The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 15, 1938
Page 4
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THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAWES, Publisher j. GRAHAM SUDBURY, Editor SAMUEIi P. NORRIS, Advertising Manager Sole Natloaal Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Daltlrjs, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, 61, Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Stmdiiy Enteicd as second class mutter nl the |)osl ullice at Blytheville, Arkansas, under net ol Congress, October. S, 1917. Served by tlic United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in the City ol Blytlicvlllc, I5u iicr week, or 65o per month.'-' By itiali, within a vndius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 for six months, 15c for three months; by mail lit postal zones two lo six, mditMvc, J6.50 per year; in zones seven ami eight, $10.00 per year,, payable Li advance. The : Supreme Court Takes ilw, Bail Fur a moment it looked us if the Supreme Court's decision (o (five a little study to intercollegiate football would have' the cfl'ecl, once 1111 opinion had keen delivered, of crossinif the -subject ofl' the list of handy issues for dinner-table iirguinuhUiliun. Most people have already made up (heir•minds, of course, on whether college football is a eommeranl activity, but a number still can Ije found on what might be called the other side, and it looked at first glance as if ;i , comi decision might bury the .subject ' for good. ',A second look, though, changed the ; picture completely. The kstie is not whether inlorcollejfuilc football is a "yigantic coniniorcial activity" or a necessity of higher education, bill whether it is (ho • former or "an essential governmental function." This just, presents everybody with an entirely new subject (o light about between now and the court's arrival at a decision, and leaves the olil issue to go right on being, cause'for hair-pull-' ing. The new issue .should provide much better conveivHiUomil Jarc than (ho old. The government is, appealing a circuit court's decision favoring the "essential governmental" theorv he- t'KilseHhat decision took' away ''trie fed- . eral right to impose a tax on : t.|i(Mfm')l-. ball gate receipts. ' '••'••" The circuit court felt the tax was an unconstitutional burden on llic state govei'hmenl,, in .short, .stale universities also play football.' State universities play football with other states' universities, ff foutliall is-mi essential governmental function, why couldn't inter-stale football be regarded as. a function of the federal government? Jf the Supreme Court decides the Kama is a govcrninenlal fimclioti, and Hie government-is still contending it's a, "gigantic commercial activity," keep your ears open for the ,,|,| i m! ig,.;inl; yell: "Take the government' out of business! Kali! Kali! Rah!" Of course, the big danger is ll, ; ,t l»e whole thing wil , lm)||lu Ml foolball. R (AUK,) COUK1EK NEWS Tin.' day Is past w ] lcn muscles were llic llfr of man.-Dr. Morris Fishbein. editor, Jol ,,, lal of llic American .Medical Association. OUT OUR. WAY Prejudicial Garb l\, liniea ccrliiinly cliuiigc. A A man in Flon'du convictct! ol' bur- t'larivsing n store won it new trial on Uio jfi'Miml that his iipiwin-iiiicc in court in a convict suit niijrlil have prcju- iliccd Ihc .Hinii'K. It makes Ihu niiiid KH l^atk a couple of yours. Thu memory coiisidur.s Ilio epidemic of triitl.s on xuth fharjre.s a.s emlji'x/.icinwii, ftiLsifictition of records, iniwippliciilion of Ijank fumlH. The fnshioii union); duCcmlaiil.K Uiwi w«s lo dross up fur cuurt ai)|iettr((iices in fitiniunt looking as iniicli like haiul- me downs or sittk-tloth and ashes us possible. There wa.s iiolliijijf like ;t liiiloi'-inucle suit with a gold watcli fhnin hanging MCIUSH the vest lo guarantee a man a good, long icrm in the, penitentiary. If the news aljunl the Kloi'idu tmui has filtered into lliu "corrective in.sti- hilion.s" yet, there arc probably a lot oi' men wlio were refused new trials now kicking themselves iirotind for iiol haviirjr apiioarwl in raiirt looking like an old-fashioned ciirloun of "The Trusts." SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Now niiiny In'okcil heads (lu .you ;<tl|>- IIOKC Ihci'tj arc in the wintry now l>u- t-uiKe ol' tlic decision ol" Ambassador Kennedy to (lit-conlinue tin; pnictiee ol' Jii'escnlinjr ) ;t ily visilor.s to Ixjiklon al. Ilio Court of St. .lames? •There are probably more broken lieai'ls in Uii.s democratic country tlnin most (if you sti.spect, ;uid certainly more Ilian their owners would admit. Jliilci'iifil ambitions ( 0 has-e the (laughter kneel before a idn K ami queen seem a little out ol' duirnctur hero, but tlu-n, there are more than ;i r uw [,,. olu | ll( ,. scenilaiits of .several geUcmlions ol' thoroiiHili Aniericans who are some- limes just u h'ltle ou t o,' chm-aetci- themselves, whether they woulil enjoy (he thought, or not, Almost everybudy Kets ."out of character" liHelly I'roni linn; („ ij nu ,. 'phat's .Vwhy 1 jieople sometimes pay oulrajreqiw ))nt:es for thiii«;s they don't want. Tlicre's no use breaking any more lioiu-ls now, so why not .surest a .substitute for tin's court |.ircsenlatioii (jtisi- ne.s.s ? Why not make it some kind of .social pnviio.u-e lo be prosente;!, say, ( 0 a I'ac- winilu copy of the Declaration of In- cli-peiKloncc? Or make it so that son,,, special distinction attaches to having nvul .s,,,,, 0 of Ihe pieces by Thnmas Jederson '! linl don't put such honors () ul of anyone'.s reach. Too few persons have been so imiioral already. I" TOordetl history, heroes don't have ru |ds out ,„„. lllri , , HWS| ((o ,, t gcl >HBic ^ ; her hamlsv-cocil B. DcMtlle, telling whv „ " B ; i "'' 1 «'"^"c>"" m.isl te done In n,,kl,, B hislonciil movies, 1 believe il vvn.v thp will <,( (i w | lo ; , cll(1 illi; . llllli! toy lo Gcrinatiy and mi\ko him [uehirr nf Ihe rrich ami lo hrini: Austria lo Cicr- maiiy.— Adolf tfitln. retcrring to hiinscH. By ,1. K. Willinnis , __£J«ifcM«'Asicvii:r:»ie. MO.IISDA-I mr "I shouldn't be m,t ( ,f b e,l, )„,( j ,,,.•'( have the doctor" sc. this place in such a mess. CURIOUS WORLD £ WiHiam Ferguson HEDGEHOGS BBSfNfNJING .ABOOT APRI(_ (&, VOOF2, . THAN "SUN TIME',' UNTIL JUNE IS] UNTIL SEPT I, S£OWEfZ. ACSAIN FROM THEN UfsJTlL DECEMBER 25, AND FASTEyZ. PRCyvA THIS DATE LUsfTIL APP3JL l&. UP INTO AND ffnt.i- DOWN STEEP Ir^CUINES. GIANT PEANUTS, WITH KERNELS LARGER THAN THE ENTIRE SHELL OF PREVIOUSLY KNOWN VARIETIES, HAVE BEE/v) D1SCOVEREO IN BRAZIL/ , OW1NO In the obliquity ol the ecliptic (the angle betuwn (he 'lanes of the cnrlli's cqnulor mid ijrWli. am i ,,| lc eccentricity of (he cinth's path around the sun, u,e Iwllcr sometimes passes the meri- llnn before 12 o'clock by our watch, nucl sometimes il docs nol -rois he meridian unlil after 12. "Sun time" can ce a, much as a quarter of tin hour slow, or fast. NKXT: llnw mis llic d;ilc nf i; ; vslcr ik'ciilcil urcm? The FarniEy Doctor r. M. R«<. v. i. p»t of. X BEEN TH 1 BOSSES PER A NOW, AM' MOT A ONE HAS NOTICED THAT NO SMOKJM 1 SIGN SOME WIT HAS CHANGE!?.' BOSSES AIN'T SO BRIGHT SOME WAYS WELL, THAT FITS SO WELL AROUND HERE TWAT YOU CAfsl HARDLY EXPECT THEM TO NOTICE IT. IT'S THE UNUSUAL THAT ATPRACTS THE ATTENTION - UNFAMILIAR THINGS' \.luscular 'Men |,j\c No Loner iiv UK. Muitiiis i--iHiiiii;iN : 'tlitor. Journal uf ths^ Ainrririili )1 r il i r ;i I iVssni'i;\tion. and or llvscra, the llraltli itln^i-ijtir. Many of the piitlication. 1 , drvolc:! o I'xi-rrisc and lo pbysiral cullnrc nit considerable strosii on (he im- ci? of plenty of exercise in -rrlor lo develop the muscles. How- :vev, fsc-iTlsc must ahviiys be taken n rcliUtonsliip lo the general uhvsl- cal cniulitloii of the person cnn- niird, iucliidiug espccinlly tlic .state of iih hrarl.. liis blooil vr.ssci. 1 ,, his i".s and his )x>nr.s and joint.v. i* . f ;rneraUy rccogjiiveti thai, a nnahlr amount or i.s Iirial .simply because it. makes i !