Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 4, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's Celebrated flats. Silk, Stiff and Soft. ANOTHER 'Spring Styles.- DBWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. Otto's Win the Second Game From Kokomo. ORIOLES STILL LEAD Wins Again and Cleveland Plays a Tie With Washington. The Tucker & Sharpe Co. - = Tailors = Will Dissolve Partnership July First . That Means a Reduction of Stock. The Retiring Partner Must Have Cash. To make a Ions .story shon: we will make suit slo order In Hie latest style, and best of workmanship, and guarantee thorn lo (it, Cor the following spot cash prices. Choice of Our 5tock of Spring and Summer Suitings $25.00 A full assortment of suitings, bought to sell for $.'30 and .?25. for $20; and a limited stock of (lie greatest bargains on nirtli for $15. We reserve the right to stop this sale within a week—as soon as the rciiuired amount of cash is realized. If you wait till tomorrow it may lie too late. The Tucker & Sharpe Co., Tailors. 315 Pearl Street. nodjeska Playing in Measure For Heasure. Wasn't playing such an important part in life as Hie tailor whoso reputation depends upon taking yoiu- measure perfectly and fitting your clothing perfectly to thnt measure. That's what HER55 docs in such an easy manner that your clothing flits like a new skin, with only variations to make it accord with tho very latest style. To keep in the swim you joust keep in with HER5C. One of •his suits is a passport .into swell society. 409 fURKET STREET. Kokouio, .JTuue 3.—Special!—They are willing to ad-mi t It now. 'these' 1 Kokomo fellows who on. yesterday thought 'they had ii long chance to beat, the Ottos! What are they willing to adinltV Why. nothing but that they ran iu-to .1 com-' blnatlon tlmt was too strong'for them. They thought Tuesday 'after' Yln> game hud .turned out so close a score that they wore really able lo play good bail, inn they had 'the conceit hauiniemi out of them today. Xow. tlie management will do what the directors here did wlioii the club was first organized—go to work pulling weeds. ' They started tho work by uprooting""Danny Lynch yesterday, and the can will.be fjed to some of the others before Hie week is out The g.'iime today was at the mercy of tlie Otifos from tlie start. "De'riiiy" Ly- 011 never pitched in bctitor form, and the boards of Hie hnckstop will have to be replaced where lie splintered thc'in. The loam played good ball behind him, and though the error score does not show so well as that of the first game; they .really played faster bali, Kokomo will bo in Logons-port. Juno 21 with a foam strengthened from backstop to right fiuM, and when they go (hey will try to retrieve their shattered, fortunes. Following is the official score nf tho game: OTTOS AB R H PO A E Ste-mlor. cf fl 2 4 0 0 • 0 Shuts, 2b .; 5 1234 1 Hackolit. Ill 3 1 1 12. 1 0 Buuton, ss -i 0 1 1 2 n Stokes, 31) H 0 1 1 2 0 Shaver.. If . .'. 4 1 0 fl' 0 0 Hunter, rf -.( 22101 Bol.'in, c ." 1 Lycn. p 5 3 SPRING NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS JOS. G.GRACE 1 - . . \ ... •' ' ! :•• WILL 5ELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY EOR LESS MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN LOGANSPORT. LINE COnPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. Totals -II 11 KOKOMO AB R WliH : emnn, Ib. p. ."> 0 Kiio-miii. 2b -I- 0 Murray, c 4 0 Boyc-p, If 3 1 Vca-eli, ss 4 2 Mernan, 3b .3 0 Connor, rf, Hi... .4 1 Hunt, cf 4 0 Rea.ni, p 3 d Carl'xvright, rf .. .1 0. 34 27 H PO 1 8(Y '1 0 4 0 1 1 •1 1 0 0 0 0 1 3 13 A 1 2 0 1 ~> •1 2 0 3 0 0 P. S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing, Brooklyn 1.0 I'i-ttsburg' Chicago , . VTrtSljiUglO New York St. Louis .. Louis-villa . . .IS ..3!) . .17 . .l(i ..11. . . 0 IS 17 21 30 oo 27 20 .514 .47r, .-172 .421 .289 .237 DRAWING LARGE CROWDS. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK -0¥LOGANSPORT, . . INDIANA. CAMTA.I, $25O,OOO, A. J. Murdock, Pres. W, W. Boss, Cixsli. J. F. Brookraeyer, Asst Cash. DIRECTORS: JL a. Bice, W, H. Brtngtraret. A. J. MurdocR, Dwuila Util. 8. f. xantls, .K. U. Harwood, W. T. Wilson. Banking In aK Its Deportments and carefully done. Safety to Customers and Stockholders taught tor. Strong Reserve Fund maintained. DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY, JUNE 4, 1800. • All siocs shlncd free at Otto's. Flora strawberries.