla contract. On the 1st and tha 15th of each month I'll go to 'Burky' Harria (then manager of the Yanks) and If he aaya: 'Page la my boy' I'll hand you $2,500 in (100 bills cash on the line." They shook hands. That year Page won 14 games, lost 8 and saved 20 more for a flag team. Twice a month Larry would barge into the Yank clubhouse and look at Harria. Eight timea out of 11 paydays, "Bucky" solemly said: "He's my bov, Larry; I cannot tell a lfe." MacPhail paid Paga J20.000 In bonus money that aeaaon! NEW BOOK: "Approaching and Putting" (Crowell) by Charles Cleveland, the Chicago Daily News political editor It's written on a don't-do-as-I-do-but-do-what - they - tell you basis The ';they" being such golfers as Julius Boros, Betsy Rawls, Johnny Revolts, Skee Riegel. etc As might be drawn from the title, the book is concerned with an area within 100 yards of the cup. Key chaptera include a system for shooting at par golf and an architect's discussion of how to play your game from the layout of a course. More new books include John Hoffman's "Hank Sauer Story" (Barnes) and Ed Delaney's treatise on Bobby Shantz of the A's Also "Mr. TJmp" by Babe Pinelli, one of the best. BY VIRTUE of their opening day win, the Cubs still top the National League'a 53-year-old standings for . inaugural tri- Akron District Golf Handicaps For '53 Tiger Oarsmen Break Pcnn's 3-Year Rule NEW YORK n.Pi Princeton broke Pennsylvania's three-year domination of the Childs Cup Re gatta Saturday by easily winning tha varsity, junior varsity and freahman races on the Harlem River. It was the Tiger's first Childs Cup victory since 194!. All three races, over a mile and three quart era distance, were rowed in a cold, intermittent rain. In the varsity event, Princeton won by 2-S of a length over Columbia, with Tenn a poor third. Penn's No. 6 man, Tom McDon-ough, was stricken with flu last night and the Quakers, with a juggled lineup, dropped out of serious contention at the three-quarter mark. VNTIL tha mile, Columbia and Princeton, both opening their seasons, stayed about even, The Tigers, tha heavier crew by nine-pounds per man, opened almost a length lead at one mile. A Lion spring with a half-mile remaining cut the gap to two-thirds of a length but the TlRera had enough to hold that lead until the finish. Princeton was clocked In 8:32, Columbia in 8.34 and Penn, just over thres more lengtha back, In 8:47.3. Ane'rneur, Km II 1 Abeorf, Frrtl IS Arermjsru. Jul Ararrman. fieerse 17 Adams, .(Aim 1 Adams. Prle 1 Allra. Jeha 4 Alborl, Don 7 Allrn. fharlro 7 Andrraon, Mont ft Andrraon, ftobrrt 5 Andrraon, Valllor ft Andrraon, Wtiiloni 5 Antenllle, l.oul. IS Arburn. flare ft Arl, Harold , 7 Arli, Wilbur 7 Ary, rluford IS Athlon, Chariot A Athlon, Mrarl R Ashtnn, Ernal I Rloaak, l.eonar4 7 rlordlrkrr. Rohrrt n Horn. RIM Jr. ft noarman, John l. Brlvard. John 1.1 Rond. Jim IS Roonr, Marvin l Roare, Slr.e 6 Hourk, Tom 7 Rowrri, frank Rnwllnr, Konnotb 1: Rnwmen, teroy Rovd. M, hi Hover. J. N. H Rotation, Cherlee