<• fret better. II is also «el|i ili.shcd. however. Hint, vin'mnlj >r-i?ise Is dangcrovis for most pco-! '•'• anil that wilh some people even j iii'iclcratc exercise may be b".\ontt' '! iif average man tnclay dc-cs int c tiif; muscles for MXTO.V, in irji cr In )>ls daily work. PCT- lr- who nrc built like Snnclon »s(. ( | to live for Iheir muscles alone. There ts not the slightest nvi.lencc thai people wilh big muscles live, - or even lhal they ore move liealthful than those with muscKs of lesser size. Flor thai reason coii- sltlerable doubt must be pul on the strength-building devices anil muscle-building courses that are ;o,'d lo the unwary. All sorts of springs, (h.nibbells. bars and rubber devices are olfercd to those who Uiinfc SI Is possible merely by the iKKscssion of such a piece of machinery to get big imis- I'irs and Ihcicaltrr hc.iUli. Ww nf Ihe imreluisers rcjiUM IKHV IpnK II takes to build a muscle into n visi- tlc lump even by the consistent use of this kind of machinery. Nevcrtlielcss. the psychology is there. KO that questions aic trc- micntly received from jouiij; huls who w:inl to make heir nnns six inches larger in circumference or who feel liiat n place on Ihe font- ball learn is certain if they can only show the coach ls\rgc accumulations of "muscular tissue on the shoulders and back. Nowadays, however, most, coaches me inclined lo«- the ImjioHancrc of intelligence and tniimi!!; In guiding the Announcements TJic Courier No»s nns ticcn nu 1 Ihorlzcri to make formal nnnouncc- menl of the following candJflalef tor public office, subject to thu Democratic primary August ». Tor County Treasurer R. L. (BILLY) GA1NES For Kticrlff and Collector HALE JACKSON 'l-'nr Re-election* Coimljr Court Clerk, T. W. POTTER I'or County Ta.v Assessor W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON BRYANT STEWART For County and Frobalc judge DOYLE HENDERSON For Circuit Court Clerk HARVEY MORRIS ror-Couuly Hcprcsenlalives W. W. FOWLER For County am ] prooliatc S. U OLADISH tFor Re-election) FRIDAY, Al'ftlL 16, 1938 BV MARION WHITE i'Cwy.rtshfc. 1938, tJEA Scrtic*. I look iin HTiKfi'r I'rutKc. IHf'K HAMILTON, li r t u'l lie SJ^ll'felMir^c.rr^he MiUKbl n linili'. * » * I eiitvnlaj j Mrx, i'orlt-r lulpr- <"<•» n^nlii, Invllinjr Illek (g juuet* ii wivii in,; inui^-b. And iifr rook nlmuKl dnren Jorce to lake imirl ,,m, in,k. "' ' !" CHAPTER VIU iii her cabin a pleasant surprise greeted Joyce's eyes In (lie center ot Ihc room, on i. dress hanger booked through the Ian, was her white dress,'spot- loss and pressed us if ii hud never known a drop ol walci She tried Hie dress on, praying Ihal il had nol shrunk. Hut no; if there was ;<ny sl>rinl;;igc, the stewardess had slrelclied it out. It lilted smoothly ;v: ever. Mo one would ever guess that il had spent many hours ill lh<> Bermuda harbor. Sci Joyce worn 1 n;; lo dinner wild n light heail, proof against Mrs. Porter's frigid charm and Jsobcl's sophisticated pout. Dick. s!m noliccd, was developing a nujLv cold, sneezing and smiriiiig r.»\t K.w.piiig, yel all the while trying to persuade Ihc rJoc- lor that he never had a cold in his life—nol ;i real cold. But before Ihe meal wap over he left the dining room, taking his sneezes wilh him s <> t| 1; u ll, c others might enjoy their own dinner in quiet, As long as he sal here, they waited expectantly. Holding their hreath, for each new outbreak. < * * * CO it was Mr. Gregory who took Joyce up (o the dunce on deck nix! perhaps, she decided that was as it should be because she was wearing his flowers. After (he lirst dance Captain Boyer came forward to claim Joyce. ' "The only trouble" lie remarked gallantly, as he' proved miiself a morc-lhan-capablc master of the waltx, "is that there arc so many lovely young ladies that we can t dance with all of them." Joyce laughed, enjoying the moment. "Why not try a Paul J" ncs .''" she suggested carelessly. You rl get