The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1931
Page 4
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VAGE-FOUK HLYTHEV1LLK. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NKWS CO., POBUSUERa 0. R. ISABCOCK, Editor LI. W. 11AINE8; Advertising Manager go46 National .Advertising nejresentatlvt*: The Thorn os P. Olaik Co. Inc., New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Sun Antonio, San Francisco. Chicago, St. L-ouLs. Published Every £;;ernoou except Sunday. Entered is second class mailer at tho post office at Blythevlllc, Arkansas, under -act o( Congress October 9, 1917- Served by the Unlied Press Sl'BSCim'TION RATKS By carrier in the city of Ulylhcvllle, lie per ixxk or $e.EO per year In advance. By mull within R radius ot 60 miles, $3.00 p«r year, 51,50 (or sis months, 65c Tor throo months; oy mall In postal zones two to six, inclusive, M.50 PIT year. In zones seven Md right, J10.00 per year, payable In yl7ar.ce. Foo i Loans Are Essential Opposition of Secretary of, Agriculture llj'iie and President Hoover to the inclusion of food loans in the drouth relief bill .seems to us to be the result of a mittipprclieiision nn their part of the crop financing system pr;- vails in tlie south. Food iotms are not "doles," as the agriculture secretary lias described them, but n regular part of the business of fanning. It is a rotten systnn, we will all; admit, mid one that extension agents, bunker?, aiul farm lenders are striving to eliminate, but the change cannot come ovsniight. Food loans are not one whit less essential than feed ami seed loans. That the latter are iicciUil and justified under present conditions is proof sulVici- ent that the former are also right and proper. In fact farmers who are unable to obtain loans through the ordinary channels at this time and must therefore rely upon government drouth relief loans for feed a:ul seed, ar-g the very farmers who cannot conceivably take advantage of the federal loans unless they include provision for food. No farmsr, unable to obtain credit elsewhere, can give the government a first mortgage on his crop for feed and seed without also obtaining food. The drouth relief bill will be next to worthless to much of the south unless its scope is extended to include food. As for Mr. Payne's assertion that the lied Cross is prepared to take care of the food situation, that is rv matter on whfEh' there is some room for argument, but gnmtod even that it is true it is fair to ask, as Joe Robinson did ask on the senate floor, if relic!' through loans, secured by crop mortgages, is not betUr than Red Cro-s doles. Was he, really, :i tfrcat soldier who saved France by a stroke of genius, or was he an ordinary ploddsr who chanced to win world-wide fame because of lh« mistakes of his enemies and the sudden energy of a subordinate? The <|u..s- tiou probably will not be settled definitely in our liini'. Meanwhile, we who can rememb-r the World War as a living experience cim mily .say that fur a time he filled our lion/on and seemed a Veritable giant. Genius or mediocrity, he at least hail a leading role in ore of the greatest dramas ever produced. THURSDAY, JANUARY 8, 1931 SIDE GLANCES By George Clark The Lamp. Duc/^.s Again Those who are worried about the possibility of recalcitrant congr;nsnicn forcing n special session on the naiton thin spring really ought to join in the demand for passage of the Norn* auli- lamc duck amendment. As things now stand, the tail-end of a dead Congress can fore; the convening of nn extra session—regardless of the merits of the c;»e—simply becaune u clumsy and outworn constitutional provision has called them bad; to Washington 1'or a. very brief; period and has made it imperative that certain legislation be passed before they adjourn. If that legislation is not pas-nl, there must he a special session; and a few earnest talkers can keep it from passing. Under the Norris amendment, all of this would be changed. We would not have short sessions ol' liime thicks, and wo would not have to worry about the talking-to-death of needed laws. That is n point cminenlly worth hearing in mind. V*.• ii •;> V'./VO it * .51 KV /< '•'• ,• \ V^J I •*•'. • - ~"? mr \ l ,-*--^-'v->^-. '•fw/*y;n?«-s I -<\' .