It Hnvun Paul If) Rorln. Marlon It lln.rlll. Joa A Hrnrra, Jim S Rroekra, Larry ft Brown. Fran ft Hrown, John W, IS Rrnwn, I.ronard A Rronn, Kav O. ft Rrnwn, Robert 1A Rrown. Ruaaell f,. la. Rrewnawerd. John ft Rrunkrr, Robert 1ft Rudoff Hvman II Rurdrn, Clonn It Rurkhardt, (ieorta S Rurrif, Sov I Hull. Elmer , ID Hull, Jamra 7 Rarhman. John 10 Hakrr, Jark a Raker, l.awranre R Rain,, Slot ft Harkrrarvrr. Henry 7 RaUor, Edwin U, IS nance, Jo IS Rarr. Jamoa F. Rarlon, Waller ft Raner. Klfharw ft Rauxhinan. Mark 1 Hrhoul, William 4 Rrboal. Robort 7 Rerk. Elmer I Ree.hlej. Rert 5 Rrhrlk. Joirph ft Rlrrman. Krank It Relhark, Carl I Helltikr, Pan! ft Renralon, Erneot ft Rrnnett, Irving IS Rerrhen, And S Rrrlhold, Paul ft Rerlram, Jamea ft Rerion. Morria 7 RibIt, Henrr a Rial;, Waller ft lllroa, Jo 7 Rliler, Rr ft Hlalr. Donald l Rlakrlr. Hrnrf ft f'ahoon, Clark 14 C'alland. O. O. IA ( ameren, Robrt S. 7 Cameron, Tom Jr. 15 f amnbrll, ( barloa ft ( amnbrll, Jark ft ( andutno. AmrrW ft ( anr, Kddl A ( aril. William ft I arrafhar. rhllll 4 ( am, Charlai S. ft Carat. Ed 4 Caanlo, El it I at, llrrnan S ( a. Rod S Cerll. Morria 7 Chapnian, ThnajuM ft Chanowoth. RleharS ft ( hrlatman, Iran K. ft Clavertlla, Anteln tl rohlll, John Sr. ft ( ehlll, John Jr. ft Cohlll. Robert la C'onlon, I dw. J. ft Conner, lal T ft Conner, Hal T. 7 ( onrad, Dal A. 1 Cook, (ioor.o 1) 7 Coitrllo, jolin Sr. II ( oilrllo, John Jr. 14 CoUrlll. Ltalla II Cot, ( lair 15 Crllrlll, Allona Cronahoro. Oerald 4 Car. John ft Cunningham, Robert 1 Cannlnrham, Walter M Currente. Jamea ( urrr. Ed It Danlk, George ft Dannemlller. Thoaaal ft 0 Avrlle, Hrnrr ft R'Arell. Tonr 7 llarle, Oerald 7 Daria, Jar Jr. II Oar Dr. ft. W. OeMangeont. Ravnond 7 Demitrl. John nemltrl. Al III nerlla, Andrew It Derlt. Carl 11 llerlta. Eugene 14 Oeaaerker, R. I). r. llraaerker. R. O. Jr. I Detrlrk. Euaene II DeWoodr. (rank A Oerarmon, Tharlea Q. ft DIKIoure. Tom 11 DiMaaeia, Arman4 ft Dinger, narld 12 Domrnreltl, Vlrtar 4 Donaldaon. A. C, 4 Dorle. Write Dunbar. Earl I, 1? Dumm, Robert II Dulton. Robert It Eden, Jamea ft Fdrlngton. Jamea 1ft Eran, Jark III Elliot. B R. Vi Emerr, Charle III Enderleln, Rill lr. It Englehart, John II Englehart, R. W. III Eranlrkl, Mlrhael ft Fabre, l.sula ft Fabre, Victor II Falb. Bill 1ft l arher, Robert 11 Earlna. Frank Jr. 12 Farley. Donald 1ft Ferguann, Phitlft Sr. U Eerguann, Pkllln Jr. 7 Frrranle. Orlandn It Elala. rharlea 11 Elreilonje, Ralph II Flarher, Jullua 15 Fill, ( harlea ft Firming. Robert J! Follln, Dwight ft Fnatlneo, Chria I Franklin, Alei ft Franklin, Dr. Aril lit Franklin. Jrrrt I Erang, faul ft Fulli, Coral 7 Cabrlrl. Io II r.addlo. Tom It (iallaghtr, Rill ft Gamble, SalvaUra 7 Oaret. Ruaa It Car. Jim ft Oeaen, Thonaa II Ceta, Paul It (ilbktna, Curt ft C.lbaon. Or a ft Oeorgft 1ft Glrler, Glenn 13 Ooblo, Homer 7 Ooahter, Charle II Oollingo. nr. Richard It (iood. William R. ft (iujln. Jark J I (iregorr. Dnrw4 ft Greoaard, Fred ft (ireaeard. Wa. II (Irlaea. Rar It Cruaea. Aleg 7 