—Rothermel. Goo. Harrison has the fliiest Hoe of tnmnoclca In the city. George Harrison bundles Landrutb'i first class garden, flower and flek! soeda. Make 'hay while tlie sun shines. Bn} suits now; save if3 to $5 on any suit a Harry Frank's closing out sale. Natural gaa bills for the month of June are now due and payable nt the company's office on Pearl street, The latest pretty flower hats and bon' nets at Mrs. TV. J. Potter's, between Fifth and Sixth streets on Broadway, cheap for cash. i MR. SEGAR'S EXPERIENCE. L. L. Segar travels for the Olobo Oil Co., of Clcvuland and Is probably as well known and lias as many friends aft any traveling man who comes to '.tills city. Some time ago Mr. Segar had a pretty close call for lu's life and passed through a se'.ge of suffering that very few men have experienced. He 1 was taken sick In Lognnsport and soou developed a remarkable case of rh'cuuia- tism which brought him tJio sympathy of every friend who know of his afllic- 'Lion. He was treated in Logansport ami afterward went to a hospital in Cleveland. Tt was at this time that the Delphian Batlis first opened and it happened that one of Scgar's friends was among tlie first patients who tried On- merits of the water nt that place. Through tlilji Mr. Sogar was induced to Delphi whore ho was taken In hand and in six weeks time ho was on the road again. Mr. Segar visits this city regularly and Is a walking advertisement for the Dclphifiu Baths. Totals :>.-, -I r, 2! 12 5 Score by innings: ottos i j 0220 r..o *-.n Kokomo 020002000-4 Earned runs—Ottos 3. Kokomo 2; I wo-hasc Ji.i! s—OUos 2, Koko-Mo 1: home runs— Lyen, Sre-mler: passed balls—Bolan 2, Murray 1; wild pitch—Lyen -1, lU'fini 1; base cm balls—oft' Lyen J.iOft Ream. 2; hit by pitched ball—by Lyen 1. by He:nii 2; struck out—by. Lyeu !), by Risiiui 2; loft on base—OttOS'l 1,'Kokomo 4: stolen bases—Bmton/Shaver, Kimitiln (2), Hunt (,'J), Murray, Whito- nuin. Time of game 2 hours., Hliics. A't'tondaneo 250. THE DAY IN COURT. One Divorce . Granted, Another , •• Filed"License to Wed. Dr.Walter, the Oculist and Aurist, Who Arrived at (he -Mimlock Hotel, Froin Ciiicago, Monday Morning, is Draiwin£ Large Ci'owds to His 1'arlo'rs by His Wo:i- dtrfnl Now Method o£ Treating DC.-; fness And Crifarrh. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. OR, CREAM BAKING POHDffl MOST PERFECT MADE • p-ir» Grape Cream of Tnrtnr Powder. .Ft« I r Ammonin, Alnmor.any other adulterant 40 Years fie St.indard* Mr. James Perdue, an old soldier rent Monroe, M-lch., was sevoroly afllloted with nheuma-tlsiu but-received prompt relief from pain by using Chamberlain's Pain Baliii. Ho says: "At times my back would ache so badly that I could hardly raise up. If I had not ^ratten relief I would not be here to wnito cbose ifew linos. Ohaiuberlalu's P:i.in RaJm Im.s done me a sreat deal of SOCK! and I feel very thankful for it." For sale by B. F, KeesUnp. NOTES. Tliu tca.m returned .homo last night. The next ga-.mo will bo .it home, with tha Anderson chili, Friday and Saturday afternoons. O.n Sunday and Monday the famous Rockville club will 'be here. This is oouuletl ouo of thu- atronsest amateur teams In .tlie State, if not the strongest. . ..... /L'he St. Fan! Worlwi ]«iKi!c team will drop in Wednesday for a game. Tlie team will have an open date and as lliey will be on (heir way to Indianapolis, they, can handily drop ofTliere. "Denny" L-yen did what lie said he would: he gave the Kokomos iiw best ho had, and it was away too',i;ood for them. Results show someone's ability anil j in tho case cf Dr. Walter, who. has only I been In OIK- midst a few days, his wonderful results from troa-d'n-g Jita many patients show lie is a remarkable «eien- T;,O case o-f Henry Heile et j ;j s i jn flic treatment of ailments of the •go 1'. Dykeman ot al was eye. ear, ncso and throat. Among the nm.ny cases he has already treated and reliuvcd in your midst arc the following: T. 0. Lowell, near Royal Center, says: "I have been gradually growing doaf froan catarrh; for eiglit years have had constant noises iu luy oai-s ;Uul was stopped up in my