- -- -:#—, J • hft»& weight, tho adolescent, up io the ai- of 20, is In physical danger because rf underweight greatest record of details tuberculosis In recent years Urea amo:r; ths adcle.'cjr.t gn Apparently what Is required order to secure the benefits i modern scientific ir.edlcisD for I majority of the people is the Irom I has! hr ot, tho' _ rlc- : '. velupmenl of heallh' intelligent:?. : A proper program would require.! first cf all, (hi.' dkr.tminatlon ol '• knowledge to the pccp'o as to the • imp-rtsrce of a regular physical' examination; second, a recognition : ot the necessity for taking care of Fitch physical defects as have been ' nicaltcned; third, the application of ; ! limnim-loglc methods al'ready wc!l ' j e:-labllLl:;d, sucli as vaccination against smallpox and dipriheria; I fcurlhfi realization of the- neces- ! 5ily for attention to good-perse ' hygiene. Orocl personal hygiene • involves, anicug oth?r things, prol>- i er care of the teeth, the nose ar.d j • throat, a sufllcient amount, ol rest i iici.' ;> . and a r.ufflcient ! I knowledge of diet lo maintain the. i ! body weight al the optimum for' i height. ! A *}W£ OJJtCr frs BEKXcE A RED Out, 1 '. IS HIE Staff OF ^ Sfi»NG E rfilHE WO WT W--03. THAT EXCITES •){£ ANIMAL'. The Editor's I.etkr Box The Windmill Cuba M. Higdon. Another Giant Goes . Jofl're, Foch, Haig, Clcmeiicciui, Wilson—the giants of the World War—arc leaving us fast. Of the great figures who held the emlcr of the stage a brief 12 years ago, only a very few remain. Pcrshing and Lndendorff and Hindcnburg and Lloyd George are still with us, and a few more; but the roll call i: g:-ttiug shorter each year. Historians, very likely, will be puzzling over Joffrc for a long time to come. . OUT OUR WAY "The hnir certnlnly grows fi>Et on your liciid", remarked the barber lo me todny. Well, that's lols bcller thnu If It grew loose and frll out. * -Y- ••/•• MARIE I nm nil nlonc, (he waters moan. Beyond the silver sea; Nlghlly dreams on silent 'streams. Arc ever of Marie. Alone, amid the SprlngUm.? flowers, Thai maiden sweet and fair Sings bencalh the dewey bowers; I hear her charm the air. Qeo. W. All red. Cooler, Mo. * -V- ¥ "Man Arrested In Theft- Of S100.000. nenle.v Charge"—headline. OI course, since !:c hn.> denied It. Ihcy believe he took it. If he had owned up to it nobody would have believed him. o e cv.r:i Bubble. l)UU))i. .^r!:! f::l! of Iron- j le. We hear ii. V,v lead ii. \Vc :-'.v I "Hurry up and get well before (he snow goes away—or loim us your sled." One 1'ic With Two Crusts (To the Ecilv.r: ! B ble. We hear ii. V,v lead ii. \Vc :-'.v I It. Evcryocly \vai:!:r.:j Is kick ;ui:l ; no way to kick. O'.u 1 political oil- j j garchy at Wasi'irss-tcn nnj else- ; where allow us to kick so long as • we kick f.t tlio sky. Mi-. Juhn D?iv:y, | a former prtfc;^:- at Columbia | University, p:e;jc;:'s a new party I founded on (jrcjncis. ; WASHINGTON LETTER But, lo, : Hslcn t:) i'n° old party press crying It down lie fore It gsts started. In a new ])-v:v a kick mij^.t IK [registered in an i:K:uial way. He- j publicans say v [• do not need a new party, whi;? ! that they can t i to do the i-Kh: ' again ccmc lt:lo Sentiment Is (ircwluj fr.r a N'civ poitant mailer with tho ti::ng v.'hen they JuPffJSfiTtCN THE CUV.BUNG SOUSD HE/SO w iS AN ECW3 OF OCEAN WIVES, Tf,E ;;O.SE IS MERELY A 'i Ca.'POSlTE OF ORDINARY * ..... S\SiRED 8\ SWIPE . it.'.OOl From men belonging to bent on protecting their own interests and that of their associates In busl- 'e Democrats S3V ness, we chccso our Inw makers, dapendei upon Ninety per cent of Hie people arc Political Muvcnuml, Hut :i 'lliirtl group in Congress. U is true tha: Changing insurgent! ( i cos 110 . cl| . I'iirly Is.n'l l.lkcly tr> l>cvrlf.|i 1'ur 1 Siuuc Time llecniisc tlic Oi-^atls- liccl Elcmenls Have LUIIe In Coiniuun. IVY UODNF.Y UUTCIlElt NUA Srrvlr: Writer WASHINGTON.