Haaa, Rernl 7 Haaa, Karl W. 4 llarkett. Jamea Hale. Mark ft Halllnan, Jamea Sr. IA llalltnan, Jamea Jr. 7 Halllnan. Neil ft Hamad. S'aaar 7 Hamolelrr. Herbert ft Hanna, Ron ft Hanna. Edw. 11 Hannah, Lou ft Harper, Kenneth It Harper, l.arrr 10 Harria. Wlllard 7 Harlman. Mlka Haaaon, Robert ft Hoalinga. Robert 4 Hatton, Robert lft Hauaer, Paul I Heartr, Tltrk ft Hoop. Henr Jr. ft Helman, Harold U. ft Helaler. Itob It Henrlrh. Frank ft Henaal, George ft Henahaw. Howard Herherirh. W. 7 Hergonroder. J. Darll 11 Hrrron, l.rnn Jr, II Hllllari, M. lft Hlnun. Dr. I. U 5 IHaa, Andr Hlaa, Joa It ffrking, Frank It Horklng, Warn III Hoffman, William JO Holland, Charle 1 Holmra, Error ft Holt. Donald 1ft Hood Thomat II Hopklna. Saul 7 Hornarek. John ft llornbrrger, Dira ft Hoaaler. John ft Hout. Robert 1ft Howard, Rodner ft Hudak, Audi ft Hudak, Cenrga III Huey. Henry ft Htighey, Paul IS Hulaey, Wiillaat ft Hunter, Dirk 7 Huntrr, Carl ft Hrrnlck. Mlrhael 7 Ikina, Jim lft lahant. Don 7 laham, Duana 1ft lleirelrh. Nlrk It loom, Ruben ft loom, Walter lft Jarkaon, Rlrhard It Janiga, Frank It Jrnkina, Verlln It Jnhnaton, George Jr II Jnhnaton, lytle 7 Jnhnaton, Roger 7 Jonea, Ren IS Jonea, Danald ft Jonea, O. D. 1ft Jonea, Harold It Jonea, Harry I I Jonea, Ronny IS Jnrre. Nlrk ' IS Julian. Sydney ! Kaforey, Nlrk 4 halorey. Pete I ft Kaiaer, Charlea Sr. ft Kaiaer. Cbarlra Jr. IA Kalaplrh, John Id Kalaplrh. Mlka 7 Kalr. Bernard 14 Kandle, Eavernft ft Kappar, Chirk III Katrhur, Edw. I Kavenagh, William lft Keh, Charlea It Kreler, Robert lft Kelly. Jamea Jr. 17 Kenyan, Paul ft Keatal. David It Kllllnger, Howard 7 Klmbrr, Harold 5 Kimber. Robert 7 King. Bob S King, Harry It King. Jamra 7 Kinney, Marah a Klnla, Chack ft Kinta, Jim 7 Klrgeener, P.4. to Kitllebergrr, Go ft Kliak, Jeae S Klein, Jordan It Klug. Aleiande ft Klug, Rylyeater 4 Knight. Paul ft Knowllen, Richaral 7 Knupp, Carl ft Kandlk, Stry lft Konaland, Fred It Kormanlk, Ered ft Kormanlk, l.rorg 111 Knrmanlk. Mrk ft Kopan, John 7 Koroneai, John ft Ksrora. Tony 111 Koroma, Dr. Carl Kaaar. Mike Jr. 7 Knvarh, Paul II Koielahl, Martin at Kramer, Adam ft Krohn. Ronald lft Krohn, Otto 7 Krupa, Htee II Killrhyrky. Ruaaell 7 Kuleaar, John ft Kulig, John S Kuay. Sleyr ft l.abajetta, Eugene 7 l.abajella, Paul H l.arka. ft. 1 1 l.aConlt, John ft l.akoa, Sieve It I amb, Harold It l.ang. Cllffard ft l.ange John W. 14 I anioah, Jake II l.arkey. Jark A Lauer. Claude ft l.avbaarn. Rrnre 7 l,aaar, Ctrorga Jr, 4 Laaor, Joe in Later. Mike III l.eeper, laadore It Leeper, Nerton 7 l.emlrk, Andrew 7 Lemley, Evan 17 l.emlev, Larry ft l.mon, Jay 1ft Eaakanlr. Mlrhael In l.aliler, Arnold 7 Lataler. Vernon ft l.evin. Harold lit Lihertl. Joaeph II Llle. C, C. II Linden, Carl ft Linnrn, Paul It Liptarik. Andrew ft Livingaton, Joe :t l.ongworth, Rlrhard ft Lontrhar, Steve ft Love, Thomaa Jr. 7 l.uraa. John 1 l.urhko, George 7 Luklty. Mil It Luklty, Paul lft l.uxmore, J. E. ft l.vnrh. Edw. 14 Lynda. Pet ft Maconachy. Andrew It Mahan, Jamea ft Mallo. Offla 