nostrils. I caught cold every time I wont out. I called upon Dr. Walter Monday and he stopped the noises in my cars in five minutes, and now my hearing is alraost perfect." Mrs. E. B. Sliidler. of'Lncernr, Ind. .says: "f have been cross-eyed all my life until I called upon Dr. Walter at the Murdoch hotel on Monday and: ho istraiightcued my eyes in one minute without pain or chloroform and I left his parlors without any bandage what- over over my eyes, ami. am glad to say they are as straight as any ones, and I cannot thank Dr. Walter eijough as I regard him as a scientific man." Dr. Walter will romniJi at the Murdock hotel until Sunday, June 7th. There was a little more stir in ^tho Circuit court yesterday than for some days past. al vs. Get .brought to vraal before a jury, which will be asked to render a special verdict. Minnie O. Scott was griintod a divorce from William Scott'. Iu tho case of :l:e State ex rol Henrietta- Hwrr vs. Calvin E. Carney: a .suit for maintenance, of an illegitimate child, Judgment was rendered against defendant iu the' sum of $12.". which lie must either.pay or stay or go to jail. Attorney G. W. Walters filed the complaint of Mai-y Mantlia-k vs. Lewis Manthak, an action in divorce, yesterday evening. Cruel and inhuman treatment,', failure .to provide and habitual drunkenness .ire alleged. I'lainliff asks the custody of their live minor childrc:i. Clerk Bibs luw .issued tho folio-wing marriage Ifconses since the last report: E. AV. Clem nud XeIHe 'Murphy: Charles N. Ridcuour and Dora B. Laii- dcs;. William .1-Ttn.r-v Jiainer and Jennie Arvilla Ilinniclc:. .T. H-allecU Zlmi and Amelia Keeport; AVillii'un .J. Cliaiiipinu and. Nora ,T. Hari'iiigtou. .NOTICE. Property owner* on Criiighurst slrcoi are hereby notified that at the rcgiiJar session of tile Common. GouucJl IsStS May 20, ISDC. the following resolution' was adopted, towil: Whereas. Jiringlmrst street is to ^)e paved wirt.-h brick in a«ordaucc wiifc the pefifion cf r!ic- property owueav along said street: therefore be if .. Re.-tolvod. That, all parties interested will be pwljjliiled from interfering wiili the progess of t.lic Jmpvovc-Jiionts nficr .Tune. 20. 3SO<>: aud Unit owners of MB o.ii either sWo along said street arc hereby notified to ar once make all water, gas and sewer eoiiHwrfJons in accoiS- .11 ice with the oiry ordinance: also tfa.it the city clerk be and is hereby instructed to notify tlie properly holders of 13rc- passage of the above resolution. ' Property owners along the line of siiW .improvement are hereby notified in n-c- cordauce wittti tlie above resolution. JOHN B. WIXTKRS, Ci.ty Clork of Loganspo:^. THE NATIONAL GAME. Tho Summer Music School of Michael's university, G. W. .Michael, president, and F. O. Howe, director, has issued a neat circular and prospectus. Tho music school is open to pupils to begin at any time. Director Howe conk's from the North Manchester' college, where he has had charge of the music 'department, bringing it to the notice of musical educators nil over the State. The: Rathbone Sisters will s'orv'o strawberries, cako and Ice cream at the residence of Mrs. .Tohn Rowe n't the corner of Seventeenth street and Broarl- vay this evening. Everybody cordially nvited. Lost.—A long dark tan pocket, book ••ontainlhg notes ami personal papers. Binder return to R. E. Overman corner f Third and Broadway and receive re- vard. CLevolaiid Plays a.Tie Gaffl'tPWi'th the Senators—Standing of 'the 1 Clubs. ' Baltimore now has a long'lead in the National league pennajit...«,iace. The Orioles won.again from.Pittsburg yes- fttrday. while Oincinniitt}.lost> to/ Phila- delphla and Cleveland pl'aycd-'a tie with. Washington. Chicago won ri'game. utter so long a time mid LoiilsvillG lost' as ustial. Following are: fhi->-_scores- of yesterday's games: • : At Washing'tou—C Ing'ton !J. Game called on account'.-'of darkness. ' ' ' . . _'''.'..'" ; ''•"" At: BiiltiiiKire—Pitislwi.rg '-), ^'Baltimore ~». ' .'•' .• 1 -?u* W' At Piii-IadelpiLitt—Clncinnairjti. Phjla-' delphla 7.^ • '•'. ./'.fi^V'' •-• -.•/-, . At Boston—Louisville 'CvrBostqn '-14.'' At Broldyn—St. Ixrals 3-,- Brooklyn G. At New York—CHic<igo;!;'l4.... Xew York S.- . ,. ' ' ' i"v\^\' ^ STANDING OF THE CL'tlBS. Clubs .. . . Won Baltimore 25 Cleveland .