around more," "A Paul Jones?" Captain lio.yci searched his meinorv for Ihe raining of it. Then recalling, he ddcrl brightly: "Of course: That's ic dance where we all change >arttiers, isn't it? Why didn't t liitik of it before?" Ihc- linncc ended, lie went over and made the suggcslion to the orchestra leader before rc- luiDiiig Joyce to her table. f'iaiiy (lie orchCEtro leader blew it whistle and called the changes: "Siligle line, now, and MARCH! Hands (jii slioulders" . . , "i,adics I'lghl, fScnUcJiicn lefl" . . . "Find your )>artncrs!" Faster aiid faster the music was slepped up; more and more hilarious became Ihe dancing. Joyce went through the changes, her cheeks Hushed, smiling in bright abandon because she did nol realize that anything so gay as a Paul Jones might bring its difficulties. * * « r r"llUN Joyce, stepping along merrily, hand over hand, looked down the line of approaching men and caught her breath. 'Lord!" she thought, "look what's " very center of it, while those alioiit paused for a moment to applaud his efforts. Right and lefl went the dancers, and presently new partners found each other quickly at (lie sound of the whistle, And still Joyce danced wilh Napoleoii O'lfara. Now, prancing past the captain, lie smiled proudly. "Hovv'm i doin', CaplairiV" And Captain Bbyer grimier! tfood-tialuredly. "Fine!" lie assured him. Bill enough is enough, Joyce decided. The perspiration was forming in tlriy beads on her forehead, and her feet could stand no move, yet her partner showed no indication of giving up. "7 Iliink I'll have to stop," she protested finally, "ffs so very coming!" For there, directly in front of her, jusl one man re nov ' O'lf 'nil beaming assuredly under a Napoleonic- hat of vivid red i "Nonsense!" protested fhc gcn- lleman._ lightening his held ;j),oul -. ,.~., j*,., v v/m,- null it:- hei' waist. "We're just hegtiuiing ipvcd now, was pudgy Mr. to step, Beautiful. Hay, can you 'Hara, still swaying unsteadily i do the I3ig Apple?" I) i. liftmninif -H.-IM M.<-,,(T,. . • „_. .. ''Mo ! *m vim-r v " "Whal? Alt the young people A'ow she was in Mr. O'Uara':; urns, and he, unmindful of the •online of the dance, took (juicl; idvuntiigc of the .situation. He od her out ot the circle, stepped iev into a brisk, old-time two- step. Presently the whistle did sound, and the others resumed the lancing, .so (here was nothing ( 0 <Jo bul enjoy these few moments of Mr. O'Hara's brief abandon- nent. "Tha's Ihe little girl!" he ap- >roved heartily, "We'll .show 'em. ? oy, you're .some li'l stepper Kiby!In between his casual remarks, lis lusty voice would now and hen lie raised exuberantly; in uno and out of tune, lo the or- heslra's selection. After Ihc first few steps, Joyce forgot to worry about him. i,et mm have his fun, she Ilioilght with a bit of Aunt Martha's philosophy. After all, he doesn't have much chance, not with Old Pickle- Puss always behind him. The whistle sounded once more and the dancer's fell into a line of march. But not Mr. O'Ha'ra. "Think I'm going to change partners now?" ho demanded. No, sir-e-e-c!" So they kept up a litllc dance of their own, a dance which was are doing Ihc liig Apple. It goes like this. . . ." Jn some devious fashion hn began to limber his knees, to bend them this way and thai, looking for all the world like a toy balloon on a fork. ... Over his shoulder, Joyce cast an appealing glance toward Mr. Gregory, sitting expressionless al ilicir labte. But whether lie understood (lie signal or not, he made no move to help her out of the situation. Now Ihey were indeed becoming ridiculous, yet Joyce only aggravated the matter by attempting to free herself. "I'll look likei' a fool," she thought, "if I |ry in' saw how-dare-you-sir after letting il go this far. ... If only Dick were here—" finally, across the deck, she caught Mr. Roberts' eye and he winked back, underslandingly, and made his way toward the orchestra, thinking, perhaps, if the music slopped so would Mr. Bul before he had taken two steps, relief did come to Joyce, md from a very •unexpected source. She felt a strong hand on ler shoulder, and she was spun quickly about, to face u still furious Mrs, O'Uara. o°f t a il fox V trot 1C1 . > 'n ^ , T'n " Hami ' 1 yo " ma(!e a sufficient ' an Aiabam i .