7 Malone, C. 17 Mann, Joaeph 7 Mann. Melvin 4 Marrhand, Charlea lft Margo, Ralph 7 Marple, Stanley , lft MarallH. J or ft Maaterana, Elmer ft Matthewa, Allen lft Mattingly, Charlea 7 MrCann. Nlrk It MrC'heaney Mark It Mcllary, Oeorg 7 MrClure. Jamea 17 McCoy. Ralph ft MrCreary, R. Reginald McCreary, H. R. 7 MeCulley, Rlrhard 17 MeCulley. William 7 MrCullev, Sam II MeDermolt, William III MrDowell. Vanre ft MrEaul, Harry ft MrC.arry, C. T. Jr. lft Mrlilntr. William I! MrGlinrhey. Edw. Ill MrGnlra, Paul ft MrManigal. Emmelt lft MrNeeae. Carl 7 Meade. Dirk ft Meadowa, (lenn 10 Meadow, Paul ft Melaer, Charle 11 Mellllo, William ft Meola, Marr II Merrer, John ft Meyers, Tllfnrd Miller, Clarrnc S Miller, Edw. II Millrr, Norman ft Millrr, Ruaaell 1ft Millrr, Steve It Miller, William 7 Mlnner. rharlea 14 Mltrhell, rharlra 7 Mill.h Ferv ft Mitanoaki. John II Moland. William 7 Monaour. Tom ft Moota. Dr. Mark 7 Moran, Patrick It Morgan, Jim 7 Morgan, Mile lft Morgan, Dave Morgan, Noel 7 Morgan, Or, III Morgan. W. T. Ill Moaer, Stanley 7 Moyer, Jimmia 10 Mover. Wado II Mueller, Arno Mulhrarn. Dick 7 Muthearn, Jim III Mulhrarn. William 1ft Mullet, Clarence 7 Murphv, Clarence ft Murphv, Fmerann 111 Murphy, John ft Murphv, Robert 10 Murawehl. Victor 7 Muaik. fieerge t Nalrr. G. I t Narrirlla, Pete 1 Neldert, Errd ft Neldert, John III Selkirk, f lift ft Nlmen, Robert ft Mat. Hon Nirder. Harry 7 Noll. J, W. t.1 Nollan, Ralph ft Sotlurna, Joe ft Solturno. Pel ft Novak. Paul 7 Nyeote. Mike ft O'Connor. Edw. ft O Hare, Ed. to Olrott, LawreKea Sr. 7 Olrett, Lawrence Jr. Ollger. J. C. lft Okollah, Anthony ft Ondrne. Tony 11 Oreleh, Samuel lft Orr. Francla II Oralrh. Jerrr H Page, Oene t Paige, Ilirk III ralge, Harland ft Painter, Dr. J. M. S Paige. Robert 7 Palavze, Jim 7 Palillo, VI, 4 Palmer. William II Palmer, John ft Paolane, Aide ft Paraena, Garland lft Paachal, VI. E, 4 raatuek. Ruaa 7 Palchen, Jhn 7 Patllnaon. (irfferd 11 Paulua, Flovd ft Paulna, Gordon Jr, ft Paulna. Gordon Sr, 10 Paaaen, Harold It Payne, George 15 Peek, Al 11 Pender, William lft Petera, Dr. Henr 7 Petera, Norhert ft Petroff, Pete It Petri, V. K. 11 Prtroa. Jim 5 Plrkard. Wilfred 7 Pfaff. jark ft Phelpa. Ray ft Pierce, Ranald 1 Plath, Don tl Pokeraaky, Thomai ft Peting. Jeoa 7 Poplaa, Arthur a Potter, C. Wlrk ft Pntta, Jerry 0 folia, Ray lft Price, Ralph 9 Prorarle, Angela 7 Prorarle, Jay ft Rabb, John 11 Radclifte, Clarence 7 Ranch. Ernie 7 Raairrl, Lmbert 14 Rawdon. Carl 7 Read, Thomaa ft Reed, Roa 11 Reese, Emmelt II Reeae. Robert II Rrevea, Alfred lft Roevea, Arthur 4 Reighart, Ray ft Render, C. II Retsler, Ed. 7 Fhoada. Glenn 5 Rich. Edward II) Riley, Ralph E. lft Root, Eugene It Roahak. George S Roas, Jamea ft Rotar, Dan S Roddebuah, D. I. is row, j. r. ft Rubel, Bad I. tl Ruaaell, Robert S Ruaaell, George 15 Ruaaell. Ronald IS Ryan, Robert ft Rvder, Mrlyin a Rabetl, Al ft Sarka, MrJvla IS Saengar, Lvle 1 Saltta, Louie 7 Salrm. Eroll tl Salisbury. Thomaa 21 Sankev. H. M. S Santangele. R. J, ft