-.._. Cincinnati". — ; Boston ......... Pljlladelpliln !.'.' 01 - 1 . .-..L -, , .24 - . : 22 •-•' ..22 '',.;• -" ..•15;'." ,03-1, .015 : .505 .".so 55INN-KEEFORT. Last ovoning at 8 o'clock at the residence o-f the bride's'parents, ]302 High stroot; ociiirrpd the infuriagij of'-Mr. J. Halleck Xinu au'd'Mlss Atu'elia Kco- poi-t. Tho groo'm is-employed as a cjt.-rk in the superintendent's olfico- of the Vaudalia. and tlie bride Is tlie accomplished daughter ct'Mr. nud Mr.*. A. B. Keeport. 'L'lio wodiling- marcli '.was played by Prof. Meis'tc'r a'lid the ceremony was performed" l>y -the Res'. Mr. Somans, assisted by tlie Rcr.'D. P. Putnam. After the ceremony had boon performed a rt l cept.ion 1 "wa's ! "tbudere'd tlia young couple .by the" 1 bride's parents. Luncheon was served wlticli w,-is partaken o-f.by the.'fifty .61- more invited guests. A. number of valuablo presents "werp" received. Among tlrenv. was a • set. of .Hlv'erwnrc presented by llio employes of'the Vandalin railroad, a' French clock, a present from (lie, bride's sisrer; a gold urn given by Miss Elliot a-nd-FrorVKHuslclcff-ivo s;»vcr sets from friends' in Chicago; ii mahogany bed rooiti 'suite, tlie' p'resdnt''0f the bride's mptiior: a house a.nd'lot."'' from A. B. •Kbepoi't, father .of the brlcle; nud a num- lier bf other nsbhtl trrid• handsome presents; Mr. ,ind Mrs.''2finn'left on Tho mid-, lifghjt trnln for atom- of the East. Tlipy wllljreturn in about ton days aiid reside witj the bride's 'p|a'rents- at No. 3602' High street. '.:,:'' ' • - CRAZED BY GRIEF. A Bereaved Husband Who Cannot be Consoled. Idavillo Observer: The body of Mrs. Maggie Gugle was taken up by her husband last Friday, the coflin lid removed and tlie remains photographed. $he has been buried about two mouths and .ir is said tho body was decayed but little. It .seems tho husband, .To-hu Gugle, had been haunted with the idea that she was. buried alive and rli.'s, with his desire to have a picture of her, caused him to have her corpse exhumed. HP h.'i.s had a vault built -and' arranged he can sec the.body of his dead wife a.t: any time. Tlie vault is in the Kl churchyard, eight miles northeast of hero. Mr. Ougle has been crazed with grief place his wife's death and If is feared'he will lose his mind. Shu was the daughter of Asbnry Burton and formerly lived at Jxickport. CHARGED WITH TRESPAS5- George Peters Arrested on Complaint of Ida James. Ida J. James of North Sixth ,sirc»?:. caused a. warrant lo be issued for Ibo arrest of George Peters uj>on the charge of trespass. The parties are neighbors and Mrs. James alleges that Peters followed a cat into her yard with Intent to kill and refused to leave alter .ste had requested him (o. Peters snys"t!js£ i he cat had killed several chickens ami that he was following the cat with murderous inlt'ur, but that he lert HID James premises as soon as he was requested to. The case was allied in Justice Walters' court yesterday afternoon at2J o'clock and a change of venue to Justice: Lalng's court was granted., The ca«e will come tip before that magistrati- PrJday morning at 10 o'clock. WILL BE PRESERVED. Chns. O'Connor Gets -a Jail.Sen- tence—Hore to Hollow. • • ••••.. Subscribe for The '.Journal. Mrs. L..S. Parker, a returned missionary from Lueknow. India, will talk at the Broadway Methodist parsonage on the work in.Iiulia, at 3 o'clock this afior- noon. .All Indies Interested In mission work are Invited. • Cherry'seeders lOc each nt Folfiy's. Charios O'Connor was nrraigilcd before >he -Mayor yoslmlay -morain* and pleaded guilty to tlie charge of Intoxication and was given ten days'' in jail. -O'Connor if from Troy. N. .31- Af:cr serving his*s(-i!:onc-o for intoxication, he wi!i be tried for larceny, =ss it is alleged that In- stole a coat' frartJ a man named Briivon while thoy were both boarding at Hie City hotel. Ac alarm clock belonging.to his I.-inul:i<K was recovered from O'Connor. ho ma.il carriers' base br.H term t<nc the team representing The Rmrt.i "WiyJefc club will cross bals Sunday on the isl.-iml in the "AVabasli river opposite nar ClifT. Kindergarten entortainmcut' in the 'irs! Prcsbyliirian c-hurch at half aftor , F rid.nv aftcrnocn. • , .

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