—Ilchlnd ail !h: publicity thnt the third pr.rly ijs?. \R getlins during the holidays Is a widespread sentiment (or n nrwpo eminent A nle • , " ' n»lir-v < ' 'o cnist ' ° not represenlcd. "Don't need a new party," lliey say. Who arc the mm who have led every reform record- eon con- l!ic liisiirgcnls. dcspile the fast \ ti lal \ n that most ol them have farmer con- j tcllts a! ^ ^ Ti . n DjmD< ., at M stitucncics. ijc:ierally support n Rc p llW | Cnn crllst ls only a su ,„,.. broad iiro b -refsi™ program which ! ficial diliereiicc' .The essence of th- ivould work to tlic advantage • of I plc is lh , s .., c .. C j 1)it! ,| (sti( . K> people ol all classes and o=cup.i- w . llcrc pc ,;.. r , 1: - „,, there b , ; cun .i tions. Xi> Strong Issue They, vigorously support, for instance, measures to combat nnem- :n finer body ol men than o;ir law maksrs at Wn.sliingtcn. Our troubhs now economic. No group of men will do a thing unlavorat'lj to BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS On Jan. 8, 1815, th= last battle cf : | ccl in history? Didn't they hcnd"a j thc War of 1812 between the Unit- new parly and break away from! ed States and Great Britain was , I the u'.d order? Who are the men j fought at Chalmette, near New Or- ' I Jeans. After failing to hatter down th=< thnt are leading two-thirds of the globe's population today into a higher and belter life? Do they tj- . long to tlic old parties? The very British, under Maj. Gen. Sir'EL!-'I greatest reformer of them all. so;ward Pakenham, decided to try an j : they will tell you, "the Lowly Nazi- i assault, which was mane the morn-1 American lines by a cannonade, t'.-.e i rene," didn't belong to Rome. JN'O. R. WEBSTER, Blythcville, Ark. iug of Jan. 8. The Brillsh altacke:! with spirit j I j but were met with such a heavy The times are such, indeed. Hint many n man worth his salt finds himself In n lighl pinch. ,"Wc arc lassoed fasl by American t:uancc." snys Lloyd George. So now On Brillsh will probably say, "To be or knot to be." Boston Is said to be the cleanest city atmospherically in the country. And the fellow who lias been censoring the books anil plays llicri) will probably (nko credit for this. By Williams I>arty, There are several reasons why bird party talk fails io excite llv uore cynical and practical projressivi Roosevelt succeeded in splitting ills pr,i[y ami electing Wilson ty rmiiuiig on n third ticket in 1912. vho are engaged In pDlitie:: or tile I fc::l lie came far short of victory. business of writing about it. lint: He had a large assortment of pro- | he principal reasons, the impor- j fessional politicians working lor j ance of which becomes uu?:c obvi-! him niul the business interests wore i oils every lime anyone tries lo or-j not as violently opposed to him as i snlne such an imlcpcnricir. mov:-: lii-jy would b: to Borah, Norris or I unit, are: |Pimihoi. Nor docs there appear to 1 , 1. The commonly ackiiL>\v]e:l^e:l: be any progressive in public life difllculty of orjani^iiif;. rr.lsi-ij \ lotiny who appeals lo S3 many mil- money and getting 0:1 ih -. The grei\t reluctance of even lions as Koosovclt did. Political campaigns still :ho. moil indepcndonl politicians If . to the politicians and no one ex- risk their political lives by s:iyiU[M pens many ixiliticians to desert iclbye to their old partly aflilin- llons. 3. The seeming elements behind one leader. WORLD EF IT SAVES YOU imnossitility tlic di'-iatis; of Liquor Is Stumbling Ulock their parties in 1332 for any re.i- s-jii whatever. Assuming thai lh; ^ Deuiccrals nominate a wel cancii-j ilate. it Is even very difficult t^ I one platform cv • Imagine the western liisr.vgoiit lej'l- | crs following Norris ii he makes; another bolt frcm the Republican j Thnt third reason becomes cspe- • e.imp, despite their recent vocifer- ' cially acccnliiatcrt SI t'nls time b:-, o'.is resentment of t'r.e I.ucas Incl- cuii-e of the sti;mb!in:r block pr?-; tJent. scntctl by prohibition. Any attiMu;)'. : AVhy Nerris Itcfuscil to set up a new liberal, progressive j The hard facts aere obvious U paity bumps into thnt at ;!ic very • Korris when he declined Profc.-sor ftr.rt. The mnst prn- John Dcwey's proposal that he heir! grrssive leaders—Senator Norris n' \ a third party ticket. Norris fcch Nebraska. Senator Uorah of Iclalio lhal he can do more to advance his and Governor Pinchot cf Pcnnsyi-1 |kV.itic?l Ideals while remaining vaiiin. for instance--are dry. , The' within the ranks cf the Hepubh- progre.sstvc group in I lie Senate i' j can party. comiwsed very larq.My c[ drys. rop- ', ITom ttic standpoint of the Inde- lescnliim' dry conslilucivirs. i pendent voter wlio doesn't, wain to On the oilier- hand, it appears! have to choose his president from thai the culy real |w!bilitles nf .between two hand-picked ciirsSi- political upheaval in the cities and ; dales every years the Norris the largely iwpulalcri st.r.i-s wlilcli proposal fcr abolilicu of the ?:?:\ have the largest college : college nnrt direct election ot I votes are to be found :;i ','.:•• slrons I presidents is the most sensible 0:1.' ! wet sentiment in those .