Savage, Rlehard ft Sawan, Dr. Richard ft Scalera, Frank lft Schelgel, Robert 4 Schmidt, Karl II Schmidt. Rlrhard IS Schoor, R. A. 1 Srhulrnberg. William, lft Aehuler, Herman ft Kchuler, Jamea 7 Srhuler, Louia ft Srhulman, Allrn 10 Srhulman, Rornard 10 Srhults. Marlon 11 Hchwelgert, Tom 7 Srdlock. John G. 7 Sedleck, Albert ft Segara, Charlea 5 Segerlund, Carl L. 17 Kegerlund, .Irrrv 11 Serrrlund. Robert S Srfhv, Peck 1.1 Kettle, A. H. A Shaffer. Gerald 7 Shall. Clifford It Shame. E. A. 7 Shaw, Grorr W. -11 Sheets, Paul Sr. IS Sheeka, Paul Jr. 7 Shlvely. Robert L, Shoaf. Charlea I. ft Khomech. Joe 7 Sheup. Pete 1 Rhry, W. E. ft Short. Dean S Stealer. Jark ft Silver, Frank t4 Silverman, Dan IS Simon, Pete lft Staler. Gerald S. 7 Skerman, Ted S Allah, Edward lft Riorum, VVilliam ft Smith, Charlea 17 Smith, Edwin It Smith. Michael It Smith, Vrrnrr 7 Smith. Wilbur It Soldatla. Leuia II Somervllle. Samuel 7 Rordlan. Sam ft Rpagnola. Victor ft Rpencer, Cliff Jr. ft Spencer, Howard 1ft Spire, Don It Spiegel. John 1. 7 Spikeraua, Grorga ft Spitalc, Anrela 7 Spitale, Joaeph tl Rprowla, G. M, S Stajcer," Emit 10 Staieer. Strphea 11 Stateup, G. A. It Stnnabury, Harold ft Staohklw, Andy IS Staahklw, .John to Stevenaon; Allan It Stevenaon. Howard 17 Rtiegle, Walter Sr. 17 Rtiegle, Walter Jr. 7 Stimler, Jack 1R Rurden. Harold lft Sunthrimer, William 17 Sura. Stephen IS Summer, Thomas 7 Swallow, Ralph ft Swaney, Paul It Swank, Roland Sweat, William ft Swraaev. Walter II Szasi, Joaeph It Tachuk, Don ft Tanrmina, Joe S. lft Taormlna. Frank It Touring, John A, ft Taylor, C. W. ft Testa. Dan 4 Thriling, Lou II Thigpen, Charles A. II Thlgpen, Gavlon It Thomaa, Hareld ft Thomas, W. IS Thornton, Park Sr. Thornton. Parka Jr, 5 Tillett, R. C. S Tillett, George ft Tobin, Pad S Torrey, George :. I ft Toth. Alev 1 1 IS Treat. Wilbur X 4 1'lrirh, Dr. D, J. It I'lrich. Dick 7 I tt, Floyd II Van Lear, Tom 7 Van Noatran, Paul Jr. It Vineenskl, Peter ft Vltangeli. Dom II Voige. Alfred M. 7 Vese. Earl F. IA Vogell, Barry 5 Wagner, Plndy 7 Walden. Garv Walker. W. W. 5 Waltera, Cv lft Ward. Kenneth 14 Wardle. Kenneth 1 Waaslty, Jim 7 Watera, Joe Welgle. Richard ft Welch, Harry 7 Welch, Howe 1 Wells, Hon II Welle, Roy 7 Wenk, Charle 10 Wheeler, Joseph 11 tVhlaler. I. A. It White, Barrett ft While Glen Whitmiro, Zlrk tl Wiggins. Jack ft Wiggina, Ilr. Robert M Wilhelm, Hareld ft Willed, Richard III Williame, Charlea R Williams. William It Williamson. Harry Jr, ft Wilson, David S Wogan, Tarn ft Wejania, Sieves ft Wolf. Rlrhard 7 Wolfe, Steve Wolfe. Willie 111 Wvlle, Bob 7 Wood. William II Woodruff. Charles 7 Wright, Richard S Wvkoff. Dave ft Voce. Bob Vonneho, Mike ft Yaworakv, Paul III Voder, John 1:1 Young, Harvey ft Young, John 1ft Younkln, Robert tl Younkman. David ft Zadraveta. George lft Zander. Zeltoti lft Zehm. W. O. R Zeno. Nick S Zimmerman. Ren R Ziruole, Fred 1:1 Ziruole, Jim 15 Zitelli, John II Zitelli, Richard II Zuber, Jim Zugrave, George .vKtMawawaawawBaarsa -iia'ii,rt root,w ago a disgruntled