-Ikr. ",MI.- spcolaclc of 3' ol "'^!f today?" she """'"'k- demanded of her husband through light lips. Sheepishly he tried lo explain, llisi wife paid no attention.' In- to look at (hem, and those who sat at nearby tables (aughed'ap- precialivcly, and Joyce 'Tauglicd too because—well, what' of' it' 1 t t s JNTO a circle the dancers formed, and Mr. O'Uara continued his little specially in the . stead she, turned to. Joyce, and in a voice which carried over the entire deck, she cried: "As for you, young woman, I'd thank you l<) keep away from my husband." . (To Be Continued; / uscles for their work rather (Inn i i ., , „ , f unifies themselves as the prime JUIlgle JHOnkeyS ilUier ecc.witj- in (he making of a place! "" i Ibe team. ! The best form'of r.wrckc for any an 01 boy. woman or girl, r; .some >nn of play \vhii-h they enjoy, hlch keep:, them out. in (lie open r and which is compatible with 10 amount, and character of the ork (hat they have to do a.s a calls of iMrnhig a livelihood. Tile orls wlucli brinj most iiiusclc.s to action arc rowing and swhn- ins. Tennis, biiskelbnll and base- 11 also utilize HID whole body to considerable extent, but for most, •oplc - of middle age. walkinj or ilf (if they must have .somethins do while walking i will serve the irposcs of exercise if practiced mistenlly for a loiv. enough time id a great, ciioiiifh "distance each Disease SIM-HIS rarely travel icush Ihc ail iiloiir; (hey fly as iassc»sc[s" on particlc.s of dust.. Many Fractured Bones I CAMBKIDGK. MUSS. rUl')—The 1 Jungle animals arc bescl with clts- icasc and injury, according to ol>- iscrvattons made by Harvard sti- j enti.sts on n receiit tiekt trip to i Slum, Borneo and Sumatra. Their findings dispute llic old theory that, jungle animals live In a .slate of blissful health in na- j lure and complicate the picture ol natural selection in animal evolu- lion. • The expedition found that almost all gibbons, orang-utans and nincnnurs studied in Borneo were infested with parasites. More llinn !(, per cent of llic monkeys were found to have sulTcrcd serious bune fractures. H is estimated llul most, farm families liny on the average almost, Iwicc ;us many used cars as new cms. Dinner Flown 746 Miles And It's Hot on Arrival ATLANTA. Oil. IUpj_-p. B. Mc- Quii-ton ivantcri a real Mexican dinner lo serve ivhen ho invited eticsts to his home. He lcJc»rapiicd his Inodier. Har- vcr McQiiBton, at Pallas. Tex.. 7-lB miles away by diiecl air roulc. At 3:40 o'clock llic afternoon of llic dinner, a regular schc'lulc trausiKirt plane arrived here with a hoi Mexican dinner on enchiladas, lortillEvs. tiicos. tainalcs and all the other ingredients as (iic- liared by one of Dallas' Icaiiint; Mexican restaurants. > s Mai k;nidi I'nivc Tliey'rc tiowl SftN JOSE. Cal. (UP)—Two students iii Hie scientific police cour:.» al Ihc San Jose Stale College deiu. cnstratcd that, lliey were atrcad;. qualified as marksmen ivhcn tlicy look an nflcmoon off and .shot. 50 j;icktid)bit,s with pistols. >UK 130AH.DJNG HOUSK \vith Major iloupli !iAW, PROFESGOR/ HAVIKJa WOW A 5A\ALL SUiV\ FRCW\ YOU AT DICE, I RETURN $ 5. TO APPLY OM THAT TEM YOU APVANJCED ME—THE BALAMCE WILL BE FORTH- COMIMC3 WITH IM A 'l^^3 SAV—YOUVe <3OT MORE SAMD THANJ AM ACRE OP SPIKIACI- APTERTAKIMO MB POR^I9 IW A CTRAP GAME YOU GET BI6- HEARTED AMD PAY A ^S 1KISTALMEKJT OKJ A TEM-BUCK LOAM/ I'LL BET IF I TUPvKJED YOU UPSIPE POWM ' A SET OF HOT PICE VVOULP ROLL OUT OP EVERY POCKET ( 7/S/// )W~r^-/ jg !iC VOV'T ^ '"'' n/LE AW-;, Boss/see /V/S BIG r --^ /' Z>/i5VA{.'? 7 '" ^' /^ >^ -:..^<C~ 'T^L: BACK A Peer AWV TIMB ".-' - - MOKIEV= ^^^.^.j

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