--.-,-t;ons. . thai has come out r.f all the ree.;nt To cniry any Jireat nppcal to the any new politluil :::,iveineut tliirrt p.irly hulliiballoa. Even SD, is unreafonriulc to e.xwc*. tile pell- i «s,xjiL-nred by the wesirrn ;iro3r:v ; licians of eilhrr major parly to j >ivc.s \irobably wculd hav-. 1 i i prcm- permit cuaelmctit of such a co'.i-1 i !-e a wet plank in its platform'stUullennl amendment, which woul.l I n:u: thai a]»pcars to Iv i!:'.;>o^£ible. ; rob pclitlcians of much of their ' A wet party, of course. c.-:iM har.1- ; power. '•:•' expect to make any ho.i;hvay in the :'.rricul:\iral stntcs 01- •.:.? south. Urban volcr.s iu !nr,;e industrial >'=, rn the oilier hand, arc not j:ri-.iiiy concerned wilh il'.e agricul- I t:::.r. c:.stress which is :i very iiu- Mnny saue cbservcis beJieve- tha 1 . ; tl'.ere is BO:IU to b; a n2w pj'itic:'! iiiiRiimci: ts-.iiMicr or latrr. bill they' [feel tliat ll:er;- will firsl have to b.' j : a chanse iintli in general condilicr.s I i and popular fcninnenl. ' Doctors Gel Small Part of Nalioii,s Animal Sick Billj I'V 1H! MOIIRI-; riSitiinlX n:>d en Ihe. v'eventi-r. or di'Csso. : • I-:. -lo' r.t I'.ic- Amciican the returns would t; enormous in 'i-'rtiial Assnrtalir.ii. :in<i o f Hj 1 - j beueHt lo tl-.e iifoplr. ;ri:i. llir llr.ilih >l^;.r/Jiic L The utlair.inrnL of physical Ii!-' t.-nit il {-talcs spend iiess wo;;!d ir.v.ilve Iir>t ;i carofn! physical examination for dctcctur. • of -uch tfc!t.~;s as iufla:i.ou :it'- Ktales spend .-"•.'"tO.COC ;i \:ri on sick; ihi ; .\;r.o>iin t; t o doctors; c l':..m pr.e-i'oiir'ih. TDr ' <J'UC^- '.cl 0;:C I!:,- -iro Il-.i- Hi-.allc'nl ra prr\c:itiv? r. UL \'.:i' ;r.j'.iey goes iccth. tad ;, ( ';-:ure Hid niainii'.ii i.r'.iiil.u.: JI,;:LI! meal-. tion Inrinirr.! c.isrs of tubcrc;:- •;;:•..'', i.-.: •. ;M: nng sor- IC.M-. !>.- d::i<.-.o::ri nr.:i chi:- 1 s..:-.'i!.iv . \i\nditurc.'--. dren .•; a tu'o.'icn'.oiis type cciihl much as bj p'.aeoci in |-re\v:vLcri;:r.'.s so :... to give them .111 opportunity u • is spent b'.iiirt themselves iM'.o a icsistBtil Wlv KNOW ;i scotl 'louse fhal proves each season's crop of sectls iu their own tri:il giirdens iiefore Ihey oiler Iheirt to Uic [Jtiblic. Flowers urnl vegetables grown from these scuds must measure up to definite standards, or else the entire crops from which the samples were taken are hurned. We know it manufacturer of dry batteries who tested a new product two years before he sold n single battery to a single dealer. We know a iiiumifudiim- of an anti-freezc solution for automobile radiators who spfnt two years tcsling his product under all conditions before he said a word in advertising about the mcrils of his goods. We know a manufacturer of household pharmaceutical products whose self-imposed standards of purity and efficacy is even higher'than that laid down by the United States i'hamiacojjatia and the National Formulary. If we ini'iitiuncd their names you would recognize them immediately. You probably would say, "I plant those seeds," "I use that battery," "i use that anti-i'fceze," ".My medicine cabinet contains those products.'' The four instances cited are typical of every reliable manufacturer in America. Millions of dollars are spent annually to develop, to improve, lo standardise, and to take the guesswork out of merchandise. ClliEr millions of dollars arc spent in advertising to tell you about them. All of which i.-i to say that in putting your (rust in advertised merchan- di~e you save the bother, the expense, the disappointment—yes the danger—of evpeiimentiiig and d.'si'ovcritig for yourself which make of sci'.p, breakfast food, radio lubes, lingerie, gasoline, lea, electrical device, stationeiy—;>,- what-not—gives you the mo.-1 service for your money. The news columns i>f this paper keep you informed of the latest internal iunal, national at;d local happenings. The advertisements keep you iiiforratrt of the newest, most advantageous, most reliable merchandise that Aia'crica's most progressive makers are producing. 'SJ :|)er.; in If til? • !•• '-ire to t: Wliu ph>fical filncss iifc ;s tho in.'.;-, pnst mi;l:i:c in d;«:iic; bcc,\uso o! e*cr-

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