Ben Hogan, beaten by Byron Nelson in a Masters' playoff, made a brooding vow "Some day," he aaid, "I'm coming back here and take this course apart." It's just a week ago that his record 274 averaged a 68-per-round testimony to Hogan's unflagging intention. Al Weill, who manages "Rocky" Marciano, was asked: "If Rocky had to call off the fight April 10 because he got hit in the nose by a sparring partner, how will he react to such a punch by Joe Walcott May 15?" And Weill replied: "He'll be used to it by them. " Major league prices are in effect at Milwaukee The box seats have -been upped from $1.85 to $2.50 and the $1.50 reservations kited to $1.85 At the rate the Braves are going, nobody objects. CAPSULE Rl'LK for pitching success from "Bucky" Walters, the former Red star and now coach of tha Braves: "Never throw a hitter his pitch make him hit your ball.' Gene Ronzanl. the Packer grid coach presented Charlie Grimm with two footballs before the Milwaukee o p e n e r Grimm took 'em to his Milwaukee home for his grandson, Chuck, who's paying a visit "And now,' said Charlie, "the forward passing will start in the apartment I better get in a stock of new light bulbs." BINT Men's Forma! Wear complete rental FARBER'S MEN'S SHOP Corner Second and Tuscarawas Borberton PL-ma JOE PAGE , the dealer umphs .....They've won 33 and lost 20 since 1900 compared to a 30-24 mark for runner-up Pittsburgh....:.The longest hockey game ever recorded in Stanley Cup playoff history went 176 minutes and 30 seconds or 116 minutes end 30 second of overtime before Detroit beat the Canadiens 1-0 in 1936. Bill Consolo, rookie Red Sox third-sacker, was signed ss a bonus-baby (18) for $60,000 which includes his salary for three years. Ray Jablonski, former Chicago Kelly High School boy now playing third for the Cardinals, was the only player signed out of 300 st an Elgin (111.) tryout camp in '48 and for free. FLASHBA'CKS: Eleven years Nats Appoint Manush To Replace Milan WASHINGTON (U.E) The Washington Senators Saturday announced the appointment of Heinie Manush, one-time star outfielder, ss coach to fill the vacancy left by the death in Spring training of Clyde Milan. Manush, 51, was a member of the last Washington team to win the American League pennant in 1933. In his 16-year apan with such clubs as Detroit, the Browns, Washington, the Red Sox, Brooklyn and Pittsburgh, Manush compiled a lifetime average of .330. He was the American League batting champion in 1926 with a .378 mark the same figure which lost him the title by a point to Goose Gosiin two years later. Since his retirement from baseball, Manush had developed Into an outstanding golfer. He won the non-active baseball players' golf championship in Miami this past Winter and was a finalist in the Florida seniors' championship a few weeks later. BU ES GET GAMMAS CINCINNATI JPt The Cln clnnati Redlcgs today had sent shortstop Alex Gammas to Kan sas City of the American Assoct ation on 48-hour option, cutting their roster to Z9 players. Stocks Face Second Delay For the second straight Sunday the Sportsman Park Speedway stork car auto racing opener ap-j peered doomed to drop a decision ! to the weatherman. j The quarter-mile speed plant, which waa one of the best in the' country last senort with huge! fields of cars and drivers end over 200,000 fans, is sntlripsting another banner year .If only the weather will sllow the opener More than 70 drivers Rte expected to compete the fust day with 18 of the fsRtest qualifiers competing in an opening-day feature events. Industrial Lruguc In Final Meetinc Final organizational meeting of the City Industrial Softball League will be Monday night at i 7:30 in Room 102 of the Municipal Building. The $110 entry fee Is payable at this session, Walter Llpps, loop secretary, announced. Twelvt teams were at the last session. Meet In Qihton Northeastern Ohtp Inter-City Amateur Baseball League organizational meeting will he held Friday night at the North Canton Community Building at 8. Any teams Interested in Joining the fsst Class A cirruit are urged to have a representative present at the meeting. SCOTS TRU'MTH " ' LONDON r.n A dramatic last-minute goal enabled Scotland to Share the home international soccer championship with England Saturday with a 2 2 tie. I Death Takes Fight Expert Lew Raymond WELDON, N. C. (Ulf Lew Raymond, a burlesque-comedian turned boxing promoter, died Friday night fter & half -century In the fight game. The pudgy little man with the perennial unlighted stogie waa once Tex Rickard's .noat feared rival. He later promoted for many years in New Orleans, Miami and the Southwest. Boxing men considered him one of the foremost experts on fighters' styles, owe RAYMOND, whosa, reel nsme was Iewis Malitz, was 70 years old. He was en route from New York to Miami by train when he waa stricken with a heart attack in North Carolina. He was taken off the train at Weldon, and Halifax Coroner Rufus Bntton pronounced him dead. Identity was established through a telephone call to the International Boxing Club in New York. Raymond's fortes were boxing and double talk. He claimed to have invented double talk In his is "Fore!" Soviet Grapplers Cause Complaint ROME VJ!i The Hots Bologna complained to officials of the world Greco-Roman wrestling champlonshipa here Saturday about the conduct of the Russian athletes who sre quartered in a wing of the hotel. The Russians, who declined an Fathers Plan To Organize Pony League When a boy is only 13, he's a bit young to be told he's too old. But that's the case in the Little Lesgue hsseball program. Kenneth Hosklns, president of the Akron Little Leagues, had to face the problem of what to do with these "oldtimers" early In February. He received letters snd phone calls from the grsduated players asking for a baaeball league for their age group. The boys' fathers must have been asked for help, too. The fathers of the grade have met once to organise a Tony League and they plan another meeting to form final plans Thursday. All fathers who are Interested sre asked to attend tha meeting at Hoskins Garage at 7:30 p. m. nines, regulations and organize lional plans will be discussed. a?aam-ajij.- 1 offer to do their pre-champion- youth when it was his only mesne ship training In a local gym, of talking a waiter out of a din-! chose instead to carry out "light" ner check. He frequently twisted neophytes Into mental knots insisting that they "move the fram-mia from the bollixeniup before something bad happens." workouts in their hotel rooms. The Soviet athletes, the hotel lamented, took tha workouts so seriously that they knocked a hole through a wall. WHY PAY MORE FOR RAZOR BLADES Villi YOUl. FACE ViO.IT K1IG.7 YOU DID? WmmJ TREET BLADES J NO tMAIMI llAOIt AT aNY MICI 1 mnchi toes IN MAN0T 10-HAM MtTINtH BLADES tuition J riewcii, nxun l, m or oTT ;,T 01 Court Sanders Service Manager At Albert Conn, Inc. This Is a sincere Invltatioa for all of my friends to stop and let ma get your car ready for Spring. Albert Conn, Inc. 1M9 Front St. AYandale 4-4M1 Cuyshnga Falls INTERVIEWING IN AKRON FOR JOBS IN 4it$UNNY (CALIFORNIA JIG & FIXTURE BUILDERS, TOOL & DIE MAKERS, PLASTER PATTERN MAKERS, TEMPLATE MAKERS, TOOL DESIGNERS OR AIRCRAFT TOOL PLANNERS. Jlnhr Aircraft. Corporation has a good, permanent job for you in the classifications above. Top pay. Kxcellent working conditions. New and interesting projects. Many personal working advantages. And th San Diego area gives you and your family a wonderful new way of life clean, warm, sunshiny the world's most moderate temperature with a stimulating topography that offers you beaches, ocean, bay, desert, mountains and Mexico all within a few miles. Generous travel allowances. Housing available. Ai toon at possible, coll your local Statt Employment Office, 33-35 North Main Street, to arrange interview. Interviewing days are April 23 through April 23. WORLD'S INSTALL LARGEST PRODUCER OF READY-TO POWER PACKAGES FOR AIRPLANES. JjUUu il LOCATED IN BEAUTIFUL CHULA VISTA... JUST MILES FROM SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA HOME OF AMERICA'S FINEST CLIMATE 033 W (31033 SPEND A FEW MINUTES . . . SAVE A LIFE ... GET A Here's What We Do . . A I5..,. rjr VALUE I Remove Front Wheel ond In. wr-awi. i peel Brake Drum, ond lining. Jm mi J Cleon, Inipect ond Repack Front f f Wheel Bearing.. I 11 3 Inspect Greate Seal.. J A Check ond Add Brake Fluid if I Needed. I U Adju.t Brake Shoe, to Secure Full Contact with Drum., 5 Carefully Test Brake.. ANY CAR OUT OF-LINE WHEELS CANCIITTIBP iJSks oT OJ aajaj ejjaar aj LIFE IN 2' 1. a WHEEL ALIGNMENT SPUflAL Regularly Priced at $7.50 SlS50 HERE'S WHAT WE DO Correct Caiter. Correct Camber. Correct Toe-In or Toe-Out (above are chief cautoi of tire wear), Inipect, Tighten, Adjuit Steering. Check Your Car . . . Check Accidents ACTIUE TIRE STORES 1730 S. Main cor. Wilbeth Rd. PA-4 0079 FIRESTONE STORES 303 W. Exchange Cole Av. at S. Main St. HE6105 L JEB826

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